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he is in the world championship final.tomorrow against karumos.yeah it doesn't make sense but what does.make sense.ronnie o'sullivan's got to win the last.three frames.that's what he needs a few more shots.like that.try and force the error from mark selby.that was an excellent.safety.listen we know that romney can be off.three frames in.30 minutes but up against an opponent.like mark selby.is he going to get any chances.straight away he's looking at.cutting this red into the left little.pocket.he looked at the angle.changed his mind playing the other one.but who knows where this might go.what about the pocket what.what absolute jam of a pop he's pulled.out there.yeah this is what i mean about.unpredictability.and mark selby's just got to try and.just blank out.because.trying to pick out ronnie's shot.selection at the moment is.pretty tricky.six.into the main bunch here you would think.thirteen.14..17..18 decent chance this.reds go to both corner pockets.obviously the red near the right middle.pocket.you see they're ready to plane for there.struck that beautifully.25.26..33.34..another gorgeous little touch shot.falling.through the gap when he's in the balls.like this it's 42..it's back to normal.it's the rest of the game that is looks.very unpredictable.this is bread and butter this scoring.around the pink and black.this is this is easy peasy stuff.yeah you're looking at a player that's.been in six finals here at the crucible.and won.five of them 57.mark zelby's been in four finals and.he's won three.so two of the all-time greats here.red color and 65.frames over 66..just don't know what's going to happen.next in this semi-final.73.74.well i said he could win three frames.in under half an hour doesn't take.taking them long to win this one stephen.yeah that's that's why i keep repeating.it's.tough for mark selby to to concentrate.on what he's here to do because.the shots were only played in the last.frame looks like he didn't wasn't.bothered where they won or lost but then.he gets in in this frame.and just switches it on.very tough for that man in the chair not.knowing what's going to happen next.as i say all you can do is focus on your.own game when you get to the table.one shot at a time.87.88 this brick has just been just.beautiful to watch it really has.95.96..well that's another magnificent century.break the second of this match 103..he's made 11 now in this year's.world championship.well surely we couldn't have another.semi-final going to a deciding frame.you wouldn't bet against it 113..160..120.125.131.[Applause].1615 just incredible a joy to watch.absolutely gorgeous this is where we are.77 tournament centuries this year 2020.as you can see 2019.100. it appears to me that.ronnie is in control when he's in.control if you know what i mean i'm glad.something appears to you because.nothing's affected to me.i mean what is going on in this game he.looks like in the last last like he's.absolutely thrown it.and all of a sudden he gets in with a.screaming red into the green bag.which is just a phenomenal pot that.makes 138.i mean it's been the most surreal day.watching snooker then it's just carrying.on i have no idea what's going on.it's gone from almost ridiculous to the.sublime there i mean that's ronnie and.you know in his pump you know uh the.last frame.was not running in his pump whatsoever.it looked like like he'd given up.you know but that's the running we all.want to see play you know and that that.is.it just doesn't get any better than that.you know particularly under this.pressure he's playing like.he's playing almost like he's in an.exhibition like he's now carrying the.world and.it doesn't matter where he wins or lose.he just go and play like he's in.practice or in an exhibition.and it's amazing as stephen said the.adverse effect could be on max albee how.does he cope with it what does he have.to do he's this guy looks like he wants.to give up and now all of a sudden he's.trying.how do i how do i try and cope with this.lad i don't know what he's thinking.i have no idea honestly he's just got to.keep doing his stuff and hope his chance.comes mark but um.i mean that was just unbelievable talent.after looking like he was he was going.up the championship.and a joy to watch.well as i mentioned before what a treat.snooker fans have had.at home all day with the.two semi-finals and.fabulous entertainment all day.a very very special day.wow what a pot one.what a shot that was the one in the.frame before to start was was a terrific.pot.this is even better.hey well if the i'll say the right way.round.if the last frame was sublime that was.ridiculous.that long pot.what's that new saying ken's come up.with is it ridiculous to the sublime.14. that's probably the best part in the.championship believe it or not.under the circumstances.there's a couple of loose reds there at.the back of that little bunch.22.23.30..31. just the one more red available.he wanted to finish low on it so that he.could bring more reds into play.38 and he has.well mark said he just can't do a single.thing about this.he's sitting in his seat and he he just.wants one chance.to get himself into the final but at the.moment he can't get that chance. the table with 138 in seven.minutes in the previous frame.57 just coming up to four minutes.for this effort.58.i think he's just okay you know.i think he can get past the 65..66 adjust the blue to leave mark.needing a snooker this is quite.incredible what we're watching here.steven.71. this is what he does.ronnie o'sullivan 71.