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[Music].for Deborah and Lou it's an absolute.pleasure to have you as our guest at AV.and the floor is yours until 10 o'clock.[Applause].well I want to start out by saying that.we can't hide behind closed doors our.doors burned down a lot of our doors.burned down and when we left and went to.Cuba the fires in paradise started and.we've had floods floods are all over the.world it's not unique to California.I was recently in Ireland and they had a.weather bomb they called it and there.were several hundred thousand homes that.were without power and I want to tell.you that we witnessed these fires family.members lost their homes my.grandchildren lost friends and homes.that had to move away and many people.died and perished in their homes at 1:00.and 2:00 in the morning there was no.warning they're putting us into drought.this is a worldwide control of weather.on all levels every level they're.selling us the illusion of running out.of water.this is a school bus it's up in Paradise.Paradise Lost.these are floods they're doing this all.over the world California is not just.testbed it's not a pilot program it just.happens to be a debatable five or.seventh economy in the world and they're.taking it down like they're going to.take you down in your economy down the.fires raged the smoke in the air was.nauseous and they've been running tests.on women that have been pregnant.to see the damage and the effects of all.of the poisons and toxins in the air.this is what it looks like this is what.it looks like the increased.electromagnetic frequencies in the air.have electrified the environment and.with the directed energy weapons and the.ground-based arsonists and the mind.control that goes into our communities I.don't know if you knew that these.weaponized snow bombs in Mexico they.targeted a couple of hundred acres I.believe of a Volkswagen plant of new.cars and dented them all up this is the.town of paradise November 8th of 2018.Santa Rosa burned on October 8th of 2017.and we burned all the time in between.this is an example of flooding in.Australia too much water now all of a.sudden after years of punishment drought.because they punish countries who do not.obey this is what we face we look at.what is happening all over the world to.the farmlands cattle aren't sustainable.either early and you look at the fact.that they create all of these types of.events and I gave this talk before the.County Board of Supervisors in Sonoma.County I believe it was January of 2018.just a month or so after our.neighborhoods burned down.I had gone before them years before and.told them about this email exchange and.this email exchange is very very.important this was between Roth child.who is in control of our utility.world wide worldwide Rothschild LLC is.in control of our utilities when I first.saw this email exchange it was as a.result of our fighting against smart.meters in Northern California and we got.the opt-out but I will tell you that was.only an appeasement it was to quiet down.the activism that was occurring because.they didn't want everyone else that was.soon to be deployed by the smart meters.to know that it was coming they wanted.to quiet us down media would not come to.ours.staged events and we couldn't get any.cameras on the resistance against.against the deployment of these weapons.systems so I decided on 111 of 11 that I.would get arrested because I figured.that maybe it would end up on the.Internet maybe people would start saying.that grandma cares because there's lots.of grandmas out here and lots of.grandmas care and lots of moms so what.ended up occurring is I got on a list.with Pacific Gas and Electric aka.Rothschild and when I received a call.from the San Francisco Chronicle saying.Deborah how does it feel to be spied on.by Pacific Gas and Electric and I said.why should I be surprised the smart grid.is a spy grid.it's a kill grid why would I be.surprised that they would be spying on.me doesn't matter so a lawsuit ensued.another group was in charge of that and.as a result that was the download a.document 65,000 all total this was one.of them and Pacific gas electric did not.mean to to hand over this document this.is dated 2011 the bottom email is from.this California Public Utility.Commission.it's run by Rothschild it's not a.regulatory agent.see to keep the utility commission rates.and control and it's dated August the 20.seconds of 2011 and the subject is space.weather I'm gonna read it to you it says.I assume you're assembling a high task a.high-level task force of washed up never.were.yet somehow movie star handsome former.astronauts to handle PG&E z-- response.to the upcoming damaging space weather.damaging space weather also plz dribble.out one at a time over the next few.months all internal memos lawsuits.PowerPoint presentations and officer.cover-up directives in which Pacific Gas.and Electric is repeatedly warned about.damaging space weather and chooses to do.nothing about it then has its lawyers.blame the customers all of us global.warming we're being blamed too many.people using too much stuff and aka.Earthlings for any adverse consequences.resulting thank you and then a few.minutes later from PG&E they said just a.reminder we are the first to propose a.solar generator in space that will beam.RF waves down from a receptor site and.convert it to DC current we have changed.our receptor site from the Mojave Desert.to Sebastopol in California so let's.talk about what we didn't understand.they were doing back then but before I.go there I want to encourage all of you.to read the inserts in your utility.bills like we do this is an insert and.it talks about many things but it says.reality of year-round fire season is a.new normal facing California state.leaders and it goes on to say when the.National Weather Service.declares a red flag warning this is from.Southern California Edison we receive.bills from Pacific Gas and Electric and.from Southern California Edison both.Rothschilds both Rothschild all of them.are Rothschild and so it says that.they'll be cutting off our power so what.does that mean when they cut off our.power in your in the rural area you have.no water.you can't douse your property for fire.prevention and they're gonna let it burn.because they've given us a Birnam up.list for this year you're gonna see.California ignited they've given us a.list so I encourage all of you on top of.all of this Pacific Gas and Electric is.now requesting customer bills to be.increased and that was approved hand.down by the extension of Pacific Gas &.Electric and California Public Utility.Commission working together the damages.and the lawsuits and the loss is all.going to be paid by the customers so.what happened also in 2011 Pacific Gas.and Electric your country my country.Russia and more signed on to a new.delivery system of power to earth this.is unimaginable this is off the Pacific.Gas and Electric website so they're.finding a new source of power and this.company called the solar incorporation.based in Southern California Manhattan.Beach has patents for transmitting.microwave directed energy from space to.pinpoint locations on earth.aka California fires aka all the other.states that have climate action plans.that talk about fires and floods and.outages this is all planned and it.discusses it right here in the UK and I.will get to that.so Silurian corporation has patents and.they're going to again be using.microwave radiofrequency beamed and.focused on a ray of Collector antennas.will be transformed into electrical.power supplied by Rothschild and also.the solar-powered satellite will.generate a powerful microwave radio.frequency beam to control the weather by.heating deployments of aluminium oxide.and other conductive particles sprayed.from aircraft the patent describes.methods of steering and changing the.intensity of hurricanes all over the.world all over the world it's important.to understand that they tell us that.they're sustainable that this is zero.emission electricity from space that's.why right now there's increased global.dimming occurring right now they're.dimming the Sun and we'll talk about.that a little bit more but who is.involved this is what this looks like.but who's involved they're telling us.it's clean energy no emissions China's.involved but your country is involved.let me read those to you.the United States China India Japan all.have solar-based power projects in.development and so does the UK in fact.Russian patents are what are driving.some of this as well there are no.borders or earth Inc the One World Order.or the new world government that we've.always been told about in o-w new world.order is now it's right now we're.borderless I'm going to talk about that.as we move along we were all warned I.know many of you remember as I do what.John F Kennedy warned us about he said.there will be infiltration instead of.invasion subversion instead of Elections.intimidation instead of free choice on.guerrillas by night instead of armies by.day this is a system which has.conscripted vast human and material.resources into the building of a tightly.knit highly efficient machine that.combines military diplomatic.intelligence economic scientific and.political operations now a number of.years ago when I was working on a smart.meter presentation I found this mission.statement off of the Pennsylvania smart.infrastructure incubator website and it.talked about a hidden secret that it had.they had so I'm going to tell you about.this hidden secret so that it's not.hidden from you but they warned us back.then the transportation transit systems.buildings pipes