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How Do You Get Response Notice and Sign It Online?

[Music].what's going on YouTube it's the brain.of the mainframe here with a fanboy mr..dr. Blevins in the house tonight because.some interesting things happen today so.much for a night off mr. Blevins man it.was uh it was turned out to be a nice.quiet night I know it was it was a quiet.night and then by night you know we've.read a couple articles throughout the.day you know that maybe uh maybe a small.publishing company was germinate it's a.relationship with a small distributor.yeah man I was all snuggled up in my.Teddy Ruxpin telling me a story that.I've heard about 1,500 times but then.what's friggin what triggered old old.fanboy Blevins to reach out to old Miley.PI I received an email through the geppi.the jelly Chevy family enterprises that.basically you know explained their site.of what happened with this whole DC.comics of withdrawal situation and I was.like Niall we we have to touch up on.this like we have to do it man I mean.there's a lot of other people doing it.but people want to know what our side is.yeah I mean those that know I mean we're.friends with the Japanese it was.absolutely good to us they're good.people I mean they've had a wonderful.distribution center right or wrong with.you like them or not you know you could.check back to our last steps where we.had them on and you know they explained.how they got to where they got and.what's interesting is about seven hours.ago today well before we get started we.definitely should let everybody know.that this is definitely our opinion of.the situation it was not changed or.augmented or anything by our.relationship with with the Jeffy's like.this is this is our legit you know idea.of how we feel about the situation oh.yeah I mean it's it's incredible yeah.it's is in tonight's skits what's going.on Mitch thanks for joining.but yeah I mean so seven about seven.hours maybe eight hours ago you know The.Hollywood Reporter I think they're the.first one to blast it out there that a.DC sent out a notification that.a DC cuts ties with Diamond Comic.Distributors and they actually have a.video up now so doctor Blevins I'm gonna.play this so people can get an.understanding of what this article is.about.big shift for the comic book industry DC.has cut ties with industry leader.Diamond Comic Distributors the.announcement was made via email to.retailers sent Friday morning a.spokesperson from DC told The Hollywood.Reporter after 25 years DC and Diamond.Comic Distributors are ending their.long-standing relationship moving.forward comic book retailers can obtain.their DC books from penguin Random House.or their books and periodicals through.lunar or UCS comic book distributors.next Oprah Winfrey is set to I mean it's.it's incredible you know they just they.just caught cut ties with Diamond absent.meaning is that a good thing is it a bad.thing I mean let us know in the chat I.mean we're you know you guys are here.with us tonight Marvin what's up heroin.burg oh hello gentlemen we just came.back from a trip to protect a local.comic shop from a protest march I hope.you guys were successful because there's.there's a lot of looting going on in the.midst of this protesting but back timing.the topic at hand Blevins I mean you.know this was supposed to be something.being worked out you know I know that.there were some arrangements being made.you know to work out do some proposals.things of that nature which we'll get.into we letter from diamond-- but just.to come and say nope no more we're now.going through three other outlets and.and that's insane that's insane like so.you cut ties with one and then you divvy.out two three others that man have you.heard any of these people.I mean have you heard of people in.Random House or you know any of the any.distributor said there that they.mentioned one levy that I guess that's.gonna be the test right and look we're.not I'm not gonna knock I mean any.competition out there is great it's.healthy you know maybe it is time that.another distributor needs to be on the.scene to make things more competitive.what-have-you but for a company to just.literally take all their eggs out of one.basket and then move it without truly.testing the waters spread it out to.three other baskets my dad basket center.had better not well known you know.exactly and I do wish them the best I.mean for for all the DC fans sake out.there but let's see what we got here.this this squash show says a terrible.thing my friend.shop not going to carry the DC books.anymore because he doesn't want to have.to purchase comics through his.competition comic shops absent exactly.I'm really your distributors our comic.shops mayor retail did not not only bad.but like these these are people that.have had the same problem with all the.other comic book stores you know are the.same same problem that all the other.comic stores have had you know like they.have to they have to shell out all this.money all this time to you know to get.these books in and they have to make.their orders like months in advance.months in advance and like you're.looking at a situation now where you had.a company that offered returns offered.terms you know we're very lenient on on.the