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How to Finish the Version I 130 Form in 9 Steps on the Internet?

CocoSign aids each user to simplify the workflow and increase work productivity by having a better management of the files. Check the below steps to have a better understanding of how to finish Version I 130 Form more quickly.

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  1. Click the empty form and click to take a look at the whole document.
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  3. Fill out your personal details in the blank form.
  4. Click to a form field and add a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Take a look at the whole form once again to see if there's anything you ignore.
  6. Select the sign tools to add your signature or initial at the end of the form.
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  8. After finish the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
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youtube video

Instruction of Finishing the Version I 130 Form

welcome back to my channel Isis.immigration so that we'll be talking.about the newest version of the form.i-130 against buyers February 28 2021.the i-130 is a petitioner for alien.relative use this form if you're a US.citizen or lawful permanent resident and.you need to establish your relationship.to any eligible relatives who wishes to.come to remain the United States.permanently and get a permanent resident.card also called a que let's say green.card.Samantha form i-130 is the first step in.helping eligible relative to apply to.immigrate to the United States and to.get the green card the filing or.approval of a politician does not give.you relative any immigration status or.benefit will they will generally approve.you from a 1:30 if you can establish a.relationship between you and the.relative I mean their relative that.qualifies them to immigrate to the.United States generally once they.approved it your relative may apply to.become an LPR if your relative is.already in the United space and a visa.available they may have be eligible to.be to get a green card form i-485.application to register permanent.residence or adjust status.a your ballots it is intangible together.green card in the United States by.Pauline form i-485 named of the form is.application to register permanent.resident or I just status or if you.learnt it lives outside of United States.let me apply for the immigrant visa with.the US Department of State other US.Embassy or consulate in their country so.guys this forms has twelve pages and you.could file it online now they have the.option to do it online at the website.you see is gov coming below if you guys.would like me to show you how to sell.online but you could also mail it as.well with a filled form and the filing.fee is 535 you may pay the fee with a.morning order personal cheque or cash.your check when filing are you see is.lockbox facility you may also pay by.credit card by using the form G 1450.authorization for credit card.transactions if you pay by check or by.money order it must be payable to the US.Department of Homeland Security service.centers are not available to process.credit card payments when you send a.payment directly to pay for government.e-filing.and biometric service fee are final and.are not refundable doesn't matter if.your application is denied or proof they.will not read from your money.also you must file a separate I won 30.for each eligible relative unless they.can be considered direct beneficiary if.you submit a petition for your spouse.you must also submit I won 38.supplemental information for spouse.beneficiary when you log in so you see I.as a god and you look further from I 130.under the form i-130 you will see the.option to fill in the supplemental form.i-130 a to receive an email or text.message when they accept the form please.complete the form that G for loving the.g-1145 e-notification of application.partition acceptance and clip it in the.final politician usually when you fold.around whether receive the form they.will send you a notification by email.and text message and also you will.receive the proven or is either receive.the form be a word do not include in the.petition anything that contains.electronic chips and batteries or.cd-roms DVDs toys action figures or.thumb drives any biological genetical.sample DNA evidence graphic photo or.childbirth or intimate relations.evidence don't submit that you must.submit a separate form i-130 for each.child if the rest of your plan is for.your spouse together you have a.biological children stepchildren are.doctors shoulder if you didn't submit.the application separately when you.submit their forms.you must include evidence of your US.citizenship such as photocopy of your.naturalization certificate.or your us power support and a photocopy.of your original form i-130 these feet.notice remember to subscribe like and.comment below also turn on your.notification bar to receive.notifications when I upload new video.remember to comment below if any form.that you want me to show you guys how to.fill it out have a blessed day and.remember to stay safe welcome back to my.channel essence immigration so that.we'll be talking about the newest.version of for our 1:30 part to petition.for alien