[Applause].had the split have worked out i'm sure.he would have gone on to clear the table.again.one four-point snooker required to tie.at the moment.i'm sure mark selby is a bit.shell-shocked at the moment.he's in ronnie the frame that let's help.me get to 16.you know play a series of just like.landers shots.and then he's seen ronnie not put a foot.wrong for two frames.[Applause].that to keep mark so be in his seat even.if ronnie misses this red.i'm waiting for the nod and there it is.absolutely.incredible as like the first semi-final.we're down to a last frame shootout.we're all square six free frames each.a cracking day stroke night of snooker.john.unbelievable days play from the first.semi-final which was just.one of the best frames ever seen and.witnessed to the crucible to 16.all and how he's turned this round from.looking like he wanted the exit door.the last two frames have been.unbelievable him at his absolute best.and mark selby's brain must be scrambled.i don't care who he is he must be.sitting there thinking what has gone on.here.because he looked like he had his man.looked like he had him beat and he's.just produced.two brilliant frames well the boys in.commentary used that word shell shotgun.yeah i mean we're shell shocked here.you know because the complete.transformation uh whatever he said to.himself in the dressing room when he.went there.with 16 14. uh it certainly worked.because he's come out.you know i mean those last two frames.couldn't get any better i mean the.opening red.uh in even in this last frame was just.ridiculous i mean have a look at this.tie it under the ball caution wow he.couldn't have killed it any better and.he.you know it's just uh celebrity sitting.in a chair saying what do i have to do.against this guy because i had him.he had him you know and it didn't it.wasn't like he let him off the hook it's.just running he's just come out.completely for an incredible snooker.i mean what would you pick in the last.frame i mean does he carry on in the.same vein i mean.you'd be frightened to death today but.also john as ken says how many opponents.throughout ronia sullivan's career have.found themselves in that position.where you say what more can i do well.what more can you do i've never seen.i've never seen a match like this with.ronnie you've seen them.play bizarre shots but in the semi-final.of a world champion i don't think we've.ever seen.the likes of this ever on a semi-final.day.and uh you know if i was in mark selby's.shoes.i'd just try and wait for a chance uh.but you know you might not get it you.might be sitting in your chair he's been.sitting in a chair for the last two.two frames and hadn't hit a ball yeah so.it's very hard to play against but he's.pulled it out of the bag so far.and john just whilst we're on that.picture of ronnie o'sullivan apologies.for those people who heard this at the.beginning of the tournament i said that.i've had the.honor and the privilege of being at some.of the world's biggest sporting events.but watching this fella.in this type of mood is up there with.world cup finals.six nations matches some of the greatest.end to sporting matches i've ever seen.watching him in full flow is like that.well tiger woods at his absolute best.you know which you know the absolute.pinnacles and icons and as the two.players touch elbows.in for a final frame all you want is a.chance.will you get one here we go enjoy it.ronnie o'sullivan gets the final frame.of this semi-final.underway.i'm gonna say dennis any predictions.because i haven't got a single clue.what's going to happen in this frame.after what's going on today the only.thing i can say is with the red going.next to the black.it's not going to be an open frame just.yet.selby you would think we're hoping for a.more tactical frame.but this kind of shot choices ronnie's.coming out with he might not be allowed.he might not be able to get his way.ronnie seems determined to just shake.things up.and straight away opens the black up.didn't matter about the snooker it was.all about just clearing the black.spot area there it was always going to.be an easy.escape.this is lovely if you're karen wilson.isn't it he's already through the final.he says having a couple of beers just.sit back and watch these two.suffer a decider and he's already in the.final.i said don't blame karen for having a.few beers after that semi-final that was.one of the greatest frames of snooker.that i've.ever witnessed at the crucible.has he gone too hard or has he covered.this it's got the cover.um.[Music].so.we've had three final frame.deciders in matches semi-final of the.2007 uk.championship ronnie won that 9 8..finally the welsh 2008.mark said we won that 9 8 and the final.of the masters.2010 mark won that in the deciding frame.ten nine.they've had some unbelievable matches.down the years.um.looks to be a straightforward safety.shot on the right side of the table.just concerned about pushing a red.towards the left corner but.you just play the shot as you see it.make sure you get a good cue ball.well seems to be normal service resumed.for this deciding frame i was half.expecting them to.try and put the red down the cushion.there three frames ago we would have had.a go at that.whoever wins this deciding frame.will be able to have a lie in in the.morning before.they commence the final it starts at 1.30.but who's going to be in that final with.kyron wilson.fascinating to find out.we've gone seven minutes now without a.ball being potted to run our sullivan.made.that century break in seven minutes.as mark left the first opportunity he.has.needs good cueing long straight pot.and it is one good straight queuing.beautiful shot.a little stun across for the red it's on.the black cushion and.if he gets a good angle in the black the.see the two reds at the back of the.point just through the gap.there they can get the cue ball through.that gap.well