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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Fl 150 Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Fl 150 Form

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okay I am going to go step by step.through the fl150 also known as the.income and expense declaration you.should all be aware that this form is.needed for many different things in the.Family Law field you are going to need.to complete this form and attach some.documents to it when you are doing your.declarations of disclosure in a divorce.and you're also going to have to.complete this form and attach some.documents for example pay stubs or if.you're self-employed you must attach a.Schedule C from your taxes or a profit.and loss statement so but you're going.to need this form every single time you.ask the court for any financial orders.so if you're completing a request for.order for child support you need an.fl150 if you're asking for spousal.support you need an fl150 if you're.asking the court to order the other side.to pay for some of your attorneys fees.clearly that's a a financial order you.need to have an fl150 attached to your.paperwork when you file the paperwork.anytime you're doing anything that has.to do with requests for financial orders.of any kind you're gonna need this form.so here we go I'm gonna go step by step.through this entire form I'm sorry if I.go a little fast over some of the parts.but I'm gonna hit every single box and.explain some details as I go along.you'll always be able to pause this and.go back and check this out anytime you.want so I'm gonna have some information.in here it's just fake information but.so don't worry about the information.that's in these forms right now alright.let's start at the top just like every.form that we use you're gonna need to.put your name and address at the top so.you're gonna put your name at the top.then you're going to put your address on.the one on the screen if you can see the.video if you can see the forum you're.gonna see the names there twice you.don't have to write your name twice it's.just the computer software that we use.actually puts it in as you the clients.name and then also as the attorney so if.you're representing yourself my software.puts it in twice don't worry about it.you just need your name once your.address your phone number your fax.number if you want to have a fax number.connected to your case.you don't necessarily have to have that.the next line is your email you don't.have to put your email address in there.if you don't want to the next line is.attorney for and if you're representing.yourself again put your own name in.there the next box down it says Superior.Court of California County of and then.there's a blank so if you're filing in.Los Angeles put Los Angeles you're.filing an orange put orange if you're.filing in Stanislaus County put.Stanislaus then you put the address of.the court and just like every other form.it's real easy just Google the address.for the court that you're filing in and.you can get that court address also.again gotta fix this gotta fix this.spelling of orange in the software okay.and then you're gonna need to put the.name of the branch name of the court.just when you google the address it'll.also give you the name of that court it.may just be you know Superior Court of.California County of Stanislaus I don't.know it could also be central it could.be southeast there's a Southeast Court.in LA there's a south court there's.anyway just put the proper name in there.the orange or the Orange County family.law courthouses Lamoreaux justice center.for example all right so then the next.line is line for petitioner again the.petitioner is the petitioner throughout.the end.your case doesn't matter who's asking.for something or not asking for.something or who's responding the.petitioner is the same petitioner from.the very outset of the initial case and.the respondent is always the same also.if you have a case number you're going.to put it in on the case number to the.right then we start with the major parts.of the form.all right so under Section one.employment under a there list your.employer's name if you're self-employed.put the company name that you own then.address put the business address for.your company or for the business you.work for then you're gonna put the.employers phone number under occupation.put your title under each date job.started put the month and year you began.that job or you start at the business or.you began doing whatever it is you're.doing at this company this company so if.you've been in the business of printing.for 20 years but you've only been at.this printing company for 18 months.you're gonna list the date 18 months ago.when you started this company all right.if you are unemployed at the top where.it says employer you're gonna write.unemployed then there's no address no.phone number no occupation or if you.want to put a housekeeper or excuse me.you know anything mom I've seen.everything on here if you're.self-employed just make sure you put.what it is that you do all right so.let's see and then unemployed if you are.unemployed put the last date that you.were employed the last date you worked.at whatever job you had last okay I work.about blank hours per week so if you.work 20 hours a week put 20 if you work.40 put 40 if you are an attorney and you.are working for a firm and you're.working 70 hours a week you may.consider not right in 70 because then.you could be held to the standard of.actually working 70 so just keep that in.mind when you're filling that out I'm.not asking you to lie I'm not telling.you to lie in fact I'm never gonna say.that but you might not want to be saying.that you're comfortable working 70 hours.a week is all I'm getting at all right.and then the next one is very simple H I.get paid.blank gross before taxes so and then.there's a per month per week and a per.hour box so if you get paid per hour.mark the per hour box and put in a.bigger blank space to the left how much.you get paid per hour before taxes if.you get paid per month mark the per.month box and put in there how much you.get paid per month alright a gross.before taxes we always use before taxes.all right