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[Music].BBC news at 10 now on BBC one with.Sophie ray live tonight at 10:00 a.culture of fear and intimidation is.found in some schools in Birmingham five.schools have been placed in special.measures after an investigation into.claims that hardline Muslims were trying.to take them over in the most serious.cases a culture of fear and intimidation.has taken grip since the schools were.last inspected as leaders of one school.firmly deny the claims the education.secretary backs the idea of unannounced.Ofsted inspections any school could now.be subject to rigorous on the spot.inspections with no advance warning and.no opportunities to conceal failure and.we will put to the promotion of British.values at the heart of what every school.has to deliver for children we'll be.looking at the reaction to the report.and its implications for children's.education also tonight conditions at a.care home in West Sussex are described.as harrowing by a report into the deaths.of 19 elderly residents drifting or.making headway David Cameron meets.German dutch and swedish leaders to.discuss the future of the EU as protests.in brazil continued to disrupt the.run-up to the World Cup England get down.to training in Rio we never clean the.toilet deal being a student is all about.the actor and comedian Rik Mayall has.died suddenly at the age of 56 on BBC.London police investigate suspected.homophobic attacks three victims were.sprayed with ammonia and a Luton Islamic.Primary School is criticized after its.found to have books with fundamentalist.views.you.[Music].good evening the chief inspector of.schools in England Sir Michael Wilshaw.has issued a damning verdict on how some.schools in Birmingham have been run.he'd been investigating claims of a.hard-line Muslim takeover at some.schools and said there was evidence of a.campaign sparked by the so called Trojan.horse plot to change the character and.ethos of some schools five of the.schools have now been put in special.measures the Ofsted chief pointed to a.culture of fear and intimidation in some.and said Birmingham City Council had.failed to support a number of schools in.the area to protect pupils from the.risks of radicalization and extremism.the claims have been firmly rejected by.leaders of one of the schools.Rita Chakravarty reports Birmingham.schools have endured months of leaks and.rumors about radicalization and.extremism today a damning verdict for.five of them with Ofsted condemning a.culture of fear and intimidation that.was shocking the schools Chief Inspector.earlier refused to do interviews but he.made this statement some had teachers.including those with a proud record of.raising standards have been marginalized.or forced out of their jobs this has.left a vacuum in which schools.previously rated good or outstanding.have suffered enormous staff turbulence.a collapse in morale and a rapid decline.in their overall effectiveness Ofsted.said there'd been a deliberate attempt.to change the ethos of the schools with.the curriculum being narrowed and an.exclusively Muslim culture in non faith.schools outside one of them today Park.View opinions were sharply divided as to.what was going on.we do have assemblies but they just like.teach teacher lessons like to be nice.being nice to one another be nice to.your parents and so on it's not like we.have assault courses on how to make.bombs and all sorts of stuff in the.school to say if you sit with a grade.you were lucky to work better he says.that you could sit with the girls you.can you can but you can't like I have a.girlfriend or have a boyfriend you can't.do any of that.yeah that's because and it in Islamic I.have a girlfriend a boyfriend is.Icelandic school.and it feels like one does it yeah it.does feel like an Islamic school but.it's not supposed to be an Islamic.school it's an academy it all started.with this the so called Trojan horse.document an anonymous letter suggesting.a hard-line Muslim plot to take over.Birmingham schools it's widely thought.to be a fake but it was the trigger for.today's events spokesmen for Park View.expressed their anger that their school.judged outstanding by inspectors two.years ago was now graded inadequate the.problem here is not extremism or.segregation or religious indoctrination.all the things that off they look for.but failed to find in our schools the.problem here is the knee-jerk actions of.some politicians that have undermined.the great work we do here at this school.old no Ofsted says a small group of.Governors has been promoting a narrow.faith-based ideology in a non faith.school with staff afraid to speak out.but it left one parent almost speechless.with rage where do I start from now sure.this is outstanding and a Trojan horse.document which now is the protis trojan.hogs you know a baseless document has.caused so much hysteria and this score.has been dragged into it but the school.principal currently on sick leave said.she had been targeted by a hostile.governing body I am a Plett because I am.the principal of Honor Academy and I've.been treated in this manner it's.disgraceful the reports out today paint.a picture of an organized attempt to.entrench a conservative form of Islam in.a group of schools but questions remain.over whether this amounts to an