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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Filling in Puyallup Charitable Funds Application 2016 2019 Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Puyallup Charitable Funds Application 2016 2019 Form

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Understand How to Fill in the Puyallup Charitable Funds Application 2016 2019 Form

well welcome to the king county employee.Giving Program 2018 application webinar.again we are recording this for a later.playback hillary leonard is with me.today and she will be answering.questions in the chat box especially.since i can't see those questions that.are coming in at the moment with our.current slide set up these slides and.the webinar will be available afterwards.once we have it up on youtube i will.send the link out to everyone for those.of you who are new to the program we.welcome you we try really hard like I've.said in my materials not to make this.boring even though it's about paper and.documents and many ways legal stuff we.really value our relationships with all.of you and I just celebrated my 10th.year in this job and so I literally have.relationships with many of the thousand.plus nonprofit organizations that are in.the program and when you guys move.around from nonprofit to nonprofit I.also recognize that to us today is.agenda we're gonna talk about the king.county employee Giving Program about the.application and eligibility what to.expect over the coming year and why.workplace giving in general one thing.that I have learned over the years is.that is that there's a vacuum of.conversation around how nonprofits.should engage with or why they should.engage with workplace giving at all and.so I always try to provide a I mean it's.very short but information about that.plus I'm always happy to have continuing.conversations with organizations or do.separate trainings if you are interested.the King County employee Giving Program.is the workplace Giving Program for King.County government employees we are.sometimes mistaken for the King County.CFC which is now the Cascadia CFC but.that is the combined Federal Campaign.that's federal employees that.into work in this region we also have.the Washington State combined fund drive.that's employees of the state of.Washington so those are just some.examples so we are King County.government we are governed by King.County Code all charitable solicitations.of King County employees must be done.through the King County employee Giving.Program and that's because we are a.public resource and so we provide that.equitable access for both the employees.and the nonprofit's otherwise it would.be kind of a massive free-for-all.also we conduct the Annual Giving Drive.in the fall which is what most people.know that's our largest product we do.any emergency drives that occur such as.natural disaster relief volunteering and.other year-round philanthropic resource.in special events employees may give.through payroll donation time donation.or direct check so one thing that's.missing on there is new this year in.2018 employees will also be able to give.through credit card and also our.employees so this is another value add.for both our employees and our.nonprofits our employees will be able to.take up to three sick days so they'll.have a new way to use their sick leave.so up to three sick days to volunteer at.a nonprofit in the program it's where.the first in the nation to offer this.for public sector you know pay time off.has been a growing trend in the private.sector but I believe we are the first in.the nation to do this for public sector.so we're really excited to be venturing.into that area and supporting our.employees in that way we so that was.just another example of how we try to.lead the way here at the King County.employee Giving Program King County has.a.countywide goal to be a bust run.government and that follows through to.us here at the King County employee.Giving Program we do research we try to.implement best practices we are always.trying to use evaluation and partner and.get feedback from you guys this.application process is a really great.example of how we have continuously.improved and worked with you guys to.make it better with the resources we.have available to us our applications we.have three different applications but.it's all in the same spot so independent.organizations Federation's and.governmental units 98% of you are.independent organizations and so our.webinar is going to focus on that but.for my Federation's or governmental.units who may be on the call today you.should know that what I cover here is.going to be the same process that you.will follow they're just going to be.some specific questions that are going.to be a little bit different for you all.organizations apply online now in fact I.was looking at a whole bunch of paper.from way back when we had all paper.applications and I'm so thankful that we.are no longer killing those trees or.storing paper and we have an.implementation guide that helps with.definitions and guidance on what and.would look for in a document request so.I've used this for a couple of years.because I get pretty I love this it was.one of our feedback from one of our.partner nonprofit organizations this was.the easiest ask I've had to do in months.possibly years the only possible.improvement would be to have an ounce of.high-quality chocolate