folks.now we're moving on to my age is and has.30 in here just because I have thirty in.the initial software and it it.automatically loaded populated this.space with 30 so don't worry about that.put in your proper age whatever your age.is be I have completed high school or.the equivalent if you have mark yes if.you have not mark no if you did not.graduate high school but you only got.through 11th grade you're gonna mark no.and put 11 over here if you did graduate.high school all you're gonna do or you.got a GED or an equivalency just mark.yes and then C asks number of years of.college completed if you've completed.two years put two in there if you have a.degree mark the degree and then mark.over here AAA or whatever you've got if.you don't have a degree you can put two.I've seen everything I've seen people.that had five years of college but no.degrees all right so then if you it says.D under D number of years and graduate.school so if you've got you know down.here let's say you've got four years of.college and you've got BS.and then you have three years and you've.got an MA master's degree then you'd.mark that like that II I have.professional vocational licenses so if.you have a vocational or professional.license then you're gonna want to mark.that box and you're gonna want to put.the license to the right if you don't.you leave a blank if you have vocational.training of some kind actually I'm sorry.I may have said vocational licenses I.mean occupational licenses it's pretty.self-explanatory right there but if you.have vocational training you're going to.want to mark that box and over in the.right explain what vocational training.you have all right down to three tax.information you're gonna want to mark.the box on the far left next to a I last.filed taxes for tax year and if you last.filed for if you haven't filed in a.bunch of years then the last year you.filed for taxes was 2012 mark 2012 and.right 2012 in there if you filed for.last year then mark last year's date.could be 2017 2018 2019 whatever last.year's taxes work mark that your filing.status is B if you filed single mark.single if you filed a head of household.mark that if you filed married filing.separately there's a box for that and.then most commonly there's a box for.married filing jointly and it says with.specify name that's probably the other.party in this case but put the name of.the person that you filed taxes with in.that box and then I file state tax.returns in what state probably.California since we're doing California.forms but you could have moved here from.Oregon and the last year that you filed.taxes was also filed in Oregon so you'd.mark other and then port Oregon in the.far right.D says I claim the following number of.exemptions including yourself and you're.gonna mark that to the right so I don't.know what that is only you would know.what that is so put that number in to.the right section for other parties.income.I estimate the gross monthly income of.the other party in this case to be and.you're gonna put a monthly amount in.there.B for taxes so if you think they make.60,000 a year then that'll be five.thousand a month if they make one.hundred twenty year then that'll be ten.thousand dollars a month that kind of.thing if it's a hundred thousand year to.be eight thousand 333 a month and then.below that you're gonna put in there why.you have that information so we live.together her you know ten years and I.saw his paychecks every week or he just.told me last week what he's making or I.saw you know I know his boss and his.boss told me how much he's making you.know I talked to him a month ago.whatever it is okay so then the next box.if you need more space to answer any.question on this form please attach an.eight-and-a-half by eleven sheet of.paper and write the question number.before your answer so that's very rare.on this particular page to need that but.if you do that's giving you instructions.to take a separate sheet of paper and.write any additional information you.need down there on this front page I.can't imagine what you might be adding I.would recommend that you don't add.anything extra without getting legal.advice if you think you need to add a.page on that why don't you call and get.a little free advice from an attorney.before you do that okay.below that you're gonna put the date.that you sign this form and you're going.to write your name below this by the way.I want to note that you can handwrite.these forms I should have said that.beginning the form but you're allowed.under California law to actually.handwrite these forms as long as it's.legible if it's not legible.you might have a problem getting it.filed and certainly you might have a.problem with the judge someday when.they're actually looking at the forum if.they can't read it so you can handwrite.it but just make sure it's it's very.legible all right so you're gonna date.it you're gonna write your name below.that and then you're going to sign your.name to the right keep in mind any time.you're signing these forms they are.likely to have this sentence above your.signature I declare under penalty of.perjury under the laws of the state of.California that the foregoing or that.the information contained on this page.and all pages in this form and any.attachments are true and correct so make.sure that you're putting the correct.information down all right let's move on.to page 2 at the top again you're gonna.put the petitioners name and the.respondents name and then the case.number now there are an awful lot of.lines on this form and I'm sure there's.a few judges out there that absolutely.require you to fill in as much of these.that apply however very few of these.boxes usually apply so I'm gonna start.with the top their five section five.income for average monthly add up all.the income you receive in each category.in the last twelve months and then.divide by 12 so under that first line.where it says last month it's asking you.what your salary was gross before taxes.for last month.specifically last month then in the.average monthly it's asking you to add.the last twelve months up and divided by.twelve so seems pretty simple if you get.the same pay every month and you've been.working at the job for more than a year.that