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The Information Guidance for Pakistan Consulate Houston Visa Application Form

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Find out How to Write Down the Pakistan Consulate Houston Visa Application Form

and I'm gonna talk about paper-based.application online application and the.comparison between the both advantages.disadvantages and how you can navigate.to the boat if you want to go.paper-based and then transition to.online how can you do that you got me.and I'm gonna break it down for y'all.let's go let's go ah all right you.cannot win the war against the world.if you cannot win the war against your.mind what's poppin everybody it's your.boy no well and I'm super excited and.I'm doing this video for you and once.again you welcome to my youtube channel.I'm super super super super SuperDuper.excited and if you're watching this.video is because I believe that I can.get a visa into your passport and if you.watch the videos that I do and you use.them in the right way you will know if.you can come to Canada and if you.believe that you can come to Canada and.you use this information I'll see you in.Canada very soon all right so in today's.video I'll be taking you through your.visa 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apply the third time and then I.got approved right so I just wanted to.give you that information before I ask.you this question.so my dear friend can you subscribe to.this YouTube channel because I really.believe that you will get the best.quality information there is about life.in Canada and immigration to Canada so.we're gonna give you some day VIP moment.in a moment of silence as you're.subscribed thank you so very much.you're the best in the world and to all.of you watching I want you to know that.I really love you calmed opportunity of.use em oh cool all right.in today's video I'll be taking you to.crafting your application proper if you.haven't watched the other videos I.highly recommend you to go watch them.before watching this one but if you're.as curious as I am you want to watch.this one this one is so loaded and I'm.very convinced that there's no video on.the Internet that's gonna give you all.of the information that I'm about to.give you in one video so sit back go get.a popcorn and watch all the way all.right first things first.now you're ready to submit your.application and I'm gonna talk about.paper based application online.application and the comparison between.the both advantages disadvantages and.how you can navigate through the both if.you want to go paper-based and then.transition to online how can you do that.you got me and I'm gonna break it down.for y'all let's go let's go.ah all right so first things first I'm.gonna start with the paper based.application to apply for a paper based.application this time I'm assuming that.you have all your documents ready you've.downloaded the forms you have all the.proofs you have all your identification.documents which we talked about in the.previous video.that video was so loaded even I I knew.it was something went out of me power.just like Jesus said it says something.went out of me in that video I'm telling.you I described the ins and outs of the.proofs and papers and documents you need.it and you should go check it out all.right so now you have all the documents.ready and you are ready to submit your.application the first thing which you.have to do of course is to search or.Google search these are application.centers if you are in a country where.there's no Embassy or there's no.Canadian Consulate what you typically.have is a VA see what is called a Visa.Application Center and in a bit I'm.going to show you how to search where.they are located and how to go about.your application and so once you show up.at the Visa Application Center the.process is going to be very.straightforward for me it took around 20.minutes without the line if there's no.line or holdup it's gonna take you.around 20 minutes to go through the.process so you have all the forms.somebody will receive you and just go.through your application package just to.make sure that you have all the forms.and everything in the right place and.then you're going to have to pay I think.around $100 for their processing fee.which we include the fee for.transporting your documents to the.consulate or to the embassy for the.posting and the mailing and everything.and then you're also gonna have to pay.one hundred and fifty dollars for.application fee and I think eighty five.dollars for your biometrics right by.matrix include like facial rec is facial.recognition.Jesus Christ like your fingerprints and.some other identification biological.identification that's unique to you and.once you get into the Canadian system.there's no going back but anyways that's.what typically you have to do and it's.as simple as that but at the end of the.process they're gonna give you.something called a tracking ID now this.is where it gets interesting and this is.where I bring in the information that.you really need right leave a thumbs up.to this video guys alright so they're.gonna give you what is called a tracking.ID and with that tracking ID I'm gonna.show you how you can use that tracking.ID to follow up where your visa.application is actually at at any given.point in time so from the minute you.submit your application it's gonna take.about two days for your visa to show up.or your application to short online and.from that moment you can start.monitoring how your application is being.processed or you can monitor how your.application is advancing to the.processes and without further ado let's.go let's go let's go let's go all right.I'm super excited guys each time I have.to share information with you I'm so.pumped up so I'm gonna take you to my.computer screen and in three two one.action alright so like you can see.already I have tons of videos that are.gonna help you to immigrate to Canada.right okay so you want to subscribe if.you haven't already I highly recommend.you too but that's not what we're going.to when we're going to is Canada that CA.and the first thing they're gonna ask.you is to choose a language poor Margie.Polley from say and hungry I pull the.moment on Vishwa Zee I'm glad show off.all right now you're here and so you.want to find the location of the place.where