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Must-do's in Signing the Online Divorce Paper With Blank Sign Form on Mobile

Utilize CocoSign's wealth of templates and tailor-make your own Online Divorce Paper With Blank Sign Form following the guide below, reducing turnaround time massively and streamlining your workflow like no other.

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  1. To begin with, select on online at CocoSign for the desired file.
  2. Then have a quick look to get a clear idea which parts are to be filled.
  3. Next, enter the the data needed in the blank fillable fields.
  4. Read the form again making sure you haven't missed anything.
  5. When you have affirmed that everything is correct, you can sign it by clicking the "Sign" instruction.
  6. Customize the form by applying your digital signature.
  7. Save the document by pressing the button "Done".
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Tips on completing the Online Divorce Paper With Blank Sign Form

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Steps of Customizing the Online Divorce Paper With Blank Sign Form

welcome to the video tutorial for.Florida family law form twelve point.nine zero one a the petition for.simplified dissolution of marriage the.petition for simplified dissolution of.marriage is only used in cases where you.and your spouse are in complete.agreement about everything in the.divorce have no minor children resulting.from the marriage or adoption and the.wife is not pregnant you must agree on.how you will divide everything you own.together you must agree that neither of.you are asking for alimony you must be.willing to give up your right to trial.and appeal and you and your spouse must.both be willing to go into the clerk's.office to sign the petition although not.necessarily together and finally you and.your spouse must both be willing to go.to the final hearing at the same time if.you each agree to all of these.conditions then you can use this form.because you're agreeing to divorce.without any disagreement over any issues.you and your spouse must complete this.form together and sign this form.together by completing this form you and.your spouse are telling the court you.have no disagreements between you about.the divorce and the things that you own.we recommend you download the dot RTF.version of this document so that you can.type in all of your information directly.on the form however you can also print.out the PDF version of this document and.fill it out using black ink if you do so.use your best handwriting possible it is.extremely important you stay organized.during the divorce process staying.organized will save you a lot of.frustration and confusion down the road.we recommend you get a large accordion.folder to store all of your documents as.you complete each document please sit in.your folder until you've completed all.of the documents in your divorce packet.we will cover exactly what you should do.with all of your completed documents in.a later video session.for now you will complete this document.and hold on to it until further.instructions if you have not opened the.dot RTF document or print it off your.form yet pause this video to do that now.before we get started we're going to use.this portion of the video to help you.understand specific items you should.consider as you fill out this form for.the petition of simplified dissolution.of marriage you first need to determine.if there are any areas of disagreement.between you and your spouse if there is.even one area of disagreement you will.not be able to use this form you must.also make sure that you have met.Florida's residency requirement prior to.filing any type of divorce case in a.Florida Court please watch our affidavit.of corroborating witness video tutorial.before moving forward to make sure you.meet the residency requirement you will.also need the following information in.order to complete this form each.person's full legal name each person's.residential address the date each person.first began living at this address the.date of your marriage the place of your.marriage including the city state and.country whether or not the wife wants to.restore her maiden name and if she does.you will need her full legal maiden name.and your marital settlement agreement or.mediated settlement agreement if you.have one now let's complete the form.right now you should see the petition.for simplified dissolution of marriage.form on your screen the first section is.called the case tile let's walk through.this section now you will need to fill.these blanks with the appropriate.judicial circuit and county information.for your case at the very top of the.form you will see a blank heading that.reads in the Circuit Court of the blank.Judicial Circuit comma in and for blank.county comma Florida you're going to.fill in the first blank with the circuit.number from.you're Circuit County quick reference.guide next you will fill in the second.blank with the matching County name you.can skip the case number and the.division because these blanks will be.completed by the clerk of court when you.submit all of your documents on the next.blank space you will place the husband's.full legal name on the blank above the.word husband on the next line you will.place the wife's full legal name on the.blank above the word wife the next.section begins with a sentence and.starts with we full legal name and a.blank line for the husband place only.the husband's full legal name on this.line the next blank line is for the.wife's full legal name place only the.wife's full legal name on this line the.next section is a series of statements.and questions numbered one to six on the.first page and numbered 7 through 11 on.the second page let's take a moment to.read each paragraph and become familiar.with the statements and questions think.about how you each