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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing South African Application Form Online

CocoSign provides wings to your business by simplifying document workflow and optimizing business processes. Want to know more about the South African Application Form ? Read on to find out how to sign and fill your form quickly and easly.

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The Definite Guide to South African Application Form

youtube video

Check How to Enter the South African Application Form

I'm gonna develop SHINee hello and your.CEO moaning in Johnny welcome back to my.channel if you're returning and then and.if he knew welcome my name is pilla and.thank you so much for clicking on my.video please make sure you watch all the.way to the end so today I'm not even.gonna make my introduction very long.because I have so much stuff to talk.about.and as you see from the title of this.video I will be talking about the.application process for teaching in.South Korea as an English teacher.obviously so let's get right into it.[Music].yeah so let's say you want to go teach.in South Korea but where do you even.begin number one criteria you need to.make sure that you're eligible you.qualify to be an English teacher in.South Korea in the first place and the.requirements for that on a bow on.citizenship so you have to be from one.of the seven countries were not ideas of.the seven countries which are South.Africa USA the UK Canada Ireland New.Zealand and Australia and if you are not.from any of these countries or your.citizens that you're not from there you.have to prove that you have been.educated in one of these countries for.about 10 years or more it is from when.you went great I mean from when you were.12 years old or anything else any hazard.sirens my house is right by the fire.department so okay so you have to have a.three or four year degree in anything as.long as it was taught in English and it.has to be from an accredited and.recognised university or college or any.other tertiary institution in South.Africa and to check if it's accredited.to check if your university or college.is accredited you can check on the.Department of higher education and.training I'll leave the link below to.that website but it's dhat toward.capital said a and if you don't have a.degree you qualify if you have a BTech.obviously after doing your diploma.because it is seen as the equivalent of.a degree yeah I think that early apply.is going to private schools comment.semaphore no criminal record or keen.criminal background so this means you.can't have a criminal record for.anything I think there's anywhere to.elaborate on that and requirement number.five table and taste certificate and.these really apply for when you want to.go teach at a public or.and somehow points or something private.academies private schools are starting.to want to take on a test or certificate.table stands for teach English as a.foreign language teh still stands or was.a person yeah.the tehsil stands for teach English to.speakers of other languages so it's a.certificate that you can get online or.you can get it physically you can go to.practical classes and it takes yeah okay.if you guys need a video on that please.let me know down in the comment section.and I'll do a video on it and also.please note if you have a degree in.education or a degree in English you do.not have to have a temple or taste or.certificates even for a private school.so now that you know the requirements is.jump into the processes before we even.start with the step-by-step process.there's one question that's very.important when should you apply there's.always vacancies throughout the year in.the schools especially private schools.but another the epic program in the.divinest attempt of me this tip of me.but for private schools that usually.taking people throughout the year if.there's teacher missing or if they need.at each other they can put you in so.there's usually vacancies but the best.time to do apply is I think watch slash.library or August / September and March.is the beginning of the academic year I.believe.yeah well the school year begins in.March and then the academic semester.begins in September so that's what new.teachers are going to teachers are.needed because other teachers are going.out of national contract so this is not.to say that you can't apply.excuse me it's not to say that you can.apply with era but you said better.trances and is more they can see.August and February okay now for the.step by step okay so step one before we.even start applying I would advise you.before you even find an agency or an.agent I would advise you to make sure.you have your documents ready so step.one is documents these documents I need.to be ready are wearing a passport.please make sure it's up to date it's.not lost you know where it is it's up to.date it's not expiring in the next year.or so number two your original police.clearance that you can apply for at the.staffing services so you can go to your.local police station and tell them.you're applying for a criminal record.check a CRC and then that's when I.literally was about ninety five grand so.it should be about a hundred and twenty.threats if that takes long so I think.you should have profit that before you.do anything I could say before and all.you need is visit your ID when your.passport and your fingerprints and my.number three you need a copy of your.health check so a copy of your health.check it's not really necessary anymore.but it's to be on the safe side I'd say.get yourself checked out immediately.because when you get to Korea from the.first week they'll take you to our.hospital to get yourself checked out.so rather get yourself checked out so.that if you find anything then you can.work on it before you even apply you.need for passport photos I think color.color is Anita an updated copy of your.CV or resume as the Americans call it.and you also need obviously two copies.of your degree and your degree needs to.be notarized in the past old so.notarized basically means sorry other.consonants and I keep checking notarized.basically means that the Department of.Higher Education and Training give you a.letter stating that yes you went to this.University and yes this moves this.university is accredited and recognized.in South Africa and then it goes to the.Department of International Relations.and corporations which is do a code it's.also in Pretoria after you notarize your.documents you take them to the park the.Department of International Relations in.corporation where they are post all your.documents they oppress all your.criminal record and the apostille yo.degrees step 2 is research agencies and.schools that you want to teach it so for.people who are wanting to teach in the.public school so that means you have.your degree and you have your typical.certificate or you have a degree in.English or education so you can apply at.a government program called epic which.is a Pik which stands for English.program in Korea and I'll leave the link.also in the description box below and.basically so you can either apply online.on their website so you can read up on.any and every information that you'll.run from the day and then if you have.any questions you can contact them about.their program because I don't know it.very well and yeah so you can apply on.the program and another agencies that.are very good so if you don't want to do.the the application process alone and.you want an agent who's going to help.you through the whole process you can.contact co Viacom Kalia or the aviator.comma put it in the description box.below.excuse me and Korean Verizon's dot-com.so they are also very well trusted very.well reliable very reliable agencies in.Korea that help all that recruit.teachers and also they're all free all.the agencies in Korea are free so if.anyone ever comes to you