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The Implementation Guide for Instructions Form Ds 3013 2003

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youtube video

Guide of Instructions Form Ds 3013 2003

hi everyone this is Brit sign.so I want to talk.about this new form which is the ds5.five or four zero this form is being.used already to give to interview.selectees interviewed selectees for them.to fill out after the interview now you.can actually take this to the interview.and you can have it pre filled out in in.readiness and I suggest you actually do.that so you can go ahead and and get.this form from there from the website.here that I'm showing and you'll be able.to download and and complete that form.but I need to explain a little bit about.two things like number one what's this.new form about and number two how to.fill out the form if I try and tackle.both those subjects in one video it's.going to be a very long video and so I.think I'm going to break this down into.the two parts this video is going to be.going through the form itself I won't.give an awful lot of explanation as to.the finite details of the form and how.it's used etc I'll do that in a separate.separate video but I may touch on some.of the aspects of the form as I go.through but so let me let me go through.this form with you and help you at least.with the completion of this form if.you've already been asked to provide.this form at a consular interview so.firstly for applicants who are going.through a adjustments or status process.they will find that they're being asked.to complete a different form to this the.i-94 for and so that I nine four four.four form takes the place of this form.ds5 five four zero four.you know for adjustment of status so if.you're doing a Dressman the status you.need a different form i-94 for if you're.interviewing at an embassy outside of.the USA then you're doing consular.processing and you'll fill in this form.ds5 five four zero and I think we're.gonna see more and more we're gonna see.this form being used it may not be it be.used by every embassy immediately but it.could be every embassy could ask.applicants to fill this form out and if.they ask you at the interview to fill.this form out he's off obviously there's.going to be a delay while you fill the.form out and return it to them and they.and they assess the form and so by going.to the interview with this pre filled.out you're gonna save yourself some time.so I suggest you do that right so we're.in the form I'm going to go through each.section here so obviously your family.name given name and middle name.now I've explained names before the.family name or last name is the same as.the surname so if you if you're Elvis.Presley Elvis is your first name or.given name and Presley is your family.name in the USA and some other countries.many other countries.everybody in the family would share that.that name so you'd have Elvis Presley.and you know mrs. Jane presently and the.kids would be Johnny Presley and Mary.presbury or whatever but everybody would.have that family name right and in some.countries I know that's different but.this is your family name or last name or.surname all three of those terms mean.the same thing alright your given name.is your first name that's how people.know you generally and your middle name.is is the names in between the given.name and the last name right is any.other names you have you may have more.than one you may have multiple middle.names right so fit in what you can fit.in if there's not enough space then you.can omit the the name at this point.the other parts of the name date of.birth you fill this in a month my.month/day/year format right which is the.American way of filling out dates so.month date year make sure you get that.right please.then simple question have you been to.the United States before if you haven't.been to the United States before then.things are going to be a bit easier.throughout the form but if you have you.know fill that in obviously this form.like every other form you've got to be.extremely honest and transparent in your.answers.you must not you know there I mean it's.just a very simple question and you.answer it honestly and all the questions.are going to be like that simple.questions that you ask to answer.honestly.okay so choose your correct answer for.that have you been to the US before.doesn't say how doesn't say doesn't ask.anything about pleaser at this point.doesn't ask anything it's just a simple.have you been to the United States.before then the next question part two.is about health care coverage no this is.really interesting the requirement for.new immigrants to have health care.coverage is enjoined at the moment is.it's been blocked by by a court and so.in a sense they shouldn't be asking.anything about this but that.nevertheless the form has it included.right so you can't complain if how about.the fact that it's enjoined.right now to the CEO really what you've.got to do is just go ahead and fill this.information in you're you're not in a.position where you have many rights at.this point you know the application for.a green card is a privilege it's not a.right you don't have the right to a.green card and you're not in the United.States so you have limited sort of.rights if you like in terms of you know.what you can and can't do and and they.can ask you to fill in a piece of paper.that doesn't mean that they can at the.moment they can't judge a case solely on.the health insurance but it could be.that that block by the court could be.removed at any time and so you need to.think carefully and.answer this section correctly so that if.that healthcare insurance requirement.becomes effective then your answers on.here won't catch you out right so do you.currently have health insurance coverage.in the USA for the vast majority of you.that will be and no right if you