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The man in black clothes.The small subgroup of \"Great Escape\".Drink Mirinda,.find the way out..Let's play Great Escape with Mirinda..It has been a year since the first season of \"Great Escape\" ended..Are there any scenes that make you remember to this day?.At Huarongdao, .where I thought was a motivator.of our group spirit .Since then.we became more united.and gain more motivation.When the first season started,.I set a goal,.saying \"You guys design something that is frightening!\"..\"The horror residence\"..The game of four corners..And also the mother..They were all the scenes that I couldn't forget..The thing that I always remember is.when bro Allen and I were locked inside a room, a chicken was released into it..I was scared to the point that.I couldn't forget it up to now..Robots on both sides of the hallway,.and also that very sticky floor,.they all made a strong impression on me..During the process of.testing and finding out the scheme of the show production team,.I contributed a belt..Even up to now, I don't know.whether it's still OK or not..And also when I was locked inside the darkroom by myself,.I enjoyed the provocation,.the thrill..I think it's very unforgettable..Great Escape..See you in season 2..Great Escape..See you in season 2..It's regrettable that 3 members can't participate in the second season. What do they want to say?.It's such a pity that.I can't be with everyone.in season 2,.because I'm busy.brooding eggs..Due to my work schedule,.I can't continue.appearing in the new season of \"Great Escape\"..Because I've just flown back from Italy,.so I'm still in quarantine..It's a pity..All the veteran players gotta stick to it!.I recommend that the producer team.add in some natural obstacles,.like.snakes,.tigers, dinosaurs, crocodiles..Everyone will definitely love it..Fighting..I'm looking forward to your performance..Season 2.\"Great Escape 2\".sets off again..Guang Zhou..An escape building, the crisis presents in every step..The escape room with the largest scale in the country in the history of variety shows..Different floors,.different lives,.different stories..One after another mechanism, unpredictable changes..Love, hatred, separation, and parting strike your heart directly..Extremely difficult riddles, arcane truths that are hidden..The unknown adventure is about to start..I'm back..It's me again..So many people..Oh my god..Hello..Great Escape, I'm coming..The stars are bright tonight,.my love for you is endless..Let me hug you..Little bro is still cool as always..No way..I kept standing outside and didn't dare to get in,.because it's Allen's car..Really?.I didn't think I deserve to..Remember to pay the fee later..There's no one else?.Where is everyone?.It's regrettable to tell you guys that.there are 3 old guests who can't come and participate..Why?.there are 3 old guests who can't come and participate..there are 3 old guests who can't come and participate..But at the same time,.2 new guests who are super excellent.will join \"Great Escape\"..There are 5 people..The plan is....There's someone..Wowkie..Angel..Hello teacher Da. | Hello..Kneel..Thank you..Thank you, everyone..Do those wings grow from your back?.You can see these wings?.It is said that only the cutest person in the world.can see these wings..Teacher Da is really smart..The way he looks at things.is different from us..He is a source of happiness..I've listened to teacher Da's music.since childhood..Moreover, we both are.from Beijing,.so there is a sense of intimacy between us..Look..Who is that?.Welcome..Welcome, Kevin..Hello..I feel like.I've been listening to teacher Guo's.father's crosstalk growing up..I heard that he is a humorous person..I'm looking forward to getting to know.Kevin Guo..I watched many of his crosstalk performances..I watched him play Fan Si Zhe,.who is around my age,.kinda similar..There will be chemistry between young people..Why do you dress like this?.This looks a bit more elegant..Is that your father's clothes?.The new team of \"Great Escape\" has gathered..Yang Mi.Allen Deng.Justin Huang.Kevin Guo.Wowkie Da.All the game designs, scenes of escape rooms and contextual stories in this show are imaginary..The path of \"Great Escape\" officially starts..Welcome our old players and new players.to the second season of \"Great Escape\"..Welcome..to the second season of \"Great Escape\"..Welcome..Hello..Welcome teacher Da, welcome Kevin..OK..Welcome..I'm honored..Kevin, I have something else.to tell you..What is it?.Mirinda.sent us a gift pack,.such a great source of.encouragement..That's great..There is one more thing..Every participant.have their own slogan..Read this phrase..How do you read this?.Read it..Try reading this..I want to ask something..Wine and moonlight..Did I get it right?.OK..Before you got on the bus,.we had done a test to find out who's the expert on escape game..The person who gets the highest grade.will become the team leader in the first episode..Who can get the highest grade?.The answer is written on those bottles..So.we are opening bottles again?.There must be words inside the bottle..You can't write inside the bottles,.because they're still sealed..This one was already opened..So it's you..It's you..It's definitely you..Congratulations, teacher Guo,.you're the first captain..We start now?.Bring it..Can I not be the leader?.I don't want to..The professional way to address actors in escape rooms?.Call it..Hey,.you come over here..In escape rooms, what does \"tank\" refer to?.you come over here..Who is the tank in the secret room?.In escape rooms, what does \"tank\" refer to?.The player that opens the way for others..In escape rooms, what does \"tank\" refer to?.The player that opens the way for others..Beta tank..It's beta..This question is too easy..The captain doesn't have enough gold..In the language used in escape rooms, what does 8=4 mean?.What does 8=4 mean?.In the language used in escape rooms, what does 8=4 mean?.What does 8=4 mean?.What is that?.I don't know this one..So difficult..Have a listen to the answer of the team leader..In the language used in escape rooms, what does 8=4 mean?.It must be a secret room for 12 people..In the language used in escape rooms, what does 8=4 mean?.We have 8 people now, there are 4 left..In the language used in escape rooms, what does 8=4 mean?.In the language used in escape rooms, what does 8=4 mean?.Solid wall?.In the language used in escape rooms, what does \"a solid wall\" refer to?.Solid wall?.It means.In the language used in escape rooms, what does \"a solid wall\" refer to?.a safe place..In the language used in escape rooms, what does \"a solid wall\" refer to?.a safe place..Which city is well-known for having the most horror themes? A. Shang Hai B. Chang Sha C. Chong Qing.Chongqing people are bold..Which city is well-known for having the most horror themes? A. Shang Hai B. Chang Sha C. Chong Qing.Chongqing people are bold..In the language used in escape rooms, what does \"face-to-face kill\" refer to?.Chongqing people are bold..NPC will suddenly jump out.In the language used in escape rooms, what does \"face-to-face kill\" refer to?.to scare you..In the language used in escape rooms, what does \"face-to-face kill\" refer to?.In escape rooms, gesticulating an X in front of your chest to the monitoring camera represents what?.Leaving..In escape rooms, gesticulating an X in front of your chest to the monitoring camera represents what?.In escape rooms, gesticulating an X in front of your chest to