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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Florida Medicaid Medicare Buy In Application Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Florida Medicaid Medicare Buy In Application Form

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Check How to Enter the Florida Medicaid Medicare Buy In Application Form

welcome thank you for joining me in.holding as a Florida Medicaid behavior.analysis provider provider enrollment.webinar this training is being presented.by DXE and the agency for health care.administration we will provide an.overview of the enrollment process for.behavior analysis providers and we will.also review upcoming changes affecting.behavior analysis providers and provide.helpful resources for this significant.transition for those of you who have.just joined us the presentation will be.posted on the Florida Medicaid fiscal.agent web portal which is my Medicaid -.Florida com to access the presentation.hover over provider services and click.training then select presentation my.name is Violeta tabular and I will be.your host for this webinar.I am from DXE the fiscal agent for.Florida Medicaid with me today is also a.real grade-a field office manager for.the Miami office she will be presenting.later in this webinar we will review as.many of the questions we receive at the.end of the presentation please note any.questions that cannot be answered during.the presentation we will a will be.captured at a research and we will be.posting an FAQ document that were.answered the majority of the questions.that we've already received for any.questions that we do capture will be on.that FAQ document and will be responded.to there if we cannot answer it during.this presentation okay so let's get.started once again today's webinar is.for enrolling as in current Medicaid.behavior analysis provider again my name.is Violeta tabular and I am going to.provide you with an overview of the.enrollment process and application.requirements for a behavior analysis.provided during this webinar we will.give a brief overview of the Florida.Medicaid behavior analysis program we.will also discuss the enrollment process.for behavior analysis providers as well.as specific requirements related to this.provider type additionally we will walk.through how to complete an online.application and how to verify the status.of an application followed by how to.remain enrolled in Florida Medicaid we.will also review some of the frequently.asked questions and we.as well as welcome fighters can go for.additional help after this webinar first.we'll start with an overview of the.Medicaid behavior analysis provider type.in the next slide you'll see the agency.for health care restoration is committed.to ensuring that every sort of Medicaid.recipient receives the right service at.the right time and by the right provider.this presentation provides an overview.of the enrollment requirements and.process for enrolling at the behavior.analysis provider before starting the.application process providers are highly.encouraged to access the interactive.enrollment checklist tool found on the.provider enrollment page to access the.interactive enrollment checklist visit.the Florida Medicaid public web portal.from the homepage hover over the.provider services tab and click.enrollment once at the provider.enrollment page look under the new.Medicaid provider section and click.interact with enrollment checklist the.checklist will furnish the enrollment.requirements for each provider types and.specialty for to successfully complete.the enrollment application when the link.from the previous slide is selected the.interactive enrollment checklist panel.will display applicants must select to.bill for services and receive payment.directly from Medicaid Africans should.note when selecting a choice a following.panel will display until the new roman'.checklist panel is displayed here we.have an example of the interactive.enrollment checklist for provider type.39 specialty 3 9 - lead analyst as you.can see a list of required documents is.available to assist the provider in.successfully completing the application.next let's look at what is needed to.complete the online application there.are five steps to the enrollment process.first an enrollment application is.submitted on the Florida Medicaid web.portal via the online enrollment wizard.next the enrollment application is.evaluated based on the mobile goal if.any deficiencies are found a letter sent.to the provider as a notification for.correction the agency will complete a.credential verification process and.visit providers will receive a letter.informing them of the final status.whether approved or denied once the.enrollment status is active be provided.will receive a welcome letter the.Florida Medicaid provider ID and a pin.letter the final enrollment step is to.use the pin letter to set up a user.account to secure for a secure web.portal which allows access to the.providers information and permits.billing through direct data entry on the.web portal it is important to note that.behavior analysis providers may only.apply to become a fully enrolled.provider when enrolling as a behavior.analysis provider there are four.specialties to choose from specialty.three mighty registered behavior.technician specialty 391 assistant.behavior analyst specialty 392 lead.analyst and specialty 393 behavior.analysis group there are limitations for.applicants in miami-dade umbrella.counties that will be reviewed in a.later slide when enrolling providers.must also know which application type.they should select providers can enroll.as a sole proprietor which is an.individual provider who will be.providing services to Medicaid.recipients or they may enroll as a sole.proprietor enrolling as a member of a.group which is an individual provider.who will be enrolling as a member of a.group finally providers can enroll as a.group which is a business entity.representing a group of individual.Medicaid providers in this slide we'll.talk about the acceptable enrollment.application