power grid concrete and.steel with they're going to replace.everything with cyber infrastructure.computers networks in sensors in ways.that are just emerging now this was.probably back in 2011 the former FBI.director also warned us that the.individual is handicapped by come.face to face with a conspiracy so.monstrous he cannot believe it exists.the American mind and all other minds.worldwide simply have not come to the.realization of the evil which has been.introduced into our midst and rejects.even the assumption that human creatures.could espouse a philosophy which must.ultimately destroy all that is good and.decent we'd been dumbed down.intentionally dumbed down a very.dangerous dumbing down now exists we see.it on the streets the extinction.rebellion dumbing down but again that.was always the aim the planned.enslavement through lack of knowledge.this is an example of the children the.kids all over the world a couple months.ago.protesting worldwide to be concerned.about climate change and we're not.moving on it fast enough so I want to go.back a little bit into what happened in.the United States and how it's affected.you and how our world and how we were.also deceived james Traficant who we met.before he was suspiciously killed in a.tractor event in his Ohio farmhouse.wrote the America's first Minuteman and.he put on record in the congressional.record many times and he said this.members of Congress are official.trustees residing over the greatest.reorganization of any bankrupt entity in.the world's history the US government.our gold was confiscated and the United.States federal government exists today.in name only.none of our local jurisdiction City.Council's County Board of Supervisors.have any jurisdiction cities states and.nations that.have no jurisdiction were USA Inc we're.traded on the New York Stock Exchange we.are a corporation and you're earthing.we're all in it together we're all in.this together we're the enemy when you.look at Senate report 935 49 and you.look at the annual state of national.emergency we are now in a continuous and.perpetual state of terror an endless.state of emergency look that up or the.enemy hence the poisoning over air water.the targeting of frequencies fire storms.floods this is very important.I can't underscore this enough the.American Bar Association which of course.all hold bar cards British accreditation.Regency they work for Rothschild they.are as evil as evil can get because.they've written the policies of what.you're hearing about right now under the.auspices of helping us with victories in.court there is no justice it's.illegitimate it's a corrupt court system.and justice is just us that's what.justice is and it's important to note.that here's what the American Bar says.that they're recognizing that good.governance and the rule of law are.essential to achieving sustainable.development do you know how dangerous.this is can you even fathom how.dangerous so silent weapons for quiet.wars is a document I refer to all the.time and if you haven't read it I would.really highly recommend you download it.and take a look at it but I like this.saying because it says the silent.weapons system operates upon data.obtained from a docile public by legal.but not always lawful for.when the government is able to collect.tax seized private property without.justification it is an indication that.the public is ripe for surrender and is.consenting to enslavement and legal.encroachment or is therefore the.balancing system by killing the true.creditors all of us the public which the.elites have taught to exchange true.value for inflated currency falling back.on whatever is left of the resources of.nature and the regeneration of those.resources they are taking away all of.our resources.every single one for those of you that.haven't had a chance to look at this.document on stop the crime net it's been.there for a number of years a.whistleblower gave this to us and you.can download the entire document in fact.I think I even have it here it is the.planned chemical sedation of the.population through radio wave.frequencies for mass mind control we're.already exhibiting mass mind control I.don't know how many of you have heard my.talk over the years about the NASA.PowerPoint the future strategic issues.future warfare circa 2025 I threw this.in at the last minute because I wasn't.certain how many of you were aware of.this but you need to be because this is.not a 2025 future this is right now it's.about BOTS Borges and it's about.eliminating humans participants all the.military all branches of the military.all branches Department of Defense in.Australia and more it's a profound.technological disruption that we face.and we are in a multi layered warfare of.mass global disruption right now that.they tell us and we know this that.changes are occurring it's in scales of.months instead of decades we know that.humans they tell us have taken over and.vastly shortened evolution of the planet.and global warming and pollution and.deforestation it's all our fault the.heavy metals that are killing the trees.if that's our fault.in global warming huge public works.gorges dam once you to bookmark this in.your mind right now dams because we're.going to get into that the redirecting.evolution which is obvious did we sign.up for this no I want you to notice the.technological ages of humankind they.talk about the year 2020 big question.mark biological and nanotechnology and.then on into virtual technology robot.ization of agriculture of everything us.everything will be telecommuting will be.isolated behind a computer or during.studying medical commerce politics.socialization were being isolated for.mass mind control quantum computing.initially available they said in five.years well this report came out just two.months before 9/11 it was delivered by.the chief NASA scientist Dennis Bushnell.two months before our 9/11 they talked.about wearable implants which we know.about the augmentation the sensory.augmentation the health monitoring in.the brain stimulation most of us know.about all that now yeah.AI and beyond in computing human brain.characteristics and capabilities machine.capabilities and by 2030 PC has the.collective computing power of a town.full of human minds hi mind.serious global issues they tell us is.energy water food land population growth.they're killing us there's no population.growth and pollution they're killing the.planet our seas are dying because of.education they tell us they're going to.use salt water whoops.to irrigate the deserts so then the.demise of the US and the underclass is.underway now that's what you see in.California that's what you see all over.the United States and that's what you.see right now here in the UK and.everywhere else stabilization of world.population the equalization of the haves.and have-nots altered political military.outlooks worldwide it's going to change.everything and you're going to see more.so major law enforcement issues or.privacy internet bio crime protection of.human electronic implants protection of.CONUS that's the continental United.States beyond terrorism societal.disaffection upheaval caused by rapid.technological changes rode air rage.psychosomatic illnesses and withdrawal.then we have the micro dust weaponry for.those of you that want to see what that.looks like under your skin come see me.I'll show you.but it's micro sized mechanical dust.which is distributed as an aerosol and.inhaled into the lungs and the dust.mechanically bores into your lung tissue.and execute various pathological.missions it's legal it's a new form of.weaponry in in near theater ports.airfields possibly unusable then talk.more about that bookmark that in your.mind.beam weapons increasingly prevalent.they say here heating high power.requirements surface effects brain.interactions low frequency modulation.effects of low power microwaves and this.is in a US Army walter reed document.that I have here that you're going to.see in a minute.we don't need scientists conveying the.detriments of frequencies in Wireless.the military is using it as a weapon we.don't need any more documents gross.alteration of brain function and it.kills us they tell us right here this is.just even a simple PowerPoint but what's.finger print lists biological assaults.upon us the use of viruses weaponization.of prions parasites fungi carcinogens.toxins hormonal regulators and more.airborne varieties of built on Ebola and.Lassen binary agents distributed via.imported products vitamins clothing and.food individual societal targeted.pathogens long-term fingerprint --less.campaign as opposed to shock and awe.this is a silent weapons system that has.been deployed on a massively dumb downed.distracted mine controlled society.what's apparently legal well microwave.radiation frequencies are legal chemical.weapon tree is legal chemical falada.chol effects via sensory organs and.weapons all legal chemical personnel.incapacitation weapon tree hostage.terrorism sigh war acoustic weaponry and.mechanical micro dust and so much more.robots and the large they prefer robots.because they save lives they enhanced.affordability and they redefine the risk.and threat to the environment they talk.about 80% of the continental United.States population infrastructure within.50 miles of the coastline is going to be.decimated I don't know how many of you.have heard the YouTube that we did.called coastlines under attack well your.coastlines right here are completely.under attack and I've got the documents.I'm going to show you blast wave.accelerators that was invented during.World War two by the United States in.Auckland had either