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Guide of Bahamas Application

hi everybody my name is shanae strong.and i.am the 2020 2021.bahamas evening scholar i am the.chiefling scholar this year for the.commonwealth of the bahamas and it is.with great pleasure.to bring to you guys this presentation.today on the overall evening process.my presentation is a little bit.different because we are.going through a hurricane right now so.you guys may hear the sound of rain.outside.but nevertheless i wanted to um present.this presentation to you guys.i thank jason sabah for being the host.of this and um.i am going to get started with my.presentation so.my evening journey started about a year.or so ago.with a question have you ever thought.about getting your masters.and pretty much that was a question that.tyrell smith posed to me.uh terrell smith was the chiefling.scholar with one of the evening scholars.last year of the bahamas.and she had asked me the question if i.ever thought about getting my masters.and to be honest with you guys i have.never thought about getting a master's.degree you know i figured.i got my associates i got my bachelor of.fine arts you know i started college.when i was 17 i finished when i was 24.you know so a major part of my adult.life was college and you know afterwards.i.i worked for a bit and the thought of.grad school was completely out of my.mind because my mom's thing was.well if you go to graduate school you.have to pay for it for yourself.so um when she asked me the question she.told me about.evening and i started to do my research.so after doing my research.i i realized that you know achieving.this is a pretty.like legit thing you know so.nevertheless uh when the applications.opened.that year in august august 5th i believe.of last year.um i decided to apply so um.what i'm gonna do now with this.presentation is kind of walk you guys uh.through um the process the overall.process so i'm going to start with the.application and i have my.evening portal open and i'm going to.illustrate with slides that i've created.as well as walk you through the process.so.when you start the application process.you know you start with your background.and um pretty straightforward and simple.information.you know your first name your last name.date of birth uh.citizenship where you'd like to go for.your interview your address.um then you move down to your education.information uh which i shared you know i.attended two colleges in the united.states northeast community college in.norfolk nebraska where i would have.obtained my um associate's degree.and then new mexico highlands university.where i would have obtained my bachelor.of fine arts degree.and then work experience you have to.have two at least two years of work.experience so.again i graduated college in 2014.uh with my bachelor of fine arts and uh.studying in the united states of those.of you that are familiar with studying.in the united states we did.we are eligible for the opt after.studies which uh you can work for a year.in your field of study.my field of study fell under the stem so.i ended working for 24 months in the.united states so.and between that and internships and.volunteer work and.i've been working for the broadcasting.corporation of the bahamas for the past.two years.you know i had well over two years of.work history.of work experience actually and you know.i shared that in there okay so moving on.to the second portion of the application.process.the essays the essays so this has been.the most common question that i've.gotten.will you share with me your essays and.for the reasons of plagiarism i will not.share my essays.uh with uh with anyone actually um but i.will share.and give a guideline of how i wrote them.so i started out i'm sharing that you.know i'm a product of a single parent.home.and you know i've always aspired to be.greater than what people expected of me.you know because i i grew up in a.society where uh children from single.parent homes you know we didn't go to.college you know we didn't.we didn't accomplish much we were just.statistics and i've always.strived to be different than that you.know i've always wanted to go to college.and become something.someone great in the world so i shared.that.and transitioning in from that i i.talked about how i started uh.college at northeast community college i.participated in speech and debate you.know i was awarded a full tuition.scholarship.i shared about how i was the captain of.the speech and debate team.you know i spare-headed community.service initiatives.you know and another thing that i shared.in my uh leadership and influence uh.essay was you know during my sophomore.year of.college i lost my father and you know.going through.the death of my dad and you know.happening on christmas break and school.is in two weeks and having to go through.that experience and still.continue on i i did share a little bit.about that and you know.my college awarded me the alliance club.award that year for um.i guess my courage you know i'm not.giving up.and um finishing uh finishing school.despite the fact that i had lost my.father.and then from there i transitioned into.um you know transferring to new mexico.highlands university where um i took.initiatives on.on my campus you know i produced a psa.for the campus violence prevention uh.center.you know and um i talked about how i was.selected to travel to washington dc.and interview scientists for the museum.so i share all of these um based on how.my leadership.opened all these opportunities and then.i.i closed it off by talking about and my.essays were really.roughly only about three or four.paragraphs but i closed it off and.talking about um.you know i returned home and you know i.worked at the broadcasting corporation.of the bahamas.i was given the responsibility to manage.just cooperation social medias.and you know um i founded a charity uh.within my first two years of being home.you know i encountered a homeless man.and i realized that a lot of people.really needed food so i founded an.organization where we went out into the.community.and we serve the less fortunate meals so.that pretty much sums up my leadership.and influence.essays so now moving on to networking so.achieving is looking for individuals.with strong professional relationship.building skills.who will engage with achieving community.and influence and lead others in their.chosen profession.so we are to explain this so when it.came to networking.i started off about talking about my.industry so.my industry is film and television and.the film and television industry is.basically not what you know but who you.know it's all about networking when.you're in the film and television.industry.i started off with that introduction um.i shared an example of.you know how i would have connect with a.professor during college.and you know sharing how networking.created lifelong.friendships and relationships and this.professor at this professor actually.assisted me with um.you know getting a job and i moved to.atlanta you know and she actually wrote.one of my uh recommendation letters uh.and so i shared that with the net.networking you know forming.relationships.um i also shared how i was a volunteer.of the american black film festival last.year in.miami florida i was one of 80.volunteers selected from 400.applications.400 applicants actually and i think it's.important to share these examples like.you know um being one out of 400.one out of 80 selected from 400 you know.really.uh it really shows a little bit about.you know.who you are as as a person and i talked.about my volunteer experience at the.um abff of the american black film.festival for nine days.i