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my name is Jonathan Crowley and I'm the.president and CEO of strategics.management and I want to just give.everyone a warm welcome to our first.access to success listening lab event.hosted by the US Department of Health.and Human Services within the office of.Asda who as a prime contractor for the.access to success events it's been a.huge pleasure just to be able to see.this brand evolve and of course during.this Cova 19 environment it's been a.this is just such a powerful topic for.us at this time and it's a true.testament to the agency's ability to to.pivot and really address some of the.most critical issues taking place from.the beginning when we looked at.rebranding the access to success brand.this agency has really focused on.transforming how they interact with.small businesses and we're so excited to.really be able to bring this event to.you all from your home locations as we.know a lot of people are still remote at.this time one of the powerful things.about the access to success brand the.event series and even the conference's.that you'll experience soon is the.ability to create this real access to.small businesses as a small business one.of the most powerful things in.testimonials that I can provide is that.five years ago we were a very new.business in the federal space and our.very first conference was the Department.of Health and Human Services at that.time back to business conference which.is now access to success but from that.very conference we were able to create.some of the most dynamic business.relationships relationships with.government agencies that have really.truly positioned our company to be an.incredible space now as an 8 a firm and.a HUBZone business and now as the prime.contractor for this access to success.event so it's truly been a.transformational journey.and it is our hope that these events.really bring that same level of.transformation to your businesses this.session will be Co moderated by two.speakers the first will be Linda waters.and the second will be Barbara Bigelow.Linda has more than 30 years of.experience within the federal government.as the deputy director for.administration and programs and also as.the national outreach director within.the office of small and disadvantaged.business utilization out of HHS miss.waters is responsible for executing.strategy sustaining high internal and.external partners strengthening.relationships with the AHS Daboo and the.small business community and also.supporting all of their resource.partners and stakeholders who truly.contribute to the small business success.miss waters also manages the development.and implementation of appropriate.outreach programs aimed at heightening.the awareness of smoke of the small.business community by contracting by.finding contracting opportunities.available at the department and.throughout the nation ladies and.gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce.you to Linda waters thank you all right.thank you.thank you Thank You mr. Jonathan anyway.good afternoon virtual audience I'm.excited and I hope all you are out there.are excited I am Linda waters we are.excited that you're able to join us this.afternoon we're introducing for the.first time our virtual listing land in a.continued effort to support small.business initiatives so kovat 19 global.pandemic has been very challenging and.although we hosted on-site conferences.that were canceled the listening labs.for our effort to continue to support.small business initiatives now I'd like.to introduce our co-moderator miss.Barbara Bigelow Barbara Bigelow has over.29 years of experience across the.federal government's spectrum with nine.states Department of Transportation.National Transportation Safety Board.the Small Business Administration Miss.Big Oil is currently responsible for.oversight of multiple contracts and.special projects in addition to the two.the contracting officer representative.for the access to success small business.conference she is a strong advocate for.small businesses mrs. Bigelow supports.the development of small businesses and.government procurement ladies and just.Barbara Bigelow welcome everyone.Thank You Linda for such a warm.introduction I am Barbara Bigelow and.again I like to welcome each of you to.this exciting event today so what is.access to success a to s as we also call.it a to s is the newly launched outreach.initiative for fiscal year 2020 it comes.off the heels of what some of you may be.familiar with getting back to business.b2b HHS Ola sebu are always looking for.better ways that we can assist the small.business community and a2s does just.that by allowing small businesses to.effectively market their products and.services to the federal government which.affords them real access to real.business opportunities especially in.this season with such challenges as.covet 19 we want you to know as an.advocate of small business small.businesses we are keeping you to the.forefront temporarily cancelling our.on-site event and keeping safety in mind.for all of our small businesses noting.that our on-site events will resume as.soon as it's safe to do so.we are continuing our commitment to our.small business initiatives with creating.new and innovative outreach forums as.this the listening lab this is a direct.response of your feedback the small.businesses a.shonali the listening lab will assist.small businesses and finding financial.resources and business opportunities.despite the results of this unexpected.and tragic pandemic so let's get started.it is an honor to introduce the acting.director of the small and disadvantaged.business utilization ah Cebu of the.Department of Health and Human Services.dr. Michelle Street doctor Street joined.the department in April of 2016.prior to joining hasta boo doctor Street.was the lead procurement analyst at the.National Institutes of Health NIH.information technology and acquisition.and assessment center dr. Street is.currently responsible for compliance.with Small Business Administration SBA.reporting requirements ensuring the.proper and execution of small business.programs and overall program and project.management ladies and gentlemen welcome.doctor Street Thank You Barbara and.thank you for having me join this event.today so just wanted to start good.afternoon everyone I'd like to start.both by thank you mr. David - sure who's.the deputy assistant secretary for.acquisitions he's also the senior.procurement executive and he.continuously supports the HHS small.business program he was looking forward.to addressing the participant.participants today but since his regret.says he had an unexpected problem he had.to handle today so I'm gonna jump right.in so for those of you who don't know.and my understanding is the audience is.largely small businesses but in order to.do business with 80 HHS you need to.understand how we'll organize so HHS is.organized around ten regional offices.that directly serve state and local.organizations and each region is led by.a president and a point of regional.within these ten regions we have about.85,000 employees in terms of our.contracting that supports the mission.execution of these 85,000 employees.across these ten regions we have 11.heads of contracting 10 two of which.have joined us today and the last count.I had we we have about 50 contracting.offices that speaks to have.decentralized.the buying is at HHS so it's very.important for small businesses looking.to do business with HHS understand where.they want to target their opportunities.as impossible we have seven small.business specialists that support this.effort and we are a small but mighty.crew of small business specialists and.in industry advocate however when you.want to do business with HHS in contact.the AHS abbu we have a lot of best.practices that we'd like to share with.you and we will do so in other other.venues so HHS obligates about one point.trillion dollars or at least that's.about what it was last year every year.and a lot of people are surprised by.that number.so about women a half trillion of that.is in grants and subsidies I give you.that but we still do over 25 billion.dollars a year in contracts this is I.think the third highest at this point.out of the the big the big seven.agencies in the federal government.I think we're third behind Department of.Defense Department of Energy and of that.25 billion we have about five to six.that go to small business so you see as.a small business you're looking at.competing for on average about four and.a half to five percent o.HHS is total obligation which shows why.you need to target even further when it.comes to the federal response to Kovan.19 HHS is.hands on deck right now so in addition.to working with our federal partners we.are working together