pop out of my.computer upon submission well I cannot.do that.but I can tell you what will jump out of.the computer hopefully is how much we.love and adore you and look forward to.the coming the coming year so.functionally this is a newer platform.it's Microsoft Dynamics portals you can.savor in return and you will see a.visual warning for many of your.eligibility requirements telling you.right away for returning organizations.the information there will be an.prefilled application for you so you.just need to go in and review it and.submit it and upload your relevant.document so we're literally trying to.make this as easy as possible you will.receive if you are a returning portal.user you should already have your.username and login from last year if you.have forgotten your username or password.you can reset both of those off of the.off of our portal page but it is if not.if you weren't a returning portal user.then you will need a invitation code if.you're with a returning organization new.organizations you're just going to set.up a new local contact the reason why.our returning organizations need this.invitation code is because then it's.tied directly to your organization if.you try to go in and create a whole new.account for your organization it could.override what we have in the system and.you won't be able to take advantage of.the data that we already have for you so.tips for your online application so.write down your login information with.your username and password I know that.you guys and I'm so sorry for this I.know that you have those spreadsheets I.mean you guys can admit it to me because.I already know you have the spreadsheet.with all of the username and passwords.right for the 40 million places that you.have to log into and I'm so sorry to.have to add another one to it I really.am but since you already have the.spreadsheet with all of the portal web.links and username passwords there you.go if not you can now request your.username or password directly from our.portal read the implementation guide.I get a lot of folks who get halfway.through the application they're like oh.wait I didn't know that I wasn't.eligible if you read the eligibility.requirements ahead of time and the.implementation guide you're gonna know.exactly what each of those questions and.requirements are have your required.attachments ready ahead of time and.saved in a folder we went out to our.nonprofits and watch them fill out our.application to better understand what.you go through when you do this and a.best practice that we learned from that.from a nonprofit partner was saving.everything ahead of time it makes it.goes so much faster all fields marked.with an asterisk are required and submit.early when you submit early it allows us.to you submit early allows us to fix any.issues right with the application and if.there's two things that I've learned.while doing this job it's that nobody.reads instructions that goes for me too.and everybody waits into the last minute.guilty as charged.I felt without my open enrollment for my.benefits on the day it was due and they.work in the office and they were giving.me this I die.so I totally get it but what that means.is that we're gonna be slammed that last.day when the applications are due so the.earlier you can get in the more time we.have to work with you if there's any.issues this is what our portal looks.like and when you get there you're going.to sign in up at the top you're gonna go.here regardless of who you are returning.or or new if you are well let's just.take a look at the next page here if you.are returning organization and/or a.returning portal user and you are.signing in using your username and.password so if you are assigning in.using your username and password you.just sign in right there with your local.account and you can see here now in our.knowledgebase where you can forget your.username if you are a new organization.or you have not received an invitation.code by the end of tomorrow because.they're going out to anybody who hasn't.redeemed one previously then you will.come here and register for a new local.account you'll put in your email.username password if you try to put in.an email or username that's already been.registered it's gonna error out at you.and say this has already been taken.which may give you a clue that you have.an account or an invitation code if you.have an invitation code you will either.click on redeem invitation or the redeem.the invitation email that you get will.link when you click on the link it'll.bring you directly here and your.invitation code should automatically.populate in that field your invitation.code is not the number that's in the.subject line that's just a CRM subject.line number that's assigned or I.honestly have no idea and I've asked.Microsoft to take it off because I think.it's obnoxious but until they do that's.not the invite code the invite code is.provided for you through the link in the.email when you log in the first thing.you're gonna see is your profile.information and so this your login is.specific to you not your organization.well we attach you to your organization.the nice thing about this is that if we.lose a user we don't lose the.organization and so as people change out.we can attach new people and still keep.all the history for the organization so.here on your profile page make sure you.fill out information for you.and click update at the