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How to Fulfill the Sf 1442 Fillable Form in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise Sf 1442 Fillable Form more proficiently.

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  1. Access to the vacant form and click to look up the whole document.
  2. Run over the whole document and figure out which part you need to fulfil.
  3. Put down your personal figures in the blank form.
  4. Pick a form field and write down a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Peruse the whole form once again to see if there's anything you fail to include.
  6. Select the sign tools to write down your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by picking "Done" button.
  8. After revise the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any misunderstanding, please communication with the support team to acuqire more details.

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[Music].and.hello what is up hi hi.how are we doing how is everybody.feeling.today.we got some pretty big names here today.um you know what kind of looking forward.to this one stats in solar first and.foremost.uh stats giving us one hell of a show.already of course recently.and um well for the solar.should be a interesting one should be an.interesting one of course.sola you know what probably is going to.say that he's going to lose this one.stats.i'm not quite sure what he would say.i'm not quite sure what he would say um.probably like.yeah i might win something like that i.don't know we don't have them as an.interview unfortunately.right here uh oh look at that i still.have the trophy weekly thing there there.we go.we're good we're good all right.i just want the games to start right now.i guess we can talk a little bit about.stats and solo when was the last time.these two.are fighting one another is that.something we can see.let's uh try to find out.holy grack stats.and illegal like solar.there we go all right so stats.ranked number five in the world right.now actually that's pretty nutsy.um ah there we go there was a.recent best of five of course in the um.what's that also the uh the dream hacks.i think it may have been.must have been right yeah it must have.been uh three to one for stats.right there in favor uh stats also.taking on dung ray gu.another interesting one armani as well.actually three to.three to zero don't write gooey beating.him twice um.twice in a row actually with two to one.so his.overall pvc looks pretty darn strong.impressive not gonna lie only person.that did manage to beat him of course.would being.rainer um reyna being able to uh.get two points off of him there versus.just the.uh the one point that i did manage to.get but anyway.you know i on its own already should.indicate a little bit that we.may have also quite the favorites here.in.in stats and even with taking out.that many big names in zerg um.apparently his pvc is still.slightly his worst matchup although it's.pretty darn good.regardless regardless of that i guess.you don't get you know ranked number.five in the world without.really being able to uh to have a solid.win rate in most of these.uh most of these places um solar though.let's help on into solar solar um.he has better win rates overall.but i think he may just be playing more.online things.online cubs online uh tournaments.to um to just bolster that.uh win rate right there he's got a.seventy percent win rate versus products.that's.thoroughly impressive as more than 10.percent.uh higher than stats in the uh the match.shop right there.so don't count solar out just quite yeah.it is his best match up by uh quite a.good margin.meaning well i suppose that he should.have a good chance here still.even though he went three to one in the.previous battle they had.um solos should be able to make this.make this a pretty good one.well we'll have to wait and see honestly.i love solar i would love to see him do.well here.and uh well we're just gonna have to.wait and see getting into the lobby.right now.checking if whether or not i have the.right overlay stuff on.the maps have been decided as well.submarine the first.second eternal empire i think it was.ever dream let me double check that oh.no yeah it is have a dream actually on.the third.uh golden pillars says fourth map no way.golden walls sorry and then pillars.as the fifth uh the pillars of gold.always a bit confusing.right so that's the solar i think they.are both.uh itching to go.they're professional though so they.wouldn't they wouldn't be uh too hasty.to get things started so.pressuring uh inu you know did say some.settings he needed to fix so looks like.that is a slight delay because of this.but.we'll get it sorted pretty soon.we'll get it sorted pretty soon.all right all right so.how's everyone feeling today any.predictions by anyone in the chat as.well of course.would love to hear them i think you to.just.makes that's the favorite here overall.right you need to.um need to just look at those previous.win rates.and then be like all right that that.seems like a clear conclusion.uh but i think just counting solar out.would be would be a gross overestimation.of uh of it is it's not a prediction but.stats fighting all right.uh stats is a cool one both these guys.it's really cool guys overall sweet.pretty uh pretty darn awesome to have.them here together.in a good couple of matches then of.course afterwards we're gonna do.a trap versus special it should be an.interesting one as well especially is.tvp is uh.it's pretty on point it's been pretty on.point recently.and then trap as well right trap also.just.well he is one of the best products in.the world right now if not the best.according to some people i still think.that he.is going to be in trouble when going up.against stats overall.in just the title in my opinion at least.just like to see stats take those points.that's always fighting that's right.that's right.it never stops.what's going on why are we why are we.just sitting in a lobby here.it's not even real chatter going on.interesting interesting yeah i'm not.quite sure.ah.also we were about to have a tvt between.these two.um.[Music].yeah he knew set five minutes for.settings this must be some real.particular settings that he's having to.look at wonder what it could be.what kind of settings were necessary to.to be changed this much.hmm i don't know.i don't know uh starting on.[Music].the submarine map it's a small map of.course.i'm assuming that that is in fact status.map.pick let me take a look in fact no.solar getting the first map pick here so.uh.solar choosing to go on a smaller map.overall.interesting not quite what i was.expecting but hey this is uh.this is where he wants to play.apparently.so we're gonna we're just gonna have to.wait and see maybe he has something.special planned on this right maybe he.wants to do something here.um.i don't know oh there we go.there we are there we are.even stats being a little bit like ready.ready hello oh.man all right here we go.the first game of today.starting off with a zvp.definitely eyes on solo here maybe.perhaps a.um the spawning pool first would be the.option here for him maybe that's his.plan.because of the short distance could be a.good one right.keep applying pressure to uh to stats.it's hard to say hard to say anyway.bottom right side there he is the afrika.freaker he is the red brothels.absolute beast among the produce scene.he is.stats.top left side we have ourselves a blue.zerg player fighting.for kyc gaming he is solo.all right immediate uh realizing that um.this hatchery will be blocked here.let's do diverts a little bit of power.flip the manual switch also i was.expecting solo here to get a little bit.more aggressive but overall i suppose he.is playing and stats.one of the guys that is known for being.extremely well with the defense right.loves to do the macro play you only get.to do the macro play if you know how to.hold off your opponent's aggression.especially someone this successful such.as that so.maybe it's a wise choice to not go for.that spawning coil it could still be.something else aggressive right later on.in the game.could still try to um try to get himself.a bit of roach warren aggression here.you never know you never know.nibbling away this uh.is this probe here.to go to that third a little bit further.of course.a couple of links in queensland on the.way so probably this uh this probe is.gonna start leaving.it's gonna start heading out.still hitting a little bit in oh no wait.there we go okay.now he's gone right this is waiting.until our very very last moment.actually he's going back around again.here okay gets another scout.sees the drone there that is a good sign.is he gonna turn around again.this probe this probes really giving his.life for aya here.oh we'll start heading out now only.because this uh.this the well the more veteran type of.scout is here right.somebody with a bit better portfolio to.uh.to allow him to be the scout of the.produce.now we didn't see the uh the hatchery.being built but then again i mean.he was duking and jiving quite well with.that bro but we would be.extremely surprised if solar just moved.something down there just to uh.just in case that probe is coming back.to pretend he's making a.hatchery would be a weird one would.definitely be a weird one or a call here.opening.will get scouted.solar going to be able to start prepping.for that one to spawn quality in.production.and well.yeah things looking normal so far solo's.gonna be able to uh to just drone away.here.realize that nothing too weird is coming.his way.at least so far he's gonna want to keep.an eye out whether or not there's a.third base being taken.somewhere exactly what he is doing at.the moment with those circlings.so as to have well i think a couple of.circlings at home right.just in case those uh adapts come back.around.can't just let something like that go.and and uh offended.almost pulling a little bit too quickly.back to the mineral fields there.um so yeah trying to go for the status.trap there is that a good call actually.think about it yeah i mean.just not quite feeling like he could get.a lot of kills there with the uh with.the lasers.second oracle hiss now as well i suppose.you do.save up a little bit of energy right so.now you can go in with two of them at.the same time with a bit more energy and.still.you know not have that other oracle be.idle for too long of a period of time.three workers only going down there.third base was stats when he is also.grabbing himself the twilight council.and the robo so.um fulfilling the tech tree right now.three more work just go down oh no wait.that's still the same one actually.still the same little tab.circling so there is a stalker stalker.is one of those things you can kind of.poke at with.the circlings in the in the wall and try.to get in but.immediate response here by stats of.course getting a couple of centuries.it's not gonna lose anything here.that's okay that's okay right now uh six.roaches on the production tab.i'm not quite sure yet we're still.seeing drones as well so.looks like it's just going to be a.little bit of a preemptive.uh defensive roach cans.unless if he just keeps making more and.more he is kind of doing it but.he's going up to a rather large count.right now.he's getting road speed as well would be.extremely surprised if he goes in.before he actually has anything maybe.just seeing that uh stats doesn't have.much on the other side of the map he's.like you know i.might be able to just kill him here to.make a ton of roaches right here right.now.i don't think it's um it's a horrible.idea you know what.especially because um as i said before.submarine.maybe not the map for dessert to try and.get a big macro game going.it's gonna be hard to stay ahead on the.uh the work accounts and the base counts.on the map where.there's just not that many bases right.very quickly you're gonna hit a brick.wall being like well all right i guess.there's just.no more places for me to expand to i'm.gonna have to start being.a very cost efficient with my units.now to be fair we've we have seen zergs.doing this of course.in particular rainer continuously being.able to trade super efficiently with.those.uh with those lurkers and the hydras.a little bit of a fight here in the.middle of the map.it's interesting that both these players.kind of were looking to.move out here it seems and ultimately.that is gonna.benefit uh solar right now.that's overstaying is welcome ever so.slightly we'd love to see him.make use of those shoe batteries here.more and more units now coming across.the field solo waiting for the screens.to get a little bit closer as well.help himself out against those oracles.they should be uh they should be giving.quite a bit of trouble for stats right.now.forcefields they're okay but i mean.they're not going to hold back the.roaches and ravages for too long really.do enjoy him.using the the forcefields not all at the.same time right now.trying to buy as much uh time as.possible.sets of two but ultimately this is just.too much zerk right here.even with the shoe battery overcharged.nothing much really to.do it seems so stats look out for that.bile right there there is another.immortal though.we do have that one person micro being.utilized but.okay let's save the day with the water.prism again.up on the high ground you know what it.is slowly building being whittled down.here for.um all the units of solar right.it's not that terrifying of a zerg force.anymore but more is coming in.continuously we still need to see.very very successful micro here from.stats.getting targeted it's a little bit with.that waterpress and the queens helping.out with that.losing a ton of stalkers there oh going.right for the queens right now.trying to get more of a safe space for.that one prison to do its thing.that would be very nice of course you.know instead cc starting to hold this or.it's hard to say okay down goes the.queen the uh the warperson will.go uncontested now that would have been.a major deal for uh.for solar of course getting that one and.right now we're seeing yes that's.actually starting to hold this quite.well.my dear lord eyes that's quite the.tenacious brothels right here being able.to scrape the barrels to get.everything that he needed just barely in.the right place at the right time and.uh hold that push that was a sick hold.that was.a very sick hold very tight um.didn't quite feel like it should have.worked but hey it did.that's there with some marvelous micro.keeping that white prism alive as well.solar desperate uh to to try and take it.down those queens.just continuously uh moving a little bit.further forward further forward further.forwards and then.uh stats just giving us all to try and.get rid of them.uh actually jumping right on top of it.as well with all those stalkers.thought that would be a mistake but.ultimately nope nope.that turned out to be pretty darn good.and uh hats off hats off.truly the shield of iron that's right.that's right.he strikes again man it's um.it really felt like one of those.situations where it's all right all.right well i guess he's just gonna die.here.moving out on the field first and.foremost losing a lot of units there.then.suddenly you know at his home base.didn't even feel like the shoe battery.was doing all that much.with the overcharge as well going nucle.nuclear.and um yeah.in the end just being able to whittle.away those roaches to ravages.very solid stuff very solid stuff we're.gonna go into game number two with uh.stats at the wheel.and this is says that's map choice he's.picked a.rather large map eternal empire.i'm gonna have to wait and see if uh.what he has planned for this one.and it's all right side there he is that.red brothels.powerhouse he is the one and only africa.freaks.stats bottom left side we have ourselves.the blue zerg.fighting for kyc gaming he is.solo.once again looks like he is gonna get.his uh hatchery blocked here unless if.he.does manage to get a little bit uh a.little bit quicker down on the ground we.have seen.solo doing this more often right.he's going for a 15 hatch right now.it looks like it yeah all right so this.probe is gonna come in.there's already a hatchery there.a bit unfortunate.um.some cool gateway so far here i would be.surprised if that does not go for a.for a nexus just throws down.four more gateways it's like all right.here we go special tactics.no it's not statsy style.we'll just go for the good old regular.nexus after the gateway.realizing it's safe to do so.again being very tenacious with this.probe harassment as well actually.like she's louise he's uh he's not.letting us go.look at that drone bouncing around.though as well.it's working out.it's putting a lot of strain on solar.here i would say as well.um all right.cyber cool about to finish up.what's the plan stats the man.it's gonna be another stargate opening.does seem to be.uh the way forward for the uh the macro.produce.go back in style there it is indeed.another one of those stargate openings.a couple of circling sawyer all ready to.uh to get rid of that pylon so.i'm not quite sure if i enjoy that pylon.investments but it's.it's a slight thing right.a slight thing slight delay.kind of helps.any little thing matters of course in.the game of starcraft.getting a good scout here sees that.there's no layer attack or anything.weird like that on the way.would be surprising anyway right with.the third base already in production as.well.second gateway and the first.early a oracle gonna get constructed.here stats.aiming to do that same uh little bit of.harassment here again.i only got three working kills with the.previous um.oracles right well maybe.four in total and like.a status trap that didn't do all too.much.which i suppose is partly the reason why.that attack for uh for solar almost.worked out so well but.and again it's a scary thing right.imagine.stats just being able to do even more.damage early on being able to do actual.damage in the early part of the game.with those uh widows oracles and the.adapts.it's got four adapts here now as well.actually instead of just the two.all right let's keep our eyes peeled for.the oracle harassment.coming on in does not look like he.wanted to get the uh status trap first.initially right now.it's already queen sir the third three.of them in total actually also a sport.crawler on the way.the main base also looking all right for.defenses here.very premature drone pool there by solar.not quite sure what that was supposed to.what that was supposed to be.uh the circling's here trying to get a.bit of nibbling going on on to the uh.depths need epstein's setup defensively.uh will not be heard too much.the oracle's again struggling really to.get that damage.dealt it seems.so just played in a lima league final.couple days ago yeah.uh that's did manage to beat that one.it was raging oh boy.that sounds like uh it sounds like a bit.of a story that needs celebration.road speed again and an evil chamber.we're gonna see another attack here out.of solar.only two workers killed off here again.right i'm getting much done.trying to spy what's going on here.getting shot down.and solo's just gonna go for that fourth.base i think this is the best way to do.it honestly.right we've seen uh we've seen rainer.really having the success.with the uh there's what is it called.the lurkers and uh the hydrolysis attack.get a couple of vipers with it as well.start dealing with your opponent that.way in the late game.it's um it's a tough one to do though.you need to keep.tabs on your opponent exactly what type.of army composition they're using.and then how heavily you commit to.either the lucas.or the um.for the hydras.