one of the two bombs.not detonated on Japan they were going.to create a tsunami bomb and wipe out.Japan's low-lying coastal regions that's.what's happening now that's called sure.erosion in sea level rise it's.technology it's technology so they tell.us along the coastlines they're gonna.mine torpedos it's inexpensive binary.biologicals into our food supply.inexpensive semi-submerged missiles.along the coast inexpensive Trojan horse.all civilian systems all freight cars.networked everywhere just one at a time.no reserves no stockpiles take down the.auto industry the auto industry is being.taken down right now through UN agenda.21 and the false illusion that we're.running out of fossil fuel when our.petroleum never came from fossil fuels.they're moving us into electric vehicles.why because they're trapping us and.confining us and you're going to hear.more I'm gonna hurry through this right.now because many of you know the Nano.tagging the detonation of offshore.seabed methane deposits to produce high.tide and waves against low-lying regions.Trojan horse viruses etc massive chaos.and psychological warfare.unmanned vehicles micro missiles.repositioned and submerged missiles.ports and airfields in continental.United States will be unusable they're.moving us onto trains and they're.telling them telling all of us it will.be unusable miniaturize everything.operate out of cities smart cities think.of smart cities degrade the US info.dominance exploit the CNN Syndrome this.is all to do with media exploitation and.what we're hearing all the time.in the news capture and torture.Americans in living color on prime time.we're seeing tortured societies all over.the world look what they've done to.Syria just in the last couple of days.and they've shown us how their own.military bombed their hospitals and talk.more about that in a minute.serious psychological warfare collateral.collateral damage and exploitation.affordability warfare on the cheap.survivability can see everything they.have Landsat satellites sensors all over.the streets on every street corner.anything that they can see they can kill.and they will so I'm not going to spend.a lot of time on all of this but I think.you're getting the gist that warfare.will become increasingly robotic the.survivability and affordability of deep.water subs blast wave accelerators again.bookmarked that I'm going to be moving.along here machines are as creative and.smart as humans robots will become the.norm cheap micro to nano everything.sensors munitions weapons swarms and.horns so how has all this habit what.happened why have your local presumably.elected officials that aren't elected.and have no jurisdiction but how have we.all been so fooled it was a very stealth.mind game through Tavistock and the RAND.Corporation in the World Bank and.they've implemented consensus planning.on all of us which is forming a.predetermined plan making it sound like.we're invited to community conversations.when the policies already been planned.and determined they it's called the.Delphi technique I'm hoping that many of.you have heard of that but it is how.they have created this monster with our.belief with our belief that we've had.public participation they hire in.advisory groups they're just literally.hitman teams from all over the world to.lead your cities into climate action.plans and into agreements and further.debt through grants all your city assets.are collateralized against these.increased grants this is all pre-planned.predetermined and it is implemented now.it's on steroids predetermined policies.deceiving all of us so what's another.aspect of our global government.governance and I think all of you need.to know about this one we're under an.anticipatory governance now uncertainty.is the scheme to promote climate change.and why do I say that because this.climate change of course is a cover-up.technology used for climate control aka.weather weapons.that's climate change we all know that.but what's most important for all of us.to know is the precautionary principle.and this is why our efforts are defeated.not only with the Delphi consensus and.advisory groups but the precautionary.principle lack of full scientific.certainty shall not be used.as a reason for postponing.cost-effective measures that's applied.to water that's applied to Electra Matic.magnetic frequency and more this is.another insert from my Rothschild.Pacific gas and electric bill and it.says the results of many research.studies have been evaluated by.international national and California.EMF research programs to determine.whether EMF poses any health risk.they're telling us given the uncertainty.of the issue this is the precautionary.the medical and scientific communities.have been unable to conclude that usual.residential exposure to electromagnetic.frequencies caused health effects or to.establish any standard or level of.residential exposure that is known to be.either safe or harmful these conclusions.remain unchanged by recent studies again.look in your bills this came in our bill.and it says at the top understanding.electromagnetic fields so now that you.all understand we're getting climate.messaging.I brought some newspapers from the.United States to show you how every.single day on every single page they're.talking about climate change I picked up.papers out of Ireland and out of England.as well they tell you about climate.change to pre-program you into what is.continuing to escalate war weather.warfare and they're adding.visualizations to their communication of.climate change which is why you're.seeing fires and you're watching them.for days and why you're seeing these.these innocents gunned down in Syria.uncertainty is the only certainty here.one-world government again in wo it's.not new sort of think it's climate.change versus climate control this is.just an example of Earth Inc and the.corporate structure it's hard to read.all of those but we are taken over by.corporations every single one of our.perceived countries climate change.increase weather weapon attacks to drive.climate change investments they're.investing on the consequences of our.loss in our despair they're making money.here's what Secretary of Defense William.s Cohen said back in April 28th of 1997.others are engaging even in an eco type.of terrorism whereby they can alter the.climate set off earthquakes volcanoes.remotely through the use of.electromagnetic waves and they're doing.it they're doing it I would urge every.single one of you if you have not seen.the CIA 1960 memorandum for climate.control that you look this up it also.talks about neural linguistic.programming and the extent of the.deception what we're seeing now is the.strangulation of earth because of the.reduction of co2 and oxygen we see the.increased sunlight deprivation all of.our farms are deprived our plants are.growing more slowly vitamin D deficiency.regime changes look what's happening in.Venezuela right now we recently traveled.to Cuba and when I went back into the.Cuban embassy website to look up some of.the assaults that were in the Cuban.embassy while we were in the vicinity of.the acoustic weapons.I fell into an unusual blog that I don't.think I was intended to fall into and it.was about how the Trump administration.is going to take over Cuba again the CIA.document for climate control air.pollution global suffocation this is.global mass extent it's extinction of.species we hear that all the time we're.hearing about planting trees while.they're killing them we're being told.plant trees extreme weather events.increasing I like this one because.certainly the ice are useless when the.mind is cannot when the mind is blind.Kim trilling is first day of.kindergarten 101 we've got a step far.and fast away from that because we're.far and fast away from that let me tell.you what the word resilience means you.may be hearing that in all of your media.about climate change resilience.resilience resilience what does it mean.the ability to recover from repetitive.loss of life redistribution of land.forced migration planned retreats which.we're going to talk about evacuations.lower standards of living and we're to.adjust to shocks and stresses they even.go on to include that we have to adjust.to the shocks and stresses of aging.infrastructure now I'm going to add.something because it's going to come up.in a while but the infrastructure.worldwide we're talking dams reservoirs.levees bridges and more now must be.rebuilt because we're told they were.constructed at a time before climate.change they cannot withstand the.increased weaponized weather events and.they are using those actually as booby.traps.so all due to the new normal of climate.change weather weapons.so here's what the climate action plans.discuss here is beyond Copenhagen this.was adopted here for you for the world.in my town to type in your town the name.of your town followed by climate action.plans or energy action plans read your.plan I'm gonna go through a few of those.but it's important understand that the.climate action plans are templates.worldwide with the technology mandating.limited use of energy to keep global.warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius or.crank the temperature up to two point.zero degrees Celsius or more if a nation.or state or region is not politically.obedient weather weapons is being used.against people that are not following.the prescribed policies mandating.reduced energy this is very important to.understand people keep hearing about.zero waste zero energy reducing the.temperatures but you have to understand.the plan here's what the plan means the.climate action plans that