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Schedule H 2018 Form : Draft, Finish and share

[Music].hello once again welcome to the Bahamas.and the PokerStars Caribbean adventure.2019 it's the final table of the ten.Kate main events we had eight hundred.and sixty-five entries now we are down.to just six players competing today for.the PC a trophy and a first prize of.more than 1.5 million dollars hello.everyone.James Hartigan with Joe Stapleton hello.my babies Griffin Benja everyone big day.today final table day and I don't want.to jinx it fellas because we still have.today to go but we've almost made it 11.consecutive days Joe we did it it's been.a heck of a festival numbers beyond.anyone's expectations lots of money.given away lots of brand-new.millionaires and there's gonna be even.more money handed out today at this.final table and Griffin we started so.strong with the PS PC and then we segue.to straight into the super high roller.it was always going to be a question of.can we keep up the momentum can we keep.up the excitement but we've actually got.here a pretty strong final table that.should keep those excitement levels up.yeah really exciting a lot of really.talented players on this final table you.know the three Americans Chino ream.obviously always talking and creating.entertainment for the viewers at home.Brian Altman is someone who I think is.really a favor for me coming to this.final table he's really had the best.results in the last five years I think.he's one of the strongest tournament.players in America you got pavel veksler.who finally started opening up a bit and.of course the amateur Scott Welland Brak.is really the guy that you know I'm.rooting for from he's from Halifax so.let's get that done so many good stories.to discuss but before we do that let's.look at the chip counts of the final six.players a Chino ream is coming in with.nearly a hundred big blinds Scott one.and back second in chips and Griffin you.highlighted Brian Altman as someone to.watch he's deep with 62 bigs.I can tell you from experience that he's.really really tough to play against and.has a great table presence so he's.someone that I think will really give.Chino room a run for his money on his.direct left Daniel Straus is someone who.has had a lot of success on the tour as.well he's a WPT champion for with a huge.score there so you know there's a lot of.experience on this table we can't not.talk about Pavel veksler who's played.really excellently whenever he's been on.the final tape he beat your table would.you seemed like always so there's just.everyone there's an interesting story.it's really fun.so we need to send you away because.we've got to get you on set got to get.into position because you have a very.important job to do a griffon let's.discuss the payouts at this final table.the money that is still up for grabs.so the next player out is gonna get.nearly 300 K then a significant jump.with fifth place locking up nearly 400 K.more than half a million for fourth 670.$1000 for third the runner up gets close.to a million nine hundred and fifty one.grand with a winner receiving more than.1.5 million plus the PC a 2019 main.event trophy it's giving exciting day.from Atlantis Paradise Island as we play.down from six to a champion let's go.down to the floor Joe's in position.hello and welcome to the Atlantis Resort.on Paradise Island in the Bahamas for.the final table of the 2019 PC a main.event it has been an absolutely insane.festival and it all culminates today.with six players still vying for 1.5.million dollars up top in the first main.event trophy of 2019 let's meet them now.the player in seat one has a hell of a.story he's 67 years old and plans to.donate his net winnings to charity he.spent most of his adult life translating.Buddhist teachings his body is precious.but so are his chips Scott the Dean.welling back.the player in situ is a highly.accomplished live and online player who.goes by the handle deoxyribose he's one.of the shorter stacks coming into play.today so that double helix could use a.double up from the United States of.America Daniel Strelitz.the player in c3 has a style and energy.that are wildly unique he's racked up.over nine million dollars and live.earnings and in this vent alone he has.racked up more than nine hours of.massage that so Chino from the United.States of America cheeto ream our next.player has seven lifetime cashes at the.PCA and nearly three million dollars in.live poker earnings almost enough to.make up for his devastating pub trivia.losses from the United States of America.Brian Altman throughout the course of.this festival the player at seat five.has been at the feature table seemingly.dozens of times and well we've gotten.rather