number is going to be the same as.the number to the left however if you.just started that job five months ago.and you were unemployed or you were on.state aid of one form or another before.that then your income will have been.lower before you got this job likely.and so you need to add that up and then.do the average if you were making more.money and took a job making less money.obviously that average monthly income is.going to be higher than the number to.the left.what's your present income is so just.make sure that you understand the.difference last month is what you really.actually made last month the average.monthly is the average for the last 12.months all right if you had any overtime.pay you need to put that in there if you.don't get overtime everett well if you.get the same overtime every month which.would be unusual that's the same then.your average monthly would be the same.but do the same here add up the overtime.that you've had in the last 12 months.divided by 12 that's the average if you.had commissions and bonuses do the same.thing and put the average to the right.public assistance if you were on public.assistance you're gonna want to mark.currently receiving and you're gonna put.your income in that box if you are.receiving partner support either from a.domestic partnership or from a different.marriage well hold on there's boxes for.both so if you're receiving spousal.support or domestic partnership support.you're gonna mark these boxes here on e.and F if it's from this marriage you're.going to mark the from this marriage or.from this partnership box and if it's.from a different relationship a prior.relationship you're gonna want to mark.from a different marriage or from a.different domestic partnership okay.pensions and retirement fund payments so.if if you're retired or you're already.receiving say military pension or.something or you've already retired as.as a state employee or something and.you're already receiving a pension from.somewhere that's where that goes so.you're gonna want to put in what you.received last month and again you're.gonna want to add up the last 12 months.average that and divided by 12 to get.the average for the last 12 months on.that also security Social Security.retirement.that is also the same thing what you.made last month and the average if.you're on disability you're gonna either.mark you're gonna want to mark either.its Social Security disability a.disability not SSI because that's above.under H or state disability SDI or from.disability from a private insurance.company again you're gonna mark what you.made last month from that and again what.you made on average for the last 12.months unemployment if you're on.unemployment that's where this goes if.you're on workers compensation workman's.conversation that goes there again the.averages to the right if you are.receiving some other income that's not.listed above for example military baq or.royalty payments etc you're gonna put.that there now this does not include.dividends or interest because that's.below it doesn't include rental income.because that's under 6b it doesn't.include trust income that's 6c and then.some other income under 6d so if you.can't figure out where to put it put it.under 6d some other income and then of.course put the average or the monthly.and then the average all right number.seven income from self-employment so if.you're self-employed you're not gonna.put your income in the boxes above.unless there's something else that.applies like for example a pension.retirement income something like that.may apply still but you're gonna put.self-employment income under 7 all right.so income from self-employment after.business and all after business expenses.for all businesses so you might own two.or three businesses you got to add it.all up what does after business expenses.for all businesses mean all right so.let's say for example you're a pool man.and you go around and clean pools and.repair pool equipment and that kind of.thing and that's your job then and.you're self-employed you own the pool.the pool cleaning business you are going.to be able.right off your gas your mileage portion.of your house payment or your rent.because you probably work your business.out of your home you're probably not.going to be able to write off the entire.car car payment because you probably use.that vehicle for personal use also but.that's what we're talking about but.certainly any advertising costs expenses.you've got to buy chlorine you got to.buy acid you gotta buy conditioner you.got to buy other things that you need.you gotta buy parts those kinds of.things are all legitimate reasonable.business expenses so let's say your.income is $70,000 a year your gross.income but you spend $30,000 a year on.chemicals and equipment and gas and you.know part of your rent and those kinds.of things and those are legitimate.business expenses you can knock that.thirty thousand dollars off the top and.you'd put in here.forty thousand dollars or what you made.last month let's say it was you know.thirty six hundred dollars or thirty two.hundred dollars whatever it is and then.on the right average you do the same.thing so add up the last twelve months.divided by twelve and put that in there.you're going to put on the next line I.am the owner or as the sole proprietor.or you're gonna mark a business partner.if you have a partnership or other if.it's being run as a corporation you're.gonna want to put other and then off to.the right you're gonna put corporation C.Corp or an S Corp you're gonna want to.write that in there then number of years.in this business so we're talking about.this business so if you just started.this pool business two years ago you're.gonna put two years if you've owned this.business since you were 18 and you're.you know 58 years old then go ahead and.put in there 30 years I think that's the.math okay and then next line is the.business name name of the business.pretty obvious type of business the.business we're talking about here is a.pool business pool cleaning business.whatever you want to do whatever you.want to call it be be specific though.okay.then again like I mentioned at the.beginning of this table.if you are self-employed you must and it.says