pay structure and actually and.actually made a decision you know like.it or like it or not like their decision.was for the comic book shops you know.people wanted their books but I mean.look man like that that heartache on the.shops would have been bad oh my gosh as.her as a former retail or yourself I.mean think about it if you can't.absolutely didn't come in how are you.gonna pay for the material in it the.best choice for you know a distribute.doesn't have to say hey guess what you.don't have to purchase anymore or they.could say look you need to continue.fulfilling your agreement but if you.have no way to sell your merch then you.have no money to get to pay for the new.stuff yes to put things on pause is the.right decision I'm just wondering if DC.is making the right decision because we.all know we all know and many many.professionals out there especially in.Twitter land are kind of I don't wanna.say mocking this decision but they're.like is this gonna be another another.Eros world it's gonna be another line on.their long list of you know that's so.good decisions yeah and I mean like even.in the article that you're reading there.like they discuss about how diamond.wasn't paying the publishers for the.books well man diamond wasn't getting.the money from from the people because.they weren't pushing because we were in.a pandemic and it proves kind of reading.that the DC didn't care.like they just wanted their money and.they wanted it now.and you know like it seems like if they.would just wait a little bit longer.everything would have quasi been back to.normal but no they didn't instead decide.to jump off and you know we learned way.more about this from the letter that uh.that was received by by a JP family and.a friend Aaron Burr here who's please.know one of our moderators awesome.awesome dude but he says you know well.you know and there's a lake cuz again.for the fans sake.I do hope things work out one way or the.other.but I you know he says someone on the.plan see page talked about signing up.for an account with Ingram two-in-one.retailer from Tulsa said he's been he's.been with lunar six to seven weeks and.it's been very smooth yeah but I mean.how many people have they actually been.dealing with you know what I'm saying.the shops are old now you look at their.opening it's been very trickled in so.there hasn't been a lot of missteps for.them to make and then also boom all of a.sudden they're the only people that can.get DC Comics you know other people were.still dealing with you know with diamond.at that point and now it's like okay.boom here we go this company who again.may have been very smooth but they.weren't the sole provider for that comic.at that time yeah this is interesting.Marvin wind says this seems like a Power.Move by AT&T and it could be could be.that was nice why didn't they just.create their own and are they really or.comp though yeah I wonder if they really.are come you know competitors I mean if.in this date you know with what's going.on how will they compete again we're.gonna have to see a lot of what's going.on I think this is just kind of like a.little bit of a shock to everyone but.I'll have to tell you doctor Blevins I.I'll be honest I kind of saw the writing.on the wall is it yeah there's this man.myself you know when you make certain.moves in certain investments of that.caliber to be short term like that.didn't seem like that was truly going to.be short term absolutely when they when.they first started talking about about.searching out other distributors I mean.again that was a telltale sign that it.was that it was possibly inevitable you.know that it was inevitably coming but.to do it in the way they did it again I.mean I I feel.so dc-dc absolutely just burned a bridge.like they just burned the bridge.completely and I wonder how it's gonna.be when they when they come back and.also you know like diamond was able to.give discounts and deep discounts based.on quantities that were ordered and the.quantities matched on a total amount so.you had marble independence toys like.you had all this stuff that that equaled.out into your big massive amount of.money that you spend which put you in a.tier to get special pricing on your.comics when dealing with a new company.they're not gonna automatically just cut.their ties are cut they're cut their.discount to an all-time low to to rope.people in to just all of a sudden go.back and and renege on it like they did.like they did their agreement you know.and then and then start charging people.that that have became you know reliant.on one two or all three of these.distributors and also one more one more.crazy thing this also opens up for.insider information you know like these.these come book stores they know what.ends up happening in these comics they.end up knowing what what makes you know.a book end up being a hit you know so.when they get though this information.because they get it months in advance.before it's even published in previews.like it kind of makes me wonder like.well will they you know kind of kind of.use that information their advantage to.make sure that the top-tier or the the.close-knit come book stores that are the.ones that are doing this or the ones.that are gonna have the most amount of.these hot books at