relative before we get started.on filling out the form I would like to.inform you guys about evidence that you.must provide with the forms it's really.simple eyes so you need to demonstrate.your status if you're a US citizen.citizen a lawful permanent resident or.US national status and any form a copy.of your birth certificate issued by.civil register vital statics office or.other civil authorities showing you were.born in the United States a copy of your.naturalization or as they call it.citizenship certificate issued by you.see is all the former immigration.naturalization service a copy of four FS.two forty consular report of birth.abroad issued by US embassy or US.consulate a copy of ground expired u.s..passport an original statement from US.consular office verify you are US.citizen with a valid passport a copy of.your front and back of your permanent.resident card also known as a green card.or as from i-551 evidence of the family.relationship that you are filing for.a copy of your marriage certificate a.copy of your child certificate if you.are playing for your child if you're.applying for your parent a copy of your.birth certificate brother or sister a.copy of versa ticket certificate for you.and your siblings evidence of the bona.fide marriage if you're petitioning for.your spouse the commentation show.enjoyed ownership of properly.Alysse the show your name's jointly.document showing that you have your.spouse have combined financial resources.could be checking account credit card.account savings account any other.financial institution accounts provide.evidence after David's words were.affirmed by third parties having.personal knowledge or the bona fide or.the marital relationship each affidavit.be aware do this must contain full name.and address of the person making the.food a be safe in place of the birth of.the person making the speed of a and.complete information in this explaining.how the person acquired their knowledge.of your marriage and other relevant.documentation establish proof a legal.name if applicable to pass support style.if you're finally form i-130 for an.adopted child do need to provide your.evidence of US citizenship like I said.before evidence of family relationship.such as final adoption decree even if.that you have legal status of the doctor.shout for at least two years and.evidence you had joint veteran that.adopted child for two years.special extractions okay you even spa I.want to do it like I said before for.each person that you're applying for if.you're submitting application for your.spouse also falada from I 130 a.supplemental information for spouse.beneficiary and if you want to receive.any email text a notification about your.phone your petitioning just fill out a.g-1145 e-notification of applications.penetration acceptance and clip it on.the front of the meditation okay quite.and simple and also be aware you close.up on if you have children together.you're close to provide proof our.children and later on on the process.they will ask you for more evidence oh.this is not the first packet that you.will provide evidence so guys remember.to subscribe like and comment below so.to know notification bail to receive.notifications when I upload new videos.stay tuned for new videos and have a.blessed day and stay safe welcome back.to my channel I feel immigration today I.will be talking about my newest version.of USCIS form i-130 petition for alien.relative part 3 so I want to show you.how to fill out the form I will do an.example if you have any comments on how.to fill it out you may comment below on.this video so the first thing that you.will see on the forum if you're gonna.fill it out my hand you must print it.black ink or type the form is quite.simple question personal questions and.as we go on you will see the questions.are the format's every certain time they.renewal form so you always have to get.the form in a Pacific website that you.see as dagger.don't get it from on the website only.the UCAS knockoff they always renew the.forms so in part one relationship you.are the petitioner your relative is the.beneficiary so in question one is asking.who you filing for it's for your spouse.parent brother or sister slash child so.let's click stop.if you are parrot sessional for his.child or parent you must select one of.this option below.let's I'm gonna read out to you guys if.you are applying for a child Shah was.born to parents who were married to each.other.Alex at Michelle's birth or a stepchild.stepparent Shah was born to parents who.were not married to each other at the.time Michelle's birth or shout was.abducted if this is options for you guys.option for you you will select one of.this and you must provide evidence if.it's a stepchild.you will need birth certificate is your.own child birth certificate it's adopted.a option to cream let's keep on in.question 3 if the beneficiary is your.brother or sisters are you related by.adoptions yes or no if you applying for.your brother or sister your brother.sisters is born with your same Pat is.you have the same parents you're not.related to adoption you will show.evidence of both of you guys birth.certificate your personally and your.sister or brother.it is abductors you need proof you need.proof evidence for everything for.question 4 did you gain lawful