with state local.and tribal governments public health.officials health care providers.researchers and the private sector to.execute the response to the coding 19.pandemic for example at the CDC in.addition to education and outreach to.help communities plan and respond to the.health crisis they continue to work with.healthcare professionals and health.department with key resources such as.contact tracing and collecting data and.providing tools to standardize and.approach to reported coded cases the NIH.continues a tradition of groundbreaking.research in the kovat era in addition to.initiatives to improve testing the NIH.is working collaboratively with the.scientific community and sharing their.data efforts in hopes of accelerating.covent 19 therapeutic interventions and.vaccines and among many other activities.the FDA has been working to facilitate.the development and availability of.medical products and equipment for.patients physicians and health care.system through the use of emergency use.authorization so these medical products.can be made available as quickly and.safely as possible and today you're.going to hear from the heads of.contracting at asper asker is the office.responsible for the strategic national.stockpile program which includes PPE and.the Indian Health Services who work.closely with their tribal partners these.three examples are small stamp sampling.of the steps HHS is taking to help not.only our country but the world respond.to this national health crisis but that.said I'll close with a reminder to the.small businesses on the line today that.the HHS I salute is a great resource for.small businesses wanting to do business.with HHS I encourage all small.businesses listening to me today to go.to our website at hasta booth at HHS.to create a profile and upload your.capability statement that will become.searchable for HHS program and contract.in officials for more information or.assistance please do not hesitate to.contact the odds new customer care.center at SB mail at HHS gov and finally.I'd like to thank all of our panelists.for joining us today I know you folks.are very busy these days so we really.appreciate you sharing your valuable.time with us I'd like to thank the Osmo.outreach team under the leadership of.Linda waters for putting together this.event as of this morning I believe.Barbara told me there were over 2,000.people registered so that's amazing I.think that's a tremendous accomplishment.and last but not least I like to thank.the participants for joining us today.thank you Thank You Michelle for taking.that time to share with us today it is.evidence how impact for our small.businesses are in this intricate part of.our in the intricate part of our economy.as we continue our next speaker is.Skyler Eldridge mr. Eldridge have been.actively involved for over 28 years in.federal acquisitions mr. Eldridge is.highly skilled in negotiations.government acquisitions and assist.assistance emergency management finance.human capital and leadership within the.cabinet level agency mr. eldred's.have achieved extensive experience.working across various government.divisions to achieve departmental.strategic goals ladies and gentlemen.Skyler Eldridge.hello can everyone hear me I'm the young.scholar to Eldridge and I'm the head of.the contracting activity for the.assistant secretary for preparedness and.response just a little bit of background.the asper mission is to save lives and.protect Americans from 21st century.health security threats and to say the.least.Cobra in nineteen is a health security.threat within my activity I have two big.acquisition and grant divisions I have.the biomedical Advanced Research and.Development Authority better known as.Sparta which is a seventy billion dollar.contract portfolio I also have the.office of resource management with.aspera headquarters contracting which is.responsible for the response those.contracts you might be familiar with.when at the beginning of the Cova.response we had the ship's dock and they.had Americans and we.got all the Americans off of the ships.and got him into bases across the.country that was our contracts those.were the shops that that run that and I.also had the strategic national.stockpile that doctor Street spoke about.a seven billion dollar program which is.responsible for stockpiling medical.countermeasures for deployment and more.specifically as of late PPE personal.protective equipment which includes the.big five and 95 mass surgical masks.gloves gowns face shields they also.responsible for the procurement of the.ventilators we've bought over two.hundred thousand ventilators and.backtracking just a little bit about.Barda they currently are working on.operation warp speed they're at the.frontline on operation warp speed which.is the advanced development of the.vaccines and therapeutics so we've been.busy with kovin 19 we're busy normally.but we're at the forefront of the.response and what I wanted to talk to.you about today is some opportunities.and present some some possibilities for.Yuda.to engage with the aspirin and how you.gonna do business with the Astra during.this pandemic next slide so this slide.here just kind of outlines the top ten.prime contractors as of last week and.these are very large procurements if you.look they're hundreds of millions of.dollars and the first four first one two.three four are both phillips is our.ventilator contractor emergent is one of.our manufacturing nona Barda.Janssen which is Johnson & Johnson is.developing a covert vaccine the reason.why this is an important slide for you.to understand is there are subcontract.opportunities here for you these large.companies have a requirement under the.Federal Acquisition regulation to.subcontract a portion of that work so.there's an opportunity there for you to.reach out if you have relationships with.their purchasing and/or their.contracting shops and if you don't then.you should certainly attempt to get in.contact with them next slide.this slide also lists the top ten.contractors that we've.provided prime contracts to today the.list is a little bit different than the.previous list it added Zoll medical as.well as Astra Zeneca as well as General.Motors next slide.and this is what's important to you.these are the nice codes for these.industries that we provided all these.awards to.and as you can see medical dental and.hospital equipment surgical and medical.instruments pharmaceuticals to tell you.what the driver is with regard to how we.select.principal - this response delivery if.you can deliver.if you meet our technical requirements.and you can meet our delivery schedule.then we seek all sources.we're not picky in that regard as long.as you meet our technical requirements.and you're able to deliver then the.asper will engage and will award.contracts so we don't want you to think.that we're just looking at large.businesses we also do a lot of work to.to small businesses next slide please.past prime contractors that is and these.are additional next codes and the top.ten codes so far that we've awarded.contracts to next slide now here's a way.for you to engage in the aspirin.places that you can see our.advertisements and where we go.to seek our sources the barter broad.agency announcement and there's a.website there we also have the drive EC.broad a easy I'm sorry broad agency.announcement and then we have the ask.for next Friday gence the announcement.if you go to those web sites you will.see what those requirements are remember.the government as always about.requirements we also use the government.point of entry previously which was.FedBizOpps beta Sam and a word of advice.I know you get this advice all the time.you need to be registered and beta Sam.and we also accept unsolicited proposals.and if you intend on providing an.unsolicited proposal or submitting an.unsolicited proposal please reference.far 15.6 it gives you all of the.directions and on how to put that.proposal together next slide please.we also have other opportunities for you.to get information from us we have.barter industry day it's an annual.two-day event given that covetous is is.around it's typically in the fall and.it's typically in the October November.time frame I know that we have put.together a barter industry day this year.I'm not sure we're going to have to go.to a format like this but there's a.website there for you to get updates we.also have barter tech watch meetings.which you can register and you can.present your capabilities to barter they.have very specific guidelines as well.and there's a web page for that next.page next slide please.there's also the the small business.mentor Protege program I'm sure that you.are aware and if you're not then you can.certainly go to the SBA website listed.here and get some additional information.these