they'll just split beautifully.didn't want to catch the red in the way.past but he's still okay.hey.you see the two reds closest to the.black the back of the bunch.you can get it through that gap.oh no i think it was only because that.was dead weight but i don't think that.was good in that red.it's too much angle to find that gap.here.but i think that'll do nicely.i mean the cue ball actually had right.hand side in it.but this didn't look in.hmm 17. well gone by the two previous.frames.it's not looking good for mark selby.gone a little awkward here.i thought he was going to be nicely on.his next red but.the cannon has just left things slightly.awkward.just an inch either way and he was.perfect there.that's a good recovery shot that's a.fabulous recovery shot.and what a chance he's given himself.here.he's had breaks of 138 and 71.to level the scores mark selby.hasn't had a chance.in the last two frames and a bit.28.well it looks a bit tight.29.well there must have been.well a lot of people watching the frames.before these last.two and a half i thought questioned.ronnie's.desire and commitment to win this match.the shots he was playing.33.i can't question it no.40.41 there's not another player in the.game could have.produced this sort of performance.48 mark has beaten ronnie.on two occasions at the crucible.49..well it's just unbelievable mark said he.hasn't.had his chance in the last three frames.that's the thing to do to do this to.zero these last three frames the way.he's done it.he's just found a gear from somewhere.it's a top gear he's found that's for.sure.64. one long straight pot.up past the green into the corner.no no would you believe it.would you believe it ronnie o'sullivan.away from a place in the final.well after what we've seen in the first.semi-final today anything's possible.but mark selby was to somehow.do this wow.no i would have seen everything today.i'll tell you.frozen out for two and a half frames.this would be the clearance of his life.eight.9..a couple of reds are just a little.awkward.and he was two pots away from getting.into the final there.17 and a very key shot coming up if he.pots the pink.leaves an angle on that red to the left.of it he can bring.the difficult red into play.now he's got the perfect angle but the.only problem.is we show you that pink wobble 23. when.you move a red from.potting a red you need the white to come.away from the cushion.he's got the double kiss not too bad but.there's an awful lot of pressure on this.black.oh this is.a horrible shot.drop this black in well that's why vicky.there i mean.she's watched all her husbands great.wins here but nothing quite like this.right in the middle of the pocket.30..just planning his route to get to that.difficult red to the left of the yellow.yeah i think i'd.probably try and come around the back of.the black of two cushions.play the black into the left corner.if you go a little bit too far you've.got pink to left middle.and that's where we'd love to get the.cue ball in a couple of shots time.just about 12 to 18 inches from the red.31..well i think he's okay i think he can.reach the green and get over behind that.red.might be a bit of a stretch he's coming.around to have a look at the blue.the greens are much easier pot.let's back to the green.wow the tension even though there's no.one in the crucible.there's quite something do you play.two cushions in behind the red.one cushion he's gone the two cushions.but he's not played it well.he's got into the cue ball too much.let's end a break.34..30 points the difference.ronnie just needs the red.mark needs the lot.marks i'll be 34..[Applause].just be playing this dead weight.just to land on the red.the best he could do he might be in.trouble here.she can get thin enough ronnie.as he looks at the table there he knows.he might be in behind the black.oh he's gonna count on the black.still a good safety though.oh that's a useful nudge on the yellow.if the red keeps running that is.that's just you just can't believe how.both semi-finals.have finished today the tension.incredible.brilliant here's granite.what about this for an outcome a hit and.hope.and i'll tell you what what an outcome.he's had there.he just was relying on a bit of good.fortune.and has he had good fortune.outrageous.it says outrageous.this would be some shot here.coming off the side cushion and he's.trying to kick the red from behind.if anybody could pull it off it's mark.selby.that is absolute genius.what a shot and ronnie.tapping the table you won't see a better.shot than that.calling all pockets here though.no restraint.oh wow this is just unbelievable.absolutely unbelievable.what next dennis well.i've never enjoyed a dead snooker like.it i watched the other semi-final.last session back at the hotel i was.on the edge of the sofa and now.to commentate on this it's just doesn't.get any better this is incredible stuff.you can't play this square but the.danger if you get a little double kiss.you can just leave the red over the.middle pocket.or the cue ball can hit the left hand.side of the red as he looks and catch.the jaw of the middle pocket.and come back so this is not easy for.mark selby.that was the problem there.but what a tough red up into the corner.pocket.it's frame and match ball.it's there it's there an absolutely.incredible.pressure pot and that.you would feel we'll get them into the.final what a match.these two players have provided.not quite over just yet three.but it won't be long you feel.fine every credit to mark selby.when he led 16-14.there looked to be only one winner but.at the time i said ronnie o'sullivan.come out and win.three frames in a matter of half an hour.he had a 138 clearance.then he had a 70 odd break.and this is the