bottom if it.doesn't automatically take you to this.page which it should but in case it.doesn't you can navigate to this page up.at the top of our menu and choose.employee Giving Program and this is.where this is home base this is where.you're going to find everything that you.need to know in these pages here for the.application next step will be the.application overview and apparently my.orange arrow has moved on me a little.bit but the application overview you'll.want to read that page this is you know.when applications are due who I saw on.the chat box somebody had that question.April 25th 2018.where you know about the eligibility.requirements about the attachments all.of that's going to be on this page then.if you are a new organization or.returning you'll choose your path on.which one you push next so for my new.organizations only returning.organizations or returning portal users.do not have to go through this process.this is only for new org and new.organizations you need to activate the.portal account once you've done this.you're done forever but it's our way of.making sure that robots aren't.activating portal accounts or people who.aren't relatively legitimate so this may.take up to 24 hours for your parole.account to get activated this allows you.to do everything else in the system and.use it from here on out again you only.have to do it once and then you're good.to go this is what the nonprofit portal.account looks like it's very simple.information your contact information.just some super basic nonprofit account.details and then you're creating your.account and then when you get that email.from me saying your portal account has.been approved there will be a link that.will drive you back to the site so you.can continue on with your app like.for everyone the first part of the.actual application is the part one.nonprofit and contact info whether.you're on your new or returning.organization page this is the same.button on both pages and you're going to.click it to get to part one one thing to.know about I lose so her three.attachments for new organizations Oh.everyone needs a copy of their.Washington Secretary of State charitable.solicitations registration so our.returning organizations only need one.upload but new you need three the other.two is the king county w9 this is not.the federal w9 and i'm so sorry.I know this is completely obnoxious.because you already have the federal w9.saved on your computer because your your.you know CEO has already signed it and.you're good to go so I'm very sorry that.you have to get a different one assigned.but we need this to pay you our accounts.payable office or accounts yes accounts.payable office requires it for our.vendor set up and you can download that.from the website and within the portal.and then a copy of your IRS.determination letter a copy of it I know.some of your IRS determination letter.czar from 1856 I think is but seriously.some of you've been around a really long.time so I only need I only need a copy.of it and I only need this once because.most people's determination doesn't.change.however documentation for all of the.other eligibility requirements should be.on file so here is the new format for.the Washington Secretary of State's.registration so I have debt so I want to.say I'm sorry ahead of time this is.gonna suck for a few of you and I really.apologize so let me give you a little.bit of background the in the past the.Secretary of State's office the only way.to verify that you were current in your.registration was with a letter a.hardcopy letter that the state provided.because they put a giant disclaimer on.the website that said you can't use this.basically can't use this information to.verify we're just providing this data.for consumer information it's not.illegal verification so you guys had to.go and if you couldn't find your letter.if you couldn't find the right letter.because there's three letters they give.you if you couldn't find the right.letter you had to go ask for a new one.it was five dollars and they emailed it.over to you and so when I went to their.website - we always put updated links.and I discovered the new format the.website I noticed that the disclaimer.was no longer there for the website.inside called the Secretary of State's.office I said the disclaimer is not.there does that mean I can use the.website to legally verify registration.for their terrible solicitations and.they said yes.which is super exciting it's really.amazing and we are what this tells me is.that we are very close to having a.process for our Secretary of State.charitable solicitations registration.that is super easy but until we get to.that point that small space it's going.to be a little bit more difficult.because the letter they used to provide.can no longer be used so it has to be a.screenshot of the website the new letter.so they change the letter and the new.letter format doesn't actually say that.you are current in your registration all.the letter says is that they received.your packet.and that it's complete and when I talk.to them they said well there's a date.you know that we received a letter in or.that we sent it you know back to them.but I've you know the many years I've.been doing this there's been plenty of.letters I've gotten where that date.might be after the renewal date that's.in the let body of bullet that used to.be in the body of the letter meaning.that they're