attached he's locked up his first.ever six-figure score from Ukraine.Pavel veksler our final player has also.unlocked his first ever six-figure cash.badge he's ranked 100 and 11th on his.country's all time money list but a win.here today will cause him to hump dozens.of spots from Spain v cent busca.let's get a big round of applause for.all the players here at the final table.dealer Daniella.you know what to do good luck everyone.no super short stacks at the table Pavel.vex light is the loam amber he's got 25.big blinds surround basket right and.he's gonna race Griffon do you think.everyone's gonna play relatively.honestly right now to kick things off I.think that that woolen back will.probably be opening up pretty much hands.that he just wants to play I don't think.he's gonna happen you know in forming.experience playing you know final tables.and the like so he might just sort of.like you know if he likes to him to play.he'll open it up and you know I think.she'll just gonna have to play pretty.tight with Chino on his left he likes to.see a lot of flops interesting to see.boss get elect to open up this.combination into reams big blind but.wasn't willing to open up the King seven.off at the cutoff when he just had to.get through well him back.no surprises yet quick call here from.ream him check raising a ace Jack queen.board would really get the alarm bells.going for boss guess so.I like the quick call there too because.I think a lot of times that can come off.as that your honor draw so as like yeah.or they you have middling strength like.a queen X hand or Aggie ace a hand you.give me a jack ten pre-decided you.wanted to see another card yeah it's.difficult for boss cannot decide to.two-barrel here he's gonna but he you.know he's gonna expect some folds from.from some Queen X's you know I mean she.knows gonna call Queen seven suited from.the big you know Jack nine off hands.like this that really won't be able to.withstand pressure on the turn but an.all-school Boskin knows that he he.blocks the King ten so there are a lot.of massive hands that ream should have.here on this board from the big blind.and ream just loving life right now.complete rainbow texture so the bullet.pads on the river snow left with just.ten hi-yah and just under a pot size bet.left he is reaching for chips and it's.hard to blame him I mean reams not often.gonna call twice with just a jack here.so a lot of the times he is gonna have.an ace X on the flop calling twice with.motion that may be trying to get a bit.of a read from Chino what do you think.this is football James.look forward.next you're gonna want to look at the.instant replay the chena ream increases.his chit lead up to 8.5 million more.than a hundred big blinds and boskar.drops down to twenty three bakes he's.now the low man at the six handed final.table they were discussing how that was.a bad river for him to Tibet and it's.not necessarily always about whether or.not he think Chino has a lot of Jack's.calling twice it has way more to do with.the fact that okay well what am i.repping here if I decided three barrel.here the way that the jack kind of.changes the texture I wouldn't be.betting a biggie I wouldn't be shoving.all in with the big ace here so he gets.away there from a disastrous three.barrel Bluff spot.decent on this today with the VAX was.open to 160,000 Scott one I'm back in.with ace nine and Griffin's ray he's.gonna play the hands he wants to play.open getting better than five to one.yeah really horrible hand.yeah but lying better this than the nine.five off certainly so you know some.potential to continue some spade boards.hard enough to put the single chip in.well it's an ice high flow this could be.danger for the Dean backdoor flush draws.for veksler and well in a balk as well.so if we get a red turn card as we.expect both of them to see a turn will.make it a little more interesting.VAX the continuing for 275,000.I like this sizing from veksler here.it's a little bigger than I think people.would normally bet on sort of a pretty.dry ace-high texture but he recognizes.that welling back you know when he does.have an ace he's always gonna have a.weaker ace appear.you know what have we raised with hand.like ace queen or ace king so he wants.to start getting some chips in the.middle there and start to a hand going.down here.David you know selfishly bothering his.other opponent about what he had the.previous hand that he flopped Broadway.in there's a big hand happening between.the Ukrainian and Canadian you can shut.up and back there love and life here.getting the extra value from ends that.he knows or really strongly waited to.ace ten ace nine eight eight suited ace.seven suited but those combinations did.include hands like