the monitoring camera represents what?.Play the game..In the language used in escape rooms, what does \"getting on the car\" refer to?.Across the country, how much does the most expensive ticket for one person in escape game cost?.Play the game..999 (yuan)..Across the country, how much does the most expensive ticket for one person in escape game cost?.The latest slot of escape game in Bei Jing is from what time to what time? A. 10 PM-11:30 PM B. 2 AM-3:30 AM C. 12 AM-1:30 AM.999 (yuan)..Probably from 2h to 3h30..The latest slot of escape game in Bei Jing is from what time to what time? A. 10 PM-11:30 PM B. 2 AM-3:30 AM C. 12 AM-1:30 AM.Probably from 2h to 3h30..If you know the boss,.you can play for the whole night..Teacher Guo, let's toast..Cheers. | This one is good..These are an armband and a horn for the team leader..We don't have a vice-captain?.Then you're all alone..We have a vice-captain? Come on,.let's split..I'm telling you,.we intentionally gave the captain position to Kevin..He's a newbie..He is also a newbie..Teacher Da is....You should concede it to the younger person..Justin is the youngest..Give me an excuse..I'm the youngest..The pettiest, right?.What did they replace the whistle with?.Blow into it..It can be blown into..It's upgraded..1 2 3..What was that?.What is this?.What nonsense is this?.Is this whistle even usable?.You only need to blow this once..We will listen to everything you say..Captain.is always right..Captain's.orders are the most important..As you're the most important person,.so you have to go to all the dark places first..No way..The producers have said.we got 6 members last season,.but no one knew why 3 of them were not here..Actually, it's because they had been the captain once..We lose a captain every season..I don't know.whether the secret room or tomorrow will come first..We're about to arrive at the destination..Players, you can put on the blindfold..Come on,.let's start..What kind of escape room is waiting for them?.Little bro,.hold my hand..All of us should hold teacher Da's hand..My hands are getting.cold..Seriously..Honestly,.this season,.I want.myself to be braver,.but now we're almost there,.I'm starting to panic..It's been a while, I'm getting scared, too..It's has been too long..The first escape room of the new season will have what kind of story?.It's has been too long..The first escape room of the new season will have what kind of story?.All the themes of \"Great Escape\" in this season will happen in a mysterious building of \"Great Escape\". The mission of this episode is the home visit of \"Great Escape\". The first theme of this episode will happen in the house of the student Adorable Tao, room 404 on the 4th floor of the building..Adorable Tao had been absent from school without any reason for 3 days, but her guardian (mother Tao) couldn't be contacted. Occasionally, the calls could be answered by the nanny but he was very vague about the reason why the student was absent..With responsibility for students, the team leader brought documents and took the teachers of \"Great Escape\" to Adorable Tao's house for a home visit. Unexpectedly, they were attacked on the way and their situation was unknown..The escape room 404.Who knocked me out?.What is happening?.Where am I?.Why am I tied up?.So tight..How can we get it off?.So tight..So hot..Seriously..What is this place?.How do we take off our blindfolds now?.How can we take it off?.Who is next to me?.Captain..Next to you....Captain, sit down..Can you sit?.OK, sit down..Sit down..Pull it up, right..OK..Teacher Da, sit down..I can't..Up, up..OK..Everyone, please help me..Let me..Here, here..Where is this?.Utility room..Adorable Tao's little treasure room..We are in Adorable Tao's little treasure room..What's wrong?.Yang Mi..Here..You scared me..You thought it was her lying there?.I think inside here,.we shouldn't talk too much,.since the more we talk, the less oxygen there is..Can we get out?.Someone is watching us..Who? | Who are you?.Are you Adorable Tao?.Who are you all?.Who are you?.Who are you?.Open the door for us..I need to confirm your identities first..We are teachers..Teacher Deng,.I'm teacher Deng..Does anyone have something.to prove your identity?.Open the door and I will show you..Put it through this hole..Can't you see I'm tied up?.Fine, then you can go out..We're free..You can't open the door now..Thank you..OK..We.don't know why.we were knocked out..Yeah. | When we wake up, we're already here..I did that..Who are you? Why did you knock us out?.Why are you so incredible?.Why did you knock us out?.I don't know who you are..I'm the \"Nanny\" of this family..Take out your papers,.show me if you're really the \"Nanny\"..I haven't even seen your papers yet,.yet you want to see mine..When I'm out,.I will show you who I am..Oh no..Teacher Deng is angry..Teacher Deng is the most.hot-headed teacher in the school..I can't move anymore..He can't even move..You can't straighten your legs or move anywhere..Isn't that uncomfortable?.What are you guys doing?.\"Nanny\", do we have scissors?.Yes..Can you lend us?.OK..You see? They can lend you scissors..Do they have them?.Yes..Why didn't you say it earlier?.You didn't ask me..Drag him out first..\"Nanny\", please help him..Thank you, \"Nanny\"..\"Nanny\", what do you want to do?.So hot..\"Nanny\", you're in the same group with us,.right?.I don't know..Just seeing you guys are hot,.so I let you out first..There are scissors here..They have them here..Let me cut for you first..Cut the legs..Don't cut my clothes..A teacher has to have a style..Don't destroy the clothes..\"Nanny\", help me to wipe the sweat..Thank you..Look at me..My face is full of tears..Where's your certificate?.Here, it's here..Here..Do you keep them all?.Yes..Which position?.Here... here..Don't touch me..Here?.In the pocket..Not the upper one..Where's your leg?.My leg... my leg....I don't allow you to talk about our teacher like that..Our legs....From my neck to the bottom, they're all legs..Finally, I can take it out..OK, thank you..Are all your papers here?.Yes, yes..Teacher Yang Mi..Teacher Allen Deng..Teacher Justin Huang..Teacher Wowkie Da..Teacher Kevin Guo..That's right..They're teachers for real..Let me untie you guys first..Come here..It turns out that you all are good people..But there's one thing,.you have to tie up my hair..He's pulled my hair down..OK, that's alright..Which color is delicious?.I've drunk grapes..Do you want to drink Mirinda?.Take a sip of Mirinda..Drink as much Mirinda as you want..Mirinda is so delicious..\"Nanny\" Zhang,.how did you tie us like that only by yourself?.It took a little time..Why doesn't the kid go to school?.I don't know..I've just come here.for half month..Is it true that only you can answer the phone?.Is there a contract?.Wait, Party A....Why is it here that Party A has passed away?.It's the mother of the kid..Can I take a look at it?.OK..Thank you..Captain, let's analyze it..OK, let's do it..Renting time: After Party A passes away,.the contract will be immediately valid..It means that she has died for a half month,.because he has just come here for half a month..That's right..Work responsibility:.Each day, Party B has to be on time,.coming to Adorable Tao's house at.404 Secret Escape Building.to cook 3 meals for Adorable Tao..Working area: The 1st floor of Tao's house,.cannot go to the 2nd floor..Note:.In working time,.if there's any unknown person come in,.please protect Adorable Tao..At the same time, the security system of Tao's house.will automatically close the door..2. If Adorable Tao has something abnormal,.please don't deeply explore,.or else, you will breach of contract,.contract released..Normally,.she creates strange noise upstairs,.I don't dare to ask..Is the strange noise.like this?.It's much stranger..Is it stranger?.So....What's that?.It's a kid's laughter..That's what I'm scared of the least..Cheer up..I'm sure that she's on the 2nd floor..We have to go there..Isn't there anything helpful here, right?.No, it has one more book room that we haven't come..Where's it?.Ah, here..The phrase \"book room\" was written here..I can't go in..Was it locked?.Let's find the key..Are you guys in that hurry?.Why don't we take a rest?.Take a rest, then drink Mirinda..Drink Mirinda..Just take our time..I can't see anything..We're dead..Let me hold a bit..Don't, don't be like that..Oh mommy..