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thirsty have you heard of this brand.before it's called vitamin water.that's what people know it as right but.take a closer look at the label.right the word zero on there hmm with.little indication that says tm.that means trademark now who owns the.brand.as it turns out it's this little company.that they put in here called glacio.all this difference between a company.brands and all this.is going to be key for your.understanding how to protect your.company.moving forward did you know that.trademarks protect your brand.and improve your business's reputation.but first you have to ensure you're not.infringing on someone else.don't put yourself in a position for.legal battle that you will surely lose.hey everyone i'm jd hoovener registered.patent attorney with the uspto.and managing partner ceo here at bold.patins law firm.today i'll be talking about how to do a.trademark search for registered.trademarks.hi everyone chris maley from bold ip.here.today i'm going to show you how to.search for 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to the first official one.to the uspto.gov.and then you just want to search the.trademark database.there's three types of searches here.basic word search.word and design mark search and word and.design.mark search free form uh you know we can.look at all three.but basically when you file a trademark.you either file it as a standard.character mark so think of it as name.like mcdonald's.nike starbucks uh just the actual word.then you can have stylized characters um.cursive.things like that and then you can also.have.a logo for instance the nike swish logo.the starbucks mermaid.the mcdonald's arches and other similar.things.but on this website you can kind of.search for everything.and it's actually pretty easy to.navigate so let's click on basic word.search.um so like we were talking about you can.just type in.you know anything so let's see you know.if you're trying to file a trademark.for dolphinwave just go ahead and type.in.dolphinwave right in there uh and that's.a good sign.you know 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for.opposition.so starting off i guess it's important.to discuss.you know what you're seeing here um.here's the serial numbers.and that's just the number you know so.you can go ahead and search it.also on this website the name.[Music].the status of it and if it's live or not.and if it actually has registration.number that's means it's actually been.registered.so let's go ahead and click on dolphins.you can see dolphins and this is for.design plus the words and letters so.dolphins.you see an actual dolphin and then the.letters d-o-l-f-i-n-s.and you can see it's a word mark ii for.dolphins.here's the goods and services is for.energy drinks energy drinks with.enhanced coconut.water beauty beverages fruit juices.energy drinks and just uh you know.things similar to that.you can see the date of first use in.commerce 2019 1101.so it was 2019 november 1st.and then here's the design search codes.for dolphins bands.you know letters and here is the filing.date they actually went ahead and filed.it on august 5th.2019 and the current basis is now.that it has a specimen.so when you file a trademark it's.important know that there's.two ways to file a trademark you can use.intent to use which means.you know i really want that name um so.let's go ahead and file it but i'm not.actually using it in commerce.or you can already show that you're.using commerce and there's already a.specimen out there.that shows it you know that's either you.know if you're a restaurant it's a menu.if you're a business.it's you know maybe your business cards.pretty much.anything that just shows your mark in.combination.with the logo or it shows your.combination.the mark with the services provided.so for instance right if dolphins was on.the actual energy.drink that would be good enough to show.that here is the name.in combination with the actual products.that it's providing.so after that so what happens at the.federal trademark database is that they.search for.any confusingly similar federal.trademarks and like we were saying.that's.anything similar to the product.um.okay so where were we so when you file a.trademark.the federal database only searches for.confusingly similar.federal marks and so that's what happens.during the first period they'll come.back and they'll say.did we find anything that was.confusingly similar to your mark.if not then you go into the next step.where it's published for opposition.when it's published for opposition.anybody with a vested right can search.for.the trademark and then say i've actually.been using that name.or i'd be detrimentally affected so for.instance.when kylie jenner filed kylie for.various.uh uses kylie minogue objected that.because she's been using the name kylie.and even though she doesn't have a.trademark she felt like she was.detrimentally affected by that.um if nothing happens during the publish.publication.for opposition if nothing happens during.the opposition period which is usually.the last one month.then the trademark is granted.which you can see down here march 3rd.2020 so that was really recent.but you know you can take a deeper dive.in there too.so let's say you know you were filing.for a trademark very similar but you.want to see what happened.to the last trademark so you can go down.here click.on the actual name and then you can go.to documents you can actually see their.entire file wrapper.so like we were saying they file intent.to use so you don't see a specimen until.after the notice of allowance.so if you file your trademark without a.specimen if you file his intent to use.then once the examiner uh.agrees that there's no confusingly.similar marks.once the examiner agrees that there's no.confusingly similar marks.and then the trademark gets published.then.and nobody objects to the publication.and then you're then your trademark will.be conditionally granted but it won't be.fully granted until you show that you're.actually using the mark in commerce with.a specimen.so you can actually click on the.specimen