Queen tens Queen ten.of hearts you know queen nine of Hearts.nine ten of Hearts seven eight of hearts.so he's not loving this heart river but.I will say that woolen back is probably.more weighted to a sex hands because.veksler has the Jack of Hearts in his.hand so that takes out hands like Jack.ten of Hearts Queen Jack of Hearts and.the King being a hard even eliminates.one of the heart Commons as well so.factors gonna be happy to take down this.two point 1 million chip hot he knows.that that rivers cost him some money but.well then back may not have called three.bullets so he's gonna be real happy to.uh to jump up the counts with that pot.right there there's a reason why they.call so that's a huge part for veksler.considering his chip position at the.starts today he's now got a forty big.pine stack Scott one about drops down to.5.2 million still playing sixty five.Biggs and still second on the.leaderboard.Wechsler ice for clubs this is hand.number eight of the final table great.start for pavel already made 13 big.blinds just seven hands in it's kind of.the way you want to start long back.really seems like he came to play today.he is he came to play yesterday to I.mean he's been nothing if not consistent.he will take it to the streets as they.say one about coaling in position.Chino now with the decision in the big.blind and that's a three-bet 420 that's.so Chino 120,000 and this is a very.small squeeze gonna say it looks ception.aliy strong too strong actually and I.think it's gonna you know it's.definitely gonna scare off white vex.there having said that it is a pretty.remarkable price 214 60 more and he.knows well and back is probably just.gonna call behind so even though he.knows that this looks like massively.strong.I would expect a veksler to to continue.in this hand and Welling back and I I.think that you know it's it's.interesting cuz most professionals here.I think would make it much much bigger.probably in the range of like six to.seven hundred and would probably scare.off the two opponents with the weekend.so ream is if he wants action he's.getting it but you know he's gonna have.to tread pretty lightly with two hands.behind and he's out of position so the.original RAZR has cold and one of those.calling as well definitely represents a.level of comfort for Chino.only 1.4 million in the pot already.willing to go three ways and that's one.of the reasons well this is interesting.vex a lot with top pair one I'm back.with a flush draw Chino now has the.least amount of equity let's take the.freebie Scotty everyone checks.and then his spades on the turn Gino.checks a second time exactly the point I.wanted to make who cares who cares if.that bet sizing screams huge hand it's.like two to one when you have kings and.aces gonna flop anyway now facing such a.big bet does the Dean know he hasn't.gotten this far by folding flush draws.Joe calls the 625 I imagine.Gina will let this go bet Nicole gotta.figure one of these guys has got nice.and yeah ditches the kings heads up to.the river eight of clubs so the board.has bricked out for Scott one and back.hasn't necessarily bricked out for what.veksler might put well him back on that.does complete the double gutter jack ten.so if X was checked now here's the.question.can one invite bluff the river nope he's.checked it back really quickly and that.is a sizable pot to win here James it's.gonna bump them up to 4.6 million that's.uh up there and you know third and chips.now yes table veksler starts the day as.the shortest stack at the table he's now.more than double this stack 57 picks.Chino's open under the gum with jack.seven of clubs humble veksler with ace.ten of clubs in the cart off like this.flat here from veksler i think he wants.to go after Chino preflop he should not.have hands flop so damn well as a call.well in black back is gonna get involved.too and I like these three hands real.fair fight out there one man with a.sword another with a spear a morning.star and a hammer we going whole way to.the flop head I've been watching a lot.of Castlevania on Netflix it's great.serious King ten deuce it's a top pair.for well and back second pair top kicker.for veksler.who plays at the table back to a club.drawers yeah top pair for a while and.back but a sizable amount of the equity.for ways yeah and is that five hundred.thousand such an unconventional way to.play way at this hand with with a lead.here from the small veksler gonna break.down well and backs range here and.balance it between you know Kings and.then diamond draws and he's gonna have.to continue especially with those.backdoor clubs now we know two of his.clubs at least are gone.Chino folding the jack seven of clubs.but and definitely too strong to fold.even to a over