the time yeah that'll.be interesting to see it's kind of you.know everything's so fresh now it's I.think it'll be a while till we actually.see some results on what this is gonna.be I think I could good two months or.more so we're really gonna see what this.how completely out to be yeah at least.until the mass numbers end up choosing.which one of the three that they're.gonna use or or if they're gonna sign up.for all and I mean what happens when you.sign it for one.and you're like hey I need to order you.know whatever this book number twelve.and this distributor doesn't have it but.they have it at another distributor.blessed layer here we go you're gonna.start hitting a point where yeah you.know how many distributors are you're.ordering from I mean this yeah yeah.multiple CID multiple co D charges.multiple shipping charges from different.companies yeah yeah dude and they say.that this decision was not was not you.know lightly made again the letter that.we got from JP JP family enterprises.kind of tells another story yeah but I.mean so for those that you know maybe.just popping on so I mean DC just you.know definitely announced hey we're.terminating our 25-year you know.distribution partnership with diamond.and you know now they're gonna be you.know trade paperbacks those other books.those will be going out through penguin.Random House and then the periodicals.and your you know traditional comic.books and stuff will being distributed.by lunar and UCS and you know what.really prompted us to come on again is.you know everyone's kind of wondering.well what what's what's diamonds.response to this wall you know as as dr..Blevins being a former reads well.technically you're still an online.retailer you know we got the we got the.email and you know it's it's interesting.you know you can definitely see that.there's you can read that there's a.shock in there and we'll go through.through you know so it so it says June.5th 2020 this evening I shared the.following message with all the members.of our JP family enterprises teams I.also wanted to share it with you our.many industry partners today DC sent out.a retailer communication indicating that.they are ending their long-standing.relationship with diamond in April we.were informed that DC was going to begin.distributing products through additional.partners at the time they asked us to.submit a proposal for a revised.agreement with the understanding that.diamond would continue to be one of.their distributors which we promptly did.they then requested an extension to June.30th which we also accommodated last.week DC requested an additional.extension through July we responded with.questions and DC indicated they would.reply today.fifth instead of receiving a response.today we received a termination notice.well we had anticipated this as a.possible outcome we like so many others.into the industry in disappointed are.disappointed by their decision to end.our partnership so abruptly at this time.although we had hope to reach an.agreement with DC every great change.also presents great opportunity rest.assured diamond is a strong company and.our success does not depend on the.actions of one business partner well we.recognize the change impacts the end of.the we as we while we recognize the.change impacts the industry we are well.positioned to cease growth opportunities.and are committed to the success of our.publishing partners the direct market in.our industry as a whole we continue to.be excited about the growth potential in.the comic game in toy industries as well.as growth opportunities for our other.jet my family sheppy family and.enterprise companies I truly believe.that our comeback will be bigger than.our setback and our best days are ahead.thank you for your continued support and.for all you do Steve Steve Jaffe this is.crazy man that's it.can you imagine that they like so this.pandemic happens okay they're forced to.make the impossible decision okay and.their decision not only hurt themselves.but was for the betterment of what they.felt that the calm bookstores needed you.know they they opted they opted to make.this huge decision and it was it was a.very vital one you know so now they they.said this huge comeback you know like.like you you have the shirt you're.wearing the shirt right now you know.that back to come back our comeback will.be better than our setback I mean it.rains true like they have done every.single thing that they said they're.going to do and then some you know all.that in there and they're putting you.know they're not here's my thought.you're not thinking of the retailers.they might think they're thinking of the.retailers but test the waters first you.know diamond could distribute those.books right absolutely I've never had a.problem and any and you've had a paused.market and you went to another dish.Peter alright but the market is not.fully open and even with current events.going on right now there's still some.things that are causing stores and.things to remain closed and maybe even.in some areas.curbside everything is completely shut.down okay for safety and there's no test.right now you know there's no true test.from these other distributors okay now.is it gonna what's gonna happen if you.know retailers aren't getting