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How to employ The 4473 Form ?

hey guys Steve from Tompkins and today I.have with me Jennifer Jennifer and I are.going to take a few minutes to kind of.describe and explain how 4473 works what.some of the different sections are and.what they mean and hopefully clarify.some of the issues that we see in the.store and we we have to be careful that.we're not crossing a lines legally as to.what ATF allows us to say or not say so.we're going to kind of be as careful as.we can and we want to actually preface.this by saying we are not attorneys this.is not the the end-all answer so double.check us make sure what we're telling.you correct but this is what we're.saying is this is the best of our.understanding as it is today this could.some obviously change in the future so.as as of today this is the our best.understanding of the 4473 so Jennifer is.kind of our although we are not experts.we will say Jennifer is our resident.expert on 4473 so she's going to kind of.help go through at least the top section.and tell us what to look for what to.watch out for and help us understand.some of the common mistakes that we see.in a gun shop do you want to go ahead.yeah started and the first line is just.last name first name middle name just.like any other thing they have to fill.out if you do have a full middle name.you have to use that it can't just be.the initial unfortunately would you see.that one a lot about cadence and cadence.also after your last name you're a.junior the second the third it's going.to be right after your last name on the.form if you are a second third or junior.it has to be on your form so that would.be under number one where their last.name is they would put that after them.okay and current resident address is.part of number two it has to be your.legal address and we do have to have.something that proves that you live.there so a lot of times we do.the unmatching addresses and that's a.big issue.okay and place of birth US city and.state or foreign country now yup good.height weight gender birthday it's.pretty basic on that one a Social.Security number is on the form but it is.also optional you don't have to put your.social security number if you're not.willing to and they do say it's.all-or-nothing though you can't just put.your last four so that's part of it that.you have to look at - question number 10.a lot of people miss and two separate.parts to it they are asking for your.ethnicity and your race so you have to.answer if you are Hispanic or Latino or.not Hispanic or Latino and then select.black or african-american why Asian as.well and then goes into question number.11 which I will let Steve go ahead and.discuss so I'm going to I'm gonna.explain question 11 which is has several.parts here but you know common a few.mistakes that we see up top is often.people will skip 10 a which is a.separate question than 10 B so you want.to make sure that you that you do answer.both 10 a and 10 B when you're filling.out your 4473 also another common thing.that we see is where it says county here.we'll often see people put USA there and.because they just read it quickly and.they see the word country so that.actually says County you want to just be.cognizant that that is asking for your.County not your country and that'll.certainly help out your your local gun.store when you're help them from having.any issues with 4473 to an ATF comes to.inspect them so that should hopefully.kind of explain the top section will she.mentioned a valid address with matching.ID so let's talk about that for just a.minute.when when you go into a shop and you.feel like you're 4473 you do need to.have a valid ID that has a matching.address to to the address that you are.filling out as your legal address so if.by chance your driver's license does not.match that let's talk about some of the.other alternate.they could have to bring with them so.that they're coming in prepared so one.of the most common that we see is.actually a vehicle registration because.it's if you show up in a car you're.probably going to have it in your glove.box or maybe your center console and gun.permits and permits hunting fishing.licenses so I know here in in our.particular community we have our our.City sewage bill is municipally-owned.and so when that comes from the city.sewage department because it's coming.from a government entity then that is.also acceptable the alternate all IDs do.have to be government-issued or.government sent so and other options.would be you know sometimes a pay stub.if you work for a federal agency if for.instance the prison system or perhaps.local sheriff's department wherever you.live also state accredited colleges so.if you go to we have is you here so if a.person goes to Indiana State University.and they've received mail from Indiana.State University which is considered a.state credited entity and and I did.verify this through ATF and got an email.back so saying that those letters would.be acceptable as long as they are.addressed to you at your address so.there are certainly lots of options out.there utility bills typically are not.acceptable and less they are municipal I.owned so keep that in mind we're going.to talk a little bit about section 11 or.question 11 and it has several parts.here you know one thing we don't want to.do is we don't want to get we don't want.to cross the line of coaching on how to.answer this so what we're what we will.say is be sure to read these very.carefully and make sure you understand.the question and read it and pull some.of the common errors that we see is up.we're on on 11a we're asked if you are.the actual buyer and sometimes if a.person's buying a gift they're not sure.if they're allowed to answer that with a.yes and so I would tell you read section.11 a on the Indian.directions and you are in fact allowed.to buy a gift that is not illegal so so.but it has to be a bona fide legitimate.gift it can't be that that so-and-so.can't fill out the paperwork so I'm.going to fill it out for them or.something of that nature it has to be.that you legitimately are buying.so-and-so a gift whether it's for the.birthday or Christmas or whatever just.just because you're a nice person.perhaps but but it does have to be a.gift another issue that we see is.sometimes people don't understand some.of the terminology used in here one of.the ones I've noticed is adjudicated we.we hear a lot of people ask what the.term adjudicated is other ones that that.I have can you think of any other.renounce yeah it asks you if you've.renounced your US citizenship so.renounced is another one that we have a.lot of people come up and ask hey I'm.not sure what this means and so again.there are descriptions in the back they.don't necessarily describe what the the.vocabulary means and my understanding is.the shop is allowed to tell you or.perhaps even give you access to a.dictionary where you could read the.definition if you needed to but.basically it's asking you if you've.given up your if you renounce your.citizenship it's asking you if you have.given up your rights as a citizen in the.United States another one that it asks.is ask if you've been adjudicated.mentally defective and basically it's.asking if if the courts have deemed to.find you to be have any type of mental.issues and so obviously we would not.know that answer you would only know.that answer and and it's very important.that you do answer these honestly and.don't just go into a store and an.attempt to try to get again and so you.answer it the way you think you should.answer it it is important that you.answer correctly and be as as