attempt.to radicalize pupils or to foster.extremism tonight there are questions.for Birmingham City Council said to have.had serious failings and questions -.about Ofsted's previous judgments and.the government's oversight of academies.most of all though there are local.people bruised and a bit bewildered by.their experience in the spotlight rita.Chakrabarti BBC news Birmingham the.Education Secretary Michael Gove has.ordered an inquiry into the role of.Ofsted and whether his department.ignored warnings about religious.extremism in school.he also told mps that the inspection.regime would be strengthened to allow.unannounced visits his our political.editor Nick Robinson a historic failure.to tackle non violent extremism that was.Michael goes verdict today on what.underlay the crisis in Birmingham.schools he blamed his own department for.education he blamed schools inspectors.he blamed the City Council for what.today was revealed at one secular.secondary school staff told officials.the call to prayer was broadcast over.the playground using loudspeakers MPs.listened in silence as he listed other.examples at other schools terms such as.white prostitute unsuitable for primary.children's ears were used in Friday.assemblies run exclusively by Muslim.staff so what is the education secretary.proposing to do about it failing schools.will be taken over in Birmingham Ofsted.will in future be allowed to carry out.inspections without prior warning and.all schools will be told to promote.British values at the moment academies.have a duty to respect them Labour say.that it's the government which has.failed not least in its attempt to.control every school from a desk in.Whitehall mr. speaker the events in.Birmingham revealed an education policy.in disarray a government's more.concerned about warring egos than school.standards and a prime minister unable to.control his cabinet what we need mr..speaker are local systems of oversight.and accountability a system of local.checks and balances.the day began with the education.secretary in the Home Secretary being.summoned to number 10 for dressing down.by the Prime Minister in all frames.day-out he has apologized for triggering.the Rao he even praised her today no.government and no home secretary has.done more to tackle extremism than this.government and this she didn't look that.impressed though.in fact Tereza may had planned to say.nothing preferring to slip in and out of.Downing Street back gates but she was.forced to the Commons to answer.accusations that she'd agreed to leak a.letter designed to damage her colleague.the cabinet secretary undertook a review.to establish the facts of what happened.last week as the cabinet secretary and.Prime Minister concluded I did not.authorize the release of my letter to.the education secretary the one veteran.political bruiser thought he knew what.was really going on the nasty party are.getting ready for a short session battle.and the Home Secretary is in.with the second is a forensic engine.that's what's really happening despite.all today's sound and fury one senior.cabinet minister told me today we're.only just getting to grips with what.actually is extremism let alone whose.job it is to tackle it Nick Robinson BBC.News Westminster.our home editor mark Easton is with me.now and I suppose at the heart of this.is where diversity stops and extremism.begins what it what is extremism we saw.today was Michael Gove say saying to.every school in England they've got to.promote British values and we now know.that what he means by that is democracy.individual liberty tolerance of other.people's beliefs and their faiths but.the Education Secretary is also on.record for saying he wants faith schools.to take advantage of the freedoms of.academies and the free school project to.break away from local authority control.and as he puts it be true to their.religious traditions so they're.something of a paradox here today we.heard Ofsted talking about Muslim.governors in Birmingham trying to impose.a narrow religious ethos on us on Iran.the schools there and Michael Gove.talking about how actually we talk about.Catholic schools but he wants an an.ethos a pervasive set of religious.values that find expression throughout.the school day there's a balance to be.struck here difficult to find out what.it is Matt thank you.relatives of residents who died at a.care home in West Sussex where.conditions were described as harrowing a.calling for a public inquiry the report.into the orchid view home which closed.three years ago made more than 30.recommendations to prevent what it.called institutionalized abuse our.social affairs correspondent Allison.Holt reports too often left hungry.thirsty in pain and ignored.today's report says elderly residents a.dogged view nursing home near Crawley.injured appalling care neglect directly.contributed to the deaths of five people.including Jean Halfpenny she was.overdosed on the drug warfarin staff.then shredded records to cover that up.her daughter is one of the relatives who.now wants a public inquiry.the stories of the 19 other families is.really shocking there are elderly and.vulnerable people who just left.unprotected and that just those involved.they're still unaccountable the serious.case review says orchid view was a home.that seemed to put money