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How to Fulfill the Irp Registration Oklahoma Form in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise Irp Registration Oklahoma Form more proficiently.

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  1. Access to the vacant form and click to look up the whole document.
  2. Run over the whole document and figure out which part you need to fulfil.
  3. Put down your personal figures in the blank form.
  4. Pick a form field and write down a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Peruse the whole form once again to see if there's anything you fail to include.
  6. Select the sign tools to write down your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by picking "Done" button.
  8. After revise the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any misunderstanding, please communication with the support team to acuqire more details.

By deploying CocoSign, you can fill in Irp Registration Oklahoma Form and write down your digital signature soon. It will definetely foster your productivity and make your life much easier.

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Get Your Irp Registration Oklahoma Form Signed Quickly

- what's going on I appreciate y'all.watch my videos man oh yeah man I.thought I'd go ahead and make a video.for y'all because I've been getting a.lot of questions lately cuz my last.video you know you know are I left.Schneider so I met another carry right.now at this new carrier they require you.to have your own plates there there is a.lot of there's a big benefit to having.your own plates and having your own.equipment having your own insurance you.can move your truck however you need.without involving the carrier because.you got your own place you got your own.insurance I mean he'll it really came.down to it you can probably be leased.onto multiple carriers oh I know that's.crazy but the idea is to be separated.from your carrier you want to have your.own plates and your own insurance so.like with my truck I got my own plates.and I got my own insurance so I got.physical damage on both my truck and.trailer so that's the minimum.requirements to just go down the road.you don't you don't 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Schneider.finance rep for at least three months I.was telling my Schneider finance rep.there hey I'm considering taking this.truck to another carrier and she.basically gave me the rundown on the.things that I would need and that they.require so if you listen the truck.through quality or MHC or all these.different leasing companies out here and.your name is on not on the title it's a.few extra steps you gotta take one your.your your lease that you're getting the.truck through it has to be notarized and.typically a notary would look something.like this.it's gonna have some some notaries have.this is just a random notary I found.online somewhere but typically a notary.is it have like either a circle stamped.by a representative they're authorized.to notarize documents or sometimes.they'll be like a stamp like on this one.it's got three notaries on it and then.they have the signature and it's gonna.have most leases through companies they.are they they automatically notarized.the lease like if you lease an apartment.or whatever you leasing a truck a car it.has the lessee which is us the truck.driver and the lease or which is just.not a fine.or a manager at Schneider finance that's.authorized to sign documents on behalf.it's not a finance so that's the first.thing you need to do we got to get all.this preliminary stuff out of the way.before we even go down to the tag office.you got to make sure this is what I.recommend make sure that your license.and you know like previously I know a.lot of you guys been watching me watch.my video so this is kind of this is.gonna contradict what I'm saying in the.past because of this this this this kind.of issue I had but I got my tag so it.kind of don't matter but I know I talk.about business credit but for the sake.of business credit you need a virtual.office to have an LLC but in a situation.like this where you going to get a tank.and you need to prove residency if you.got a virtual office it's gonna be hard.for you to to get a tag in your business.name with a virtual office address.because the tag office is gonna require.you to have inward integral from three.to five proofs of residency when you.have when you have a tag in the business.name so to alleviate this problem what I.recommend is that when you go Vinny you.guys got your lease set up with Snyder.finance you got to make sure the address.that's on your lease that met it you got.to make sure the address that's on your.lease the name that's on your lease if.it is if your lease is in your business.name like mine you need to make sure.that you can you have proof residency.okay so I recommend most guys live at.home got an apartment or whatever and.they got their truck listo it's not a.finance so because when you go down to.the tag office they're looking for all.that paperwork has to be consistent with.your name address and your.proof residency so like they're gonna.require you to have a light bill some.kind of utility bill credit cards I.wouldn't you know like cell phones like.people have cell phones and different.people's name but they looking for a.landline if you do have a phone bill.make sure it's a landline phone they're.looking for utility bills gas bills.water bills mortgage statements I think.they even take bank statements so make.sure that your lease with your