are all opportunities for you to.engage not only with the a spur but.engage across the federal government.next slide please.or is that my last slide that's your.last slide okay thank you thanks for the.opportunity.thank you doctor Street as well as the.Ozzy boo office Barbara and Linda.greatly appreciate this opportunity and.I hope that I've been helpful to.everyone and please remember stay safe.wear a mask wash your hands and good.luck out there.Thank You Skyler that was great.I think this information is definitely.going to be helpful to our virtual.audience and I know there was a couple.of questions and I just want to just I'm.gonna probably say this throughout the.presentations this this is this is a.recorded session and you'll be able to.find the recording length of the website.including the PowerPoint presentations.will be on the website and we will.provide that information again to you at.the end of the presentation so be.patient so but that being said I would.like to I would less that so let's.continue I would now like to introduce.Santiago our Marez mr. our Marez is an.enrolled member of the San Carlos Apache.Tribe.he is the acting director of the office.of management services for the Indian.Health Services providing leadership and.advisory services to the IHS director.concentrated areas are grants.acquisition management policy regulatory.affairs asset management and.administrative / emergency services the.IHS in a sea within the Department of.Health and Human Services is the.principle that will help care advocate.and provide of Health Care Services of.American Indian and Alaska native ladies.and gentlemen please present.please welcome Santiago Armas.Thank You Linda first off I want to.thank the HHS office of small business.disadvantaged business utilization for.inviting me today to allow to speak to.you all today just wanted to also that.look that previous slide I wanted also.identified that there there is a acting.director Ken Truesdale who was the the.actual office of execution EP oversees.all the acquisitions throughout IHS of.course I am the HCA but I'm also acting.in another capacity but mr. Truesdale.you can contact myself for mr. Truesdale.for any questions today in regards to.the information provided and gar and.also into any future contract.opportunities next slide next slide.please ok I wanted to quickly share the.IHS mission today for those on the call.that may not fully be aware to raise a.physical mental social and spiritual.health of American Indians and Alaska.Natives to the highest level this.mission is very unique and it speaks.close to my heart because I have many.family and friends that utilize and rely.on these health services provided next.slide in support of the mission.IHS has identified the below priorities.to maintain continued and further.commitment to tribal and urban Indian.Health Program partnerships this is to.improve the quality of access to care in.my tenure as the IHS head of content.activity I've promoted IHS contract.activities to be transparent fair and.accountable additionally to ensure.inclusiveness of all small business.contract opportunities to account for.Indian small business economic.enterprises which I'll talk to more in.next slides next slide.as Michelle.identified earlier many HHS agencies are.somewhat decentralized IHS of course is.one of them with the majority of its.workforce operating out of 12 area.offices located throughout the u.s. in.addition to the twelve area offices.there are about 170 IHS and tribal.managed service units and clinics I.operated out of the IHS headquarters.office located in Rockville Maryland.which is the division of action policy.and I'll provide more addition.information on my office the next couple.of slides next slide this slide gives.you a view of the twelve area offices.located across the US each office.identified has a contracting office.which awards and administers commercial.contract opportunities from that.particular area next slide so provided.here is the division of acquisition.policy mission maximizing strategies to.maintain and improve the effectiveness.and efficiency of the overall IHS action.processes and also to promote.collaboration with contractors by my.maintaining transparency were allowable.of course next slide so here's a better.picture of how is a quiz is structured.throughout as mentioned I work out of.the headquarters office in Rockville.with a staff of about six contract.specialists that handle IHS policy.oversight and contract execution actions.for local headquarters and agency wide.procurements and of course there are.twelve area offices each has an assigned.chief of contracting officer that.provides area contracting oversight to.include service units and clinics within.that area another piece of the.contracting structure within IHS is also.the division of engineering services and.this is these two offices are located.out of Dallas and Seattle these two.contracting offices.support all IHS construction contract.activities to include architecture and.engineering services for contract.opportunities above 150,000 dollars next.slide and so doing business with the IHS.of course we do have what some of you.may know us as the by Indian Act IHS via.the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the.Transfer Act allows for IHS to set-aside.contract opportunities to Indian small.business economic enterprises in doing.so we also provide and working with the.AHS Daboo we also provide for.opportunities to small business as well.next slide here's the list of goods and.services IHS pkers on a normal basis and.with the recent coated 19 pandemic.specific categories of course in the.medical field have increased and we have.seen enough intake of course PPE and.contact tracing type services next slide.so with the by Indian Act HHS currently.has acquisition regulations in place.that support the by Indian Act which.provides for IHS to set aside.procurement opportunities IHS is.currently in coordination working.Carnation with HHS of final to finalize.formal rulemaking process and update the.HHS regulations to support how IHS will.comply report and train under the by.Indian Act once this rule is finalized I.just will begin and finalizing it's a.chess manual directive which will.identify and support IHS process.procedures internal to IHS listed here.is our the eligibility requirements for.Native owned businesses to participate.in IHS set-aside contract opportunities.next slide for a specific contract.opportunity after reviewing and.determining use of the far required.sources such as agency inventory federal.prison industries AbilityOne or.wholesale Federal Supply schedules i HS.will then seek for possible in small.business economic enterprises of course.we have that two or more rule as well.that if if there are two or more.possible is B's that of course that.gives us in a termination to move.forward with setting aside under the buy.Indian Act IHS also utilizes the GSA.federal supply in G wax in addition to.also obtaining goods and services via.sits at acquisitions through the federal.other federal agencies this is a slide.here that identifies uh I'm sorry you.can go back to once the person yes thank.you that this slide is just an overview.of the nineteen of our overall goals.final goals for nineteen as you can see.for the first time in IHS history we.obligated over a billion dollars in.commercial contracts of course we we.were close to our our goal but didn't.quite meet it but still that is a good.goal for us in terms of by Indian.obligations we were about thirty five.million.thirty six million for FY nineteen that.we set aside for eighteen other.businesses next slide and as of June.fifteenth we we are are pretty close.were on target for meeting our goals.this year as well we're about halfway to.a billion dollars with two hundred and.thirty two million dollars already.awarded to small businesses and so far.as of this date right now we have about.12 almost 13 million dollars that have.been awarded and set aside for by Indian.contractors thanks like.so here is a quick short list of future.forecasted procurements with IHS that I.wanted to share with you all unless I.mentioned before on the beginning of the.presentation that you may contact myself.or mr. Ken Truesdale for any of these.contract opportunities or any future.opportunities that you may see via the.beta dot Sam which is formerly biz ops.site and so I want to thank you all for.inviting me today to speak stay safe.I have a great rest of the day and enjoy.the rest of the presentation thank you.Thank You Santiago I hope you all have.been grass laying all that it's coming.across from these great speakers and.especially with Santiago focusing on.they by Indian Act such great.information shared and hoping you are.jotting things down