right here attach a profit and loss.statement for the last two years or a.Schedule C from your last federal tax.return black out your social security.number judges are very serious about.that they do not want your social.security number going into any court.filing because your court filing is.public information so black out your.social security number if you have more.than one business you're going to need.to provide this very information for.each of your businesses all right eight.is additional income so if you have.received a one-time payment.lottery winnings inheritance something.like that you're gonna want a mark box.eight additional income and then specify.below what it was from and the amount as.as it notes here all right nine nine is.change in income so if your financial.situation or your income changed.significantly in the last twelve months.you're gonna want to mark that box and.you're going to want to explain it in.the larger space below you don't need to.get into too much detail here just you.know became self-employed and my income.dropped or just started working you know.after eighteen years something like that.is fine some simple explanation if the.court wants further explanation trust me.they'll ask if the other side wants more.information on it trust me they'll ask I.also want to warn you I'm gonna take a.second just to warn you here this form.and I mention this in the intro this.form the fl150.the income and expense declaration is.the most cross examined form in all of.California forms so at least California.family law forms that's my experience.you need to be careful with this form.you want to be honest on this form.if you put in a pool business making.$70,000 a year and you write sixty-two.thousand dollars worth of write-off so.you're saying that your entire yearly.income is eight thousand dollars you may.have problems with that alone but let's.go a step further let's say you claim.eight thousand dollars worth of income.on $70,000 worth of gross income but you.have two vehicles you have a house.payment of $2,800 a month you have two.cell phones one for private use and one.for your business and you go out to.dinner at nice restaurants you know.twice a week clearly your income is more.than eight thousand dollars a month you.need to understand that for example on.the next page we're going to get into.your expenses and if your expenses are.greater than your income obviously you.must be either loading up your credit.cards and living off of credit and and.building up your and you know living off.a credit debt or you are getting money.from some other source friend mother.father somebody's giving you money.either way that's gonna look suspicious.if you're making eight thousand dollars.a year but your expenses are thirty-five.thousand dollars a year okay so just.keep that kind of thing in mind by the.way I just mentioned something and I.want to let you know this under.California law if you receive a regular.gift of income every month say for.example your parents give you $2,000.every month or you let's stick with that.one let's say your parents give you.$2,000 every month and it's the intended.purpose is for you to help pay your.bills and that kind of thing that $2,000.a month that's income that counts as.income and you're gonna be held to that.so let's say for example you're the.payor of child support or spousal.support that $2,000 a month that's going.to go towards income that you receive.for the purposes of.child support or spousal support so keep.that in mind if you are receiving $2,000.a month from your parents and you're the.receiver of child support you're gonna.get less child support because you're.getting two thousand dollars a month in.additional income keep that in mind when.you're filling out this form all right.let's move on to ten deductions number a.is required union dues if you have union.dues make sure you put in how much you.paid for union dues last month keep in.mind it's usually paid every other.paycheck or on the first or on the 15th.it's usually doesn't come out of every.single paycheck so look for that B is.required retirement payments for example.and we're not talking about Social.Security FICA 401 K those kinds of.things we're talking about for example.if you're a teacher and they.automatically take retirement funds out.of your paycheck they're mandatory you.don't you never get that money paid into.your hand that's what we're talking here.so you're gonna want to put that amount.on that line medical hospital dental and.other health insurance premiums this is.the amount of the premiums that you pay.per month so I'm gonna put that in there.the next one is child support that I pay.for children from another relationship.so if you are paying for child support.for children from a prior relationship.that amount goes in their spousal.support that you pay under a court order.from a different marriage that goes in.that line F is partner support that you.pay from a court order that's domestic.partnership payment just like spousal.support that goes in there if you're.paying it trust me you're going to know.you are paying it necessary job-related.expenses not reimbursed by your employer.now if you're self-employed that.information does not go here that's.going to go up under in the Box the.section 7 this is talking about for.example if if you're a police officer.and.the agency that you work for for example.makes you pay for your own weapon or.your own Sam Browne or your own whatever.it is that you have to buy but then.that's the money that goes in here.that's the expense they're talking about.here all right we're moving on to assets.this is important because these next few.lines are looked at by a court when.they're determining if somebody's gonna.have to pay attorneys fees or if.somebody might receive attorneys fees.and there's other reasons that this is.looked at but you need to be honest in.these boxes again you're signing this.thing under penalty of perjury so 11a.asks how much cash and checking accounts.savings credit union money markets and.other deposit accounts the total amount.of cash that you have and it's not just.liquid cash it's money that you can.liquidate from a bank from this for.example would not include a