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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension Online

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The Definite Guide to Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension

youtube video

Check How to Enter the Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension

all right everybody today is July 15th.ie tax day brought to you by Co viv and.if you haven't filed your 2019 taxes yet.what exactly have you been doing with.these extra a few months after April.15th the Treasury gave you folks.probably the exact same thing I've been.doing because I haven't filed my taxes.yet either.because I've been busy so busy eating my.wife spread getting the Quarantine 15.making vids making them up and.maintaining my sanity so if like me you.are not going to get around to filing or.2019 tax return before midnight tonight.I would recommend that you file a free.extension with the IRS to extend your.tax return deadline to October 15th of.this year to avoid a late filing penalty.at the end of this video I'm going to.walk you through exactly how to file an.extension for your tax return for.texture 2019 but first I'm going to go.over the basics of tax extensions so a.tax extension is an extension of time to.file your tax return it's a request you.link to the IRS to give you an.additional few months to file your tax.return okay.typically this request is for an.additional six months from April 15 to.October 15th.but in this special twenty twenty year.due to Co vid they change this original.deadline from April 15th to July 15th so.now the extension request is only four.three months from July 15th to October.15th okay got it.and note that while your extension form.is technically a request for an.extension to extend your tax return.deadline it's a request that the IRS.automatically grants without notice so.as long as you successfully filed your.extension you're good to go you don't.need to sit around waiting for a letter.from the IRS letting you know that your.tax return has been extended and if you.do sit around waiting for Sledge letter.you will be waiting a long time.extension or not you still have to pay.all the 2019 taxes you owe by today July.15th the original due date of the return.before extensions or else do you risk.being assessed late payment penalties by.the IRS so remember your tax extension.is simply an extension of time to file.your tax return not an extension of time.to pay your taxes so if you think you.still owe the IRS run your estimated.numbers through your tax software to see.an estimate of what you still owe taking.into account estimated tax payments.you've made and make sure you pay this.amount today at the IRS website or.through your tax software or you can you.can write a check as well and I'm going.to cover your payment options later in.this video but make sure that you pay.any outstanding tax oh it protects your.2019.by today okay now even if you don't pay.your taxes by today the IRS will still.grant your extension okay so you can.avoid that late that late filing penalty.even if you don't pay your taxes today.but it may still assess you penalties.and interest for not paying ie the late.payment penalty for not paying your tax.owed by today got it okay alright so how.do you file an extension to file tax.extension you need to file form 4868.with the IRS and with most tax forms you.can either file your extension online or.via paper mail I'm gonna go over that.first option filing your extension.online and you can use your tax software.to do this okay.so right now I'm going to walk through.filing an extension on the most popular.attack software TurboTax I've done a.complete and thorough review on the.TurboTax tax software right here in the.channel go over the pros and cons what.you know you can see a link to that.video at the top of your screen but for.right now let's go behind my computer.and I'm gonna show you how to file a tax.extension using TurboTax for free.alright everybody here we are at the.TurboTax website for extensions.the URL is TurboTax down into accom / i.RS - tax.- extensions you can click file a free.extension right down there if you.already have a TurboTax account you can.sign in you can put your email phone.number or TurboTax ID here hit sign in.I'm gonna assume you don't already have.a TurboTax account that's the case you.have to create an account I'm gonna put.in the email address that I created just.for this phone number it just says.recommended that doesn't mean you have.to do it then you're gonna create a.password down here once you've created.your password and you confirmed it here.click create account.sure I'll save the password alright so.you're gonna get an email from Intuit.after you create your TurboTax account.so I'm gonna keep here we go you're into.account verify my email email address.verified continue.all right okay then I went back there.and I click continue to into it alright.let's get started a federal extension.awesome if you can't finish your.attorney by the fine deadline extension.get more time to file yes an extension.only extend your time to file your.return yes we covered this previously in.the video there's no extension for pay.any taxes you owe yes if you owe taxes.we recommend paying the full amount.before July 15th to keep any interesting.penalties to them yes we've already said.as much state extension I'm gonna cover.this later but let's hit continue for.federal extension okay so you can put.your information in here.fake social fake date of birth obviously.okay it doesn't like my fake social okay.if you're married filing jointly you.know you check this box which I am.continue alright contact info just put.your address here I'm not gonna put my.phone number I guess they really want.your phone number 888 okay so now this.wants to know your estimated tax.liability for 2019 you can come you can.put 0 here and you're fine okay just.remember that if you don't pay your.taxes by today the original unex ended.due date of the return any anyway taxes.the IRS you may be on the hook for a.late payment penalty okay so but if you.do have an idea of how much you're gonna.owe in taxes you put that here you know.I'm just gonna assume I'm gonna know.