and see what it is.in this case it's the actual energy.drinks with the dolphin name.on them but also interesting.is that if you know you can search for.any office action so let's say.you want to use this name but then you.find a name that was rejected.you want to know why it's rejected so.you would click on that.and then you would find.what happened to it so for instance.let's look at dolphin house and so.dolphin house you can actually see.an office action outgoing and once you.click on that.you can actually read while is rejected.this is pretty big basic stuff uh.description of the mark required.usually when you look at an office.action you're going to see it's either.was confusingly similar to a previous.mark.or they just needed to file some.technicalities or things like that.work on some technicalities or things.like that.also what could happen is that you maybe.your mark was too descriptive like.it explains the product like for.instance if we were.trying to trademark intellectual.property attorneys it would be rejected.because it's too descriptive you would.be limiting other companies from.you know using the words intellectual.property attorneys.of course you have terms and trademarks.like.california pizza kitchen.you know people that trademarks that.have become.so renowned um you know originally.california pizza christian california.pizza kitchen was descriptive.of its product you know it's just a.california pizza kitchen a pizza kitchen.california.but now that the um.the public associates that name with.that.specific brand of restaurant you're able.to get a trademark.so once you acquire secondary meaning.you may be able to get a trademark for a.descriptive term.but of course you're looking at.nationwide recognition that your product.is associated with that name.and so here's the california pizza.kitchen.it's also interesting you can go up.since we're still searching for dolphins.you can.look at oh no so back to the dolphins.um you can search for the actual images.so you can see what their designs are.things like that.uh but let's go back to structured or.back to home.so you guys know where to go word and.design structure mark.so here you have.you know two search terms that you can.use and here's a pull down menu.with all the different ways you can.search.usually i look at international class so.international class.will actually show you where the mark.international class will show you.what the mark is for.that there that come up in the search.opinion so if you type in.international class um let's see where.that is if you go to google and you type.in international class.classifications of trademarks you can.actually.see the numbers so let's go to.international classes.and then you can see here class 1.chemicals class 2.pain so let's say we want to get dolphin.wave.as apparel you know we go down the list.so let's see apparel clothing things.like that.oh let's see.all right so let's start from here so.another way can search is by.using the word and design mark.structured search so here you can use.two search terms.they give you fields where you can.actually narrow down the results because.a lot of times maybe you come up with a.thousand.maybe you come up with even more than.that i like to search by.international class so we have the.international classes up here.what they do is that they actually.divide the trademarks up by different.classes so it's easier.to search for so we have chemicals.paints cosmetics lubricants.pharmaceuticals metal goods.machinery hand tools electrical blinds.vehicles firearms jewelry.you know just things like that so let's.say we wanted to file dolphinway for.clothing.you know maybe we would look at class.25..so here you could put 0 25..if it was just 9 you would go 009..so 025 and then.you can also just type in dolphin or.you know you can actually just maybe the.um.maybe get in more detail but we can just.type in dolphin in there.because that's the name you want to.search for and then you want to use the.operator.and to kind of search for all dolphin.marks.in the international class 25 and so.let's see what that gives us.dolphin life decal six stickers.so here we have all the dolphin marks.inside of the international class 25 so.these are somewhat related to clothing.so it gives us a better idea of similar.marks.so i love dolphins.dolphin dolphin where.dolphin style um so let's take a look at.one and see.you know what maybe dolphin project is.so dolphin.project is for clothing namely t-shirts.sweatshirts.tank tops first in use in commerce in.1970.that was a standard character mark so.just the word dolphin project.which is kind of the most broadest.possible protection because.now with this you can use the name and.any stylized market that look.any different way you can use multiple.colors anything like that.when it was filed it was originally used.in commerce as it choses 1a.so we're going to see an actual specimen.they were using.when they filed for the mark let's see.it was filed by rick o'berry's dolphin.project in delaware.and the disclaimer no claim is made.the exclusive right to use dolphin apart.from the.marcus show uh that's usually.interesting it's interesting right there.a disclaimer is if you have any.descriptive terms.in your mark for instance if you sold.dolphin shirts you know you would.disclaim the word shirts because you're.not going to stop anybody from using the.word shirts.and the main part of your trademark.would be the word dolphin.so let's take a look at the prosecution.history.of this.you can kind of see right where they.filed it they have the drawing.they have the specimen they have the.application.looks like the examiner helped out a.little bit but here's dolphin.project and it's the actual tag on the.shirt and the shirt name as well.we can look at another one for instance.one that hasn't been accepted yet black.dolphin.uh black dolphin was for belts hats.jackets.long sleeve black dolphin was for.belts hats jackets long sleeve shirts.um it was a standard character mark.it was files intent to use they had not.used it yet.in commerce um but let's go look at the.file history and see what