CD because a.CD is something that you can liquidate.easily it's actually gonna go on the.next line but it's not liquid right now.so this is just money that you have in.the coffee can in your refrigerator or.between the mattresses or in your bank.accounts okay now we're gonna go on to.11 assets keep in mind this is really.really important a really really.important section because the judge is.going to look at this section if.somebody's asking for attorneys fees or.if somebody's asking for attorneys fees.from you these are real assets now at.the same time remember you're signing.this form under penalty of perjury so.everything needs to be honest I just.want you to be aware of how it comes.into play 11a asks for cash and checking.accounts savings credit union money.market and other deposit accounts this.is asking for what liquid cash you have.available if you can go to the bank and.withdraw $6,000 that's liquid if you.have money in a coffee can and you.in your cupboard that's liquid cash if.you have money in the in a suitcase or.in your safe a lot of people keep cash.in a safe that counts as liquid cash you.need to put the total on that line to.the right stocks bonds and other assets.you could easily sell this would include.stocks bonds a CD things like that you.might get hit with penalties but that's.where this would the amount of money.would go for all of those assets the.next one is important see literally asks.for the value of the remaining all of.the rest of your assets add it up - what.you all want it so for example if you.own a home and that home is worth.$600,000 but you owe $400,000 on it the.equity in that home is $200,000 and that.200 is going to be counted in this box.if you have a car that is that you just.bought last week and you paid you still.owe $25,000 on it but when you drove it.off the lock now it's only worth 20,000.there's zero equity in that car.the value of that car is zero if you.have a 401k and you've got two hundred.and fifty thousand dollars worth of.money in that 401k that gets added into.this line if you've got two thousand.dollars worth of furniture in your house.that gets counted on this line.everything else you have other than the.cash that you put under a and the stocks.and bonds and other assets you could.easily sell under B everything else gets.marked in C take a little bit of time.and figure that out it's worth it's.worth taking the time to be correct in.that number if you're off by a couple.hundred thousand dollars that's going to.be either suspicious or certainly.unhelpful all right and also under C.real property real property is real.estate land a house a condo.those are real property personal.property is property that you can pick.up and move it's a computer it's a couch.it's the.refrigerator in your house unless the.refrigerator is completely built in.which would be rare that it could not be.moved and it's completely built in.because they break down so that's.personal property a dog is personal.property sorry to say so you're gonna.name all the value of those if you have.real estate and obviously personal.property if you have a toothbrush you.have personal property so you're gonna.mark both of those if you have real.estate also and then again try to be as.complete and correct on that value as.you can all right folks we're moving on.to page 3 again the top of each of these.pages you're gonna put the petitioner.respondent and the case number to the.right all right then 12 the following.people lived with me these are people.that live in your home if you are still.living with your spouse you're running.to name them they're if you have.roommates you're gonna name them there.if your children live with you you're.gonna name them there if your children.only live with you part-time but you.want to list them that's fair you can.list them if you need more room because.you live in a house with nine people in.the house then you're going to want to.attach a sheet an eight-and-a-half by 11.sheet of paper lined or unlined is fine.and you're gonna want to put question.twelve continued and then attach it to.this and you're gonna put this same.information that's on here but put it on.that other sheet you might want to put.it under the same kind of columns also.so 12a you're gonna list somebody that.lives with you the next box is their age.how that person's related to you could.be your wife husband partner could be.your son daughter could be roommate.could be girlfriend boyfriend that.person's gross monthly income you're.gonna want to list it there if you know.it if they have no income put none if.you don't know their income say you've.got a roommate and the roommate would.say no need are in business how much I.make you can put unknown then the next.box is pays some of the household.expenses so if you've got.roommate and you share expenses you're.gonna mark yes even if you don't know.their income they certainly help you.with expenses if you're living with a.spouse and they're not helping and they.don't have any income that's okay put.zero income and put no if it's a son and.your son is 3 years old clearly that's.going to be not not helping with the.expenses but list everybody there and.put the appropriate information to the.right and through this entire form and.we'll go through there okay then 13.average monthly expenses you're going to.want to mark 13 estimated expenses to.the right here's why I always recommend.that if you put actual expenses you're.probably not going to have the actual.expenses and I'll give you an example.one of these questions is how much you.pay for monthly household groceries and.household supplies I guarantee you that.number is not the same every month so.you're gonna want to mark estimated now.another use for this form can be very.helpful is let's say for example you are.presently living with your spouse and.you are splitting everything up and your.intent is to move out and you're going.to court and you're filling this form.out because you're going to court asking.for child support and spousal support.because you need to move out that's what.the proposed needs box means to the.right so if that's your situation you.might want to mark proposed needs.instead of estimated expenses and then.you're going to