truthful.as possible and that's where a few.reasons one is obviously you can be.charged with a crime if you're not being.forthcoming and honest on it and.obviously if we have knowledge we could.also be charged with the crime so as a.gun shop you know we are not going to.let someone slide through.you know it's not worth risking our.license on and as a as the person.filling out the paper we would hope that.you wouldn't even put us in that.position or pick your local gun shop in.that position as well you get down to.number 13 actually let's talk about.question number 12 question 12 is one.that people frequently misunderstand and.basically what question 12 says is it is.a it is a follow up saying that it.doesn't apply to everybody so so before.when you get to question 12 be sure and.read it because there's a good chance.that you may not have to answer that.question and if you do answer it then we.ask you to cross it out and sign and.initial it and the question 12 down here.which is a yes-or-no answer that one has.the potential to be left blank so we.would encourage you read that question.entirely prior to answering here 13 a.are rather 13 you want to just kind of.describe what's going on down here and.13 asks basically where do you live and.you're asking what your state residence.is so and then 14-inches your country of.citizenship a lot of times question.number 15 is applied to 11 L and.question number 12.also but most frequently will be more.than likely left blank if you are a US.citizen and then that particular section.would not apply to you as we turn the.page we're going to get to the end of.the portion that you would fill out and.you want to describe what they need to.do a pyramid and it's really important.that the signer actually reads the.paragraph at the top it's basically just.verifying that you've answered.everything you filled out to your best.to your knowledge and it's all accurate.information and 16 and 17 you're just.going to sign and date and it's really.important that that's where you stop.this question number 18 is where it.starts section B and that's where the.store that you're filling it out in is.going to start filling it out.so in fact if you want just keep going.because you're you know more about this.section that I'm what we start to fill.out is the type of firearm you're.purchasing which basically just tells.the ACS what's going to check around on.you if you're under the age 18 you can't.purchase anything and under the age of.21 you can't purchase a handgun or.what's considered an other which would.be something such as a lower receiver or.a pistol grip shotgun and then we fill.in your driver's license information and.at that point we run the background.check and you're all men together okay.so sometimes some people will get a.delay and that's nothing to be overly.concerned about it could be due to a lot.of different things it could be that.maybe ATF or FBI on the background check.portion is just backed up and they're.backlogged and it's going to take them.some time to catch up so that's a lot so.that's sometimes what's going on other.times it could be that someone has a.similar name to yours and so they need.to just make sure that that they've got.the right person and that they're.getting ready to let them the person.that they think is getting the gun.making sure that it's the right person.in question which that also ties in to.your social security number and whether.you put it on the form or not that can.some that can sometimes help speed it up.and it helps them identify that they've.got the right person so as we move down.on down here this is just an area that.we would do a follow up if you had a.delay where we would have Yuri sign and.date when you come back on a follow up.date or in some states where you have a.waiting period.then you would have to come back and.sign and date that down there regardless.as we turn the page this is the area.that that we fill out what you're buying.exactly along with serial numbers and.and then we're going to put the number.of products that you're purchasing so.whether it's two guns or three guns and.then we fell off the rest of our.information here you know one of the.questions we often get is does the ATF.or the FBI have a record of what you're.buying and I can't speak for all states.but I can speak for Indiana here in the.state of Indiana when we run a.background check we run the check and.they ask us this question what type of.firearm and we either say handgun long.gun or other or we may say handgun and.long gun or handgun and long gun and.other so we just give them the.combination but what we don't tell them.is what you're actually taking out so as.a result it may be the case that you.purchased 100 weapons on that one 4473.so you know here in the state of Indiana.we are non registering States so there.is no record that ATF or FBI is keeping.track of we do not send a copy of any of.that in the only thing that they really.have access to is to know that you did.we did run a background check on you and.quite frankly they don't even know that.you took a firearm out of the store that.day because it could have been the case.that we ran your background check and we.got up to the register you didn't have.enough money on you and you decided not.to buy it or or your your spouse decided.they didn't want you to have it or.something of that nature so there's no.guarantee that you even took a firearm.out of the store that day could they.track it if they needed to yes.so what could happen is if if a firearm.was used in a crime and they needed to.know who that firearm went back to then.it would not be the case that they could.just run it the serial number to see who.owns it because if it's not in a state.that has registered firearms they're not.going to know that answer however what.they could do is they could call the.manufacturer the manufacturer could say.I sold it to distributor XYZ that.distributor could then say well I sold.it to dealer ABC and then that dealer.would then say.I sold it to John Doe and so then they.could go to John Doe and say hey do you.have this firearm now in the state of.Indiana as I mentioned currently there's.no registration and there's no law that.regulates individual to individual cells.so for the state of Indiana which is.probably going to be different than most.of your states for the state of Indiana.John Doe could have sold it at a gun.show or he could have sold it on the.street or wherever he chose to sell it.and may not even have any record of that.I would tell you if I have a firearm.that I've bought from a gun shop that is.specifically trackable or traceable back.to my name I'm gonna I'm going to make.sure that I have evidence showing that.this weapon has been transferred to.someone else and cover my owns cover.myself a lot of people will even take.that weapon into a gun shop and say hey.will you transfer this for me just so.that they feel a little more comfortable.that way if somebody comes back and say.hey no I took it to to the store down.the road and and and they did a.background check on this guy so I know.that he was legal so that's also an.option and often stores will charge a.minimal fee to do a to log it in and log.it out and do what's called a transfer I.hope this has been helpful on 4473 s.don't hesitate to post your questions.down below again I want to emphasize.that we are not experts in this field.this is as it stands today to the best.of our understanding but we are not.attorneys this is just the way we.understand it and any legal questions.should be directed directly to the ATF.thanks again for watching.take care.you.

