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How to avail yourself of The Form 3665 2016 2019 ?

[Music].so.let's go this line by line what's very.important is the principal business.activity what are you what do you do.you know what this case is a full.restaurant what product in here we put.restaurant but in reality.you want to put what you did is italian.restaurant mexican restaurant.um indian restaurant whatever that is.the business code for restaurants it's.this you know you usually find that.uh in instructions for the u.s.partnership uh income 1065.have a listing of all the different.codes this is.equals to your naics code.you see that a lot you know popping up.you need of course your employee.identification number.when you started the business you know.this one started very.promptly on one one and then your assets.now.this amount is going to come up from.another page from the 1065.so i'm just going to ignore it for now.on the top you will notice this calendar.year 2018.uh 2019 or tax beginning.this part is for fiscal years.a fiscal year can have a different.beginning and ending.and those are very rare in partnerships.because most.partnerships require that you use.the shareholders or the partners tax.year.and individuals are all calendar years.right so.the only time you're gonna have.something in this.area on a partnership it usually is.going to be.the initial return.when you start in the middle of the year.so this can have for example.february 2nd 2019 to 12 31.2019 that will be the only time that.you'll see.a short year being specified here.because that's when you started the.partnership.so in this case it's not there because.they.say it started around 1-1 so it's the.entire year so there's no.need to specify anything else.applicable boxes initial return or final.return that's also this is how you.terminate.your partnership with the irs so this is.it i'm not you know we're closing it.in eventually for some reason you change.the name.you just indicate that you change the.name you indicate you're making an.address change this is very important.because a lot of people.do move businesses and forget to let the.irs know.that they have a different address and.if for some reason the irs.sends notices to you to the old address.and you don't.get them uh if you did notify the irs of.a new address.you know guess who's at fault it's not.the irs because they didn't deliver.a letter to you it's july because you.didn't tell them that you're no longer.there.and if those letters are time sensitive.penalties may be involved so.it is imperative that you always keep.your current address with the irs.in the event that you discover an error.and you need to change your partnership.return.all you need to do is mark the the.number five.amended return i'm just making an.amendment.then you can put a statement as to why.you said you're demanding it you know we.found.some income that was misclassified or we.found.expenses that were not entered or or.some duplicate checks.etc whatever the situation might be you.just need to know.the next box is your accounting method.for most purposes and most people is.going to be cash.uh individuals are all cash and since.most of the.uh the return is mostly com you know uh.comprised of.individuals most partnerships now there.are exceptions to the rules.there's always a few that are accrual.and i believe yesterday in the class.yesterday's you know.sergio told you the difference between.cash and accruals i'm not gonna go into.detail.that's just so you specify the tax and.he also mentioned something about a.hybrid.he mentioned the the the difference.between when you have a combination of a.cache.and accrual that would be a three on the.other and then you will specify.what is it that you have the number of.sketch okay ones.this one tells you there's only two.people involved.then if schedule c and m3 are attached.you select xbox.this box you are very rarely.rarely going to use it because.the the requirement to file and schedule.m3.is actually uh you need to have let me.see i tell you what they are you need to.have certain criteria the criteria is.this.your uh your assets are equal to 10.million.or more or your receipts.for the tax year is equal to 35 million.or more.so honestly i don't have a single client.that will fall there.so i have never checked that box i never.used that.um the next part uh aggregate section 45.at risk purposes.or grouped this again i usually.don't check at all because normally you.are part of.another con another partnership this.partnership is part of another.partnership.and again very rarely would you ever.have those situations so.we move on gross receipts.from sales well that comes straight from.the profit and loss statement.see 254 592 so 54.whoops from one to 54 592..your cost of goods sold come from form.1125a.which is attached to this return and 24.i'm gonna go.scroll to it is here i'm gonna scroll to.the uh to the form.as we said find it.where are you here we go cost of goods.sold.that's the form 1125a and this.information again comes from your profit.and loss statement.so we got 41.89 on merchant fees.of 3450..those two components make your cost of.goods sold.inventory beginning inventory if you are.in a cash basis you don't have inventory.and you don't have any inventory for.that