as we were.proceeding through the agenda today this.brings us to another exciting moment and.that is to introduce our next speaker.which I know personally we have worked.together over the years during my tenure.at SBA in addition he has always.provided his support to HHS outreach.events I am proud to introduce Antonio.Dawes mr. das was appointed a district.director of Washington Metropolitan Area.District Office of the United States.Small Business Administration in.December of 2013.mr. das and his team provides technical.assistance to the Small Business.Administration largest portfolio of.firms participating in business.development programs among the.Washington Metropolitan Area District.Office accomplishments is this the.issuance of more than 6 billion and.contract offer letters annually ladies.and gentlemen welcome.Antonio das well good afternoon to.everyone it's great to be able to.participate again this year and it's a.new set up this year right we're doing.these virtually and so I'm glad that.somebody will be able to join in and.participate so we'll I'll share some.information with you I'm really going to.focus on a couple different like major.pay pieces one is about change as we're.really talking about coping with covin.19 and how do you really manage and deal.with these things I know there's some.interest in financing and getting.resources for contract opportunities and.that's of course really really important.and then thirdly I want to touch base on.some of the resources so looking at this.you know this title you're hoping with.Cove at 19 well one of the things that.really kind of jumped out at me was a.statement that I think a lot of the.Marines often use and it is there by.chance any Marines online most likely.there are but the whole idea of.improvise adapt and overcome you know.sort of a mantra that exists within the.Marine Corps and it's one of those.things that I think is pertinent also to.any business particularly a small.business right now in this environment.so we're in this whole change.environment where things are very.different now in so many ways and what.they were before and you hear people.talk about the new normal and how are we.been adjust to this new normal and.there's some apprehension to it because.a lot of it is uncertainty it is.uncertainty around the duration of this.new environment that we're going to be.in and what the lasting changes are.going to be the people who really will.be successful will be the ones who think.about this in a proactive way and they.find a way to make this new normal a.better normal than it was before and.that's part of what the typical.ingenuity is of small business owners is.to find a way or make a way to whichever.solution point that you need to drive.your your businesses as the leader of.the business and so you know.the things we know we talked about is.that you know physically the place of.where we do our work and I've talked a.number of small businesses and our.region in the Washington Metropolitan.Area and you know one of the things that.jumped out at me was a little bit.interesting with the fact that they.can't go necessarily to the behind.activities place of business they can't.get into a lot of the federal agency.locations because many of those persons.are on telework but what they found out.is that they've been able to extend.their day in terms of efficiency to a.pretty great extent I've talked to.business owners who said I'm doing six.seven eight meetings a day because guess.what I'm not spending time in a car I'm.not spending time trying to find parking.I'm not spending time getting there.my switch from one meeting to the next.is literally you know you hang up the.phone or you hang up the from the the.webcam or the webinar whatever you might.be on and you switch into an another one.so there has been some definite.productivity enhancements that have.happened related to that I think that's.one of the surprises of the new era.another one I know a lot of business.owners are looking at is around cost.expenditures and leasing and so you know.for so many of us it's always been about.we need this particular type of place to.physically have our business and to work.I know many started off in a place like.I am right now you know at my house but.at some point been Chertoff into more.accommodating space for the needs that.you had sometimes even luxurious space.for the needs that you get and now the.question is well how much that lease.expense you really need to incur and is.that one of the adjustments that a.business owner might might think about.there's a lot of other things that I.want to just touch on just briefly at.least one is about concentration of your.contract risk so for businesses that are.fully all-in on government contracting.you know a year or so ago about a year.and a half we run a federal government.shutdown you might have been thinking.well maybe this is not the best.yeah my my all my eggs are in that.basket with the federal government and.if my agency happened to be one of those.ones that was in a lapse of funding then.my bill to get contracts it becomes a.challenge you know environments like.we're gonna now give us a ripe.opportunity to say what adjustments.should I be really thinking about how.should I evaluate my particular business.model so that I can do the things that.are best for my business to be a strong.sustaining business the challenge of.course comes is you didn't get a lot of.warning that this new environment was.going to be front and center before it.happened so most people were trying to.think through how do i how do I manage.to just navigate today tomorrow next.week's payroll let alone get to the next.step so in terms of strategically.refocusing something but if you haven't.taken those those moments to get in that.it's a Stephen Covey quadrant where.you're working on things that are not.urgent but they're important that's.where you need to spend some time as a.business owner now to make sure you're.driving your organization in the best.direction to sustain itself and be.successful and that's not necessarily.easy to do so it's going to take some.some time and some things that consider.and even the adjustments just in terms.of talked earlier about leveraging the.time and efficiency now it's a challenge.for a lot of people how do I build.relationships that I normally might have.built by sharing a coffee cooler station.at a conference and now maybe I don't.have that ability to do it because we're.online and I can't see who's at the.coffee station at the same time I am but.there are more and more developments.happening with our technology more and.more of the partners that we work with.are using webinars in ways so that there.can be some of that that that sharing of.information typically it's at a regional.level that it happens but you now also.have the ability to participate in.sessions.like this that may have only been in.certain geographic locations physically.but now you can be all over the whole.country in a territory of the u.s..anywhere and still join in so there are.a lot of advantages to this environment.but some challenges also one of the real.big challenges for a lot of businesses.have been the funding and and being able.to have cover their payroll of course.there's probably a lot of you aware of.the paycheck protection program which.has been a lifeblood for a lot of.businesses to be able to get money to.keep their payroll going we're still in.the process of actually awarding those.dollars we actually anticipated that we.were done about a week ago but actually.Congress came back in the White House.President signed into law an extension.so we can still do paycheck protection.programs loans so if you're a business.owner that needs cash to help pay your.payroll those dollars they still exist.and and you can work with your local.lender or even a regional lender or an.online lender to be able to get those.functions for your businesses likewise.we're much more active now on our.economic injury disaster loans which can.be used for payroll but it's more in.general for your working capital needs.but to help you because you've been.affected by the current situation as a.business owner so those are in place now.I know for some of you you're really.really happy because there's this.situation has created great.opportunities for you and you've been.able to advance those opportunities.you're getting new contracts now you.have to get financing for those new.contracts SBA loan programs are still in.place for growth and expansion and one.of the really cool things that's come.out of this cares Act which is also the.place where the paycheck protection.program came from is the small business.debt relief program it's one of the.least known components of what came out.of it but the small business debt