[Music].slight poke here just forcing out some.units and then moving on.out of there again not all that.committed.so that's already getting that templar.archives behind us as well while he was.doing that so.does not seem like he was really.planning to get too much done anyway.there's the hydra then as well as the uh.the hivestack already on the way.feels a little bit disjointed overall.it's gonna have.well the lurker then a little bit later.still going to be able to get these.upgrades immediately zone.so that's a good thing.fifth base of solar under a little bit.of pressure wants to try and defend this.but.does still get a cancel forced out of.him there.creep spread here a little bit.underwhelming as well i i hate to say it.but.just doesn't seem like uh solar's really.been able to focus on it too much.so far it's got it out to like the.the minimum of the crucial spl.validation star right.it's got all the bases connected he's.got a pretty reasonable to the top left.here.it's starting to get somewhere here on.the right as well.just a little bit in the middle we'd.like to see a bit more.stats looked good in his uh dreamhack.pool too.i think he's working out a pvc uh he's.working yeah yeah.i think you're right honestly like i.think uh stats is the.player to watch if you want to learn.late game uh pvz.i love his builds his overall style.really uh really.quite something.i mean it's hard to come up with a.different player for the late game.uh pvc right now i think australia could.make a good point as well right.he's just a little bit less accomplished.over them stats that's probably you know.maybe a little bit a little bit higher.up on the overall produce rankings.but yeah i think uh another one of those.players to to look at for.uh pvc would be australia a very smart.player to.to learn these types of things from.right.and that's the air weapons multiple.stargates going down as well.as well as a fleet beacon and uh tiny.fleet beacons.which are of course oh my god he's just.just wailed his own.overseer oh yeah.that's rough oh well.trying to have a little bit of poke.damage here on the left as well losing.those units and.well i guess not unfortunately doesn't.quite need to roaches anymore does he.wants to start replacing these with the.hydra lisk.army instead and get that sort of trying.to get rid of these rocks make it a.little bit easier for him to uh to move.on through here.getting even closer it's allowing these.storms to do.quite a bit of harm though on top of.these lurkers killing one of them.and actually there circling's in the.main base killing of the star gates was.not expecting those zirclings to get.anything done but.leaning up a stargate there that is.going to delay the.overall transition into the army here of.course that's like quite a bit.these storms getting a little bit.ridiculous in this closed space as well.i don't think.i don't think this is the best place for.uh for solo to try and make his move.it's gonna get pressured as well by.these uh zealots here on the bottom side.oh my dear lords just.don't do it sola stop trying to force.your way through the tiny choke.when there's storm available and a bunch.of immortals just standing there waiting.for you to try and uh move forwards.look at this two more lurkers just like.that gone.dead dusted.that's just not something you would like.to see when uh.when he's trying okay now he's like all.right now he's trying to.come in for me that's probably what he.was hoping would happen right stats.feeling obligated to start pushing into.this but.this is such um such a better position.already for him right.gonna get himself in between these bases.now he's gonna be able to send small.packs of other units well okay he's.moving back again but.it would have been a much better place.overall right you could start sending.units to the left or right depending on.where uh stats is strongest and again i.suppose when do.you do come from two angles your army's.gonna do a lot better against lurkers cs.so.and no scariest yeah true they are just.being produced.continuously solar does manage to get in.here again but i mean.he's just killing off some gateways the.cyber corps you know.it's all right that's okay gonna delay.these upgrades a little bit.unfortunately it wasn't all that far.on the construction tab lurkers coming.back into this little corridor.yeah he really wants stats to try and.commit into this choke point.is his plan right now.stats does try to commit here that would.be that would be a problem.for sure that would be.quite the hassle a painful engagement.overall but at the same time stats just.being incredibly patient.using those storms to maximum efficiency.and the hydra is right here trying to.beat intercept it's not always the uh.the greatest thing.wealth workers did go down but i'm a.little bit wary for solar still i mean.that army supply of stats is just.growing and growing.and pretty soon i think solar is gonna.lose his entire forces here.as he's just gonna get pushed away by.all his scariest look at this he doesn't.even need to storm right now.okay there are those corrupters though.may provide a little bit of buffer.damage that's moving backwards trying to.reclaim his interceptor counts.there we go your interceptors have um.shields as well actually.can you shield battery and intercept him.all right you know what solar is.wiggling his way into.the uh the liver of the brothels right.now he's got a good amount of.corruptors a good amount of hydras as.well can leans up the uh.the mother ship moves further forwards.it's not a lot for stats here he is.trying to move around.uh onto solar side of the map as well.but.i mean solo he's losing a couple of.bases i can't afford to lose.stats losing his entire production right.he's losing every single production.facility.and he doesn't have much else.right in go the corrupters this time.around really committing for those.carriers it looks like.they will fall uh stats still trying to.just make.stuff work across the fields here but it.looks like you know what solar may have.done it.i think he may have done it here.i thought he was gonna overstay his.welcome but ultimately those corrupters.coming in at the right time and.uh that's pretty.darn solid a couple of stalkers they're.still left like you have to wonder.though as well right what if stats just.kept everything together uh just use.this huge storm against those hydras and.the.um when the corrupters maybe even get a.couple of.arguments afterwards it'd been a lot.easier to keep his.carriers alive in the floats get a.couple more interceptors waves.i mean look at this this does seem like.a protoss army that would have benefited.of having a good amount of the the.carriers with it.very odd peculiar little match here and.those units in the bottom right side.still sitting there as well.i think solar completely forgot about.those.yes that's i yeah i'm not quite sure.what's a very peculiar move and now he's.just he's got.a army that is just a there's a slim.shade of what he used to have.seems to be a uh brutal army that has.lost the.the will to live just moving on the.other side of the map right now.cleaning up creep to miss i mean.corrupt is finding another base right.now as well as the lurkers and a couple.of hydras here denying any type of.mining here in this.third base location as well as that's.moving backwards this is.this is over guys this is as over as it.gets.solar getting himself quite a nice.victory there.going for that late game tekken and then.finding himself a victory right now.yes that's yeah i'm still a little bit.surprised with how he decided to try and.take that fight.maybe he felt like he just couldn't get.uh.he wouldn't be able to get the the trade.he needed to be as efficient on his.his side of the map where he would be.able to start pushing across.i'm not quite sure i'm not quite sure.[Music].but hey solo wins one so point.for him on the board.um okay.okay hmm.[Music].didn't quite feel like it had to turn.out like that right.but ultimately you know what solar.making the better choices there in that.game and that that gets him.uh gets him a point on the board as well.um.but yeah that made it look very easy.though didn't it.just not quite having the stuff.you left like 20 stocks at the fourth as.well yeah i mean.just very disjointed overall right.and still trying to fight with the.carriers as well i mean.if you're going to go for a base trade.then send the carriers over as well you.know.and then unless if he thought that.the carriers would be able to hold it on.their own.i think i think that may be the case.right maybe he just thought you know.what the carrier should be able to hold.this on their own because they were they.were doing quite a lot of work but then.suddenly more and more corrupters kept.showing up.and started taking some some heads off.of the carriers.there and that could be the case that.could be the case right.i think that is the one that uh.that might be the reason why because.those corrupters they did come in a lot.later and i feel like.um stats may have already been sending.units across the map at that point in.time when there suddenly was.that amount of corruptness even at the.start there weren't that many.it really was a like it took a while.before those numbers really got there.but.oh well oh well game number three going.to be played on everdream another.pretty large map right now um.all right there we go there we go.should have maybe left some templar.there to help the carriers yeah yeah i.think that would have helped.right just get a bit of storming going.on on the uh the hydrolysis or the.corrupters maybe even.just um like two two arguments right two.arkhams underneath those carriers.becomes so much more difficult for those.corruptors really to uh.to deal with carriers that way because.you wanna.you wanna just be able to right click.those carriers but you move a little bit.backwards then.and all those.all those units they just uh stack up on.top of one another.uh solo was tearing there so that's not.good that's not good.um all right there we go.some time to build their interceptor.spec yeah.yeah well one i mean you have to right.you need to you need to.find some time for those interceptors to.recharge.uh but those corruptors i mean they're.they're quick units they can just.fly it down right they can fly into you.and then you can't really.get away anymore with those uh with.those carriers unless if you like.recall them to the other side of the map.but then i mean recalling well there's.uh corruptness on top of your carriers.going to hurt as well it's going to.sting quite a bit.anyway in the bottom left side the red.protoss.making that game very close.and then i'm not quite sure i'm not.quite sure.maybe misjudging the situation just ever.so slightly the african freaks.stats.the top right side the blue zerg.fighting for the kick gamers he is.solo.it's gonna have to feel good right being.able to uh to.get yourself a victory there.checking to see if the probe is coming.or not.sees that it is so goes to the third.base location.i'm surprised that's that still keeps.going for this hatchery block.i mean solas not being slowed down all.too much overall right.just uh i think one or two maybe mineral.walks with that pro.with the drone because he has to send it.a lot earlier to.uh to potentially go to the third base.location but ultimately like.it's not that much of a slowdown uh i.guess the drone transfer.to the third base location is locked.it's a little bit slower as well instead.of the seconds.but i mean sending this bro this early.on is also quite a investment right.it could still be like um all right so.i'm sorry it was i don't know what.happened with my voice.um all right so what do you guys think.of this if you.do the hatchery block right very common.um very commonly you'll you'll go for.the adept pressure afterwards right.it's a very strong follow-up to having.that third base so far.away removed from the rest of the bases.and then.um you know those adapts get a lot more.damage done so.if he just does this every single time.no longer is there an indicator for the.zerg being like all right well.he just blocks my uh my base it very.well could be the case that he's trying.to.actually just um go for an adapt.pressure but.if he does it every single time if he.goes there every single game and then.doesn't do the adapt pressure maybe that.is going to be one of those mind games.in a way.uh you know it's it's this like russian.roulette all these times you know you.have to start prepping for it because it.could happen.and it just doesn't do it and then after.a while you're like all right well i.guess he just doesn't do it and.that could be the moment in time where.he suddenly decides to pull the trigger.and uh there's an adapted glaive in that.uh chamber of the gun.you know um we're seeing a lot of.circling's being made here.and i'm not quite sure if stats saw.this coming his way so that's that.stalker rather far away from the wall at.the moment.he's waiting for this stargate to finish.up.hmm i mean if he makes an oracle.he's gonna he should be able to hold.here if he makes a void ray or a phoenix.that could be a problem.let's see what it is in oracle yeah i.mean we've seen oracle opening.continuously throughout the game here.i think solo was expecting this to be a.a dab glaive attack.well let's see um yep re-walling off.right now.it's gonna have to chew through two.building layers.circling's not quite getting that.stalker yet either.there we go no sound like that did get.created from that other gateway but.that's the oracle now and now you're.just kind of.you're just kind of boned solar in a lot.of trouble.we're cool you know he's doing okay with.trying to avoid oracle fire.oracle still though like eight kills.just like that it really ramps up rather.quickly.i mean this adapt has been here the.entire time he's got 11..the oracle almost getting up to his.level in a couple of seconds right so.a lot of value being achieved through.those types of units the seconds oracle.is about to come in here but the.zerglings actually get in there was no.uh.units there to block the door there's.that.second oracle and it has a lot of work.to do actually.you know what this is not supposed to.work against what stats was going for.but ultimately.this is starting to get quite a couple.of uh those broke kills.oh my dear lords i think that maybe.solar has done it the oracle's out of.energy now as well.and yes that's wow.gg gg.surprise surprise uh the circling scored.in.did not think that was going to happen.we did see an uh century there as well i.suppose it didn't have energy.so um.he couldn't re while there yeah i mean.still though still like he.he could have had some units there maybe.potentially something.the century had no energy as well i.guess a lot of it was as well that.oracle.actually only getting eight kills.definitely a little bit of miss micro.overall but nice control from solar as.well pulling away.uh just a little bit there and then.coming back around.but you saw the oracle in this uh like.it.how do you say this uh it was started.shooting the circlings and then it went.to it just fully stopped right so it.slows down a lot then.and then it needs to build up that speed.again the circling stages go.right they're just like all right and.off we are.the oracle needs a little moment to.build up that speed.so we we saw him activating the laser.getting one or two.and then going to full stop uh the.circling's pulled away.so it kind of was like this the.circling's oracle so.and then and then he stopped fully here.again after chasing them.and that's when he moved backwards so he.again only got like two kills.um i don't know i don't know if i'm.making i'm.building a good picture here in your.mind so i i but.that's kind of how i saw that in a way.right the oracle just not being fully.utilized.not gaining the maximum uh potential.there and.well making it rough not not getting as.many kills as you would like to see from.that oracle it's.very common to see like up to 12 kills.in total.and four circling's less in in a fight.like that that could be the difference.maker.suddenly it doesn't become just an.absolute bloodbath when you pull your.probes anymore perhaps.[Music].lucky lou.first game as well that is not going for.that uh probe.the hatchery block here you don't see it.happen a lot on this map to be fair.still think it it's a reasonable thing.to do.he knows all the bases are pretty far.away maybe it's just a.preemptive thing so you don't force your.opponent to take a gold base.because then you know he has a gold base.which is pretty good.which isn't too bad.there is that nexus.hmm.actually still did go nexus before cyber.call didn't he.even without scouting just completely.blind going for this.uh quite a brave play not gonna lie.it's working out for him though of.course there's no uh it's not.spawning pool first so looks to be okay.uh seeing the uh the golden base here.let's see what his reaction will be i.mean there's not much he can do at this.moment right there's no real way to.to punish this until you have like stuff.that can be behind the minerals here.uh maybe if he mines out like two.minerals perhaps.you can send like a stalker or the.adapts over here right.that could be a good way to deal with.this or try to deal with this.something i would like to see.instead just gonna play more regular.going for the twilight council.as well actually no stargate opening.this through this round.stats mixing it up this could be due to.the uh.the golden base being taken i wonder how.that is going to go though because.overall you have less stuff to really.defend with if you go for the toilet.council.and the robo um because you know it's.it's quite an investment it's not just.getting the robo and the toilet council.you also still have to.get yourself the uh the upgrade from the.twilight account so i know dear lords.that's.it.i think that's uh stalker run backwards.a little bit does not want to.have it be uh mauled by those circlings.at the same time i mean letting them all.come in here see absolutely everything.it's going to be a nice feeling here for.uh for solar seeing that.in fact it is the templar archives or.the um.uh twilight council.jesus and a robotics facility.there is his stuff at the front door.coming knocking there's an overlords in.inside as well so we'll be able to bile.away.from the low ground as well as the us.does so desire.income the zerklings.another replica being constructed.immortal here though coming to the.rescue.is this going to be enough that pylon is.gone down a nice full suit though.saves the day.shield battery should be pretty good.here right.shield battery does he have the.overcharged ability still available i.think he does.he does he just doesn't have the energy.for it here or maybe he doesn't think he.needs it.there it is right now coming into the.fact that he pretty much only has.probes left zerglings now coming in.nothing is dying though and all right.well.solar steps out it's like all right.never mind.