were to.answer yes they you would be expected to.put the insurance policy and attach that.to the form right so most of you without.exception are going to be saying no you.don't have insurance it would be quite.weird why would you have health.insurance in the USA if you don't live.there so you say no typically and then.this question it is important will you.be covered by health insurance in the.USA within 30 days of your entry to the.United States as I mentioned earlier.realistically that this answer shouldn't.matter but it does in case that.requirement becomes important so I.strongly suggest you you accept your.responsibility and you commit to taking.insurance within 30 days and click the.form yes this is a promise you're making.you're promising to get insurance within.30 days now everyone knows that plans.can change but you must you must take on.this responsibility with you know with.the right frame of mind right don't just.click yes planning to to not do that.right you should plan to do that you.should have a realistic plan to obtain.health insurance right and then if you.answer yes identify the specific health.insurance plan and date coverage will.begin okay so you need to give them some.specifics you don't have to the date.will be you could put date of entry you.know to be defer to be determined or.date of entry will cover the date but.the specific health health insurance.plan they're really asking if you've.done any research and trying to make.sure that you understand how expensive.health insurance is in this country so.you could go through an exchange.and obtain health insurance that way but.those policies are quite expensive for a.new immigrant and realistically until.you're earning local wages you've got.the right amount of wages to pay for.these new expenses you're probably going.to be flabbergasted at the the cost of a.health plan in this country to give you.an idea I think I've probably mentioned.this on on my videos before my own.health insurance cost my company twenty.four thousand dollars a year of which I.pay a few hundred dollars per month out.of my pocket and that the health.insurance policy covers myself and my.wife and daughter right my family so.it's expensive to have health insurance.here that's that's certain now there is.a link on my website and I'll put the up.at the link down below where I've.described health insurance for new.immigrants and I have a connection I'm.an affiliate of a company that provides.health insurance this is a company that.I've gone to before and they have you.know pretty good policies and I would.suggest you have a look at these.policies and possibly you know obtain.one of these policies when you come to.the States is really your choice you do.what you want doesn't really matter to.me one way or the other.my you know I get a very very small.Commission you know on each policy but.it's a couple of bucks I mean it's not.it's nothing nothing significant so I'm.not telling you to buy these policies.because I'm an affiliate but you know by.all means you you know you can look at.these policies and see if you can get.something better but these are pretty.good so when you come into this website.come to this section it says insurance.plan plans always go into the immigrant.insurance because that's what you're.going to need to look at and you can.answer a few questions and I prefer the.comprehensive plans but you can see all.of them if I show you the Patra at.America plan for example.each of the plans here that this is one.plan this is another plan different.providers visitors coverage are like a.broker so they can offer different types.of plans with different providers and so.if they have a number of suggested plans.here each of them have slight sort of.difficulties in terms of who they cover.so for example this first plan which is.a very good plan I know of this plan is.not available to citizens of Botswana.Gambia Ghana and I know John Nigeria and.Sierra Leone okay so that will affect.some people so there are other plans I.saw one earlier that is also a pretty.good plan this diplomat American plan.but it's not available to citizens of.Australia and Iran.okay so you could you'll need to bear.that in mind you know if you were from.Australia in a run you can choose this.one but you could choose the first and.if you were from these countries you.couldn't choose this first one but you.could choose the last one that appears.there the diplomat America and there are.some other ones some of them are not.available in certain states and clearly.you need to be careful of those if.you're going to those states again.another plan here for that has.exclusions by country same thing here.not available for following destination.countries Antartica cubic around amazing.so but it's not available for for people.who are going to live in these days you.can see here so you can look at this and.go through and figure out which sort of.plan you would plan to get go through.the process and and get a quote from.here and screen print the quotes that.you get you don't have to buy the policy.you just are going to screen print the.put quote so that you can then take to.the interview with you the ds5 five four.zero and you can show that you've done.some basic research on some temporary.cover path plans these plans are.designer designed to bridge the gap.between when you arrive.new immigrant and when you get proper.health care which is an ACA type health.care or Obamacare type health care plan.available from the exchanges so it's a.sort of a something to use temporarily.for a month or two months or three.months until you get onto a more.effective plan okay so these plans will.keep you protected in a disaster.scenario but they're not great for.everyday medical expenses and everyday.treatments such as just going to the.doctor and getting you know we're.getting your prescriptions okay so get.something