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Roger Clemens is getting ready to go to.take on the Boston Red Sox it has become.tradition from his forehead to the.forehead of Babe Ruth on that monument.out in Monument Park and Clemens who so.far is to know in this postseason coming.off a regular season will take on this.lineup Johnny Damon leading off in town.Walker batting 2nd Nomar Garciaparra.broke through yesterday.he's hitting third Manny Ramirez David.Ortiz the D H Kevin Millar at first trot.Nixon in right Bill Miller at third and.Jason Varitek homered yesterday he is at.four in this postseason.41 years old the rocket Roger Clemens.and the question in everybody's mind is.this it is this his last appearance how.fitting from Boston to New York City.with a stop in between at Toronto.remarkable career winning 300 games this.year.this 300 this year.Damon retired on a routine ground down.here's Todd Walker.Nomar Garciaparra waits to hit next.Riano on walking.good riff by Walker Walker is a 400.career hitter against Roger Clemens.that balls down the line and foul Walker.started stopped in know whether to run.or not and he'll be back to the plate.with a 3-2 count may have to get a move.that jammed on this pitch.after that cub series against the.Marlins foul balls of that type have.never been looked at the same again.good at-bat by Todd Walker.may have been ball four but he stays.alive.into right-center field for a hit.learning Williams cuts it off makes a.good play and Walker is on with one out.in the first inning for Boston a 10.pitch at-bat for Todd Walker Roger.Clemens fastball is down he is easier to.hit than when his last ball is up.another rope by Walker.Garciaparra now the combination of.Millar Miller and Garciaparra 7 455 in.this series coming into yesterday's game.6 the trio combined for nine hits.Garciaparra had four of them.into right-center field off the end of.the back Garcia makes the catch in.Walker tags and advances good.baserunning runner at second two out.outstanding base running by Todd Walker.this is deep enough Walker says to tag.up on he read the height of the ball.had to turn pivot and make the throw.workplace owned by welcome.RBI chance for New York native Manny.Ramirez.one thing I see the Roger is I don't.think you sort of pitch on tonight and.for yet and these aren't all forcing.fast balls he's cutting the ball and to.have that kind of velocity with cut on.it you know his arms feeling pretty good.the cut fastball Bret Boone was talking.about right here.leave its account.two balls in the strike.Danny Ramirez has struggled in his.career against Roger Clemens.we'll see that ball sailing girls.they went cutter football better for a.strike sinker for a ball cutter for a.foul ball.pedro martinez when he steps to the.mound will be on that yankee stadium.bound for the first time in his career.in the postseason.Clemens is through the first it's paint.pedro martinez one in one of the.postseason this year the Red Sox will.take on this lineup Soriano Johnson and.Jeter different look Nick Johnson.batting second.where's Giambi of cheaters hitting third.he's batting seventh as the D H first.time he's done that for Joe Torre and.regain Wilson to his handled Pedro.Martinez batting eighth Karim Garcia.Knight then here's Pedro Martinez.right there you folks at home if you're.a Red Sox fan that's what you're.interested in how hard he's throwing.one away.fastball off the plate get Soriano the.first statement of a scouting report.could be posed as a question does his.arm hurt he says no unusual amount of.curveballs however on Saturday for Game.seven.who else would long.Nick Johnson now batting in the number.two spot where Jeter usually hits for.the Yankees.I think you can look at how hard he's.thrown and maybe say his arm isn't.feeling good if he's hittin 88-89 but.but I think as as a hitter you've got to.make him prove you that he's willing to.throw that fastball even if he doesn't.have his best one if he can locate it 88.he still you got to know that he will.throw it at any time so you can't just.sit on the off-speed.three balls in the strike with Jeter on.deck.one on one out Jeter coming up and we.have yet to see anything resembling a.good fastball from Pedro Martinez he is.under the fastball he's yet to break 94.see the curveballs that he threw to.Soriano they're going to be around 70 he.struck him out on an idiot mile an hour.fastball Pedro was on the disabled list.with a sore labrum right under the.shoulder from May 25th to June 11.strike one.one ball one strike.off the hands Millar at first and foul.ground to our and with a runner at first.two out Bernie Williams will be the.hitter watch on his fastball tails in on.the hands of Derek Jeter.at times Tim you talk about the anatomy.of an out so to speak and the different.characteristics from a pitcher and.velocity is not always number one on the.list location movement and it looks like.Pedro Martinez will have to rely on.location and movement here tonight.certainly movement to Jeter opposite way.they say two on two-out.so a scoring opportunity.Yankees in the first and hit Deki Matsui.moved up in the order to the number five.spot digs his way in.strike one.the first pitch at 90 miles per hour.from Pedro Martinez.I would imagine Giambi was shocked to.get to the ballpark and find his name on.that lineup for the number seven spot.two balls in the strike 91 from Pedro.Martinez.on the outside part two and two.go inside outside that's only ball three.Hideki Matsui it's three and two.hideki lost the count.that was a key pitch as Varitek out to.talk to Martinez now the runners will be.off three to two out.Johnny Damon is coming on.Roger Clemens Pedro Martinez each with a.scoreless verse we go to the second.inning Game seven.winner goes to the World Series no score.Roger Clemens in the first inning got.around a one-out hit and now he takes on.the tittle part of this relentless.Boston Red Sox lineup starts David Ortiz.with a strike Ortiz the DX then Kevin.Millar at first and trot Nixon and right.and a center field on a line Bernie.Williams makes a tough play hit right.out of one out and Millar coming up.right on the button but to Bernie.Williams little snow cone action at the.end our sprint virtual manager question.is who matches up better with the.Marlins in your opinion the Yankees of.the Red Sox a free Yankees B for Red Sox.to answer the question use your PC's.vision phone from Sprint.log on to foxsports.com keyword MLB on.Fox.Kevin Millar fouls the first pitch back.strike one.Millar a couple of bitching yesterday's.9 runs 16 hit attack that the Red Sox.came up with finally breaking through.offensively to win Game six.one ball one strike I wonder how the.Marlins would vote.the Marlins watching this game from.Chicago well there are no restrictions I.mean if they want to login in their PCs.vision phones from the airport terminal.D wherever they're watching in Chicago.they can feel free.speaking from a player I don't think the.Marlin gonna take.into right-center field tailing away.from Williams at ball will get down and.on a hot learning Williams on another.good play holds Millar he was single one.on one out trot Nixon is coming up.alright the Marlins don't care that we.know Bret Boone has told us that uh Tim.breathing who matches up better the Red.Sox are the Yankees against the Marlins.and you can say it doesn't matter - it's.okay I don't think the Marlins care I.mean after last night I don't think they.care one way the other I agree with.Brett okay let me be the one to set all.right really doesn't matter.but put your vote in I you know I think.when you look at that Marlins team the.reason why it doesn't matter if that is.the case is because the Marlins will.roll into the World Series on Saturday.night either here in New York or in.Boston please turn your phone off Tim I.will with so much confidence they've got.hitting up and down their lineup they've.got a starting rotation that's going to.go in a little backward after the way.things finished up at Wrigley Field.having to use Beckett and relief and was.he terrific last night in Bolivia.they've got a bullpen with two guys who.can close games that got speed they hit.for average so maybe that is the answer.because I think they match up well.against either one of these two teams.speeds the key speed is the key that the.Marlins had that neither of these two.teams have and the catchers in the World.Series be it Varitek or Posada are going.to have a lot of heat and so the.pitchers trying to hold the runners.close Nixon into right-center field.yes he's dead the Red Sox strike first.trot Nixon a home run to right-center.field it's 2 nothing Boston in the.second.Hickson hits his fourth career homerun.off Roger Clemens.bigger than that last swipe here in the.second inning of Game seven.that looked like a splitter that stayed.up in the strike zone about belt I.outside part of the plate either a.splitter or a tailing fastball another.look lisanna shits outside I think it.was just.either a splitter or two-seam fastball.Miller now with one out takes a strike.and it's 1 and 1.Nixon went deep last night in the top of.the ninth inning to give the Red Sox a.2-run add on with their one run a jangly.they added the two in the ninth and one.at 9 to 6 we go back to the home run.that's a two-seam fastball here's a 1 2.pitch Miller strikes out 2 out.splitter diving out of the strike zone.well it's interesting first any Roger.came out his daughter is cutting the.fastball a little bit this inning he's.pretty much going to see the sacred.maybe to give him another look.thank you throws at the left-handers to.try to get the ground ball a double play.situation the trot Nixon lifted it out.of the ballpark.for the bases empty two out here's.Varitek.and he rips one into right field that.ball will hang on hop and hit the wall.Varitek is going to test Garcia and make.it easily into second on the high throw.out of right.often the number of outs determine.whether to take the extra base or not.there are two outs even though the balls.hit sharply Garcia comes up with it.quickly.Varitek testing his arm properly and he.overthrows tted.now it's Johnny Damon with an RBI chance.this packed house trying to rally behind.Roger Clemens we set it at the top and.I'm sure we'll say it again this could.be the final time that Roger Clemens is.on a major-league mound you said he will.walk away at the end of this season.310 career victories number three on the.all-time strikeout list with 4099 is a.one pitch one ball one strike on Damon.for Clemens is 24th postseason start.he's eight and six and two and oh this.year but it all falls to this at Game.seven here in the ALCS.laying off that [ __ ] is Damon it's two.and one.the six times I Young award-winner is.ready is to one pitch to the left side.for Enrique Wilson his throw sails into.the seats and that'll bring Varitek to.the plate to make it 3 nothing Wilson in.the lineup for his bat against Pedro.Martinez Boone is sitting out and Wilson.throws it into the photographers section.behind first base for an error and a.three nothing Red Sox lead usually if.you drop your arm when you're throwing.the ball will tail into the runner as.Wilson's did then he has the type of.motion the growing motion where the ball.tails certainly not the arm that Aaron.Boone has.another run by the Red Sox and now.red-hot Todd Walker steps in he takes a.fall a 10 pitch at-bat his first time up.for Walker and he singled into right.field at the end of it now it's Damon at.second two out.what is a three-run second inning for.Boston.one ball one strike.the last time the Boston Red Sox were in.a game seven in an ALCS was 1986 and.they won that game over the California.Angels behind Roger Clemens.to the right side Nick Johnson stays.down on it the inning is over but not.before the Boston Red Sox come up with.three runs.one