their.books what if now the volume is too much.I mean I mean these are things we're.going to have to see but I think.abruptly terminating an agreement.complete not truly tested in the real.market was a bad move I really do.absolutely and and if they were gonna do.it maybe they should have trickled it.off keeping Diamond and then triple or.not you know trickling off to one.distributor or maybe even trickle it off.to but still keep it diamond as our.mainstay yeah you know I mean I mean.there's no no reason that they should.cut the anchor that's keeping their boat.and check to toss out a couple of.smaller anchors and pray that it keeps.them pray that it keeps them in place I.mean it is it is just a I mean it is.just a horrible horrible decision that.that literally does nothing positive for.anybody and that includes DC Comics yeah.for the fans sake and that's my concern.is for the fan sake look you know I hope.you get your books I hope things work.out no matter which direction they go if.it works out with these distributors.great if it doesn't and they go back to.Diamond and people get their books great.let's just remember let's focus on the.fans let's focus on the retailers.because look people need books they want.you know it's bad enough you're already.getting a lot of books published out.there that no one's even buying it yeah.I was gonna say this like a lot of these.a lot of these distributors also when.you get set up with them they required.you to have a certain amount of money.they require you to spend a certain.amount of money each month or each each.quarter or annually in order to keep.your discounts or in order to just.continue to be able to order from them.you know you have to keep.these minimums so as as time progresses.some of these people may not even order.enough books to be able to set up an.account so order from DC I mean I mean.that's gonna be more people that are.falling off I mean this this move was.the best move in the world for Marvel.well are these distributors gonna off I.mean what kind of credit lines are these.distributors gonna do that anytime shops.memory of them you know I you know I.really just loved someone needs to.release the break down release the.breakdown on how this is all gonna break.down cut release the breakdown yeah I.don't know it's we'll see you know in in.Anton here has a good point at Nile now.Scott has Dinah satisfied all the.outstanding fees owed to DC Comics I.don't know I can't answer that question.I might think oh they're probably not.I'm not sure our art art thing here.isn't so much oh that DC did diamond.wrong it's more let's hope it's the.right move for the fans Yeah right.let's make sure you know if you want to.distribute through other distributors by.all means like I'm saying if it works it.works if it doesn't it doesn't but let's.make sure that the fans get their books.that's concerning to me you know it's.you know four small orders for shops not.taking in what they can for not doing.regular business maybe the new.distributors are working well right.right now right now what happens when.all of a sudden the gates open and.everything can flood out again you know.I just hope it works out for the fans I.hope everyone gets their money you know.I'm sure you know in the letter there.antwuan I know it says that uh you know.they're they were going back and forth.on arrangements and deals so I'm sure.that somewhere in there they probably.had that I'm not gonna speak for them.that stuff I don't yeah but uh Garant.guaranteed there was probably some kind.of talk about Hey look we'll renegotiate.this deal and how about we take what we.owe you into consideration that we don't.have to legally go after these comic.book shops that are already hurting or.these families that have already lost.their combo shops too.get the money from them so we can pay.you yeah I mean there's there's no.there's no need to kick people when.they're down and tried to take money.from them so you can pay these other.people again that was the whole point of.stopping it to begin with yeah so no one.got it these were cheap yeah was it to.stop the hemorrhaging of money yeah.exactly and I mean look if you're not.take I don't you know I'm not gonna talk.any further on finances of a company.that I have no clue we don't we don't.know the details all you know is that.this is a crazy move DC's making you.know to just up in up in terminate its.partnership with Diamond without.actually seeing how everything's gonna.work when the gates are the gates are.open and in the comics can start flowing.to everyone at its normal rate who's.gonna you know they talk about the.comics who's gonna distribute their toys.who's gonna straight you know distribute.the DC direct stuff like I haven't seen.four men I have an either you know and.right now you know I guess you know.orders and stuff going through dime.until June first or like a June 8th.extension of some kind but then after.that I guess we'll see what happens you.know I think the summer will will hold.all the key answers to our to our.wandering thoughts and questions that we.have you know I just hope the fans got.their stuff and you know I'm a DC fan.you know I'm a DC guy and answer man hey.what's up man.Batman baby I get Bruce came on the show.I got