put in all these boxes.how much you anticipate your expenses.are going to be when you move out what.your proposed rent is going to be what.your proposed expenses are going to be.needed for clothing or laundry and.cleaning or childcare now keep in mind.you don't want to inflate this to some.crazy number it's going to be obvious.that you're doing that it's going to.look like you're potentially greedy.put real expenses in there now I'm not.saying too short' yourself if you're.moving out and you're anywhere near my.area and you've got two kids and you're.moving out of a 4,000 square-foot home.and you're used to a two hundred and.eighty thousand dollar a year income.you're probably going to be moving into.a three bedroom apartment and that three.bedroom apartment could easily be three.thousand dollars and if that's what you.expect your rent is probably going to be.put three thousand bucks that's what I.want you to put your real expenses.they're your real proposed needs look.I've known some some I've seen some.folks that that had you know three.growing boys and under household.groceries and expenses they put $1,800 a.month absolutely believable totally.totally get that but be realistic with.that number if it's you and a.seven-year-old girl and the two of you.really only spend about $750 a month in.groceries or even $400 a month but four.hundred or seven put the real number.there it's going to be important that.this number is again I'm telling you.this form above every other form is.cross examined and questioned and.scrutinized and analyzed more than any.other form in California California.family law all right so fill out all.these spaces you're gonna if you have.rent or proposed rent you're gonna mark.that you're gonna put off to the right.what your actual rent is or what your.proposed rent is all right so if you.have a mortgage payment you're gonna.want to put the entire mortgage payment.monthly entire monthly mortgage payment.there to the right and then on the next.lines you're going to mark approximately.what the principal is each month again.that changes every month too and the.interest changes each month too and then.you're going to mark those if you pay.your property taxes separately or.whatever your property taxes are this is.asking for an average monthly income so.if you spend $6,000 every six months on.your property taxes that's a thousand.dollars.than $1,000 goes on that line homeowners.or renters insurance put that in there.if you have maintenance and repair costs.if you own a home I assure you you have.some kind of maintenance and repair.costs go in there might be 200 month.might be $400 a month might be $50 a.month on a brand new home where there's.not much health care costs not paid by.insurance that line includes it's not.premiums it's asking for well you can.include the premium there although.there's another place for that premium.if you need if you want to put the.premium you can but this is really.talking about meds co-pays those kinds.of expenses if you're taking money out.of your pocket and you're paying a.premium health care insurance premium.and you want to put it in there go ahead.add that in there child care costs this.is monthly child care costs if it's.different each month or if it's.different between summer and school put.the average in their groceries and.household supplies so I mentioned this.earlier you're gonna put that number in.there that includes like soaps and you.know shampoo that kind of thing II.is eating outside the home remember.lunches remember restaurants if you.sneak through McDonald's with the kids.you know every Saturday make sure you.include that on eating outside the home.I guarantee you there's a little bit of.cost there there could be a huge amount.of cost there depends on your lifestyle.utilities this is asking for a total of.gas electric water and trash this does.not include cellphones or phones home.phones it does not include your cable.the next line G does include telephones.cell phone and email and I realize that.some telephones and email is connected.to your internet could be connected to.your cable bill put it in there if it is.laundry and cleaning back to the top.over on the right H laundry and cleaning.that's dry cleaning those kinds of.things if we're just talking about.laundry soap and and you know detergent.those kinds of things that.probably falls under D groceries and.household supplies next line is clothing.that's an average that you spend per.month on clothing that's for your kids.you yourself all included education if.there's any education costs that's gonna.go to the right if your kids are in.public school and don't have a lot I.guarantee you there's still some you're.spending a you know some money on.average each month to buy school.supplies entertainment gifts and.vacations you're gonna want to add that.up I get it this number can be brutally.high sometimes I like to write includes.Christmas under this because some people.start saving for Christmas or start.buying Christmas presents in July so I.like to average that in there keep in.mind you're gonna probably go to a.wedding or two every year that's a gift.you're gonna want to average that into.this cost if you take a trip to Vegas.every once every a month you're gonna.have that cost in there you're gonna do.that on average if you only.entertainment you ever have and you.never go on vacations and yeah you don't.celebrate Christmas but you go to movies.every other Saturday you're gonna put a.couple hundred others a month in there.for that I guarantee it.so keep in mind everything that you do.for entertainment gifts and vacations.and add that number to the right is a.monthly average alright I auto expenses.and transportation this line does.include insurance gas and repairs if you.travel by bus or you have some other.uber you can average that and put all.that in here this line does not include.a car payment that goes below em.insurance this is life insurance action.insurance do not include auto insurance.home insurance or health insurance so.this is like life insurance or accident.insurance private disability insurance.would could go here now if you're not.actually paying for it let's say you've.got a life insurance the term life.insurance