on earth.those teeth boss.Pedro Martinez has.swinging a Miss for strike one.Orville Redenbacher's popcorn start.popping today a swinging strike on Jorge.Posada and we're underway in the bottom.of the second it'll be Posada Giambi.hitting seventh and Enrique Wilson.that misses one ball one strike.we did see a flash of that good Pedro.Martinez velocity on that final pitch to.Matsui with two on two out in a long.first inning.popped up into left-center field for.Johnny Damon one.autumns yep it was the only time in the.inning that Martinez hit 93 with the.fastball that was the final pitch of the.inning.I think we'd get too wrapped up in.velocity I mean this guy if Pedro's.hitting his spots whether it's 89 of.course it would be nice for him to have.his 95 in hit in spots but he can do it.with the velocity he's got right now I.think you'd notice he's throwing more.fastballs in the first two innings and.he probably threw the whole last game.that was Saturday afternoon at Fenway.Park as he misses inside ball one to.Giambi and that was a day he didn't get.wrapped up in velocity and he lost.because he was throwing too many.curveballs and too many change the one.Oh.but the one thing Pedro is is smart and.knows how to pijl know it's tuned about.that he can't come back out here and.throw all breaking balls these Yankee.hitters are too good and you can't get a.team to know what you're going to throw.elderson on the break of all the to old.pitch three balls no strikes a 2o.changeup that missed with Enrique Wilson.up next.Giambi moved to the number seven spot.takes a strike.so far in this series eight out of 37 in.the postseason one home run and that.came yesterday the three one on the.inside corner three and two.as a member of the Oakland A's the last.time Giambi hit this low in the order.a high fastball and there's 93 miles an.hour again and at the Red Sox have.proven one thing a way to get Giambi out.in this postseason high heat and Pedro.Martinez gives it by his back after.falling behind three and nothing a.fastball a fastball and a high fastball.Giambi's woes continued.and Rinca Wilson seven of eight against.Pedro Martinez this season 10 out of 20.in his career leading into that game.three start when he went over for this.one down the right side how to play for.strike one.already Enrique Wilson has made his.presence felt with a throwing error that.led directly to a run and his reaction.of the dugout.after making the miscue.the opposite way slicing down the line.and it's quite nice running catch by.Manny Ramirez closed and covered a ton.of ground we go to the third inning here.in game 7 Boston on top three nothing.part of the order for the Red Sox here.in the third inning Garciaparra then.Ramirez then Ortiz a lot of people were.screaming for the Red Sox and Grady.little to move Garciaparra out of that.number three spot with him he stays with.him now after yesterday out of that.number three spot.Nomar Hannah four for five day made up.for an error in the field on the other.side you see Joe Torre who comes into.this game he moves his lineup all around.talks about rearranging the furniture.that big credenza Jason Giambi into the.number seven spot.he's got Nick Johnson batting second.Jeter in the number three position and.Enrique Wilson in there while the Red.Sox are going with their typical look.it's three and Oh on Garciaparra green.one.for you too.and this crowd try.back into this game stunned by a.three-run second heading put up by.Boston.it was a three-count and Roger Clemens.comes back to get Garciaparra Manny.Ramirez grew up in nearby Washington.Heights and a look back at a young Manny.Ramirez.regarded by many as one of the greatest.hitters to come out of this city.and he is back playing for the Red Sox.trying to get past the New York Yankees.to get to the 2003 World Series.with one out nobody on a ball inside.from Clemens.at George Washington High in 1991 22.games batting average of 6:15.backing out a plane joining us for.tonight's game is Kenny Albert Kenny Joe.you mentioned Manny Ramirez grew up in.Washington Heights the side of a massive.water main break this afternoon which.caused major traffic problems maddie was.asked before the game if any of his.friends or family were affected he said.no they all moved to Miami one ball one.strike.you may get to see friends and family in.my end and the world series if the Red.Sox can hang on and defeat the New York.Yankees as the count goes to one two.into right-center field gran Garcia to.his right as it sails back to him two.out.that was a cut fastball something to.which Brent referred earlier and what it.will do it will cut off the fat part of.the bat cow tales out and Ramirez hits.it right on the end of the bat didn't.get enough of it to drive it out the.right field.that's a deception in that cutter you.think you're going to Center it and at.the last minute it will sail on you.about three inches now it's Ortiz.two hopper to Nick Johnson and goes to.the bottom 2/3 in Si Garcia Soriano and.Nick Johnson coming up Red Sox lead in.game 7 right up.Pedro Martinez back to work it's three.nothing bottom the third inning dealing.with Karim Garcia remember Garcia was.the one that was hit back at his.shoulder the second and third situation.in that fourth inning back at Fenway.Park on Saturday by Pedro Martinez a 1o.pitch another comprar seen a few of.those that's into left centerfield it's.Johnny Damon for out number one if.you've been living under a boulder to.the last wing.this is what started the best this pitch.up the direction of the head which any.hitter takes exception to Garciaparra.was stunned that that happened in that.situation second and third nobody out at.the time that loaded the bases and Pedro.Martinez gave up what were the.difference runs in the game in that.fourth inning Soriano was a part of it.as he stands in with one out here.toriana struck out his first time up and.takes a strike on the outside corner.with all of that swirling around all of.that psychological baggage I think.Martinez's.shrewdest pitch so far tonight was the.second pitch to Nick Johnson he knocked.him back off the plate as if to tell the.Yankees listen just because we had that.brouhaha the other night don't think I.won't come inside on you hear that term.all the time sending a message that was.a message and really I think talking to.you Tim and you Brett that was a concern.coming in and Brett you weren't one who.thought that that inside pitch was going.to be taken away from Pedro Martinez.still got to allow these guys to go out.and pitch their game and that pitch that.pitch right there I was in close that's.part of the game that's not up around.them in a 1 2 pitch 93 but out of the.strike zone two balls two strikes.Joe Torre talking before the game about.a possible warning before this game.started by major league baseball by the.umpires they said I don't think there.will be one and it would be a shame if.there were a warning from baseball is.that breaking ball and it's important to.say breaking ball stays up and in it's a.3-2 count now on Soriano everybody you.and I here at Yankee Stadium at least.all Yankee it's just a curveball it.backed up.one out the bases empty three and two on.Soriano with Nick Johnson on deck.fastball to get Soriano two out.strikeout number three on the night for.Pedro Martinez play hit the pros.presented by Chevy Silverado face real.pitches from today's best hurlers log on.to foxsports.com keyword games Chevy.Silverado it's the right truck three.strikeouts for Martinez two out nobody.on for Nick Johnson.that's inside for ball one.Kenny Albert you met with the officials.before this game any word about a.pregame warning Bob Dylan spoke with.Steve Palermo supervisor of umpires.and he told me that no club personnel.not the managers not the pitchers we.talked to by the umpires before the game.Steve emphasized Major League Baseball.and commissioner Bud Selig will not.tolerate any of the extracurricular.stuff that went on during Game three but.we're not spoken to before the game.that's into right center and easy for.Johnny Damon to his left another pop up.another one for jamming Pedro Martinez.is settled into a groove we slip into.the fourth Vinick game seven Boston and.New York three nothing Red Sox.and by subway good so you don't always.have to be subway eat fresh Millar hits.one a lot field that ball back into the.corner up and hold run Millar.it's for nothing Boston as Millar gets.his first to the postseason.and the Red Sox and their fans have to.be thinking finally yesterday this.offense bust through and tonight against.Roger Clemens they picked up where they.left off in Game six who are very smart.hitter it appeared that he went up and.said I'm going to get a fastball I'm.going to try the Gherkin take one shot.two game.now it's trot Nixon the number seven.hitter will hit a 2-run home run his.first time up that was a fastball down.the middle of the plate right below the.letters.strengthen exit.you could sit beside a pound.an ALCS record 11 home runs by the Red.Sox.the top hitting team in baseball this.season and they're finally showing it.here at the end of the League.Championship Series.Mike Mussina is getting ready for the.Yankees in their bullpen.said he'd be good for at least an inning.or two everybody for the Yankees except.for Andy Pettitte available and for the.Red Sox.outside of birkin everybody maybe.including Derek Lowe available for Grady.little in the Boston Red Sox here's a 2.to none exit check the swing full count.low for ball for first walk in the night.Roger Clemens has said he will walk away.at the end of this season after putting.up 17 victories during the regular year.he's to know in the postseason until.this you want to talk about retirement.we asked Roger Clemens about walking.away they got the number one reason why.you should retire and it's when the time.when I knew it was time retires when the.chance went from rocket sucks to dad.sucks dad sucks then you knew it was.time to go so we haven't gotten there.yet.my boys are wanting to get in the.batter's box against me a little more.often now and take some cuts so we're.getting a little closer but we're not.just there yet and there is no doubt.that this is totally family driven I.mean it has nothing to do with.performances you see a guy who tonight.is struggling allowing four runs on five.hits two home runs but he is still a.dominant type right-hander and it's just.the call of his family wanting him to.get back home in the Houston Texas area.that is making him want to quit this.game I think that and you know he's.played this game for so long it's been.so successful I think it's the family.plays a big part but I think it's the.the off season the daily coming to the.ballpark and what it takes to get on.that field every day that after a while.mentally will get you.one on nobody out and a ball is a little.bit low to Bill Miller Miller struck out.his first time that's the only Clement.strikeout tonight.visit by Stoudemire was as much to talk.about Clemens and what he's trying to do.as it was to buy time from the Cena to.get ready.Miller's slapping at it one ball one.strike.if you want to look at how these two.teams end up in a game seven within this.series what area where you can point.would be the bullpen the bullpen for the.Boston Red Sox is pulled it together in.this postseason and it's a big reason.why this Red Sox team is in a position.if they win here tonight to go to the.World Series something that was an.Achilles heel all year long for the.Yankees outside of Mariano Rivera there.are question marks throughout that.bullpen and yesterday it became very.apparent that if you don't have Rivera.in the game in the late innings Joe.Torre is picking guys and hoping and.yesterday the bullpen gave it up runner.goes hit-and-run and works perfectly for.the Red Sox Nixon will go to third the.Red Sox