half spot size bed.Queen of Spades on its head card might.slow down Scott to a check.Thanks next would love that free card.but this pot is definitely getting.pretty big you know for people seeing in.a two and a half of x-rays preflop maybe.if I'm in see there's already almost 25.big lens in the pot Wow 1.1 million the.second barrel from when I'm back.price of Poker is going up you ever.heard that one before.oh we bet in seven digits now two commas.in this bet I haven't seen a ton of.seven digit bets in this tournament I.usually have two words that accompany.them I bet no all in black slot forced.to fold ace ten on the turn and Scott.one aback reclaims the number two.position on the leaderboard one for me.up to 5.3 million.65 bigs.[Music].I am 67 soon to be 68 next month.I'm from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada I.translate for a nonprofit organization.called the Nalanda translation committee.and we translate for this literature for.Buddhist practitioners around the world.but primarily in North America for many.many years now I've been giving all my.net profit not my winnings because some.you know some nights you're playing.poker you win the next night you lose.right so my net profit to charity for a.number of reasons personally I'm in a.very fortunate position I'm able to do.this I still working the job you know.translator it pays a decent salary.certainly covers my living expenses.since Buddhists tend to be very through.when we sit around and meditate everyone.can do that for free you know it doesn't.really cost anything and also I've been.very fortunate investing over the last.number of decades so financially.comfortable I believe I am the only.recreational player as they say or.amateur I have every child sure of them.the least experienced player at the.table.so maybe I'm good enough that if poker.gods smiled broadly in my direction as.they have been I won't blow it and maybe.that could happen and then that would be.even more fortunate than I've been.already.[Music].two-fifty there is the Dean school is in.session 250,000 Strelitz.will handcuffed at this point yeah if.you look if you're a little bit deeper.you can definitely call there maybe put.out a little funky raise sometimes but.what you know behind you would just.become so much they're more difficult.there's no needs you know there's no.need to get out of line right now I for.one can't wait for everyone to play.super passively against each other for.the next three hours until it turns into.a 28 big black deep chump fest no I.actually can't that's amazing.it's so cuz then you start seeing panic.in people's eyes you know with what's.going on and I think that just adds.another layer of psychology there but.you know some final tables are just.meant to be playing passively so there's.a lot of guys that are very close and.there's also chip leader like simply.flops you know to you know just likes to.play multi-storied well and back see.betting the king high board waltman did.match well flop him brian home it always.looks like he's trying to figure out.where a smell is coming from I saw him.walking outside this morning I wanted to.say nice spoiler dude but I didn't start.it yet I guess ace on the turn.I wonder if fallin back was like.protecting his fives or just like okay.let's get this over with because if he's.not.if he's thinking I need to get some.better hands out to because he you know.he likes some bigger sizing but lace.would be a pretty good market in Tibet.yes fantastic 800,000 to look at that.this is we have not seen much of this.from the Dean today.that's so solid one of the nice things.is if you bet really big on flops ace.high school fold right so one of the ace.comes normally when you when you go.super wizards and you bet like 25% out.there and somebody calls in attorneys.and ace then you always think now do I.am the ACE or do you have these.whereas now you're just like you know I.have the ace so get out well I think he.knew that he didn't have the ACE maybe.he's got well him back in the small.blind this one might do that I was.wondering what I was gonna do it's okay.it happened it very quickly you can take.some call hey Wow big flip here yeah.potentially for sixth place oh man.four million chips in this pot all right.great moves for both players this just.happens sometimes I would have called.that's different from whether I should.you did nothing wrong.thank you win or lose you did nothing.wrong in the end neither did he.understood understood Thank You Gino.51% for Strela is 49 years since he has.a check for Welling back first relics.tournament life 9 9 4 paired board never.that great of a sign but at least.there's no ace and no Jack little book.of all available for willem buck 