types that each behavior.analysis specialty can enroll as.specialty type 3 my registered behavior.technician a specialty type 391.assistant behavior analyst may only.enroll as a sole proprietor enrolling as.a member of the group specialty type 392.lead analysts may choose sole proprietor.is failing directly or sole proprietor.enrolling as a member of a group.specialty type 393 behavior analysis.group may only lower as a group.reminder there are limitations for.applicants in miami-dade and Broward.County that will be reviewed in the.later slide the following documents and.information are required to complete an.enrollment application regardless of.behavior analysis specialty Florida.Medicaid provider enrollment application.non-institutional Medicaid provider.agreement proof of tax ID fingerprint.based criminal background check and.proof of certification the agency.intends to partially lift the moratorium.from miami-dade and Broward County.effective Friday May 17 we were recently.provided with this information and the.agency is currently drafting an alert to.be sent to providers within the next day.or so the partial mullet aureum.listservs rendering providers seeking.enrollment to participate as a member of.a provider group that is already.enrolled in Florida Medicaid a rendering.provider is defined as either a.registered behavior technician a lead.analyst or a board certified assistant.behavior analysts know that the.moratorium will remain in effect for.group providers taking enrollment in.miami-dade or Broward County in the next.slide we will view examples of.acceptable documentation for proof of.certification providers must ensure the.proof of certification meets the.following criteria the copy is in color.black and white scans or copies will be.rejected the name of the applicant and.the name of the bacb document must match.the expiration date of the registration.is greater than the application date of.submission if the original certification.date is earlier than the date of.application then the application.effective date will be the date of.receipt if it is not the application.effective they will be the original.certification date as shown on the bacb.document the status must be active and.it must show the supervision field if.the original certification day is.earlier than the date of application.then the application effective day won't.be the date of receipt if it is not the.application of.they will be the original certification.date as shown on the BAC being documents.specialty 390 registered behavior.technicians must submit proof of.behavior analyst certification for.designation as the registered behavior.technician or a color copy for the BAC B.website showing the applicants RBT.registration it is important to note.that only a color copy will be accepted.black and white scans or copies will be.rejected.additionally the name on the application.and the name of the BAC be credential.and document must match exactly when.enrolling the provider will also be.required to link to a medicaid enrolled.behavior analysis group specialty 391.assistant behavior analyst must also.provide proof of certification by.submitting the behavior analyst.certification board designation as a.board certified assistant behavior.analyst the assistant behavior analyst.must also link to a Medicaid enrolled.behavior analysis group specialty 392.lead analyst is required to submit proof.of certification which includes one of.the following behavior analyst.certification for designation as a board.certified behavior analyst BCB a.behavior analyst certification board.designation as a board certified.behavior analyst doctoral vcv AED.Florida certified behavior analyst FLC.be a Florida license clinical social.worker for a licensed mental health.counselor Florida licensed Marriage and.Family Therapist for a licensed.psychologist and Florida license school.psychologist if enrolling as a sole.proprietor enrolling as a member of a.group lead analyst must link to a.Medicaid enrolled behavior analysis.group a site visit is required for.providers enrolling as you so precise.I've noted in a previous slide there are.limitations for applicants in miami-dade.and Broward County specialty 393.behavior analysis group will need at.least one bead analyst as a group member.additionally the group met.must be enrolled in Medicaid as a.registered behavior technician a system.behavior analyst or lead analyst for.billing purposes each behavior analysis.group must submit a list of treating.providers within the group each of the.group's treating providers must be.individual role of is a Florida Medicaid.program by provider type in order to be.linked to the group is in the Medicaid.system also a site visit is required for.providers in building as a behavior.analysis group this is an example of the.rbp board certification note that this.is a color copy the status is active the.expiration date is a future date and the.supervision field is included similarly.this is an example of a bacb certificate.again this is a color copy the status is.active the expiration date is a future.date and the supervision field is.included this is an example of a bacb.certification letter.note that it is a color copy next we are.going to walk through submitting an.enrollment application this slide shows.the available navigational options.within the online enrollment wizard.the enrollment application is available.on the further Medicaid public web.portal provider enrollment page from the.public web portal homepage hover over.provider services tab then click.enrollment on the provider enrollment.page under new Medicaid providers click.online enrollment wizard as shown on.this image the Florida Medicaid.enrollment provider application wizard.groups users with a welcome statement.panel this area list of steps involved.in completing the online enrollment.process from the panel users can choose.to create a new application or access.one that was previously started the.enrollment type determination panel is.where the applicant selects the.enrollment type the selection.this panel will