matter but if you're an accrual.you do so you need to pay attention.to make sure that you know what kind of.accounting your your clients are.following.ricardo what kind of um cost of goods.sold what a takaria have.is it like the tortillas is it the.canned beans is it.uh like like what are we looking at for.cost of goods sold for a decade.it's cash oh okay yes it's usually cash.is this.is purchases equals everything you.purchase that would be.your free homeless tortillas your.chicken your meat your.ribs everything in your sodas all the.stuff that purchases.so everything you purchase to make like.for example if i make a.if i sell a burrito everything that goes.into the burrito right the carne which.is the meat the beans the tortilla.i buy that in bulk to make the burrito.so that's.those are the the goods that um the cost.of the goods that i'm buying to make the.product that i sell.right that is correct and usually in the.food business.all of that has very very short shelf.life so you don't have to worry.really about inventories all right they.don't last long you know.you got to consume the meal within a day.or two you know.and tortillas no more than a week and.stuff like that so there's you know only.if you like canned foods.those can have a little uh shelf life.but.you know i don't know many restaurants.many.good restaurants they use and uh.uh you know uh stuff to do their you.know their to prepare their meals.um you have cost of labor cost of labor.is.this doesn't apply to restaurants so.we're not gonna go there but if you were.in the construction business for example.uh only whatever you used to produce.what you're doing what you're.constructing label would go here.but anyway let me go back to yeah thank.you.here we're back at the top of the form.so that 44 comes from that form that we.just saw 11 25.8 that gives me my gross profit of 210.53.i don't have any ordinary income coming.from other states or anything that i am.a part of.if if i as a partnership was a part of.another partnership.then that income would be reflected.right here.i don't have a farm i don't have.uh uh you know i don't have a uh.in this case there's no 4797 what's a.4797 form that is when you.uh reflect the sale of an asset an.income producing asset that you.sold and you either get a gain or a loss.in the sale of it.and it's something that you probably use.for the production of income that you.have been depreciating.so but again this is beyond the scope of.that.that part was actually covered uh.yesterday by carlos on the depreciation.uh he talked about that but anyway that.will be.reflected right here other income will.be your.interest income or any other things that.you have.anyway here we go now we got.salaries and wages guaranteed payments.now.you remember i told you what what is the.difference salaries and payments is what.you pay.employees guaranteed payment is what the.partners take.okay remember that a partner can never.be in payroll.your rent is specifically idle taxes and.license are specific.interest that you pay is specific.depreciation depreciation and equipment.this is calculated on 4562 and.when we get to the form you see where.this come from.and then you have all the deductions and.it says attach statement.make sure that if you do have other.deductions you do.attach the statement uh.and one of the you know a piece of.advice.when your sales are let's say 254.thousand dollars.i would not have miscellaneous deduction.of ten thousand dollars.or five thousand dollars for that matter.miscellaneous deductions should be.limited to truly miscellaneous items.that are not worth listing individually.because there's just too many.in a miscellaneous item in a restaurant.like this i probably wouldn't.it probably would not add more than.maybe a thousand bucks at the most.you know and that's based on my.experience now those figures.are not hard-coded on the form of the.irs.those are based on my experience but i.leave it up to you guys.to be as diligent as possible in your.returns the next part is.we got the ordinary big uh is business.income or loss.this is the amount this is the line line.22 is what we're going to use.uh to report our k1s.this section tax and payments these are.not going to be used.almost never going to be used you use.them for a publicly traded partnerships.and stuff like that but again.you probably are never going to be.involved in one of those situations.unless you happen to have a a an.extremely.uh uh huge business where you have.hundreds of cpas and tax attorneys.working for you at that point you might.be involved in situations like that.but for most of us like in my case i've.never seen one i've never done one.um i'm just letting you know what is.there.the next part is in schedule b is on.page two.it's what kind of apprenticeship is this.it's a domestic general partnership.or it's a domestic limited partnership.what is the difference.the difference is that a general.partnership all partners start by.participation in the operations of the.business a limited partnership.one or more partners do not participate.in the operations of the business so.that is what the difference is.so um then you have limited liability.companies and we're gonna talk about.those.and you know after lunch is when we talk.about llcs.uh so because we use this