your the.company that you get in the truck from.whatever the name of the company is.matches the the address on your license.and if you got it in the business name.make sure that address matches with your.articles incorporation now that's gonna.contradict all my business credit stuff.but before you go down there you gotta.get this paperwork straight or you're.just going to be wasting time because.like a lot of guys they up for doing the.IRP through the internet they are they.up for doing the IRP doing it through.the internet I don't recommend that.because what happens is they give you a.temp they give you a temp printout which.is like I live in Atlanta so the IRP.office is like 15 20 minutes away.there's no problem but if you live in.like make in Savannah from what I.understand they only have a few IRP.offices in the state of Georgia and most.states they only have a few of them but.if you can I recommend physically going.down to the IRP office because the.people when you go down there you have.somebody to help you do the paperwork if.you've never done this stuff before if.you never register the commercial.vehicle before and like with me I never.registered a commercial vehicle before.so when I went down there it was some.ladies behind the counter they help you.get your paperwork straight before you.even go to the window and they have you.know they tell you what you need to put.on the papers and you know so but then.again if you.have the right papers then you got to.leave and come back so it's kind of a.catch-22 so you know you you you guys.have to decide what what you're willing.to do but before we can get down there.you got to make sure your paperwork.straight make sure your address and I in.this situation you might want to use.your home address because you can prove.that okay you live in an apartment or.our house you can prove that you have a.lease agreement for a mortgage statement.a light bill phone bill that now.automatically you got your three forms.of residency but if you have a virtual.office it's gonna be hard because they.require I think five five forms of.residency when you have a business so it.gets real complicated when you're trying.to get your your truck tagged like my.trailer tag I got it with no problem but.the truck tag it gets more complicated.because that address doesn't match your.license and you they look at you crazy.so but yeah so when you go down there if.you got an out-of-state truck I mean if.you guys if any you guys go to a dealer.and get a truck it wouldn't be no.problem but if you got a leased truck.and your name isn't on the title like I.said before you need need a notary you.need a notarized power of attorney from.that company he was not a finance or MCH.you may see your writer leasing or.whatever you get your truck from it if.it's leased and you're gonna need your.lease that that last page of your lease.to be notarized from a representative.and then you need a power of attorney.okay and then his straight forward from.there and before you go down there you.got a print this paper out right here.this is a.a certification that because you know.like they just see they want to make.sure that you're not just rambling.randomly just got some random truck off.the street somewhere and trying to.register than your name so you have to.go to your police department and they're.gonna have a police officer come out and.look at your truck and they're gonna.feel this paper out it's just a vehicle.inspection sheet they're gonna check the.VIN number they're gonna check you know.make sure you got insurance and they're.gonna make sure it's a sound vehicle to.go down the road and make sure you know.they're gonna check your license and.make sure that that you are you so you.got a so you before you can go down.there you got to print this out and go.to your police department and they fill.this out you either you can take your.truck or you can call the non-emergency.phone line to the police and they'll.come out and do it when I called up they.told me to bring it down there and they.fill this out so it's a few things you.got to do before you even go down there.all right.let's see this is for the IRP we need to.get there yet so if you got a leased.truck before we even get to the IRP.programs you have to title your truck in.your in the state of Georgia so I'm.talking about Georgia I don't live in.any other state so all I'm talking about.is Georgia but for the most part if you.got a commercial vehicle all the states.are generally about the same so you're.gonna need insurance now when you go.down there if you got if you just.started insurance you're gonna need the.certificate the certificate of insurance.let me see if I can find it generally a.certificate insurance is gonna look like.this now if you got a temp.insurance printout they might take it.depending on who's working that day but.for the most part they want the.certificate they don't want they don't.want the binder they don't want the.attempt the temporary insurance they.want this certificate that's the.official insurance documents showing.that you have insurance it's got the.outline and stuff that's what they're.looking for but like with me I had the I.had to temp and the lady was like a you.know usually we required a certificate.but I was telling her I just I just.started my policy and they didn't.haven't sent me to the certificate yet.but they let me slide the girl who was.working today she let me slide but just.FYI depend on who's working that day.they might sing you sing you away until.you come back and get the actual.certificate of insurance Delacorte all.right so you need you need your your.lease agreement that's notarized from.the company that you're leasing the.truck with you need the power of.attorney you need proof of insurance you.need your three forms of residency.capability like bill your license.car registration you know all those.types of residences the show that you.live in the state of Georgia now I'm.talking about Georgia so once you get.that done you pay I think it's like a.