relief.program essentially means this if you're.in the mode of growing and expanding.maybe you've got a new contract you need.a working capital.maybe you've got some new contract that.you need some equipment you can purchase.that you can finance that with an SBA.loan you work through your local lender.to do it and SBA will cover ie will pay.the first six monthly payments of.principal interest and fees for your.loan so you need money you can get an.SBA loan for growth and expansion we got.you covered for the first six months of.your payments I've never seen us do that.before so that's a tremendous piece of.value that's out there for businesses.who do need to get more access to.capital and so that's one of the things.that we definitely have in place in the.last couple quick minutes that I have I.just want to also just emphasize the.resource support that is here to help.with you our Small Business.Administration website SBA sba.gov has a.ton of information on it always I say.you're welcome to go there we have also.through our website we have 7j program.training 7j is just the location in the.small business act that references this.education it's per socially an economic.disadvantaged businesses HUBZone firms.or fellows will participate but there's.free online training that you can take.advantage of there and someone that is.very specific to the Kogan environment.right now beyond that we have a slew of.resource partners we have small business.development centers small business.development centers are located in.pretty much every nook and cranny of.this entire country plus they're in all.the territories so whether you're in.Guam or Puerto Rico there's a small.business development center there our.score program offices which provide.great mentorship by individuals who are.business savvy who run businesses who.have been part of bigger organizations.and want to give back those folks are.available we have also our women's.business centers and our veterans.business Outreach Center and although.the procurement Technical Assistance.Center or P Tech is not officially an.SBA partner.we kind of wrap our arms around them and.I guess they kind of figuratively do the.same with us and we all are there to.accomplish a similar mission which is to.help elevate the entrepreneurial acumen.the business smarts of business owners.who are trying to run their businesses.as successfully as possible unlike any.other time where normally you have.something that you're kind of expecting.you kind of know what to handle what's.coming down you have a good sense of how.to handle it the kovat environment is.been just crazy it may made everybody.look at a lot of things really really.different.it's the perfect time to leverage free.individualized one-on-one business.coaching mentoring support that are.available through those groups I just.mentioned you don't have to go to loan.you don't have to think through and make.every decision by yourself it's almost.impossible to do it as well as you could.if you get some support and advice from.a advisory group whose position.specifically and an exist in purpose.purposefully to support you and help you.and those types of things so I think I'm.probably about past my time so I will.stop for now and I know we'll have a Q&A.session so I look forward to.participating more during this program a.little bit later during the Q&A time and.again thanks to all my great colleagues.at HHS for again inviting SBA to.participate and again our district.office covers the Washington.Metropolitan Area but we've got one in.every state in every major market across.this country to support you locally.thank you thank you and Tony oh wow have.never failed you yet I must tell you you.always bring a vast array of information.to the table for small businesses and I.to have known you for years and you get.better and better over the times so I.thank you again Antonio for bringing.this information to my to the virtual.audience I'm hoping that you all are.still ready for more so now I would like.to introduce Tony Ortiz mr. Ortiz joined.the Federal Aviation Administration FAA.in August 2001 mr. Ortiz serves as an.advocate and liaison for the FAA small.business development program group.eastern service area in Atlanta Georgia.mr. Ortiz oversees the southern eastern.New England services area for me.chairman assisting systems supporting.small businesses and has an extensive.background in acquisition property.security facility management and setting.annual direct contract and.subcontracting goals for small.businesses ladies and gentlemen please.welcome.Tony Ortiz thank you.HSS for putting this on this is my fifth.zoom event that I've been on in the last.several months I've actually been one of.the essential employees for FAA during.this covert 19 pandemic that we've been.going through I've been working since.March very long hours into the weekends.this and that to assist our agency to in.providing medical supplies and services.that being said a lot of the small.businesses have reinvented themselves.and they're starting to produce things.as far as you know sanitizers masks and.all types of services for disinfecting.you know buildings or what's whatever.I've actually found over a thousand.small vendors that actually provide.medical supplies and services not only.to my agency but also to you know with.the assistance of GSA CDC VA and SBA you.know would have been able to find these.sources these vendors and contractors.I've been very successful as miss water.stated I oversee the Eastern service.area we have three service areas in FAA.and they consist of the eastern which I.oversee which is all the southern.eastern and New England regions to.include Puerto Rico the Virgin Islands.and the Grand Bahamas next slide miss.waters.okay so this is what our our group does.our team does.you know we establish all the policies.and guidances for small business FA why.each year we have major procurement.goals that not only do we meet we exceed.with small business small businesses in.general women-owned businesses small.disadvantaged businesses to include 8a.and service-disabled veteran-owned.businesses I know that I'll probably get.a question how about HUD and you know.Indian reservations this now we also do.award to those entities but we don't.have they're not part of our major.procurement program goals maybe in the.future also we monitor evaluate and.implement a small business program and.I'm one of the strongest advocate in.small businesses I I'm celebrating I.don't know if I to say this or not I'm.celebrating my 49th year working for the.federal government next slide okay as.you can see these are our target goals.for each and s each and every fiscal.year which starts one October and ends.30 September of each year and we target.25 overall 25% toward small businesses.on that 10% that's to include small.disadvantaged businesses and a five.percent towards women-owned and three.percent towards service-disabled.veteran-owned not only does FA meet we.exceed each and every year and let let.me tell you all that we are allowed to.not only do direct.towards non-competitive to a day but.also it's a service-disabled.veteran-owned next slide okay and this.is the reason why I have this slide on.the service-disabled veteran-owned I.know you there's a lot of bets out there.you must be registered with VA as a.service-disabled veteran-owned not only.registered but verified and they'll give.you a verification letter anytime we.have any requirements to service.disabled veteran-owned or do any direct.awards we actually ask for that.verification letter.from the BA next slide ooh this is kind.of small miss waters or Victor you guys.can't make that any bigger.now that's okay okay so all this is is.like a mission statement in our vision.it's it's unable to our mission is FA is.to procure goods and services from the.world's most highly qualified small.businesses and the vision.regarded as the world-class organization.that leads government small business.utilization next slide.okay so I listened to this one speaker I.forgot who he was and I've been.listening very closely to all speakers.they've been doing a great job.he mentioned twelve.I guess service areas that they have in.their agency well hello and the whole.FAA used to have twelve we consolidate a.consolidated down to three ten years ago.Eastern is located in headquartered out.of Atlanta central out of Dallas Fort.Worth and Western out of Seattle I have.the largest area to cover because if you.notice there.it has Puerto Rico it doesn't have the.Virgin Islands but Virgin Islands is.just a boat ride away from Puerto Rico.and then the Grand Bahamas.I actually am based out of Atlanta.Georgia is my office but I work directly.for headquarters MA in Washington DC.that's who I report to next slide okay