still expired you were.still expired you were just getting.caught up and so I I can't accept the.letter they they fully acknowledged that.it doesn't actually say that an.organization is currently renewed it.just says that they've received your.paperwork so literally the only thing.that says that you are current in your.registration is the website now.unfortunately what that means is that.you'll need to take a screenshot or.print off and make a PDF or just make a.PDF of the website to upload to our.application that I again it sucks.but I'm really hopeful that we can get.to the point where we don't even have to.do that the other barrier is that there.is no longer a unique URL directly to.your organization spot on the Washington.Secretary of State's website.so before you provide me with a unique.URL where at least I could have gone.there and seen your information plus we.use that information to give it back to.our employees because we don't have that.unique URL anymore there's no way for me.there's a thousand of you there's just.no way for me to go and verify each by.by looking so this is the way that we're.gonna have to prove this year I am.working with them to see if they can't.just move us that half an inch more to.make it amazing so that way it's super.easy for you and for us.because this data is important and it's.a legal requirement for us and for you.you legally have to be current on your.registration so I have volunteered my.time to them to show them how this is.using an end use case scenario in hopes.that we can make that small movement if.you would like to share with them that.you would love it to if a unique URL.could be created to improve this process.even more or the letter could have the.renewal date in it feel free to share.the love because I know that they make.decisions they do they make decisions.based on feedback anyway so I'm sorry.that it's going to be complicated and.it's different and it's changing I'm.excited that we are so close to making.it super easy with the Secretary of.State but unfortunately I have no.ownership of their of their process at.all then I'm trying to be a good.consumer and engage with them on that.the King County this is an example of.the King County w9 I did see in the chat.box that somebody had a question about.whether you had to be a King County.based organization and the answer is no.you could be in Miami or New York but.regardless of where you are incorporated.all charities that want to solicit in.the state of Washington have to register.with the Secretary of State charitable.charities office so it doesn't matter.where you're incorporated it matters.whether you want to solicit here that's.why we require that solicit that.registration this is an example of an.IRS tax determination letter all right.two part one nonprofit and contact.information ask yourself how would a.potential donor look for me this is.really important because a lot of our.donors and users are looking for you.with electronic media and so making sure.that we're using terms and and.formatting our names in ways that makes.it very easy for them to.pick you out of a crowd and that is.where you're putting all of this.information please proofread this.section and make sure that you're not.doing all caps unless is it it is an.official part of your title because this.is the data that is being used to.populate all of our marketing materials.and our website I'll have a chance to.put in your legal name you're doing.business as name and so the doing.business has name is the one that will.actually be published your website.physical mailing and check address we.have lots of options for you your 150.character nonprofit description please.do not include your name in your.description and also don't say our.mission is that is wasted real estate.you have a hundred and fifty characters.start right with the active verbs we're.putting your name right above it there's.no need to to replicate it and if you're.saying our mission is then then what's.Apollo probably isn't disruptive enough.right just make sure it's active use all.of your real estate to your full.advantage on this page you can also.update your contacts you will create.contacts by clicking the blue button the.blue blue plus button you can add as.many contacts this is also where you can.delete contacts that should no longer be.on the account and you can create as.many contacts associated with your.account as you would like to so the blue.create button is we're gonna add our.take away contacts associated with the.account if you're already a portal user.or returning nonprofit you'll see.account contacts already in here but.then you're going to tell me who your.primary secondary and financed contact.are and you will choose the blue.looking-glasses to look folks up and.then you will click Submit now it should.take you automatically to part two but.if it doesn't we've.provided a shortcut right at the top of.the page that says go to part two but.don't go to part two until you've.clicked submit down at the bottom there.will also be a satisfied that says that.you've submitted your information.successfully on part two eligibility and.other information this and we also have.a new progress check in here with the.check marks that will tell you okay.you've updated your profile information.you've updated your nonprofit.information and now we're updating.eligibility the check mark won't trigger.on