\"Nanny\"..Where are you?.\"Nanny\"..What's wrong with you?.Let's talk..I'll hit you..Don't move, don't move..I'm a teacher..Don't mess it up..Or I will sing..\"Nanny\"..\"Nanny\", please turn on the light..Please turn on the light..Wait a minute, my glasses have fallen..Your glasses..What glasses do you wear?.You can't see anything anyway..Is there anyone going to turn on the light?.Where's it? I will go..Justin, go turn it on..You're the bravest guy..Don't, don't, let me go..Where's the light?.Alright, now I can see someone's shadow..Where's it?.Don't be like that, it's Justin..That's right..It's me, it's me..OK, Justin Huang..This is me..Turn on the light..Where's the light?.I'm so scared..So annoying..No, can you guys come here?.I'm here, I'm here..No, no, Captain..Just turn on the light..Turn it on, Captain..Captain..It's bright already..No problem, it's my wing..My wing..Don't you see that the 2nd floor is bright?.It's bright already..W... w... w....We have to go to the 2nd floor?.Just go..Justin..Justin, lend me your arms..Lend me your arms..Give them to me, here..Where are you? Where are you?.Justin..No, you're so funky..You are useless..I want Justin..Justin..I'm here, I'm here..Captain, you lead Mi..It's not, don't....Don't be so front of us..So you just go first..No, it's alright, let's go..You just go first, I will hold Captain..Mom, I can see you..What's that?.Come and play hide and seek with me..No... we won't..Remember, only one person can go to the 2nd floor..No, no..Or else I won't care you..No..I won't play with you..No, I won't play with you..So scary..Isn't it true that Adorable Tao's mother has died?.Did she say that only one person could go there?.No, she didn't..No..She did..Remember,.only one person can go to the 2nd floor..Or else I won't care you..Now, there's one person who has to go there..And have to play hide and seek with her..Oh my goodness..OK, OK..I'm done..- I'm done. | - Captain x3..- Captain. | - I'm done..I'm finished..Now, we have to send one person there..I won't go anyway..Captain, you go..No, I begin....I'm having a convulsion..Brother, you just go with the Captain..Take him there..I can take him to the 2nd floor..Then I will come back..So the Captain takes you to the 2nd floor, OK?.I'm dead..This season is dead..No one is brave..We choose one person to go there,.so we have to choose someone.familiar with this place..That's right..It has to be \"Nanny\"..\"Nanny\", you're in the same group with us, right?.\"Nanny\"..\"Nanny\", I'm begging you..You're just....You're just....Why is his voice like this?.Why is it?.I just come here to earn some money..Earn some money..He's talking in a scary way..He said that \"actually...\"..\"Nanny\", just go..You're the manliest guy..\"Nanny\", just tell us where you are going..I go the first step, the 2nd step,.the....You panic me..It's alright..Be careful, be careful..\"Nanny\", how's there?.There's a flashing light here..Then....You play hide and seek with her,.and you have to find her..Just tell us when you're done..Was there this dark secret room like this before?.So dark..I see nothing..I'm frozen..At that time, he was frozen for real..In this program, they even stick us on the face..\"Nanny\"..\"Nanny\"..\"Nanny\"..It's done..What do we do?.Do we have to go there?.So we can go together..Let's go..Just help each other..Don't let me go last, please..Don't let me go last..There's no one behind me..There's no one behind me..Come on, I'm behind you..I'm behind you, OK?.OK, come on, it's alright..We....Take it slow..I can't do it..Me too..We've reached the stairs..What's this?.This is a stair handle..Stair handle..Handle it..Where's it?.On your left hands..Alright..Who's this?.You're touching Justin..Now you're touching me..No, where's the stair handle?.On your side..Just hold my hand..No, I can't..I can't hold the stair handle..Hold the stair handle..Who is touching my belly?.Why? Can't I touch your belly?.It's alright..Calm down..- You're really scared. | - Help me..- You're so scary. | - Keep calm..Don't be scared..I'm not OK, I don't dare to open my eyes..I don't dare, for real..It's OK, OK..There's nothing..Are we there yet?.When will we be there?.Just be careful..Wait..Wait, wait..I haven't reached there..I've reached..Alright, floor 2..Alright, we just stand still, don't move..So scary, I'm done..No, no..Just sing, teacher Da, sing..We sing the song.\"Why Am I So Beautiful?\"..Alright..Why am I so beautiful?.Why am I so beautiful?.Like the spring flower..That's right, this song..Bring all....Is it this song?.All the sorrow will be forgotten..You're so beautiful when you smile..So dark..I don't know where to go..No, we can't go this side..What's this?.I think that this side....Just try to step on it, it's limp..That's right..So will we go to this side?.Hello..\"Nanny\"..Where are you?.\"Nanny\"..Is this Kevin Guo?.Yes, it's me..Is this Kevin Guo's nose?.Don't dig my nose..There's someone stepping on my shoes..It's alright, just go down..Go down, slowly..Alright..Where's the light?.Don't be scared, don't be scared..Where is this?.We still have to keep going, right?.Go..Just handle it..There isn't anything scary..Is the kid here?.Isn't this the kid?.This isn't the kid..This is her mother..It's the kid..- Her mother. | - No, it's her..I'm going to die..I don't dare to go..We have 5 people..Don't be scared, it's alright..If she moves,.where will we run to?.Don't be scared, don't be scared, it's alright..It's a person..Oh my goodness..What do we have to do? Just say..Just say..I'm so scared of behind..Here, there's a \"kid\" here..What is this program?.Why did I take this job?.Where?.There's a \"kid\" here..Hold... hold each other tight..You're scared by my game, right?.Is it fun?.I'm wrong..I lose..I'm scared, it's not funny at all..Not funny..That's real, that feelings were really true..Do you understand it? Really true..Frankly, when they screamed.\"ah\", I began to feel,.I didn't know,.that the doll would rush over here..I kept closing my eyes..Then I fell behind..I didn't see the doll coming..I also misunderstood..I thought it was Yang Mi..It turned out a doll..At first,.I kicked it..There's \"a kid\" here..It scared me to death..Is it?.The \"kid\" is here..Don't be scared..Don't put it in front of me..I'll go on this side..I mean, this hand..No, there's a light here..At least we can see something on the edge..What should we do now?.Still going forward? Keep going..We are in the middle, we can't go out..Only going forward..Hey, use this \"kid\" as a light..Use the \"kid\" as a flashlight..Oh my god..I grab your shirt..What?.Hey..Do you see that?.We have to climb over it..No way..We need to climb over it..