Bruce Timm and Paul Dini on the.show we need seven let's have a Batman.the Animated Series hour but everybody.in right now I'll call Bruce Timm his.numbers 5 1 2 No so anyways you know if.you haven't seen it again this news.broke out about seven hours ago maybe.eight hours now since we've been on and.you know diamond released their.statement about an hour ago and started.getting out to retailers so it was.definitely a shock that hit the system.you know I think the writing was on the.wall and you know we just wanted to give.our two cents tonight and hopefully we.can have the Japanese on the show and we.can get their two cents as well.absolutely we got Peter cement.how're we doing we're doing fantastic.Wow.yes yes yes Eddie's the best I love that.guy but yeah like um man there's just.there's there's no telling I mean like.man I wonder how like you know people.are still just trying to get back to.normal and now they have to deal with.getting three other you know signing up.with three other distributors three.other people three other you know books.to go through of trying to figure out.who has what when and where to make sure.you get your order yeah man I just I.don't I don't envy.I don't even Envy the comic book people.right now and who knows like maybe Jesse.James had a right you know he might have.he might have I mean but you do need new.stuff to read you know good thing.there's alterna yep you know the books.are gonna be great and you know they're.gonna be delivered on time you know but.it is we'll see what happens guys we'll.see what happens with this this is you.know pretty much breaking news as far as.today's concerned be honest you know we.saw some stuff going on but it was the.response let me just really pop on for.you know we're just gonna come on for a.little bit 15 minutes half hour just.talk to you guys kind of bring up the.speed of what's going on and we'll see.if we can get the JP's on and I get.their thoughts on it you know the next.phase and see where they're at so.everyone thanks for joining us tonight.as we chat about the you know DC.terminating partnership with Diamond and.we will see you all next week unless.some other news pops up and you may see.a pop up again next Tuesday with another.crowdfunding comics episode on pop xp we.got Walter got the Simon sins on not.just on one's way gonna be great you.know.I'm sorry Thursday on Thursday we've.grown going all in say a based on a life.of that guy yeah you did you stole his.signature its Brian Brian.Antoine it's all good though brother.that's right all right even have a great.night I'll be breath I don't care.he'll be whatever he calls you all right.whatever watches the show on walls we.are here to serve.once the best yeah no it's good to see.everyone start weaker heroin bird thanks.for popping in Mopsy as always Peterson.many thanks for coming in here we gotta.get you back on the show man chat with.us.yeah great show guys thanks for popping.in we'll see you guys next week Tuesday.Wednesday Thursday crowdfunding comics.episode on pop XP Tuesday Graham Nolan.on Wednesday the Simonson's on Thursday.so everyone have yourselves a great.night and we will see using comics Ian.Island Brett uh you're now Brett Blevins.read lemons bones is one of the one of.the greatest comeback artists of all.time.yes and a guy that I wish I was related.to his sleepwalker.that's incredible you can always pretend.I wish dr. Blevins were out now.scallywag piece.

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Who will make up the Avengers after what happened in Avengers: Endgame?

After the movie ends, assume if none of the original six Avengers die, the Avengers team will consist of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, Spiderman (coronated in Infinity War), War Machine (join them since Civil War), Falcon and Winter Soldier (team Cap in Civil War, so maybe?), Black Panther (give funding for Avengers and technology), Captain Marvel (if she decided to stay on Earth), Scarlet Witch and Vision (since the Civil War too), and Doctor Strange (if he wants to, but maybe not)

What are the 5 main pillars of a successful landing page?

Landing pages are important for digital marketing and increasing conversions. There are many different success criteria that are all important, but for the purpose of answering this question, I have limited myself to the most crucial 5 pillars from my perspective. Content and quality images The most important thing about a landing page is the content. It should be brief, catchy in nature, and state the advantages of performing the desired action clearly. Beyond that, it is vital to include quality images that catch the attention of the website visitor through a cool visual, a demonstration of th Continue Reading

How do I stop using the same words?

More often than not I see people using these words as placeholders to what they really think. "Awesome" is a common word kids my age use to describe anything that appeals to them. Try thinking of what the thing you're describing really is, for example, if you say that the Statue of Liberty is "Awesome", or that the cake your mother baked is "Awesome", couldn't they also be impressive and sweet, respectively?

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