you're going to submit your.application or the VA see that's closest.to you so you're going to come here and.search VA see the IC there you go and.find a Visa Application Center there you.go you choose that.and you come down here somewhere around.here it has tons of information but I.don't want to take you all around and.I'll show you what you need to know so.you see immigration but already it tells.you here this is now the toggle bar.where you can toggle your search so.which country supports my youtube.channel the most anyways I'm not going.to go racial here is that racial I love.all of you guys.super super very much but since Nigeria.is in front of me I might as well go.with Nigeria but if say you want to go.like say India you can search India here.and India or come up you see Donna there.you go you see Ghana with the.application center Cameroon there you go.so once you search um you put in the.country it's gonna bring up all the visa.application centers that are there but.Nigeria I love you guys so let's go with.Nigeria and Abuja Lagos Abuja Legos huh.I'm gonna go with Legos.alright so it's gonna take it to the.visa application Center website for.Lagos Nigeria and on the website is avi.has tons of information that's going to.help you and so apply for a visa book.and appointment so you can schedule your.appointment to actually apply for the.visa so you don't actually go and wait.in the line right all right but I want.to show you after you go there you share.your application your appointment and.you applied so how do you track the.progress of your application right here.somewhere up here apply for a visa track.your application see once you click on.that it's gonna take you now to this.webpage and for application logged on.after 2nd of November click here there.you go.ok now we are here.so this is where you're going to need to.input your tracking ID and your date of.birth so those are the two key.information that you will need in order.to monitor the progress of your.application the tracking ID number which.I spoke to you about and then your date.of birth if you were born in whatever.day I'm just messing with you all right.so we're just going to take a tracking.ID number randomly bla bla bla bla and.my date of birth people like me say I.was born in April of the 29th not 2020.geez say um hmm 1983 like 1987 who is.this geez can you hold her thank you oh.my god see anyways guys sorry about that.we're just gonna go on okay in anyways.I'm doing this for you so let's go on.alright so enter the number you've seen.vu L H M submit no records found right.it says the application doesn't exist.because the tracking ID doesn't exist.either but if you had your tracking ID.of course you will have a record show up.telling you where exactly um your.application is what is happening what is.happening to the application right now.and what stage it is but it won't give.you as much detailed information as if.you were monitoring it online as in if.you had a Canada account where you're.monitoring it to your profile so I'm.gonna show you how you're gonna link.your paper based application and then.track it or track it online right keep.watching all right so let's move on to.the next one which is um tracking or.linking a paper application to.online account and monitoring the detail.progression of the application you got.me you got me on your team oh you got me.on your team all right so let's go.alright so the first thing you will have.to do of course is to create an.application but before we want to create.an application I'm gonna show you on my.application and I'm gonna log into my.application show you how to link it and.then I'm gonna show you how to create an.application so let's go back to Canada.dossier so this is the home and as you.can see right here it shows um sign into.an account all right now take sign into.an account so he sees here visitor's.visa word blah blah blah alright sign in.with a GC key so whether you're signing.in with a GC key or a partner account.their differences if you are outside of.Canada you probably don't have a.Canadian bank account if you live in.Canada you probably have a bank account.so you can use your online banking.credentials and log into your Canadian.account they have some sort of a.partnership where they just share.information and it can permit you to do.that so for you probably you don't have.that sorry about that I'm gonna show you.how to do that in a bit and again guys.please I'm just doing this videos to.help as many people as I can so if you.come in contact with any of my private.information.I'll try as much as possible to conceal.them but if you come in contact with any.of my private information please do not.explore them negatively okay down the.Varden alright so let's move on so I'm.just gonna accept and log on.you're gonna Claire this security.question once you create a security oh.okay I think I know what the problem.yes all right so here you are in my.account so this account has the.information of all the applications that.I've ever made for immigration to Canada.and as you can see when I told you that.I applied to come to Canada three times.I wasn't kidding around.all right so this is it the first time.May of 2017.the first June of 21st 2017 and then I.took an one year off you see June 19.2008 II actually applied earlier it's.just that I linked my application as you.can see oh I didn't want to come there.but let's go back not as you can see I.linked my application somewhere here see.application number has been linked to.your account in June 19 they actually.apply in me and I linked my account in.June so I because I had tons of.documents to show me I couldn't use the.online method I used to own the.paper-based because I had a lot of.documents to submit so once I saw me to.the document and then I leave now my.paper based application online guys I.did my homework I research every bit of.information there was about visa.application I'm your guy all right all.right so let's go check out this.application all right so as you can see.for example this is it it was received.on this day so this section is gonna.give you on now how you monitoring your.application online if you are playing.online you're gonna go through a series.of steps or stages the first one is.eligibility check eligibility is your.proof of funds criminal record and as.the