doing everything right so far.tonight have first and third and nobody.out Grady little doesn't do it often and.it looks beautiful one of the prettiest.plays to see from high home when the.wrong guy covers the right guy for the.Red Sox.Jeter moving over Miller finding the.vacated hole.starting honors is something that early.in this seat in this series didn't work.at home for the Boston Red Sox here.comes Joe Jory and that is it for Roger.Clemens.he is knocked out here in the fourth.inning.and potentially could be the last time.he exits a major league field.for the first time in his big-league.career Mike Mussina is coming out of the.bullpen that's what's happened this.postseason and Owen three record he's.lost twice in this ALCS and he will try.to stop this inning right here it's four.nothing Boston a chance for more first.and third and nobody out with the number.nine hitter Jason Varitek at the plate.Mussina was last on the mound Game four.on Monday.he started and lost Game one on October.8th here he is in Game seven.Varitek first pitch hacking strike one I.think the reason that Joe Torre chose.Mike Mussina is Mussina is the best.pitcher in the bullpen and middle relief.to get a ground ball and that's what the.Yankees are hopeful right here.middle infielders aren't DoublePlay.depth.nothing and two from Mussina to Varitek.a big strikeout by the Yankee.right-hander one away Derek Jeter the.captain of the Yankees in to talk to.Mussina now this is a knuckle curve.tightly wrapped you may see the Yankees.pull their infield in now because Johnny.Damon's very tough to dump life the play.at the plate the lead Runner is Nixon at.third the trail runner is Miller.just picked up his six hit of his ALCS.and here's Damon turns over to cup the.Yankee middle infielders is still back.DoublePlay depth.Damon takes a strike.Massena was quoted as saying all I can.control after pitching well and game for.been losing all I can control is 60 feet.six inches.that rubbed some people the wrong way as.if he were throwing blame on the offense.we're not coming up with mortis.important.right now all he is thinking about 60.feet 6 inches to try to keep it for.nothing here in the 4th inning.to.see that what's on Damon's face probably.looking for that knuckle curve he got.the fastball.the shortstop tear steps in five.Massena may have just kept the Yankees.in this game.for nothing after 3 a.m..Pedro Martinez has a four-run fourth.inning lead so far Pedro Martinez has.been outstanding he's allowed no runs.one hit one walk struck out three and.Jeter is first up.Pedro Martinez has never pitched in a.game seven as he misses outside ball one.that stays fair.throw one away.in walks Bernie Williams and we have not.seen the Yankees hit anything crisp so.far here tonight against Pedro Martinez.even the base hit by Bernie Williams was.off the bat off the end of the bat.trickled through the left side the left.field.Red Sox meanwhile have centered quite a.few off Roger Clemens none off Mussina.forced one out Bernie Williams takes a.strike we have not seen overpowering.pitching from Pedro Martinez so far but.we have seen excellent pitching and work.from Pedro Martinez mixing it up moving.the ball around keeping these named.hitters off-balance as he misses inside.with ball one.as location on both sides of the plate.pitch count at forty five here in the.fourth inning.mr. spot there is Varitek set up outside.it's two and one that just shows you.even a master like Pedro Martinez been.missed by a foot and a half.Varitek was outside the pitch was in off.the plate inside it's a myth to think.that pitchers get them everywhere they.want them.all the time.Williams check that it's three and one.Bernie Williams trying to reach for the.second time tonight on the inside corner.it's a four count.there is no way you can guess.successfully with Pedro Martinez.because change ups and fastball counts.fast balls and curveball counts.curveballs in fastball counts.there's no regular routine about his.pitching pattern.another foul but I think he's.exclusively going with that fastball for.the most part I think if you see later.in the game if he gets into any trouble.you might see him pitch a little.different when you get some runners out.there in scoring position but right now.it's working for.another 3-2 pitch another strikeout for.Martinez 4 on the night Tim I know you.were awfully anxious to see how Pedro.Martinez would respond here in the Bronx.at Yankee Stadium after what transpired.in Game three on Saturday in Boston to.his credit he is he will be able to put.everything aside go out do his thing.he's focused he's in control and even.with what happened on the field between.the white lines and outside the white.lines in game 3 he has been remarkable.so far tonight he's been able to do that.throughout his career to shut down all.outside distractions and he's never had.more distractions.that ball is hammered to Center and out.of the wings of Johnny Damon.it's a two-out double for Hideki Matsui.the Yankees first extra-base hit.fastball hit hard here over the head of.Johnny Damon and the Yankees have a.two-out base runner.now it's Posada.for nothing Red Sox bottom of the fourth.Game seven.hard hit but Millar down on Annie gets.it to the bag and the inning is over the.Yankees strand their third of the night.we go to the fifth pulling out the Red.Sox back after this from your local Fox.station.Todd Walker first up for Boston here in.the fifth.he's the number two hitter and he pops.it into left Hideki Matsui makes the.play one pitch one out Walker now one.out of three in Nomar Garciaparra with.his fiancee Mia Hamm in the crowd at.Yankee Stadium tonight Nomar walks in.Mia was here yesterday Red Sox won 96.and there's Mia in the middle with.Garciaparra tonight over two and.longtime Yankee fan Billy Crystal always.here when there's October baseball in.New York and with one out nobody on.Garciaparra lines one into left field.for a base hit.that soui makes a play on one hop and.Garciaparra is 1 for 3.so Garciaparra is aboard and Manny.Ramirez walks to the plate.the minute Mia Hamm is shown Garciaparra.responds with a double the left it's.bound to work God - it's got to work got.to one-on-one out for Ramirez.Manny's flat-out too right both times up.tonight.Massena kept the Yankees in the game.last inning by entering with first and.third nobody out Varitek struck out.Damon bounced into a 6-3 double play now.it's one-on-one out for Ramirez.another base hit Ramirez goes the.opposite way Garciaparra holds at second.two on one out.Red Sox perhaps remembering last night.when the Yankees scored four in the.fifth inning to take the lead 5 to 4 and.trying to tack on to their four nothing.lead.he used an appropriate term earlier geo.calling the zombies and relentless I.think it's the best way to describe in.the Boston offense this year.top to bottom they can get you from any.spot in their order in the Yankees and.Mel stottlemyre aware of that he calls.the bullpen and they'll be more action.for the Yankees out beyond that wall in.left-center field.David Ortiz now with two on and one out.ball one.Ortiz is lined to center and grounded.out to first yesterday came up with a.big two run single the opposite way at.a3 RBI day in the 9/6 Boston win.Ortiz tried to check his swing he did.it's to know one of the few times that.Mussina would ask for home plate umpire.to check with the third-base umpire.Derryl cousins look from that half swing.that he did not go around.Garciaparra Ramirez.one out of two old pitch.big rip by Ortiz the ball was in autumn.it's too long.Kevin Millar who this past offseason was.initially part of the Florida Marlins.they tried to sell over to Japan.got into some issues with a contract and.he ended up making his way to the Red.Sox when they showed interest as Ortiz.fouls it back and out of play and if you.want to look for a guy that's helped to.change the attitude with the Boston Red.Sox Millar is right at the front of the.pack.along with a guide to plate David Ortiz.two on with one out and or.he strikes out two away.after coming inside two times the.split-finger fastball gets David Ortiz.Kevin Millar in the fourth inning went.after the first pitch from Clemens and.the home run a look at it in mega.slow-mo Lowell extension.able to lay off that pitch ball one the.Boston Red Sox have won ten American.League pennants the last one coming in.1986 that led to more heartbreak in the.World Series against the Mets Pedro.Martinez trying to make sure these Red.Sox have a date on Saturday night at.Fenway Park against the Florida Marlins.is for nothing here in the top of the.fifth two on two-out.on the outside corner one.in that 86 World Series Roger Clemens.started Game six he came out after seven.innings telling John McNamara the.manager of the Red Sox of the clan and.he had had enough.a paper cut on the middle finger I said.on Saturday night that Clemens had.always said he wanted to stay in the.game not so sit back America strike two.on the law.I talked to John McNamara.and 17 years after Manitou.in his story and he thought Fleming.should have stayed in the game.Lemmon started this game.and made it into the fourth.left with a score for nothing and still.for nothing as Millar takes inside 2 & 2.Jeter to his left gets it thought about.flipping it for the OP it goes across.the first two hits two left Red Sox have.stranded five halfway through game.number seven bottom of the fifth for.nothing Boston.best view of tonight's game is from the.hood lightship hood dairy supports.children's hospitals throughout New.England and partnership with Boston Red.Sox as this ball is hit high and deep to.right-center.Bhaiji.Giambi banning in the seven spot goes.deep and the Yankees are on the board in.Game seven.nobody on around Enrique Wilson shoots.one foul down the right side as his bat.shatters in his hands in heaven Millar.went up there looking for a fastball to.Homer on and he did Jason Giambi went up.looking for the change-up he got it and.puts the Yankees on the board.one ball one strike.the home run by Giambi has awakened this.crowd would get the Yankee bats going as.Enrique Wilson flies one to left easy.for many Ramirez one out.pedro martinez had gone 31 consecutive.postseason innings without allowing a.home run until Derek Jeter went deep in.the third inning of Game three and now.here tonight.another slow slow look as Giambi waited.on that changeup from Pedro Martinez.one out here's Kareem Garcia.on the inside corner there's Garcia who.is right on top of the plate he isn't.backing off and Varitek and Pedro.Martinez aren't backing off they set up.inside and got a strike in there.one-on-one.straight to along with a lot of other.things another remarkable thing about.Pedro Martinez is how few home runs he.gives up only seven this year in 194.innings.