everyone is.supposed to reduce energy consumption.dating back to levels of pre-industrial.age back to 1750 when we did not use.machinery or equipment to reduce goods.this is where we're to go to reduce.greenhouse gas emissions aiming for zero.got this off of the US Department of.Energy website the real use and on goal.of energy use is zero it says this is.the ultimate goal it's not to use energy.the most efficient energy is energy we.do not generate this is not a technology.it is a behavioral modification or.learning to live in a new reality.without the climate action plans BarNone.worldwide.talk about.blackouts and power outages can you.imagine the millions of people that are.going to die read the book one second.after again the precautionary principle.I found this off of the World Bank.website where there are threats of.serious or irreversible damage lack of.full scientific certainty shall not be.used as a reason for postponing.cost-effective measures to prevent.environmental degradation that's what's.happening that's what's rolling through.groundwater recharges we're going to.talk more about groundwater in a little.bit here but the water quality worldwide.is being contaminated not just only from.track fracking but also from the.atmospheric water.we've been misinformed where our water.comes from but earthing okay what do we.have we have what they call and you can.look this up we're in a circular economy.it's a whole life plan it's a whole life.plan it's a plan to inventory and.control all natural resources the.weather all petroleum all land or water.all oceans the sky space all food means.of all production transportation transit.and more again it's a whole life plan.and the European Commission adopted an.action plan in 2015 to help accelerate.Europe's transition towards a circular.economy did you know that did you know.you're in a circular economy so if you.make it through all of this you get into.genocide so increasingly critical again.our human limitations and downsides.humans are too large too heavy too.tender we're too slow physically and.mentally we require huge costs and we.have rapidly decreasing to negative.value added we're being outsourced we're.being replaced robots in the large again.they save.the Georgia Guidestones many of you have.seen that to maintain humanity under 500.million.here's another plan it's the United.Nations Rio sustainable development.principles that humans are polluting and.damaging the earth humans must pay.reparations for Earth's restoration.humans are unsustainable and we have to.pay so what are they telling us that all.life human and non-human have equal.value human population must be reduced.resource consumption above what is.needed to supply vital human needs is.immortal immoral civilization must.radically change present economic.technological and ideological structures.and reparations monetary expense laws.rules regulations population reduction.are required for the damage that we've.all caused this is the report from iron.mountain if you've not had an.opportunity to read it I would recommend.that you do you can watch it on YouTube.also it's a slightly different play out.of the report this is essential this.report was started under john f.kennedy's administration where 15.experts were hired and over the process.of a number of years this report was.completed and it was released to johnson.after Kennedy was murdered but the plan.from Iron Mountain was to determine the.minimum and optimum levels of.destruction of life of property and.natural resources the deliberate.intensification of air and water.pollution so what else was the report.from iron mountain about it was telling.all of us that they were going to create.global warming and poison the earth as a.replacement for war in order to replace.battlefield war engagement they needed a.global threat that would be so great.that people would sir come to such fear.over the environment this report tells.you what happened so if you have.naysayers or if you haven't seen this.for yourselves watch the YouTube.population engineering the fight against.climate change they talk about the.threat posed by climate change justifies.population engineering that's killing.off people relocating climate refugees.geoengineering weather weapons along.with reducing consumption related waste.renewable energy reducing human.fertility rates is morally justifiable.earth cannot sustain larger populations.of wealthier individuals are you feeling.wealthy cuz you all are.are you living right now in a 1750.environment you're not then there's the.genocide treating the genocide treaty.said that one's own nation could not.kill its own people.hmmm they've actually breached that one.haven't they but it also talks about the.killing off of Christians and for those.of you that don't know about the no hide.laws you need to know about the no hide.laws then we've got executive orders in.our country in the United States where.they talk about they'll take over.control of all transportation highways.seaports communication media petroleum.gas fuels minerals control of all.highways and seaports all resources food.resources and farms a work be great to.get brigades will be under government.supervision they'll take over all health.education welfare functions national.registration of all persons will be.required I look at this as a checklist.dun dun dun.and then airports and aircraft including.commercial aircraft will be taken over.and we're being told right now that.we've got to cut air travel so I feel.pretty lucky that I made it here I had.to fly but even boating is not.sustainable.so travel while you can build new.housing they say they're gonna relocate.communities and they're doing that.they're gonna build new housing with.public funds we're gonna pay for this.new housing allows for the strategic.relocation of industries services.government and other essential economic.activities so here's that a presidential.executive order dated January 8th of.2018 small excerpt is about the.authority President Trump to expedite.the rollout of broadband across rural.America every farmhouse everywhere.rapidly eliminating the FCC and the FAA.jurisdictions and and any any roadblocks.that the FCC and the FAA could have put.forth are eliminated the FCC is not.controlled by who we see it's not it's.controlled by Google and crown castle.out of England that's the FAA they also.Trump also signed an executive order to.boost AI technology did you know that.February 11th of 2019 so we're in a web.of slavery in the smart grid and the.United Nations agenda21.it's all based on lies global warming.and we're being electrocuted by.frequencies of death in our environment.all of us are getting sick another.excerpt out of silent weapons for quiet.Wars is this until such energy dominance.is absolutely established the consent of.all of us to labor and let other handle.our affairs must be taken into.consideration.since failure to do so could cause the.people to interfere with the transfer of.energy sources to the control of the.elite.so David DS did that for us.early on and this is what we see all.over the world military weapons deployed.disguised as civilian communication.networks this is a silent weapons system.for a quiet war read that document this.is that Fort Meade military document.that I mentioned about that was in the.NASA war plan I call it the NASA war.plan so when you go to stop the crime.dotnet you can just type in the search.bar the National NASA war plan it is a.PowerPoint I went over some of that with.you not all of it much more of it is far.more involved but this is a document.dated 1998 and I just highlighted a.little bit of it but it says.electromagnetic fields influence.biological systems cause adverse effects.on human health cancer reproduction etc.increases a brain temperature and causes.disruption of working memory resulting.in disorientation every human is subject.to effects of microwave heating and the.predictability is 100 percent slow onset.of such frequency heating can be.unrecognized by the person being.irradiated how are you feeling right now.they're all being irradiated how many of.you have cell phones on you right now.it's a choice pulsed electric fields.affect heart beating and breathing.electromagnetic pulses can be used for.targeting groups and individuals we have.millions of people worldwide called.targeted individuals they're tortured.their gang stomped they're harassed.they're jobless they end up if 5150 in.psych wards this I found interesting.this was a radio waves ideal for remote.human cell manipulation this is in New.York Rockefeller University where they.said this is breakthrough breakthrough.work and they tell us that we're tape.we're talking about the ability to.modify the behavior of genes without.ever going inside a patient's body.that's potentially a colossal advance.we're here they're doing it this is.domestic and international terrorism the.targeting of individuals many of you may.know some many of you may have been.targeted I can talk to you about that.more - oh this is a targeted individual.story not going to read it but I'm going.to tell you one thing that all the.targets tell me because I asked them.because I interview many of them on my.radio shows and I said what can we do to.help you and they said believe us just.simply believe us.so believe them look up targeted.individuals I thought this was.interesting this is an electro gun that.kills termites in your homes works in.high voltage and it zaps the termites.think of yourselves as termites they say.that it shoots out ninety thousand volts.of high-frequency electricity into the.wood it could fry your