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my.family.i'm thankful to still be here and i'm.thankful for that device.that saved me.[Music].i really love hearing those stories.about how apple watch helps people and.enriches their lives.and healthcare providers insurance.companies and businesses are also.seeing the benefits of offering apple.watch.they know it can make a big difference.in the lives of their patients.customers and employees.recently the mount sinai health system.in new york launched the new warrior.watch study.using data from apple watch researchers.are studying the impact of.covid on the psychological well-being of.front-line healthcare workers.by identifying early signs of stress.while also looking to predict infection.before.symptoms appear singapore has one of the.world's leading healthcare systems.this fall singapore will become the.first country to leverage the benefits.of apple watch.by offering incentives for people to use.it to stay healthy and active.apple watch helps people understand so.much about their health and fitness.and to live a better day this year.we're going to take it even further.here's jeff to tell you what's next.[Music].apple watch has made a profound impact.on so many of our customers lives.and we continue to be inspired and this.year.watchos 7 adds several important health.features that take advantage of the.powerful technology in apple watch.the new sleep app uses the motion.sensors to track your sleep.automatic hand washing detection.recognizes the motion and sound when.washing your hands.and encourages you to continue for the.recommended 20 seconds.and watch os 7 now uses your motion and.heart rate to measure a lower range of.vo2 max values.now the american heart association.recommends routinely assessing cardio.fitness levels.and vo2 max is the most accurate way to.capture this.the problem is it's usually only.measured in specialty clinics.well watchos 7 can now measure a full.range of vo2 max.which is a powerful predictor of your.overall health.and coming later this year you can.receive a notification.if your vo2 max drops to those lower.levels.each year apple watch raises the bar.adding new features and technology that.improve our lives.this year apple watch takes another big.leap forward.and i'm excited to show it to you now.[Music].[Music].this is the new apple watch series 6 the.perfect combination of.powerful features and beautiful design.series 6 is our most colorful lineup.ever there's a new blue.aluminum case this updated classic gold.stainless steel finish a new gray black.stainless steel called graphite.and for the first time a stunning new.apple watch product red.now on the inside series 6 is packed.with incredible technology.including a new health sensor that.enables an amazing new capability.let's take a look.[Music].[Music].with apple watch series 6 you can.measure your blood oxygen.right from your wrist the new health.sensor in series 6.shines red and infrared light onto your.wrist and measures the amount of light.reflected back.advanced algorithms use this data to.calculate the color of your blood.which indicates the amount of oxygen.present the new blood oxygen app lets.you take a measurement.in just 15 seconds.and series 6 also captures periodic.background readings.and stores them in your health fab so if.you wear your apple watch to bed.it can record background measurements.while you sleep.i'll hand it over to sumble to talk more.about blood oxygen.and its importance to your health.blood oxygen saturation also known as.sbo2 is like a vital sign.it's a key measurement that contains.critical information about your.breathing and circulation.apple watch is already a powerful health.tool with apps that measure heart rate.and heart rhythm and now adding blood.oxygen brings another valuable health.measurement to users.blood oxygen and pulse oximetry are.terms that we've heard a lot about.during the covid pandemic.as you breathe your heart and lungs work.together to deliver oxygen throughout.your body.blood oxygen saturation is an indication.of how well this system is functioning.and of your overall respiratory and.cardiac health.and pulse oximetry is how you measure it.now the blood oxygen app on series 6.lets you measure your blood oxygen for.fitness and wellness purposes.from your wrist anywhere and at any time.this is a great new tool for your.overall well-being.and to enable future medical discoveries.we're launching.three new health research studies to.learn how longitudinal blood oxygen.measurements.along with other health metrics from.apple watch can help manage conditions.that affect the heart and lungs.first to study how to better manage and.control asthma.using physiological signals from apple.watch we're collaborating with the.pulmonary experts.at the university of california irvine.and anthem.second to learn more about how metrics.including blood oxygen can be used to.manage heart failure.we're partnering with one of the largest.research organizations in north america.the university health network and the.investigators at the university of.toronto and finally.as we all continue to learn more about.kovid and understand the interplay with.influenza.we're partnering with the investigators.of the seattle flu study.and faculty from the university of.washington school of medicine.we will explore how changes in blood.oxygen