[Music].all right you win gg just like that okay.oh thank you for the follower as well.alibaba seven much appreciated hope you.uh are enjoying the starcraft 2 content.here.we'll uh we'll be bringing a lot more.continuously.there we are pillars of gold.just like that the score back to uh to a.two to two.tied up once more the ace match actually.of course.pillars of gold it's a relatively big.map it's not the biggest map i would say.this is like uh the medium size overall.out of the.map pool that we have right now um.but leaning towards the big size right.still let's see one two three four five.six bases on each.no wait seven basis of course uh having.that little pocket expansion there in.the corner and then.another pockets in the pocket.the buckets within a pocket.um yeah would love to see another one of.those macro games here.because pvc macro games overall they.they are very interesting to me.right now uh it's just a kind of a new.thing right that's being developed in a.way.that people are tinkering with trying.things out for.that trying to to figure out what.excuse me what does and doesn't work.bless you thank you.um but yeah going for the carriers and.such right how do you engage with the.carriers what exact numbers do you want.do you want to avoid race with it don't.you want void race with it do you want.arkhams underneath you want.high temper underneath just more.stalkers.uh do you want to keep with immortals so.you just want to go straight.fully into air um.all that stuff all that stuff.how doable is it for heights m plus to.completely uh continuously snipe with.feedback those vipers.okay here we are match points.both these players uh giving some quirky.games so far.and bringing us all the way in game.number five in the bottom left side we.have ourselves a red paradise player.fighting.for the african freaks he is stats.top right side the blue zerg player.fighting for the kaisi gamers.he is solo solo.oh man.ah the voices is struggling a little.back to being pre previewed um previews.how's it called a teenager.oh.hmm not quite sure what is being said.any korean might be able to uh to read.it then.so yeah.i mean solo is very aggressive right now.against that's.the one game that uh did go into his.favor i mean well the two games really.right.was in fact that big macro game and the.other one was the the one.that really wasn't supposed to work.stats having a bit of a bill to the win.but.just not quite being able to uh to keep.the wall standing.a little bit of a sim city uh.failure in that moment in time.great movement as well with those.circling a bit of miss micro with the.oracle not getting as many kills as it.should have gotten.and just like that things just went.sideways very quickly for.the red protoss.and that's going back into that stargate.the old and true detested.stargates solar still looking to.try and get the scout here he's so close.yeah he doesn't quite know how close he.is.trying to poke in with the other.overlord before really fully committing.to the uh into the base she's the pylon.here he could he could figure it out.come on just poke a little bit further.solar you know you want to.you need to well it doesn't need to need.to but he's getting closer and closer to.the uh.the microwave he's gonna have to start.making some anti-air defenses there we.go.all right this is still very much on.time we'll be able to.set up shop with those sport rollers.right now.exactly what he is doing at the moment.right seconds overall is being like all.right well.guess it's my time to go now.just gooping over that nexus a little.bit.roach warren on the way for solo here.interesting interesting.hmm doesn't necessarily have to be.aggressive with this right.could also still be just anticipating.more so of a adept follow-up.out of this and just wants to be.prepared.just in case it is one of those weird.adapt follow-ups after the stargate we.we do see it now and again.i'm going to kill that uh circling.before he gets the scout on that third.base location now it's a rough one.we'll have to find a different way to.get the information that he needs.oracle's here going for the queen and.again not quite finding a lot of damage.here.lay attack has been cancelled as well.actually after.getting scouted by those oracles.interesting.uh stats doesn't quite know that it's.been cancelled though.oh and now he's gonna go for a big.attack is he.so a lot of zerglings trying to get the.cancel on that third base.but then again i mean what are you gonna.do there's a century here and there's a.ton of adapts right there in between the.the nexus and the pylon i don't think.this is going to work out all to swell.here for solar but.you know he's going to commit all right.gets one.no upgrades on these links so you know.not trading super efficiently but.does force those uh those adapts.backwards.oh my there's circling sexually getting.on top of the sentries here as well i.mean he's getting he's getting a lot of.these gateway forces right now moves.backwards and.the real punch of this attack is still.yet to come i believe.so keeping the gateway units at a.minimum.does seem to be like the the proper way.to do it but.did he invest too many circlings right.there.to still be able to push his weight.through to the.natural base as well stats here.sacrificing that third base realizing.you know what i'm not gonna get through.right there oh the circling is already.right on top of those sentries though.that's very rough the force field's not.quite being able to safeguard the.brothel sources says.everything is going a little bit.sideways right now for mr stats.the queens the ravages and zerglings all.poking away at the uh.the forces of stats there's one immortal.helping out dishing out quite a punch.the oracle's coming in now as well needs.to be careful for those queens of course.the queens could use transfuse there we.go nice transfusion overall.uh even transfusing the eggs as well.that's a big deal.dark shrine is about to be ready but ah.maybe stats is just going to be taking.too much damage right off the bat.that nexus is still safe those that's um.if he does hold maybe he's gonna be okay.with d3 based.economy he's gonna need those dark.templars very quickly though.has the dark shrine finishing up at any.moment in time right now.it's lost a lot of infrastructure but.all right now.it's not gonna even give it a go gg is.called.solar takes the series three to two.straight to through and uh solo once.again proving that he is capable of uh.of taking out the strongest of the.strong a very nice timing indeed we'll.be able to uh.to solidify him there and uh move on.through to the next.round of players well of course uh.either trap.or special will be uh will be joining.him.after this best of five between well.special and trap.let's wait and see.let's wait and see you know what as this.is going on they're going to do the.vetoes and such.i'm going to quickly go into a at break.menu and.we'll uh we'll be right back see you in.a little bit don't go anywhere.once we're back we'll have special.entrap uh ready to go.hopefully be right back.from future there is no third base on.the way and these teams are going to try.to be able to snipe straight but they.could snipe this raven before they move.across the map that's massive.but the raven matters a whole lot less.than it did you know.previous games there is no robo on the.map whatsoever here.it is just charged less i mean sure it.is six games.oh charlotte that is a massive play.coming in from around here and there we.have it now we do have.the dorito cannon on the front but man.we have a massive surround here.all over the place and max packs looking.to clean up future.as future micros in the main basement.there's nos with no healing left.and what a great force feel here now.future up on army supply when this.started.is now heinously down as these charges.just get on top of.everything that future holds dear and.this push well it looks.pretty stalled out.it looks like solar won't get any scp.they was.very lucky from dream i have to be.honest.having those suvs exactly where you.needed them.and the drones have to back off because.they are faster than the marine.so they will be able to retreat more.drones are gonna be pulled it looks like.solar this time.he's gonna be trying to block his bunker.from ever existing.here attacking the bunker gonna be.cancelled by dream a lot of suv.a lot of drones are put into the action.though so that's already damaged being.that by trim.of course dream as well is losing quite.a little bit of time and resources for.this.two bunkers are gonna be dropped but.there are already three marines.attacking is actually right here right.now.the drones are here ready to be pulled.once the first few queens.and blings are out here comes the pool.here comes the army.here comes solar getting on top of the.marines.and getting them away from these bunkers.are cleans around.coming from solar dreams gets out of.that.shot in the spring of time you need it.but one of the suvs is gonna pull the.second one it's gonna.barely complete this bunker good play by.dream the first queen is out.and right now solar that's the retreat.back in the defensive stance.and dream has accomplished his proxy.the funker is in position and the army.of solar needs to be completely pulled.he's gonna be able.to deal with this by losing a lot of.drones first bunker is gonna go down.right here or maybe not too many marines.too many drones are lost too many links.are down.and looks like it's gonna be another gp.all right.army but still this is a scary army.scary one of things.while patience is fully going and on top.of his opponent trying to get damage.here through them up.blinking forward on top of those tanks.and these shadow strikes dark temples.are getting so much damage.so quickly the most important pieces.of production for innovation are under.attack right now meanwhile the rest of.the army of perfect purification nova.will get a lot of damage done meanwhile.another round of units is gonna be worth.in.five patients to seal the deal.[Music].hello welcome back.welcome back welcome back.uh there's some bit stuff going on right.now all right there we go we got it we.got we got the playlist.uh i think they were just thinking.really hard or.i don't know maybe they go confused i.have no idea what's happened between.trap and special but anyway.it's like uh trap said ice and then.uh he said and question mark and then he.afterwards specials like chrome that's.number four.and then traps like no no no no.i picked or some i don't know i don't i.don't know if that's what he thought.maybe he thought like no i pick ice in.chrome.you don't get to pick icing instead of.uh oh.it's it's a weird one it's a weird one.miscommunication you you'd have to be.there guys you just had to be there.i'm sorry i'm not i'm not doing a.fantastic job right now.ah it's been it's been a rough night.all right trap and special.looking to duke it out here in the best.of five let's see which one of them will.be able to uh to.get themselves quicker to that three.points uh school screen.the third score screen we call this the.third victory screen with their name on.it.who wiggles the six g's out of his their.opponent the first.anyway in the bottom right side we have.ourselves a terranice not quite blue is.it.it is the one and only team excellent.right.as special i believe he was on team.action i might be wrong with this.actually.special team excellent yes okay okay.whoo.called it and then in the top left side.the gina green wings player the red.brotos he.is.all right thank you all for joining us.here today.very much appreciate every one of you uh.being here.do remember that there is a metro reno.page as well.while we're in a little bit of downtime.here do hurry it up though because we do.have to double gas opening full special.so.you've got a limited amount of time.before things get uh get interesting.here.but until that moment in time would very.much appreciate it if you find yourself.a couple of seconds to do the clicks.and uh get the codes add a code at a.well almost a dollar i think it's 50.cents right now.oh still very nice very nice.[Music].that's the cyber call and a.nexus afterwards trap only scouting his.side of the map though so he has no idea.what special is up to.even if he were to get there of course.he would only see that there's a double.supply depot wall.this has been coming become a lot more.standard though hasn't it just the.terence.staying on the one base a little bit.longer versus brothels.don't know i don't know exactly i'm.still playing taran a while ago fancy.stuff fancy stuff.doesn't just kill that bro but.humiliates him in the process as well.with that made.always cool to see adapts here will be.coming in wants to get that scout off.reaper of course well i'm gonna steer.clear of that one.oh what.well that's a duke of duke if i've ever.seen one.very interesting gets into the main base.as well didn't quite have to have those.supply depots uh.down for the reaper but oh well oh well.goes in the easy way the lazy way.doesn't want.you know with the lazy legs doesn't want.to quite jump at the moment.trap here going both directions with.these uh with these attacks one of them.will delay that command center by quite.a bit.so that's a very nice thing for him.we don't mind though coming in looking.for the.connection there as the reaper and the.uh.the hyena also try to get some probes on.the other side and.well he got two in total so that means.he killed one more with that uh with.that helen and the reaper.he got a good scout well actually no he.didn't get the good scout i thought he.would go.over here as well the reaper but um.no no not quite yet it's looking to go.back into that natural base.it's probably anticipating that there's.uh units standing there it's not a wrong.wrong estimate all right gets in there.just managed to uh to get a full clean.sweep of that base he's everything.that's going on.knows about the blink that's coming up.as he starts up a third base here it's.already making that siege tank of course.ready to start defending against uh.any type of blink harassment.viking landing on the ground here.looking to kill off some probes all.right.i'll get two i'm not sure if that was.worth it but yeah.you know you get something.i think the viking is also anyway right.for any type of anti-ad.um defenses.i think it's still useful to have around.to the later parts.against the twilight as well if your.opponent does start to get aggressive.with those stalkers.i mean the viking tanks quite a bit of.damage it does all right.it becomes easier to snipe those widow.mines or without the.observers and the the war prisons.decides to just let it go let the.viking do the thing.and still gets the observer anyway right.so.hooray hooray for the turn.uh it's a good one for special there of.course.trap on the other hand let's see what.his follow-up overall will be making a.couple more gateways he's getting.himself.charged already has that blink he's just.mainly being defensive right now with.those stalkers right only has four of.them.try to keep tabs on his opponents and.it's gonna let the observer take that.that job again it's far more qualified.after.all.so be careful for that uh for that.observer.i mean yeah or the raven in particular.the special sea though stalkers coming.in is that why he pushed backwards again.i'm not quite sure.i'm not quite sure all right just.rotating around now may be able to get a.couple of uh.picks on some suvs.nice bit of aggression.kind of like this you know just.overstaying is welcome just um just a.couple of seconds though.getting shot by the siege sink there it.does hurt still quite a bit of course.and trap is going for a big attack here.it looks like with a lot of salads he's.got a couple of sentries as well as an.immortal.with that what prison facilitating the.uh.the reinforcements here it could work.out i mean siege tanks.don't do that fantastic against zealots.overall we have an immortal ready to be.dropped.for those seat shanks oh nice.interference matrix but.unfortunately the immortal was already.back in the warp with some very quick.reaction there full trap.now it's going to be able to start doing.this again here.that's the zealots and the starkest.everything here on the top side.maybe a little bit surprised that there.were still two siege things there.shooting him.there's a third just behind him as well.so it's a very so.very solid setup here for these seat.shanks actually.defending most of the area and really.protecting the um.the other siege sinks as well at the.same time.cool to see cool to see this type of.type of setup here.and yeah trap moves backwards decides.you know what i'm not gonna be able to.get much done there.just gonna start up the upgrades getting.plus one right now getting storm as well.upgraded here.a couple of zealots being dropped into.the natural.already the uh reinforcements for.special though yeah that is the dead war.prism.tough luck self luck for that fella.whoever was trying to fight of that and.the.the three zealots within it as well.not a great day for them.fourth base was special as well in the.way he does look like he wants to be a.little bit aggressive great pick up.there on that siege tank.not gonna lose anything unnecessarily as.he is getting a lot of pressure inside.of that uh other base.and it has to respond to this but.leaving his siege tanks quite.wide open as he's coming in here even.being able to.oh my god i was so certain that raven.was gonna go down.does not go down he special did lose.eight workers though in the process of.this fight.as well as one or two siege tanks i.think it was just.one but i could be wrong.so it's being just barely not spotted.here it looks like.by those three malefacts that are.inching their way closer and closer to.the protostop side.fourth base was special of course uh.still in production it's got a long.journey ahead of itself as well still.has to to fly over to this location of.course.the empty scan there special's gonna.have to watch out for those storms those.will definitely do quite a number on his.bio forces right here and the zealots.actually only now coming in from behind.what is this from.trap a very disjointed maneuver there.oh it's because of the drop completely.forgetting about those.um about those zealots that were already.being moved into.his opponent here ready to try and sync.up some sort of an attack right there.whatever siege tanks as he's pushing on.the other side and now.with that being distracted that is a.tough one of course.good pick up there special sets up shop.on that fourth base.a very very weird game overall not the.cleanest of engagements not the cleanest.of fights or.executions of uh of strategies but.of these players making it rather.difficult for the other one.disrupts this on the way we still don't.see any ghost academy here do we oh wait.there it is.never mind i lie i lie three ghosts are.on the way right now.some nice storms again here i mean three.immortals should be uh.should be able to with these storms deal.quite nicely with a planetary but.anti-armor missile.making life difficult also has to use.his uh.micro here on the left side as well.trying to fend off against this.well reasonably sized ball of bio.and it does get watered a little bit.here now with those disruptors.should be able to keep himself a little.bit safer.sending the stalkers across the fields.here ready to uh to be part of the.other group it's kind of fun to see trap.being this all over the map right not.really sticking together with all of his.stuff not doing the regular.proto step ball type of approach just.trying to.find good engagements or and uh trying.to avoid.the other ones right zalatia do come in.at a nice angle.uh but also those high temperature.actually rather on top of those.uh siege tanks a lot of the siege tanks.do get picked off but so do a lot of.those high templar of course.that's uh aoe damage for aoe damage i.suppose.more disruptors to join the fray how.many do we have right now i think it's.like.five oh it's actually already on six.here.since one ball out will not be able to.get that connection.bio foster so special they're just going.to try to gun down as many probes as.possible yes they are.and then they pick up and try to get out.of there.before the disrupter orbs come to ruin.his day.nice drop here on that forge might be.able to get it as well.we'll be able to get it the nice level.three upgrades.disrupt is still in the low ground here.the stark is.able to really make anything happen.there on the other side zealots.marching in again coming for the suvs.and immediate.retaliation on the worker count of uh.of special here as special was dealing a.little bit of damage.as well trap immediately comes back with.a reply.ready to start punching his opponent.just as much.sensor tower here really worth its.weight in gold.allowing every tiny movement of this.force here from uh from trap to be.spotted.making defending a lot easier for.special to do.okay for a moment i thought that could.be starkist there that could be a.problem mineral field.but again yeah another sensor tower here.actually just.just popping up in the moment when those.zealots arrive.immediately does get picked off uh for.uh or by trapped there.i think trap may have spotted that there.is a drop in the neighborhood.trying to stick a little bit closer at.home i think those disruptors in that.location as well ready.to uh to try and unleash their fury.neither of these players quite being.able to give a decisive blow just quite.yet.upgrades going into favor for special.here though it's gonna start having that.plus three weapons attack really soon.there's only a plus one armor here for.uh for special and that could be pretty.darn massive actually.the dps all those marines is going to go.absolutely skyrocketing.it's a lot of disruptive shots but not.the greatest of connections the nexus.goes down here.as we are seeing only a single stalker.remaining of the harassment fools right.there.trap was already creating a new nexus.here though so.it's not going to be too bothered but.losing more stuff here on the left side.as well that.is starting to become a quite a.precarious situation here for.trap trap trying to rebuild this.location here and.well as moved forward it's not a lot of.bio here for special as he's sending.most of it across the field.but trap will not try to uh capitalize.on that.this is gonna sit and wait.a little bit longer here all those.disruptors did shoot at the same time.a bit over waste unfortunately there but.they'll still manage to clean up we're.seeing another 11 workers though nice.that is of course quite rough losing the.war prison as well.as special special seems like he's just.uh.getting further and further ahead in the.match up right now.trap gonna try to make a base over here.really interesting.hmm so that's another one prism at the.bottom as well.we have a missile turrets here actually.we don't really do we there's one in the.main base but.ultimately i mean i would love to see.some dark templars being.am added in here i guess trap just.doesn't really have the economy for it.though does he.i mean he's been on two and a half basis.now for a while.and his main base is completely out of.the uh the gas.does have the dark shrine he's just not.quite making those types of units you.know.oh this could be a big fight here.special has to move out of there though.due to the disruptors.immediately when we see that army of.special the top side though.like to see these zealots to uh to.engage again but special moves backwards.so.i'm not quite going for it i believe or.is he he might still do it.he might still go for it rebuilt this.base over here.it's not that much money anymore in.these um patches but.still a reasonable amount of gas right.so.it's a good thing to get.just oh that's a bad army movement if.i've ever seen one.it's losing stuff again here more drops.for special coming in.eight more probes just like that getting.killed off traps hurting trap is.definitely hurting.just not quite getting the fights that.he's looking for.and a mistletoe right now having been.constructed at the bottom side as well.so.you know what the dreams of the dark.templars going on contested there.now pretty much gone nice engagement.therefore special.looking to finish this off it seems too.disruptive still though.coming in might be able to get some work.done.but so far i mean.special's been doing an okay job with uh.dodging.any type of uh disruptive shots.the blink there a little bit delayed for.uh trap as well not quite being able to.get underneath the medevacs but here we.go yeah there should be a victory for mr.special.gg eg.taking the first game in the series.um try to be able to snipe the straight.things.there we go a lot of drops really.facilitating quite a big.uh moment therefore special right.continuously keeping the pressure on.traps the side of the map.and um yeah just making life very.difficult for him.holding off a lot of the pressure as.well that trap was throwing at him right.i don't think i've ever seen special.really take a boatload of damage.at any point in time i think that one.time right but that was straight after.special.damage as well so it wasn't really uh.trap getting himself ahead.it was more so trapped kind of.equalizing it out a little bit.um in the game right there.my observing is terrible thank you sorry.man i did not have a great.night i'm quite tired.i like to say that i'm doing better.normally.my apologies man i know it can be better.i know.i'll try i'll try my batman.thank you uh thank you for the the.feedback and uh chilling with us.um all right game number two.special and trap it's fine.thank you medka.twitch channel down by the way wait what.twitch channel is the twitch channel.down.