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The Implementation Guide for Schedule A 2018 Form

The effective way to write Schedule A 2018 Form online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the cushiest tool online. To use the tool, follow the steps given below.

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  4. Now you can fill in the fillable fileds.
  5. After filling out, you must read the form again carefully.
  6. When you have confirmed that everything is correct, you can sign it by clicking the "Sign" option.
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Guide of Schedule A 2018 Form

hi welcome to my channel in this.presentation I want to go over important.changes to form 1040 along with six new.schedules and schedule a other schedules.like schedules b c d e and f haven't.really changed also if you're.self-employed i want to show you where.to report your income expenses.self-employment tax and quarterly.estimated tax payments but first i want.to highlight the important changes made.due to the tax reform here's a rundown.of the new not quite postcard size to.form 1040 and why it may not be as.simple as it seems for many people the.new 1040 will indeed make filing taxes.simpler however for americans with.somewhat complicated tax situations this.may not be the case despite the smaller.size the new form 1040 is intended to.replace not only the current form 1040.but also forms 1040 a and 1040 ez all.hundred 50 million taxpayers are.expected to use the same form at least.until the tcga a potentially expires at.the end of 2025 in other words all 150.million taxpayers must use the same form.regardless of their incomes or their.personal financial situations now the.plan is for taxpayers to only file the.base form 1040 plus any new schedules.that apply to their own facts or.circumstances I will go over the new.schedules in depth later the new form.1040 is now simplified with only 23.lines down from 79 and thanks to the tax.cut and Jobs Act no one will be able to.claim the following tax items for the.next eight years and maybe even longer.if Congress renews the terms of the tcga.in 2025 they are the personal exemption.miscellaneous deductions which were.formally deductible if they exceeded two.percent of your AGI the deduction for.moving expenses.unless you're a member of the Armed.Forces and for divorces after December.31st 2018 the alimony payments are no.longer deductible now let's look at the.new form 1040 as you can see you still.have five filing status now here at the.top your standard deduction it used to.be on page two same for your spouse.health care coverage exemption checkbox.is on page one used to be on page two.some lawmakers have touted the.disappearance of the share.responsibility payment the law was still.in effect for 2018 you must make a.shared responsibility payment if for any.month in 2018 you your spouse if filing.jointly or anyone you claim as a.dependent didn't have coverage and.doesn't qualify for a coverage exemption.in here you will sign the return on the.front page now instead of the second.page now let's go to the second page.notice lines 1 through 7 that's where we.report our income I will show you later.how we report self-employment income.line number nine is a qualified business.income deduction as known as section 199.cap a 20% deduction that all the.business owners are excited about in my.next presentation I'll be discussing in.depth on this qbi deduction plus to some.sample calculations so if you're a.business owner and or a landlord I.invite you to watch the presentation so.in a nutshell the front contains all of.the taxpayers identifying information by.the back contains the actual tax.calculation the bottom line is that.while the 1040 staff has gotten smaller.most of what was removed has simply been.transferred to the new numbered.schedules so the overall paperwork.hasn't become as simple as a new form.1040 might make it seem.for example if we have capital gains or.if your income includes unemployment.compensation you will have to complete.and submit scheduled one the same.applies if you are self-employed or have.any other 1099 income basically if you.normally complete schedules C D E or F.with your tax return you need to.complete and attach the new scheduled.one as well yes those old letter.schedules are still around and now they.haven't changed you still have to.complete them till just as you always.did in addition to one or more of the.new numbered schedules here's how the.new number schedules workout schedule.one additional income and adjustments to.income schedule one is for taxpayers.with additional sources of income not.from a w-2 or adjustments to income such.as IRA contributions student loan.interest and health savings account.contributions scheduled to access.advanced premium tax credit repayments.and alternative minimum tax schedule two.is a form for people with some other.forms of taxes like AMT scheduled three.non-refundable tax credits I'll be going.over the differences of non refundable.and refundable tax credits in my future.presentation so stay tuned schedule for.other taxes including the.self-employment tax Schedule four is.where taxpayers will add up certain.taxes such as self-employment tax.unreported Social Security and Medicare.taxes and others schedule five tax.payments and refundable tax credits here.it is to add up tax payments such as.estimated tax payments or amounts pay.with an extension and refundable credits.schedule 6 is where you can appoint a.third party designee to discuss your tax.return with the IRS on your behalf you.might have noticed the word.served on a few lines of these schedules.they're effectively placeholders in case.the IRS decides it wants to make any.further changes down the road.now what about amended returns form.1040x the amended tax return remains the.same as it always been that's a form.your file if you realize you made a.mistake on your original tax return and.if you want to file a late original.return for previous tax years the IRS.has indicated that you should still use.the old forms for that particular tax.year now let's jump on to schedule a.because there are a lot of changes.schedule a is known as itemized.deductions the new tax code increased.the standard deduction but curved many.itemized deductions the standard.deduction has roughly doubled to $12,000.for singles and $24,000 for married.filing jointly.you always get to take the higher.standard or itemized deductions so if.your standard deduction is higher then.you do not have to file Schedule A.likewise you only get to deduct items