happened here.this was abandoned because no statement.of use.was filed so like we were discussing if.you are not using the mark in commerce.yet.and you're only using his intent to use.that you want to use in the future.the examiner might agree that there's no.confusingly federal.confusingly similar federal marks and.then it can go through publication.and then nobody with a vested interest.objected to your trademark.but then you still have to go and you.have to.actually use the mark in commerce so you.get a six month win.window to file the market in commerce.and then you can actually extend it up.to five times for.you know a total of three years but if.you don't use it within that time then.you're.you actually give it up um so right use.it or lose it.and what they did here was they never.actually filed.the statement of use so black dolphin.um really recent so you'd be able to you.know use that name for yourself because.now it is a dead trademark.they only look for live federal.trademarks on the trademark website.back to that let's see no statement of.use another way you see that trademarks.become abandoned is.if you have a trademark you have to pay.your maintenance fee.and then show you're still using the.mark at around the sixth.year and then the tenth year the 20th.year 30th year and then every.decade after that for you know for all.eternity and things like that.um but let's look at dolphin waves so.dolphin wave.you know cool wave uh nature world.wind down um.let's see let's see doc and wave is one.word that's interesting you can use.some search command keys to better help.you so let's say you wanted dolph.but you were you wanted to see if there.was something out there similar.sounding with the word dolph but not.just n but anything.else out there like doll four uh.dolph a you know you could use the.question mark key.um let's see don't.ah.uh.let's say you want to use the word.lightning rod.lightning rod comes up you know there's.a lot of things ah 33.lightning rod entertainment services.well let's say.you wanted to make sure.so let's say you're fine with trademark.for the word lightning rod.you can search lightning rod and it.would come up with a lot of lightning.rods.but you also want to make sure that any.confusingly similar.sounding names you want to also search.for those so you want to see those come.up.you actually use some search command.keys that you know help you.navigate your search better so for.instance you use light.and want to see anything with the word.light to start off with.and then it may be light like tin light.to neen.lighter light bulb you can use the.question mark here and then let's search.for that.uh so now you're going to see any.results that.has the word light followed by something.else so light fly.light sand light house that's just.useful if you're trying to search for a.word.but then you're worried that something.may sound sound.confusingly similar but not have the.exact same spelling so maybe you can use.question mark and when you use the.question mark.and act says hey here's the first part.and then.let's see what comes out afterwards so.it'll show you all.these suffixes after the word light.if you use the dollar sign let's say.you use lightning and then we put a.dollar sign where the i.is that'll show you.any words.um.uh let's see so what's a good word.let's say you want to search the word.mast.mass comes up grow mass things like that.you use the question mark anything.afterwards the word.mass comes up so mastery masterpiece.and then let's say you can also.use the dollar sign where you want to.replace a letter.so you put the dollar sign where the a.is and then.search you're going to see results with.the mst.but not the.not where the dollar sign is.so we have missed must most.a lot of different types.you can also search for the actual.serial registration number so like we.were looking at earlier.if you want to go ahead and search for.the actual.serial number you go down here and tie.it.use the pull down menu and then use the.actual serial number.and type that in and then here comes.food and logistics international.so that's useful let's say you're in an.office action and says this mark was.confusingly similar to another previous.mark.you would just want to go ahead and take.that number and put it there and so you.can kind of see.what the mark was used against another.mark.hmm.okay let's try one more.okay so let's say you want to trademark.the name.green wave for.energy drinks.okay let's say you want to search for.the name green wave.for energy drinks.um all right so let's see.let's google trademark search.you want to use the united states patent.trademark office.and then here it says search the.trademark database you can go search it.then you have basic word mark search.word and design.search word and design mark search so.let's say.we're gonna look for green wave.uh for energy drinks you can go ahead.and just type it in there and see if.there's anything that comes up.um actually hey green wave energy but.it's energy.management services so when we typed in.green wave.a number of trademarks came up you can.see the serial number you can see the.registered number if it was.actually registered you'll be given a.register number you can see the word.mark.and you can see the status of it was.live or dead the federal.trademark office only looks for live.trademarks that are confusingly similar.to your name.so for instance let's go and click one.green wave energy you can see it's a.standard character mark which means it.just protects the name.it's for energy management services.namely.providing a service that allows.customers to purchase energy from.various energy providers.the first date in use was 2016 august.the same date as commerce when they.filed this they were already using the.mark.like we discussed you can file the.trademark as intent to use where you.want to use the name down the line.or you're already using the mark.incomers and then if you want to show.you're using the mark in commerce.you just put the specimen in the.file the specimen basically shows.the name in this case green wave energy.with the services provided.so