[Music].here we are game number two.special taking that first one in the.bottom right side he is the blue taran.player he.is uh well i said his name special.going for the barracks play.top left side we have the red brotos and.he is nobody else but the uh the one and.only.uh jeannette green wings trap.it's an interesting place to proxy.where okay he's trying to block with.that uh.with that barracks right there that's.you know not the usual structure to uh.to build something.more often you see the engineering bay.if you already have a barracks you can.build a bunker but.oh well.and there is that all the barracks right.there.another engineering day what in the.special special.it's a lot of money it's a lot of money.going to beyond route.here getting uh.getting quite spicy with the uh the.blockage.funny it's funny.didn't work through liquipedia at least.ah.okay okay.[Laughter].you're already going to lose.man these guys some real shade being.thrown here.i mean it's coming out to kill the probe.and the stargates stargate attack choice.full trap.after losing the probe i lose sorry.never mind i'm losing.there we are a little bit of poking.a little bit of depth into your.nets.twitch is stupid anyway yeah i mean oh.there's a couple of things that are.doing that it's just like why.why would you right with like the um.all the advertisements in between stuff.it is you know getting a little bit.greedy i mean twitch they're making so.much money and yet they're still like.you know what.we could tweak this just a little bit.more and then get like even more money.agreed the greed is getting to them.third base here or special on the way as.well and.a toilet council being constructed for.trap he didn't quite yet go.across the field with this uh with this.oracle.the defensive oracle play.another base trying to be blocked so no.instead it's an actual engineering bay.being constructed this time around.is it i see.i didn't know yeah special way ahead.here with that third base i mean.the previous game as well right it felt.like he was just doing a little bit.better in the macro game overall then.trap.trap kind of feeling out of it in my.opinion.not quite uh showing the crisp refined.place from trap that we i've come to.expect from this.from this guy.right cyclone manages to pick off the.adapter right there two starkest and a.oracle hit squad.blink is about to be ready we do have a.good amount of uh blink stalkers here.being constructed we don't have a war.prison do we know so.i mean eight blink stalkers coming.across the fields here.i don't think they're gonna be able to.do too too much right.unless if they get on top of that uh on.top of that siege tank right there.but still it's gonna be rough.oh there we go.little bit of engagement yeah i mean.he does get the siege tank i suppose but.ultimately.was that worth it he lost once one.stalker maybe two stalkers there.losing more though definitely does feel.to me like he's overstaying his welcome.a little bit here.it's gonna make room for uh for his.oracle to do stuff though if he does.deep picking off these uh.these marines right maureen is getting a.little bit lower more stalk is coming in.here.oh a nice blink away as well.right before that siege sink was uh.capable of shooting it just zaps on out.of that.and huh i was not expecting this.it's going to be mech in fact.kind of makes sense since we don't have.stem or combat shield yet.i really just realized that's pretty.cool.that's pretty cool you don't get to see.mac all that often uh against.against brothels.it's nice to see a bit of harassment.right now taking place as well on the uh.gonna have to get out of there zealots.and stalk us on the siege tank.single liberator here coming into the.third base.[Applause].throat's not being pulled just go okay.there they are now being pulled.14 workers will special go down still a.lot of stalkers here.the siege encounter not quite up to any.points where.it's going to be able to well mount a.successful defense here with saying yeah.gigi has to be called.a very quick um swing there from trap.coming across the field with everything.he has and.well ultimately special kind of being.caught with his pants down.with uh with not much.right there to show for it ultimately.trying to uh to do something with.transition and.well that's it.all right here we go.next game next game uh series tied up.one to one.a surprising take on the the tvp matchup.there by special right.wondering what he was planning to do.a lot of people keep telling me like.that you can make mac work in.um tvp but ultimately against these pro.players.i don't see it work all that often i.think it's like one of these things that.maybe a special did manage to get the.ball rolling though of course maybe if.he.i mean he only had what two three siege.tanks.um also because trap was just pulling.him apart forcing him to be in like.multiple locations at once and being.able to uh to jump on those siege tanks.whenever they were.alone well done by him but then also.um of course but even before that right.he was sniping down those uh siege tanks.already.really keeping that siege tank count low.kind of realizing what special was going.for and.uh shutting it down very nicely there.all right.on the top right side we have ourselves.a blue taran player he's fighting.for uh team exxon he is special.bottom left side we have ourselves a red.broth.fighting for the gina green wings the.green jinners.he is trap.the green wings of gina.curious curious color for a wing.trap once again making sure it's not.being uh he's not being proxied.i wonder if special in that previous.game actually meant.to build the barracks in front of trap.space.right imagine that if you if he's just.like you know what i want to go mech.so i don't need i don't need marines at.home what if i just.built the barracks instead of an.engineering bay on top of his.expansion very early on and then just.go for the uh.and go for the factory back at home.right i still get the block i finished.the barracks.will be interesting would be very.interesting.i wouldn't expect trap to really click.on it either right.it's not that um.specific a barracks being built i.believe i don't think there is this.specific thing that kind of gives it.away source i'm aware at least.you have to click on it.why would you click on it obviously.that's going to be an engineering.then again i mean special never really.got to even finish the engineering base.so.maybe already changing his mind as soon.as he saw that probe on the low ground.right there realizing that's never going.to.that's never gonna finish and then he.went for the engineering it was.interesting it was definitely.interesting i.i'm still curious if you did want to go.for that in.overall but i don't know.i don't know it would have been cool.oh my god that probably got zapped by.the helen in mid-air.geez louise.was some uh some clay pigeon shooting.for that hell unit right there.didn't even think that was possible.so there was a short period of time.where your unit does not uh it's not.targetable.oh well bit of well.just kind of poking and prodding.checking to see what is being done.in the trap space so far not quite.successful didn't even see the robo.being thrown down.as the special is going for a fusion.call interesting interesting.uh addition into the tech tree here.would that be full battle cruisers or.would that be.for a quick liberator range liberator.range of course used to be all the rage.when it first.got released especially if this is pro.tools.a lot of those very expensive big beefy.uh units.awkwardly need to get themselves.underneath the um.underneath the liberator.not a lot of stuff here in that natural.base here comes the widowman drop here.to set things off with.i mean i know about the widow might drop.into a armory for the thor.uh attack this is entirely different.isn't it oh that's rough.oh that's rough indeed losing a stalker.as well in the two uh the two probes.a little bit late with pulling his.probes back to that mineral line as well.another probe goes down at the third.base location.reaper getting another kill right there.getting another one wow okay this is uh.this is starting to get out of hand guys.special really uh really on a lot of.locations at the same time.and in fact it is going to be battle.cruises.a special gun to try this mech thing.again here.with a different setup i think we very.well may.very very interesting stuff overall um.no yamato cannon yet being researched.wondering that is going to be a part of.this.did try to get that quick third command.center the previous time as well right.so.right yeah there it is again as well why.i say quick honestly that's not too.quick is it.it's really isn't all right timing.the previous one that one was quick.that's the battle cruiser.i'm kind of interested in seeing what.trap is like oh wait what.what's happening here who does see the.widow mine still.okay nice ball this time around not.gonna lose anything extra.battle cruiser looking at the uh well.the mineral lines here both of them.fully evacuated what's a cool attempt.there by special though right.the battle cruisers in the main base.obviously gonna force those uh those.probes.to move away very common to have those.probes then just be right click towards.the natural base.uh maybe maybe the widowmines came in a.little bit too.quick for this uh to actually hit but.at the same time that is just kind of.what's uh what you need to do right when.you're.when your opponent is distracted by that.battle cruiser you have a short amount.of time where it's attention it's not.going to be elsewhere.if you allow them to set up everything.for the defense already then.the widowmakers will not be coming in as.a.real threat anymore you know what this.is starting to get out of hand.again here more stuff just going the.wrong way for.trap it's that battle cruiser on the low.ground still there as well of course.needs to be careful it's rather low on.the hp there is blink available blinking.board right on top of the siege tanks.okay.does pick this off massive siege tank.hit that of still being able to pick up.two of those stalkers more stocks going.down due to the marines.the micro here for trap losing that uh.observer as well.i don't know it seems to be faulting uh.a little bit a little bit.it just doesn't seem really like.the pro player trap here you know.seems to falter a bit too many times.right now.that other battle cruiser been sent back.home is gonna.be ready for a little bit of repairing.yamato cannon finishing up and special.put himself in a very very good position.in this overall series right now he's.got two extra.refineries coming up on that third base.and how is strep going to try to deal.with this he's just adding in.more um more gateways.now we know the blink will not save you.from the yamato cannon either.apparently or maybe it was just a little.bit too quick with it.that may be the case.very very interesting i just kind of.want to see where this goes.i'm just going to want to see where.these guys are going to.take this game from here to armory on.the way.okay looks like we're seeing a stargate.response out of trap right now.is he gonna go into the void race that.would be very very interesting indeed.i mean what else could you go for.tempest.hmm i'm not sure if templars are gonna.be the greatest answer to the battle.cruises maybe you're gonna be able to.kind of micro them backwards.continuously you know.we're only seeing one stargate that's.the that's the curious part about this.right.normally if there's a big uh transition.into air you would get more of them okay.there we go there's the second one and a.fleet beacon as well being added in.suppose he did lose quite a bit of his.economy maybe that is the reason why.he's just kind of trying to be a bit.safer here.tomato cannons continuously providing.quite a lot of value.and in fact even now going to be able to.straight up fight against these uh.there's not a small stalker count here.most talk is desperate to uh to be added.into the mix right now.four stars on the other side as well and.just a big.jump away as those targets were getting.a little bit closer towards the.uh towards the natural base that's all.prism as well in this.third base no never mind make that the.main.coming in hall.setting up shop as well left side of.course trying to intercept this.uh oh actually let's just sell instant.siege thanks.let's just tell him siege thinks okay.i'm so used to marines being part of the.mix that become like all right.he's setting up a flank he wants to grab.this uh this world prism as it tries to.go.into the third base but ultimately.not quite working out that way.um yeah tram not getting a lot of damage.there don't either does he.imagine if all these siege tanks were in.siege mode maybe maybe the splash damage.would actually get a couple of worker.kills there i guess he picks up three.more right.so the work account now in an okay spot.again but.that's uh that was a big investment as.well from him sending all those units in.let's take a quick gander at the uh the.unit's law stab.yeah definitely quite high in favor here.for uh.full special more than double the gas.and almost double.the minerals as well.well he's been more ahead in this game.too.uh all right so it will be tempest here.i wonder if we're gonna see the tempest.upgrade as well you might as well right.no real reason not to.hello cruises will be able to clean this.up but the tempest actually going.uncontested right now.only two little cyclones here to try and.provide a bit of firepower you know.just managed to get one of the tempest.though very cool to see actually.nice bit of micro no stalkers with that.to uh to help.push those cyclones back there's two.cyclones at the same time are being.constructed as well as a.thor um heian's going for a run by as.the proto sources are going.for a offensive here the siege sinks and.the uh the helens are still near the.main base in the natural base so.we'll need to rotate a little bit.quicker if they do.want to save this base.all right yeah there they go off to the.defense here.the hellions not quite getting the broke.kills that they were looking for.a couple of stalks there as well ready.to uh to defend.and gets four of them in total.all right a quick blink here could.always occur and there it is.immediately jumping on top of those.battle cruisers gets one of them.the battle cruiser counts now only back.to one at the moment.i wonder if we still should be seeing.more tempest right now on the production.tab.what else could you start making here.being uh trapped.i think just getting disruptors as well.would be a great tool right just against.those thoughts and such.of course they are very slow not quite.uh fantastic at trying to dodge.uh disruptive shots easy targets.all right to spread out down goes to.final battle cruiser as well.great micro here from trap actually this.time around still doing everything with.these tempest as well.while attacking this planetary fortress.although ah.doesn't quite get it killed off though.unfortunately.the siege tanks come in and right at the.right time.immortals here of course also would be a.great addition to the overall uh.the overall army of trap but so far okay.there are the.uh disruptors more of the robotic.facilities are being.created as well though clear that he.wants to have the capabilities of just.kind of moving back and forth between.these two uh these two tech routes.to counteract whatever special is trying.to perform.nice kill in that base right there.traps moving backwards it feels like.special i mean.it's got a pretty beefy army but.ultimately it's not really been able to.get across the map right here and there.we've seen some of these.aliens trying to perform some run bys.but other than that it does seem like.special it's a little bit stuck to his.own side of the field.for the moment it looks like he is.trying to change that though.coming across now.as we have the trap potentially set up.here for a.flanking position gonna go for the.counter attack instead.trying to figure out if there was.anything else but the the hellion stand.indeed.were quickly jumping away against.sacrificing that base.as he's gonna try to commit for the.planetary fortress still.no tempest upgrade for the building.damage very peculiar it does.so much damage overall uh becomes a lot.more easy to take out bases like this.definitely worth getting.it's a worthy investment especially if.you're already maxed out and you're uh.well you're sitting on how many five.tempest a little bit of a weird one not.uh not getting that upgraded in my.opinion but anyway.losing another base 28 workers as well.they're being killed off by.special especial you know what.looks like he um is able to to force.the attacking force of trap away as well.oh there it is it got.recalled to the right side.okay okay switching still sitting on.that uh.right side looks like they might be able.to uh.to get pushed upon by the forces of trap.that are still there.especially of course those tempest.you know okay oh my god all those.disruptors on the bottom left side.getting absolutely demolished.trap trying a little bit too hard to.come in from those two sides uh not.quite ready for it a lot of those.thoughts are in the red here so.i mean i would love to see them go home.for a little bit of an uh.a patchwork you know got themselves back.up to full hp here.it's always so incredibly worth getting.the repairs from those types of units.extremely valuable.i'm not quite sure if trap is aware of.the uh of how low hp a lot of those.thoughts are actually.i mean it should be but they're just.sitting on the edge continuously right.of his vision.not really going a lot very much forward.with those thoughts at the moment.in income the suv is ready to repair.as trap has got himself in a triple.pronged position right now.looking for a bit of a trident attack.oh instead gonna go for the um the.natural base.moving on through those uh are available.on that ramp protecting the siege tank.for a little bit longer the.disruptive shoots though they're pretty.nice at the same time no specials coming.in from behind here with those siege.tanks was that a mistake since there's.more produce