form to report.llcs as well.domestic limited like limited.partnerships only certain states.have those those are not uh very common.a foreign partnership could be that you.have a.a partnership based based on another.country that are doing business in the.united states.so that will be what it is and other.well anything else that doesn't fit here.would go there.again based on my experience you're.usually you're only gonna use.box a b or c that's the primarily uh.the primary use that you're gonna find.the next question too.do do any uh foreign and this is what.they want to know irs wants to know if.you got any foreign people.involved in your business whether as a.partnership.uh as a say um.what you call um i just went blank i.apologize.owners ownership do you have any foreign.owners.any any companies any specifically.companies do you have.any specific corporations or government.entity that owns a part of this.partnership specifically more than 50 of.the interest on the partnership if yes.then you need to start uh attach.schedule v1.and then you put in you go and the.details down and we will see the sketch.will be won eventually.uh but that will be a yes in this case.any individual.owned director indirectly 50 or more of.the profits now this is when the two.an individual owns more than 50 percent.or more of a partnership interest if.anyone is a yes.then is yes this particular one happens.to be.uh two uh two individuals and they own.both on 5050 so both of them are going.to be listed.on the schedule b1.at the end of the year did the.partnership now.all directly on 20 or more or indirectly.of the voting power of classes of stock.on a foreign.or domestic corporation that means that.i as a partner.own stock in a corporations where i have.the control.20 or directly or indirectly or 50.of the voting power all that has to do.with corporations and tomorrow when.roberto talks about corporations.he's gonna let you know um you know.about that.you know while the voting power versus.ownership of stocks etc.if if this applies to a yes then this is.where you put in the name of the.corporation.the taxpayer id the country and the.percentage of foreign power.and this is for the individuals or.entities that all the 20.that's for you know a and b number four.this is important does any partnership.satisfy these conditions now if you.satisfy these conditions.this is what you're gonna save yourself.some time but this is what it is number.one your total receipts were.less than two hundred and fifty thousand.dollars well i said well yeah.the partnership assets at the end of the.year were less than a million dollars.but.yeah okay are you including the schedule.k once would you return.yes if you said yes to those.basically you're gonna click yes under.this box.and then i'll tell you what that means.but right now how come it says no do i.need all the requirements.but the very first question is did you.have did i have receipt of less than 250.how much were my receipts to 54. so.therefore.i don't qualify for that question so the.answer is no.what that does is that if i don't.qualify.for answering yes to question number.four.i have to disclose my balance sheet.that's what it amounts to.and we will get that when we get to that.page.but in this case since i don't qualify.that means that i do.have to disclose my balance sheet.is this a publicly traded partnership no.and now most of these questions even.though we're gonna go to all line by.line.honestly most of these questions you're.gonna find yourself that is the the.answer is gonna be no.very rarely will you have.a yes in you know you know in some of.the.in most of these fields here like during.the year that the partnership have death.was cancelled.you know how sometimes we have credit.card debt that is cancelled that we get.this this gets 1099.ce was saying well now you've got to put.that as income same thing applies to a.partnership partnership can have debt.that is discharged and if that's the.case that becomes income to the.partnership so yeah we need to know.we need to let the irs know.has the partnership filed or is required.to form 89.uh 18 material advisor disclosure.statement that's just a disclosure.statement.and again is most of the time is not.going to apply.um this is important.number eight is one of the important.questions that one can also.send someone in.an interest organization a foreign bank.account they want to know.that when you know that the fbar.um rules apply to you.uh that means that you got an interest.in a foreign corporation or i mean on a.foreign bank.uh do you have balances more than ten.thousand dollars then you gotta disclose.that separately using the f4 procedures.so in this case you can have an account.let's say in mexico.you know worth uh ten thousand pesos.which equals to like 20 bucks.um of course i'm being sarcastic but.anyway.um in that case i can say yes.mexico but i wouldn't have to.follow the rules for the fbar.during the tax year did you receive.distributions on a grant from a foreign.trust.again usually if a partnership receives.any kind of foreign income like that.then you're also going to be saying yes.to some of the other questions that we.have here.that we said no uh partnership election.usually that election the d7.is to adjust basis 754 elections when.you're gonna.do