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  4. Read the form again making sure you haven't missed anything.
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Steps of Customizing the Form 140 2017 2018

in today's video we're going to be.talking about the current processing.times for applications with USCIS make.sure you stick around to find out all.the latest updates hello everyone and.welcome back to another video with.everything going on I know there have.been a lot of changes with USCIS.specifically so I wanted to take this.time to give you the updates regarding.current processing times for certain.applications and petitions if this is.your first time here make sure you hit.that red subscribe button so you can.join the D'Angelo family as well every.month on USCIS website they post the.processing time for each application.depending on the service center or a.local field office that has jurisdiction.over the case and is responsible for.adjudicating the case so this is a good.resource to have and very important to.keep up with that way you know exactly.how long it'll take for you to get an.answer on your case the reason why the.processing times are so important is not.only just so you understand how long it.will take to get an answer on your case.but it also lets you know when you can.submit a service request for your case.so for those of you that don't know when.your case is taking a long time you have.the opportunity to contact us das.whether it's over the phone or through.the website and submit what's called a.service request to find out the status.of your case to find out the status of.any document that they mailed to you.when you submit a service request you.kind of get a general response or a.template response saying something like.your case is being processed in the.order that it was received or we had to.do further evaluation or further review.something to that effect or you would.actually get a request for evidence or a.response on your case the problem is is.that if your case is within processing.time you are unable to submit a service.request so what that means is if the.processing time says that your case.takes ten months to adjudicate and it's.only been nine months since your case.has been pending the new SAS won't allow.you to submit a service request.whatsoever not over the phone not online.it won't even go.through so that's why these processing.times are so important unless your case.is outside of processing time then you.can submit a service request to find out.the status for your case and for that.reason a lot of the times you will see.on USCIS is website that the processing.time for a certain application will be a.very large range it'll say something.like 10 months to 48 months whereas the.majority of cases will probably take.around the ten month mark because on.their website it says 10 months to 48.months then essentially no one is able.to submit a service request or get any.feedback on their case whatsoever so.let's get into the actual processing.times currently for applications now I.picked some of the most common.applications and at the most common.service centers as you know sometimes.they transfer applications to other.service centers but I try to look up the.processing times for the most common.service centers whether it's where.they're supposed to be originally filed.or the majority of applications are.being adjudicated at that service center.so first let's talk about the i-90.application for replacement of permanent.resident card now you know this.application is also what's used to renew.your permanent resident part so if you.lose your permanent resident card or.it's destroyed or something's wrong with.it you would use the i-90 application to.get a replacement if you're ten years.has passed or is coming up then you.would use this application also to renew.so currently at the Potomac service.center at the processing time as you can.see is about eleven to twelve months.however if you scroll down where it.breaks up the different categories for.this application there are different.processing times so you'll see for the.10-year renewal the processing time is.about eleven to twelve months and as you.see on the far right it says that the.receipt date for a case inquiry is June.28 2019 so unless your case was filed.before June 28 2019 you are not able to.submit a case inquiry or a service.request to find out the status of your.case right under you can see that frame.and initial issuance or replacement of.your permanent resident card the.processing time is four and a half.months to 11 and a half months and the.receive date for a case inquiry is July.10th 2019 so as I mentioned previously.unless your case was filed on or before.July 10th you're unable to submit a case.inquiry contact us EAS or submit a.service request to find out the status.of your case since we're on the topic of.green cards I do want to mention this.just because your permanent resident.card expires doesn't mean you're no.longer a permanent resident.you're still a permanent resident you.just don't have a valid document proving.that right so you can't travel if your.green card is expired but at all times.you remain a permanent resident so just.because you have an expired green card.doesn't mean that you lost your.permanent resident status you are still.a permanent resident you just are unable.to travel until you receive the new.Crean card however if you did file the.renewal the receipt notice serves that.purpose as well so the receipt notice.will serve as sort of an extension a.temporary extension of your permanent.resident card so you would use that to.show that you have valid evidence of.your permanent resident status let's.move on to the I 129 F petitions for.alien fiancee now these are the petition.forms that you would use for a k1 visa.or a k3 visa for your spouse so first.let's look at the processing time at the.California service center at the.california service center whether you're.filing for the fiancee or you're filing.for your spouse the processing time is.five to seven months prefer both with.receipt date for case inquiry of.November 19 2019 at the Vermont service.center they have the processing time.posted just for the fiance.classification and that processing time.is twelve and a half months to 16 and a.half months so that's much longer than.what the California service center is.processing them at okay let's look at.the i-130 petition for alien.now I pulled the processing times for.three service centers California.Nebraska and Texas let's look at.California first here they only have the.processing time posted for five.preference categories they do not have.the immediate relative preference.category for a US citizen posted here as.you know immediate relatives are the.spouses parents or children under the.age of 21 of US citizens those are.considered the immediate relatives and.that category is not posted here so.these are for the other preference.categories that you will