first time that he's.beaten mark selby at the crucible.theater.what an absolute semi-final.this has been great great champions.mark congratulates ronnie an.unbelievable comeback from the rock at.ronnie o'sullivan.and somehow he's got himself into.tomorrow's final.beating the three times former champion.on a deciding frame.17 frames to 16. unbelievable.what a comeback from 1614 yeah.to be honest after three days i've just.been trying to look for a cue action.where i can hit the ball.sort of straight half straight you know.i mean it was just like.it's like a goal for just being in a.rough every time off the team you just.gotta like chip it out.chip on the greens try and find.something from somewhere and i've been.trying to do that for like.i know like 15 days now and it's just it.gets tiring in the end because you know.you just want to just be able to.just find a little slot where you can.just strike the ball and.you know you know which slide in nicely.but me it's.like a see-saw you know it's like it's.going all over the gaffin and then i'm.watching him queue up and he's just got.the perfect setup the perfect stance.he's locked in.rock solid done a lot he's going to miss.and i'm like i'm having to play that for.three days so i just i just tried to.make the score look respectable because.you know um i was just you know you you.can see by some of my play it was.it wasn't great you know but it was a.tremendous position to come back from.we're used to seeing him as the comeback.king but this was your turn to do it to.him.yeah well i started standing i started.getting my left hip a little bit nearer.the table so it kind of felt me a little.bit.more engaged with the table so i thought.there's no point looking for a cue.action now at 16 14.you're a million so i thought just.trying to stand a little bit closer to.the table and that.that kind of helped my timing out a.little bit i was still hitting them fat.thick.and and cutting across it and scooping.it but i just thought you know as long.as i'm getting a decent connection then.i've you know i've got half a chance of.the ball going in the hole you know so.um but yeah it was.just all that i got lucky really i.suppose.well some luck but i mean you played so.well in those last few frames how.satisfying to beat the man who denied.you.the sixth title in 2014. to be honest.i'm just more interested in the q action.you know i'm looking at the q action i'm.thinking.you if you can get a q action and you've.got half a chance you know like whoever.you play you know um.and even if i did have a good correction.then you know it'd still be a tough.match against mark because you know you.just drive him to play better i think i.can't.just dragged him down really to be.honest here to my level.um so yeah i think i think like all.players be the same like all.golfers and snooker players are the same.we just want to find the perfect swing.the perfect action.and if you've got that then you know you.just enjoy playing.but when you ain't got a good action.mate it's it's proper tough grasp.but how much are you now relishing being.back.in the world championship final it's the.ultimate match.no like i said it all goes back to the.cue action if you can find that little.slot where you're.you're curing the ball nicely and you're.going through the middle you know that.snooker you know all this sort of world.championships and all that.to me it's it's you know you ask any.snooker player any any golfer they'll.say the same you know.it's all about the action if you've got.a decent action then you you didn't.enjoy playing in the basement somewhere.on your own you know it's just it's just.a beautiful game played beautifully but.when it's not being played beautifully.it's a nightmare but snooker's about.great stories as well and this is your.chance.to join the q actions you know i mean.i'm not buying into these stories and.world titles and it's all about i'm into.cue actions you know i bought joe davis.book and i started reading it and if you.want to go and read it yourself he'll.tell you.it's all about the cue action and he's.the father of snooker.as far as i'm concerned he talks the.same language as me and i just.i need to get a correction from.somewhere i mean i might go on amazon.late and see if.bezos can deliver me one tomorrow.they're quite good on their uh.their asap on their delivery isn't they.yeah maybe not quite that quick just.finally will you enjoy it do you think.tomorrow well if i can find a cue action.from somewhere then.then i'm gonna love it but if i can't.find a cue action it's just gonna be.like.more like in the fairway chip hat see.what you can do you know it's all about.the cure action mate you know um.everything comes correction first and.everything else is just a bonus.well even if you're not quite looking.forward to it we are well done tonight.sure you'll enjoy.you.

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CocoSign is a browser based application and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the best method to e-sign their Sf 33 Form .

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Most likely, the one you can afford, with the best schools (if you have kids), closest to your work (to minimize the commute). Just avoid the known high-crime areas, which can be counted in one hand. Some areas have more of a city-life than others; however, distances are short and you can easily reach these areas anywhere you live.

What is a standard form 26?

You may have meant x 2 −2x+ y 2 −6y−26=0 x2−2x+y2−6y−26=0 . Now complete both squares and write ( x 2 −2x+1)+( y 2 −6y+9)−26=1+9 (x2−2x+1)+(y2−6y+9)−26=1+9 and then (x−1 ) 2 +(y−3 ) 2 =36 (x−1)2+(y−3)2=36 .

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