will answer these.questions 1 we are both asking the court.for a dissolution of our marriage to.husband lives in blank county state.blank and has lived there since date.blank wife lives in blank county state.blank and has lived there since date.blank 3 we were married to each other on.date blank in the city of blank in the.state of blank or country of blank for.our marriage is irretrievably broken 5.we do not have any minor or dependent.children together the wife does not have.any minor or dependent children born.during the marriage and the wife is not.pregnant 6 we have divided our assets.what we own and our liabilities what we.owe by agreement we are satisfied with.this agreement 7 yes or no the wife.wants to be known by her former name.which was full legal name followed by a.blank line 8.we each certify that we have not been.threat.or pressured into signing this petition.we each understand that the result of.signing this petition may be a final.judgment ending our marriage and.allowing no further relief nine we each.understand that we both must come to the.hearing to testify about the things we.are asking for in this petition 10 we.understand that we each have legal.rights as a result of our marriage and.that by signing this petition we may be.giving up those legal rights 11 we ask.the court to end our marriage and.approve our marital settlement agreement.for statements 1 4 5 6 8 9 10 and 11 you.will need to determine if each of the.statements are true or false.make sure you discuss these items with.your spouse and determine whether or not.you both agree with the statements.before you complete the form if any of.these statements are false then you.cannot continue to use this form you.will need to complete a different.petition for dissolution of marriage if.each of these statements are true then.you can use this form and move forward.with actually completing the document.now let's provide answers to questions 2.3 & 7 and make a selection of one of the.options in the item numbered 6 remember.the information you see being entered on.the screen is from our fictional divorce.family the doz your information may be.different so make sure you enter your.responses as they apply to you and your.situation paragraph number 2 asks for.the husband and wife's residential.information the sentence begins with.husband lives in and there are a series.of blank lines on the first blank line.write the name of the county where the.husband currently lives on the second.blank line write the state where he.currently lives on the third blank line.write the date he first began living at.this address the next sentence says the.wife lives in and there is a blank line.there you will write the name of the.County where the wife lives followed by.the state where she lives.and the date she first began living at.that address paragraph number three asks.you for the date the city the state and.the country of your marriage the first.blank line is for the date of the.marriage the second blank line is for.the name of the city where you were.married.the third blank line is for the name of.the state where you were married and the.fourth or last blank line is the name of.the country where you are married you.must complete each of these blanks.paragraph number six asks you to make a.selection of only one of the choices.first we need to ask have you both.agreed on how you are dividing all of.your assets debts bank accounts.investments and other financial matters.the more complex your financial matters.the more important it is to talk to a.financial professional or divorce.attorney about how these things should.be handled not all assets debts and.investments are marital property in.other words just because you got married.it doesn't mean your spouse has an.automatic ownership interest in half of.everything you brought into the marriage.for example suppose you had a retirement.account before getting married and you.continued to build that account after.you got married your spouse may or may.not have an interest in a portion of the.retirement funds you earned after.getting married similarly debt accrued.before or after getting married may or.may not be you or your spouse's.responsibility if you and your spouse.cannot agree on whether property is.marital or non-marital you should.consult an attorney who can help you.determine the exact character of the.property according to Florida law.remember we do not and cannot provide.legal advice so if you are unsure about.any of these matters you should consult.an attorney immediately next we need to.ask is your agreement on how you are.dividing those things in writing if so.is the written agreement one of the.following types of written agreements.one is the written agreement a mediation.agreement.please note a mediated settlement.agreement is not listed as an option on.this form however it can be used in.place of a marital settlement agreement.please see the marital settlement.agreement video tutorial for more.information to is the written agreement.simply a piece of paper where the two of.you wrote down everything you were.dividing and how you are going to divide.things or three is the written agreement.an actual document titled marital.settlement agreement if the agreement is.in writing do you want the court to know.about how you've divided everything and.do you want to provide the court with a.copy of the written agreement or do you.want to keep the written agreement.between yourselves and not provide a.copy of the document to the court some.judges will require that you file a.written agreement.no matter your preference we recommend.you complete a marital settlement.agreement if you do not have a mediated.settlement agreement if you do have a.written agreement and you want to.provide a copy to the court place a mark.on the first selection if you do not.want to provide a copy of the written.agreement to the