units as well coming in.even from further behind it's a flank on.a flank.special does clean up the units in this.uh natural base here.it's also kind of struggling losing.units as well at the same time at the uh.at the left side right.this tempest oh man.come on get a good show there oh it does.not quite get it.unfortunately okay zell it's nice around.that on that planetary but.skedaddle son out of there realizing the.rest of the army is coming in.now we're seeing immortals also being.mixed in here.special this is 29 workers on this one.base though.this base as well fully saturated.looks like trap is finally starting to.get a lot of breathing room here once.more.after that push losing two bases it felt.like that could.be the final uh the final stroke that.that special needed but ultimately.trap doing a wonderful job getting.special back across the fields here.i'm doing quite a nice uh overall.maneuver.continuously poking in from multiple.sides.both these players here slowing down a.little bit but just for a second.of course i don't have too much.breathing room can we.we got units and we need time to start.shooting here two immortals with a.disrupter there disrupter trying to get.the shot on the siege tank.who does manage to land it there one.more disruptor not quite able to make.anything happen and don't go to siege.tanks gigi is called just like that.trap being able to reinforce this stuff.a lot quicker than specialist.special you know what's still hurting as.well for cash.in trap was a bit more than the ball and.reclaiming his economy.um even with that planetary fortress so.many times.attempting to get taken out but never.quite being able to.to really break the defenses there um.trap still manages to claim a victory.overall.and i think that's also because the army.of.special just it felt a little bit easy.to counter in a way right.going for the uh going for the immortals.going for the disruptors and.well the thor's uh siege tank kind of.composition i suppose he also has.aliens but aliens they don't do all that.swell against the motors or disrupters.either.so yeah that's a rough one what do you.even go for then in that kind of tech.composition um i think having a couple.more battle cruises with it overall.may be a good idea because that kind of.allows you to have that same kind of.trade potential but then i mean trap.would just keep making.more and more tempest and um.yeah i'm not quite sure if that would.have worked out either.a special played bio yet in this series.uh yes.i want to say yes i believe it was the.first game yeah the first game we saw.uh bio from special.bio with uh with ghost in fact as well.let me take a look i think there was.some submarine yeah so submarine special.managed to win that one.death aura going into traps favor and.eternal empire also going into trap safe.for both of those maps especially trying.to do uh mac.instead of bio and well.i don't know i don't know maybe maybe he.needs to reconsider going for the uh for.the mech here.on the map as big as ice in chrome i.personally prefer the play style to uh.to just try to hit my opponent from.multiple angles.do the harassment kind of work.making tvp is neat but you only see 2y.get it to work yeah.and even ty struggles with it you know.it's uh it's a difficult one i think you.still.you still want to have a couple of.ghosts with that type of army.composition in order.to land those emps because emp is just.so incredibly valuable.that it's uh.it's just so much so much extra damage.instantly so.um and that was so that was a piece of.the puzzle i think we were missing that.from special as well.right yeah it definitely does yeah.anyway anyway.it's just a clunky immobile force right.and trap.really utilizing that that specific.thing.uh being able to come in in multiple.angles being able to.to push away got valuable trades overall.and uh setting himself up ahead.continuously trading efficient that way.even though head to head full army.versus full army.normally you would not expect the uh the.brothers to win with those gateway.forces.right with the way he played it though.very very well done.um very very meticulous.no way very nice.very good good good game.all right anyway.all right sending another suv across the.fields here.it's this blue taran fighting for team.exxon of course he.is a special.bottom left side his opponents it's the.red brothel sweating for the.green wingers he is trap.okay travel match points here of course.only needs a single victory and then.he's going to be able to move him.through.and try to take him solo in the best of.seven that will be coming up after this.one as well of course.do not forget that is still on the menu.as well.[Music].so.so.bit of broke scouting that barracks.almost about to be ready trapper.no idea where that barracks really is of.course.gonna start checking right now.smart choice going for the the cyber.call first of course here.trying to get some value there of course.the probe going to be a lot safer in the.uh the terran base here because there's.no.army units so smart choice oh well.i don't scrap that that's no longer the.case anymore.i kind of liked trap being a bit more.aggressive with the probe overall.i wanted to say that well of course he's.not going to just randomly lose it.somewhere.he's gina greenwings professional.produce player you know he's not gonna.take unnecessary damage well everybody.makes some mistakes sometimes.as it turns out i suppose special.probably you know what.unlikely for him to try and make this.happen with the suvs either right.because you don't expect to really get.the probe anyway.since it is trap you're playing against.he's him still going for it kind of.catching a trap of god there i would.assume.either that our trap just never liked.that bro to begin with.[Music].all right with two stalkers there i mean.only losing a single worker and that's.the worker in the.the base of special very very solid.stuff here by trap nice micro at home.um keeping his probes alive right now.even though some of them did get kind of.hurt ultimately.nice blockage tab using the the pylon in.the nexus together with a couple of.probes.to stop those the reaper advancements.cool to see very cool to see in fact.is he gonna try to get into the main.base here he's just continuously poking.at the front.yo we'll be able to get that one there.we go.does not save that one reaper though.benchy cloaked benchy i say next.uh step in the program right now for uh.for special we already have the.robotics facility though of course.special.not aware of this.it's gonna need two benches as well i.believe there's a shield battery in both.these uh bases yeah.wait a moment oh we do have a good.amount of those aliens though.they get spotted by the warpers and the.waterprism is still continuing onwards.though those.ropes completely naked right now.in their little nightgowns oh i love the.pick up there with the water prism.that's something we just don't see.enough is it.a great way to safeguard those probes.being able to save today in that sense.benshi.where is the benchy let's take a gander.he's still coming across the field.all right four probes went down but.ultimately i thought that was going to.be a lot worse like a lot worse.and in the end you know what mitigating.the amount of damage there.like quite a bit uh the benchy where is.where is he keeping this bench there it.is okay it's hard to see the blue on the.mini map sometimes.[Music].just going to keep the benchy on my uh.selection so i can just.jump right to it whenever i need to.[Music].hmm all right he spotted the attack lab.on the on the star boards here.so wonder if you're going to see a.couple of extra stalkers being walked in.to the defense.second benchy taking a while to really.get on the fields here.he needs to have that second benchy i'm.not quite sure it's almost like he's.using it as a.observer right now.giving away his location as well with.that uh with that stock there.unfortunately.i say giving it away it kind of just.bumps into one another.that's the second menchie finally the.reunion.a reunion from uh banshee school.class of the six minute mark.there you go all right all right this is.starting to stack up quite a bit.this is doing a lot in fact even pulling.these uh stalkers back right now.surprised that trap was uh being that.overall um blatant with the stalker.movements kind of moving forwards in a.location where.he knew there were benches on the map.and yeah still he's just kind of.left his mineral lines a little bit.exposed there 13.workers just like that four and nine.pretty sweet pretty sweet deal.and there is that one prism here as well.with a uh colossus in.looking to return the favor.perhaps to shutting these suvs of course.once they.get a big connection on the bigger group.of suvs but not quite going to be able.to get on top of it.raven was there as well to perhaps.interference matrix the uh.the things here.the benches did get taken out as well.while that was going.on.oh okay there we go.adapts stalkers and centuries.lurking in cornice.still uh still out in front here with.this colossus and the white prison.feels a little bit scary overall.yeah there you go that's a viking now.imagine that being two vikings.that would have been rough.bring back the arkham toilets ah.i don't know it's such a gimmicky thing.right.it's like all right we'll use this spell.and there we go now get all the arkansan.go go go go.it was a fun one it was a fun one but.maybe it would be cool if there's like a.limited amount of units you can do in an.arkham toilet.server getting picked off cyclone coming.in at the right time.and well overall i mean.i'm really digging specials place in.this game again right.he's looking very sharp it's not a ton.of economic damage.force will see i need to still buy.himself a little bit of time not quite.getting the forceful that he wants to.waiting for the force fields at a later.point in time two interference matrixes.go down even interference matrixing and.arkhan right there.gets the raven but ultimately he cannot.afford to to fight his army when the.siege sinks are sieged.but then again i mean it's a smart move.to to try and keep these.siege tanks close to the sea shop at an.earlier point in time losing a stock.that that's.pretty rough as well actually not really.what you want to see okay cleans up two.seat sinks before they really see chop.and get to do anything here but is there.enough aoe damage still for trap.i don't believe that there is i think.special it's coming in here with.one hell of a punch or getting a little.bit far removed from those siege sinks.they really need to start moving forward.as well.the mad effects are keeping the.marauders alive though is it gonna be.enough the.disrupter nice deutsche on the disrupter.they're not.shooting his own zealots either.special his supplies looking pretty darn.sweet right now.pushing absolutely everything across the.fields marauders marines continuously.being healed up the medevacs are about.to be empty on the uh the energy though.so is this gonna still get a little bit.scrappy.does he just barely not have enough.maybe just micro backlits a little bit.longer.and i think he is gonna be okay here.just land the vikings.get another siege sink there we go.should be enough this.should be it guys i think special has.done it and we're gonna go into game.number five right now.he's not letting up either not moving.backwards.he knows he knows he's in a good spot.there's another.colossus right now he needs to stop.targeting the uh.the nexus though of course and that.colossal not quite getting the damage.either.right the entire zealot line already go.on before it really gets.past the nexus the vikings do get picked.off though but.liberators here to take their place.and the liberators maybe even a little.bit better in this.situation rather than the vikings.don't just do well against colossus do.well against the.ground units overall.stock is being warped in trap really.does not want to lose this base.okay coming in here for another attempt.shootstand one liberated the other one.still standing and there it is gigi.special taking game number four once.again off of the back of that bioplay.finding himself a victory.game number five another game number.five here guys game number five palooza.non-stop these guys just uh really going.for it continuously.fighting uh to the very last breath of.their opponent.and uh yeah very very close series.overall.special and trap both of them.showcasing some wonderful players.overall those benches definitely.bringing uh the victory therefore.special.a bit of a weird one though of course.that we did see those stalkers moving.out when we did.and oh well.oh well.all right.trapping special game number five what.more can a starcraft 2 nerd ask for.right.just a nice day overall it's a little.bit chilly.but you know what other than that pretty.good pretty darn good.uh and these players they have been.giving us one hell of a show.was surprised we saw solo moving on.against uh stats as well but you know.what is just.a cherry on top for for me as a big solo.fan.i don't mind stats winning either though.to be fair don't get me wrong stats.one hell of a beast one super fun player.to watch but.anyway here we go in the bottom left.side we have ourselves a.red brodel's fighting for the generic.green wingers he is.trap top.right side we have a man running about.with an suv on the map here.sending a second one is the time it's.the.blue terran player it's not time he's.actually the mexican.who's residing in korea for quite a.while now anyway.he is a special from team axon.is there a break after this yeah we'll.have a short uh like probably a couple.of minutes not really all that much.usually i'm gonna go on big breaks with.these uh with these series.there it is oh trap you know what moving.away with that probe a little bit too.soon.to barracks once again trap just kind of.not going for the scout here i'm also.just staying at.the uh at the natural base.triple barracks now being constructed.one at home of course as well.no refineries being taken by uh with.this so.we'll just be marinas coming in here.and a boatload of marina said that.probe trying to figure out on the left.side if there is anything wrong with.this uh with this game so far.trying to find any hidden structures.there but ultimately.it's the wrong place the wrong time.marine is about to be coming at his.front door here together with a couple.of suvs.and see that all all this often uh.against brutals.well here we go this could hurt quite a.bit.did go for the cyber call before the.nexus so it's going to be able to get.you know a reasonably quick stalker here.two marines at the front door gonna deny.the probe.and then again i mean two uh having two.marines over there already that is a.weird one isn't it.it's a little bit of a head scratcher.already not seeing anything there on the.low ground either in the form.and shape of a base it's gonna have to.be wondering.he's building a shield battery at his.natural base he's still making his uh.um stargates as well so i'm not quite.sure if he.is aware of that something is off or how.how much something is off right i mean.the entire paint train of suvs are.coming across here.specials fan base some of them bringing.gifts.they're coming all right here they are.the five marinas already right on top of.the natural base.just gonna run right on past once to get.that uh that.stalker as quickly as possible get on.top of the production here.shut it down as quickly as they can i.mean if you do get yourself.they kill those pylons right there very.well could be game right here.the probe so far just sitting still at.the uh at the mining places.let's wait and see there it is the.pressure on that pylon right there if we.do see that one four we still have.another one of course a backup pylon.another one now being under a lot of.pressure will it go down before that.stalker gets out oh the shoe battery.kicking in.helping out quite a bit here only three.stalkers the other.shield better or the uh the other pylon.here not quite ready yet to.to help out i think maybe trap has done.it though.the marines moving very far forwards but.ultimately with a void right here as.well and the stalkers there it is gigi.special banking it all a little bit of.an all in and uh blind sign trapper.there but trapped with some magnificent.overall crisis management being able to.shut it down.and uh taking out special there special.making it one.hell of a close series and uh well.oh well beautiful rough one a bit of a.rough one but ultimately you know what.well played that by.both those players special really.showcasing that he is uh he's pretty.darn strong right now especially in this.matchup it seems.very very capable of handling himself.and uh.you know what made it one hell of a show.made it one of the show got a good.amount of games uh.in his favor as well you know especially.some of those macro games.uh where he didn't go mech i really.really enjoyed.watching those and uh well.congratulations to trap trap proving.once again that you know what.you can't all in a person of this.caliber i don't think that's a proven.thing but.you know what holding that one off.pretty darn nicely so.well done well done indeed all right.guys we're going to get.mr solar in here.and we're gonna get the vetoes on the.way once those videos are done for the.best of seven.we're gonna jump right on in into it of.course but before then.uh a quick little break once more and uh.yeah once we're back.solar and mr trap are gonna do a bit of.a.bit of a best of seven all right.see you in a bit.a whole lot less than it did you know.previous games there is no robo on the.map.whatsoever here it is just charge less i.mean.sure it is six games oh charlotte that.is a massive.play coming in from around here and.there we have it now we do have the.dorito cannon on the front but man we.have a massive surround here.all over the place and max packs looking.to clean up future.as future in the main basement there's.nos with no healing left.and what a great force feel here now.future upon army supply when this.started.is now heinously down as these charges.just get on top of everything.that future holds dear and this push.well it looks pretty.stalled out.it looks like solar won't get any scp.that was.very lucky from dream i have to be.honest.having those suv is exactly where he.needed them.and the drones have to suck off because.they are faster than the marine.so they will be able to retreat more.drones are gonna be pulled it looks like.solar this time.he's gonna be trying to block this.bunker from ever existing.here attacking the bunker gonna be.cancelled by dream a lot of suv.a lot of drones are put into the action.though so that's.already damaged being dealt by trim of.course.dream as well is losing quite a little.bit of time and resources for this.two bunkers are gonna be dropped there.are already three marines attacking this.actually right here right now.the drones are here ready to be pulled.once the first few queens.and blings are out here comes the pool.here comes the army.here comes solar getting on top of the.marines.and getting them away from these bunkers.are cleaned around.coming from solar dreams gets out of.that.just in the spring of time he needed but.one of the suvs he's gonna pull the.second one he's gonna barely complete.this bunker good play by dream the first.queen is out.and right now solar has to retreat that.keeps the defensive stance.and dream has accomplished his proxy.the funker is in position and the army.of solar needs to be completely fooled.he's gonna be able.to deal with this by losing a lot of.drones first bunker is gonna go down.right here or maybe not too many marines.too many drones are lost.too many links are down and it looks.like it's gonna be another dj.all right.