$20 fee to get the do to do the title.work because before we even get to the.IRP you got to do title work get that.done to get a title in that state and.then you can move over to the IRP and.then and then you can get a IRP account.and then actually get your get your.plate all right now once you get that.done you got to get back in line I got.in line least by three four times I mean.took me about two or three days to get.this done because I went up there and.then they sent me away then I went up.there and they sent me away but I'm.helping y'all so that way you could.probably get this all done in one day.instead of because I was just for meals.just trial and error so but you can.usually get this done in one day just.plan out just to be down there for a.whole day just plan to be down there for.the whole day so once you get that dog.you got to get back in line and then you.got to fill out this application right.here you gotta fill out this application.right here so if you got your truck make.before you even get down there make sure.you got your your your letter of intent.your letter of intent or your your lease.your lease contract with the company you.bought the lease on with either one of.those the letter of intent letter of.intent or the lease contract because.you're gonna need that to fill out this.information you're gonna need the DLT.number you gonna need the d-o-t number.and then you fill out this information.here but you know the truck you know all.the truck information and then you go.ahead and sign it put your life put your.license number on there okay and then.you're gonna need.I had this written down I'm sorry y'all.you're gonna need what fun was that this.is the T 146 and then you gonna need but.the t 138 you I need the T 138.mr. t 139 T 138 I can go on here and.type of T 138 a okay the t 138 you just.feel this out it's pretty easy.now they got people down there to help.you this so don't you know but my video.is just overview because it's like if.you don't know and never done it before.you'd be wasting a lot of time so you.get the T 138 and just fill out this.basic information you just gonna be a.new account so you just put a new.account and you don't have a I repeat.number yet so and then you give your.your your fleet a number you just put.one fleet number one and then you put.down whatever the carrier that you.Bernice on wit you put their DLT number.in there and then you if your if you if.you registering a business name you put.your business VI here number down there.or you put social security number if you.doing so prior and then you put your.truck we put your truck and your weight.basic information have you been in truck.and you should know this information.right you just fill out this one line.alright.you gonna need your 20 to 90 now this.now we're on the IRP section now now.you're gonna need you 20 to 90 you're.gonna need you're gonna need all that.information that you went and get the.title work now now you're gonna need to.20 to 90 you gonna need to insurance the.court.you're gonna need um what else you gonna.need you gonna need.[Music].oh here's this other application guys -.like - you gotta fill out this t 239 you.just this is general information okay.you just fill it out is easy and let's.see T to 38 to 39 and 39 be okay.and this this sheet right here is pretty.much generally telling you we got an.error 139 Schedule B well anyway this.the the T 139 is the the fee schedule.for the UH for how much it's gonna cost.to get to IRP hold on a second I forgot.where I put the damn it's a website how.long okay.the T to 39 the T I'm sorry the T 139 be.just basically this right here this.website is feed subject calm and.well as dot biz this this website here.basically calculates your your your your.your your base plate how much the base.plate gonna cost you basically go ahead.and put in your base jurisdiction my.base jurisdiction is Georgia and you.just fill out this information 2014.Freightliner how many axles how much the.truck cost and then once you go right.here it says here if you don't if you.don't have the actual distance you if.you don't know the actual distance in.all the state in all 48 states that you.want to want to run through all you do.is you put in eat right here.you just put in E and hit tab and you.just hit e tab e tab all the way down.and it's gonna calculate it's gonna give.you the estimate on your plate and like.for me in Georgia and you want to put.for higher right here you don't want to.put common carrier you want to cuz you.getting up a higher plate you cook for.higher and you put make sure you put for.higher there cuz gonna come up with a.different amount and for the state of.Georgia to get your base plates it's.1300 a year.it's 1300 a year now see like it.Schneider Schneider charges you like 33.at things like 30 but 30 $35 a week out.of your settlement to pay for your base.plates okay.if you let's pull up the calculator to.30 35 dollars a week times 52.Schneider charging 1800 a year for the.base plates now if I get my own place.I'm saving what about about five hundred.dollars roughly for five hundred