more effective for that as.soon as you can but obviously you'll.need to have a job by that time and.you'll need to be earning and quite.often when you take employment those.those jobs come with healthcare plans.okay so back to the form so I'm.suggesting then you go through that.website that I just showed you and list.here the name of the specific health.insurance plan so for example you would.say patriot america plus and you would.say you know petrol to america class.date date to be decided you know within.the 30 days of entry right so that would.satisfy the requirement and you're.showing that you have a sensible plan.that you've done some investigation okay.moving on in the form part through your.household site you're listing all of the.people in your household right and these.are the people that you know your.derivatives your dependents and you know.whether that person's working or not you.might have a working age child as that's.moving with you et cetera but the the.household so this is one form per per.household effectively the household.meaning typically a family unity of.husband and wife and the children can.all be added on this on this part here.right so this is the the first person is.you relationship to you is self the next.person would be your spouse relationship.to you is your spouse or wife or husband.whatever.you put there and then children there's.only space for three children there's.probably going to be an ability to.attach some additional children on a.separate piece of paper if you need to.do that and you would just extend the.form for that so go through that section.put in the age of the person.relationship current job is there.working the they won't be citizens.obviously we're talking about new.immigrants are you it but no on that.typically attract you might have a.citizen child say yes if that's the case.and then something about whether that.person is already in the US and.receiving public benefit okay so answer.these questions honestly right then it.talks about the form talks about your.assets resources from financial status.so for their each year so for 2019 let's.say did you file a federal tax return.know is probably going to be your answer.gross income in u.s. dollars so for 2019.whatever is your income for 2018.whatever is your income go backwards.that way right and it's asking for all.of those in the last three years and if.you're submitting it for the last three.years.you you're listing just the federal tax.returns essentially this is about a.federal tax return you can put your you.can say federal tax year and list the.income but no you didn't file a return.that's okay if you were not in the in.the states now if you were in the States.and you had federal you had a you had.income in the States and you didn't file.a federal to turn tax return that that.in itself would be a problem so they you.know one of the deals is as an immigrant.you have to file your federal tax.returns once you come here is a new.immigrant but clearly they want to know.you've played by the rules if you've.lived in the USA and you were on you.know you were on some sort of job that.required you to fill.a federal tax return that you have done.that right so so you know that's what.this section is trying to get to so list.out the years and list out your income.and transfer that to dollars so if you.earned money abroad in your home country.still list out the years and show the.income that you had but obviously it's.not going to be anything like the income.that you would have in the USA so then.question 7 here is did you work in the.USA for the last three years but did not.file a federal tax return okay that's.that's a landmine that questions you.know if you say yes then they're asking.for an explanation excuse me.so please be clear I mean you you have.to tell the truth so please be clear and.truthful in this answer but understand.that if you if you did work in the USA.but you did not file a tax return yeah.you may run into problems okay so your.current yearly compensation in u.s..dollars this is section 8 now just.detail whatever that is if you're.unemployed then you would put nil right.if you are a business owner then you.would put your your income that you.drive from the business and so on you so.whatever the the income is transfer that.into a US dollar amount and put that in.section 8 a in 8 B if you currently have.a job awaiting your arrival in the USA.who is the employer and what's the.yearly compensation in US dollars.okay so again be careful with this.question don't lie for goodness sake if.you have a job offer waiting for you.because you've got some sort of contacts.in the USA and it's really truly what.you're planning to do then yes list it.here but don't list because you've got.some friend who says oh just put down.you're gonna work for me and I'll pay.you 50,000 a year or whatever don't.don't do that.you know if unless unless this is a.solid real job offer.and don't get into a lie because.whatever you write down here they're.free to question you about later and and.even now and if you are just lying on.the form to try and get through the.interview they're going to catch you out.all right so don't dig a big mess with.lying on these forms please okay.question eight see list below any income.not listed above that you will continue.to receive after your arrival in the USA.for example rent stock dividends foreign.pension child support okay child support.is going to be you know possibly.something you'll continue to receive if.you have let's say you're a web designer.and you maintain web you know websites.for other people you may continue to.receive that income after you've arrived.in the USA it could be things like that.stock income rental income if you have.if you own a property and you're going.to rent that out list it there okay.that's that's all you know the sort of.thing that they might