38% on.the flop base on the turn all but seals.the deal for Daniel Strela it's needs a.three for the deoxyribose double helix.double up its to millions and thousands.it's not even cold that's pretty brave.just randomly taking a drink from.Scotsman okay alright I'll have some of.that oh this is disgusting there's.actually some soda in it just like that.Strelitz the second sochi no room with.91 big blinds second in chips has 40 big.blinds and let's now Stralis so sprouts.was on the short stack doubles up he's.in second that just shows how close the.bottom five contenders are man this is.this is a golden opportunity you know.for the amount here as you that you.nailed yeah double helix double up a.lucky two million ten thousand.brian hoffmann under the garden age 3 of.diamonds what is that eggs.[Music].that's ranta Dave Reem hi Queens oh man.I mean Albin just made a signal with.nine eight now he actually has the.perfect type of hand to make pull the.trigger with again and the chip leader.is raising you sometimes you just want.to make a stand it.Chino's playstyle is not really to put a.lot of pressure from the big lines whoa.there you go all in a call.Wow a Gena ream in a much better.position without my help mins eyes are.bugging out right now he's in much worse.shape.I know Strela was on the last hand.that's rough.he had a really good hunt for that type.of move but you know Tino isn't really.the kind of player Tino likes to play a.lot of flops he's in the big blind he.praises yeah he doesn't three bat light.very often at least he hasn't the last.couple yes you think I have that one we.managed to avoid a six place elimination.one hand ago over this drawing super.thin just two cards that come his only.him out right now are three aces will he.get the miracle three on the river just.like Daniel Strela he can now hit one of.those or an ace otherwise it's bye-bye.in sixth place.and he is sweating it hard rivers at.10:00 that's it for Brian Altman.[Applause].heartbreaking finish well it's really.great to meet you you can tell he is.pretty crushed right now yeah yeah in a.few days he'll get some consolation from.the nearly $300,000 in just one but for.right now he's off to figure out where.in the heck that smells coming from yeah.I mean props to Brian he played he.played great we've seen a lot of him.yesterday as well.very solid very nice dude at the table.yeah yeah really enjoy this president.welcome everybody just gained a hundred.thousand dollars next money jump is.gonna be one hundred and four hundred.and seven thousand dollars everybody in.fifth place makes 396,000 okay.you're welcome boys that's so Chino my.name is david reme I'm 38 years old and.I'm a poker player I've been in like a.little zone playing playing this man but.just playing every day and doing the.same routine I'm yeah one more day.welcome boys major all money I never you.know trying to overstep any boundaries.you know sometimes we'll push some.buttons just to see what it's all it's.all in good fun.that's not part of my game and I guess.it's just part of who I am I mean I just.I'd rather be talkative than everyone.silently boring I love you.- no it's depressing.[Music].he's Jack of Diamonds would be Jeff.Bhasker.I want to say he's gonna put all the.chips in no but there's been a couple.spots where it really hasn't done what I.thought he would do we can see he's got.a 14 big blinds stack just shy of 1.8.million playing a time bank card it's an.additional 30 seconds on the shot clock.there's the absolutely right way to play.this hand what's a race rather than a.limp but it's not all in he's open to.260,000 and she no calls in the big.blind with five three of clubs the flop.Queen ten three with two diamonds huge.draws per Bosca Gino's pair is 3.could that about a third pot here and.then set yourself up for a pot size.shove on the turn 300k into 700 K G no.shots on Bosca and boskar calls all in a.short stack we're not in its Chino is.ahead for now but busca is a statistical.favorite ahead can be very fleeting in.these type of situations.Mosca has more outs than you can shake a.stick at selling for 1.5 more pairs on.the turn and now Chino is a statistical.favorite however boss has got 19 outs.diamonds jacks Queens Kings aces this.could be a case of too many out syndrome.surprised he hasn't started walking away.that always works that is a blank on the.river for Bhaskar and Chino Rheem.eliminates the Spaniard in fifth place.Bhaskar.cashing out the three hundred ninety six.thousand eight hundred eighty dollars.