court place a mark on.the second selection if you do not have.a written agreement regarding how you.were dividing your assets and debts and.other financial matters and you want to.put everything in writing you will need.to complete the marital settlement.agreement form you can learn how to do.that by watching the marital settlement.agreement form video tutorial now on to.page 2 of the petition for simplified.dissolution of marriage you should now.see number seven at the top of this page.first let's ask the question does the.wife want to restore her maiden name.if yes place a mark on the box for yes.she will also need to provide her full.legal maiden name on the blank line.provided if she does not want to change.her name place a mark on the box for no.and do not place any information on the.blank line asking for a full legal name.you should have already read statements.8 9 10 and 11 if these statements are.true you will each need to sign the.document.in front of a notary if any of the.statements four eight nine ten or eleven.are false you cannot use this form let's.take a minute to talk about numbers.eight and nine to be sure you understand.what they mean number eight on the form.reads we each certify that we have not.been threatened or pressured into.signing this petition.we each understand that the result of.signing this petition may be a final.judgment ending our marriage and.allowing no further relief by signing.this form you are telling the court that.you are agreeing to this divorce.voluntarily it also means that you are.telling the court that you understand.that your marriage will be terminated.number nine on the form reads we each.understand that we both must come to the.hearing to testify about the things we.are asking for in this petition this.means you are telling the court that you.will present yourself before the judge.to answer any questions they may have.before granting final judgment in your.divorce both you and your spouse will be.required to present yourself before the.judge on a specified day and time to.finalize your divorce if you and your.spouse do not want to attend your final.hearing together you cannot file for.simplified dissolution of marriage.please see our final hearing video.tutorial for a complete explanation of.that process this form must be signed in.the presence of a notary do not sign the.form until you are in front of a notary.you will need to have your driver's.license or other form of identification.with you for the notary the next section.is a signature block for the husband on.the blank line titled dated place the.date you are actually signing this.document on that line on the next set of.blank lines where it has a place for the.husband's signature printed name and.other contact information you will place.all of the husband's contact information.in these areas again this form must be.notarized the next section you see says.state of Florida County of blank do not.complete this section the remainder of.this form is to be completed by a No.during next you will see another.signature block for the wife on the.blank line title dated placed the date.you are actually signing this document.on that line on the next set of blank.lines where it has a place for the.wife's signature printed name and other.contact information place all of the.wife's contact information in these.areas again because this form must be.notarized the next section you see says.state of Florida County of blank you do.not need to complete this section the.remainder of the form in this section is.to be completed by a notary lastly you.will see a section that has an area that.says if a non-lawyer helped you fill out.this form since you will be completing.this form yourself you do not need to.complete this section leave this section.blank congratulations you have.successfully completed Florida family.law rules of procedure form twelve point.nine zero 1a which is your petition for.simplified dissolution of marriage you.should only have one document left to.complete in your simplified dissolution.of marriage packet so let's take a.moment to review a few things remember.if there is even one area of.disagreement you will not be able to use.this form also make sure you have met.Florida's residency requirement prior to.filing any type of divorce case in a.Florida Court at this point you should.have already completed form twelve point.nine to eight the cover sheet for family.court cases form twelve point nine zero.zero H the notice of related cases form.twelve point nine zero to be or twelve.point nine zero to see the family law.financial affidavit form twelve point.nine zero to f3 marital settlement.agreement for simplified dissolution of.marriage next complete form twelve point.nine nine zero a final judgment a.simplified dissolution of marriage using.the video tutorial session on your main.menu.if you would like access to the next.video tutorial in this series head over.to just divorce florida.com.the link is in the description box below.and purchase access to the entire.program right now just divorce is.Florida's only step by step.do-it-yourself resource that makes.filing for divorce in Florida.practically foolproof and when you.purchase access to the just divorce.program you also get access to several.bonus materials like a quick clean deed.to transfer property a simple will.packet and our special ebook how to.leverage the help of an attorney without.breaking the bank if you want to file.for divorce in Florida but you don't.have the money for a lawyer or you just.want to keep lawyers out of the process.just divorce is the resource you need to.obtain.and binding divorce without standing and.long lines at self-help centers are.struggling to figure things out on your.own if you're ready to get started visit.just divorce florida.com.today thanks for watching.

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