eligibility until your application is.submitted the eligibility forum is.submitted.so to begin the eligibility and other.information form if you are a new.organization or if there is nothing.below the applicant customer part you're.gonna click the blue button but if.you're returning you're gonna see.something already started in progress.like you see for happy today on my.screen and you will click the blue down.arrow there and that's called a carrot I.had no idea till last year so you will.click the carrot and it will say.continue existing application and that's.where you will open it up this is also.where let's say one person is filling.out the application but another person.has to review and actually sign it this.is where they can come back that person.is other person associated on the.account can come in and click continue.existing application review it and.submit it so anybody with portal.privileges associated with the account.can review this application there are.three different application types that.we talked about so choose your choose.your choose your story.what were the name of those books when.we were younger choose your path.Federation government or independent.again 95% of you are independent if you.are not sure which one you are give me a.call and we can.well we'll chat and make sure that you.choose the right one so you're gonna.choose your service categories please.make sure that your choice one your.primary category is your primary.category of service and double-check.this I had a very prominent animal.organization who ended up in the arts.section and I heard about that my.employees let me tell you because I try.to proofread but I totally missed it we.had to redo a bunch of stuff so please.double check your primary categories of.service and there will be a progress bar.up at the top that will tell you how far.along you are in completing the.eligibility requirements other.eligibility information is your tax.exempt status and the charitable.solicitations registration I I do see I.haven't taken out on this slide but we.did take out in the application because.there's no longer that unique URL to.your listing on the Washington Secretary.of State charitable solicitations page.we're no longer asking for that in the.application so our eligibility.requirements are based on industry best.practices and two years of research.including Better Business Bureau Wise.Giving Alliance leading public sector.campaigns Charity Navigator guide star.Washington Secretary of State and the.Internal Revenue Service and we've been.under our current eligibility.requirements now for six years you have.to be recognized by the IRS as having a.tax-exempt status under 501 C 3 or is a.governmental unit of the state of.Washington.you must be current with your Washington.Secretary of State charitable.solicitations registration you must add.firm adherence to or claim a legal.exemption from our non-discrimination.policy and turn in a complete and.on-time application you must have been.providing or conducting real services.benefits assistance or program services.for three years.you must have an active governing body.so your board whose members have a firm.adherence to a conflict of interest.policy and a majority of whom serve.without compensation and any compensated.members do not serve as a boards chair.or treasurer you have to have an annual.financial statement prepared in.accordance with generally accepted.accounting principles we also have.tiered fiscal review of requirement.depending on your annual gross income.and this is for the fiscal period ending.not more than eighteen months prior to.January 2017 meaning your end date of.your fiscal period is either like it.could be January 1 to December 31st 2016.sue me prior to 2018.that should say January 2018 I clearly.forgot that so.2017 but it caalso be January 1st to.December 31st 2016 because that's within.the 18 month period the reason being is.because a lot of organizations don't do.these big reviews like an audit or your.financial review every year they do it.every other year that 18-month period.allows for to capture some of that it.also allows for people who have fiscal.years instead of following the calendar.year so if you have a fiscal year that's.July 1st to June 30 so that's why.there's that 18 months and the so we.require an audit for organizations that.are greater than a million a financial.review by a certified public accountant.for organizations that are 250,000 to a.million and under 250,000 we require to.internally produce complete financial.statement this is a a matrix that shows.you how to figure out which one you.require now we have we also have built.in that so our food banks.for example have over many times have.over a million annual gross income.because of all of the in-kind.contributions that they get but their.actual cash their actual cash may be.much smaller than that so if you have an.annual gross income that's over a.million but your actual cash is under.five hundred thousand then you only need.a financial review by a CPA instead of a.full audit and then there's a set of.certifications that you're in compliance.with Washington state laws won't sell or.distribute donor lists provide.documentation upon request.truth and advertising use of materials.and information for marketing that we.can use it to help get your word out.there eligibility can be revoked in.cases of fraud or change of