before people.staff were poorly trained and over.stretched it concludes it should have.been possible to hold the owners.accountable they were a business they.were running a care business they were.taking public resources they were taking.private resources from people paying for.their own care they were not providing.that care and they were not taking.actions to remedy that orchid view was.owned by Southern Cross which at the.time was one of the UK's largest.providers of care but it was in serious.financial difficulties and it's since.gone out of business consultant' nurse.Lynne fair led the Health and Social.Care team sent in to try to sort out the.problems at the home but she says no one.there was listening people when we gave.them warning of who we were going to see.they couldn't they couldn't achieve that.was what I found more shocking and.distressing than anything that they they.still were incapable of responding when.we were pointing out to them what was.going wrong the report does say.relatives who complained like Lesley.Lincoln should have been listened to.more by health and care authorities and.the regulator you can see bruises where.hmm she's obviously being pulled up.losing she agrees with the report that.privately run home such as orchid view.should face the same scrutiny as the NHS.as a society is really important because.you know each and every one of us may.have a person in that situation or be in.that situation ourselves and if we don't.stand out now and say that this is wrong.this is going to continue the various.authorities say they've made changes the.hope is a new law will hold other.companies to account for care failings.Allison Holt BBC News West Sussex.Pakistan's busiest airport has reopened.this evening after a deadly attack by.the Pakistani Taliban which left at.least 28 people dead the assault began.late last night with security forces.only gaining control five hours later.ten of the Dead were militants it's.thought the group may have been trying.to hijack a plane but they were.contained within the cargo area and.stopped from making it to the passenger.terminal yes security forces have done a.tremendous job you saw how quickly they.controlled the situation our Army.Rangers and police tackled a situation.nicely and killed all the terrorists.involved in the incident the Prime.Minister David Cameron is in Sweden for.talks with the German Chancellor Angela.Merkel and the dutch and swedish leaders.about the future of the EU they're.expected to discuss who should be the.next president of the european.commission the talks come as labour.joined David Cameron in saying they.wouldn't back jang-ho Juncker the former.prime minister of Luxembourg for the job.our political correspondent Ben Wright.is in Sweden where the talks are taking.place Ben Sophie here at the remote.summer retreat of Sweden's Prime.Minister an argument about Europe's.future is being played out over dinner.David Cameron is trying to persuade.Angela Merkel the German Chancellor that.jean-claude Juncker should not become.the next president of the European.Commission understand that he'll say his.appointment would amount to a stitch-up.but others in Europe particularly.Germany believe it's Britain that has.got this wrong and for David Cameron and.his chances of a renegotiation with the.EU all this matters a lot going round in.circles the Swedish Prime Minister's.traditional greeting for guests but he.the Dutch Prime Minister and David.Cameron have a big difference with their.other boating companion the German.Chancellor Angela Merkel.over who should be the next president of.the EU Commission today for the first.time the three main British party.leaders mentioned jean-claude Juncker by.name and all said they try and stop him.getting the job David Cameron says Mr.Janka has jumped the gun.claiming a mandate to be commissioned.president after his center-right group.of parties won the most seats in the.European elections.it's up to national you leaders to.select a candidate which the European.Parliament then boats on the.democratically elected leaders of Europe.we should be the ones to choose who.should run these institutions rather.than accept some new process which was.never agreed I think that is important I.caught up with jean-claude Juncker in.Brussels last week but he didn't want to.speak mr. younger a certain will be.commissioned president I don't give.interviews my reminder Britain are.trying to stop me becoming president I'm.not the spokesman of the widget moment.Britain says he's an old-school Brussels.fixer opposed to reform but crucially he.has the backing of mrs. Merkel Europe's.most powerful leader and Germany.supports the process that has made him.the man to unseat saying it's Britain.that doesn't understand the rules on her.way into the Prime Minister's house the.German Chancellor said she would.continue to lobby for mr. Younker but it.wouldn't be decided here tonight this.argument is about more than mr. Janka.it's turning into a power struggle.between the European Parliament and EU.leaders and their split on which way to.pull then right BBC news Hobson in.Sweden there are now just 100 days of.campaigning left before people in.Scotland cast their vote on independence.the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.entered the fray