- We have to... | - How?.My bedroom is at the end of this net..Did you forget it?.Quickly come to the bedroom to find me..She told us to go to the net..Her room is at the end of this net..How we can climb over it, crawling?.Crawling..OK, follow him..Are you sure?.No, no, no. Wowkie Da, you're the last..Wowkie Da, you're the last..It's OK. Kevin Guo, you're the last..You will follow me..No way..Wowkie Da..You follow me..I'm the last one..- But... | - It's OK, no problem..Come on..It's wrong..I guess.I can't find it..Let's take a closer look..It's annoying that we can't see anything..We have the flashlight of the doll..It's worth using..Wait a minute..We can see it now..It's clear..We can see it..OK..Here, starting from here..Is it here, we start crawling here..Is it?.Come on, Allen..Everybody comes in..Come in, it's here..How to go?.We'll crawl from here..Let's go..It's here..I feel like.we should let Justin crawl by himself first..- No, bro. | - Why?.I'm scared that we'll go the wrong way..If it's wrong, we deserve it, everybody will come back..Yeah..We'll be through thick and thin..The team spirit of Allen Deng..No such things..Basically, there's nothing..He's too weak..Allen, Allen..Here..What is it? A net?.I didn't think.we have to play this game..I said I expected a lot.during the interview..Kevin Guo, your clothes.are too uncomfortable..Do we complete it?.Not yet, we are going down..Suddenly I think this program is interesting..Spare some space for us..Sorry..Don't kick my head..Sorry..I don't know it's your head..Are we there yet?.We are here..Oh my god..We're here..Let's go..It's here..The room is only 2 square meters but it takes us half of the day..Is anyone here?.No one..Now, there's no one here..Come down..There's a door here..How can you jump like that?.Are you OK, captain?.Your clothes.are perfect for sliding..The captain is such a waste now..I'm scared..Wowkie Da..Hello..Welcome..You are 40 years old.but still joining us..You shouldn't talk about this, thank you..But where are we?.What are you doing, Allen?.I'm taking a rest..What? There's a bed here..Oh my god..Be careful, the bed may bounce....It's OK..Our previous beds all bounced..It's OK..Now, we've come to.her room..Adorable Tao's room..So....We need to find Adorable Tao..OK..I think she stayed here with her mother..How did you guys find it before?.Or we can divide each person into a corner..It'll be quicker..Right..You see, a woman..It's ruined..Come on, let me help you..Be careful..There's something under the bed..You scared me to death..There's a marble coming out..It's real..How did it roll out?.It rolled out under the bed..No..Really..I saw it..I saw it..You saw it but where are you going?.What are you doing, this teenager?.I'm here waiting for you..We should flip it..Let me do it..Let me see..I'm ready..No..There's nothing here..There's something under it..There's nothing here..That bed..Alright..Yes..Is this the bed, right?.Yes yes yes..This bed..You....I'll flip it..Yes..Nothing..Look inside the cushion..I....Help me..Mommy,.I hide your reading room's key here..Let's meet in the reading room..Let's meet in the reading room..Didn't her mother die?.Honestly,.she's cute..But.you scared us to death..You're not good..We're here to help you..Yeah, we came here to teach you..You didn't come to school.so we are worried about you..You can't catch up with your friend..Finding the key..Now, let's find the key..Put it back..Be careful..Finding the key..Don't rush..Mommy,.I hide your reading room's key here..Let's meet in the reading room..Is anyone there?.The key is here..We have to come back..Yeah..Can't this door be opened?.This doesn't need a key..We don't need the key..That friend..How could it open?.What did you do?.What happened?.How could you.be so chicken-hearted?.Wait for me..So what's this key.used for?.Open the door..Downstairs..We'll open the reading room..Justin..Wait a minute..Let's go..Justin, wait a minute..Going this side?.Come here..It's not wrong..Turn left..Is this a bathroom?.Bathroom..The reading room was the first one..It's on the first floor..Let's go there..OK, let's go..Go slowly..I'm behind you..You scared me..Look at you..The lights turn on..Let's sit here and drink Mirinda..OK?.Yeah..Take a break..We should rest..Too tired..Let's take a break..Honestly, there's nothing..Look at you..How could you be so pretty?.You have a beautiful smile..Very beautiful..Luckily, you wear that robe..No one knows if you pee..They can't see the wet pants..It's already wet..It will not be easy..What do you mean?.It will get scarier and scarier, right?.It will not be easy..This is not the hardest..Open the door..Where's the key?.Come on..Everybody, come in..Is he here?.He's sitting in a net..The light is turning off, let's go..Come on..Quickly..You should drink Mirinda..You're stuck here half of the day..Come down here..I can't..What's on the floor?.Something is written here..Don't pick up under any circumstances..A piece of machinery that controls the net by voice: _ _ _ _ _.Voice-controlled device..A piece of machinery that controls the net by voice: _ _ _ _ _.I hold it..You will talk so I can escape from this net..Voice-controlled device..Some letters are missing..Total 5 blanks..It means there are 5 letters..We have to guess the code..\"Nanny\", was this ball.on the floor before?.No, it wasn't..After I picked it up,.I fell from there..Didn't it write \"Don't touch\"?.How's it going up there, \"Nanny\"?.There's a light here..It's blinking..We have to guess the code..Find the code..We have to find 5 letters..No..You see, AI Research Institute.is written on here..She's an engineer..Maybe this girl is not a real person..Her mother created her..A robot..It's possible that.all these dolls were failures..Super Al..Virtual technology..Gold cup..Look, there's a rainbow..Rainbow..Cute mother Tao..Mother's rainbow..Adorable Tao's rainbow..I love Mirinda..Let's sit down..We should rest..Take a break and drink Mirinda. We are too tired..This is....A Xing..On and off..There's a switch..Come on..His eyes are falling out..The light turns off..What's wrong?.What's wrong?.I knew it, you see..I only dare to bend my head..Oh my god..Let me set it up..Done..It's not OK..The lights turn on, we're good..Wait a minute..Why did it happen?.Because we touched it..We both touched that chimpanzee..Or anything else?.Let's find the code..Where's the device?.Yeah, the voice-controlled device..Over there..It has some colors..Look at its order..The order of the color..Red..Green..Blue..Orange..Violet..Indigo..Yellow..White..Look, there's a rainbow..Rainbow, isn't it?.Because I saw many colors.appear on the UFO..I think it relates to the rainbow..Are there some colors?.Right, they will fill in.that \"rainbow\"..Let's see which color's in the rainbow..Red, green, blue, orange, violet, indigo, yellow, white..Red, green, blue, orange,.violet, indigo, yellow, white..Only 5 blanks on the device..We are looking for 5 letters..White?.What is it called? White..There's no white here..So it's \"white\"..Is \"white\" the correct password?.White..A piece of machinery that controls the net by voice: white.That's right..A piece of machinery that controls the net by voice: white.A piece of machinery that controls the net by voice: white.Correct..You are so smart..Sister, you are the best..Careful..Be careful..Are those 5 letters.WHITY?.ITE..It's white..OK, I got it..Because I saw the device.flash many colors..But there's no white in the rainbow..White also.has 5 letters..It's just enough, 5 characters..Then I said \"White\"..Mimi is amazing!.Come, cheer..Cheer, cheer..When we first came here,.we had met him, right?.Right, we were tied up by him..I had never gone up here..It wasn't right to make us faint..Apologize to us..I'm sorry, sorry..He hasn't apologized?.You said you hadn't gone up the second floor..This is the first floor..This is the first floor?.I hadn't gone here..He supposed to stay outside the door..I just cooked..You had cleaned up one room, right?.This job is so easy!.OK, OK..Then we went up the second floor,.why were you here?.He played hide and seek with that girl..Then when I went up,.I saw that..What was that?.It's UFO of FOREO..It can make you more beautiful..When you see it,.you will become the most beautiful person in the world..OK..Then what should we do next?.Something was dropped just now..Let's go and check..A bunch of marbles was dropped..A bunch of marbles was dropped..Did you play marbles when you were little?.Just like this..Marble?.Like this..Oh My God..Oh My God..I'm almost done, I'm done..Close your eyes..Don't look..Oh My God..OK, the lights are on..It's OK, it's alright..Did you see anything?.It's getting worse..It might collapse next time..For sure!.What's wrong?.Had we gone to the bathroom yet?.The key? Or what?.It has....A password, a password key..The marble I want..A marble..There were a lot of marbles dropping on the ground right?.Are there any numbers on those marbles?.The marble that I want..Wait, wait a minute. Let check..It's written a sentence....The marble that I want..Earlier, maybe I saw.some marbles dropping here..It's here, here..There are a lot of marbles on the ground..There are some here too..Here, they are here too..The sofa moved..So many marbles..There are a lot..Do we have to thread them together?.Let's thread a lucky bracelet..I got these.under the sofa..Are these....That's right, there were some..Let's gather the marbles here..Put the red one here..Are these number refers to how many marbles we need?.3 marbles..3 5 7 9..Try 3579..That's right..Who's that?.Your captain..I just show you what I got..Allen Deng is such a coward..How can he be such a coward?.I can't open it, it's wrong..You can't open it?.Don't press it randomly like that..It might ring out loud..Let me tell you..Later if we do something,.let's just stand by and watch..If we touch it,.it might ring out loud..Bend down, bend down..Who's that? Who's that?.It's me, it's me..Again..The marbles dropped..Here we go again!.Are you here, mom?.But,.among those marbles, there weren't.the purple and orange marbles that I want..Please buy me that next time..Oh My God..She was a real person..You stepped on me. My legs are cramps now..That little girl.was bandy?.Adorable Tao, what did she say?.She said she liked two colors..Are you here, mom?.But,.among those marbles, there weren't.the purple and orange marbles that I want..Find the purple and orange marbles for her..The marbles that she wanted.have some relation.with purple and orange?.What does purple mean? What number is purple?.Orange is mixed from red and yellow..Purple is mixed from red and blue..That's right..Because among those marbles, there weren't.the purple and orange marbles that she liked..So we can only add two of them together..That's right, we have to.mix red with yellow, and red with blue..Orange is mixed from red and yellow..9 3..What about purple?.Red and blue..Red and blue are 9 and 5..9 5..The purple should came first..1 4 1 2..Is that right?.1 4 1 2, guys..The lights are almost off..Stay close to me..The lights are almost off..Wait, are there any marbles that we didn't find?.There are marbles here..They are still here..We haven't found all marbles yet..We haven't found all..If there is even just one marble left,.then it's a waste of time. | Right, right..That makes sense..Find them, find..It related to the marbles for sure..Let's find them..Are there any in the drawer?.What about behind the doll?.There is one here..There is one here too..So pretty!.Are there any marbles there?.What color is that?.Yellow..So then....It's 1 5..Because among those marbles, there weren't.the purple and orange marbles that she liked..So we have to mix two colors together..1 5 1 7..1 5 1 7 guys, are you ready?.Among those marbles, there weren't.the purple and orange marbles that she liked..Find the purple and orange marbles.that she liked for her..What does it have to do with purple and orange?.Orange is mixed from red and yellow..Purple is mixed from red and blue..Because among those marbles, there weren't purple and orange,.so we have to mix two colors together..Red and blue are 9 and what?.9 and 5..1 4 1 2 guys..I can't open it, it's wrong..I get it, I get it..What? What?.It's like this..It means that if we mix red and blue,.we will get 7 purple marbles..We have 7 purple marbles..So there are 3 red marbles left..So we have 3 orange marbles..That's right..0703 right? 0307..0703..The purple should came first..0703..OK, OK..0703, right?.0703..Right, it's 0703..Turn on this green light..We don't need that..Flash, flash..Sis Mi is shinning today..Maybe sis Mi.went to study.when season 1 just ended..Oh My God!.Oh God, why is this so dark?.Mom, it's so dark..Can we bring something.to light it up?.Wait, wait a minute..Don't go, don't go..What should we bring?.Where did you find that flashlight?.We can find flashlights everywhere..There is one here..Let's hold hands and go in together..There is always something in the bathroom..Mom..I'm tired..But I forgot my diary and my book.in the bathroom..Here. | After you find them..Come to the bedroom and sleep with me..The bedroom is upstairs..Let's go back to the bedroom..We need a key..The key, find the key..Here, it's here..It has one, two..When you weren't sure about something,.why did you say it so seriously?.How can you practice to do that?.Warning, it's a warning..Mom!.Your whistle sounds scary..Do we have to go to her bedroom?.Right, just for a moment..Just for a minute, we have to pick them all up..Mom, I have been so tired lately..I used my savings to buy you.a cute SKG neck massaging device..Just try it and you will know how comfortable it is..\"Key\" (If) you had left me..\"Key\" (If) it can start all over..According to our key-finding experiences,.normally, it will be on the ceiling..Is this on the light?.Let check the light..Taking off..Do you see it?.Be careful of the heat..Nothing, nothing..OK, landing..Did you get taller? Why are you so heavy?.He did get taller..Stand straight..Why are you tiptoeing?.Why do I have to tiptoe?.I'm tall for real. Why do I have to tiptoe?.We are still in the bathroom..If you have to hide a key,.where would you hide it?.What about in the toilet?.Rip it, rip it, \"Nanny\"..What's that?.Pretend to be a snake..I wasn't tricked..You were scared by my joke, right?.What joke? | Is it fun?.It's fun, really fun..So much fun..It scared me to death..It scared me to death..We have checked here too..The key..You were scared by my joke, right?.What joke? | Is it fun?.It's fun..You were scared by my joke, right?.Right, look at that thing..This, rip it out..It should be in here..This was stuck with tape..We have ripped it all out, but it isn't here..We have ripped it all..Find it more carefully..I found it..Thank you..Here, here, here..Thank you..Let's celebrate..OK DJ, drop the beat!.OK, let's take a break. DJ!.857 857 857..What does 857 mean?.Come, come, come. Open it..There will be a surprise when we open it..Surprise..857 8....Can you put it on your ears?.What is that?.Massage here..The little dinosaur..There