status that.you're in compliance with you u.s..regulations in oh fak and your.application is true and correct to the.best of your knowledge and then you will.submit it you will choose yes or no on.the I declare under penalty of perjury.and then make sure that when you were.doing your contacts that anybody who.needs to sign the application is already.in there then you will use the.looking-glass and choose the contact for.each each one if you need to you can.stop here this saves every time you take.a new step through the application.that's saving you can go back to part.one nonprofit and contact information.and add those folks and for people who.have to come in and review later right.this is really great they can just come.back come here choose their name and.then submit the other thing is you're.going to see the files we've moved the.files there at the very beginning that.way you're just uploading your files.right from the get-go and a moving.Fordyce but instead of having it here at.the end like we did last year we found.that that actually created a confusion.and some.folks were missing things and so there.were errors and so we moved it to the.front get it out of the way that's the.hard part.when you're done you're gonna see this.beautiful green slanted submission bar.but that it'll actually be up at the top.nice and beautiful that says submission.completed successfully and when you go.back to the page you'll be able to see.that your application has gone from in.progress to submitted they are due.Thursday April 25th 2018 and I want to.say by close of business but really it's.gonna be any time that night I have to.manually go in and shut things down and.I will tell you that I'm not gonna be.hanging out to try to do it okay so get.it to me that night and when I come in.in the morning is when I'm shutting.everything down to give you guys the.most time that you need I'm going to the.screens gonna get small again for just a.second because I want to check in before.we move in to the next portion of our.presentation so what to expect our.annual giving drive so this is just an.example of what the cycles look like so.it could be that you were in our Annual.Giving Drive last year and you're just.now or maybe haven't even seen your.first payment from last year right there.are long cycles these are this is.long-term fundraising and there is.overlap between the two between the two.cycles so this kind of visualizes what.that overlap looks like so you're.applying now for the Annual Giving Drive.this fall for distributions in 2019 this.is a more detailed example of our.application cycle and Annual Giving.Drive cycle so you're like I said you're.applying now this is when you'll start.seeing some money our pledge reports.come out in the beginning of the new.year and then with each quarterly check.you get specific donor reports and our.pledge reports are so here's everybody.who's pledged to your organization for.the year so this way you can you'll know.they've pledged the donal report that.comes with each check is this is what.actually happened because sometimes.there's a difference between what was.pledged and what actually happened for.example people leave employment new.people come I think is like that but in.most cases those donal reports are going.to roll right back to that pledge report.we have 13 more than 13-thousand king.county employees we literally do.everything from driving the bus to the.public health clinics to the sheriff's.office in the courts and I mean the.parks it's really quite fabulous all of.the different things that we do here at.King County and that is a huge.opportunity for you because it's not.just our employees but also all of their.families as well you will have an.opportunity to provide more information.in addition to the 150 character.description we put together these huge.we can't literally call them Annual.Giving Drive in a box and send them out.to a lot of our work sites that can't do.full full events and things like that to.be able to provide more exposure for.your organization's this is a really.great example of both a templated one.that I provided and a nicer one that.they did so there's a couple of.different ways to provide information.this is what your listing looks like on.our website so lots of information for.our donors to learn about you.so why workplace giving this is this is.getting old now I'm waiting for somebody.to give me a new one but until I get a.new one I don't have it but my.understanding is that it's still.accurate for the national average cost.to raise dollar you and I both know then.it costs money to make money and zero.out of anything is zero right and it is.our work to help inform and educate.donors in the world but the great work.we're doing and to raise money but also.understand that it cost to do that.nothing just exists out of thin air and.I understand particularly that.organizations have to use all of the.fundraising tools in their tool kit to.meet your missions right yes special.events may be fifty percent of gross.raised but that special event can bring.in a hundred thousand dollars right and.it's amazing I mean just there's so many.intangibles that you just can't get out.of it with the relationships you build.and the connections and the engaging of.your donors and your volunteers I mean.it's just they're really special things.right and but so there's lots of.different reasons why we use all