determine all of the.steps that will follow in the.application because of the different.requirements involved no behavior.analysis applicants must survive to bill.for services and receive payment.directly from Medicaid the enrollment.type confirmation panel is where the.applicant sees a confirmation message.regarding the option that was selected.I think choice was made incorrectly.providers can click previous or if.correct could continue the application.tips panel is where the applicant is.advice of documentation that will be.needed in the enrollment application.process on the request type panel.applicants will select the application.type appropriate to their provider type.and service message for enrollment there.are four options so proprietor.so proprietor enrolling as a member of a.group group or facility or other.business entity applicants may enter one.specialty depending on the specialty.selected a corresponding taxonomy in the.taxonomy field is required users can.select from the drop-down menu next to.each taxonomy fields to search for the.appropriate taxonomy this panel lists.any necessary items that the applicant.will need to complete the enrollment.process it is customized by the.selections made in the previous panels.including the enrollment type selected.some of the items listed will not be.requests however providers will be.presented with the mandatory panels.needed to be completed during the.enrollment process the identifying.information panel is where users or.insert general information for the.provider by either entering it into the.fields or selecting values from the.drop-down men it is important to note.that when enrolling as a member of a.group the tax ID type should be the.provider social security number the.license and more identifying information.panel is where a lead analyst who is.licensed by the state of Florida.provides his or her license information.all other applicants choose others not.required the enrollment wizard will.generate an error if the correct license.type and active license information is.not interested if a license is entered.it must also.active providers should select other not.required unless in possession of a valid.Florida do H license the contact.information panel is where users enter.information for the individual who will.serve as a point of contact for the.provider the email must be entered once.and then re-entered in an additional.step to ensure it has been correctly the.service location panel is where.applicants enter information for the.location where services will be rented.the mailing address panel is for.applicants enter information for the.location they wish to receive legal.documents the paid to address panel is.where applicants enter information for.the location they wish to receive.payment keep in mind the address entered.in this panel must match the tax ID.address if submitting a w-9 or one for.7c the paid to address must match the.address on the document provided the.whole corporation office address panel.offers the option for providers to.select a previously entered address or.enter a new address is different when.applicants have entered sufficient.information in the previous steps of the.application an application tracking.number is created the APM information.panel is displayed the panel lists the.APN information for the provider and.advises them that enough information has.been entered to leave and continue the.application at a later date is desired.note upon reaching this stage of the.process applicants will no longer be.able to change the enrollment type any.other panels previously updated can.still be changed the member of the.following groups panel is where.applicants enter information for the.group they would like to be a part of.note the effective date cannot be.earlier than the application submission.date as a reminder Miami Dade and.Broward County enrolling providers must.include a Florida Medicaid provider ID.number of an actively enrolled group on.the slide here the owners and operators.panel is where the applicant is all.individuals and entities.five percent or more controlling.interest as well as all manage employee.combined ownership cannot exceed a.hundred percent in the panel note.so proprietors enrolling as a member of.a group do not require medical and.financial custodian if an individual.provided from a social security number.and enter their social security numbers.selecting FBI N or Fein and entering a.number for an individual provider will.result in an error the applicant history.panel is where applicants insurance.historical information regarding.criminal history disciplinary actions.related to the professional license and.other Medicaid or Medicare enrollment.the certification panel is the panel.where the applicant agrees to terms and.conditions for participation as an.enrolled for a Medicaid provider this.panel is also at the end of the.enrollment application process the user.will click Submit to have the remaining.information updated in the system and.initially processing of their.application once the application has.been submitted a confirmation message.will be displayed along with the contact.information for questions about the.application process a list of required.documents is displayed as well providers.must click upload required documents to.submit required documentation.applications will not be processed until.all required documentation is receipt no.do not close the browser while the page.is permitting in the next few slides we.will discuss how to verify the status of.an enrollment application how long does.it take for an application to be.approved it is important to note that.the agency verifies the credentials of.all providers applying to the Florida.Medicaid program and convert site visits.when required due to a high volume of.providers seeking to enroll in the.behavior analysis program the length of.time and application penance for the.credential verification process is.currently at 60 days for applicants that.require an on-site review a minimum of.60 additional.is added to the processing time.providers