are numbers..Guess how much I love you, mom..You have recovered today..You can play with me again now..I'm so happy..There must be mom's secret hidden in the bathroom..There must be mom's secret hidden in the bathroom..Let's go this way..Turn left..Bathroom, bathroom..Mom..Did you get my diary yet, mom?.Come and sing me to sleep..Hadn't her mom passed away for half a month now?.Come, let's sing her to sleep..Let's go together..Go, go to the bedroom..Let's go!.To the bedroom..You dare to go first alone now?.You are brave..I just open the door..He dared to go first alone..Bro Allen is amazing..The lights are on, what are you afraid of?.I'm not..So the lights are on..Bathroom..It's here, the password..Let's go to the bedroom..Let's go to the bedroom..The bedroom is locked..Pull? Is that a pulling-door?.I'm here..Look at her, guys..Mom, I love you too..Let me see..Can you.tell me a story, mom?.Who is she talking to?.She is talking to herself..Mom, please..Please tell me one more story..Mom is a robot..Stay away, I think she will transform in a minute..Alright!.So mommy,.can you tell me this story.every night?.It's finished! It's finished!.Thank you, mommy!.Mommy, I will go to sleep now!.There is somebody!.The light is out!.The light is out! Let's go!.Allen Deng, what's wrong? What are you doing?.You didn't even look at us at all..What are you doing?.I can't! It doesn't help at all..First of all, we didn't see the mother..She was talking to the air..Is that right?.So she must be.a robot..Who is the robot in the end?.Maybe the mother is a robot..The mother is the one who created her..But then she went away, is that what you mean?.That's right! Then who hired you?.Her mother..She said:.It's only effective when she died..That's right!.That's why you are officially hired now, right?.That's why the mother doesn't exist, right?.Or the mother is in her artificial mind?.Her eyes were fake..There was a designed program..Everyday, at this time,.the program in her brain.is the mother who must tell a story for her..Mommy! Can you tell me a story?.So why didn't she go to school for 3 days?.We have discussed this at first right?.She was waiting for her mother..Her mother died for half a month now, right?.Tao's mother is always inside the world of Adorable Tao..There was nobody fixed this bug..There was something in the diary..That's right!.No! I don't think that we are in a good position..So what do you think?.Let's choose a place.where we can only see ahead.or behind..This was the place where we just climbed up, right? Right!.I feel very annoyed just looking at these nets..The mother's secret must hide in the bathroom..We just saw a lock on the door with code to fill..The bathroom..The code is here?.The bathroom's code can only be registered one time..Or the door will be locked forever..Before, I always asked my mother.about the bathroom code..Then my mom will give me a puzzle..She will choose 1 card.in 16 poker cards..A will have to tell.the number of the card..B will have to tell the suit of the card..They will have to find out which card is that..A said: \"I don't know.anything about this card\".B said: \"I have already known that you don't know.and neither do I\"..Does the mother make a tough-twister?.A said:.\"Now I know what card it is\".B said: \"I also know what suit it is\".My mom told me that when I grow up and.solve this puzzle then I can go inside..Right now, I really want to know.her big secret..I just don't know how to solve this puzzle..It's extremely hard..Aren't you Mi Mi (the puzzle)?.Show me the diary!.To classify these cards,.I will put them together in colors and suits..Okay!.A knows the number..B knows the suit..Now..Now, we will play a game..You are A..I am B..I am the mother..Mommy!.Let's play, \"Mommy Deng\"!.Alright!.It's okay! What's next!.You will choose a card..I will tell A the number,.then tell B the suit..Then we will guess which card it is..A said: \"I don't know this card\"..You, say it!.Are you the filming director?.I don't know this card..I have already known that you don't know..However, neither do I..A said again: \"I know this card now \"..You already knew?.I know this card now..What is it?.You knew it already?.You are the one who chooses the card, right?.Check it out!.A holds the card..A said: \"I don't know what card it is\"..B said \"I have already known that you don't know.and neither do I\"..After B said it,.A figured it out..A figured it out?.That's right!.Is it?.It definitely this hint..Didn't you only repeat the puzzle one?.I didn't read it carefully..Wait a second! When you read it out loud,.we were all like \"Woah!\"..No, we were just cheering..I was really.just a side character..He told A the number but.A didn't know the suit..If you only know the number,.it will repeat..That's right!.For example: The Ace (A), right?.There are different types of Ace (A)..There are definitely more than two Aces..That's right!.Cards with a single suit will be terminated..Devine by the number..1 2.3 hearts, 1 spade..2 diamonds..3 clubs..For the spade, there is only \"4 of spade\"..I think it is this one..Why is that?.Because in here.there is only 1 spade..That's why A knew it was 4..However, A didn't know the suit..Right?.After hearing B, A knew that.B's suit must also.be a single suit..That's why he knew that he was correct..4301..But we only have one chance..Now, let's do a quick test..I am A, I knew it was 4..When I look, there were 3 of that..I said: \"I don't know what card it is\"..After that, B knew it was \"spade\",.So it's definitely not \"4 of spade\"..Because B has already known it was \"spade\"..After hearing A, B said: \"I don't know what card it is too\"..When A said it, B already knew..But what about B?.The second sentence..\"Neither do I\"..That's why it is not \"spade\"..So hard!.I have already known that you don't know..What does it mean?.I think,.it's actually,.B said it.to suggest the answer, right?.Right!.True, true, true!.Right?.First, let's figure out what does it mean?.I have already known that you don't know..But neither do I..Then A knew instantly..A is the number, B is the suit..I don't know what card it is..I have already known that you don't know.and neither do I..I have already known that you don't know..Only know the number, and it also repeats..That's right!.There are definitely more than 2 cards..A single suit card will be eliminated..\"I have already known that you don't know\"..What does it mean?.Actually,.B said it to....Suggest the answer, right?.I have already known that you don't know..B said that he already knows..From my understanding,.the suit that B knew.is definitely not the suit that has number appeared one time..When he.said it, it is because.spade and club have numbers that appear one time only..That's why when B said.\"I have already known that you don't know.and neither do I\", what he meant was.to remove spade and club, right?.That's why we must remove them..It means the suit that B got.must be diamond or heart..That's right!.Right?.diamond or heart..Then A said.that he knows..He said that because.A's number was also single..it means that B also knew too..That's right!.This is it..Because there is only one \"5 of diamond\"..So quick?.This.This time,.don't.blink.Let's rewind it together.We can watch it many more times.A knew the number, B knew the suit..A didn't know..That's why the number that he knew.was repeated..B said: \"I have already known that you don't know\"..From my understanding,.B also removed some possibilities..It means.removing.all suit that has a single number..Then A said.