dollars.just by getting your own base plates so.a lot of guys they don't have the money.up front to get their own base plates.but once you get your own base plates.those plates belong to you okay so if.you leave if you want to turn your truck.back in you just take your plates off.and put them on another truck.those are your place so and all you do.is you go down to the IRP office or once.you get.a account once you get a count you put.in your your username and you're gonna.get account information to log in you're.gonna get account to log in when you log.in your account you can go in and add.trucks take away trucks pay your base.plates every year it's easy man get in.your own place that's the beauty of.having your own place you saving a whole.lot of money man for five hundred.dollars a year and then you don't have.that money coming out of your settlement.thirty forty and fifty dollars who have.these companies charge and once you get.your own place.those are your plates so if you want to.turn your truck in back to Schneider or.MHC or whatever the leasing coming you.got your truck from Lone Mountain or.whatever you just take your plates off.and put them on another truck okay so.it's just that easy.and see what Schneider when you do a.transfer they charge you some transfer.tag registration transfer fee you know.I'm saying so it see that's the beauty.of getting your own place but okay I've.got up from tangent I'm sorry but yeah.so this site this site here pretty much.tells you what your base plates gonna.cost and in the state of Georgia you.look at about thirteen fourteen hundred.dollars this is right on it's right on.so so you're looking at about thirteen.fourteen hundred for the for the base.plate and if you're doing title work.that's another maybe twenty dollars and.then if you got your own trailer that's.another fifty sixty dollars to do your.your registration and get your tag on.your trailer so you probably looking at.a good fifteen hundred for fifteen.sixteen hundred for the truck and.trailer okay registration and then for.your insurance you probably be looking.at a good five six hundred down for your.insurance and then maybe three maybe.three hundred a month three four hundred.a month for a barbed tail and uh a.bobtail and a physical damage and.bobtail or if you get on laid it on.later coverage and stuff like that if.you need to know now if you if you.getting you on the tour.is gonna be a little bit more you.probably looking at maybe 800 month you.got your own authority looking at.primary liability and cargo and all that.good stuff so all right let me let me.get back on - yeah so you fill this out.and it's pretty straightforward man it's.just straightforward alright you're.straight it's really straightforward to.get your own place not a lot of guys um.a lot of guys what they do is they do it.online if they don't want to go down to.the office but I don't recommend that.because when you do it online and you.upload it to them you got to wait and.then once you get approved they get your.temp they give you that paper that you.put on your windshield and to me I'd.rather have my plate I rather go down.there and get my plate the same day so.if you go down there you that's that's.why I recommend going down there so like.go down there you get your place the.same day rather than waiting 10 to 15.days or whatever because if you ready to.work you got your contract from the new.company you ain't trying to be that you.go on the road and stuff so you want to.get your place the same day so you can.just hit the roll and go to work you.have to worry about coming back by the.house couple weeks later next week to.get your plates they come in the mail.and all that good stuff but some guys.you know they do it online so it's up to.you so if you want to do it online.I forgot the link there's a link on here.so you can apply for it online.I forgot the link but this is the.Georgia portal for the IRP and once you.get your IRP account you click on here.and the lady at the window is gonna give.you your username your username and.password you put your username password.in here you can log on and you can look.at your account and um you can you can.that's your account that's the beauty of.having your own place man I wouldn't.have no other way I wouldn't get my.plates to no carrier because doing it.this way now I'm in control get my own.insurance and get your own place but I.know I probably missed a few things but.generally getting your own place for.your truck for your truck is pretty easy.man yes it's pretty easy it's a few.things that are you know you go back and.forth especially if you nice in the.truck but if you own your own truck you.don't have to do all this stuff but um I.know this video is a little lone man but.I just wanna touch on some things about.getting your own plate man but hey I.appreciate y'all watching my videos man.I'll see y'all next time.

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Irp Registration Oklahoma Form FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

I have created a registration form in HTML. When someone fills it out, how do I get the filled out form sent to my email?

Are you assuming that the browser will send the email? That is not the way it is typically done. You include in your registration form a <input type=submit> and use PHP or whatever on the server to send the email. In PHP it is PHP: mail - Manual But if you are already on the server it seems illogical to send an email. Just register the user immediately.

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