want to know about.but again don't make stuff up don't lie.make sure that you have that you're.prepared to provide evidence if asked.about that okay and then you can put the.types of income here this this 8c this.types of income as far as I can see is.to do with that so type of income would.be you know rent income two thousand a.month whatever it is do you receive it.monthly or annually you know and you'd.put that down there.this section number nine is assets.available to you so cash assets are.checking and savings accounts and then.non-cash assets includes equity and real.estate annuities securities etc list all.of those down here if you have any of.those assets you may for example you you.could if you own your cars you know you.could list your cars I mean they're not.really an asset but they may be.something that are valuable enough that.if.sell it may help you with your expenses.moving to the USA if you own gold you.know there are some countries around the.round the world where people like to.invest in gold okay lift that out and.and have a valuation available for that.you can go through that process as well.if you want but again like I said before.don't lie about anything here don't try.and make things seem better than their.you know be honest here alright and then.list your liabilities and/or debts in.the table below.again a full listing of liabilities you.have loans you may have outstanding.things that you plan to pay off when you.emigrate if you have listed a property.an asset is a property and you have a.mortgage that would be down here right.the liability or the debt would be the.mortgage so let's say you've got a.property worth and $200,000 but you've.got a mortgage or $100,000 you're going.to have a property here location in the.asset will be the address or at least.the town or city and then the amount of.the value would be 200,000 here and then.down here would be movie 2 on the.property which you refer to by the.location property in you know whatever.location that is and you've got a.hundred thousand mortgage whatever.whatever that might be.okay so then so then there's a section.here on whether you've received public.benefits or not.okay so I've created a video previously.about this there has been an expansion.of what is considered to be a public.benefit or a public assistance and so.they've actually listed out here the.things that that they care about so you.can read this and see if you've ever.received any of these things right now.if you've never been in the USA this is.a no-brainer you you could say you know.you could answer this question say no.you haven't had any of those no been in.the US so you couldn't have used any of.these any of these public benefits right.pretty easy if you've never been to.USA if you have been to the USA and you.and you have used any of these types of.benefits then you need to list that out.right so and it says here have you or.any of the individuals applying with you.covered by this form requested or.received public benefits requested or.received right so you asked for a.benefit or you received the benefit and.you know so let's start out right again.honesty is important here and and you.asked for that benefit from a US federal.state or tribal government entity on or.after February 24 2020 so if you were.here in 2018 and you used used public.you know the Supplemental Nutrition.Assistance Program snap which is food.stamps I think so yeah that's food.stamps so if you used food stamps if it.was in the past before February 24 2020.you don't need to list it you don't have.to say yes to that if on the other hand.you've been here since February 24 2020.and you're looking at this later then.you would list out what you received so.this is this is only applying from.February 24 2020 onwards all right if.you happen to be you know most oh here.we are I'm talking about this in.February of 2020 is extremely unlikely.that any of you are having your.interview outside of the USA and have.public benefit assistance in the USA.since the date of this new policy right.so almost all of you will be able to.click no in this in this box here but as.time goes on that that obviously is.going to get a little bit different.right so if you're listening to this.video in 2022 you know the policy is.already been in place for a couple of.years you know maybe you need to list.something out.and the the policy states as an.accumulation of months of using a.particular benefit each month on each.type of benefit benefit adds towards a.12-month in 36 months target or limit so.if you had two or three different types.of benefits all at the same time all for.six months then you might have.accumulated let's say 18 months use of.the benefit let's say the three benefits.within six months each.that's 18 months used for the benefit.that means you will have fallen foul of.this regulation but that means this.needs to have been after February 24.2020 all right so you know as we sit.today that shouldn't be an issue for any.of you all right so so most of you will.be able to click no if you click yes if.yes is the honest answer then you need.to fill out those those sections here.again section question 12 is the same.thing if you or the family received a.public benefit where you or your family.members exempt from public charge during.that period that means if you're a.refugee of searching essentially so.click that there and the explanation you.know yes you were exempt because you.were a refugee a refugee in this country.not a refugee in some other country from.a third country that means the refugee.accepted by the USA and living in the.USA so that's what that means and then.are you likely to request any of the.benefits described in question 11 in the.future from any government state well.you need to come to the USA if you're if.you're an immigrant these days and you.can see how the political climate is.changing