\"I already knew\"..A definitely know that there is only one answer..so the 2 Aces were not the answer..B said: \"I also knew the answer\"..That's definitely a hint.when there is only 1 answer,.there is only one card with one suit,.and that is the \"5 of diamond\"..It must be this card..Let's go!.You are amazing!.Scared by our wisdom..The answer is.\"5 of diamond\", 6349..Oh my god!.Now, let's go!.6349..Now, there is no problem..We have gone through a lot of detours..It's okay!.It's life!.Alright!.Let's go! Let's go!.Let's go, Wowkie Da!.We have been staying here for 1 hour..It's prepared to be open..Alright!.Last chance..Teacher Da, protect me..It opens, it opens..Teacher Da, protect me..We have to go inside?.Of course!.It's the bathroom again..It smells so good in here..Because there is the mother's secret inside..It smells so good!.I guess there will be an emotional story that is about to appear..I think so too..The door is closed..They scared themselves..No, I think it's this mirror..The door is opened, right?.I think that this mirror is not really friendly..Maybe we should step inside..Then close the door..Really?.Nanny, let's try a little bit..\"Nanny\"..Why it has to be me every time?.Captain, what are you doing? Go inside!.What are you doing, captain?.I am cheering for you guys, don't you understand?.Cheering!.I am the captain..My mission is to cheer for everybody..I will blow the whistle to cheer everybody..Normally, after blowing the whistle,.I will raise my thumb..You see, every time I blow the whistle,.it's very important..Always cheer everybody..Now, let's go!.What does it mean?.It means do not enter..Let's go!.Close the door!.Inside, inside..Bring it out!.Close inside too..We have to close inside too?.Close it!.Farewell!.Where is Teacher Da?.Obviously.it is moving..You won't make it, stay inside!.Go inside! Go inside quickly!.Inside, inside..What is that?.- Teacher Da! | - You don't save me?.Teacher Da!.See, how could the captain go inside!.It will scare the captain to death..It's actually moving..I thought it was just a joke..Down here is a surveillance room..The mother's secret is the surveillance room..So the mother's surveillance is....Is Adorable Tao.her mother's experiment?.Or Adorable Tao had lost.her mother before?.She created a robot mother..Anyway, definitely.one of them is an AI robot..Let's go down together!.OK, OK..Alright, there is a Huawei Nova 7 phone here..I can unlock it..Teacher Da, you played already?.No, there is a phone here..This is the mother's secret?.Adorable Tao often ravages my house..I understand now..This is a way out for us..That's right!.There is a dog here..There is another kid's image..Doggo, doggo!.Check it out! Is it your.most favorite toy?.This one..This function..I know this one..This is the Huawei Nova 7..It has the ability to split-screen recording..It can open both front and back camera spontaneously..And can also capture our images..It can also merge the image..That's right! See, you were take a picture of yourself.and someone else at the same time?.We can make one..This is a great phone..You see..It's really amazing!.Let's play with it a bit!.Why are we looking like.underwater animals?.A real man rides a horse..Is there anything else on the phone?.No, only this video..She gave this..She was doing this..What does it mean?.I think it means.that this girl loves creating creepy prank..You know?.This is the girl.who did this to us..That's right!.She did it herself to scare us..We will definitely be like:.Oh my god!.She is actually something else..She placed the snake for us..Then created the net for us to climb..Spare us some space!.Sorry!.You stepped on my head!.Sorry, I don't know.there is a head down there..The story that she told us was.don't leave your kid with deprivation..What is that?.It basically can't be used to type..You see, the keyboard does not even work..Can't be used..Check this out!.There is one here too..It is this one, hold the button to turn on, off..Let's try it out!.It works..This product is very trustworthy..But it is not related to the code..Maybe the code is in her mailbox..Is there anything in the mailbox?.But her mailbox is.Mommy Tao 000..Mommy Tao 000..Tao..Mommy!.000..Are you guys looking at her mailbox or something?.I have never seen it before..That's right!.I found this inside the mailbox..A hint of the computer's password..Doggo, let me tell you a story!.A story that I usually listen to..Where is the book?.Upstair..I brought it into the bathroom..What is the bunny's name?.No! What is the name of the book?.Let's see how much your mom loves you?.The story that she often listens right?.It's her usual story..Maybe it was \"Let's see how much I love you\"..Let's see how much I love you?.Right?.Let's see how much I love you?.CCWY..Let's see how much I love you?.Right?.Got it!.Oh my god!.857..Now..The imaginary mother..Her mother..Her mother is not a human, right?.That's right!.Check it out!.The imaginary mom is clear..The integration is in the center of the retina..After the system is on,.it will go inside the eye..The pupil will turn white..That's right!.It will conceal the real sound and image of reality..And completely create an imaginary world..She can have contact with her dead mother..That's right!.The kid is here..Mommy, can you.tell me a story?.Who is she talking too?.She is talking by herself..Mommy, I'm begging you..Tell me some more stories..We can't see the mother..She is talking to the air.True!.But if the system hasn't been shut down for a long time..The injected subject.will always see illusions.that might affect his/her normal life..It's been 3 days since she last went to school..At first, it's said that.the system was added to a safety mode..If someone tried to break in,.the safety mode set up by the virtual mother will be started..OMG..The big door to the study will close..And make a loud sound.To scare the intruders..So that's it..Here it is..Mommy..Could you.please tell me another story?.You were even lying on that bed..You might even lie down on her..Might even lie down on her mom..Mommy..Could you.please tell me another story?.Her mother's words..We can't hear them..Only she can hear..Tell me another story..Mommy, please..Tell me some more stories..Just one..Actually she can't hold her hands..OK..Mommy, I'm gonna sleep..Mommy, I love you, good night..There's more..Today is 25th March 2020..My illness has been gotten worse recently..These days, every day Adorable.always asks me..Mommy, are you gonna die?.I know she's scared that I'll leave her..She said:.\"If you left me.I'd not be happy anymore.