are urged to utilize the.anomic tracking search tool to view and.confirm the current status of their.application applications pending.verification by the agency will show a.status of state review after retrieving.the status of the application a web chat.is available where providers can chat.with a live agent the agent can answer.questions on the status of the.application and the deficiencies that.need to be resolved the agency will.provide additional information for.enrolling providers on what to expect.during a site visit after this.presentation to search for your.application status.enter your etienne followed by either.the registered business name or last.name once the correct information is.entered click search.a search results panel will appear under.the enrollment tracking search panel the.status column shows the application.status in the first row followed by each.application component status in the.following row providers are encouraged.to use the web chat feature for any.questions or concerns regarding their.application to initiate a web chat click.the green button found on the bottom.right of the search results panel and a.live agent will assist you with your.application questions an application.status is a sign when the application or.supporting documentation is being.invalid a letter detailing the items to.be corrected and so resubmitted is sent.to the applicant deficiencies increase.the enrollment application processing.time frame most common application.deficiencies include missing and/or.invalid RBG.documentation such as supplying a bacb.email confirmation or not submitting the.ACB documentation in color missing.background screening and/or missing.proof of tax ID applicants must adhere.to the documentation criteria previously.mentioned in the webinar to ensure their.applications are processed without any.delays application identification by the.agency will show a fattie.of state review state review consists of.validating the information provided on.an enrollment application and ensuring.that all requirements for enrollment on.that there is a special emphasis on the.bacb certification and expiration date.in any prior history with the applicant.and Medicaid or any other state agency.state review includes an on-site visit.or face-to-face interview this required.for the provider type more information.on site visits will be provided later in.this webinar applicants will receive a.final enrollment status of either.approved or denied applicants are.receive an approved final enrollment.status will receive a welcome letter and.they go to Medicaid secure web portal.pin letter via mail it is important for.applicants to follow the pink letter.instructions exactly in order to gain.access to the secure web portal account.receiving a denied final enrollment.status means the application or.supporting documentation was deemed.sufficient applicants received a letter.from the agency informing them their.application was denied next we will.discuss how to remain enrolled in.Florida Medicaid providers must continue.to meet all the provider qualifications.to remain in golden Florida Medicaid.Florida Medicaid will terminate any.provider's enrollment who no longer.beats a provider qualification to meet.all the provider qualifications.providers must ensure that information.on their role and file is accurate and.up-to-date maintains their files and.group linkage information via their.secure web portal account medical.provider file change requests must be.submitted via the Florida Medicaid.secure web portal providers can enter.changes to their address group.membership EFT accounts and EDI.agreements in their secure web portal.accounts all other change request types.must be submitted using trade files.upload panel in the secure web portal.access the file upload panel by visiting.the Florida Medicaid secure web portal.and using the appropriate account.credentials to log in from the secure.that called a landing page select trade.file then upload for detailed.instructions on how to successfully.upload documents via the file upload.panel refer to the provider file.maintenance quick reference guide found.on the public web portal individual.providers can link their provider IDs to.a group provider for billing purposes.when the individual and group are.eligible to perform the same services.only individual providers can perform a.linking action groups must request that.their individual providers perform the.linking action for themselves when any.group membership details have been.changed an email notification of the.link or deeming action will be sent to.the primary user and targeted providers.toward a medicaid secure web portal.account to access the group membership.or my group panels by visiting the.Florida Medicaid secure web portal and.using the appropriate account.credentials to log in from the secure.web portal landing page select providers.who providers should select members of.my group individual providers should.select group membership after making a.selection the group membership details.will display for detailed instructions.on how to successfully link to a group.refer to the group linking and debeaking.quick reference guide found on the.public web portal next we will go over.some frequently asked questions we.receive one several background screening.is needed and how recent does it need to.be for shortened Medicaid enrollments a.Medicaid provider enrollment level to.background screening is required and it.must be within the last five years.additional information regarding the.background requirements can be found on.the background screening page of the.agency's background screaming website.can sole proprietors be linked as a.member of a group yes a sole proprietor.can be linked as a member of the.behavior analysis group during the.initial enrollment process this may be.accomplished by entering the information.directly into the member of the.following groups.of the enrollment application or by.completing and submitting the Medicaid.group membership authorization form you.may obtain a copy of the form from the.enrollment