through your employer but your.employer pays it doesn't take it out.paycheck you're not gonna put that in.here this is only money that you're.actually paying savings and investments.and would include any money you're.taking out and putting you know aside.for savings it also includes money.that's coming out of your check to pay.to go into a 401k or pension payment or.whatever it might be if they're taking.money out of your paycheck because.you're a teacher and it's automatic that.amount goes in there could be seven.eight hundred nine hundred hours a month.whatever it is put that in there.charitable contributions so this could.be tithing.it could be contributions or donations.and other meetings or anything that you.may do that are charitable contributions.if every single month you go through the.closet and you stop okay.now I am back to we're doing charitable.contributions.oh all right folks this is if you know.it's relatively obvious but if you this.would include tithing this would include.you know if you give a couple of dollars.a month here and there if you go to.meetings of any kind any charitable.contributions whatsoever gonna put that.average monthly on on the right there.then monthly payments item 14 below.okay so keeping so look at 14 below 14.below is where you're gonna put in.installment payments credit card.payments car payments your auto.insurance can go in here that you pay.every month those kinds of things go in.here and then the total of all of these.monthly payments which is where you're.gonna put under amount for each of these.that total of those monthly are going to.go up here on the line Pete.okay then other is some other payments.if we if you didn't include your cable.bill you could put your cable bill here.if it didn't go under G telephone.cellphone an email if you've got some.extensive pet expenses you could put.that there if anything else you've got.other if you need extra space you can go.to that extra piece of paper that you.had and you can put another line that.says 13q continued and then put there.and then put the total whatever that.total may be off to the right there so.let me give you a little more detail.about the installment payments under 14.here so let's say for example you've got.a credit card you've got a Capital One.credit card you're gonna put capital one.there.you're gonna put where it says for just.put credit card under amount you're.gonna put the average amount that you.pay each month for that credit card if.you put $1,000 a month on that credit.card but that thousand dollars is used.to pay your groceries and household.supplies and your clothing at the gross.Aarthi at the stores or your.entertainment gifts and vacations and.that number has already been included.above don't put it down here.don't double it up so if that's the case.and you've already included those costs.above just put 0 here then balance.you're gonna want to put the balance.that you have or that you're carrying.right now so let's say if you've got a.balance on your Capital One credit card.of $2,200 and normally you pay $200 a.month you put 200 under amount 20 20 200.or whatever your balance is under.balance and then under date of last.payment if it's been a couple months.that you've paid try to put the payment.date or at least the month the last.month that you made that payment if.you're current on your bill and you.remain current so you can write current.in that space now let's say you've got a.car payment and let's say you.let's say you own a Mustang and you pay.it to Ford Motor Credit then you can put.that Ford Motor Credit there under 4 you.can put Mustang or automobile then under.amount you're gonna put your monthly.payment under balance you're gonna put.the balance that you still owe on that.car date of last payment if your current.put current if you haven't paid it in a.couple months I'm sorry but you're gonna.want to put that last date that you made.that payment and then follow this.through for the rest of your installment.payments if you have an insurance car.insurance payment this is a good place.to put it.let's say you've got it with triple-a.under 4 you're gonna put auto insurance.amount if it's you know two hundred and.twenty six dollars a month whatever.whatever your amount of your monthly.payment is the balance if you've got two.more payments and then your insurance is.paid off for the year just add up.whatever two payments remaining is and.put that under balance and of course.again on the late on the last payment.put current or whenever the last payment.was now going down to fifteen if you are.representing yourself and hassle and.have always represented yourself in this.case you're not going to have any.attorneys fees here however let's say.that you did have an attorney or you do.have an attorney you can put the amount.of money that you have paid for your.attorney's fees in that top box the same.number is going to go to the right on a.to date I have paid my attorney in this.amount for attorneys fees and costs if.it's you know five thousand ten thousand.thirty six hundred and eighty five.dollars or one hundred eighty seven.thousand whatever the number is you're.gonna put that in there the source of.this money was so if you paid it with a.credit card put the credit card in there.if it was from savings but savings if it.was from income from your employment put.that wherever the source was fifteen ste.see I still owe the following fees and.cost to my attorney so let's say you.used to have an attorney you no longer.have an attorney but you still owe them.thirty five hundred dollars put thirty.five hundred dollars.under 15 D you're going to want to put.your attorney's rate $400 an hour $500.an hour $250 an hour or whatever that.rate is you're gonna put that in there.and then this is important you're gonna.sign you're gonna date well this is for.the attorney so if you have an attorney.and fees are owed and you still have an.attorney they're gonna put their name.and date and sign this you don't have to.sign here okay then.page four very simple we've moved on to.again top of the page.petitioner respondent case number to the.right then under 1616 ace as I have and.they're asking for a number killed Rijn.under the age of 18 with the