\".How can I dare to make my daughter.feel scared and miserable..So I'd promised her that.I'll always be with her..I've decided..After I passed away,.the virtual mother system will start..In the virtual world,.I'll see you again..I'll always be with you..We'll never separate from each other..Adorable..Tell me, am I doing this right?.I don't know either..But I don't have much time left..Maybe one day when you grow up,.you won't need this system anymore..Then.I'll be reassured to leave..You have to remember that.I love you.this much..It's like a piece of news I've seen before..That's.Her child was gone..It's said that in some foreign countries.we can, through a pair of glasses,.a huge pair.to meet our children once again..That's right..I wonder whether it's good..Whether it's good or bad..Yeah..So that means, all of this research,.everything,.is just because she wanted to live.in her daughter's mind and heart..Back then, she told her stories everyday..Cuz when something happened to her..To her child..Or her loved ones..Even after she's left..But those things.will keep.happening.in their minds..Yeah, yeah, yeah..She'll live there forever..It's like, take a look at this..It'll start everyday at 5 p.m..You see, there's a failed report..Started from 8th April..That's why she hasn't gone to school for 3 days..Usually when the child comes home,.the system.will start right away..So now there's a problem with the system..Yeah, press here to fix it..Attention, please leave after choosing..You can only choose once, be careful..Shut down the virtual mother system forever..Fix bug automatically..Restart the virtual mother system..Please choose your answer..I choose to shut it down forever..I choose to shut it down forever either..Can't let her be sunk in that forever..Right..Cuz we've all used that system..The Windows system..It can't fix bugs automatically..That bug can't be fixed..It have to search for it on the Internet..Right..Please say something more serious..I'm serious..I think.of course to such a young child like her,.it'd be so cruel for her.to face this truth..But sooner or later she'll have to face this fact..Where's our coolest bro Allen, bro Allen?.What do you think, you haven't said anything..I'll choose to shut it down forever..No..There would be a problem if we shut it down forever..It's she won't be able to see.her mother anymore..Fixing it..I think..This is a virtual mother system..If we could fix it,.then it won't affect her study..When she grows up,.she'll understand..But if she could see.her mother,.actually it's good for her..But it said we can only choose one answer..Be careful..Yeah..I think we have to shut it down..We have to..OK..Let's vote..Who chooses to shut it down, raise your hands..Three of us have chosen this..Is there anyone.could choose our side?.Or we....When she grows up..She'll know this is a virtual mother system..But the problem is.later on, when she talks to someone,.she'll say, here is my mother..But others can't see her..I think when she grows up, gradually,.when she gradually grows up, she might.be able to understand this..Won't that make her more miserable?.What's so miserable?.Cuz, look at that, she's already started the system..She's known to hug and hold hands..When she grows up,.she'll realize everything when she's young.is not real..Just like you said..Maybe she doesn't have any friends at this time..Maybe she won't take anyone.to see her mother..Right..But, gradually,.when she grows up,.she'll have her own friends..Maybe she'll have a boyfriend..She wants to take him to see her mother..When she meets her,.she'll realize.why other people can't see her mother?.Right?.Others can't see her mother..She starts to realize..Her mother is not real..At that time, she would be even sadder..Even more miserable..I just feel that she would be even more miserable in the future..More miserable..Yeah..I'm sorry, but after hearing all of those things..I still choose to fix it..I choose to fix it, too..Me too..I understand what do you mean..The ones on this side all understand.what you mean..We can understand it but why do.I want to get out of my comfort zone?.Why don't I.need this cover anymore?.Because sooner or later she'll have to get out of it..No, no..You can choose.to not get out of it forever..But she'll have to suffer..She'll be seen as a freak..It's OK..Cuz no one has to feel..No..To me,.the most important thing is my mom..Right now, her mother's companionship is her happiness..Later on..Right..It's not for sure..I have the same idea..OK..Now, after.another round of discussing,.who agrees to shut down the Virtual Mother system,.please raise your hands..You're done..You lose, there are only two of you who chose it..Right now, after.being through constantly persuaded..Then you see, finally....It's never too late to mend..Using one life to save Justin..You two of course.don't need us to save you, right?.I think your thought.is quite right..We don't have the rights to intervene.this..Yeah, that's the point..Yeah, but.why did you interfere with my work?.I didn't want to..Why did you interfere?.More and more, I think the team leader like you.is unnecessary..I'll change, I'll change..Look at this..I'll change to restart the system..I change, I choose to restart the system..Restart, there you see..Back then, I thought of something..Right now, her mother's companionship is her happiness..It might not be right later on..But it's only my opinion..Right..She might not think so..Right..Why did I change my idea?.What changed me is.Did I have to make a decision on her behalf..I can't use my opinion.to judge others' life..I cannot take that..Why did I change my vote, cuz I thought.her mother invented this system..Designed the card..And said when you grow up,.you'll know what's in the card..You'll go to the secret room..You'll see these options..When you're a grownup..You'll come here to make your decision..I think that's the best arrangement..His idea is.when she could count that card,.she won't care.whether her mother is real or not..That's right..Justin is smart..This is the best result..Right..Right, choose the fixing answer..The exit has been opened.After we fix this system,.The exit has been opened.After we fix this system,.she can....She can go to school..The existing door is opened, let's go..The existing door is opened..We can go out, that's great..We can go out, that's great..This season is such a high-level one..It's the second season..Presents and flowers are prepared..OK..The three Seniors have to tell us..What's this?.This is..Our celebration party..Yeah..Our show has an act..Called \"Great Escape\"..How can we make the word \"Da\"?.Like this..Da, then Tao..Tao..\"Tuo\" in taking off clothes..Tuo is like this..C'mon, let's drink..Mirinda, congratulation..Each of us holds a bottle..C'mon c'mon c'mon..Thank you..This is our first time here..Are you exciting?.It's so exciting..Let's say our slogan..\"Great Escape\"..Success..Cheer, cheer..After leaving Adorable Tao's house, the teachers reported the situation of the home visit to their superior. After that, Adorable Tao would receive better care..Secret Escape Building..Guangzhou No.1 building..Old Building..The old building hasn't been repaired for a long time..Sometime the electricity will be shut down..What are we gonna do now?.Find the houses' representative of the Floor No.6..The houses' representative is Tao Wu Xuan..Will it start after we finish this sentence?.OMG..A completely dark space.Challenging the horror limit again.OMG..A completely dark space.Challenging the horror limit again.Where's Xuan Xuan?.Xuan Xuan..\"Kill\" me..Who?.I'll beat you..What do you say?.Being forced to separate, starting the upgraded version of the \"four-corner game\".We have to turn on the electricity..We need 4 people at 4 dark corners..It's even scarier than 4 angles of a circle..Let's do it together..C'mon c'mon c'mon..Spin it faster, faster..Don't open your eyes..Spin it..There's light, there's light..The red shadow leads to mysteries of the story.Xiao Wang disguised herself as the red dress girl..The red shadow leads to mysteries of the story.Xiao Wang disguised herself as the red dress girl..Did we come here to find that girl?.She just kept saying, \"I want to meet you\"..Why didn't he answer her messages?.Why did he go missing?.Steal things from them..\"Great Escape 2\".The building of doubt.Please look forward to it.

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