$5,000 now let's just yeah $5,000 and.then in this box here oh by the way this.this this box would be your total 2019.tax liability right even if you've.already got way just taken out of your.paycheck okay so let's say yeah my total.20 new tax liabilities five thousand but.I look at my w2 and Cory my w2 I've got.three thousand taken out that's what I.would put okay so a tow 2000 is what I'd.be saying um okay what's this you're.almost done flying you're free extension.I get a head start and find your taxes.okay so here here's a monetization here.they obviously want you to commit to.using TurboTax now and they want you to.pay now to do your taxes I yeah I I.wouldn't commit to anything right now.watch my TurboTax review first just go.down here click all shoes later okay to.file the e-file extensions I received.information on your adjusted gross.income for 2018 okay.you would select the option you have I.imagine you had a 2018 tax return handy.or you would select we didn't 5he and.file I you know I'm gonna see me filed.last year you would put your AGI there.if just for like verification purposes.continue okay then you got to say what.how would you like to pay your federal.taxes so you can either do like a direct.payment you know the full amount or you.know if you don't want to so later if.you choose this option TurboTax will ask.you for your bank account info later on.let me just confirm that yeah so it's.gonna ask for your payment information.right payment date you'd probably wanna.put today to avoid penalties your.banking information down here or you can.just say you know I'm gonna do it myself.right and then hit continue that it.won't prop you for baking information.that's how you can do it if you don't.want to make a payment today regardless.of whether or not you owe taxes okay.because your extension will be accepted.even if you owe taxes and you don't make.a payment okay you just might be on the.hook for late payment penalties so.that's the option I picked okay review.the info right make sure this all looks.right hit continue.TurboTax extension consent agreements so.here's where you just make up any.numbers remember these numbers though.that serves as your signature.essentially for filing the extension so.I'm going to choose like one two three.four five and I'm gonna pretend my wife.would be six seven eight nine zero you.do the CAPTCHA thing to show you're not.a robot okay and then that's it then.when you're done you're gonna hit.transmit returns now it says returns but.it is just your extension okay I'm not.gonna press that button obviously.because this isn't a real extension.under student to show you how to do it.alright folks that's how you do a tax.extension and TurboTax okay that wasn't.so bad right and it's great if you don't.use TurboTax it's probably just as easy.with your attack software if you can't.figure out how to filing central your.tax software you can file one on.TurboTax and then go that go use the tax.software you're used to to file your tax.return okay now I'm obviously not going.to go through every single tax software.in this video I'm sure the processor.filing extension through other tax.software programs is roughly the same as.filing through TurboTax if you want a.list of tax software programs including.TurboTax where you can file an extension.for free go to the website that is.appearing at the top of your screen.right now this is an IRS website I'll.also put a link in the description below.where you can see your options all right.so your next option to file an extension.with the IRS if you don't want to do.electronically is to do it via mail.you need to download form 4868 complete.it and mail it to the IRS okay to extend.your tax return maybe you're more the.pen and paper type and want to mail in.your extension rather than file it.online honestly I would rather you file.online because then you get confirmation.right then and there that it happened as.opposed to the Postal Service we're on.the look to get lost you get up again.and plus you have to pay for postage and.the IRS is backed up with paper right.now but if you do go this paper filing.route I would recommend that you send.your extension certified mail so the.iris can come back and claim that they.never received your form now right now.I'm gonna jump behind my computer and.show you how to complete form 4868 then.you can print it and mail it to the.proper address okay so the first thing.you want to do is go to the proper URL.the URL is IRS gov.RS - PDF /f four eight six eight dot PDF.and then you're gonna scroll down here.and at this point you have some options.you can just print this page as is okay.you can print this page as is you know.print it to your printer.you know just the first page and then.what you would do is you would you would.cut along the dotted line there and then.just handwrite the information in here.and then mailed in or you know you could.download this to your computer and then.fill in the PDF and then print it what.I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna fill it.out right here without downloading it.first and then print it so you know you.put your name here your legal name you'd.put your address there and then you put.your city state zip put your social your.spouse's so full.all right then over here kind of like in.the Turbo Tax one you know you put your.estimate of your total tax liability for.2018 including taxes you've already paid.and then you put the amount of taxes.you've paid here that could be through.w-2 wage withholding overpayment from.from 2018 estimated tax payments you've.made and then he'd put the balance due.here which is just line four - line five.obviously you could not pay anything and.you know you would you would still be.able to extend your tax return it's just.you could be assessed penalty as an.interest on the unpaid balance I'm gonna.be assuming we're gonna pay the whole.thing here and just for a full.clarification these are just example.numbers here I'm not saying this is what.you should put these are just made-up.numbers you would you would put your.actual numbers here box eight check here.if you're out of the country and a US.citizen or resident so that's out of the.country that doesn't just mean like oh.you're on vacation right now or.something it means you actually live.outside of the United States right now.okay and you're citizen or resident um.check here if you file Form 1040 that's.the non-resident form and didn't receive.wages as an employee so up to you is it.so basically look if you live in the.United States boxes eight and nine don't.apply to you okay all right then what.you do at this point is simply print.this thing right you just you just need.the first page okay and then he would.send it in with your check to the to the.appropriate address here okay I'm going.over paying by check and the addresses.here later in the video so but that's.what you have to do to just fill out the.form 4868 all right