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Steps of Customizing the Sc Cwp Renewal Form

[Applause].what's up everybody.crease with South Carolina gun school.and today I'm gonna talk about the new.CWP process for new renewals and.replacements and just kind of knock out.some of the myths and things that are.going around cuz I've been getting a lot.of questions about it so we're gonna.head up to the shop and do a little.presentation for you and get everything.straight with everybody so everybody.understand how everything's going.[Music].all right we're about to do the.presentation talked about to kind of go.over the new process for a new CWP.application and while the man and I'm.also going to go ahead and go over.replacements and renewals so that.everybody kind of has a reference point.on what to do and how to do it and also.for ones that have already been through.some of my classes this year if you ever.set up your performance this will give.you a reference point to kind of go in.and see what you've got to do so I'll.get up get out of the way.and kind of go over to let everybody see.it knock out some of the myths and.everything about the online new.applications again it's only the.application you still have to come into.the class apologize if somebody's giving.you this information or told you the.wrong thing the whole process is not.home line you only set up the.appointment through I did to go on the.website everything that I'm about to go.through but you still have to come to.the class still got to do the written.test and the shooting qualification test.50 questions as long as you're following.what we're going over in class you'll.have an information that you need and.most of it is common-sense stuff that's.not difficult things even as far as.though the legal side but we go over.everything.shooting qualification is 3 5 7 10 12.and 15 yards with the total of 15 shots.or I'm sorry 50 shots you'll need 50.rounds of ammo a good handgun if you.don't have that going get your seen.anything we do have handguns.that you can use the only thing that we.require is just to just purchase the.ammunition or the handgun there's no.rental fees or anything like that.actually use them but feel free to reach.out to us with any questions I've also.got another video about seated with some.seat of the info as far as where to.carry it what signs to look for and.things like that and we're going to be.slowly adding some more of this stuff.because a lot of people have really.liked but turnout or these videos I.should say about seating p.m. phone.where you can carry handguns and things.like that in your vehicle so check out.that video hope you enjoyed this video.make sure you subscribe below and let me.know get out of the way and everybody.can see what's going on all right so.we're gonna start out this is going to.be sleds website that you're going to go.to come to the class we've got handouts.with this information on as far as the.website if you ever need to help or.anything you'll always go to google type.and slid CWP so sltv space CWP the first.link will be this one right here what.you're gonna do when you come here is.this top link right here where it says.online with new CD application renewals.and replacements that's going to be the.first place that you're going to go.you're going to get that then you're.going to come here this is pretty much.just explaining everything I've kind of.already gone over there about the big.process and you'll see the red box with.the arrow kind of down here and that is.link that you can click on from there.this will take you over to identicos.website and they're the ones that slant.has partnered with and you're going to.see three options here you're going to.see new application renewal application.replacement application you will select.the appropriate law that applies to you.if you were doing the new application.what you're going to do here is you're.going to go you're going to select YES.on each one of those boxes and then down.the bottom corner there you're going to.put your initials over here you're going.to get the gun then it's going to bring.you over to this page here you can.either put in your zip code or you can.select from an area wow I did the dip.cover here you go.then it's going to bring you right here.and it's going to show you all the.places that you can go to to do this.process now if you see where they say.clothes those are some of them are not.open yet.because they're slowly starting to add.more stations to this right now in the.main one if you can see they're going.down it's going to be Greenville all.unfortunate Clark or its Clark Drive up.I passed the Haywood mall and that.little strip off we're out by kids and.what you can do is click the Clinton.schedule I wouldn't say recently when.I've gone in here and started looking.the Anderson University one is things.there Tuesday it was open so you will.see some of these slugger they start to.open up they're trying to get these ad.and as quickly as possible but your what.as long as you see click the schedule.that you can go there you can click the.schedule it's going to drop down bring a.little drop-down with a whole bunch of.times you go through and select the time.and then it's going to bring you here.this is the application form that you're.going to fill out anything with a red.star is information that you need to.fill out all right now you're going to.see this in a couple of different slides.but this is all one form all the land.page then of course you've got you.select a resident of South Carolina put.in your address information again.everything the stars is what you want to.make sure you're filling out and if you.do I'm going back to page forget to fill.something out it'll tell you so it's not.filled out you also see the little.exclamation point out to the side but.back to the admin so you put in your.address and then if your qualifying.address that's the same as your mailing.address just check that or if it's.different to that we can put in all your.methods of contact you'll select your.preferred contact method and then your.preferred method of CWP renewal.notification then of course your date of.birth gender or race hair color height.weight and all that that's to the social.and then once you've got all that filled.out down on the bottom you select send.information from there it's going to.bring it here you will select what's.appropriate to you disabled veteran.retired for military Thank You military.retired law enforcement.active law enforcement or.the above so for just everyday.law-abiding citizens you will select.none of the above.yes retired law enforcement and