electronics so.you have to pull those out the EPA said.a little bit of radiation damage is.actually good for you.the EPA said this it's good for us.because it kicks in our immune systems.well what if you don't have a good.immune system like most of us Mandela.dirty electricity again um Sam mill hem.talked about that back in the early days.of the deployment of the smart meters.how electricity does not need a direct.wire connection it connects through the.air traveling into our bodies from the.wiring that carries the power so if you.are sleeping on iron bed frames if you.if women have underwire bras if you have.metal belts if you have change in your.pocket the electricity is going into you.if you have wire glasses think about.that.the tracking monitoring it's real it's.increasing cameras ID everywhere the FCC.Chairman again does not run the FCC they.make it appear that way so we can put.our anger towards Tom wheeler who said.we don't need to study the frequencies.we don't need to regulate it we have.standards for it and ignored all the.questions of all the meetings that he.attended Delphi technique when you go to.meetings you might find that you're.invited to fill out a card and give it.to the speaker and they may never get to.your card that's how they control all.the meetings a small list of what.happens with 5g deployment but this is a.list office stopped the crime dotnet I.would advise all of you to download this.keep this with you understand how you.are feeling and how you are going to.continue to feel understand the types of.symptoms that you will have its most.important just type in stop the crime on.stop the crime net under the searchbar.symptoms list and you can download this.smart cities let's talk about smart.cities I have a YouTube up called kill.cities by Rothschild rockefeller.YouTube took it down they didn't like me.accusing Rockefeller and Rothschild of.doing all these dirty deeds but we.argued against that because we had.documentation everything we document.they can't take down what we can.document and they haven't they've left.stop the crime dotnet alone because it's.fully documented so the technologies.that are redefining all of our cities.through the United Nations are 5g.it's the foundational technology for.dense wireless networks that all other.tech is built upon now we're talking the.Internet of Things we're talking.satellite weapons systems we're talking.all levels of warfare we're also talking.about the global mass mind hiving.through the RFID chips that we will all.soon face then they're built the smart.cities are built upon computer vision CV.video as a sensor the eyes of the city.mixed reality augmented reality and.plain old reality mixed together to.bring digital overlays so that we can.psychologically exist in this hell.that's being created autonomous vehicles.no one talks about the frequencies of.autonomous vehicles they have lidar on.them the lidar shoots out a 360.circumference and sees everything around.it they're driving us there won't be.people in them really artificial.intelligence is the AI it's the brains.of all our future cities we're going to.get into the RFID chips and how this is.coming soon in the New World Order and.the secret features behind this and how.5g plays into the hive mining and the.global the global chipping of all of us.because right now people are doing it.they think it's trendy it's cool.they don't need to carry cards they just.have a chip they can unlock their doors.they have smart apartments have you.heard about the smart apartments you.don't need a key you can remotely.control anything in your apartment.all Wireless trendy convenient the.employers employee employees soon that.will all be required but they use.electromagnetic fields and the RFID chip.implant is injected under the skin and.it will be necessary to survive in this.new future it's being created you won't.be able to buy or sell unless you have.this chip your bank accounts are on this.chip all your vital data your wallet in.the New World Order there will be a one.world virtual currency and your personal.identification will be on this chip.your driver's license your education the.property you own etc unlock all the.doors has all your hospital and doctor.information GPS location they'll know.where you are every time 24/7 365 and.they'll know all of your activities.they'll be able to monitor and influence.your health status and your moods we're.talking about frequencies that are going.to control how you think how you feel.and how quickly you die these.frequencies can make you blind they can.prevent you from hearing but then they.can also be used to see the environment.around you and record everything you see.and everything you hear manipulate your.memories create false memories create.pain and selected body parts that's what.they do right now to all the targeted.individuals pain selected body hot parts.they'll know if you're hungry or thirsty.if you have to go the bathroom how.you're feeling the decisions you're.making they'll make you suffer so they.tell us.and they'll kill us and the best part is.people will love it people will love it.it will change everything forever so.then there's this document the.electromagnetic defense task force talks.about 5g is necessary for all military.aspects that 5g is the foundation for.military networks going forward and it.talks about nuclear power resilience.we've got dîablø nuclear power plant.just south of San Francisco and I've got.a YouTube up on that I'd recommend that.all of you listen to that blackouts.going to cause widespread failures will.cause civil unrest within hours that's.all a plan and so again 5g is boundary.crossing we know that they anticipate.huge profits by 2035 they're expected to.enable twelve point three trillion on.the global economic output for 5g and.again they've reduced the FCC and FAA.impediments for a rapid rollout and.deployment of key enabling technologies.in the United States while incentivizing.domestic manufacturing to help underpin.this is a critical YouTube I did a few.years ago I I'm showing this to you.right now because our water resources.are under mass attack if you don't have.water accessibility on your land your.health department's going to relocate.you this is the process of forced and.planned relocation because it won't be.safe for you to live on a property.without water will be unhealthy so I.really recommend you listen to this.water Wars stealing water for profit and.power because I have documents that came.and found out of the EU and out of.Israel so it's a number of years ago I.did this the World Bank the action plan.for water regulation management regulate.water resources governments must.regulate water use.flow control of all types of water issue.permits or licenses and they will be.required and permit grants in the water.right to an individual so if you don't.have a permit you're not gonna be able.to access water again this is off of one.of out of one of the World Bank.documents again permits will be required.what is happening right now and you can.see groundwater extraction and usage.needs will have to become more strict.and rigid right now in Northern.California just a few weeks ago they.have voted to create a tax that will be.on our property tax bill it's actually a.fee for water extraction when we use our.wells to extract water and they've made.some general assessments of well usage.based on a few people that happily.agreed to the wireless water meters.which are being deployed globally right.now too so you add in all of the other.frequencies that are being deployed with.the wireless water meters the electric.grid the AV the automated vehicles and.as a result of the fires they're telling.us they're going to mount lidar on the.hillsides they've already done this in.San Diego they're going to do this in.Sonoma County they've already done this.in Tahoe many of you know where Lake.Tahoe is another executive order.regarding the ocean don't have time to.go over all of this but they tell us.that water will be the limiting factor.for a building and supplying housing do.we not have a growing horrific homeless.population.aren't we promised that they're going to.build affordable housing no not because.of water restrictions because they're.telling us we're running out or not this.is probably the best part of this talk.right now the best part we have primary.water we've been taught we've been.mind-controlled into believing that.water comes.from rain and snowmelt actually rain and.snowmelt is the evaporation of primary.water it's a renewable it's made.continuously down below the mantle of.the earth it comes up through cracks it.cut it it it shoots up out of geysers.where do you think that water comes from.at the top of the hills or mountains in.Hawaii or it just continuously flows.down cascades down the top of the.mountains that aren't in valleys and it.doesn't snow and there's a beautiful.pond down below when you drink primary.water you have a higher IQ so you got to.get to primary water this is an.excellent video that I made with the.primary water expert that has drilled.for primary water wells all over the.world and I recommend that you watch.this we explain this chart it's called.primary water explained this is horrific.and many of you may know this it's.closer into your neck of the woods than.mine but when certainly I found out that.moammar qaddafi had constructed the.largest irrigation system in the world.tapping into the primary water cycle.that supplied 6.5 million cubic meters.of fresh water per day to various cities.in Libya enabling the country to grow.fruits vegetables grains otherwise.impossible