steps are progressing they're going.to tell you what step or what stage you.are in and if you clear that stage the.equally gonna tell you okay you just.pass eligibility for funds.you just pass criminal eligibility and.so you can see your application involved.in real time following this online and.it's very very good and down here.they're going to be communicating with.you of course the information regarding.application let me show you my letter of.excuse me let's have acceptance which.geez excuse me.my letter which I receive accepting my.visa downloaded alright anyways we're.gonna do that some other video but let's.just go and let me show you how to link.your application online right and if.you're already where visual on you would.have seen a link which showed that so.once you create an application you're.gonna see this link add your application.add an application to your account or.link so if I click here they're going to.ask me a series of questions like what.program did you apply for of course.temporary residents right temporal.residents okay.no temporary residence visa so it's.going to no prompt you about asking not.a couple of questions regarding the kind.of visa that you want to apply for that.you applied for and it going to take you.through a series of steps which you need.to answer questions and then to those.questions that your answer is going to.search their database and get.information about your particular your.particular application and once that.comes up you'll be able to link it out.to your online application and track the.process and another question what if you.have a document that you want to include.in your application and you kind of.omitted the document or you came in.contact with a piece of information that.you believe will help your application.or if your application is taking longer.and you want to find out what is going.on with your application and you want to.communicate with the application officer.or visa agent how do you do it you got.me and I'm gonna break it down for you.it's how you this is how you do it.so on in your application profile again.watch the video about application.creating an online application profile.you come here on the contact information.at the bottom of the page the click.inquiries says are you sure you want to.exit that section yes we're done with.that to continue so inquiries is going.to ask you a bunch of questions but this.is where we're interested in so meet a.case-specific inquiry so we want to ask.questions about your application we want.to probably ask your online account or.your your website suggest that the.processing of my application would take.three weeks but already is more than.three weeks what's going on I want to.know more please can you tell me what's.happening with my application and you.want to send that question to the visa.agent processing your application this.is how you do it right you come to.case-specific inquiry and from there you.are going to answer some questions and.then it's going to prompt you to send.your message now you say tell tell us.more about your application all right I.don't want to read the text because as.you can see I'm already speaking really.fast like a robo cop because there's a.lot in this video I just want to get to.it a lot faster so I said I'll be.playing for a student work or work.permanent blah blah blah blah so yes if.your application is your application.being processed outside of Canada yes it.is so choose the visa office processing.application Senegal comm that will be.for Cameroonians but I'm just gonna take.Nigeria.legis Niger people huh a car rule my.people with the Akali whatever time.you're watching this and for my evil.people evil Quino Quino quiz when you.whoa Cameroon yawns you guys better show.up okay I just that I love Nigerians a.lot because they always come and my.videos they always keep it tums up and.they always give very positive feedbacks.to me how to make it better and I love.everybody who subscribe to my channel.Indians Kenyans Cameroonian Senegalese.everybody out there and I give a.shout-out to you guys Nadia Fawzi I love.you thank you guys so very much since.yeah all of you guys so keep watching.alright so you get the web form and so.you watch this that's it watch this.Jesus Christ you feel the phone so.they're gonna ask you some questions.what type of enquiry do you want to make.what type of application um okay so.we're gonna scroll through and see what.pertains to a situation.okay um permanent residency OH.temporary residency yep apply it online.or by mail so I'm gonna cheat down.select online so type of application you.make tempura resinous apply it online.visa study permit yep study permit so.you can right now your message hi maybe.I don't understand why my visa is taking.longer you want to be nice and.diplomatic of course for me I'm gonna.write this message hi.thank you my love lovely subscribers for.leaving but you can write anything that.you want to right there but thank you.guys very much for liking and.subscribing to this video so you can go.and put all sorts of documents is going.to take you now answer after answering.all of these questions is going to take.you to the next step which will prompt.you to upload the document that you want.to upload from that is going to go to.the next step then you can click Submit.so that's how you provide more.information or ask more questions from.the person processing your application.or if your application is taking longer.than necessary that's how you get more.information about why that's happening.for me I used this a lot and how I came.in contact with this is because normally.my application was solicited three weeks.but it took six months six healthy.months if I was ever going to run out of.patience for anything believe me I would.have so I had to find out how to.communicate with the guys and I found.out so I'm sharing with you so you don't.need to go through the hustle again oh.boy.alright so we've covered that I hope.that was informative of course thumbs up.and subscribe alright the next thing.we're gonna talk about is properly now.how do you create an online application.profile that one is just a piece of cake.but it might take a bit of more time I'm.C gonna do it cuz I love you very much.and I really want to help as many people.as I can to come over to Canada if you.weigh up to me