and says you.have to pay a fee it's it's a scam and.then for the people who don't have a.typical certificate and don't want to.get a type of certificate you could use.the two so these are the two agencies.that I am confident enough in to.recommend to you guys without fearing.that you'll be scammed or be in danger.so the first one is Dave's ESL cafe and.I'll leave that descript the link below.and the second one is so ESL 3 is you.contact your agency or you contact your.school now that you've read up on them.and you've got the questions that you.think you want to ask you can send them.an email on a conformal email or you can.check on their website so you contact.your agency and you tell them exactly.what you want you tell anyone I teach.English be sure you know like what.grades you want to teach because.sometimes they'll ask you that or what.grades are you comfortable with what.grades you were faced with if there's.any if there's like a certain city that.want to teach it also please make sure.you're not scared to ask any questions.like any question you have no matter how.damn it is ask them ask your agents.they're willing to answer everything.because they know can I help you with.like mock interviews and what to expect.etc and if they stop that here too.scared to ask please make sure you use.send comments below like you asked me in.the comment section below or you can get.em me on my Instagram I don't really use.Facebook anymore so what happens with.the agencies is that you contact them.you tell them hey my name is Pilar I'd.like to apply for a teaching post in.South Korea I have a degree in.psychology I don't have a typical.certificate I'm tweeting whatever and.yeah this is the time that I'm ready to.come and teach and then they'll ask for.all your documents say yeah all my.documents already this is what I have.this is what I'm still waiting for but.yeah what's the way forward and then.they all look around for schools for you.and then they'll help you like they'll.do mock interviews with you so you'll.have like a fake interview with them but.make sure cuz then they're gonna call.you and talk to you like they're gonna.Skype interview you and talk to you make.sure that you're ready you're.presentable you're not wearing anything.that shows you catechol because this is.very taboo in South Korea so if you're.going to be doing an interview with any.Korean even if it's the agent even if.it's the school don't show your shoulder.points make sure you're wearing.something at least this long or this.high so you're gonna have a mock.interview so they're gonna talk to you.first and find out your details your.personal information and also why you.want to teach and then they're gonna set.up an appointment via Skype with a.director of a school that they found for.you and then yeah then you'll have that.interview if it goes well the school.then sends you your contract through.your agency or they might send it to you.directly which will then have the.details of when you they are expecting.you to start or what you need your.salary the the terms and conditions so.whether they buying you a flight ticket.or if you buy it yourself you pay etc so.after all of that has happened a step.number four apply for your visa now that.you've gone through excuse me now that.you've gone through all the processes or.all the steps successfully so now you've.got your contract the bus into your.contract.and you've got all your documents then.now you need to apply for your visa and.you can do this by going physically to.the Korean embassy in Malek Street and.Pretoria or you can send your documents.to them so obviously you need to have.your passport but now you have to send.you your original passport so they can.step a visa for you you can either use.DHL which i think is much better or post.office I don't think I should trust that.it's a post office because my staff got.stuck for three weeks on the road.because they were on strike anyway.that's a long story.so I suggest that you use DHL or you go.there physically yourself so you when.you apply for your visa you download the.application form from the Korean embassy.website I'll have your passport ready.you have I think two color pictures like.passport style pictures you have your.money ready if you're staying well you.obviously be staying more than 90 days.so it'll be $60 which is I think 840.urines.or original passport your visa.application form a recent colored.passport style photograph and your work.contract sent to you by your school and.then the money then your visa will take.about anything from two three days to.over a week maybe two weeks depending on.what the traffic of applications so if.it's a time when a lot of people are.going to Korea it means there's gonna be.like a backlog of applications and you.might take a visa longer and also.depending on whether it's a public.holiday and that means Korean having.holidays or even South African public.holiday then after you get your visa.back you booked your ticket booked your.ticket sorry.one-way flight will probably be about.10k no I think with me I use Singapore.Airlines and it was like seven eight.grand depending on the school the choice.or you're working with or you will be.working for some schools are willing to.pay for your flight to South Korea some.only pay for paper your flight when.you're going home from setup from South.Korea and that's basically it you're on.your way to Korea and you make sure you.tell people could buy and spend enough.time with the people you're going to be.missing make sure you stock up on the.things that you will need in Korea like.you make up especially if you're a black.person you make up melee melee you means.that like those kind of things which.won't get there so make sure you stock.up on them shoes if you have if you have.a foot bigger than sunspot I was gonna.say firstly you need to make sure you're.mentally emotionally and physically.ready for this it's gonna be so.challenging a lot of people think that.when you go to South Korea you're going.to just chill and have fun and that's.not the case you work so hard in the.Java strenuous mentally and physically.and you will still be able and you will.still be expected to perform number two.you have to be honest with yourself if.you're a person who doesn't like kids.you're gonna have a really hard time if.your person is really weak and I've been.scared of standing up for yourself or.talking to people you're gonna have a.very tough time because you're working.with kids there's kind of thing that.might make you feel and you don't have.time to do that you're a teacher you're.the adult.and you basically have to step up and be.strong and confident enough and I merely.just make sure you're very persistent.you may struggle to find jobs you may.struggle to fit in or to a chest when.you get to Korea you may struggle like.with with anything and everything.amazing like things are going and.working out and they finally they're not.and then suddenly they are but you have.to be very persistent if you really want.this job yeah I hope this made.everything clear for you guys and you.don't set any positions that could have.if it didn't please make sure you leave.some questions in the comment section.for me to answer or you can DM me on my.Instagram at Philly bum I'll put it down.there some way and yeah thank you so.much for watching and I'll see you well.you'll see me on my next upload.thank you finds way okay so you want.

How to generate an electronic signature for the South African Application Form online

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South African Application Form FAQs

Check the below common queries about South African Application Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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How long does it take to get a South African visa from India?

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