- in this series with the Yankees.Varitek almost standing as that pitch is.brought home to out as Martinez gets his.fifth strikeout you can see Varitek.straddling home plate on Moses that was.a great sequence to Karim Garcia.fastball inside after missing with a.fastball to changeup and then he got him.on a high fastball for the fifth.strikeout in this game.ball one to Soriano.the Yankees came into this game hitting.in this ALCS they hit 271 as a team.during the regular season.a big part of the Yankees troubles at.the plate the bullpen work which has.allowed only a 173 average in a 1.17 tra.for the Boston Red Sox and you can bet.the debt bullpen for Boston.will be a part of this game 7 before.it's finished.two out bases empty ball and two strikes.on Soriano.up to get it the foul straight back.with two out Soriano lays off its two.and two you'd be hard pressed to see a.pitcher combine the feel of gitche with.the knowledge of hitting any more than.Pedro Martinez those two things.make him several steps above the normal.picture.that's on the inside corner in the.inning that delayed strength recall by.McClellan surprises Soriano and this.crowd at Yankee Stadium.the whole.trail by three.Mike Mussina relieved to the fourth.got around two hints in the fifth and.starts trot Nixon with strike one it.will be Nixon Miller and Varitek the.bottom three for the Red Sox here in the.sixth a four to one game 7 World Series.will start on Saturday night either at.Fenway or here at Yankee Stadium.no balls two strikes the Red Sox came in.here yesterday with a matchup of Andy.Pettitte against John Burkett and a slew.of relievers out of each bullpen came.away with a 96 win to force game seven.as the scoreboard reads 10:01 here we.are in the top of the sixth inning with.the Red Sox up four to one.Dixon.second strikeout for Mike Mussina it.looked like a split finger fastball down.out of the strike zone most swinging.strikeouts and splitters and gone balls.out of the strike zone Bill Miller now.with one out nobody on Millar singled as.part of a hit and run back in the fourth.inning.that prompted the pitching change.Clemens was finished in Messina came in.to bail the Yankees out of further.trouble strike one on Miller.on the corner it's on to.the Red Sox this season are four-and-oh.in October when facing elimination.it took three in a row to get past the.Oakland A's.were backed up yesterday down three.games to two.196.it's gone.in the bottom of this inning it'll be.the two three and four hitters for New.York.that means Johnson Jeter and Bernie.Williams.- and - on Miller Joe Torre has been.around since 1996 managing these Yankees.six times they've been in the ALCS and.this is the first time they've been.pushed to a game seven.left side Enrique Wilson - I see how.that ball tailed into the runner again.his second chance tonight the first one.went for an error and an unearned run.scored.watch how Wilson drops down find play to.come up with the ball he drops down with.that unusual throw and it tails into the.runner again this time Johnson comes up.with.now it's very Jack who's doubled and.struck out.for one.on the inside corner ball to strike.they get creative here at Yankee Stadium.Don Zimmer has never looked so good.Varitek now set up at a ball and two.strikes.two hops to Soriano what a job machine.has done so far for the Yankees out of.the bullpen what a job.Pedro Martinez is done on the mound for.the Red Sox bottom of the sixth inning.four to one Boston.beautiful night in New York the.temperature has gone up from yesterday.the wind is died down and Pedro Martinez.misses with ball one outside the Nick.Johnson Johnson Jeter and Bernie.Williams.in for a strike.yesterday the wind was such a factor and.it definitely aided a couple of balls.hit by the Red Sox in the top of the.seventh the inning where they got three.and took the lead for good up and away 2.& 1 a new look to this Yankee lineup.with Johnson batting second Jeter.hitting third and Giambi down in the.seventh spot.Malhar gets a big hop comes up form on.the backhand and the flip for the out.Soriano's over three Johnson's over to.Jeter is over - as he walks in the.in-game box score for the Yankees.brought to you by AT&T after the top 3.you see a hit by Williams Matsui with a.double and then at the bottom end Giambi.hitting seventh the DA should a changeup.out of the park leading off the bottom.of the fifth for the only run for New.York.here's Jeter.outside for ball one I think that's a.luxury Joe has with this Yankee lineup.we've got so many of these hitters that.are good hitters and could hit at.different parts of the order so that's a.luxury form if he wants to mix it up.he's got a lot of guys that can hit in.different spots and we've got a 100.pitch is fouled out of play into the.upper deck one going one strike but it.is a difference between these two.managers Grady little stayed with an.order that wasn't working at least.producing a ton of hits and runs early.in this series they finally broke free.yesterday and Joe Torre moving pieces.all around and tonight one run on three.hits against Martinez the one one one.and two well I think also I think Grady.was pretty much the same lineup all year.whereas during the course of the season.Joe it change his lineup up quite a bit.he had Bernie hitting second for a while.Bernie hitting sixth for a while we all.know that the past three or four years.Bernie has been in that four hole but.it's something that he didn't just.change in the postseason he's done it.throughout the course of year and I.think that's the difference the count 1.& 2.Jeter takes it just outside to answer.the reason Torre had to change does.change was the mo of the Yankees all.year 20 different relievers outfielders.- and throat the Mondesi trade David.Gallucci coming over.Kareem Garcia.Jeter strikes out and that strikeout.number seven for Pedro Martinez Saturday.the Fall Classic returns to Fox at 7:30.Eastern 4:30 Pacific when the winner of.this game hosts Florida in Game one of.the World Series ports biggest month of.the Year continues Saturday only on Fox.you mentioned the different relievers to.those different relievers and guys that.were added literally down the stretch.for this Yankee team in their bullpen.guys like Heredia gave white reacquiring.Jeff Nelson Contreras used in the.bullpen down the stretch at times during.the season he was a starter Jeff Weaver.was a starter for most of the season now.he's in the bullpen the only guy that.was out there at the start of the season.is of course Mariano Rivera otherwise.changing parts all year and it continued.right up to the postseason Bernie.Williams flips one into right trot Nixon.waits for it and the Yankees 2 3 & 4.hitters go in order Pedro Martinez doing.his thing working his stuff after six at.Yankee Stadium still four to one back.after this from your local Fox station.Felix Heredia comes into the action and.throws a fastball for a strike over the.outside corner here's another example of.a guy who was added late claimed off.waivers from Cincinnati at the end of.August.another strength is going to.the one left-hander the Yankees had in.their bullpen all season not even active.for this series that's Hammond Jeff.Nelson getting loose for New York.their holster for this game Johnny Damon.with only one RBI one and it was a.game-winner last night where the bases.loaded a walk on four pitches from Felix.Heredia in the Red Sox added the two-run.home run by Nixon and that was it Leo to.Damon up there battling trying to find a.mistake by Heredia after Damon its.Walker and then Garciaparra.and strikes out one away.Felix gets Damon with the fastball a.shot of trot Nixon the two-run home run.that capped it last night and that.started it it gets Clements tonight he.went deep in the second then an unearned.run scored on a throwing error by.Enrique Wilson another run came in the.fourth inning with Millar taking the.first pitch out to left one out here's.Walker.right-handed bats to follow so this.could be it for Heredia if the lefty.Walker at the plate.one and one.Walker pops it up.Enrique Wilson and foul ground.our sprint virtual manager question was.who matches up better with the Marlins.the Yankees of the Red Sox and here.answer 63% the Red Sox again from the.other side the other perspective the.Florida Marlins were the way they took.care of the Chicago Cubs have to be.saying whoever it is bring them on Joe.Torre is going to bring on Jeff Nelson.here in the seventh inning with two out.nobody on and Garciaparra coming up good.night to be in a blimp and the best view.of tonight's game is from the hood.lightship but dairy supports children's.hospitals throughout New England in.partnership with the Boston Red Sox it's.one more reason you can feel good about.hood two out nobody on and after the.pitching change I'll match you up of.Jeff Nelson who has that hello to dra in.this postseason against Nomar.Garciaparra.Nelson allow to run yesterday knitting.in a third.Joe Torre yesterday when Andy pettite go.only five brought in Jose Contreras.hoping to get three innings out of.Contreras got only an inning in the.third and then the procession out of the.bullpen for the Yankees begin with.Meridian Nelson gave white the Red Sox.came up in the 96 win.but one one.three sliders in a row for Nelson.two and two on Garciaparra for the.Yankees in the bottom of the inning.Matsui Posada and Giambi against Pedro.Martinez who has been able to keep his.pitch count under control.- yep our strikes out it is time to.stretch Pedro Martinez came to town and.came to this stadium vilified in this.city for what happened in Game three on.Saturday at Fenway Park what has he done.here this evening gates.his red sacks to the world.seventy-nine [ __ ] he is through six.in it we go to the bottom of the seventh.Game seven a trip to the World Series on.the line Martinez in the Red Sox lead.the Yankees four to one.a true champion and he left here in the.fourth inning Mike Mussina did a.terrific job picking up meridia and.Nelson got through the top of this.seventh but the story the matchup.between Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens.coming in and clearly Pedro Martinez has.had the better of this dual six innings.only three hits the home run by Giambi.he struck out seven his pitch count.seventy-nine and he will work the bottom.of the seventh inning with Matsui Posada.Giambi coming up and David Wells gets.loose for the Yankees in their bullpen.the winner of this game moves on to the.World Series on Saturday night Joe you.and I friends were talking about this.the other night about whether Pedro.Martinez if he retired would he go to.the Hall of Fame after looking at that.right there.Sandy Koufax Pedro Martinez their career.averages the answer is a definitive yes.you can also slide Clemens picture next.to go back and talk about a guy who went.out on top Koufax who left with an.arthritic pitching elbow.first pitch ii picked up by walker wide.throw but out one away in the bottom of.the seventh inning.Koufax left is a thirty-year-old off a.twenty seven and nine season with a one.point seven nine ARA you're talking.about a forty one-year-old and Roger.Clemens but a guy who still clearly is.one of the game's more dominant.right-handers and when this season comes.to a close he has said he will spend.time with the family and not come back.to Major League Baseball here's Posada.with one out nobody on.first shot up thanks to pitch high ball.one let's check in with Kenny Albert Joe.god bless American took me out to the.ball game five minute delay opposing.pitchers have been forced away longer.than usual during the seventh-inning.stretch at Yankee home playoff games and.at the bottom of the seventh Yankees.have scored seven runs most in any.inning it was Ron Gardenhire of the.Minnesota Twins who talked about that.delay in a game that we did here Game.two of that division series and a.matchup of Brad Radke and Andy cut it.Gardenhire was criticized by george.steinbrenner for making the comments.what Gardenhire was saying was while it.is a gorgeous rendition of God Bless.America that delay had an effect on his.pitcher rocky who was back out there to.work the bottom of the seventh inning so.far Pedro Martinez is taking care of.Matsui he's 1 2 on Posada.just low 2 & 2.three into.only four base runners for the Yankees.through six and a third.Basava into right-center field David on.the move to our hard-hit knuckling and.it died in right-center field for the.second out of the seventh when you have.a three-run lead.obviously Martinez a wily one making.Posada hit the fastball.well the base is empty here's Giambi.inside for ball one.off the hands jam Giambi it's one and.one Jason's dad in the crowd working.with him before yesterday's game he's.hit two home runs.the move down to the number seven spot.by Joe Torre before this game seven.a 1-1 strike two.to the Florida Marlins feast on lobster.bisque squad