[Music].army but still this is a scary army.scary one of things.while patience is fully going and on top.of his opponent trying to get damage.here through the map.blinking forward on top of those tanks.and the shadow strikes dark temples are.getting so much damage.so quickly the most important pieces.of production for innovation are under.attack right now meanwhile the rest of.the army of perfect purification nova.will get a lot of damage done meanwhile.another round of units is gonna be worth.in.five patients to seal the deal.hello i'm back welcome back thank you me.for.saying welcome to me when i'm back i'm.back.what's up what's up everybody.we're looking at a basta seven.solar and uh trap they have chosen their.maps.i'm not quite sure which ones because.they're all in in korean one of these.days i'm gonna learn the map names in.the uh the korean.maybe i should just learn korean overall.that could be uh that could be an easy.way out of that.situation that overall problem that.predicament.that's uh incredible uh irritating.little thing right there because i don't.know korean.and that would help me knowing korean.learning korean overall.i'm taking myself a whole here in a.overall conversation with myself that's.uh seems to be very uh avoidable.anyway anyway we got ourselves say.one alpha series coming up i believe.uh it's gonna come down to how.aggressive solar is going to be.we saw him going up against stats as.well in the macro game did manage to eke.out the victory there.because stats was just making a wrong.call overall i believe with this army.movement i'm i'm pretty certain that he.felt confident.that the carriers would win that uh that.fight that in the end but ultimately.um it just wasn't enough it wasn't.enough with the extract corrupters.coming in continuously streaming across.the map.and the forces that stats did send.across the fields.not quite enough there to uh.to make it.not quite enough to make it so anyway.we're uh we're waiting for the next one.to start here trap and.solo of course.first game submarine again these guys.are really into submarine today.it's been seeing this uh wasn't this the.first yeah it's been the first map.choice continuously.uh the third time is solar again having.the first pick here actually let me see.hey is solar yeah solar again picking.submarine as the first map interesting.interesting all right.well let's see what he does on it this.time around.previous time we saw that roach attack a.very aggressive.uh overall coming in not quite working.out though.maybe this time it will work out for the.uh.for the blue zerk right here in the.bottom right side here is from kyc.gaming he is.solo.his opponent in the red right there is.the brothels.top left side he is nobody else but to.jin air green wings.trap.okay.all right once again going for that.hatchblock here it looks like.once again soldered out in time to um to.just divert.direction take a quick left turn towards.that third base and.make it elsewhere.no problem for him.trap getting that uh gas i'm gonna be.surprised if he just goes straight into.the nexus after this one.seeing how late that spawning pool is.overall.for a spawning pool it's not late of.course but well.it's it's not like a spawning pool first.is what i'm trying to say.loving these hatch blocks though i mean.it wasn't similar to what uh stats was.doing right i think trap.might be a player that's more willing to.go the adapt glaive route.especially after getting one of those.hatchboxes.blocks boxes one of those hatch blocks.just overall.caffeine and the crew going towards that.new base.showing them around and this is your.workstations this is where you'll do the.mining.and this is where i run before i die.so i like council there it is all right.you know what i don't hate it.uh i just hope that it's not gonna be.every single time.i think the uh the stargate opening a.very solid one right now in the.uh the pvc matchup.i think against a lot of zergs you will.be able to make that late game work.right now.it's just some of them right the namely.rainer.that is just i don't know what he's.doing but.always continuously able to wiggle his.way into victory.no matter what the case is on the ground.here we have that overlords on the high.ground robo as well on the way here.uh solar solar we also saw that he's not.afraid of just.spamming out a ton of circling when he.does.feel like there is a adapt pressure.coming in.and then just go across the field even.making it work against the stargate.opening which is uh you know normally.not a thing that is supposed to happen.there are the first initial circling.spot just more drones behind this though.so.just barely doesn't get adapt puts it in.a low.overall but still that's uh that's a bit.of a shame.hmm all right so trap.starting to ramp up here a little bit of.course.i like this little choke that he's.making overall behind this.in case there is a follow-up of more.circling's trying to attempt to uh.to commit into that uh.to that natural base of his.depth shading on forwards war prism is.available now of course let's see the.defenses that solar has managed to set.up.seven zerglings that's not a lot a lot.of them are in the production tab right.now though.looks like they will be getting.constructed at the right.i stay time now i guess you should say.get birthdays.at the right time is that the right way.to say birth to.like the.later term of uh the past.sense.[Music].you only see that so far not quite.getting much done.one of the things that sometimes does.worry me is that.um solar likes to play extremely.safe with these work accounts right i.think the highest we saw him here was 41.maybe 42 or 43 and then he made some.sports and.spines but yeah.it is a very very safe number overall.sometimes we see.zergs going up a little bit more to like.44.um even with after the uh the spores and.even a potential spine.or even a spine right who makes spine.crawlers right now there's not a lot of.people that do this.against this type of pressure right.and sometimes because of this solar.i mean even though he holds doesn't.quite find the uh.the best follow-up for the game for the.rest of the game right because.he he didn't take damage but he also.kind of shot himself a little bit in the.food.not getting and with as greedy as he.could.but i think he found himself in a pretty.darn good spot this time though i mean.452 workers.he's got attack and of course trap is uh.well he's just kind of stuck with the.adept late attack right now he's gonna.have to find another way to utilize.these units he didn't even lose a single.one of them though to be fair so.i've been watching the korean stream not.knowing alfx's life oh.that's rough.[Music].wondering wondering if i did actually.heart that's right at least you're here.now.you found this.hmm.all right anyway moving on through trap.not getting aggressive either with these.units i thought for a moment we may.see this happening right we may see trap.starting to get aggressive with those.added in immortals here the sentries.well this is.awkward.there's two probes.the two probes the immortal and the.adapt.it's like at the start of a really bad.adult film.choked up in this corner they're waiting.uh they're waiting for the dmv to open.up or something.i don't know it's just that they're all.stuck in this little corridor here it's.like.it's just it just feels weird to me.it's hard to believe stats lost the.special well it would be if that was the.case.oh yes that is i mean.solar is a really good player though i.mean.i absolutely love solar he's uh he's.fantastic right now as well.and i mean there's always the potential.i i do think though.to be fair that that's probably should.have won one game that he lost.i think that was a little bit of a um.like one of those late game.situations where you're like all right.well i could just try to.take a fight here i could take a fight.here i can split up my units this way or.this way and then just a couple of.just decisions that didn't quite work.out for him.look at then on the way oh solo here.getting a little bit uh aggressive.not quite expecting this just yet it's.not mech supply on the roaches even.right so waiting for these hydras that.are going to be the real kickers of this.horse.the real dps dealer saw this base maybe.in a little bit of trouble.solar does let it finish up though.certain now he will be able to get there.in time save the day.does manage to do so but that actually.now a little bit low right.not going to have as much response time.than next time it's going to be in.trouble.all right so far on the ball here.seeing trap starting to get ready for.the later game.full space on the way making uh making.the disrupter play actually against the.uh the lucas here it seems.i'm not quite sure if he knows he should.know right you should know.all right well now he definitely knows.[Music].moving in on the left side once again.knowing that that hatchery is still low.of course.the disrupter's not quite shooting.a little bit distracted with the warpers.in the main base nice.connection right there we'll be able to.pick up quite a good portion of um.solar's army and solar actually.committing fully to this.still losing the base as well and i i.don't think that was the right call.losing so much of this stuff right now.the main base as well just completely.with it gg is called and.oh okay solar loses game number one.right there.in a very quick uh decisive fashion all.of a sudden and this.i need to get better with that.completely avoiding the later part of.that game.and yeah avoiding overall the the scary.amount of.lurkers with the upgrades and a bunch of.hydras on top of it.with uh the vipers as well i mean the.vipers we never really saw the vipers in.action there either.hmm.um.[Music].so yeah so trap wonderful uh wonderful.connection there with his army and.solar maybe a little bit uh too.aggressive.trying to defend there on that on that.base.which he had no real business of trying.to defend.the army of trap was already on top of.it not much he could do at that moment.in time.didn't have to creep spread to tell him.that that was on the way either.uh didn't have a roach circling anything.there to to let him know and set up his.um his lurkers before it actually got on.top of the hatchery.you know what that way you can make use.of that choke points with the lurkers.it's a lot easier to get the piles where.you once you don't have to push into the.produce.and then suffer the consequences of any.type of force fields that may.uh or may not just ruin your day.which i feel like what's kind of the.case there and of course those uh those.called loci as well.wailing away together with the.disruptors on any type of uh.any type of unit that tried to squeeze.themselves between the hatchery and that.uh high.well a little corner of the wall.somewhere.anyway one point on the boards now for.the red brothers in the bottom left side.he.is the one and only gina green wings.trap.his opponents in the top right side he.is the blue.zerg player fighting for.kyc gaming i remembered i see gamer.he is solo.oh might be able to get his natural up.here with the 15 hedge there we go.getting quite uh quite angsty doesn't.want to let that.cat blocks again here solo one of the.players that just doesn't like to be.thrown off written.it looks like.what's up curie.how are you doing today good to see you.back.good to have you with us again.we've had some pretty crazy games so far.here.some long ones some short ones.most importantly we've gone into the ace.match every single time so far so.you know what by definition that means.we should.be having ourselves a game uh number.seven here.if the equations are right.and the math checks out game number.seven should be.should be a guaranteed um thing in this.one.i don't think i've ever done any wrong.maps.mainly because i don't do that much math.but.still it counts gonna count that.personally.all right let me think let me think this.through.you say four to two but my predictions.are always wrong i see.i mean it's rough to get a correct.prediction right it's quite rough.stargate by the way.i mean he didn't get the block on the.natural base.maybe it's just a map thing right why.solar is going for the natural base here.a lot earlier.from the the 15 supply because this map.is notorious for the uh for the adept.brushes so many great angles for them to.come in.a lot of ways to abuse the shades over.here.of course a great main base place as.well to get that war prism up into.and provide even more firepower.so let's do a little bit in the dark.concerning what is.uh what is being built here by trap.would be nice of course to see this.realize that he doesn't have to invest.that much into the uh.into the adapt glaive defenses which.will be the.more standard startup here for any type.of zerg of course.trying to spot anything moving out on.the fields there i think he saw that.oracle is going to see it.now oh no oh i'm not quite sure if he.saw it.we're not seeing sport crawlers being.made it really was just a small.seconds there not even a second perhaps.okay there is the sport crawler right.now.is still a common uh common thing to do.even with.the uh anticipation of those uh.of those adapts okay still going to be.able to come in here.sport crawlers not quite ready yet and.that's going to allow this oracle to.pick up five.workers six six workers very nice.very solid indeed six workers like that.and sign me up sign me up every single.day.it's not a bad thing at all buying this.getting himself a third base as well the.robotics facility another oracle coming.in here taking out.two more three yeah well i think that's.three.right yeah that's three more.it's a big deal he's add five workers.now in total.nine workers losing nine workers to two.oracles when you're.already on why is it five queens it's.rough.it's rough indeed.he knows that he can go a bit more for.uh for heavy read running to try and.catch up but.perhaps he is just going to go for a big.push off the roaches right now getting.himself that roach warren.trying to keep those oracles away from.scouting this it looks like.no other drones on the production tab.and there we go there's those roaches.right now being constructed.to adapt them making life difficult.maybe able to even see some roaches.coming out of those eggs right now.oh did i not have them selected anymore.okay they just died.they did die i thought they were in a.good position there didn't wasn't.expecting that anymore but.they did get killed off a lot of shoe.batteries being constructed here for.trap he.has smelled that something is fishy here.there's only a single immortal right now.though.those two oracles very high up in energy.as well those queens have got their work.cut out for them.need to shut those down before they just.clean up the entire wave of circling.right here.without those circling she don't have.that much of a chance to really push in.here.okay did he see the status straps i.think he did.trying to move forwards okay does still.uh land a pretty good connection with.that status trap.reasonable amount of circling but it's.not enough to just make his.solar turn tail and run he knows he is.quite committed with this he needs to.make it work.and there we go biles coming in on those.sword suits once more the queen's.uh not being able to get enough damage.on top of those.oracles with the shoe batteries helping.out man those shield batteries working.absolute magic right here gotta wonder.actually if solar.would have been better off to just try.and fight the main door instead here for.a little bit.okay coming in killing off the shield.batteries right now that's.immortal still going strong as well on.the back side though of course.so difficult one a second to immortal.right now on the back side as well.the third immortal oh my dear lord this.is uh.getting out of hand no warpers in just.quite yet though to really help out with.the micro but.ultimately i don't think he needs to if.he has this amount of immortals right.now.and the referees do get on top of the um.the forces on the left side here but.behind.them are well more immortals coming up.finally getting rid of the uh the.immortals here but still having quite a.bit of trouble a lot of circlings are.coming in.they might be able to do okay against.the uh against the stalker immortal.force but.yeah ultimately he loses most of.everything gg is called.and yeah those shield batteries man that.was that was a life saver therefore.trapped.they absolutely saved his uh his skin.his bacon.the bacon was saved by traps shields.batteries.the only need that means that um you.know what very quickly here.trap taking two games in a row.um solo one game.going for quite a aggressive roach.circling attack.the other one i mean he didn't really.get all that aggressive but.he hmm.well what really did.what was the main reason he lost there.i think it was just a great timing of.trap there in that first game.that's a good building he looked at.stats games ah maybe.yeah solo was quite aggressive in those.as well.could be a good reason to uh to try and.get yourself a little bit more.safe against solo i think he just kind.of realized that this was coming as well.perhaps it was the circling count that.gave it away.uh perhaps it was the low drone counts.on the third base not trying to remake.those.um.also be just the larvae right the larvae.at the.third base we saw all of them.immediately being turned into eggs at.the same time.usually if you're making drones right.because that's always the.the thing you're either making drones or.you're making army units.and if you're making drones you're just.continuously producing them right you.don't want in between times saving up.larvae and then going for drones you're.just gonna want to keep producing them.so.i don't know maybe maybe that was a.little bit of a tell maybe that.and in combination with some other.things i kind of gave his.tips him up you know something that's.killing nine workers at the start of the.game that's a.that's a good reason to expect your.opponent to get a little bit aggressive.reading into it and uh shutting it down.very nicely there is this uh red.protocols player in the top right side.the gina green wings player he is trap.he's got two points on the board right.now.you missed two games already.in the bottom left side we have.ourselves a blue zerg.fighting for kaizee gaming he is solo.not getting his hatchblock this time.game number one we saw solar trying to.go for the transition into.uh berserk late game.you got a peek in between all right.right well anyway that's what we're.saying.uh solo was trying to get into circulate.game right starting to up the lurkers.uh trying to get vipers and some hydras.but ultimately.uh trap being able to to wiggle his way.into his what was it his fifth base i.believe.fifth or fourth base and just.shut it down quite heavily solar really.committing to the defense of this.uh of this base at the same time losing.a lot of stuff in his main base as well.because of a war prison with.a lot of zealots and yeah.i mean i think i think overall the zvp.match up is a lot about.just i think most of the the starcraft 2.matchups are right there it's a lot.about positioning.and then just gaining the better.positioning over your opponents.gaining the it's not just necessarily.the high ground but.like if you force a fight down a ramp.and you're fighting disrupters versus.lurkers that is just.like the epitome of you need to have a.advantage with.your positioning otherwise it's just not.going to work it's never going to work.um it's just a rough position just a.rough position.all right second game second game solo.just kind of went for a big hill mary.after losing.nine workers due to two oracles.and it filled tripe went for uh.what was it six six shield batteries.chronoing out immortals.man that was a lot of immortal.it was disturbing it was disturbing to.see.all right once more stargate opening.here for uh for trap by the way.just kind of looking at this like i said.before i love the stargate opening.nowadays.i think trap in particular like his this.oracle um.micro decision making with the oracles i.think is very well flushed out.it's like tiny things like this right.deciding to go past the uh the.watchtower instead of flying through.that.man that is a big brain that is a big.brain and a half this.for this man solo did he figure it out.though.is he just moving back here with these.circlings because he's.thinking there should be something.already on the way.mr spore crawler in the main base the.one place that does have a sport crawler.right now oh wait no i lie there's one.at the third as well.so the oracles this time around not.looking like they will be able to get as.much damage done.immediately realizing it is target moves.those uh zerg links back across the.field.wants to check if there is a third base.on the way there it is.good scout good scout crucial.information.roach warren still in production here.keep our eye on that production tab if.we see those drones going uh.going away that means we may be seeing a.big.attack of roaches but now he's building.12 or more drones right now so.hard to believe that would be anything.aggressive also we're seeing the uh.delay attack being researched.solar getting ready for the later part.of this game.does not want to lose another game here.i mean a two to one score in investor.seven that's.that's doable you know that's definitely.doable.but ultimately um three to zero.oh that's gonna be rough.it's phoenix phoenix follow up indeed.yeah.um know