to cultivate in the desert.the project cost 25 billion US dollars.and was completely and completed without.financial support from any major.countries or loans from the IMF that was.his mistake he didn't take the money.from the global controllers and so in.2011 this incredible achievement was.destroyed by NATO the United States with.depleted uranium nuclear bombs cutting.off the water supply for over 6 million.people and sending Libya into a crisis.into a crisis Cape Town you've heard.about zero day water this is.psychological conditioning of running.out a lot.I'm on a radio show from a friend of.mine out of Ireland and they Sybil.Deborah did you hear Dublin's run out of.water in 70 days so I'm on air and I.type it in there it is they were saying.that Dublin was running out of water.they're not running out of water right.now they're talking about the crippling.effects of water shortages in Venezuela.Venezuela is being taken down right now.and they talk about the global water.woes Australia's looming water crisis.you can see the signs they're putting up.all around we busted this mountain house.in California just a little bit out of.San Francisco it was a property that was.purchased by Rothschild and it was set.up as an agenda 21 City to literally be.the Universal Studios backlot for.exhibiting running out of water they.said they were gonna run run out of.water well I called down there and I.talked to a couple of real estate firms.and I said so how are you gonna sell.houses down there when you run out of.water what running out of water.I suppose all over the papers all over.the United States you're running out of.water in days they hadn't heard about.that severe water shortages could plunge.England into the jaws of death 25 years.this is off of the US Department of.Interior website this was May of 2003 it.shows areas where existing supplies of.water in California are going to be.massively reduced and be met with.conflict well I looked up and found out.that met with conflict meant that we.were going to pull out our guns and not.let them take our water that's what that.meant then I found this recently the map.of the United States on the Left shows.what the United States water supplies.will look like without climate change.and the one on the right shows what.climate change is going to look like for.water effects.the United States and that's what.they're doing the one on the right so.look at the states that are going to be.decimated.future building industry limits of.growth talked about that most critical.topic of water about water the time.critical growth is being limited so now.we're zero waste so we're going to be.drinking toilet to tap why do you think.that they're building wastewater.treatment plants and recycling our.drinking water and going to serve it up.to all of you in the municipal water.supplies and it's very important to.understand on stop the crime net Lou and.I went on a tour of and we call it the.sewer poop tour you might want to watch.it it will save you the stench in the.few hours that we went through and it's.a laugh because our guide said if you.fell into one of the sewer pits you.probably died because it's so toxic well.again waters are renewable we're not.running out so go to primary water org.tell everybody you know that has land.and can drill wells they've got to get.to primary water another problem with.the wastewater treatment plants is.because of all of the nuclear waste the.radiation from Fukushima and the.convenient releases from our nuclear.plants which they release radiation.periodically for us destroys a lot of.the the organisms that eat the bad.bacteria in the fecal matter in the.sewer water treatment plants they're.destroyed by radiation which in turn.means that the bad bacteria survives and.mutates into a more dangerous form the.new Green Deal let's talk about the new.Green Deal it's not new it's not green.and it's not a deal when you hear the.word green on anything I want you to.think of death Brown dead dying.that's linguistic.Green it is not about green they're.killing our forest we have to replace.grass with plastic grass we have to.reduce the landscaping around our homes.California next year is going to be.reduced to 55 gallons of water usage per.day per person.interior use only no plants no oxygen.Earth's suffocation all intentional.every building worldwide is going to.have to be rebuilt and or retrofitted.this is building a new economy on.destruction and false science this is.the economy of the future reducing air.travel reducing use of all energy and.they talk about how the Federal Reserve.can extend credit to power these.projects and investments and new new.public banks can be created to extend.credit so I talked about the climate.action plans again I would recommend.that all of you take a look at yours.this is the IPCC a United Nations.Environment Program plan I'm moving.forward because I want to don't want to.miss the best.this is beyond Copenhagen this is your.plan print off this plan take a look I.have to move right along because they.say this and I don't want to miss this.there is no escaping the fact that.developed countries must take the lead.in reducing emissions back to 1750 no.machinery no equipment understand what.they're telling you because I didn't.understand people were telling me well.they're taking us back to pre-columbian.times well I didn't know what they meant.because Columbus didn't discover America.so I didn't understand the thing so.they're phasing out in a fish.fossil fuels here's a climate action.plan out of the town of Bedford in.Indiana and they're targeting all.transportation residential commercial.and all waste and they're saying that.they're reducing waste by encouraging.less consumption that's less usage.across the board and they say that the.changing climate means an increase in.severity and frequency of storms.including rainfall events hurricanes.tropical storms Northeastern's tornadoes.and other high wind events this is.what's going to happen in Bedford.Indiana because of climate change they.list it out they talk about the.pollutants the viruses they say that.there will be decreasing air quality.there will be increased prevalence of.diseases severe and longer heat waves.that can threaten the health of the most.vulnerable power outages due to heat.waves resulting in heat and stroke and.stress and more more pollen more molds.again this is a typical pie chart.showing the types of attacks on.transportation they're eliminating our.ability to travel they're incarcerated.us complete implementation of this plan.will allow the city to achieve the.adopted target of reducing greenhouse.gas emissions 25% below 1990 levels by.2020 that's just a plucked from heir.figure they have no idea what they're.talking about.it just sounds good and people don't.understand it so all new construction is.now to be built zero net energy only.electrical no gas they talked about the.negative impacts of wildfires.implementation policies more climate.action plans kiss your gas goodbye.nationwide climate action plans you're.not allowed to use gas anymore that's.why they're turned and transitioning all.of us into electric vehicles not only.in your homes but gas for your cars to a.resilience again I talked about that.definition critical to understand what.they expect of you of us of all of us.okay so it's a global intention to.retrofit all existing buildings all.existing homes retrofit if you don't.retrofit you're going to be fined and.penalized and likely not able to occupy.your property this is creating a new.business that never existed before.you'll have to have permits in order to.continue to live in your home and but.don't be tricked I'm showing a forecast.here Rockefeller and Rothschild green.energy loans green dead death Brown okay.let me just tell you that you have these.loans available to you here in England.as well you can type it in green energy.loans or pace they're all backed by.Rockefeller and Rothschild all cities.all states all nations worldwide in.order to finance your forced.retrofitting but they say that the.potential pace loan crisis in America is.fate that America is facing is one that.can no longer be ignored pace loans lack.customer protections and have few checks.to ensure that energy savings are real.and cost-effective and are inappropriate.for homeowners who may be eligible for.free or lower cost programs they're.talking about a predatory lending system.of which the United States Department of.Energy is supporting it's a corporate.agency it's a corporate agency again.predatory lending Google is helping out.fight for climate change they're.launching satellites they're gonna watch.if your backyard is green they're gonna.know that you are violating your uses.your water they're helping out.well I'll just say that Brazil has a.satellite monitoring system it says the.space technology programs to monitor.Brazil's natural resources they're.monitoring all natural resources.worldwide black start power outages.everywhere climate change will cause.power outages due to heat events be.ready have your flashlights ready have.whatever you need practice a weekend.with your power turned off just see what.that feels like because they're planning.it why all these deadlines 2020 2030 is.they're in a hurry.horizon 2020 that's an EU research and.innovative program all part of the same.take down and then if you haven't seen.this movie on Netflix I would recommend.it it's called city 40 City 4-0 it's an.invisible city.it shows how people have been programmed.and people outside of Russia lived in.this city from birth to death they.couldn't leave and there was Bob