permanent.resident status or citizenship to.adoption yes or no if this applies to.you you will fill this out and so that.the option that applies to you in part 2.information about you if you are.permanent resident you will provide your.permanent resident card here is in your.green card if you have an online a.common number this account number will.be in a form that you see as proof give.you or stun you mean I'll use a social.security number that's given and once.you enter the United.it's someone else's giver and I thought.this in your full name let's put a name.I'm just giving you guys an example how.to fill it off but you have a better.understanding how to fill out the fan.so let's go on for part two this one has.12 pages but no other 12 pages you're.gonna follow some something just happen.instructions additional pages for extra.space as well so we keep on doing part.soon sorry guys as information about you.if you have other names before let's say.pre your marriage you'll put this in the.place of your birth.sometimes you just go down myself um now.we're gonna provide sex female or male.your physical mailing address let's put.attaches.sometimes the phone doesn't let you fill.in type in so just do it when you print.it out by hand using black ink.usually you have to scroll down to set.the hours in four states.if your current mailing address the same.as your physical others click just if.not so you must provided your physical.address well.and you must have to fill in this option.number 11 and here you must provide the.add accessory left fade you let me from.the last five year different address you.will provide this let's say this person.have lived here more than five years but.if you moved between those five years.provided through 12 a also 515 B if this.applies to you your mental information.how many time you have been married so.you've already main time you've been.married so she's just the person every.once and your carrot marital status.obviously be applying for yourselves.you're currently married.days of the current marriage.city or town place of marriage it is.what a father United State Office Lee.you will not select the state you will.leave this blanket this is only for the.United States so you'll put the.Providence and the country it is foreign.country.so you'll provide here in spouse one.your current spouse if you have prior.spouses you have married been married.more than once you'll provide additional.information below.let's pause number two and it continues.but let's say the person just married.with the only one charm.and how Jim has your spells been married.before date marriage offender if he had.a primer you'll provide this information.here but if it doesn't you live just.leave a black or you could put and in.how you will like it.information about your parents it's.apparent one as you can see how I'm.filling the form the produce the person.that is applying at the petitioner has a.different last name so you know this.sometimes when you get married you don't.want to change your name.so you leave it you leave the same last.their last name as you have been for the.four years before your parents name but.um if you do change I just saw.I'm the option you must provide your.parallel names.if blessing your parents every day they.don't register you only one pound.register with your boy use provided of.only parent but if you have two parents.on your birth certificate you must sum.by this information.addition information about you au US.citizen or lawful permanent resident and.I said this person was born in the.United States birthed in the United.States if you're a US citizen via.notarization you will provide this if.you became citizen by your parents you.would click the option as well it.doesn't let me when I click or doesn't.let me show up when I do when you print.it out it doesn't let you fill in while.you type in do it with plunking there's.nothing that was gonna click birth in.the United States have you obtained.certificate actually station or.certificate of citizenship no if you do.you must provide a certificate number.that is on the certificate place of.issues and the date of issuance so guys.remember to subscribe like and comment.below so soon on your notification boat.to receive notifications when I upload.new videos.any comments if you want me to fill out.other forms or forms on the current form.that we're putting in right now.comment below I see all your messages.and thanks for your support and have a.blessed day.always remember to stay sane welcome.back to my shining licensed immigration.so I will be talking about the newest.version I 130 predator chapelier.relative part 4 as you can see I'm.continuing to filling out the form so.let's continue on part 2 is asking more.information about you if you're a lawful.permanent residents you need to fill out.this option from 48 to 41 the questions.it will ask because of a mention that of.a mention place of admission state did.you gain lawful permanent resident.through marriage to a US citizen said.all up or permanent resident class on.the measure will be on your card date of.admission will be undercut they don't.admission me so data you came in ok.plays a mission where you can more place.when you came in for the first time.employment history must be provided from.the last five years.so we're engineer 2020.so the last five years would be when.2020 does on 2015 2015 from 2015 the.needs the last five years okay so you.poop if you're unemployed obviously.you're not put on employed is that your.current job or if you have between let's.say three years depends on through five.year I don't have a job you'll provide.the information you've been through only.put the whole five years you put on.employed so let's say this present its.employed right now sorry guys when.you're trying to put it this online with.a dog take you what is updated once all.right guys take you somewhere on a.please stick with me guys I'm so sorry.