talked about how i networked with um.another person i was interested in film.and we have a friendship to this day.where we talk about film we share you.know what's going on in our lives and.such like that.um i also shared about um how i recently.completed uh.a course in entrepreneurship training.here in the bahamas hosted by the.government.and you know i shared about how we.created a whatsapp group.and um you know we talked about we share.business ideas and different things like.that.um i am also the administrator of a.whatsapp group that i created for.achieving.scholars interested in media journalism.and.communications um i also shared that as.well.and then uh the last thing that i would.have shared for.my networking experience and i'm going.to look to my notes here.so i talked about um gal on a mission uh.rexy roll.she is the vp of operations and um.general counsel of western air bahamas.which is one of the.largest well the largest privately owned.airline.in the commonwealth of the bahamas she.actually runs the airline.she's a young boss and she's a very good.friend of mine.and um i shared how our friendship.turned into.a partnership and we formed gal on a.mission.and basically we selected about 20 or so.girls.uh on the island of grand bahama and we.treated them to a day of.mentorship a day of sisterhood a day of.sharing goals dreams um a day of.inspiration a day of empowerment and um.yell on a mission is something that uh.we we uh we do you know we didn't do it.this year.or um last year because of hurricane.dorian and now we're in a pandemic.but um i'm sure next year we will.continue our gallon mission.so those are some of my example of.networking that i shared in my essays so.now we're moving on.to the third part of the essay which is.studying in the uk.so um basically uh this part of the.essay outline why you have chosen your.three university courses.and explain how this relates to your.academic or professional.experience your and your plans for the.future so.so i work for the broadcasting.corporation of the bahamas.and um my official title is a production.assistant.even though i do a lot more than a.production assistant um.that is the the title that they hired me.under um.when i hire when i was hired two years.ago two and a half years ago.but um i shared that you know that um.currently i'm a production assistant at.the broadcasting corporation of the.bahamas.but i have aspirations to be a.television producer.so um film and television is my industry.film and television is my passion.you know and um in my uh career.i aspire to be a television and film.producer.you know like shonda rhimes tyler perry.you know i aspire to be one of the.greats.of my generation in film and television.as a producer.and as well as a director i love to.direct and i also like the screenwrite.as well.so i shared that um my aspirations.to introduce my essay to introduce my.essay and.i talked about my my top my three.choices of.the colleges that i chose from that that.transitioned into.my top three choices of schools starting.with bournemouth university shout out to.everybody who's going to be you i chose.bournemouth for so many different.reasons.the location was a factor for me.i love the program you know it's very.hands-on.i love the uh the course options.the the course outlines um i love that.uh you know i have.the opportunity to do either research.project or production project um.i just love uh the options i love that.bournemouth.also the location on the coast at the.jurassic coast i'm an island girl i love.the beach.so um you know i love that i love uh the.town.everything about bournemouth was just a.winning factor for me and um.i also uh i also love that you know it.offered an.on-campus experience you know um that.was very important for me as well you.know i've.i've done five years of college i've.lived in the dorms i've lived out of the.dorms and i feel like for.my master's i want to live on campus to.be a part of the community.so um moving to my second choice uh was.the university of sterling.um their master is is well it was a.masters of science and um.factual television at the time of when i.applied it was actually television.content development and production.but they change it to factual television.and um.you know i have a scottish last name so.somewhere down the history books uh i'm.of scottish descent apparently.and i've always been fascinated about.scotland scotland has always been a.place that i've desired to visit.i think the loch ness monster is real.and waiting for me to arrive in scotland.to.to show herself so there's so much.reasons why i wanted to study in.scotland.on top of that the university of.sterling oh my gosh it was just um.everything about um their program was.appealing i was able to skype with the.program.director and and it was an amazing.conversation and she was excited about.me studying there and.you know and she she just thought so.highly of me and i felt so humbled.and um so that was my second uh choice.uh the school.you know located in a very safe city i.talked about that you know so you want.to talk about the fact that you.researched.your school you researched um your town.that you're going to live in.i also shared that um you know the.school had a spiritual community on.campus.and i'm a christian and my faith is very.important isn't.a very in fact the most important part.of my life so.being in a campus uh that has that.aspect.was a winning factor for me as well when.choosing at the university of sterling.even though i didn't choose it this was.actually my first choice before i'm four.minutes.but um and i shared a little bit about.you know having a last name with.scottish descent.i shared about my fascination of uh loch.ness.and um you know i also shared that.pursuing my masters would be.educational but also a cultural and.adventurous experience as well.you know so those are some of the uh.examples i shared in my.uh in my second choice when i came to.the university of sterling.now my third choice was royal holloway.university of london.and what i really shared about this.choice is i really love the course you.know specifically.um they had international media business.and marketing and media law.those two courses really really was a.winning factor for me because of course.you know working for the broadcasting.cooperation of the bahamas i want to.implement um.new strategies uh new ideas of.production.film television things like that i think.it's very important to learn.international media business and.marketing and media law because the.producer.you know we deal with the finances we.deal with the funding so.that would have been um beneficial uh to.me.and i shared that as well i shared about.you know.being in central london which is the.heart of the film industry.um which would uh open me up for great.hands-on.experience and networking so and i.pretty much close it off.by saying you know all of these courses.will give me skills that i need to.develop the.broadcasting cooperation of the bahamas.and the grand bahama film and television.industry.so that pretty much sums it up i didn't.choose a royal holloway because.of the central london campus the program.has to be taken in central london and.again i'm looking for more of a college.experience i'm looking to.live on campus as nice as it would seem.to say that i live in london.you know for me the experience of this.year.is really most important for me and um.you know my college is two and a half.hours from london.enterprise car rentals a couple friends.road trips.i think i will be able to see london a.lot during this year.so transitioning to the final part.um the final essay is career plan and um.i feel like.you know i'm a