today saying.Westminster politicians had been wrong.to be negative about what an independent.Scotland would mean both sides in the.debate have stepped up their efforts to.persuade voters an average of the last.six polls of those who have made up.their minds suggests that no campaign is.leading with 58 percent of Scots wanting.to stay in the Union with particularly.strong support among women.that leaves 42% now backing an.independent Scotland our special.correspondent Alan little reports they.have had so far the stronger and more.active grassroots campaign but the.pro-independence camp are still behind.in the polls and one of the reasons is.gender women those polls say are much.more skeptical about.independence than men why I asked the.staff at this Edinburgh beauty salon for.myself mother so I think of the risk to.the next generation and what we write.for them so that's what sheets my.decision I don't suppose that's.exclusively female but very much that.that drives my process we just made up.our mind yet.I think this possibly we're still.deciding we surely are the Queen's of.overanalyzing possibly rightly analyzing.I think women will tend to have a lot.more information in front of them before.making a decision than possibly member.persuading more women to vote yes is now.an urgent priority for the Scottish.Government the Deputy First Minister.used this landmark day to address and.all women gathering that vote on.September the 18th is the greatest.opportunity we will ever have to build a.better more prosperous and Fader country.for ourselves and for generations to.come.the pro-union better together campaign.have an urgent priority - to stop the.flow of traditional labour voters.crossing to the independence camp so all.three unionist parties and are promising.greater powers for the Scottish.Parliament the message voting know is.also patriotically Scottish let us never.yield one inch to the suggestion that.this is somehow an auction of patriotism.in which the Nationalists are the.highest bidders nobody questions the.sincerity of their opinions and they.should not question ours betting.together may be a cross-party campaign.but it's not always harmonious Gordon.Brown's playing a much more active role.now trying to keep that large labor vote.loyal to the Union today he attacked the.Prime Minister accusing David Cameron of.patronizing and threatening the Scots.the United Kingdom he said could still.be lost by mistake whatever the result.in September the political center of.gravity has already shifted toward.greater autonomy Scotland in or out of.the union will emerge from all this.changed further more distinct still Alan.little BBC News Edinburgh.the actress Angelina Jolie will join the.Foreign Secretary William Hague in.London tomorrow to chair the first.global summit aimed at preventing rape.and sexual violence being used as a.tactic of war there's been a sharp rise.in the number of sexual assaults in the.world's youngest countries South Sudan.since fighting between two ethnic tribes.the Dinka and the newer erupted in.december the UN says up to 24,000 women.they're a risk.Africa correspondent karen allen's.report begins in the town of bent you.some viewers may find her report.upsetting conflict has made this woman a.refugee in her own land beneath the.surface we find another sinister threat.rape on a massive scale not seen here.before in the world's newest state in.the grips of a military rebellion women.here are being sexually abused singled.out because of their tribe and tens of.thousands are now packed into camps Jane.is breaking a taboo by speaking of.sexual assault she cowered in the grass.clutching her nine-year-old son as her.sister-in-law was gang-raped then shot.dead right in front of her four of them.all Reptar the other one finishes the.other one goes into her to the extent.she was screaming in a loud voice she.keep on screaming slowly slowly until.she lose her voice she was not able to.scream again 31 women were allegedly.raped there that day it happened in the.town of bent you now virtually deserted.apart from pro-government soldiers who.were blamed for this crime but all sides.are accused of sexual violence on an.alarming scale when from everybody this.is been to FM when rebel forces seized.the radio station April the manager was.forced to hand over the controls.commander took to the airwaves inciting.men to rape dink Irwin protecting.civilians is a top priority and a new UN.mandate but attacks are taking place.right outside the very camps that are.meant to provide sanctuary.this is an observation tower and it's.just on the periphery of the camp and.there in the distance there's a cluster.of trees now we've had a number of cases.reported to us where women claimed they.were raped by government soldiers behind.there and in one case a woman claims.that she was held dragged through the.undergrowth to a shipping container way.beyond there and repeatedly raped this.is not the international community's.problem to fix this is the South.Sudanese problem to fix they have to.reconcile they've got to come together.they've got to build their country and.make sure the population whoever it is.is safe there are very real fears that.women could be denied justice for the.sake of peace but the authorities have.promised action yet securing