[Music].so here when you select a state you must.go down to click the option of the state.so they from that when you started so.where it's right now I'm gonna say this.only Java she had so here I will put.present but it's done let me fill it out.so she if you have pleasure you will.keep on filling it out and for your to.buy our graphic information part three.note provided biographic information.about your penetration if your expired.yes or no if you're white asian black of.a very classic american american indian.well as Canadian owned anything wine you.click the option they're gonna ask.obviously if no as you can see it is.form before back in time they didn't ask.these questions now they're asking a lot.of questions on the form I color.let's continue as you go there's a long.4.3 information about your beneficiary.the person that you are plying for if.they have an alien number than alien.number means in their resident you will.provide this if there you'll see is on.my account normally they have any they.provided if he or she had answered so.United States before but if you they.don't you leave a blank you need they.have any you as social security number.you will provide this as well so they're.gonna ask you.okay let me see the name that I choose.for the spouse sorry it's cuz I'm just.doing it with you guys to show you so.I'm just making up informations will be.chose to you guys to be real and if this.person had used other names their.physical address where they're living.now currently.if they live in a foreign country.obviously they don't have a stake.because they only have the option to.form for you inside the United States so.you will it does black.although I just oh sorry guys stick with.me.it's something that when you are doing.this I just take you somewhere else I.don't know why so otherwise and contact.information they still live in the same.address so you put the same yeah let's.provide the others the United Way that.beneficiated sensory is David on item so.let's say it was different from the item.that you are currently living will you.put the other address.provided by an official at outside in.the United States different from adam-11.a through 11-inch.if other is the same type fit same as so.okay sorry guys so let's let me show you.like eleven eight through eleven H okay.so here you will not put the same sorry.guys you see that's what you have to.read instructions you will provide um.where you're gonna live in the United.States so let's say one two three.so now here you will put same okay cuz.give your I just your husband or wife or.am the present your plan for the.beneficiary address is a thing but you.put prior so here you put the date some.point they have a a date time for him it.doesn't matter the foreign country phone.was in that okay.so part for continues oh my god guys I'm.so sorry okay information about your.beneficiary continues the phone number.his mobile number he has an Elmo ages.okay how many things have he or she had.been married let's say that she was on.when I was the only person in marriage.carry another marriage place of.beneficiary marriage city town.oh man sorry guy cuz I'm using the.cursor little evening taking somewhere.else.okay name of f necessary if any if you.have mother spouses provide information.on the beneficiary Scott if Karen Mary.first unless the prior spouses if any so.be the person right now you replicant.obviously is not under causes as a.coronary and if we continue with Perry.married you will put this information he.you will put this information about your.spouse then continue continuous.beneficiary entering from it has your.beneficiary they been in the United.States yes or not if they she or he did.you must provide information dementia.cloud the rival record number date of.arrival there at the right and stay.expired possible number put this.information here even as I apply so you.keep scrolling down.chav account number country o passaport.expiration date okay.beneficiary employment maybe is.unemployed put on employees working.let's say this person having worked for.the five four years couldn't find a job.so I won't live it unemployed but if he.didn't have a job when he's applicable.you will for this in addition.information by your net benefit che was.a beneficiary in the migration on.proceedings this means if someone had.applied for him before to marriage to.any judicial system proceedings removals.the portation position you will fill.this in.information now this is a commercial.bomb beneficiary if that if it true this.applies to you by the native language.physical spots provide a life either by.your physical lip together if you never.live together if you never lips together.just