popovers or seventh Avenue.deli pastrami they're waiting in the.airport to figure out if they're going.to end up in Boston for Game one on.Saturday night or here in New York.a one-two pitch.basketball the Giambi is able to lay off.its to and to Brian Cashman the general.manager of the New York Yankees.Pedro Martinez has struck out seven walk.one.into right-center field Damon.it's for two in the seventh.changeup the first time a basketball the.second time about five minutes before.game time Bret Boone looked to me and.said I would imagine.Jason's Yahoo's pretty upset.how many times jayson's get out of the.three of the four whole I think he.understands and I feel steady during the.postage and worry about one thing get to.that next step and that's the world.series brought on.roundball that's a fair.get to the bag he inning continues.at maybe scored a base hit because the.error came in the loose footing of the.line should have shuffled the ball off.to Martinez that was the only chance he.had to get the out.Wilson stood fast.Martinez was there Maillard tried to.take it to the bag lost his footing and.it's a base hit to bring in Garcia and.the Yankees have the tying run at the.plate here in the bottom of the seventh.in the seventh for New York.three hits in a row here in the.seventh-inning.clean base hit right there here comes.Dave Wallace the pitching coach out to.talk to Pedro thinking about that Kevin.Millar play you rarely see a first.baseman who has to make such an awkward.bro to a pitcher cover almost going back.across his body that was the key play in.this ball game or in this inning at.least.here it is one more time watch Millar go.to his left now how many times do you.see a first baseman feed to a pitcher.from foul territory he tried to get his.footing and his balance but slipped and.Wilson had a hit.by a hit by Garcia and now it's Soriano.who has struck out three times tonight.with runners at first and second for two.Boston bottom of the seventh.ball one gets a reaction from this.Yankee Stadium crowd.let's try.you.Rivera getting loose for the Yankees in.their pen.Margy no still throwing hard is one and.two having Soriano totally befuddled.busboy.38 home runs during the regular season.none so far in the post.fights it off 94 that's as hard as Pedro.Martinez has thrown all night again.Varitek standing up for the target.eight pitches on the night for Pedro.Martinez.295 from Pedro Martinez.first couple of innings he was throwing.a fastball up there 88 89.Timlin getting loose and ready for the.Red Sox.four times a night Soriano is struck out.Pedro Martinez gives up the home run to.Giambi but strands two we go to the.eighth inning of Game seven it's now.four to Boston.it is the eighth inning of Game seven.it's for two Red Sox over the Yankees.Nelson back to work and Manny Ramirez.takes a ball talk about the presence and.the impact of Garciaparra while they met.on the mound Garciaparra winked to Pedro.Martinez to calm him down.the strikeout followed and then a hug in.the dugout the Boston shortstop to.tonight's Red Sox starting pitcher Pedro.Martinez 2 and L from Nelson to Manny.Ramirez a wink and a hug that's what we.all need Joe well that's what Pedro.Martinez got from Garciaparra who.doesn't play that media game he's not a.guy that's going to give you the cute.quote neither does lado Martinez.certainly doesn't.but you cannot emphasize enough.Garciaparra means and there's lineup.his spot the number three position.batting order what he does defensively.we showed something there with his.approach with Pedro Martinez when it got.sticky in the bottom of the seventh.there's a strike and it's three and one.on Manny Ramirez.when the Red Sox lost to the Yankees in.the 1999 ALCS.it was Nomar Garciaparra after the loss.getting up and waving the towel to.Boston faithful is up playing for.Enrique Wilson good play for the out.first out here in the eighth.now David Ortiz and this crowd will get.a kick out of seeing David Wells come.out of the bullpen.three of the starters for the Yankees.appearing in this game first Clemens.then Mussina and as Nelson is gone David.Wells is coming out of the past.we're in the top of the eighth inning.one out and it's David Wells out of the.bullpen for New York dealing with David.Ortiz Kevin Millar to follow.two starts two wins the Wells as Ortiz.gets into one to right this one is at.the wall.David Ortiz greets David Wells with a.first pitch home run to right it's 5-2.a hanging curveball right around the.bellybutton.all winner.the ball well that's what our T's does.right here a little lower than the.bellybutton crank - right.third home run of the night live Boston.and for David Ortiz his second of the.postseason Jeter to his right surrounds.it grows to get Millar two out.David Ortiz took David Wells deep twice.again here the fourth of July.that game David Wells allowed five Red.Sox home runs again Ortiz got him twice.and he gets him here.in Game seven.this is the 26th meeting between these.two teams this season.with 25 blade so far the Yankees have.won 13 the Red Sox 12.well who has a lot of experience out of.the bullpen early in his career in.Toronto.made one relief appearance this season.with two out nobody on its own two on.trot Nixon.all one.Nixon homered for the fourth time in his.career against Roger Clemens back in the.second a two-run shot to start the.scoring.want to straight up the shoot.shallow centerfield for Jeter and we go.to the bottom of the 18th inning a home.run by David Ortiz gives Martinez then.run back he heads back to work it's 5 2.Boston.the League Championship Series on Fox.brought to you by master and commander.the year's most anticipated motion.picture starring Russell Crowe November.14 by Taco Bell where you can spice up.the night by staples that was easy and.by America Online look 49.0 optimized.coming this fall.first up in Johnson bottom of the 8th 5.to Boston ball 1.Master and Commander is starred Pedro.Martinez tonight one ball no strikes.Johnson Jeter and Bernie Williams.there is action for the Red Sox in their.bullpen in case Martinez stumbles we're.in the 8th in Boston leads by 3.two balls in the strike.Timlin and Embree.hi it's three and one.Nick Johnson took the two old Fitz will.see if he's taking three and one.3 & 2.the Boston Globe today called this game.the biggest game one of sports greatest.rivalries everybody looking at Pedro.Martinez and how he would respond after.what happened on Saturday afternoon in.Game three some saying Pedro Martinez.still had to have that one game.that highlight David.career.Johnson pops up Garciaparra waits for it.one out in the eighth the papers here.one of the headlines at a picture of.Pedro Martinez after Saturday's game.three and they called him Fenway Punk.they were all waiting here at Yankee.Stadium for him to get here to step on.the field to warm up he was not.intimidated one bit.regarded by many.as the greatest pitcher in the game.today the most dangerous the most.dominant and when one out here in the.bottom of the 8th inning he works to.Derek Jeter with the Red Sox five.defensive outs away from heading to the.World Series.cheater.Jeeter old for 3 in this game fouled out.grounded out struck out.strike two.jitter flies into right Nixon back.the double.brought nixon did not read that ball.perfectly off the bat and could not.recover to get me out I went to his.right first and then the ball tailed.behind him.the parents are Derek Jeter who are.and cheater trying to get something.going in the bottom of the eighth with.one out here's Bernie Williams one out.of three.on the inside corner strike one.where the Yankees have runners on Pedro.throws the hardest 95 a couple of.pitches the last inning with runners on.at first and second now 92 to Williams.on the inside corner.time called.now Matsui the number five hitter on.deck.that's why the ball in a strike 11.o'clock straight up on the scoreboard.here at Yankee Stadium it's game 7 the.Red Sox got three runs in the second.behind the pitching of Pedro Martinez.they lead it 5-2 in the bottom of the a.the Yankees aren't finished.t-ball is destroyed.with Matsui the left-handed hitting.outfielder on deck Alan Embree the lefty.to the right side and you get.gets Matsui one.114 pitches on the night from Pedro.Martinez.the Yankees looking for more of that.October magic.which they have almost come to it.the tutu.Jeter will come.Grady little out of the dugout.fifteen pitches on the night Grady.little is going to stick.Martinez.one at the plate for New York it's.Hideki Matsui.one out of three with a devil tonight.strike two.corner care morning William.its second and third as.situation for a second.rather to bring Embree.the pitch to Matsui or not.he's going to make that move.on an Matsui who doubled in Game three.off Pedro doubles again.I think it's a place where Grady goes.out to to Pedro Martinez he's number.and because of the respect that he has.earned.home.take another dose.fans.till Tory talked about moving Jason.Giambi.we said usually when you do that a guy.that you moved to try to help out.invariably.the tire win again.now it's Posada.second and third one out.struck out with runners on at second and.third last.an embrace.place to put Masada.two and two.curveball fastball situation.forget it the baserunning of next.he comes home nobody covers second.Alan Embree takes over the left-hander.he struck out Giambi with runners at.second and third and one out.Pedro Martinez will sit and watch.it's a 5/5 game and time is called at.the plate.123 pitches on the night.the fourth pose.Pedro Martinez this Susan.Grady little stayed with him it's a tied.game in the eighth inning.homer twice tonight strike one until you.picked up money not only the Posada hit.on a flare to centerfield scoring two.good read by Matsui but the Red Sox is.that you.conveys allowing Machado to be there.without a play.shortstop second baseman were out the.kitchen was back.first baseman Kevin Millar was the.cutoff man.one ball one strike go ahead run.second with one out.Rivera in the bullpen today.races back Damon comes on to the second.out of the inning.well you said it.at the time with Bernie Williams at the.place.on its second Williams an RBI base hit.Embry was ready in the bullpen for.Hideki Matsui he stayed in the bullpen.Pedro Martinez at the end of a long.night.and he stayed in to give up the double.to Matsui the two-run double and it's.rule two double by Posada who took.second when nobody was there defending.for the Red Sox now every comes in gets.Giambi on a fly ball to Center with.Enrique Wilson and the plate the.go-ahead run at second two out of eating.on the mound with Grady little Alan.Embree and Jason Varitek you know that.Grady little as it's making the move.right here you know that Pedro Martinez.said I want to stay in the game.sometimes the manager as to overrule the.superstar in that case he didn't Embry.in too late.Embry gets one out another pitching.change.this chips rockin your bro on the dance.floor but she's toeing in a NicoDerm CQ.you're not a superhero you don't have to.be you've got NicoDerm CQ and by subway.good so you don't always have to be.subway eat fresh.well the move made by Grady little to.bring Embree out of this game.and what it does for the Yankees in Joe.Torre is get Enrique Wilson out of the.lineup he was coming to the plate to.face the left-hander Embree and now with.Timlin on the mound Ruben Sierra will.come off the bench as the Yankees maybe.a hit away from taking the lead.and the only reason Enrique Wilson was.in the game was the.Pedro Martinez.but now you had the more experienced the.more powerful Ruben Sierra instead of.the Embree pitching to Enric a Wilson.Sierra homered.and a pinch-hitting appearance in Fenway.Park on Sunday.it's been a long day remarks and.starting the inning with a pop-up by.Johnson Jeter doubles in the right hit.by Williams to double by