form section of the public.web portal actively enrolled sole.proprietors must complete group linkage.using the self-service feature in the.secure web portal while the group.enrollment application needs to be.activated before the group's members.submit their individual applications.providers can and are encouraged to.submit their individual applications at.any time however providers in rolling.with specialties 390 registered behavior.technician and 391 assisted behavior.analyst must wait until the group they.are affiliated with all time to link to.have successfully enrolled in order to.submit claims for reimbursement we would.now like to turn the presentation over.to Leah gray again Leah gray is the.field office manager for the Miami.office your knock knock office here in.Miami so she can do her portion of her.presentation good morning I'm Rio Grande.I'll be presenting the Bureau of.recipient and provider assistance.application review process for behavior.analysis portion of the webinar this.morning we'll begin with process.overview once the initial state review.is completed an enrollment application.interview formerly known as a site visit.request is made the review is assigned.to the appropriate Medicaid field office.and to a Medicaid employee the employee.initiates contact with the provider via.email using the email from the.application to schedule the interview.upon completion of the interview or.inability to complete the interview due.to provider non-participation.the Medicaid employee makes an initial.recommendation which is reviewed by.Medicaid leadership upon completion of.Quality Assurance the recommendation is.sent for final processing.email communication expectations the.initial email communication should.contain at a minimum the following.information how to schedule your.interview including applicable location.option for your provider specialty type.ie Skype at the field office or at the.provider location what documents or.other materials to have available and.response deadlines who to contact if you.have questions identification.verification reviews in instances where.the review only requires identification.verification the following checks are.made does the name on the application.match the name on the applicants.identification does the name on the.applicants identification match the name.in the background screaming system or.bgs does the picture on the applicants.identification match the picture in bgs.other important information agency.review staff will not provide any.indication of review outcome at the time.of the reviews if we are unable to.schedule a review with the provider.within twenty business days of our.initial contact the application will be.automatically recommended for denial.multiple reschedule will result in an.automatic recommendation for denial when.we are interviewing an individual no one.else is allowed to participate in the.interview in any capacity group provider.on-site reviews will be conducted with.the minimum number of providers staff.necessary that concludes my portion of.the presentation by a letter will resume.with the DXE presentation thank you.Thank You Leah thank you for that.information all right so the following.sites contain helpful resources.specifically for behavior analysis.providers.for application tracking status this is.the enrollment status page there is also.a web chat feature available to assist.with resolving your enrollment.application concern provider enrollment.is available to assist with resolving.your enrollment application concern call.1-800 to eight nine seven seven nine.nine and select option for provider.services field representatives are.available for training need contact.1-877-748-1018 or how to update group.memberships via the secure web portal.the agency has established a web page.for behavior analysis and behavior.health services no providers should.contact the agency with policy questions.to view additional information such as.public meeting dates for proposed.behavior analysis changes a.comprehensive list of validated behavior.analysis technicians and other behavior.analysis information visit the agency's.behavior analysis services information.page to review a copy of the dress.behavior analysis coverage policy please.visit the agency's medical and.behavioral health coverage policy page.to view policy development administered.services via the behavior analysis and.health facilities unit visit the.behavior health and health facilities.page to view information for entities.licensed for healthcare services.provided to individuals and tender.charges for reimbursement for such.services health care clinics page the.health care clinics page also contains.links to applicable statutes and rules.application form for licensure and.exemption from licensure and survey.regulations they said of for equal.ask questions and contact information.during this webinar we went over a brief.overview of the Florida Medicaid.behavior analysis program we also.discussed the enrollment process for.behavior analysis providers as well as.specific requirements related to this.provider type.additionally we walked through.completing an online application and how.to verify the status of an application.followed by how to remain enrolled in.Florida Medicaid we also reviewed some.of the frequently asked questions that.we receive as well as where providers.can go for additional help after this.webinar so once again thank you for.joining us today and have a wonderful.day.

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  2. Select on '+' to open the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Discover the place where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write your signature.
  4. Insert it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to save the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your clients instantly. CocoSign is the best way to sign many forms every day, all at a low price. It's time to forget all about physical signatures and keep it all electronic.

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