what i kind of like the phoenix.overall i think it's a good unit the.finai.i thoroughly enjoy myself a good bit of.phoenix harassment.on a big map like this in particular i.think it does.very well for itself very abusable.it's already two spor crawlers here but.still five works go down just like that.no.single phoenix was certain well a little.bit hurts just some scratches just uh.just a.uh a plating wound.but all right so the thing about these.phoenix is right.now that late game pvc is becoming a.little bit more.um well regular right fleshed out.overall people people start to realize.it's doable for produce.yeah they they can make it go there.if he already starts like plus one air.weapons right now.you know for the phoenix's he's already.benefiting from it and he's gonna be.more set up or more quickly set up with.the upgrades for his carriers at the the.very late game.all the lords being zapped from the sky.a couple of circlings in looking.for a bit of harassment potentially.see there's no fourth bases quite yet.and a wall that is.protected by quite a good couple of.people.quite a good couple of people.yeah whether you go here as solar i.think you just do go.indeed for that later game attack uh you.have to get the logos you have to get.the the hydrous.with the air army already so heavily on.the way though you may want to consider.going a bit more heavy into the hydras.or staying more heavy on to.hydra attack oh.these phoenix full workers just like.that gone.once more.trap taking more bases.solar again playing very safe here.do people actually think late game pvc.is doable or just stats.i'm pretty sure people do i mean if you.see stats do it.right suddenly you're gonna be in that.same boat.i'm pretty sure.i don't think traps gonna be like well.that's just something stats only can.make work.i know he's taking out solar drg and.um so well he took a game off of rainer.as well.but ultimately ah i won't be able to do.i just don't think that's kind of.something trap would ever say.yeah yeah it's a lot of tack structures.that uh.that need to be ready.attack switches as well.but i believe that is doable this one i.think you know what's trappier finding.himself in a pretty reasonable spot.to uh to get started with it.it's adding in two more stargates right.now though.this could still be a problem right he's.not quite ready with a.massive force at the moment it's a good.amount of.uh the side templar though we saw those.always being uh.absolutely crucial for the uh.for the defense earlier on here for for.stats.phoenix is on the bottom side trying to.divert some attention.so they're working as well rather nicely.it's like those uh those yana phoenix.helping out quite a bit here.a couple of zealots also coming in but.now of course the reinforcements.for solar right here ready to try and.deal with those uh with the phoenix.the zealots suddenly not gonna be as uh.as usual in this situation anymore.there come the carriers right now with.the mother ship.lurkers.okay they are no they are going in here.that's five immortals here though nice.status trap right there.oh the storms need to be solid as well.though.careful careful for those links no.colossae or anything here.no adapts or zealots to really help out.against these circlings.only the storm really available.phoenix egg trying to grab a lurker or.two.as the uh the status trap ends not quite.being able to find some.some real damage though it was already.there.ready to protect trap is trapped just.going to go for a base trade right now.interesting well finds a good cluster of.roaches and.hydras oh not the greatest source fields.though.and this is forcing solar backwards once.more.with quite a good portion of resources.this uh gives the opportunity for.for trap perhaps to come in here with.those carriers even though they are low.on number.you should be able to clean up the uh.the small amount of hydrous right here.oh the big fight on the left side oh.that's a lot of high temper there.just catching the end of that one being.uh.being shot down by those lurkers there's.the recall.as well you know what trap did do.a little bit of damage there overall.right killing of 12 workers.calling the uh the work account once.more one lurk is still in this mineral.lane though oh that needs to be dealt.with.but at the same time a big attack on the.left side as well.oh traps losing workers i don't think he.knows.i'm pretty sure he doesn't know he's.still losing them.he's losing them rapidly this entire.base just being mauled right now.13 kills on that one lurker right there.at the same time these locus of solar.are in a lot of trouble as well though.a couple of them are falling.but it's gonna be a lot easier now for.solo to uh to reclaim.his army unit after um.well not taking as much economic damage.although you know this is.embarrassing isn't it how long has that.been sitting there jeez.solar.[Music].all right no self-detection here just.yet there we go.i would like to see the uh observer.speed being researched for this.type of army fighting as well actually i.think that would be very cool to see.okay trap he's got some immortals some.storm and arkhan underneath as well.because there are those corrupters now.coming in.rather dangerous units overall and.trap only has plus one weapons attack by.the way as well for these uh for these.flying units i know solar.doesn't have any upgrades either but the.corrupters they don't benefit as.greatly as the uh the phoenix or the.carriers would do.we see trap transitioning into void race.now as well.three void race that is avoid race speed.as well.by attack switch i also mean uh be able.to switch unit composition.i see but also you don't know all.right.it's so good dude we most of us don't.know a lot about starcraft right we're.just all learning this as we uh we go.along.nice couple of so no slurk is there.my templar need to be ready to start.storming.the uh the after bejesus out of those.hydrus.i'm not sure if i like that trap is.setting up on the left side here.maybe he's just gonna go for a base.trade actually yeah it looks like he.will.that's exactly what he's doing i mean.he's got 132 army supply he still has to.walk across the fields here.i'm not sure if i like this but he is.getting the reinforcements of solar.right now.the solar's been forced backwards before.i'm not quite sure if he's going to do.it again though.as long as trap kills off a good amount.of bases he will of course still be able.to just recall.and then one of the greatest strengths.of berserk right the instant remax is no.longer going to be an issue here because.he just doesn't have the money for it.even after just losing these two bases a.couple of zealots is going to be enough.here as well on this other base.solar realizing that he just doesn't.have the army to really make this work.it's gonna be a rough one and bam there.is that force cleaning up all those.lurkers gg is called.trap takes this one my.dear lord trap what a play what a play.indeed.gg uh going for that base rate right.there what's the correct call i mean.overall it makes sense right the um the.carriers the void race.a lot quicker on their feet than those.lurkers and the hydras so it's gonna be.a lot easier for you to just kind of.move.over all these bases you have more dps.output as well.and um as long as you don't take a bad.trade against those lurkers with your.with your ground units you should be.okay.or against the corrupters as well of.course that's rough that is.extremely rough though for solar.put strap on the uh the match point here.and solar he's he's tried a little bit.of everything right he's lost in the.early game he's lost in the mid game and.now he's lost in the late game as well.i mean what is left for solo to try.neither swim swarm host just an.entire different route i don't know.maybe he's gonna try something as.similar as we saw before.um some of those games did feel a little.bit more winnable than other ones.i think that last one as well in a way.just just a couple of.different maneuvers there as well.probably uh would have been able to take.victory there but.ultimate ultimately trap just uh.too solid on this decision making.all right game number four are we gonna.see a clean sweep here.after two best of fives going to the uh.the final.uh ace match are we actually gonna see a.game just not going anywhere really.it's kind of sticking around here.all right well it's been doing pretty.solid so far.three points on the board the red.brothels he is trap.spawning on daffodil right here in the.bottom right top left his opponents.and his last legs i mean he needs to.make something work here.he needs to figure out how he's going to.do it as quickly as possible he's the.blue zerg for.the kaisi gamers he is solo.hmm you can't see a 4-0 pvc against.solar i mean.it might be right i mean this is best.match up.hello wait hold up is it is it still.after this.imagine this changing it.let me look it up real quick look i see.gamer.solar yeah this is still going to be his.best matchup by.far 70 win rate.that's pretty nuts that's pretty nuts.even for being at like the top 15 in the.world.that's pretty crazy.that's higher than rainers.solar is top 10 right now is it is he on.a legal lag.i thought he was like i have top 15.shoulder right no there he is.oh wait this is japanese solar hello.soda there is search uh yeah.rank 15..oh another stargate.what rank is uh trap actually let's.let's check trap as well let's be fair.let's check both these plays there legal.lag.hmm trap you know what only 56 win.percentage here in the uh the pvc now.that doesn't say everything of course.solar might just be playing a lot more.online cops right we know solder.actually plays a lot of online cups.because we see him in a lot of online.cups and then trap might just be a.little bit more of a.big tournament player right so then.already it's a difference whether.you know you're playing against the uh.the top 100 player base continuously or.if you're dipping.uh into a lot of matches that are below.that overall ranking right.it's a clear difference.so you can get your overall ranking a.little bit more padded.well at least the wimp win percentage.but then your ranking.is not going to go up as much either.because well.uh your beating players that are.significantly lower on the.uh the strength skill scale.the scale of strength.all right two kills there in total.almost uh on those trunks.not bad not bad solar getting caught out.a little bit here again without any.spork rodders up and running.a little bit of a familiar sight right.now.oh my oh my oh okay dead oracle ah.that's nice.still gets three more workers though so.seven in total already.and solar once again behind on the.overall worker game.dark try now being constructed by trap.trap yeah it's once again finding.himself in a very very solid place huh.and we'll have to wait and see if solar.is just gonna be like all right well i'm.i'm still willing to try and make this.work in the late game.i'm gonna try to just throw a bunch of.roaches across the map again.with that dark shrine already on the way.though.that could be difficult of course to.make work.not quite sure if he's gonna bring an.overseer if he will that's uh.starts to get a little bit weird at that.time you know.ah son actually oh no wait never mind i.thought he was supply block there but.it's only for a second.overlord must have finished up after uh.after i saw that.all right anyway no fourth place.yet for solo here okay there we go.you are starting to make me suspicious.of his intentions here.going up to uh to evo his.ranged upgrades as well.hyderadan and infestation pits at the.same time we all know what that means.don't we.i think we do i think we do you know.that is going to be a lot of lurkers.later on in this game.uh solo just the steam rolling towards.that late game.army composition here and trap trap.is response so far he's going for a.robotic space state sticking more on the.uh the ground unit attack so far.actually he's making he's going up to.triple robot right now isn't he.yeah he is my dear lord.triple robo.triple robo all the way.disruptors is going to start making.double.disrupter and immortal production is.that the plan here.or triple immortal production that would.be pretty good as well.the pvc method changed quite a bit in.the last couple of weeks yeah.i think it's gonna this is always one of.those fun times right when people are.trying things out.they're checking what works what doesn't.work.and i think we're gonna see a couple.more changes overall in how you really.make this work later on of course people.are going to get better as well just.controlling these army compositions they.know.what will work what fights to take and.what the fights not to take.and then perhaps we'll we'll see like.maybe some investors being added in or.vipers you know because people get more.comfortable using these sources.and they uh they can incorporate another.unit into the control mix.all right quite a big ball of stalkers.here.moving a little bit forward do get.caught out there with the uh.with the circlings ready to jump on top.of them.nice blink away though does save the day.i'm gonna commit to the left side of.things.only has three uh well three disruptors.in a single immortal here as the uh.it's the robo tech so we're going to see.a little bit more seeing we have three.robotics facilities.but hey all right counter-attack for uh.for solo here circling.not quite getting anything done though.unfortunately.oh snap oh nice dodge there with the.lurkers.jumping up out of the ground right now.not yet with their ultimate upgrades.though it doesn't even have to range to.upgrade here.so that's going to be rough you know.what trap here looking pretty darn solid.the lurkers were not ready for this.advancement of.produce units here now they're behind.the hatchery.okay ranged upgrade does finish now.does not lose another lurker either and.trap moves a little bit further.backwards here and i try to find a.different angle it is a rather difficult.one to push into after all.uh up this ramp i don't think this is.gonna work it's a little bit more dicey.oh to.three of those lurker stuff oh another.disruptive shot absolutely massive here.trap are you kidding me well that is.that's to make a wish uh.produce right here and he's getting it.granted immediately every single time.every single shot just.making magic happen oh my dear lord all.right well nissar boons down the uh on.the disrupters though.but ultimately he's losing so much of.his valuable units.there's only how many looks are still.remaining full.okay well i mean he's still getting.pushed backwards here the links.buying enough time for those uh the.hydras and the roaches really to.dink away and chip away at those proto.sources.that's that was gonna that's gonna have.to be a.positive trade right for for trap just.can't imagine that not being positive i.mean he's.far ahead in the overall mineral host.but okay there we go.another two of those uh lurkers gone.getting the egg as well as while it's.transforming.keeping solar on this full basis as trap.right now is making a fifth and a sixth.it's getting in the high templar.archives as well.and gets an another good connection on.those disruptors.oh but is the overstaying is welcome.here perhaps it very well could be the.case.still quite a lot of firepower left.within those lurkers of course.especially if you're stacked up like.this with the uh the stalkers i mean the.stark is there.is a lot of them but i don't think they.do a whole lot against this type of army.composition right.that solar has uh they are mostly just.the meat shields when you're.trying to deal the damage with those uh.disruptors because look at that.that's just like half of these lurkers.uh getting a shot of.and immediately half the hp of those.stock is just gone.of so many of them as well okay cleaning.up the creep here that's a smart choice.as well.deny the vision of solo that's a big.deal when somebody's playing against uh.against those types of lurker plates.right you need to deny that vision all.the looks.really getting on top of this army now.though the disruptors do not have that.blink ability and will get called out.two of them immediately gone and dusted.let's see whether or not this is going.to be uh a positive.overall for solar in the long run though.with a trap behind this.just getting miles and miles of uh.mileage.miles and miles of mileage he's getting.very far ahead in the economics right.taking two more bases here he's gonna be.able to pick up this hatchery as well it.doesn't actually go for the pickup here.very surprised he does didn't just turn.around a couple of stalkers there for.the final shot but he can.still try later on of course here uh.it's gonna force a lot of solace units.to to stick on that right side now.as if he doesn't well that that hatchery.is gonna fall the second attempt here of.these stalkers there they go a blink.forwards.a bit of a misjudgment there of the.amount of lucas that were in the ground.disrupters disrupters may also be able.to just clean up the uh the overall.forces that.nice dodge lurkers staying alive.this is uh this is a weird game overall.so far.let's take a look at the units lost tab.once more yeah still in favor for.trap at the moment.so that's like no creep no i mean the.army of the protoss has been.sitting in front of his base.continuously.it's a very rough position.and i mean trap it it.he had so many great traits there at the.start of all of this.before the oh that is nasty though.that's a lot of high templar there.getting caught out uh.i wanted to zoom out more but apparently.we're kind of stuck with this at the.moment this uh this range oh that's a.lot of immortals hello.that is a son of firepower bringing out.the big guns right now.and they should be able to do rather.nicely against those uh against those.lurkers.you need to have a good ball of.hydraulics to really uh fight off.against those.uh against those immortals look at how.long they just stay alive even on top of.that many lurkers.all right well solar not out of this yet.here he's finding him.he's found himself a great position.overall is he gonna move backwards.though to try and deal with this army i.think he just sits on top of his locus.here.it's no real reason not to make use of.those locusts he's moving oh my dear.lord okay he's trying to get this.engagement going.you got to stay on top of the lurkers.man.okay okay maybe maybe he made.a little bit of a mistake all right well.yeah.as uh so gg he was losing stuff over.here as well by the way.uh his third base once again under a lot.of attack.trap trap the monstrosity that he is.even when solar took out stats there in.a best of five.um trap just making that look incredibly.easy gg is called and.solar gets kicked out for owing.solar in fact so very very well played.there by trap.uh congratulations to him 4-0.in pvc that's not something you see.every day that's true.um is this something we'll have to be.concerned about in for trap in the.future.i was not expecting trap to do all this.well against solar seeing him go up.against special and.really really struggling against special.i thought well.i i'd see solar a little bit better as.special overall.don't get me wrong special a very strong.terran as well but i.i just don't see him on the same level.as uh trap and and solar and.stats either you know and then um hmm.suddenly solar and trap may have been a.mental thing as well i mean.solar i've heard some stories about him.raging a little bit at the moment.against protoss maybe he just doesn't.find the matchup.to be completely fair maybe he's just.having a little bit of a mental block.and that.could get in the way as well of course.um makes you stop seeing opportunities.where opportunities arise.and um i don't know i don't know.it's weird though because he just did.take out stats in a.rather nice series as well got very.close.overall i think stats should have won uh.still.ultimately but i mean solar he beat him.right so yeah.i don't know what to make of this anyway.guys thank you for watching.i'm really cozying i'm gonna be handing.off right now and.um yeah thank you so much for watching.this site whether or not you want to.give a follow to the channel.uh over here i also stream on the.uh trovo channel called kozen i'm.sometimes one so you can check that one.out as well if you want to.uh drop a follow there that would be.appreciated um.also the metro reno right if you haven't.already check out that metro arena fill.in that code help out starcraft 2.make your day a little bit brighter by.helping out the scene and.yeah have a good one bye.[Music].nuclear.[Music].so.[Music].so.[Music].[Music].you.