Hideki Matsui.the flare by Posada falling in Metsu.read it.the back scored was shot it down to.second now there with two out my teenage.as left it up to the bullpen every.county on beyond a fly ball to Center.ciara coming up the Red Sox.going to walk fear.Game seven of the 2001 World Series.Gonzalez beat the Yankees and won the.World Series.on a player the center field with.tonight in Game seven two years later.the Yankees indicted on a flare to.Center by Posada.this will put two on with two out.and bring Kareem Garcia to plate.Garcia the batter who is hit by Pedro.Martinez in that fourth inning Game.three on Saturday tonight against.Martinez one out of three.we talked about Luis Gonzalez and his.heroics in the 2001 World Series how did.the Arizona Diamondbacks acquire Luis.Gonzalez from the Detroit Tigers in.exchange for the batter Karim Garcia the.opportunity of a lifetime for cars.or a pinch runner that's.to play third base.here's Kareem Garcia who started the.season in Buffalo.or flee when traded here to the Yankees.statically a fitting two on two out.ball one.with Soriano.what will to up.man the back in this.is Alfonso Soriano who has struck out.four times tonight that was in the.five in a row out of the strike zone.from Timlin here comes.the pitching coach.came into this action having on the 30.in this postseason.one it.Dave Wallace is out there to tell Timlin.to take a deep breath.Willie Randolph with.last-second instructions for Soriano is.back to the plate with a one out count.that's an interesting conversation.because Soriano is not.so ah I wonder if Joe Torre maybe the.paid side after five balls in a row by.Finland.one ball one strike you did looks like.you did it stuff with you you're having.a rough night like thank you I think.it's me the strength I want to hit one.ball one strike bases-loaded two out.the Mount.they went up the ramp.and Walker stayed with it the forceout.at second and the Yankees leave the.bases loaded Walker also had to deal.with the umpire and after all that a.free run into the night Game seven.and now in a tie game.the Yankees bring in Mariano Rivera for.two innings.at least.the Yankees have used Clemens Mussina.Heredia Nelson Wells Aaron Boone stays.in plays third base.Yankees have Rivera.who has a postseason record 29 saves and.a postseason ara of 0.8 1.the last time Ribeiro was on the bound.for the Yankees in a game seven was in.the World Series in Arizona.the hit by Gonzalez.and the victory in the series for the.Diamondbacks Miller Varitek and Johnny.Damon the hitters for the Red Sox.one ball one strike.Miller grounds to the right side Soriano.and now it's Varitek the reliable.durable everyday catcher for the Boston.Red Sox who's doubled in this game he.has hit four home runs this postseason.one.very jackie was trying to untie it it's.one ball one strike that is five inside.targets by Posada for Rivera.no other pitcher in baseball in a tie.game in the ninth inning would get an.inside target five pitches in a world.you can see Varitek almost stepping in.the bucket on that pitch.it's too long yeah you try to speed it.up you think by stepping away for the.first base line it's going to get the.bat head through the strike zone quickly.lose the lead doesn't.now it's three-in-one with Johnny Damon.on deck.bring to.to the right side through Nick Johnson.was almost literally on the line and had.no chance to get to that ball to his.right it's a one-out single for Varitek.Nick Johnson was on the line against.David Ortiz in a game in Game four and.he made a catch inbound territory.Megna Game two here at Yankee Stadium.the wit Rivera growing inside basketball.you have to guard the line and then.situation to prevent the doubling now.Damien Jackson in the run for Varitek.Johnny Damon at the plate go ahead run.at first with one out here in the top of.the ninth.strike one Rivera has become almost.robotic with the way he puts up.scoreless innings in the postseason the.Red Sox have scored a run against Rivera.in this series and they try to do it.here in the ninth inning in Game seven.Damon lays off the high delivery one.ball one strike.in his postseason career - blown saves.one came in Cleveland the last one came.in Phoenix.Jackson started and stopped Damon went.after it it's one and two what that guy.could make the middle infielders commit.Derek Jeter toward second also Soriano.and Posada coming up too quickly.watch the fake break by Jackson is what.it does for the middle infielders Jeter.in particular I think it was going.I'm just didn't get a good jump.and takes ball two.a lot of times after Rivera has gone.into left-handers he tries the backdoor.cutter Posada sets up outside and it.just misses.Damien Jackson during the regular season.stole 16 bases was bought eight times.there he goes Damon grounded foul.not that good of jump by Damien Jackson.but that's why Nick Johnson is guarding.the line push the ball to the fat part.of the field give up the single and make.them steal a base to get the second base.that's the theory behind you.the two - chopper - boom across the.diamond for the out down to second - go.ahead run - out with Todd Walker coming.up.a visit to the mound from Jorge Posada.with Todd Walker digging in five five in.the top of the ninth inning the winner.of this game will meet the Marlins on.Saturday night either in Boston or here.in New York for Game one of the World.Series the Red Sox and Pedro Martinez.had a lead going into the bottom of the.eighth even with one out and nobody on.to the bottom of the 8th inning but the.Yankees came up with three to tie it.that's suis a low in left-field and.that's where he should be.the reason for that a lot of left-handed.batters break their bats and hit little.flares into this area right in here.that's why the off fielder Matsui in.this particular case plays a little more.shallow than he would on most pitches.John Walker tripled off Rivera in Game.five he takes in at the knees one.Garciaparra on deck.good speed at second and Damien Jackson.as the Red Sox try to reclaim the lead.one and two on walking.Walker stays alive 96 from Mariano.Rivera the Yankees in the bottom of this.ninth inning will have Johnson Jeter and.Bernie Williams.Todd Walker floats one by Soriano a.stutter step Soriano.for the final on the top of the night.the reaction by Rivero when that ball.left.a chance to fall in.but Soriano was there waiting for it we.go to the bottom of the ninth inning of.game number seven series tied game 7 as.time.Mariano Rivera got the final out on this.from Todd Walker.seemed like Ribera time these jump with.the jump of Soriano.now its Wakefield getting loose with.Timlin back into the game and the two.three and four hitters coming up for New.York a run here in the bottom of the.ninth inning and they'll go to the World.Series to take on the Marlins starting.on Saturday night.Doug Mirabelli comes into the game to.take over behind the plate.as the Red Sox ran for Varitek in the.top of this night.Nick Johnson.off the end of the bat.Bayside pow.Johnson hitless in three at-bats tonight.six out of 25 in this ALCS.or it in for a strike 93 miles per hour.its own two.one.looking down at Bill Miller the third.baseman if you've got a guard aligned.with Nick Johnson hitting with two.strikes you prefer to do it at third.base and not first base because the two.strikes he's more apt to go the other.way trying to play the percentages the.probabilities Johnson a good true strike.hitter the other way.well off the line as Johnson hit set off.his foot that's a foul ball and the.count still wanted to.right off the right ankle.three doubles for the Yankees in the.eighth-inning.along with a single produced three runs.tied this game at five.Johnson pops it up Garciaparra out.and now Derek Jeter will walk to the.plate Jeter started that three-run rally.with a double that got over the head of.trot Nixon and right.Jeter came into this game with a 365.career postseason batting average here.at Yankee Stadium.one out of four with a double and a run.scored this evening.just inside for ball one the Red Sox.must have a different scouting report on.Derek Jeter than most American League.teams most American League teams would.have the first baseman on the line now.because Jeter hits the ball to right.often he did the last time.prominent on that several time this year.following the Red Sox the Yankees.contest now Kevin Millar playing way off.the line with the hard throwing Timlin.Jeter with an inclination to go to right.on the outside corner to an alarm the.only thing I can think about is think of.in this situation is they're going to.pitch him inside but the G you can still.take that inside pitch and keep in the.middle or to the other way got the great.inside-out swing.takes a peek over at third as it gets.ready for a 2-1 pitch.he was sneaking a peek to see how deep.Miller was he was going to drop down a.bunt it's a strike what that is a great.catch Joe and you're exactly right that.peak at third.Miller was back and he mishandles the.bat the top hand came off the bat how.bizarre was that top hand comes off the.bat and an attempt to bunt and he takes.a strike.now it's doing too.three and two.he wanted the fun and lost control of.the fat after that peak at third.we balls two strikes one out nobody on.Jeter strikes out Timlin got it by him.Timlin has gone nine into third innings.in this series not allowed of one is.allowed only one hit.is now struck out 11.with two out Bernie Williams at the.plate strike one.here's that peak joke buck was talking.about right before the 2-1 pitch.no balls one strike on Williams the Red.Sox if they bat intend to have a part of.their lineup.one more.matsui his first year with the Yankees.classified as a rookie with a key double.in that three-run eighth.they got it off Pedro Martinez with Alan.Embree standing in the bullpen.hard-hit diving stuff by Walker from a.need.ix Wow Todd Walker made a tremendous.play to end the eighth with a.bases-loaded and then this dissent Game.seven into the 10th.why wouldn't we play more this series.time and as we go to the 10th the big.bats coming up for Boston its bye-bye at.that ball gotten by Todd Walker it may.have been a double into right center.field it was hit that hard but Walker.recovers it throws from his right knee.to get Bernie Williams.so now here in the tenth Garciaparra.first up Manny Ramirez David Ortiz will.follow against Rivera at check swing.foul.Garciaparra one hit tonight five in the.last two games.one ball one strike.the hands of Garciaparra one and two.Red Sox fans have got to be wondering if.this is just another case of the Boston.Red Sox getting to the edge and then.coming back they fell down two games to.none to the open days won three in a row.to get to the ALCS they fell down three.games to two of the series coming back.here in one game 6 9 to 6 Garciaparra.takes strike three as one out in the.town.no argument for Garciaparra it was a.high strike just above the waist looked.like a cutter.sacré say presenting and drilling nobody.could tie up light meters like rivera.here's Manny Ramirez with one out nobody.on.ball one outside last night we were.talking about the resiliency of up to.Boston Rex Red Sox coming back the way.they the way they did last night and.that wasn't the first time they've done.it but I think you got to look at the.Yankees tonight Pedro Martinez on the.mound of the three-run lead coming back.the way they did this has been.unbelievable watching him 5 5 in the.10th Game seven two balls no strikes.Rivera during the season allowed 70 and.2/3 innings three home runs.Ramirez waiting for a tool pitch from.Mariano Rivera Rivera tied up he went.it's 2 & 1.Ramirez goes too far on a ball that was.inside he tried to hold up.but clearly too far.shattered back the foul into the seats.two balls two strikes.what happens when you try to pull a cut.fastball we talked about it