the means.to survive is likely to take priority.Karen Allen BBC News South Sudan and you.can see more of Karen Allen's report.from South Sudan on Newsnight on BBC 2.after the news with just three days to.go until the start of the World Cup in.Brazil England have been training in Rio.de Janeiro ahead of their opening match.against Italy on Saturday but the.build-up to the Brazilian tournament is.continuing to be overshadowed by.violence and protests our chief sports.correspondent dan roan is there it.wasn't meant to be like this.Sao Paulo is supposed to be focusing on.hosting the opening match of footballs.showpiece event on Thursday.instead running battles between riot.police and protesters after a fifth day.of strikes by transport workers that.have brought this sprawling city to a.virtual standstill this is the Brazil.the authorities would prefer the.build-up to the world camp to be all.about England players getting into the.party spirit tonight during a community.visit to Rio's biggest favela close to.the team's hotel World Cup in Brazil.this the ultimate do you think I think.it is you know I've been receiver that.or in England if you ask any English.player where you'd like to play a World.Cup first with the same England and then.you say Brazil you know Brazil is known.for its Blin history and the great teams.that they produce over the years and.it's an amazing place where you can tell.everyone laughs before you starting to.get a real real buzz about it now you.know we're in Rio and you can really.sense that the nation's a massive.football nation and everyone's just got.a massive buzz but for the World Cup to.start the Thursday earlier on England.had found themselves tightly marked.sweeping along copacabana beach as they.were escorted through the city under.armed guard even here in the shadow of.Sugarloaf Mountain at their spectacular.training ground by the sea a reminder of.the huge security operation that's.surrounding this tournament on the pitch.Steven Gerrard was the only concern.England's captain unable to complete the.practice session due to a tight groin.England will never have trained anywhere.quite like this before but they have.little time to enjoy the scenery after.this they have just four more days of.preparation before their World Cup.adventure begins.so what games lie ahead for England.first they go to the Amazon city of.Manaus where Italy lie in wait on.Saturday then five days later Uruguay.and South Paulo are their opponents.before a third match against Costa Rica.in Belo Horizonte on the 24th of June if.they get through the group I think next.round they would face probably Ivory.Coast or Colombia.that's a winnable game then they come to.the quarterfinals.think the page looks like it could be.Brazil Spain Chile Netherlands I think.that could be as far as England will go.many of this squad haven't experienced.the heat and the glare that comes with.playing in a major tournament we're.about to find out what England are made.of well you think England are under.pressure here in Rio just spare a.thought for the nation most in love with.this sport Brazil tonight there was a.collective holding of breath by the.whole country when the undisputed.superstar of the Brazilian national team.Neymar appeared to be injured during.training now the latest reports are that.he is okay but the scare only underlines.just what's at stake for the hosts on.the pitch as well as honest Dan thank.you the actor and comedian Rik Mayall.has died suddenly at the age of 56 he's.shot to fame in the young ones and.starred in some of the most successful.comedy series of the 1980s and 90s he.lives behind his wife and three children.our arts editor will Gompertz looks back.at his life and career actor Rik Mayall.didn't do subtle you understanding my.date is an order the character that.defined his career Rick in the young.ones a posturing undergraduate part.mummy's boy part militant anarchist.the early 80s cult TV show which he.co-wrote captured the spirit off and.lampooned the student politics of.Thatcher's post-punk Brittany I get to.write to my MP you haven't got an MP.Rick you're a nanny coos well then I.shall write to the lead singer of echo.and the Bunnymen it showcased his.remarkable gear the flatstick physical.comedy couple out of this mating talent.honed through the 80s and 90s with his.old university chum.Adrian well what who said today there.were times when Rick and I were writing.together when we almost died laughing.they were some of the most carefree days.I've ever had I feel privileged to have.shared them with him flash my name flash.by Nature.when Rik Mayall was on set well haven't.I be what everybody knew about it many.actors have many facets I do I could do.ego and that's about it am i pleased to.see you or did I just put a canoe in my.pocket in 1998 he was seriously injured.in a quad bike accident he recovered and.returned to work appearing in Johnson.Creek last year representing scumbag we.have Mike Craig Vivien but it was the.iconoclastic antihero Rick and the young.ones that epitomized his comic ability.the character became a bit of a legend.as many would say did its creator.Richard Rik Mayall Rik Mayall who died.this morning at the age of 56 and that's.all from us good night.

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