I'll just send an empty.plane and say if you are subscribed to.new hobbies channel get into this flame.show me a subscription and get into this.play let's go cut it up here we go.and I bring all of you guys over but.there's a process to get a visa in your.passport and so that's why I'm doing.this videos and I keep doing as many.videos as I can and I just kindly ask a.one thing from all of you I really want.to grow my YouTube channel to as many.subscribers as possible to reach as many.people and to avoid people being scammed.and deceived so spread the gospel if you.have groups that you're in and people.who are interested in the greater Canada.even slash your friends forward.subscribe I can't believe I'm doing this.film just the way right it's gonna help.them but anyways so it is what it is now.let's go create an application profile.for you so I'm going to log out of my.application and again we're going to go.to Canada dossier start all over come.that between you Bush was in from no.part on same angle a pass school it's my.premier lambda all right so once you are.Canada dossier and you are preparing to.do immigration to Canada so you're gonna.choose Immigration and Citizenship here.alright again two days you can file your.taxes once you're in Canada and so many.other things all right so you come to in.my application visit immigrate study so.I'm gonna take studying right or better.still not even before we start choosing.study we're just going to go to my.application right so it's going to take.you and ask you if you want to create or.sign in an account so you take sign in.or create an account here and once you.do that I'm going to bring you back to.this page remember I spoke to you about.JC key and sign in with signing partners.the gck simply is like a Facebook.profile right but the signing partner is.like if I can show you view list is like.banks you see like bands TD Bank Koshiba.an RBC de Chardin and several partners.that they have with which with whom.rather if you have an account you can.use your online banking information and.no on but for most of my viewers they.probably won't have that so we're gonna.do a GC key let me show you how to.create it so you're still gonna choose.sign in with a GC key and then you're.going to take sign up oh I'm already.signing so let me log out and.okay let me log out and do the same.thing sorry about that my application.signing or creating a town signing with.the GC key it's good that I do it over.and over again now so you can see the.process right and as you can see sign up.I always tell people if you can sign up.with Facebook or any other platform you.can create an online application to.Canada so I take sign up right and then.you have to accept this whatever policy.so you're going to have to create a.username right now I'm going to use for.example I'm going to use Bucky Brown BB.alright so if I take continue for.example oh it's gonna say you don't have.to use space.so take continue and you create your.password you're gonna create your ID.sorry your password and after you do.that pretty much you're good to go and.it's gonna ask you now a couple of.questions regarding your identification.your date of birth your blah blah blah.once you do that it will take you to the.place where hours for you to now create.an application for a study permit or.whatever application you want so that's.how you create a profile online but now.that you create a profile or after you.see it's a step tweak of for password.questions and answers after you do that.you would have created an application is.now going to ask you to create a study.permit application what permit a.visitor's visa application whatever kind.of application that you want to do.that's how simple it is to create an.online profile to apply for a visa or.whatever kind of these.that you want to apply to Canada so that.said of course I hope that this video is.useful and provides information to you.right I really want to help you come to.Canada so leave a thumbs up and.subscribe ok so let's go now I'm just.gonna sign in with my application or my.profile just not to create several.profiles so you can see it right alright.so here we are once more this is my.online application on my online profile.it tells you all the applications I made.and the refusal Jesus Christ.so I we're gonna do another video just.taking you through them and showing you.why the application was refused and how.you can avoid that all right so this is.where you want to come to apply to come.to Canada and just to mention and give.somebody who is thinking smart out there.what I did and what you can do is you.can apply to come to Canada of course.and change your school if you come to.Canada and the program which you want to.do is no longer what you think is best.for you you can switch so I'm not gonna.say how creative you can be with that.but all the ideas are already coming to.you already right so apply to come to.Canada it's gonna ask if you have.something called a reference number or.personal reference code this personal.reference code is there's a.questionnaire that's available still on.this website through which if you answer.the questions is going to tell you all.the things that you are eligible to.apply for in Canada Express Entry story.visa work permit and all of that I'll do.that in another video but since you I'm.assuming you do not have a personal.reference code what is going to go ahead.and skip that so for example I'm going.to skip that.I'm just give me a minute to figure.something out.okay all my strength will die.where your nose.my strands what I felt but God and you.desire.you deserve all the adoration your.testimonies on my meditation and it's a.fruit on these things I gave myself no.stress for me.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].my life is straight to the top only one.direction up water we go I'm in that.trunk Winstead episode with short of a.salvation through Christ I know like.under wings like an eagle.I was made by the skies.[Music].trust me your name.[Music].my strength would have built be die -.you deserve it already know you miss out.my free.my strands were building the.pray.Oh.[Music].oh yeah.[Music].[Music].[Music].I thank you for all you've done for me.[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].I can.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].you.