the other.night Ramirez if he hits the ball hard.will probably hit it to the right side.of the face.a tutu from Rivera Soriano.in the bottom of the 10 the Yankees will.have Matsui Posada and Giambi here's.David Ortiz who is homered this evening.one out of four you took David Wells.deep on the first pitch in the top of.the eighth after Wells came out of the.bullpen a hanger and David Ortiz sent it.out of here.knuckleballer Tim Wakefield getting.loose.strike one last time up Ortiz did this.the world.that made it 5-2.the Yankees have had terrific relief.work Mussina coming in in the fourth.inning with first and third nobody out.the Yankees already trailing 4 to.nothing and got out of it.or team.down the left-field line into the corner.Matsui will play it off the wall Ortiz.will be in it.with a double just ain't fair just.stayed in the park and Ortiz with a.two-out double.the go-ahead run in second Posada.setting up outside and Ortiz going the.other way probably thought he was at.Fenway Park with a monster out there.he's peppered the monster all year long.and now doubles to left fine play by.Matsui to make it close at second Ortiz.in there and a pinch runner now for.David Ortiz.the right hand that feeds him is Mariano.Rivera and Gabe Kapler will come off the.bench to pinch run.David Ortiz does not run well Kapler.with an RBI chance for Millar at the.plate pairings to go ahead and run in.his back pocket with two out of ten you.rarely see the emotion out of Rivera.perhaps thinking about throwing it.inside instead of outside.strike one on Milan.Masada sets up outside supposed to be a.backdoor cutter and just a terrific.piece of hitting by a row to Pilar.trying to deliver with two outs.one ball one strike now Williamson joins.Wakefield in the Red Sox bullpen in case.Boston gets a run here in the 10th.inning it takes the lead.that's up to Millar and Rivera.Oh.cheater.Matsui Posada Giambi coming up back.after this from your local Fox station.Tim Wakefield the knuckleballer who has.been so good in this series takes over.it is midnight.in the Bronx.we're in the bottom the 10th inning and.Wakefield this postseason 2 & 1.but so far he was the winner in game.number one of this ALCS and then came.back in game number four and got the.victory he has been as valuable a member.of the Red Sox it had in this series.with the Yankees and now with his.catcher Mirabelli behind the plate.Matsui is at the plate 5 5 game.into the seats one ball one strike.the clock striking 12:00 only 44 hours.until the World Series starts either.here in New York or at Fenway Park in.Boston the one one two balls and a.strike.the Florida Marlins still don't know.where they're headed.waiting around to see if they're coming.here or going to Boston.three balls and a strike on that sewer.it took Wakefield the first inning to.really settle in in that game four start.when he turned in 7 outstanding in it.the first partakes it steps for help.obviously Wakefield does not have that.luxury tonight for Shonda now the.interesting thing along with all the.other interesting things is that the.Yankees have nobody warming up in their.bullpen it's means that unless they win.it here Mariano Rivera most likely will.go out.for the top of the 11th inning last time.he worked more than two innings was.April of 2000.the one who tied it with that Blair.double into centerfield to score two and.the three-run eighth.the one out.sharra held up to it.two in one I happen to talk to Wakefield.before this game about the different.umpires the man behind the plate Tim.McClelland is one that he likes an.umpire his work he appreciates.there this might drop Damon on the run.to out playing deep sounded like another.broken bat for Posada that's out number.two.about that area that Johnny Damon covers.and he has to the corner outfielders.trot Nixon and many Ramirez from the.fewest balls than any other corner.outfielders in the major leagues this.year so Damon has to cover a lot of.ground.takes a strike Oh for five in this.series against Wakefield is Giambi you.remember his first at-bat in the fourth.game of his set a line drive double play.hit to the first baseman one ball one.strike Giambi batting the number seven.spot he has already homered twice.tonight.shallow left Manny Ramirez in Miller.it's Ramirez and it's the 11th inning.now of game 7 X in Miller and Mirabelli.coming up for Boston we're still tied in.the Bronx bye-bye.sabadie 11th inning now 5:5 trot Nixon.first up for Boston Bill Miller and then.Mirabelli.Nixon tonight has hit a 2-run homer.walked struck out popped up.Mariano Rivera out for a third in it.first pitch swinging that strike one and.Nixon had a pretty good cut at that.pitch from Rivera.Mixon his hits and romantic homeruns for.the Red Sox Game three of the division.series in extra innings against the A's.for the first victory in that series for.Boston last night the ninth inning to.give the Red Sox a breathing room.this will be pitch number 44 Mariano.Rivera.Dixon trying to get something started.for the Red Sox in the 11 two balls two.strikes.what up.Miller coming up this week it's a Fox.NFL Sunday doubleheader first read for.the Packers.trying to rebound from that.heartbreaking loss they take on Marc.Bulger in the Rams then the Buccaneers.try to win their second straight as they.battle Terrell Owens to the 49ers or.other regional action coverage begins.noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific biggest.stories are in the NFC the NFC is on Fox.at the plate Miller and a squirter up.the middle a lot of spin on it sorry.- up.and now it's Doug Mirabelli who took.over behind the plate when the Red Sox.had to pinch run for Varitek in the.ninth inning with Damien Jackson.you.the difference between the two pictures.right now Wakefield is just like a.starter Rivera is a stopper and in all.probability unless he gets a one or two.pitch it back this would be his last.inning.strike one on Mirabelli the last time.Mariano Rivera went three full innings.was in September of 96 that was when.John wetland was the closer and eventual.World Series MVP for the Yankees when.they defeated Atlanta and Rivera was his.set up man.when it's going to.got us started early so it's tough to.hold up when the ball is not a strike.that's who's left for the Yankees in.their bullpen.Contreras white both pitched in.yesterday's game Weaver hasn't even.warmed up in this year.still owing to on the Boston catcher.1 & 2.the Yankees in the bottom of this 11th.inning will have Boone Garcia Soriano.an innings from Mariano Rivera sets up.the bottom of the 11th in game 7.still tied 5/5.Mariano Rivera getting congratulations.after three shutout innings now he's a.cheerleader welcome to the booth.Jill buck Brett Boone and Tim McCarver.and talking about two teams guys that.are playing for the 26th time this.season against one another only one win.separates these two teams and now here.we are bottom of the 11th inning in a.5/5 game this is what a night.clearly time has done an ally of the.Yankees either say what it's I've just.enjoyed watching him.I would imagine that's the sentiment.throughout all over Boston Red Sox and.the fans through New England will tell.you they were five outs away in the.eighth inning leading by three as to the.world.Aaron Boone that you struggle so much.throughout your post season with the.Yankees what a time for your biggest hit.Wow I can't even talk this is uh.was so lighting right it's unbelievable.I mean whoa so many heroes today and I.just happened to run into one up you.gotta be kidding me it's awesome when.you came over from the Cincinnati Reds.you talked about not having been in the.postseason now you get a good chance to.go to the World Series he's got a good.special few believable sitting over.there tonight and wasn't looking good.and you know bullpen came in and held.them and we just pecked away and and.like Derek told me the ghost to show up.eventually and they did better this is.stupid.what were you thinking was five two in.the 8th I mean if you think that it was.over no no no I definitely didn't think.it was over because we were crawling a.little bit we're having better at-bats.Pedro looked like maybe he's getting a.little tired so you knew anything was.possible but yeah I didn't look good.there for a minute.final question your brother Bret has.been following you throughout this whole.series we're gonna celebrate with him.tonight.yeah you better stay and hang out with.a little bit after this one.unbelievable all right thanks a lot.congratulations Brett boom World Series.hero guys.Oh Bret Boone have you ever heard your.brother Aaron speechless I mean he was.basically flat out speechless he was he.was I mean I've been talking him through.through all this and trying to basically.different encouraged me as much as I.could as you got to hang in there we've.been there this is the game and one big.hit will turn around for well that's.about days ago okay the guy who had no.home runs one RBI five hits and 31.at-bats in this postseason and he as he.said walked into one and hit one out off.Wakefield to end this game seven in the.eleventh inning Roger Clemens career.continues for the fans in New England.more heartbreak and I'm sure that a lot.of fans in New England will be talking.about why Alan Embree didn't come in to.pitch to Hideki Matsui in the eighth.inning instead Pedro Martinez was left.on the mound Grady little stayed with.his a stayed with a guy who pitched.brilliantly into the eighth inning gave.up a double to Jeter a base hit to.Bernie Williams stayed in to face Matsui.he doubled two-run double by Posada five.five.silvus Aaron Boone deep into the.and into the seats to send the Yankees.into the World Series on Saturday night.against the Florida Marlins let's go.back down to the field and check in with.Curt Menifee alright Mariano you're.going to the World Series for the 6th.time in 8 years but it that's one.anymore special because of the way it.happened come yeah a days and special.guest.I think definitely suspicious we know.one good show today the character at the.real jungle and you know my voice I mean.those guys came out dick leave when you.came to the park tonight though did you.think you might have to go three innings.in a game like this not right.I was ready I understand to go for this.I mean that's the man doesn't mean he'd.made a film did you think at all when it.was 5-2 in the eighth-inning that you.would even get in this the ball game you.know what yes we definitely get that I.do know why because I see those guys.coming back coming back on invested in.no one I got to hold this lead I gotta.hold this later cuz we're gonna come.back when final question last time you.were in the World Series with 2001.bottom of the ninth inning it didn't.work out for you look at this is any.chance at redemption to clear your day.you know that was behind you know.yourself to put it behind you just move.on and uh keep going do your job in.Jinan feel good about congratulations.alright Mariano Rivera pitched three.innings tonight to get the Yankees back.to the World Series for the 6th time in.8 years I got to you Joe Curt thanks a.knuckler taken out of the park Tim.Wakefield in the Red Sox walked off and.it was a walk off homerun for Aaron boom.something he did early in the season for.Cincinnati traded to the Yankees wearing.the pinstripes first home run of the.postseason and it's an 11.Game seven winner to defeat the Boston.Red Sox and put the Yankees in the World.Series.this from your local Fox station.the final score the Yankees win it in 11.innings here in game 7 and win the.series four games to three coming up.next your late local news except for.those of you on the west coast let's go.down inside the locker room and check in.with Kenny Albert thank you very much.Joe Baca with the honorary president of.the American League mrs. jackie Autry.Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.manager Joe Torre president randy levine.behind joe lon frost.steve swindle how Steinbrenner this is.Autry it's all yours well on behalf of.the Commissioner baseball Bud Selig the.American League and for all the Yankee.fans throughout the world who I know.enjoyed this series I want to present.you with the william Harwich award for.2003 the american league championship.trophy Jackie thank you very much I mean.I mean we sure as hell didn't want to.play Boston but now that it's all over.with him left Joe you commented to mrs..Autry just a moment ago this never gets.old.I never gets old you know you're not.another mind to say you know what all we.we want a couple let somebody else do it.are you getting that competition I.couldn't be more proud I've had a great.bunch of guys over the eight years I've.been here but this call this ballclub.galvanized and I felt it coming together.our last trip to Boston not the playoffs.before that and they just started biting.and scratching and doing a lot of things.not really caring what they look like.and it was it just carried it right.through you're going to your sixth World.Series in eight years as manager of the.Yankees beat the metric 2000 lost in.2001 to the Diamondbacks what was going.through your mind.eighth inning down five two well the.only thing I knew that you know they did.it to us yesterday and every time I go.out to the mound I bring in a new.pitcher I'd say to Jeter I said well.this guy is liable to be the winner.today you know and and then boomer I.said you might as well win another.another game this week and he says why.not and then he gave up the homerun just.to make it tougher on us.but Mariano Rivera what can you say.about Mariano Rivera and Aaron Boone.thank you thank you general manager.offspring in Natchez general manager.Brian Cashman what was going through.your mind Brian we'll get that to you.Brian let's go out to Curt Menefee Curt.alright with Redsox manager Grady little.and you know you've fought to get into.the playoffs into the wild-card you had.to fight back from two nothing down in.the wild-card Series in the ALDS and now.you had to fight two extra innings right.now is it make you more prouder is it.more painful well a little bit of both.first of all I want to I want to.congratulate Joe his coaching staff and.that entire ballclub over there they.they battle just like we did and but.these bunch of boys that I have I'm.awfully proud of them I think that we.couldn't ask any more of them they they.played their hearts out they kept.battling to the very end and a little.bit more but we just came up a little.short Pedro battled big 123 pitches.thrown tonight but give me your thought.process there in the eighth inning by.letting him stay and even after they got.to run in Pedro's our man in situations.just like that all season long he's the.one we want on the mound and he got he.made the pitchers like he wanted to the.balls got in on Posada and he squeezed.it out there over the unveil enough that.was a game you take a look right now in.your season this is your second year.here this is the farthest you've gotten.right now and right now once again going.into this offseason what do you feel it.takes to get over this hump especially.you know being in the same division with.the team that just knocked you out we.got to win one more game and then so the.world will work on that and try to do it.next year alright thanks a lot Grady.little thank you manager the Boston Red.Sox Katie back to you alright Curt Brian.Cashman Yankees general matter gracious.enough to stay with us.Aaron Boone series winning home run you.traded for him he struggled during the.regular season struggled in the.postseason but what were your thoughts.when the ball left his bat well we.traded for him we had a lot of people.involved here that pointed them out and.you know to tell you what we had great.Scouts here they continued to point us.out we've got put a couple years ago we.got David Justice who won the deciding.game with a big homerun off of Arthur.Rhodes against Seattle and now boonie I.credit our scouts and credit boonie and.these players that didn't quit and we're.just tickled to death to be going back.to the series I know this council have.been following the Florida Marlins have.you had a chance to think ahead to the.world.beginning here on Saturday I haven't but.we've got a team of seven guys that have.been going hard after it we got our meet.we set up before the game and Joe talked.to our club about what time the meeting.was for the players tomorrow assuming.we're gonna win expecting that we're.going to win it and now that meetings.gonna take place starting into about.three o'clock for the players one.o'clock for for the coaches so we're.gonna get after the working continues.Brian congratulations thank you so much.we're bringing up mrs. Jackie Autry back.up to present the MVP trophy of the.American League Championship Series -.Mariano Mariano Rivera on behalf of the.Commissioner baseball I'm pleased to.present you with the most valuable.player called the lee MacPhail MVP award.for 2003 League Championship Series.congratulations thank you.congratulations to Mariano Rivera looks.like you may have had a blister on your.finger we had some shots of you in the.dugout how did you feel I was feeling.great I'm feeling great and I you know I.would kind of say when Mel told me that.I'm gonna pitch this eating butter you.know things gotta move on alright.Mariano congratulations thank you for.missing Mariano Rivera Most Valuable.Player of the American League.Championship Series as we set it back up.to Joe Buck Kenny thanks and thanks for.your help during this series and our.thanks to Curt Menefee as well Jill Buck.and Tim McCarver with you and well I.don't know where you start with a game.like this we came in talking about how.fitting to have a matchup with Pedro.Martinez and Roger Clemens we thought we.might have seen the end of Roger Clemens.in his glorious career everything was.rolling for the Red Sox that 8th inning.they'll be talking about that for a long.time in New England whether to bring in.Alan Embree to pitch to Hideki Matsui.what could have been lost in the shuffle.is the marvelous job that Mike Mussina.did pitching three scoreless innings.four five and six to give the Yankees a.chance to come back and they did they.had to use Clemens they had to use.Mussina they had to use Wells out of the.bullpen but then it's Mariano Rivera.have you ever seen anybody and I already.know the answer before I ask but I want.to hear your description of them it is.amazing the way this guy performs in the.month of October I.never seen a pitcher like Rivera we.talked about it so many times he throws.one speed pitches outside and inside.major league hitters usually catch up to.those pitches but somehow American.League hitters haven't caught up for.them for eight years they have well we.are I guess less than forty four hours.away from the start of this World Series.with the Marlins and the Yankees right.here at Yankee Stadium on Saturday night.the Marlins are probably in the air as.we spin as we speak they took off.immediately when Boone hit that ball.they started up the jet engines the.final score in 11 innings a final of six.five the New York Yankees are headed.back to the World Series.for the first time since 2001 well so.many things to talk about as we wrap up.this has been a wonderful series Grady.little deserves a lot of credit for the.job that he did his manager this Boston.Red Sox team people will talk about that.evening we talked about the 8th inning.but the job he did of bringing people.together on that Club and getting them.to this point they never quit they.continue to fight even into the extra.innings here tonight and as we are about.to start the World Series Saturday night.this is the 100-year anniversary of the.first World Series a World Series at the.Boston pilgrims the Boston franchise one.they were so close but more heartbreak.in October for New England and on the.other side you have Joe Torre and the.job that he does.year after year sixth pennant.in eight years for Joe Jory he sent.Roger Clemens to the mound tonight the.career of Roger Clemens will continue on.this October into the World Series.the final score six five Yankees over.the Red Sox in 11 the coordinating.producer of Major League Baseball on Fox.in the producer of tonight's game.Michael Weissman the director is Bill.Webb our tape producer Aaron stoical.associate director Cathy hunt the.broadcast associates Eric Billy Meyer.and David Duval the VP of field.operations Jerry Steinberg our technical.producer is Dave hill we do so much with.Steve horn who assists us as our.editorial consultant here in the booth.and we thank you for watching here.tonight and look forward to Saturday.night here at Yankee Stadium the Florida.Marlins the New York Yankees.thanks to that from Aaron Boone and the.World Series 2003.of us.at Yankee Stadium.Ruth Built we say so long see you.saturday night Jeannie and Kevin it's.all yours.thank you Joe old rivals reach the same.destination but only one gets to.continue the journey it's a boon so the.Yankees are headed to the World Series.yeah maybe the Red Sox getting a little.ahead of himself before this game seven.this is Fenway Park painting the World.Series logo on the field someone's gotta.clean that mess up how about five outs.to go two nights in a row yeah with the.Cubs last night couldn't get it done.leaving curses eggs I don't but I think.you know nothing something like this.tonight in the a thing it's a managerial.decision that's that's the difference.it's not the curse it's not about that.he left his ace in there Pedro Martinez.he got Alan Embree up I agree with Tim.McCarver Aquila's Matsui you got a face.Matsui right there table runs a de casas.longest never gone on close seasons but.I understand it because he loved his age.and what about Mariano the box can you.say enough about him know that the.tightest cutter in Major League Baseball.to a left-handed hitter it looks like.it's gonna be a fastball right over the.plate and it moves so late.you can't Center the ball that's why.he's so dominant of postseason so here's.the matchup the Yankees and the Marlins.I mean in it and this is a speed team.for the Marlins but you mean this is one.of the best comeback teams in Major.League Baseball.Juan Pierre has huge they're gonna be.tough putt Rodriguez won an MVP a couple.years ago we know what the Yankees were.very interesting because there's so much.like the Angels a team that the Yankees.could not get the picture so be a good.series Saturday centered Eastern 4:30.Pacific Game one and.mention Roger Clemens get that glove get.back out to the mound you got a few more.pitches to throw on your way to.Cooperstown little rest room alright for.kevin kennedy i'm jeannie Zelasko thank.you so much for watching this postseason.ride continues with Game one of the.World Series Saturday on Fox.you.

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Tar 2003 10 14 03 Form FAQs

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It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

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How many TREC promulgated contract forms are there? The simple answer is ALL OF THEM. I have to admit that I have never gone onto TREC and counted the forms. But the site is open to the public. Many of the forms you will never use. Even as an active real estate agent.

How many trec promulgated contract forms are there?

How many TREC promulgated contract forms are there? The simple answer is ALL OF THEM. I have to admit that I have never gone onto TREC and counted the forms. But the site is open to the public. Many of the forms you will never use. Even as an active real estate agent.

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