pretty uh i guess.i'm a pretty i'm a planner.if that makes sense so um i pretty much.mapped out my career plan.on a 10-year basis basically and that's.what i shared.for the final essay so i told them you.know what i would do immediately.after i finish my studies um i would.meet with the.management team at the corporation and.um.pretty much propose to oversee a.department.uh that uh works on the development and.creating of um.original content for bohemian television.which would be film and television shows.i talked about how i would you know meet.with the general manager and.outline my um ideas for operating the um.operating uh the other programming.department.which of course would deal with that i.share how i would develop strategies to.establish as.a content producing television station.um i also share my long-term career goal.which is to be the driving force behind.the film.and television industry on my island i.shared how you know the economy the.economy has been sluggish for.more than a decade and i honestly.believe that film and television is the.industry that will restore that economy.um i also share about hurricane dorian.um i don't know if you guys know but.last year we was hit with the most.catastrophic hurricane in the history.of the bahamas in our lifetime hurricane.dorian.and um you know i really share how um.my passion to develop the film and tele.television industry is to.create a new economy for my island you.know i've been in the.georgia film industry the new mexico.film industry and i know.how the film and television industry um.creates economies so.i shared that i shared a little bit.about the film history of grand bahama.and you know how we have a film studio.where disney film two films.and um i l i share um another.entrepreneur adventure of mine as well.and um yeah and i pretty much uh mapped.out my career plan on a 10.year timeline from 2019 to 2029.and you know ended off by saying you.know um.in 10 years i see grand bahama being the.number one destination for filmmaking in.the caribbean as well as tourism.and the broadcasting corporation of the.bahamas being known as one of the number.one television stations in the caribbean.for producing quality content and.entertainment.that broadcast worldwide so your career.plan you know you want to be.you wanna you wanna you know outline.that you have this thing.you have it you know kinda mapped out.um i say you know you wanna show them.that you're ambitious you wanna show.them that you're driven.and you want to show them basically that.you have a plan and.um that sums up uh the essays.okay so now we're moving on.to uh the third part of the application.process.where um you put in the university.information have you applied.and at the time i had applied to all.three of my universities and i already.had um.i think two unconditional offers or.three unconditional offers.i uploaded my reference letters which i.used um my film professor.from college who is now actually a dean.uh at us.at sun uh jose community college and um.i also use dr erica durkas who was my.networking experience uh.as my reference so you want to use.references that um.you know have credibility like you know.kerry is now a dean of a college.you know so that looks really good and.dr erica durkas she is um.she uh she's she's awesome you know.she's awesome she owes many many titles.she's the.co-founder of the woman studies program.you know she uh.the um the new mexico highlands.university women's center.she's the advisor of that so i use those.two as my references.um you answer the immigration questions.you know do you have a valid passport.your passport information have you ever.been refused for a visa.and i've never had any problems with the.law being deported or.arrested or anything like that so you.know.that information was pretty.straightforward and then you go.into the terms and condition uh.mandatory to event um achieving.events i will actively engage in the.achieving network.i will remain in the uk during my.studies.you know pretty much agreeing to all the.terms and conditions of the achievement.scholarship so that was pretty.straightforward yes yes yes yes yes.and then um lastly uploading uh the.documents.and then you submit so.they ask you like equal opportunity.questions i don't have a disability.um i don't require any specific uh.arrangements for interview.state your gender are you from any.indigenous tribes or anything like that.how did you hear for about.evening uh pretty much uh the questions.and then um.uploading your transcripts i know there.was a deadline to upload your.transcripts i actually uploaded my.transcripts in about january.and um you know the english language.qualification test um the bahamas is an.english-speaking country so we were.exempt from that.so i am just showed my a copy of my.bachelor of.fine arts degree and um.you know i upload my conditional i had.one conditional awful lead and i had to.unconditional offer letters i uploaded.that i uploaded my references.my passport documents and um so this is.the phase where you upload your.documents it's pretty straightforward.and i think later on you have to do your.scholar bio your scholar.your scholar bio and that's pretty much.it and that's pretty much.uh the overall application process so.uh i thought i thought on a scale of one.to ten.i thought it was pretty easy so i would.give it about a 10. you know.i'm a writer so the essays wasn't really.a big issue for me.and i thought the process was pretty.straightforward um.to date where i'm at my program officer.emailed me on friday.uh she has been in communication with.bournemouth university.and she is um getting ready to issue my.final award letter which will be sent to.the british high commission to be signed.here in nassau bahamas well there in.nassau bahamas.i'm actually in freeport bahamas but um.once that's signed and i'll get a copy.of that i send that back to bournemouth.barman sends me my cas.and i begin applying for my visa so.that's where i'm at to date um overall.the the journey has been pretty well.pretty great accommodations i've already.sorted out my accommodations you know i.plan to live.on campus so i'm going to be living in.the on campus housing.and that's working out pretty smoothly.um.any other questions uh i did not pay my.deposit.i explained to my uh school that i was.um.applying for the achievement scholarship.and they did you know put a note on my.account so bournemouth was really great.about that.i also didn't pay uh the deposit for.housing either.you know i explained the cheapening.situation and um.so that worked uh pretty well.and that's pretty much my presentation.um i if you guys have any questions feel.free to contact me.um on social media everything is at.shanae strawn.i'm on instagram i'm on twitter facebook.i leave for friends and family so um.instagram and twitter would probably be.the best.way to reach me um i also.i'm a youtuber so please uh subscribe to.my youtube channel i'm going to be.vlogging and documenting this journey um.once i start moving and going for the.visa and stuff like that so please.subscribe to my youtube channel.if you have any questions please feel.free to email me and.i'm gonna post all my contact.information on the screen.i hope you guys um were um i hope this.presentation was very helpful.to you guys and it was a great delight.to share.um with you guys today um i hope.everybody just have.uh be safe out there covet 19 is still.happening so i always tell people stay.safe stay sane you know take care of.your mental health and stay sanitized.um god bless you all anyone that's going.to bournemouth university i look forward.to seeing you guys in a month.and uh take care god bless.