and if Trump stays around you.know you need to come with your eyes.open wide you need to be able to pay for.your own expenses and you know America.is a land of opportunity but it's not a.land of you know sort of public handouts.those handouts are are paid for by.taxpayers people who are already here.paying tax they come from what's called.the public purse meaning that come from.public money public money meaning.taxpayers right so why should Americans.living here pay for you know food stamps.or whatever other public assistance.programs for you as a new immigrant they.shouldn't and you know I'm sorry but.that's just not the hey how America.works and you know you need to know that.so you need to come here with a plan to.be self-supporting and if you need money.you get extra jobs right you get it you.do additional work there are plenty of.opportunities here so you know you could.you you have to come with that mindset.all right do not move to an area where.you can't find employment you know come.here with a realistic mindset of what.jobs are gonna do and how much money.you're going to learn from those jobs.and be prepared to pay for your expenses.if you have a family you need to be able.to cover the expenses of the family and.sometimes that might mean taking a.second or even a third job and working.extremely hard and that is how.immigrants have made it in the USA for.you know probably a hundred years so you.know it's a new immigrants have a tough.a tough beginning and the promise is not.one of an easy life the promise is one.of opportunity to be able to get a.better life from wherever you are but.the the opportunity comes with the.responsibility on yourself to actually.make your own way okay so when you're.filling in this form if you say are you.likely to request or receive and you.click yes here you'll be causing.yourself a problem and you should be.able to click no because you honestly.have a plan to come here and and not.accept public assistance okay that.should be your plan right so I'm the.world's most understanding person to to.a new immigrants.I know how hard it is I you know I would.happily help new immigrants etc but new.immigrants have to come here with the.idea of helping themselves right so you.know that's that's just the way it is.have you ever received a fee waiver when.applying for immigration benefit from.USCIS again that's a very particular.question if it's true for you you will.know it and it generally won't be true.for you so almost all of you will click.no if you have had a waiver a fee waiver.then you would list it here right okay.now they're going to ask some questions.about your your education and skills.have you graduated high school or earned.a high school equivalent diploma again.this is based on the person filling in.the form.this should be the principal selectee.filling in the form and for on the.behalf of the derivatives if you're a.DVD lottery candidate that's where we'll.work right and you know for other types.of immigrants the roles will be slightly.different but one person is going to.fill in the form on behalf of all of the.people on the form and so this is really.about you and your skills your education.your skills so have you had a high.school have you graduated high school or.and high school equivalent diploma if.you're in the DV lottery you should all.be able to list you know yes if your.listing no is because you're qualified.by it by work experience so you can list.no here if that's the accurate answer.and then if you just know you give the.highest grade completed etc if you.answer yes you might also add here that.you've got a Bachelor of Science you.know or master's or whatever it is you.can put that in here as well do you have.any occupational skills if yes you would.provide the information below right this.is the occupational section here 16 a.and B so this would be things like.plumbing.trician car mechanics perhaps you've got.a certificate that allows you to do.those things it could also be things.like Microsoft certified networking.certificate any of those things that.help and if they're not certifications.they might be licenses a licensed.meaning like a medical practitioners.license doctor or a pilot's license or a.CPA license if you're an accountant you.know those sort of things so licenses.would be in here and occupational skills.you know again if you've got or not as.some sort of skilled employment you.would list that here and you would say.what sort of skill sets you have who.issued the license if there was a.license license number and renewal date.etc so list out you know a couple of.those don't go crazy with these you.don't have to list every single you know.time that you got a hundred meters.swimming badge when you're a kid we're.talking about you know the important.critical licenses or certifications you.have for your occupation for the work.that you intend to do in the USA right.and the fit all what you've done now.okay so answer those sixteen AP and see.the same question just answer those then.did you use a translator so if somebody.helped you translate this for this form.you would give their details here and a.preparer same thing if somebody helps.you complete the form you would give.their details now my video here doesn't.you know is probably helping you prepare.the form but I'm not the preparer right.you're you're the person is preparing.your own form or you've had help where.somebody else is physically typed in or.written in the information here okay.additional information and it makes the.point here if further space is required.attach traditional sheets right so if.you have and I mentioned this earlier if.you have more children than there are.space to list here attach a different.dish an additional seed.sheet and say part three and make sure.you give the same columns the same.pieces of data that they're looking for.for the additional