wire.around it but they made it beautiful and.tolerable and they live there then.there's the city 40 cities that is in.play worldwide to create cities.worldwide for us to be mandatory.evacuated into who's behind some of this.stuff well it's funded by the UK.government okay.the world's leading platform for global.food transformation is eat did you know.that they're behind forced relocation.Italy we know about Italy many of you.have heard about that international.council for local environmental.initiatives all UN agenda21 the Clinton.Foundation I just pulled a few Johnson &.Johnson the World Bank always shows up.MasterCard in fact the Rockefeller is.now working with MasterCard for Big Data.Ford Foundation.more but they have plans because they're.going to move you out to see in these.futuristic pods and you're going to.float and they're going to be fully.self-contained you can take a look at.this it's unimaginable it's ocean x city.New York's for future floating city.because they're moving us off our coasts.they're saying that these cities will be.fully self-supporting their own power.own fresh water.heat etc here's another social.experiment in Sierra Leone in Africa.building sustainable cities without the.without unsustainable concrete or steel.it kind of reminds me of the Little Pigs.the houses blow yourself yeah.oh this we're moving into a shared.economy where you own absolutely nothing.we can say goodbye to retail so.proprietorship small business owning.anything Airbnb is mission statement.Airbnb is mission is to live in a world.where one day you can feel like you're.home anywhere and not in a home because.you won't have a home this is the.wildlands project map funded by the.Turner foundation I interviewed Ted.Turner some years back you can check.that out on YouTube here's the name of.it Ted the terrible.its massive depopulation blastwave.accelerator global precision strike on.the cheap no barrel excellent stealth no.plume affordability veracity being.worked on at Everdeen and NASA this has.been used this is being used all around.our coastlines right now because 70% of.the global population lives on the coast.why because we feel better we get the.negative ions when you live in the area.or region of coastal influence you are.less able to be mind controlled they.want you off the coastlines.again this is out of a NASA war plan.they talk about blast wave accelerators.how they're going to implement this.coastlines are under attack all over the.world by every form of military all of.our militaries are involved they're.going to be real relocating all.low-lying military bases did you know.that we're gonna all have to pay for.that because they're playing their.coastline war games with new.technologies just like the overhead.aerial aerosol spring but I'm in a hurry.because I don't want to miss the best.this is very important to understand.I'll just explain it quickly coastal.water aquifers are being over pumped.it's allowing saltwater intrusion so.when you over pump an aquifer that abuts.of the coastline the saltwater is.heavier so it fills in this chasm of the.over pumped aquifer so they're calling.that sea level rise ok take a loose.connection.okay that's the YouTube that we did.coastlines under attack and I would.recommend all of you listen to that.they're talking about all the airports.that'll be underwater don't want us.traveling in planes anyway and sea-level.rise gonna rise fast or flood hundreds.of cities in their future hundred so.they have planned to retreat type that.in coastlines and planned retreat.they're gonna move you off the.coastlines you're gonna have to tear.down your home and let it be consumed by.the possibility that storm surge could.wipe out your property you won't be.compensated for your loss of your home.and I learned about this quite by.accident in Southern California there's.a very rich sea beach community in the.San Diego area and they're fighting.against having plan to retreat written.into their planning and building codes.because it will devalue their property.they won't be able to get financing they.won't be able to get insurance a.bloomberg this is very important to.understand they have plans with.insurance policies they're going to be.redirecting where we can live whether or.not we can get insured an example in.Northern California near the town a.paradise that burned down there's a.beautiful city called Nevada City watch.for it on the news they're saying it's.the next city to burn it's a gorgeous.Gold Rush community beautiful old.Victorian homes and right now they're.canceling all the homeowners insurance.policies the people that are able to get.insurance policies are paying triple x.many people can't afford it and they.can't sell their property you can't get.financing unless you have an insurance.policy yeah it's happening globally.again UK sea level rise I have a.document right here about all of that.your shorelines are under attack.all shorelines are under attack all.shorelines world wide it's all in plain.sight.okay we're being booby-trapped what is.being booby-trapped dams and reservoirs.very important to understand we never.had to transport our water our drinking.water by dams and reservoirs we have.primary water just like that big.California Aqueduct we don't have to.transport drinking water that's.atmospheric polluted water it's poison.it's toxic.it could flow it comes out of the sky.we're there Kim drilling and killing us.and the radiation in the air and they're.wanting us to drink this atmospheric.water because they're telling us that's.where our water supply comes from well.it doesn't and dams think of a dam like.a bathtub.it creates impoundment on the geological.structures underneath it causes shifting.type-in dams and earthquakes you'll find.dams and earthquakes coexist all over.the world they're putting dams.everywhere because they know they cause.earthquakes they know it.we're being booby-trapped we are under.attack so many ways looming climate.disaster with dams they tell us that.California we need to address questions.about our aging water infrastructure.that was built for snow instead of rain.we'll see more rain in the future and.our infrastructure is not going to.withstand climate change weather weapons.neither will it stand for it this is.Hoover Dam built in 1930 there was never.an earthquake there before after Hoover.Dam and Lake Mead went in their daily.earthquakes very important to understand.wrap your head around this impoundment.the weight unnecessary they did not have.to move water around this planet by dams.and reservoirs that they poison add add.other toxins to it and then deliver it.to our municipal water supplies to our.homes to drink Flint Michigan.led in the water supply natural warfare.in the net in the NASA document utilize.explosive destructive capacities dams.take out dams don't live below a dam.don't do that the UK priorities for a.green fund okay if you're a loan request.is not green for sustainability you will.not get loans in the future in fact.lending by the money mongers for.anything other than sustainability is.going to be illegal anything you do that.is not driven towards sustainable.development is going to be illegal a.green credit again this is Ernst and.Young.they're out of London okay I got to tell.you I found out about them because.they're now working in my town in Sonoma.County after the fires this is important.to understand the new revenue schemes.they're going to put a price on the air.I kid you not I kid you not they're.pricing nature we have decimated nature.we've decimated the beach the coral.reefs the pastures the grass we have to.pay so there have new revenue schemes.Ernst and Young and they're working with.Rothschild look it up the World Bank.putting a price on everything natural.capital is what it's called.charging for nature pricing and selling.nature that means water soil air plants.animals minerals oceans forests sand.dunes salt marsh sediment all beach.systems agricultural land and more I got.this off their website.natural capital pricing and charging you.for the air you breathe sustainable.finance United Nations managed enforce.receipt retreat do you know that they.have a division set up to move you off.of your homes and off your lands forced.migration they have a division set up.right now if you are not sustainable if.you've not retrofitted your home if.you're in a low-lying area you're gonna.be moved off.this is a recent fence that was built in.Hungary.it's their new border fence and they.have heat sensors cameras and border.hunters to keep migrants out the.migrants are being forced to relocate.because of war because of climate and.because of the illusion of lack of water.it's forced global retreat you see the.women you see the children trekking on.these dusty trails from other countries.from elsewhere coming to our towns we.have homeless population in our area one.of the larger homeless populations in.the state after the fires there's no.homes the costs for rental housing is so.astronomical that now the city has.decided they're going to put severe rent.control on all property owners again.equalizing the haves and have-nots.Hungary has a climate action plan and.it's important to understand that the.plans also require massive reductions of.all energy consumption every city every.town every jurisdiction type it in they.all have climate action plans.so the true purpose of AI I just want to.tell you it's not what we've been told.do some deep searches on the triple.helix this is from a whistleblower do.some research on this this is a must.check it out out and see what you can.find because new groups of elite medical.societies have been named and formed.around the triple helix but nobody wants.to disclose or describe discuss this.publicly because it is a secret of the.elite occult secret societies that.control the secret shadow government.