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Pakistan Consulate Houston Visa Application Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding Pakistan Consulate Houston Visa Application Form. Let us know if you have any other confusion.

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How do I fill out the application for a Schengen visa?

Dear Rick, A Schengen visa application form requires the information about your passport, intended dates and duration of visit, sponsor’s or inviting person's details, previous schengen visa history etc. If you have these details with you, it is very easy to fill out the visa application.

How do I fill out the New Zealand visa form?

Hi, Towards the front of your Immigration Form there is a check list. This check list explains the documents you will need to include with your form (i.e. passport documents, proof of funds, medical information etc). With any visa application it’s important to ensure that you attach all the required information or your application may be returned to you. The forms themselves will guide you through the process, but you must ensure you have the correct form for the visa you want to apply for. Given that some visa applications can carry hefty fees it may also be wise to check with an Immigration Adviser or Lawyer as to whether you qualify for that particular visa. The form itself will explain which parts you need to fill out and which parts you don’t. If you don’t understand the form you may wish to get a friend or a family member to explain it to you. There is a part at the back of the form for them to complete saying that they have assisted you in the completion of it. If all else fails you may need to seek advice from a Immigration Adviser or Lawyer. However, I always suggest calling around so you can ensure you get the best deal.

How do I apply for a Schengen visa in the USA as an Indian?

Depends on the country you’re visiting but most EU countries have a standard procedure - prepare your visa application, and go for an appointment to VFS/Embassy for biometrics. Or just try Atlas, and let it handle all this for you.

How do I fill the German national visa application form?

Well, The German Consulate VISA form is an Editable PDF, download to your computer, fill it, even if it is wrong you can correct it. Rest you know what needs to be done..

How long does Pakistani visa take?

At the moment it takes longer than usual but you should apply at least 4 months out now but usually Pakistan is on the SDS list meaning 10 day processing however now its taking way longer hence the 4 months

How long does it take to get a visa to Pakistan?

Hi All, While the required documents might differ slightly depending on the consulate, in general, you'll need the following: A passport valid for at least six months after your stay in Pakistan, with at least one blank visa page. Thank You !!

How do I pay for US visa fee?

Apply for visa , all application have to separate filled even if it’s minor. So complete the DS-160 form. Once filled submit it, Once you submit the form successfully it will generate a unique number. And it will send the confirmation on your registered email. Take the print out of that and go to axis bank , that’s a place where you can pay cash also. On you can log on again and then pay online , the site will take you step by step to make payments. It will also tell you exact amount what to pay. Once payment is done. It will again give you a code. And then after 2 to 3 once he payment is updated it will generate another code that code is to be used to for appointment section for biometric and interview. In this section the system will start asking you few question which decided if you are eligible for interview waiver or not

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