so now that you've.completed the form 4868 now I can put it.out and mail it to the IRS at the proper.address preferably via certified mail as.I mentioned previously if you owe taxes.and you want to pay by cheque write a.check to United States Treasury in the.amount of your sound and tax liability.and write your social security number.daytime phone number and 2019 form 4868.in the memo line and then mail your.extension and your check if you're.making a payment by cheque to the.appropriate address all right so here.are the addresses for where to mail your.extension form 4868.okay so there's three columns here I'm.going to explain them first of all look.in the first column for the.name of the state you live in okay then.when you found that state you have to.choose which of the second or third.column is appropriate for you so you.will use the second column if you're.making a payment if you're running a.check okay and in closing that with your.extension form 4868 you'll use that.second column if you're just mailing the.form 4868 to extend your tax return and.you're not sending in a check along with.it you'll use the third column so just.by way of example here if you live in.Arizona and you are making a payment.along with your form 4868 along with.your extension form you would mail both.your check and the form 4868 to Internal.Revenue Service Pio box 8 zero two five.zero three Cincinnati Ohio four five two.eight zero two five zero three on the.other hand let's say you live in Florida.and you are not sending a check along.with your extension form 4868 you would.send your form 4868 to Internal Revenue.Service Center Austin Texas.seven three three zero one - zero zero.four five all right now one last thing.to keep in mind is that your state may.require you to file a separate tax.extension the states that require this.are far and few between okay vast.majority states will have to do this.because some states such as California.Idaho and several others automatically.extend their tax payer state tax returns.with no action required whatsoever so.even if you forgot to file your federal.extension and you live in a state like.California your state return would still.be extended in other states such as New.Jersey and Pennsylvania automatically.extend tax payer state returns if they.have filed an accepted federal extension.so in these states like New Jersey.Pennsylvania and several others if you.file your federal tax extension you're.good you don't defile separate state.extension however if you do not file a.federal extension either because you.forgot or perhaps because you do not.have a federal filing requirement but.you do have a state filing requirement.then you don't have to file a separate.set that state extension for your state.income tax return right example of this.is if your income for the year is less.than the federal standard deduction.amount but it's not less than your state.standard deduction amount okay in that.case you wouldn't have a.Filan requirement in many cases but you.might have a state fund requirement okay.now but here's the kicker okay there are.a handful of states that require.taxpayers to file a separate state.extension in order to extend the due.date of their state return even if they.have already filed and have been.accepted for a federal extension.examples of these states are New York.North Carolina and Vermont so if you.live in North Carolina and you have a.North Carolina filing requirement or you.don't live in North Carolina and you.still burn with Carolina filing.requirement maybe you own rental.property or something North Carolina.then you'd better make sure you file in.North Carolina a specific extension form.d4 ten and you can do this online today.okay as well as in addition to filing.your federal tax extension I have more.information on various state rules in.the description below state by state but.I just want to make sure that you are.aware of these state issues alright.everybody thank you so much for watching.if you found this video informative.please share it on social media today's.tax day I'm sure there's at least one.person and your Facebook friends or your.other social media platforms who hasn't.yet filed their tax return they need a.father extension today but maybe they.don't know how to do it or maybe they.just forgot share this on there so they.don't get a penalty from the IRS also.please click the thumbs up button down.below down the bottom of the video click.the thumbs up button to like the video.it really helps with the YouTube.algorithm alright everybody thank you so.much for watching and I will see you.next time bye bye.[Music].[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension online

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How to create an e-signature for the Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iPhone is not at all hard. You can sign the Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will find the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to search CocoSign.

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Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension FAQs

Check the below common queries about Note By Obtaining An Extension Of Time To File Your Return Penalty For Failure To File And Pay Is Waived Through The Extension . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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For tax filing taxes if you file an extension and submit on the last date due on paper, is your return less likely to be audited?

Some people feel it lowers your chance of being audited to file at the last extended minute. No one knows, however, and IRS is certainly not telling. Audits typically happen 12 to 18 months after the April 15 due date. But that is not necessarily to say that is when IRS runs it audit programs to see who should be audited,

When can I file my New Mexico state taxes?

Usually it resides on where you work and live. But if you live in Texas and remotely work plus fly everywhere then you will probably be able to be based in Texas. I know someone that works for company that is located in California but they now live in Michigan and says he only has to deal with Michigan way not crap Californian way but they pay him the Californian rate.

Do I have to file a state tax return in New Mexico?

Our firm primarily does tax work and we would be happy to meet with you and/or consult with you. But asking these types of questions on Quora will likely get you a wrong . . . very wrong answer. Hire a professional.

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