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4473 Form FAQs

Here you can gather explainations to the most FAQs about 4473 Form . If you have specific inquries, pick 'Contact Us' at the top of the page.

Need help? Contact support

At what point does the ATF consider an AR-15 lower receiver a long gun when filling out the form 4473?

My understanding is that any AR-15 lower receiver, no matter how stripped, counts as a “gun” with the ATF. The overall length of the gun—ie, length of the barrel, which is part of the upper—is a different issue.

How easy is it to buy a gun in the US?

In order to buy a handgun from an FFL dealer you must be 21 years old or older. In order to own a handgun you must be over 18 years old (there are some limited exceptions.) For long guns the age to buy is 18, but not usually restricted to own in most states (a parent can buy for you.) All dealers who sell across state lines must have an Federal Firearms License (FFL), which requires them to run background checks with a few exceptions (you have a permit to carry for example.) If you buy online, across state-lines, you must have the gun sent to a local FFL dealer and they will run a background c Continue Reading

Knowing it is illegal for convicted felons to own firearms, is it illegal for them to even make the attempt to make a purchase legally by filling out the Form 4473?

Not really, but if you lie on the form - it is a crime… Now, if you check the “felony conviction” box “YES”… you will NOT be lying on the form - but you probably won’t get a gun either…

Is there any form filled out at the time Canadian gun owners purchased their guns (comparable to the US form 4473), or is it just a matter of presenting their P.A.L.?

Just show your valid PAL, and show the vendor no evidence of drunkenness, drug use, or violent intentions. EDIT: This simple transaction only applies to Non-Prohibited and Non-Restricted firearms, like deer rifles and most shotguns.

Does the government keep records of gun purchases?

Very few people are against background checks, there have been over 320 million FBI NICS background checks since November 1998 NICS Firearm Checks: Month/Year | Federal Bureau of Investigation . Thats not to mention the 17 million concealed permit holders that have been threw way more extensive background checks. Most gun owners have been through a few. You cant buy a gun from an FFL anywhere that does not include one, that includes gun shows or online. You cant not buy a new gun that does not go through an FFL who also do many of the used sales. If there was a secure way a private citizen COUL Continue Reading

What happens if you lie on a 4473?

Re: “What's wrong with a moderate level of gun regulation like waiting periods, strict and comprehensive background checks (including for gun shows) and requiring safety training? Moderate regulation may be a hassle but is it really an infringement?” Waiting periods get people killed: N.J. gun association calls Berlin woman's death an 'absolute outrage' So I oppose them. “Strict and comprehensive background checks” are irrelevant to how criminals obtain firearms: Phil Boettge's answer to Do you support background checks for all firearms purchases in the United States? Why or why not? Phil Boettge's Continue Reading

Why are teddy bears more strictly regulated than guns?

They're not. You don't need to be a citizen or permanent resident to buy a teddy bear. You don't need a federal license to have a a teddy bear store. If you did have a teddy bear store, you wouldn't need to ask intrusive questions of your customers and maintain detailed records of every sale. You can buy a teddy bear by mail or online and across state lines. If someone doesn't want to buy a teddy bear, you can buy one for him. You can carry one into a courthouse or on an airplane. You can enter or exit the country with one at will. If you're adjudicated a felon or mentally ill, you can keep your Continue Reading

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