of the.fundraising tools that we use workplace.giving in general is one of them were.cost effective nationally it's around 16.cents to raise dollar here at the EGP I.have 8 to 12 for the last three years.it's been 11 11 cents to raise a dollar.so I'm pretty proud of the fact that we.could offer you a cost of a cost.effective tool to put in your toolkit.and that's because we can leverage.things like scale and economy and our.workforce right we're it's also being.what's we're looking for here subsidized.because our employees in our workforce.are carrying some of that that load.because of their excitement and sharing.and marketing and their engagement and.it's just it's super amazing I am.everybody who knows me knows I'm a huge.fan and totally buy it I just think.workplace giving is is amazing so this.kind of just shows that as well that we.are lower than the national average for.our nonprofit partners also some.benefits for you one there's that unique.revenue source so you might have heard.me talk about the time donation earlier.again we were one of the first in the.nation to offer this our employees can.donate.they're unused vacation time or a comp.time to charities it's amazing it's such.a cool benefit these are unrestricted.gifts right I know full well that you.cannot do the stuff that you need to do.if you cannot turn on your lights right.if you can't actually pay the rent if.you have needs that show up in the.middle of a year you know having.unrestricted dollars that you can shift.to use where the need is greatest is.unrestricted dollars are like gold to a.nonprofit organization they allow you to.build a foundation to do the work that.you otherwise might be contracted or you.know specific you know to do and so I'm.really I get really excited about the.fact that we can help you do that work.and I'm passionate about you being able.to have those resources.it is also donor Electric for our donors.and that they get to give all in one.place at one time to as many.organizations as they would like and.they can remain anonymous now I know.that's kind of sacrilege for my.nonprofit partners but it is really.important for a lot of our donors they.want to give they want to support engage.with you but they want to be anonymous.they don't want to be on mailing lists.they don't want to be contacted they.just want to engage in the way that in.their own private way and workplace.giving is one of the few ways that.people can do that and still have.everything they need for their taxes.because we're the tax receiving agency.not you we provide them with everything.they need for their taxes and this is.true for most workplace giving programs.unless their contact with you is.different so just so you know that's a.big save saving grace for you you don't.have to worry about all of that it's.efficient it's one report in one check.saving you staff time and energy I've.heard the stories firsthand from people.who are like I can't even tell you what.it's like processing all of these checks.it is low risk there is no upfront cost.for.our program other than your time on the.application we also have low attrition.over the year workplace giving has one.of the highest retention rates that I've.been able to find compared to any of.your other major fundraising models just.the cost to retain donors is is pretty.high and for those of you who've been.trying to do this you know that it's.tough it's tough right that's one of our.biggest goals is how do we keep that.person who gave this year continuing to.give year after year and not to mention.marketing presence and leverage with all.of our King County employees this my.friends is the power of payroll donation.I I came to work here at King County.it's been 15 years now which completely.obliterating volunteering with nonprofit.organizations worked in nonprofits and.many of you know there's a saying if you.can't give it you raise it right but I.always wanted to be on the annual report.I wanted to be that kind of giver I.wanted to show up in my with my money.the same way I showed up with my time.and my passion but I never felt like I.could and I come to work for King County.and all of a sudden they're telling me.that I can give as little as five.dollars a paycheck to the nonprofit's.that I support and love that's a hundred.and twenty dollars at the end of the.year that that gets me on a majority of.your annual reports and I couldn't.believe it that that is what I wanted to.do that's who I wanted to be and we've.seen this pre consistently that when.people can give through payroll donation.they can give three to six times more.than otherwise they can't and let me.tell you I've been here 15 years now.from that retention rate I was just.talking about I have given to for.organizations and free single the same.form plus a couple of others over the.years but the same for for 15 years I'm.no longer just.donar I've made its annual report now.I'm a major giver right I it's so huge.and that's what this program can do for.you and for our employees we move people.from being able to buy a book to.building a library if you have any.questions please feel free to go to our.website please feel free to email or.give us a call that is the end of.today's webinar I want to make sure that.I respect your time and oh look at that.one minute to spare I can't even believe.it that's pretty exciting.

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