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  4. From your internal storage, access to the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and pick the sector you want to write down your signatures.
  6. Produce your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and foward your Sf 1442 Fillable Form .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Sf 1442 Fillable Form on Android?

Lately, Android gadgets are favored used. Therefore, to help out its customers, CocoSign has developed the system for Android users. You can use the following guidelines to e-sign your Sf 1442 Fillable Form from Android:

  1. Include the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Tick on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to write down your electronic signatures.
  4. Take the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Personalize your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and tick '✓'.
  7. Save changes and foward the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Sf 1442 Fillable Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

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Sf 1442 Fillable Form FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

I'm trying to fill out a free fillable tax form. It won't let me click "done with this form" or "efile" which?

It’s can be aggravating! Like Gevin mentioned the “done with this form” button is disabled for form 1040 ONLY. To continue, you have to click the step 2 tab to the right of step 1 . The tab says “E File your tax forms”

Is there a service that will allow me to create a fillable form on a webpage, and then  email a PDF copy of each form filled out?

Many times while browsing the internet we feel like reading full article,due to many constraints like time, we fail to read so its better get convert the website,article or the facts to PDF file. Usually we use Google Chrome ,for browsing the web.Its most used Web-browser in the world.While you browsing the web using Google Chrome its easy to save the website or article as PDF. Read Full Article on How to convert any web-page as PDF without any software?

How do I create a fillable HTML form online that can be downloaded as a PDF? I have made a framework for problem solving and would like to give people access to an online unfilled form that can be filled out and downloaded filled out.

If it's a single-page form, the unprofessional way to download the filled form as PDF is to print on chrome and firefox browsers and save as PDF or you can implement a simple button that does the same thing or download a section of the page if you don't want a section of the page to be downloaded along with the PDF. On the other hand, the best way to handle this is to use a web-based Form builder like Formplus. Formplus is an online and offline data collection tool that allows you to create and customize your forms to your taste. You or/and respondents can get notifications of the filled form as PDF or docx.

How do I fill out a fillable PDF on an iPad?

Try Adobe Acrobat (Adobe Acrobat Reader on the App Store ) or if it's not as easily fillable as you'd hoped it would be, Adobe Fill and Sign (‎App Store: Adobe Fill & Sign )

What is SF 33?

I work for ClothandDagger.com, which is similar to Trunk Club, which Eli mentioned earlier. As a stylist, I'll reach out to my clients to learn more about what they're looking for and send them a very personalized box of clothing. The client will be able to try on the clothes, decide if there were any items they wanted to buy, and then return the unwanted items. Shipping is free both ways. We have a large selection of clothes in inventory, where some are only carried in boutiques and some that can be found in large department stores. I try to reach out to my clients and be able to send their bo Continue Reading

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

What is the SF 1449 used for?

Additives A clever home protection gadget connects to your house wifi network so you can screen and manage your security gadgets the usage ofintegrated your smartphone and an app. Entry-stage systems generally builtintegrated a couple of door and wintegrateddow sensors, a movement detector, and a hub that communicates with these devices integrated one or more wireless protocols builtintegrated Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or a proprietary mesh network. You can add greater door, movement, and wbuilt-indow sensors to offer built-in on your complete residence and build a comprehensive built-in that inte Continue Reading

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