I.know this is the one you guys been.wanting to see these are the three.things that we buy and in that order.construction is big business NFA in.order to do any type of construction.projects or requirement at FAA you must.have the bonding capability if you have.at least 500k.and above a million-plus.you can do the large projects throughout.FAA services all types of services you.name it we want it and we solicit it and.supplies all types of supplies now as.far as supplies go we do use the GSA.schedule but a lot of its.over-the-counter with a government.Purchase card or credit card and now.since this pandemic Cova at nineteen all.of the purchase card holders have a.capability per day of 25k before I close.out I'd like to let everyone know.especially small business small.businesses very big business FAA and the.federal government continue to stay safe.and be safe thank you No thank you Tony.you the information you know just keeps.flowing in I just want to also.congratulate you on 49 years that is.awesome awesome you really shared some.very good information today and we thank.you for being one of our speakers now.we're actually down to our last speaker.on this afternoon and her name is.chasity Ashe miss Ashe is the lead small.business technical and procurement.analyst for the regional office of small.business utilization southeast Sun Belt.Region four miss Ashe acts acts as a.liaison and a visor for the Regional.Administrator regional commissioners and.acquisition management officials with.regards to the procurement preference.program miss Ashe also serves as a.co-chair for the National Contract.Management Association Atlanta chapter.ladies and gentlemen chasity ash thank.you guys so much I appreciated let's see.I hope everyone can hear me well or see.me well so I represent GSA region for.office of small business oh there I am.Hey so I'm just gonna talk a little bit.keep it quick about GSA and what we have.going on through kovat for GSA it's kind.of been business as normal for us we do.not let me say do medical supply.services or equipment however we did.have two sources alt notices that were.available for kovat 19 related items the.procurement process is being done.through central office which is in DC.which is who I report to I just sit in.Atlanta with Tony some of the items that.we were looking for for Kovac FASS had a.PPE Sources Sought notice for surgical.masks gloves bottles disinfectant wipes.hospital-grade disinfectant cleaners so.that Sources Sought notice is still open.and still available to you again that's.with fast Federal Acquisition services.and just to explain what a lot of people.don't know is the GSA has two different.business lines so we have public.building services and we have Federal.Acquisition services so public building.services of course does our janitorial.our cleaning our grounds leasing.buildings Federal Acquisition services.they do acquisition on behalf of other.federal agencies as well as administer.the GSA Schedule contracts.telecommunications etc so there was two.different sorts of thought notices that.were available to you again fast the.office of general supplies services.which is still open and will.main open so if you need to access that.source of saw notice it's available on.beta exam or I believe you can get that.information from me joint QA or I can.provide you with the email address so I.can send that to you.there was another source of thought.notice for public building services as.far as screening services goes that was.specifically for GSA schedule holders.and VA schedule holders so to explain.that a little further what people don't.know is GSA no longer does the schedules.for the medical supply services or.equipment that is now done through the.Department of Veteran Affairs so if.you're a company that sells any type of.medical supplies equipment services if.you want to become a schedule holder you.would have to go through the Department.of Veteran Affairs not through GSA and.that's about non schedules that they.cover that they can assist you with so.with PBS as far as clinging the.buildings screaming that Sources Sought.notice has closed again it was just the.RFI request for information so I would.say please be on the lookout on the beta.exam or if you are a GSA or be a.schedule holder you can be on ebuy.looking for that information as well.back to GSA as a whole again we are.business as normal.I've been an essential employee we've.been working we've been super busy our.main and bread-and-butter in GSA if you.don't know is construction so we've have.especially in region 4 a lot of.construction projects and just to.explain region 4 covers the 8 southeast.states there's one of me and all 11.regions that we have so instead of being.like Toni and its consolidated to 3 we.still have 11 regions so I sit in.Atlanta and that's the region for.headquarters and it covers the 8.southeast states again GSA is a big fire.for public building services when it.the architects real-estate interior.design you name it that's our bread and.butter and like I explained to you.select fast asleep.it is the GSA schedule etc a lot of our.requirements for GSA what people don't.know can be found on beta sam.gov which.was mentioned earlier at GSA you do not.have to be a schedule holder to provide.products and services to GSA I know.that's a myth so you want to kind of.counteract that myth you do not have to.be a GSA Schedule holder to do business.with us if you are great if you aren't.that's great as well so you can find.again a lot of our requirements on beta.Sam gov we also like to talk about our.new forecast tool GSA has a new forecast.tool an acquisition gateway if you.haven't heard about it it's actually a.living document so that means that.document is stated updated once a month.sometimes twice a month on that website.you can find all of our upcoming.procurement opportunities before they.hit the street and it also takes you.through the whole procurement phase so.it'll let you know if we're in the.acquisition planning phase we're.drafting a solicitation if the.solicitation has been issued it will.tell you the solicitation it's been.issued it'll tell you where it's at.there'll be a link to where it's been.issued there's also information on what.quarter we plan on doing it in it also.tells you and this is the greatest thing.that we think here in GSA that's.available to small businesses and to the.vendor community is it tells you who the.contracting officer is who's been.assigned that project before the.project's been issued on beta dot Sam or.ebuy so you have the opportunity if it's.in the drafting acquisition planning it.fits.and the solicitation issued phase you.can definitely at that point contact the.contracting officer directly send them.your capability statement let them know.that you found this requirement on our.forecast school and that you're.interested in getting more information.or just putting yourself ahead of the.game before the solicitation comes out.what we ask is that you actually pay.attention to the forecast school because.if it's in the evaluation stage that's.not the time to contract the contracting.officer if it's been awarded that's not.the time to contract the contracting.officer and say that you're interested.in this requirement as the requirement.has already been awarded or when it's in.the evaluation stage we can't have.conversations with you at that point.because the opportunities they missed so.that tool our new forecast tool is a.great pool the POC is actually the.contracting officer it will list the.small business specialists for that.particular requirement what we do ask is.that you reach out to the CEO first your.contracting officer let them know hey I.found this on acquisition gateway or.your forecast school I'm interested if.you don't hear from them at that point.then we suggest that you contact our.office the office of small business and.again someone and one of the 11 regions.will be able to assist you and it gives.our name and phone number but your first.point of contact should be the POC who's.the contracting officer again if you.have any additional questions for me you.can find those on our website of gsa.gov.forward slash small dash business on our.website we have 24 hours training we.have a youtube channel gsa now has an.interact so if you're interested in.anything as far as Oasis or a lion and.or what's going on with schedules with.the consolidation you can actually go to.the gsa interact page and you can.interact with the community and the.community is led by contracting officers.so you can see the latest and greatest.you can see their blogs you can see.events so that's a new pool that's.available to you being gsa we also have.gsa.gov for slash events so if you're.looking for any of our events which are.now virtual like