[Applause].we are finally down to four and Shino.has fourteen point four million he's got.a hundred and twenty big blinds.hareem can taste that trophy and 1.5.million dollars high on that run good.really used his chip lead well on the.final table.got some nice coolers down the line as.well some nice holds very ambitious play.with the 5-3 but it worked out count.here because this shove is only there.were smaller 13 big blinds again.certainly certainly afford it but does.he want to double up Welling back to.four million on the off chance he has a.hand like King Jack he does elect to.make the call and shouldn't come as any.too much of a surprise pretty unlucky.that Wambach actually has a good pair in.this spot all in first tournament life.Scott well and Bach the Dean yeah yeah.yeah I knew I had a rail I just didn't.know where you were thank you for.showing up good luck three outs is three.outs.but plus some plus some watch blessing.stuff some possibilities Scott I'm not.gonna lie everyone's not rooting for you.[Music].67 year-old guy playing for charities.got plenty of fans yeah you know Grindr.was here I'll take the seven arts I.don't mind it.Sheena does Paris deuce on the flop.that's a good card for you that is a.good card for well and back was now God.now take some outs away some outs stolen.from Chino the river card for well in.box tournament life it's a queen nines.hold get that get that man a beer or.whatever you're drinking he only has so.many hands Scott I said thank you Scott.could we level the playing field by like.some little coaching he could help me.with the car you don't need you think.you're doing just fine you don't need.any coaching working out for you she.know looks hungry.thank you sorry Dexter with 20 big ones.in the big blind he's just gonna stuff.it in there exort wakes up with two big.hook cards and he does and here we go.getting off to the races we are flipping.all-in guys there's an all sexes versus.ace Queen was about genome versus public.six sixes fixes.for that 13 is crazy flipping for fourth.place or a headman.good luck luck Shino Rheem holds the.pocket pair two sixes where hem veksler.is gonna need to hit to stay alive in.this tournament he has spent he'd made.more appearances at our feature table.over this festival than anyone else he's.gonna need to hit an ace or queen as his.immediate outs Wow he's got more outs.now aces kings queens all working for.him Chino is gonna have to run pretty.pure on the turn and River to keep from.doubling up veksler so far so good but.more outs now 13 of them more than a.quarter of the deck veksler has in his.favor and somehow Rheem dodges them all.veksler is out of here in 4th place so.he cashes out for 500 3540 dollars and.we all down to three and classy this guy.is really impressive performance.constantly found himself on the feature.table always held himself with a lot of.class.raises with the ace 10 Scott one aback.is in the small blind and he's got king.queen with ten bigs I think I know.what's gonna happen James were going to.the racetrack Chien arena is a bit of a.head start.Scott one aback shoves Strela --ts in.the big blind as ace 3 off he faults Qi.Nerine Cole's putting the Dean at risk.it's an risky face tiny as king queen.all alone king queen antes 10.king queen a stem welcome back with life.cards butter face my homes we're heads.up in the PCA main event you can hear.how excited lee daniels trellis relating.relaying to israel what their hands are.cuz this hands were $300,000 for him.that's the difference between second and.third place a huge swing for Daniel's.trellis even bigger one for Welland Bach.who needs to win here with king queen to.stand hunt for that one point five six.seven million US dollars the flop is.king welcome back takes the lead now an.87% favorite to double up six Niner jack.will give Chino some straight.opportunities but and he says what he.wants to see on the turn but gives Gino.additional outs in addition to the two.aces left in the deck Queens at nines of.working for him and can anyone stop.Chino Reem seemingly not because there's.a nine on the river which sends me Scott.water back to the rail in third.place the Dean is done 670 1240 tell us.without third place finish which he will.be donate some to charity what a.beautiful story Scott welcome back fan.favorite and we're going heads up.Griffin genome ring with 130 bigs.Daniel stroll it's with 28 bigs I mean.now right now yeah heads up for the main.event title a difference in prize money.