something to adjust the basis uh and.again.usually it's gonna be a no.and you require this is part of the.previous question it's actually a two.part.a it's like three part a b and c.and usually are all knows.do you have uh a prior attack uh.the number 11 distributed any property.received in like an exchange.so if you did like an exchange section.10 35.you would say you click that box.um if you redistribute any kind of.property to your partners.we're going to mark yes uh when you.distribute cash.that's usually no that they're talking.about gonna be in need.i'm sorry oh i'm sorry i heard some.noise in the back of photos asking a.question.okay is required uh required to form.8858.that's information return with respect.to foreign.disregarded entities um again if we have.um foreign entities that own a part of.this partnership with.involved with them we need to let them.know anything that has to do with.foreigners.they want to know they want to make sure.that we don't that we're not.uh hiding income you know for uh.terrorists and stuff like that so that's.the purpose of most of these questions.um do you have any payments that you.will require to 99 like you.do you have in the restaurant business.do you have any 1099.employees on a restaurant.usually is no most of the.people you're gonna you're gonna find a.lot of them they're gonna say well i pay.them you know they respond for their own.taxes.is that right no it's not if they're.your employees.they are employees they're not.contractors.this is for contractors now in the.industry of.um construction for example this is very.common.so you would say yes and.if you say yes here you really need to.have a yes here too.what does that mean i'm just telling you.i do have people that i give them 1099s.and yes i gave them to the irs that's.what you're saying.you're reporting them to both entities.corporations 54 71 information return.that one that's about uh foreign.companies if you are a foreign.corporation that is involved in your.partnership.most of the time it's not going to apply.to you number of the partners that that.you have.this form about it's also related.doesn't apply.and then 1042 s requirements.question 19 refers to if you have any.if you pay somebody outside any.non uh non-resident aliens for example.that live.in mexico for something that they did.for you.let's say that you hired an advertising.specialist.from mexico to come up with your stuff.and they never touch the united states.you know you pay them but you are.required to withhold certain money.and you report that in form 1042 yes.that will be the only time this would.happen and again.this is not a common situation but it.happens from time to time.if you're a specified domestic.partnership 8938 for the tax years.8938 is used for foreign financial.assets.do you have any foreign financial assets.that the company owns.they want to know whether you need if.you do you need to disclose.that's all there is it's a disclosure.there's nothing to be taxed on top.about let me see what all the important.here that we have.to 24. question 24 is very important.does the partnership satisfy one of the.following this is actually a fairly new.question it wasn't there before a few.years back.and um if you satisfy anyone.of this you gotta say yes number one do.you have.any pass-through entity with current or.prior year access.business interest expense now again.that one usually it's not going to apply.to any of your clients.now that being my apply especially in.california.because if you may have a very.successful business that doesn't quite.hit the the 10 million dollar limit.but you may have you know um.20 let's say 9 million.worth of sales three years in a row if.you have.three years in a row an aggregate of 26.million dollars of.of receipts then that's gonna be a yes.because that that's an automatic and.what does that mean that means that you.got more work for you.more catching like my frankfurt like to.say.uh and you have more you know more forms.to complete.but we're not gonna go into detail i'm.not gonna fill into that form.i just so you understand what it is.if the permanent seat is selecting.if you are elected not to be treated and.here then you gotta.uh uh you gotta file a field from b2 and.be.you know part uh in part three of uh.line three of b2.again most people are not going to go.there it's going to be always.a no then we got a designation of.partner representative.when you have two or more individuals.one of them has to answer to uncle sam.at least for contact anyway it's not.necessarily to answer it's not that he's.going to be responsible.but he's going to be the the one that.the irs can contact.for any questions on the partnership.it could be it doesn't have to be an.auditor it could be a simple question.as um uh uh you forgot about something.or is this address correct and notice.that the address has.uh a zip code with seven digits instead.of five.you know something ridiculous like like.that.let me see here then we go into skate.one and the sketch okay.now sketch okay.it's pretty much what you how we're.gonna summarize.what is gonna get reported into the k.[Music].ones.

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Can certified mail be delivered without signature?

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