disabled.veterans are exempt from the fee and.when you select that and hit go will.come over here put in your training day.and put in your student ID number you.put in whoever your instructor is and.their ID number and then hit go again.and then right here it's going to show.you everything that you're going to need.to bring with you so we backed up a.couple of pages so if you select the.same event for a retired former military.or whatever when you get past this part.here it will show you the documentation.that you need with veterans you'll need.the copy of your dd-214 disabled.veterans you will need a copy or a copy.of some type of information showing.where you're getting disability now for.every every everyday average consumers.you're going to need the $50 which you.can play according to this credit card.check or money order made table - I'm.Deema which is the parent company -.identica.so to make sure that you are paying that.you can pay it online here when you set.the format or you can pay it there.they're looking for two forms five days.South Carolina driver's license or.government-issued photo ID and then.other passport versa to substitute car.voter registration card or DMV issued.photo ID their current utility bills.contain an address so you've got a.couple of different options there and.then of course the checklist that you.will be filling out when you come in and.take the class and then if you have to.get rejected this is what a rejection.letter would look like now for renewals.when you do a renewal application the.single one cwp with a normal application.you'll select that it's going to bring.you here what you get go.just telling you how to do it online how.to go to the N possible documentation.that you're going to come here putting.your CWT number there you go that'll.walk you through the paper process and.is done online and you will receive a.receipt forward all right now we replace.my applications you're going to select.that third button down at the bottom and.replacements reply to lost or damaged.destroyed or if you need your.information changes so if you get.married name changes we just decide to.change your name or you clue them in.your address changes gotta make sure you.get it updated license NCEP.both have to match do not get caught up.with that information not match so once.you do that let go it's going to bring.you here you got your online your melon.and then documentation and then from.here you can go it's going to bring you.here if you're somewhere your.information is changing what you.see the P number the somewhere is all.stolen or damaged you don't they're here.to see them P number put in your social.security number and hit go then from.there it's going to walk you through the.process for payment and then you will.eventually get everything in the middle.so I hope that this helps everybody out.I just wanted to take a minute to kind.of show everybody give everybody a.little bit of a reference point on what.to do with this stuff because this is.totally new especially for words and new.applications since the apart got online.still have to come into the class if you.know what your class is you can go ahead.and set the informa.ahead of schedule and then by the time.the class is done you'll have everything.you need to go in and take care of it.but this is not anything where you can.go online and do do a new application.and then you're done and you're going to.get a CWP because they're gonna scan.that checklist or they've got half the.scores from the tests from the shooting.qualification again not in the shooting.qualification nor the tests are.difficult in any way shape or form we're.gonna help you out we're gonna give you.all the information that you need to.make sure that you pass both of those.but you still have to come in and take.the class all right now I will say for.us with this process it has helped save.on time because we're not having to go.through and fingerprint everybody and.the price of our class is also dropped.so our classes now are $50 all right and.that's including everything that we've.got again if you need a gun we have guns.the ammo does all the things we asked.you to purchase we don't try to price.gouging body or make it rich off from a.hammer we're going to pretty much charge.you what you.hey if you went into a store and caught.it on sale or if you want to buy it.before you come in just let us know you.need to go them will tell you what the.caliper is and you can go and purchase.the hammer yourself totally up to you.but again if you have any questions any.concerns or anything please feel free to.reach out to us all our contact.information gonna be below as well as.our website with phone numbers and.things like that on there we're always.here to help we're always glad to help.we won't be more people to get their CWP.we've got one just about everyone some.we've got too long if the dates that we.have don't have sense reach out to us we.can set up private classes we will need.you know at least two three you know.possibly four for private class just.depends on when you're going in things.like that feel free to reach out to us.we'll be glad to get that set up hope.this helps hope everybody enjoyed the.video again please don't forget to.subscribe and share comment like all.that good stuff and always remember.folks if you're not shooting reloaded.you're not reloading you're fine you're.not fighting your day train the leader.see all the rage.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Sc Cwp Renewal Form online

You must into a adaptable solution to electronic signatures for Sc Cwp Renewal Form. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Finding, a single online app that does not need any other installation.

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Chrome has been more and more popular as a convenient browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to choose the form that fulfill your need without searching for it in a long time.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Sc Cwp Renewal Form on Android?

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Sc Cwp Renewal Form FAQs

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What do I have to do to get my concealed weapons permit? I am 21 years old. I live in South Carolina and I have a pending felony charge, not a felony charge, just pending. I haven’t gone to the court yet. What do I have to do?

That varies from state to state, so you need to check with authorities there. However, it's unlikely that you will get the permit with an unresolved felony charge hanging over you!

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