on.Schedule A only if you itemize for.instance to qualify for the medical.expense deduction in 2018.you must itemize and your eligible.medical expenses are deductible only to.the extent they exceed 7.5 percent of.your adjusted gross income as fYI this.year 2019 that threshold jumps to 10% so.beginning in 2019 only expenses that.exceed your AGI by 10% would apply let's.do an example if your AGI is hundred.thousand dollars then 7.5 percent of AGI.is 7500 and your 2018 medical expenses.let's taste your long-term care.insurance premium was $8,000 that means.only 5.dollars is deductible or let's say your.2018 long-term care insurance premium.was only $5,000 then you cannot deduct.any of the $5,000 since it was below.7500 now one way to help you out with.this is you can use your health savings.account or HSA to pay for the premium.tax-free salt state and local tax only.state income taxes count not federal you.can elect include sales tax instead of.state income tax one of the changes to.this form is that now we're limited to.only $10,000 once you add up state.income taxes paid real estate taxes.property taxes you can only deduct.$10,000 even if you paid more this is.going to hurt a lot of high income.earners or people who live in high tax.States since the deduction was unlimited.before another caveat is if you're.filing married filing joint it's still.$10,000 whereas if you're a single filer.then each single filers will get to.deduct $10,000 talk about marriage.penalty interest you paid you can deduct.home mortgage interest as long as your.mortgage that does not exceed $750,000.higher than it starts to get limited.mortgages taken out before 2018 she'll.be grandfathered in at 1 million dollars.of mortgage debt another caveat is home.equity loan interest paid is no longer.deductible investment interest.investment interest expense is the.interest paid on money borrowed to.purchase taxable investments.this would include margin loans you were.used to buy stock in your brokerage.account so you can deduct the interest.on the margin loan I did a video on.margins ETFs etc earlier called for ways.to make your money work for you so make.sure you.to learn more now the amount that you.can deduct is capped at your taxable.investment income for the year any.leftover interest expense gets carried.forward to the next year and potentially.can be used to reduce taxes in the.future gifts to charity it has to be a.qualified charity organization.so unfortunately GoFundMe contributions.are considered personal gifts and thus.not deductible.however donations made to gov GoFundMe.certified charity campaigns are.tax-deductible now if you want to donate.but just short of surpassing the.standard deduction consider making two.years worth of donations into one year.to get over the hurdle so that you can.itemize in other words to zero giving in.one year take the standard deduction.then load up two years worth of donation.in the following year to itemize this is.known as bunching charitable deductions.now if you have a carryover I highly.suggest to speak to your CPA to see if.this method is better for you now for.those of you who are over 70 in half and.taking the required minimum.distributions or RMD from a traditional.IRA consider transferring that money.directly to a qualifying charity this.move known as the qualified charitable.distribution allows you to meet your.required minimum distributions and your.charitable goals at the same time and.you won't incur income taxes on the.distribution talk about killing two.birds with one stone I mean if you don't.get to if you don't get a tax deduction.for the gift you may as well do the.qualify terrible distribution and not.have to report it as income.casualty and theft losses now it's only.applied to a federally declared disaster.area 9:16 other itemized deduction has.changed quite a bit.you can still deduct gambling losses.here but only up to your gambling.winnings that is not subject to 2% limit.before you could deduct unreimbursed.employee expenses tax preparation fees.safe deposit box fee investment and.custodial fees trust administration fees.and other expenses for managing.investments that produce taxable income.to the extent they exceeded 2% of your.AGI now no longer deductible talk about.outright elimination of miscellaneous.itemized deductions okay for all you.self-employed people out there let's go.over the flow of the new 1040 beginning.with the self-employed income and.expenses see there is no line on page 2.to show business income however it does.say on line number 6 add lines and any.amount from Schedule one so let's skip.over to the new schedule 1 Schedule one.line 12 business income or loss and.attach Schedule C or Schedule C easy so.complete your Schedule C and your net.business income will not flow directly.to form 1040 like before but will come.here to schedule one first and all the.income plus income from Schedule one.line number 22 and if there's any.adjustment we're going to add it up.between lines 23 to line 35 and subtract.from line number 6 and enter it on line.number 7 with self-employment taxes.first complete schedule.SCE line number 5 then it carries to.schedule for line number 57.then 1040 line 14.other taxes and remember if you pay.self-employment taxes you get to deduct.one half of that as an adjustment so.complete schedule SC line number six.then carried over to schedule one line.27 then 1040 line number seven so we.still calculate schedule as C as before.but this time the tax portion will go to.schedule for then transfer over to 1040.and the deduction you will go on.schedule one then to form 1040 it got.simpler right lastly the quarterly.estimated tax payments if paid complete.schedule five other payments and.refundable credits line number 66 2018.estimated tax payments and amount.applied from 2017 return then take that.number to form 1040 line number 17.schedule 5 just make sure you add up all.the payment vouchers at the end of the.year and report that amount on line 66.then it gets transferred to line number.17 on 1040 confused yet don't be I RS.states that if you fire return you.likely won't notice much of the change.at tax time this video was to help you.be aware of the huge changes so that you.can make informed.tax planning to reduce your overall tax.well if you like this video please.subscribe and.

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Schedule A 2018 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common confusions regarding Schedule A 2018 Form . Let us know if you have any other requests.

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