this one you can find.those as well at gsa.gov /e bibs.so any of our training if you need.training on oasis.Alliant 8 a stars if using me training.on how to use our forecastle and that is.also available to you as well I know.next we're gonna have a little Q&A.session so I just want to say thank you.Miss Porter's it's always great to work.with you your team your staff you guys.are always wonderful and GSA is here to.help when we can so I will pass it back.along to you guys all right Thank You.chasity I have to take a minute to.spotlight GSA because they have been a.strong strong small business advocate of.ours for our outreach program since 2013.since I've been there not only that.whenever I call on GSA they do not.hesitate to support support if I out.reaching this to this anywhere we go.throughout throughout the country so.again chassis I want to thank you and.thank you GSA for the informative.presentation now we're going to proceed.with our question and answer panel of.presenters I would like all of the.presenters to please unmute their audio.and place your video or your picture ok.so please unmute yourselves all my.presenters I meet yourselves ok so the.first pre-selected question is going to.be is going to be asked of sky.you're the lucky one you got you receive.the bonus today Barbara Bigelow and I we.want to alternate asked me like two.questions for you presenters so the.first question I have here is what a.what a ways is a what a ways that a.small business and position itself to.support Apple it 19 what a ways they can.position what are some ways a small.business can position itself to support.as for doing Kovac 19 we provided a list.of places that we solicit and put our.requirements out and one way you can.position yourself is to go to those.websites to take advantage of those.listed opportunities and provide us with.your capability statement one of the.things that I always advise small.businesses to do with the capability.statement is to speak directly to the.requirement don't just have a packed set.or a capability statement that you just.hand out to everyone it's more important.to us for you to speak directly to our.requirement and that way we know what.you're capable of doing and you stand a.better chance of rising to the top.because typically we look at technical.as a strong suit given the fact that.we're very special with what we buy.we don't just five regular n95 masks.just because it says that 95 we have.requirements to have to meet very.specific specs as well as the other.commodities that we buy so that's one.sure way to position yourself to at.least be identified as a possible source.for us thank you for that and just to.piggyback off that also suppose I'm a.small business and I have something that.I think that you may be that maid.service or.interest to aspirin and I think.sometimes we call unsolicited proposals.correct you guys have a way to you or.provide information to you or what I.have offer ya just like we listed in the.slides if you utilize for 15.6 I believe.and put your unsolicited proposal.together we do have a portal for you to.submit one and we also have other.opportunities like our tech watch.program for you to come in and present.what you're capable of doing certainly.certainly.I just want to thank Skyler and also we.doing a survey we will be sitting out.we'll have opportunity in a sense for.you to pose your questions additional.questions but even the additional.information where you can submit to our.panelists and but Skyler I also wanted.you to touch a little bit before I move.on to another panelist I with regards to.those the delivery you spoke a moment I.think ago when we was having a.discussion with you know delivery of.services and goods.can you speak a moment to that I'll give.you an example we might need a couple of.million mass to be delivered right away.just somewhere in one of the states and.if you're a small business and you just.happen to be a distributor and you're.capable of meeting that requirement that.we will contract with you like I said.we're not very discerning when it comes.to the ability to meet our requirements.I'm not picky and saying oh we only want.to deal with the big big prime.contractors we are always seeking.sources that are available that can meet.our requirements that's our primary goal.so we go the whole spectrum do we always.go to small businesses of course we go.first.small businesses however given our niche.and given our mission space we have to.go where we can go to meet public health.safety and security needs Thank You.Scylla thank you is there anyone else.that would like to speak on this and.someone else.chastity Tony can you repeat the.question certainly we were talking about.delivery of services and goods and.especially during this time of Kovac 19.we know that is time constraints but.that's what the Scylla was just.addressing with regards to a spur what.would they like to know with regards to.like the the delivery aspect for for FAA.okay sorry about that.though in the beginning most vendors and.contractors were telling us their.delivery their ETA was anywhere between.15 to 45 to 60 days in the beginning.when all this came out FAA is kind of.looking at between 7 to 10 days no more.than 30 days but I'm gonna tell you what.we've done now our agency is if they can.get it quicker the thing that is driving.the train is the quantity.the more the quantity the lesser the.delivery the less the quantity the it.seems like the deliveries the lead time.is longer but our agency what what we.have done if they can get it to us.sooner we're doing a turnaround time as.far as prager and progress payments.that's five days you can't beat that.with a stick and so we GSA just to chime.in with that once you fill out the.source of softener notice they are.contacting you daily sending your email.daily to say hey what is your status how.soon can you provide this so once you.fill out our sources all notice there is.a daily communication for you to refill.out the information to see how quick you.can get it not necessarily that we.needed at that moment but I believe the.turnaround they're looking for.especially for us is probably going to.be mask and hand sanitizers it's about.five days for a turnaround time delivery.but again we are communicating there's.the daily email that comes out to you.that says hey we're just checking in to.see if you can still provide this to us.and what day and time can you do it.that's good that's good Thank You.chastity Santiago you were speaking you.know a lot with the by Indian Act but.you know do you have to be a Native.American to work or you know supply.services and goods to IHS no ma'am you.do not have to to be Native American to.to perform services but you do have to.have certain you have to have your.company has to have certain eligibility.requirements that as mentioned are.identified on the slides to have at.least 51% ownership and and also have.51% operations by a Native American of.course that's fairly recognized within.the Department of Interior berating.Affairs we we have unlike VA we are.working towards our certification right.now there is no certification process.that we have similar to VA that's.something that we're looking at and as I.mentioned with our finalization of the.rule rule for the his-- ours which is.the HHS Acquisition regulations we were.looking at specific possible options and.how we can move forward to ensure that.when Native American companies come.forward that we have a way to certify.that of course they meet all the.criteria yes Antonio.SBA relief programs for small business.that impacted by Kovac 19 you know a lot.of the ones I talked about earlier as.matter of fact are and I didn't talk.about our micro loan program at all and.so I know for some borrowers you've got.situations with your credit that you.might have had before that may limit.your success with a traditional bank or.lender in terms of been able to get the.credit amount that you want to get.approved a lot of times our micro.lenders are looking at things a little.bit different they don't have quite the.same stringent requirements that the.banks do it doesn't mean that if your.credit score is you know negative 50.that they're going to get a loan from.the micro lender either you're going to.still have those challenges but it's an.option that's available and also a lot.of the micro lenders will in addition to.helping you in financing they will help.you with your your business strategy and.help coach and guide you as well so it's.kind of one of those things that's a.little less known about a micro loan.program and again we've got micro.lenders pretty much all across the.country so if you go to our SBA website.under our capital access or our loan.program section you'll see a link there.for our micro lender so