[Applause].it's my time up I'm gonna go a little.longer I think I still have time.twenty minutes good cuz I got a lot of.stories to tell you so we have a small.satellite revolution the black cube.small satellite launched by hundreds.monitoring climate change tracking.weaponized weather warfare letting them.know how successful they have been in.demolishing our cities that's what the.new devices are now mounted in the hills.that I mentioned earlier the the lidar.so that they can look in real time 24/7.365 this is like a horrible deadly video.game gone live and we're all players in.this game so so Earth's observation to.image every part of the earth every day.space weather our entire economy relies.on GPS cube stats can be operated by.cell phones swarms of extremely small.satellites restricting global challenges.like climate change disaster management.maritime systems etc but what the.insiders are claiming is what's not.disclosed.these satellites are hived and many.operate by advanced interdimensional.quantum physics 5g is the master control.system that will control our moods our.minds and more hivemind definition is.the collective mental activity expressed.in the complex coordinated behavior a.hive mind or group of mind may refer to.shared intelligence so on stop the crime.dotnet and on primary water we post.YouTube's frequently I do many radio.shows all over the world from documents.from some of the documents that I have.here this is a final report on project.seal project seal talks about the.blastwave accelerator that was created.to take out the low-lying coastal areas.so if you watch the YouTube coastlines.under attack you'll hear us talk about.this you're now looking at the real.document copy of the real document and.this is a document again I'm known for.documents that's why our website hasn't.been taken down this is a document.showing the future of sea current and.future impacts of sea level rise in the.UK and there's maps.this is a climate action plan so I'm.gonna talk about this but again I'm.going to ask that all of you because.people call me up they call in our.website they say Debra where can we move.where is it safe and I said well where.are you thinking or were you thinking.that you'd like to relocate I said look.at the climate action plan in that area.and find out what they're gonna do to.you in that geographical location.because the climate action plans will.tell you now a funny thing happened when.I searched for this climate action plan.this is the Butte County climate action.plan where the town of Paradise was and.I pulled it up during the fires and I.was covering it on radio because it.talked about how the town of Paradise.would experience wildfires well it was.on fire it was burning and how it would.have water shortages and it would have.severe dust and on and on so then I went.back to look at this document to.download it and it was gone and the.phone number that I called for the.Planning Department in Butte County put.me into a outfit out of Florida for a.Caribbean cruise trip and so I called.the city I knew that they were you know.under mass attack with directed-energy.weapons all our fires have have been a.result of smart meters directed energy.weapons as I mentioned ground-based.arsonists and more many people saw lots.of flickering lights the nights of the.fires that we experienced in the Santa.Rosa Sonoma County area and so I called.Butte County they did put it back up I.could find it but in here it says and in.many of the plans it says it doesn't.matter how much you reduce your.greenhouse gas emissions in your co2.emissions because the climate is exact.sir baited to the point that you can't.do anything about it.so why is it they keep telling us that.we've got to reduce our co2 emissions.because they're putting us back to a.1750 existence and millions and millions.and millions of people will die that's.the plan it's genocide that's the plan.so I want to say going forward we have.to live and right conduct every single.day love the people you love the most.more live one day at a time.admittedly you may hear me say on-air.often that I go through truth trauma and.I do I have a war room that is piled.with papers and it breaks my heart.breaks my heart what they're doing to.all of us.and so it's our job to occupy and stand.this is a battle between good and evil.this is the way I look at it because I.see evil you know all of these documents.every single one is evil absolute evil.and I would recommend again you read.silent weapons for quiet Wars look at.the youtubes the report from iron.mountain here's an example of the NASA.water it's only a hundred or so pages.long it's a PowerPoint I've discussed.this again over the years on multiple.radio shows can all of you hear me okay.I'm hearing a lot of okay so it's been.recommended that because we're all.targeted we're all targeted for demise.that we don't travel alone much that we.travel with friends if you can stay in.your relationship stay in your.relationship it's not a time to.willingly isolate yourself by being.alone.women that are alone and men that are.alone are being targeted that's where.the majority of the targeted individuals.is occurring people being alone don't be.alone that's why I'm so glad to be here.because I don't feel alone because all.your heat all of you are here and we.have to stick together and we have to.understand what is happening and people.say well what's the solution Debra and I.tell people well the solution is what.you see is the problem and we all look.at the problem differently I've reviewed.documents for so many years that the way.I look at a problem is different than.the way many of you would but I will.tell you get to water those of you that.have farms or ranches or can help a.family member that has land.that you can drill for water drill for.water before you're not able to pull.permits to drill for water they've.already put well drilling permit.moratoriums in Ventura County that's.Central California on the coast.you cannot drill for water and you can't.move around these well drag rigs.silently they're large large rigs so if.you can get to water get to water if.you're in the rural country they're.going to be power outages have backup.power so that you can access water we.recommend that people get additional.water tanks so you can fill them because.when more fires occur in our area we've.had firefighters that fought in the.santa rosa fires in fact lou and i went.to the town of paradise with two retired.firefighters that between the two of.them have 60 years experience they're.actually retired captains and we were.hunting for the evidence that smart.meters were involved and we found it lou.found a case in a partially burned down.School in Paradise the size of a.refrigerator box no flames had hit the.outside of this box and when we opened.up the door the meter had exploded and.melted down the face type in smart.meters and fires world wide also for.replacements of homes when you're.rebuilding this is essential this is.crazy it's all crazy but you're required.to have low e energy windows or.energy-efficient windows of some type.there are a variety of them check out.the one that you might be installing or.your neighbor will be installing when.you have to replace your home because of.a flood or a fire or a wind condition or.whatever kind of condition would.necessitate your replacing your windows.like retro fitting because window.replacement is required under.retrofitting to reduce your energy costs.and because the low e energy windows.cause fires if they're on the south.exposure of your house where the Sun.shines in these windows are dual pane.and they have argon gas in the middle in.these windows concave and it's like a.magnifying glass my brother lost his.home in Santa Rosa they bought a new.home and we had a red flag fire warning.one afternoon and he's told his wife and.I just got a funny feeling just stay at.home had she not stayed at home the.unoccupied unsold home right next to.their home the windows caught the fence.on fire on the back in the back of the.house had she not been there to run out.there with a garden hose to put this.fire out and the neighbors come to help.her their house would have burned down.their new house they just moved in they.had lost everything so low energy.windows you will not find these warnings.on the window factory websites and in.fact the Department of Energy recommends.these windows I've had people from.Montana contact us because they've had.some ferocious winds and many homes.their windows were blown out and the.Builder installed these low-energy.windows it's a global situation many.methods of causing pain and suffering.are being deployed now on all of us so.as we learn about these things we post.these up on stop the crime net hoping.that this information will help you help.your neighbors help yourself as we go.through this Petrey tree petri dish that.we're in during to create a.transformation of what has always been.known to be human so we have to work.together as humans and I just thank you.all for being here and listening so I'm.signing off thank you so much.[Applause].well I think that's giving you a little.bit to talk about in the bar right.outstanding Debra thank you so much and.thanks you and Lou for coming over the.UK and sharing that with us.[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].

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