$600,000.seven dose and Sheena razors.don't expect to see Chino folding many.buttons all those chips doesn't want to.give any gift charlotte's any free pots.o Strela --tz-- flops the nut flush draw.plus he's ahead with Qinghai 83% equity.and chinos betting into him spear points.out if Strelitz can get a double up it's.a whole different game this trellis can.comfortably play this this hand pretty.fast with 30 big ones if you wanted to.on the flop but I think that he would.also feel comfortable check shoving.turns a lot and getting reamed to barrel.twice with his air type hands so I think.that's where Li that comes in.check check it loose on the river that's.the only problem you know if your.opponent does have air and you break out.how here is Gena ream running deuce.ready got a deuce that's his thing right.let's see.he thinks Strela is gonna have a 5 or a.queen a lot here so he's actually.bluffing here with the 7 deuce 800,000.struts can't possibly Cole well I'll.tell you what it James this does kind of.look Buffy and stirlitz does have King.high so you know the times that Rheem.has 7 9 here ends like 10 7 like there's.still a consideration so that's a really.interesting spot but I mean I think it's.certainly fold you know was bluffing.with the best hand but again everything.going his way.Oh Ferrell though we love you stirlitz.with ace deuce suited 21 big blinds.wouldn't be surprised to see Strela.let's just shove this in not a hand you.necessarily want to induce with he Shops.at a quick call from Chino Rheem who's.got pocket bikes Chino is a two-to-one.favorite to win the PCA main event right.here I wanna see or is this gonna be the.beginning of this drug let's come back.to the flop is king Jack ten more ayats.now for Strela to cleaner an ace he will.take the lead five still ahead with two.cards to come no additional outs first.relax you need an ace or a queen on the.river.Chino ream on the verge of victory.the river is a 10-0 Rheem has terminated.this final table from start to finish.and he takes down the PCH 2019 main.event running more than 1.5 million.dollars.impressive performance here from the.seasoned veteran another seven-figure.score pretty incredible tournament.career Strela cashes out nearly a.million the main event is over this is.one thing left to do here inside.Atlantis and that's to present the main.event trophy.welcome to the winners presentation for.the 2019 PC a main event here to help me.present the trophy is assistant.tournament director Wanda hey Zeus after.five hard-fought days 865 total entries.it is finally over before we hand over.the trophy let's get a big round of.applause for our runner-up Daniel Stroh.it's.now there's only one thing left to do.one give that man his trophy once again.for cheeto ream.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].hello and welcome to the final table of.the 2019 PCA super high roller out of.the darkness and into the fire.against them.[Music].yes no that's mine all right good luck.enjoy the beach well yeah I'm gonna have.drinks probably at some home how my mom.is a pina colada.[Music].James how to give him I think is the.consummate profession.oh yeah really great yeah 127 place.right you are on the money boys once.again congratulations welcome to day.three of the PCH.crazy.[Music].I probably didn't mind a fool.[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].little money everyone was bitching about.the shorty the surety made the pay job.

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Schedule H 2018 Form FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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How do I fill out the IIFT 2018 application form?

The IIFT application form process is in online mode only while to make the payment, candidates can opt for the online as well as offline mode. The end date to submit the IIFT application form has also been extended till September 15, 2017. Check the steps to register for IIFT Application Form 2018 .

What's your GATE 2018 result and are you satisfied with it?

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How do I fill out the CAT 2018 application form?

There is a detailed instruction on how to fill up the form on the CAT website. Both written and a video format. The instructions are easy to follow. If you still find it difficult talk to a faculty if you are taking coaching in any institute or anyone known to you who has already filled the form.

How do I fill out the NTSE form 2017- 2018 Jharkhand online?

You cannot gove NTSE online or at your own level you have to belong to a school which is conducting ntse. Then download the form online from the page of ntse, fill it and submit it to your school along with fee. If your school is not conducting ntse, sorry to say but you cannot give ntse. It can only be given through, no institutions are allowed to conduct thos exam.

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Do I need ein for household employee?

Only if you desire to hire employees. You need an EIN for that. If your a sole proprietor in practice, but want the LLC protections, then you dont need an EIN.

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