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The IIFT application form process is in online mode only while to make the payment, candidates can opt for the online as well as offline mode. The end date to submit the IIFT application form has also been extended till September 15, 2017. Check the steps to register for IIFT Application Form 2018 .

How do I fill the JEE (Main) application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how can you fill the application form for the exam. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

How do I fill out the CAT 2018 application form?

There is a detailed instruction on how to fill up the form on the CAT website. Both written and a video format. The instructions are easy to follow. If you still find it difficult talk to a faculty if you are taking coaching in any institute or anyone known to you who has already filled the form.

What is the procedure for filling out the CPT registration form online?

You are asking for cpt examination or cpt registration If for registration then sorry but now you can only register for CA foundation If you have registered yourself for cpt before then for filling exam form go to icaiexam.icai.org and you will find all details there. Best of luck

Can I go to Bahamas with US tourist visa?

Yes, you can. You have to apply for Canadian visitor visa with the canadian embassy or consulate in US. The waiting times might vary depending upon which city you choose. I am only aware of New york, Detroit, Seattle and LA visa application centers. You may not need a visa if you are from visa exempt country. Here is a helpful link Apply - Visit Canada as a tourist

How do I get a tourist visa for the Bahamas?

this link may help U Entry Requirements | The Official Site of The Bahamas Entry Requirements Bahamas Visa, United States: Application, Requirements. Apply for ... https://bahamas.visahq.com/

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