see on the Visa.Bulletin it's the f1 f2 f3 and f4.categories that are posted here for a.permanent resident filing for their.spouse or child under the age of 21 and.the processing time is nine and a half.to twelve months whereas a US citizen.filing for an unmarried son or daughter.over the age of twenty-one the.processing time is forty five months to.fifty eight and a half months so because.these processing times are so large and.you can't submit a service request for.these preference categories.unfortunately look at the very bottom.the processing time for an i-130 for a.brother or sister of a US citizen is a.hundred and five and a half months to.one hundred thirty-seven months that's a.really really long time those are the.processing times at the California.service center but if we look at the.nebraska service center it seems to be.the opposite the processing time for a.permanent resident filing on behalf of.their spouse or child is actually thirty.four months to forty four and a half.months so they're really backed up for.that preference category in nebraska but.if it's a US citizen filing for a.brother/sister it's only twelve months.to 16 month wait time and if we look at.texas service center it is very similar.to nebraska so for the f2a category it.is thirty five and a half months to.forty six months so that's a really.really long wait time.I do want to point out that the f28.category right now with the Visa.Bulletin is current I will be uploading.very soon a video on the July 20 2010.update but it is current there so what.you should be doing is if you're filing.an i-130 for this preference category.because the processing time is so long.you want to concurrently follow the i-45.adjustment of status for your family.member at the same time because it's.current in the Visa Bulletin and the.processing time here for the i-130 is.really long you don't want to miss out.on your priority they've been current.you don't know what's gonna happen once.this processing time is finished 35.months from now so you want to make sure.you get the adjustment of status locked.in if possible.alright let's quickly look at the i-131.application for travel document at the.texas service center the processing time.is three and a half to five and a half.months but at the National benefit.center it is seven months to nine months.let's say for example you are filing an.i-140 immigrant petition for alien.worker and concurrent adjustment of.status at the texas service center then.your i-131 application for travel.document will be adjudicated by the.texas service center now if your i-140.was already approved or you had already.filed your immigrant petition and now.you are simply filing an adjustment of.status and the application for travel.documents now for advanced parole for.example then it will automatically get.sent to the national benefits center and.the national benefits center is taking.much longer so you're actually better.off filing everything concurrently at.the texas service center for example.then waiting for the immigrant petition.to be approved first and then later.filing the adjustment of status and i.131 separately because of the longer.processing time at the national benefits.center now of course not everybody is.eligible to do that but if you do have.the opportunity to do that then you.really should consider filing everything.currently with that being said let's.talk about the i-140 immigrant petition.for alien worker here you can see that.they break up the processing times for.the different employment based.preference categories so I do want to.point out that extraordinary ability is.taking at the Texas service center is.taking 11 months to 14 and a half months.but remember premium processing came.back so if you're eligible to do premium.processing then definitely go ahead and.submit that because it'll cut your.processing time from 11 months down to.15 days so here's where the benefits of.premium processing come in and obviously.I'm sure USCIS would appreciate the.extra funds seeing is how they are.running out of money and at the nebraska.service center you can see here that the.processing time for each category is.about the same let's talk about the i-45.application to register permanent.residents or adjust status texas service.center is taking about seven and a half.to twenty nine months and then they.break it down by category here with if.it's based on asylum or employment based.applications now here they have seven.and a half months to 29 months because.of that large range as I mentioned you.are unable to submit a service request.unless your application is was received.on or before January 24th 2018 for.example so unfortunately the only people.that have control over that is USCIS.they can typically put whatever.processing time they want online this.changes every month but they also say.that it can change without any notice.and at any moment last one I do want to.mention is the naturalization and 400.when you go to the website and you.search for the processing time they.break it down by each local field office.once you file your and 400 it gets.transferred to the local field office in.your area based on your zip code and.they further process your application so.each local field office has their own.processing time I pulled up Miami for.example because that's where.office is located so Miami Florida.twelve and a half months to 36 months.however don't be fooled I have seen that.currently naturalizations are getting.processed a lot quicker due to the fact.that it is an election year and USCIS is.directing all of their resources to.naturalizations pretty much don't be too.alarmed by the processing time posted on.their website for this specific.application so you pretty much get the.gist of how to check the processing time.for your case on USCIS s website if you.have any questions please go ahead and.let me know down in the comments don't.forget to give this video a thumbs up.that way YouTube knows to spread it.throughout the platform and inform.people of the current updates and.current processing time for UNC is.applications also don't forget to make.sure that you are subscribed with your.post notifications turned on that way.you can be notified each and every time.I upload a new video thank you for.watching and I'll see you in the next.video.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Form 140 2017 2018 online

You must into a adaptable solution to electronic signatures for Form 140 2017 2018 . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Finding, a single online app that does not need any other installation.

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Chrome has been more and more popular as a convenient browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to choose the form that fulfill your need without searching for it in a long time.

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Form 140 2017 2018 FAQs

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