put never lip together.if you're currently living together for.the other day guys living together but.doesn't apply to you follow another.country go somewhere else.um you just like this put that what I.just put it so guys remember to.subscribe like and comment below this.you know lymphocytic Asian pals so we.see notification when Apple new videos.thanks for watching any comments you may.comment below you have question on this.forum and out early for work will help.you out.remember always to subscribe or you.could see all my videos have a blessed.day and stay safe welcome back to my.channel Isis immigration so that will be.talking about the newest version from I.130 part 5 so we're gonna continue.filling out this form the remaining.pages part ok part of our other firm a.have you ever previously filed a.petition for benefits or any any other.alien let me see something else before.starting okay this okay here says sorry.guys so here's how the beneficiaries in.the United States that okay this is just.applied for the adjustment status you'll.fill this in okay doesn't apply to this.person okay okay now you're gonna put.here know if you had it just asking.have you ever previously part approaches.for this benefit if you have or any.other Elian you'll fill this in okay and.you'll put a result left side you have.powerful this person not for I 130 let's.say for I one 29s fiancee you'll pull.that it was an IOU or using the same.form to play you photos any today if you.apply for another another relative you.for the same remember even you wrote the.name here you must unfit out another.form for each person so hear something.really point we'd says warning you see I.investigate that claim relationships and.verifies that valid validity sorry guys.but valid DT nothing right.I've documents you submit if you falsify.a family relationships and visa you see.as may say to have a criminal.prosecution the other person so don't.lie.got everything has to be true guys okay.the penalties by law you may be in.prison for up to five years all fine.250,000 or boyfriend turning into.married contract in order to evade the.u.s. immigration law in an in addition.you may deny up to 10,000 and in prison.for up to five years or both for.knowingly and willfully supposed to find.concerning material facts or you.supposed are consumer in the petition.the guys don't do this don't don't do.nothing for don't do that it's a serious.crime in the United States.okay so part six will almost finish it.okay.stick with me so penetration is payment.will means that partition means you if.you could read any read and understand.English you click here it is you soon.interprets interpreter you'll fill this.and also fill in the part 7 part 2 I.mean.questions so any because a preparing.name will fill here it is they used.someone else is filling out this for you.you put your daytime phone mobile number.position in your address.and then after Judas in you must need to.sign and date sign in the black ink we.keep scrolling part family and for the.interpreter I use an interpreter part a.the powerful name if you see me prepare.contact information or the preparer does.it stay I'm gonna prepare Oh guys this.are additional pages for additional um.space let's say you didn't have the.option for didn't you had more to write.in you will use this additional pages.and that is it so when you print this.out and if you finally for a spouse you.would you do the spouse form the.Supplemental form and then with this.form you're going to provide evidence.and from there you're going to melt this.out with the fee the fee is a 534 the.funny P and you must submit it via check.money order or credit card you could do.the Karaka with the G for 1415 and after.this is submitted.the i-130 they're gonna send you.obviously notice with your case number.so the case number you would use it with.you go on mind you go you go online and.check your status all the time then.they're gonna sing another package and.if you guys have question about the.additional package I will do it as well.and then without the sugar packet.they're gonna send you you need to.because more evidence and from there you.have to pay fees and from there the fees.when you have to pay extra fees it goes.to national Visa Center after you know.after their food I 130 the full.application of the full package about.130 National Visa Center that will.explain.an explanation the new case number cuz.when it goes to national visas on the.thing in another case number and then.from there you pay fees that there it.goes of this you know packaging that.evidence and from there you guys go on.so it's really up to them to assert.applicant they had a step there before.it goes to National Visa Center okay.evidence of USC of US citizenship such.as photocopy nitration set certificate.must be included or us pass support and.also a phone copy of regional I 130 when.you submit the form okay so remember.guys to subscribe like and comment below.the tune on the notification bouts every.signals education without uploading new.videos stay tuned for new videos.remember if you have any question you.may comment below please keep.subscribing guys I try to give up this.all the time of the migration so have a.blessed day and stay safe thank you.

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