other.parent in this case so if you guys have.two children together put a two in there.you've got four put four if you've got.only one one obviously then B is the.children spend and they're asking for a.percentage of time of their time with me.and then the next box is percentage of.time with the other parents so if they.spend 80% of the time of you and 20% of.the time with the other parent put that.in there then the next box under there.that large box it's asking you to.explain the percentage of time so if you.have a timeshare and you know the.schedule that you have with the other.parent put that in there or try to.explain with a little bit of detail why.you believe it's 80/20 or 70/30 or 50/50.or whatever it is so write that in that.17 is a box regarding health care.expenses so if you have insurance for.the children through your employer.you're gonna write I do have health.insurance available for me through the.children if it's if you do not have.health insurance available to you put do.not now you could very well have.insurance of.available through your employer but not.carrying it you're still going to mark I.do then under B you're gonna write the.name of the insurance company the.insurance carrier for the health.insurance and the address of the.insurance company under C D is asking.for the monthly health the monthly cost.for children's health insurance is or.would be how much per month so again you.could have health insurance available.through your employer but not using it.so if it would be four hundred and.twenty six dollars a month that's where.you're gonna put that all right eighteen.additional expenses for the children in.this case eighteen a says child care so.I can work or get job training so this.is where you put the total amount of.child care that he's being paid per.month so if it's $800 a month.put eight hundred dollars a month there.if it's eleven hundred point 1118 B.children's health care not covered by.insurance so this is going to be the.same number that you put in B 13 B on.the prior page if you did not include.the premiums so let's go back to page.four 1818 B here's what I want you to do.I want you to use the same number use.the same number you put in thirteen I.want you to put here so if you did.include the premium included here - all.right 18 C travel expenses for.visitation that's in case let's say for.example you have to travel from the Bay.Area to Southern California to visit.your children and you do that once a.month you're gonna average that cost and.put that in there if you have to fly to.Kentucky or Chicago to visit your kids.and you do that once every two months.you're gonna want to put those average.costs per month in there 18 D children's.educational or other special needs.expenses you're going to want to put.number the average monthly for that to.the right and you're going to want to.explain it a little bit under the larger.box there again if you need more room go.to that attachment page you have and put.18 continued and then write your.explanation there nineteen special.hardships this is important but rare I.asked the court to consider the.following special financial.circumstances and you're going to want.to attach any documentation of any item.that you list below here including any.court orders for monies to be paid.nineteen a extraordinary health care.health expenses not included 18 B above.so let's say for example jr. broke his.arm and there was an eighteen hundred.dollar charge and it wasn't covered or.that was your portion of a payment that.you had to make toward the insurance.company or something your percentage 20%.or 30% or something you're gonna want to.write that in there that's amount per.munch per month or an average for how.many months or excuse me and for how.many months are gonna have to do that so.let's say for example there were some.health care cut braces you might want to.put those in here it's 200 hours a month.and it's gonna be for 18 more months.something like that okay major losses B.under B major losses not covered by.insurance so if there was fire theft.other insured loss you're gonna want to.put that in here 19c expenses for my.minor children who are from other.relationships and are living with me so.if you've got children from a prior.relationship you're gonna want to name.those children and you're gonna want to.put how much per month each of those.children cost generally and then you're.going to want to put a total on the.bottom.okay and then nineteen 319 c3 child.support you receive for those children.so if the other parents of those.children from another relationship are.paying you 500 dollars a month for child.support you put that in this box all.right now in here.the next box down you'll see that it.says the expenses listed in a B and C.above create an extreme financial.hardship because and you're going to.need to give the judge an explanation.there if you need more room again.go to that extra paper that you had and.you can always put nineteen continued.and then just put the explanation on.that twenty is a box specifically where.you can put any additional information.that you think that the court will need.to make that you want the court to know.when making child support orders or.spousal support orders if you're.recently unemployed and it may look.suspicious like you just quit your job.because you just want to live on support.you can mention why you became.unemployed there be careful if you.became unemployed because of something.you did wrong that's gonna hurt you so.just keep in mind that you you know you.you don't have to put anything in this.box and frankly unless you get some.advice on what to put in there I would.probably recommend that you don't put.anything in there alright folks.guess what that is the entire income and.expense declaration if you've missed.anything please rewind it pause it go.back over it I believe we've given you.all the information that you need I hope.this video has been very helpful for you.I'm sure that it has been again my name.is Doug Pinkham with Pinkham and.associates a dedicated.my law firm in Orange County California.again hope it's been helpful thank you.very much for watching my video.

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