that's.definitely one of the good things.also if if you have already gotten in an.economic injury disaster loan and and.you still need more or you had a.paycheck protection loan approved and.you still need more right now you got to.work with what you get Barbara I don't.know about you Barbara but I am I am.like getting a wealth of information.here and so yes I not been in the.government a long time learning.something new I'm serious Kyla always.learning something new.so Antonio let me just ask you another.question what is the turnaround time I.know we've gotten several calls in HHS.about the turnaround time being slow.from SBA is that true or it just depends.on what what the small business looking.for as far as the people all the PPE.loans and all that so can you speak a.little about that Antonio I think we may.he's there thinking we may have actually.lost Tim Linda so maybe we can move on.to one of the another question and I was.thinking for all of our speakers our.panelists that they could perhaps.respond to this question how can I make.my response if I'm a small business my.responses stand out above my competitors.I don't know what maybe we can start.with either huh you know I don't want to.speak go ahead Skylar uh you know Thank.You Skylar he stepped up to the plate.thank you.well I think and I said this before one.of the things that you need to pay.particular attention to is the.solicitation please read the.solicitation understand what the.government is asking for and right at.the top if you go and section them you.see the evaluation criteria you're going.to hell you see your your directions.make sure you follow your directions.and speak immediately.to what our requirement is if you put.that right where it's supposed to be you.will rise to the top in my organization.all the time.great any other panelists I was just.gonna check on you and Tony I see you.connecting but any other panelists Tony.chasity and say I'll go oh so the.biggest thing on those you know most.solicitations now for FA we'll all.solicitations and what I always tell the.vendors and contractors is you know go.through download it and then go through.it from the front to the end of it as.they go through it I always tell them.for things that aren't clear is to you.know write up questions and before they.submit their offer or the proposal they.send those in writing to the contracting.specialist or Contracting Officer write.their offer that's real critical and you.know I forgiven my um you know.presentation I hear a lot of you guys.talking about the afar.well FAA does not follow under the farm.we follow under the AMS acquisitions.management system Chesley ash is well.aware of that.you know I've I've worked with her.extensively for many many years.and a lot of the vendors in contractors.that they don't understand it but I.always tell them this we mirror the far.to a certain extent but with more.flexibility period.and enough is said thank you so we're.coming down with run it down to our time.but I have one more question I need to.ask and this may apply to some and not.others so if you can answer please.answer so if I work at HHS possible.office of course and we have as Michelle.stated earlier we have seven small.business specialists no how are you guys.utilizing the small business specialists.and make it good because miss doctor.Street is listening miss waters yes what.do you mean utilizing the small business.person well well I know Tony yes yes.ma'am I know you're mainly speaking.about the HHS folks so because we have.small business specialists and normally.we try to have them involved in on the.acquisition cycle as to when our.procurement is about to come out before.it comes out so that they can be.involved on on the award of these.contracts so I'm just asking do you and.I know Skyler and I'm gonna speak to.Skyler and chance and you can answer in.and big whistles on here that's from SBA.anybody from sorry that's from HHS so I.have Santiago I know that you how are.you guys utilizing your small business.specialists this is Santiago and I want.to just speak on our small business.specialist John Ferguson he has been a.tremendous jewel for us since since I've.arrived here at IHS and he of course has.extensive knowledge with the by Indian.Act which has been great there there.wasn't there was an instance a couple of.years ago where they had talked about.possibly transitioning moving moving.small business specialists around and I.ensured I let miss Street know that we.need to keep John Ferguson with high HS.we use him extensively he is responding.to small businesses he is responding.- - Indian owned businesses he always.provides support gets us our goals when.we need them.so he has been a tremendous support to.Indian Health Services and meeting our.mission in our goals for small business.[Laughter].for GSA stuff like I will call this when.I will call Tony I think we all just and.I appreciate you guys for that you cuz.you guys have been very very very.helpful in like cross communicating.between agencies especially when we need.help or looking for a business so I mean.outside of HHS I can say you guys have.been a great resource partner for a GSA.with whatever we mean I think Tony can.say the same FAA okay okay so mr. miss.waters yes.okay so I'll tell you guys something and.he's aware of this I'm actually the.small business rent okay.director for the Eastern service area.for small business but previously prior.to this being the small business breath.for the eastern service area.I was actually the the manager for.southern region in Atlanta for four.years and I've always been a strong.advocate of small business and I.advocate it not only to the CEOs but all.of the lines of business throughout FAA.and I have a good strong support unit.throughout FAA but even a stronger one.with my stakeholders with GSA CDC VA and.SBA I can job without thank you thank.you Scott did you want to have a comment.before we close out well yeah.of course we work well with our small.business specialists and ours just.started with us because our previous one.are retired just before or just about.the time we were going out for Kovac.remember and now we have Melanie and I.know she's investment she has been.engaged and engaging so and I appreciate.all her help preparing me for today as.well they play an intricate part in what.we do and how we do what we do so we've.always had a team approach to all of our.requirements within the aspirin because.of the science that's involved in a lot.of what we do we have to be close and we.have to have a team approach or we're.not successful so she's definitely proud.of the team she sits in on my staff.meetings bi-weekly and I couldn't ask.for a better one so far and I've never.and you've never failed me with the.white who was our our sad bus a couple.of years back so we always say home runs.with the Asda boot thank you well good.so Barbara before I give close remarks.that you want to have anything to add.before as a closing remark no I don't.have anything to add on Linda with the.exception of just again I'm expressing a.big thank you with regards to all of our.speakers and so forth and I know you're.gonna touch on that so I'm not gonna.elaborate further are you go right ahead.thank you well I too am so thankful and.grateful to all of you supporting us and.if you ever need us for anything.anything that you need us in the.outreach events whatever you need you.know you can definitely call on us I.would like to thank all of the.presenters Resource Partners and our.supporting stakeholders who joined us.today this was a session and you'll be.able to find the recording link of the.website if I may.regarding pyramids resources I.want you to listen to me Charles when I.make this last comment especially on my.small business virtual audience.make sure your company is ready in the.age HS small business directory on a.custom experience with the site which.can access from which you can access.from our access to success website HHS.buyers will use this database to find.small business for goods and services.additionally you can upload your.capabilities safely complete your.profile and add any additional.information you would like to.communicate to HHS hires also if you.would like to go to the SB mail at HHS.gov you can leave any questions in jail.us but last but not least for our.listing labs we encourage all of you to.complete if you take the survey it will.extend opportunity for you to exit by.panelists in addition you will receive.one five part of the Federal Acquisition.workforce so again I thank everyone that.made my panel I thank you again so thank.you.this concludes our virtual repeal and.have a great weekend stay safe stay.positive and test loans e-safety stay.positive.you.

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