let's take a look at that.you can go into the entire file wrapper.and see what happened during.prosecution but here is their original.specimen.it shows green wave you can make a.difference cleaner energy.green wave energy solar gas wind.when they filed it the examiner did a.search and then after.you know usually takes three to four.months they send out an office action.and basically let's look at this office.action.um the trademark there was no.conflicting marks.so it's always a good sign for a.trademark they just need a file.disclaimer so the word energy.they had to say there was no exclusive.right to the word energy.and which that means is if you file a.disclaimer it means.that you're not going to prevent any.other names from.any other trademarks from using the word.energy kind of descriptive.of the services they provide.and then they just need to fix some.technical stuff.usually let's see.yeah but you know that wouldn't have an.effect on green wave.energy drinks so what we want to do is.maybe do.you know we could go through all those.names we could do a more structured.search so we can.actually use that tab right there and.use green wave.with the operator and and then we can.narrow down the results.um you know by year by something in the.description by the full mark by the.goods and services by international.register.uh when it was registered you know you.can think of numerous useful.uh things to search for um.you know like we're saying disclaimer.statement but all i like to do is search.for the international class so.all the trademarks are divided by class.so let's search.international trademarks um.classifications.and here you can kind of see chemicals.paints cosmetics lubricants.pharmaceuticals metal goods.things like that so what we're looking.for is beverage and.more importantly energy drinks.so let's see non-alcoholic drinks like.beverage.fruit drinks um you know sometimes your.mark may have.multiple classifications and you can get.a trademark for those multiple.classifications.you know for instance this might be in.fruit drinks but it might also be.in um.you know supplements supplements are.things like that.but let's see here so let's search for.class 32. so what you want to do is put.0 32 on there if you want to use a.single digit you can use.zero zero one uh you just have to put.this to zero.so 0 31 and then let's see what comes up.719.um let's make sure.you can use these operators like let's.make sure.it has the word green and wave in it.um and the actual mark.so nothing came up but let's go back and.look at those other results.that came up during the all search in.this.menu so 59.so as you can see this is green coast.pet dietary.supplements and edible.vegan pet treats it's important to note.that classifications if.you know if your trademarks in one.classification and the people are in the.same classification.it might be you know still completely.different this one you know has pet.treats edible vegan pet treats.you know it's not very similar to energy.drinks so you can kind of argue.that there would be no likelihood of.confusion between pet treats.or energy drinks but there's the waves.down there.so i think you know green way for energy.drinks would be.you know trademarkable um once going.back here.we can do green.and you can use the question mark as an.operator to search for.you know just any word that has green.and then ends with something else as the.suffix.so maybe greener green wise greeny.kind of things like that.if you use the operator dollar sign.you know it'll show everything.i don't know let's see it'll show.everything.without the work.and if you use the operator the dollar.sign.it'll show you every.word with g r e and n and then.let's say you search for the word live.you know results will come up for live.but let's say you take out.the i you put a dollar sign.then it's going to search for any word.with the letters l v.and e in that position and then any.letter where the dollar sign so most.likely love.um slave l-u-v-e.l-y-v it's very useful because sometimes.people don't use.you know correct spelling so they'll.either use a.y as instead of an i or a u.instead of an o or any combination so.it's always good to search for that as.well.i don't know the trademark site's.working let's see what's going on here.now but i'm chris maylie from bulldog p.and i hope that helps thanks.i hope you enjoyed this video make sure.to grab our free book.and schedule your no cost consultation.today.go big go bold.

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Uspto Form Ao 121 FAQs

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How do I know the AO code and AO type for a PAN card application? Can I choose any one listed for my state?

Actually the question wasn't framed properly. You need to mention this detail is required for filing up PAN application form. (49A / 49AA).See this is your AO code, i.e. Identification of the AO (designation) who will handle your file in the IT Dept. C means Circle and W means Ward. In case you are stuck at what to mention in the form, kindly select the appropriate AO code from here https://www.tin-nsdl.com/pan/pan-aocode.php Edit- Circle is generally opted, if while filling up your Form 49A, your Income is equal to or above Rs. 10 Lacs p.a.

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

Am I able to fill advance form if I got 121 in Mains with OBC but I have got 0 marks in maths?

Yaa... The cutoff range for obc this year will be most probably between 69–72…And in JEE(Mains) there is nothing like cutoff for individual subjects... So go ahead and best of luck for JEE(Advanced)..

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How do I trademark a name in USA?

Your registered business license has to describe you as an LLC, but your brand name, doing-business-as name, and your registered trademark do not. Just start marketing your business as the name without the LLC. Then register that. Or better, do your trademark registration through a lawyer so you can avoid any other surprises. Many offer fixed-costs for this services.

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