children right so go.through and do that so that's what that.question is or that's what that part.eighth note is about and then sign the.form print your name so you sign here.with your signature you print the name.so that's the full name printed meaning.you know written out clearly so that.someone can read it as opposed to a.signature which often is illegible and.the date and again put the data in.American format month year month day.year all right.so that's it for the form that's how you.fill the form out there's a significant.amount of information we need to discuss.about why this form is being introduced.and what it means but at least for.filling out the form that I hope will.help you go through the form and take.away some of the fear of filling in the.form.there is by the way all the forms have.this information so whether you fill in.the ds2 60 or the I 134 or whatever form.it is they always have something like.this so it's got a Control Number which.is a Control Number about the form not.about you nothing to do with you and the.expires date again is about the form.it's nothing to do with you or your.cases about the form itself so this.particular form expires 831 2020 that.means that they should introduce a new.version of the form by that time right.and they may make changes to the form.they may have a new version of the form.but they're supposed to review it this.year in 2020 the estimated burden on.these forms is how long you're expected.to have to spend to fit in this form in.this case the burden is four and a half.four and a half hours it's quite a lot.so you know they are acknowledging that.it's an expensive form in terms of your.time to fit in here it's a complicated.form yes but if you go through step by.step question by question as I've shown.here really you should be able to get.this one completed within a reasonable.amount of time and certainly less than.that four and a half hours if you just.go through calmly and just answer every.question truthfully really how hard.could that be so go ahead and do that.but don't worry about these bits of data.at the top it's not really is nothing to.do with you and it doesn't matter.whether you spend more time or less time.in terms of the estimated burden that's.just an assessment of how long they.think it's going to take they're.required to they're required to justify.the amount of the burden of documentary.you know process they in for some people.and so they're having to justify why.they're asking you to spend four and a.half hours on filling in this form and.that's why they've got the burden.estimated there it may change in later.versions okay so that's the form I hope.that was helpful please go through that.be careful with that I'm expecting as I.say I expect people to be asked for this.for more and more I do expect people to.also be asked for the i13 for still so.you are not DV cases do not subdue not.fit in the i-864 but they can fit in the.ia one the I 1 3 4 which is a form it's.and it's the older version of the.affidavit of support it really shows.that someone in America who is prepared.to help you with your initial expenses.and your difficulties in in arriving.with America to America it's a form.filled out by a supporter in America and.so that form is still going to be used.even though this form covers the.financial aspects of your own setup but.clearly if you've come from Ethiopia.where you know that say wages are a lot.lower than they are in the USA your.numbers are not going to be that.impressive and you may not have gained.very much in terms of savings so you may.need someone in the USA to.help you with the initial expenses and.so you know you you should also be.preparing that form so I'm suggesting.you go to the interview with the i13 for.prepared and this ds5 five four zero.this new form go to the to the interview.with that already okay alright well that.covers it please look out for the other.video about this topic which will be.describing the the thinking behind this.form and the way that they will that.they will assess this form and what the.CEOs will do with it so have a look out.for that one I'll be publishing that one.within a day or two so you can look for.that as well and I'll put the link when.I've done that I'll link in in the.description below to that other video so.that these two are sort of part 1 and.part 2 is the same topic all right okay.bye bye now.

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Instructions Form Ds 3013 2003 FAQs

Here are the answers to some common misunderstandings regarding Instructions Form Ds 3013 2003 . Let us know if you have any other doubt.

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Is it okay to pay visa fees before filling out the DS-160 form?

No you can’t make visa fee before submitting the DS-160, because once you submit the DS-160 form, it send a email to you with submission confirmation number which is important to synch the payments under your application. Bother how will they ever know who paid for which application.

What's the best way to get users to read a set of instructions for filling out a form?

Short of sitting on their heads until they recite them back at you, there is no way to guarantee that users to read any instructions, ever. Therefore the best solution is the one that requires the least reading on the part of the user.

During a B1/B2 visa interview, I was asked to fill out the DS-5535 form introduced recently and was told to send it back by email. The interviewer gave me back my passport (needed to fill the form). What experience have people had with this form?

It is a little bit on the privacy invasive side but nobody is forcing anyone to fill it out. If your visit to the US is important and you have nothing to hide, you just have to fill it out. If not, you chose not to travel to the USA.

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