and heart rate can be early.signals of the onset of these.respiratory conditions.so that's the new blood oxygen feature.we're so excited to bring this important.new health capability to our users.now back to jeff to tell you more about.the new apple watch.series 6. whether you're measuring blood.oxygen.making a phone call on your watch or.simply checking your activity rings.it's all made possible by apple silicon.inside series six is our sixth.generation system in package.it's a purpose-built design that's.absolutely unique in the industry.it includes a high-performance dual core.processor based on the a13 bionic and.iphone 11.but optimized for apple watch the s6 is.up to 20.faster than the previous generation.series 6 also has.great new features that are perfect for.when you're out and about.let's head outside and take a look.[Music].because of its energy efficient design.series 6 has an even better always on.display.making it easier to read your watch on.sunny days without having to wake the.display.now it's two and a half times brighter.outdoors when your wrist is down.series 6 also features a new always-on.altimeter.that provides continuous elevation.throughout the day.so on your next hike you can see your.elevation change.in real time right on your watch face.and at any time no matter where you are.you can measure your blood oxygen.saturation right from your wrist.[Music].now let's talk about watch faces the.watch face is fundamental to the apple.watch experience.and we're taking faces further this year.starting with some great new designs.and we'd like to share them with you now.the watch face is the most powerful and.personal aspect of apple watch.our approach to face design begins with.a deep respect for the history of time.keeping.we combine that sense of craft with the.powerful technologies and capabilities.of apple watch.to create these new faces the gmt face.shows multiple time zones at once and.takes into account where you are.the count up face lets you start.tracking elapsed time from any given.point.and inspired by classic racing watches.the chronograph proface.features multiple time scales including.a tech emitter to measure speed.based on time traveled over a set.distance.in the typograph face numerals can be.displayed in three custom type styles.and four different scripts every.combination is tailored to fit the face.perfectly we also collaborated with the.artist jeff mcfettridge.to create a unique piece of art for your.watch there are millions of combinations.and a different one animates when you.raise your wrist.the memoji face brings your favorite.memoji to your watch.each one moves and reacts to your touch.and with the stripes face.you can show your pride in who you are.support your favorite team.or even match what you're wearing we're.so proud to add to the legacy of apple.watch faces with this new collection.in watch os 7 we also gave developers.new tools to build even more specialized.watch faces.so if you're into surfing there's a.watch face for that with apps like dawn.patrol to check surf conditions.or if you're into photography there's a.watch face for that.with apps like lumi to help you track.the sun's position.or if you're a health care provider.there's a watch face for that.with apps like notable to see your.upcoming appointments.watch faces have always been a great way.to personalize your apple watch.another is interchangeable bands now.traditional watch bands have a clasp or.buckle.and they're limited to a few preset.sizes for fit.well today we're excited to introduce.something completely different.we call it the solo loop the solo loop.is remarkably.simple no clasp no buckle.no overlapping parts just one continuous.piece.made from custom liquid silicone the.solo loop is stretchable so you can.easily slip it on and off your wrist.it looks great and it's durable and it's.swim proof.so it can go anywhere it's available in.a range of sizes.so you can find your most comfortable.fit and it comes in.seven fantastic colors this new band.style is so comfortable.we did another version called the.braided solo loop.it's made from 100 recycled yarn that's.meticulously braided with ultra thin.silicone threads.and it will be available in five colors.we're also offering a new take on the.leather band with.the new leather link with no loot back.or clasp of any kind.there are also great new updates for.apple watch nike.with fun new sport band and sport loop.colors plus.a new nike watch face and for apple.watch hermes.we're introducing the new atlatch band.in both.single tour and dublin tour that's apple.watch series 6.the most advanced apple watch ever we.think you're going to love all the.amazing new features.this year we're doing two additional.things to make apple watch available to.even more people.and the first is an entirely new way for.families to use.apple watch and here's deidre to tell.you all about it.apple watch is essential for staying.connected to those you love.whether that's a child or an older adult.right now apple watch needs to pair with.an iphone.which is something they might not have.this is why we are excited to introduce.family setup with family setup you can.use your iphone to pair watches for your.children.or older members in your household who.don't have their own phones.and they will have their own phone.number and account.let me show you how it works.[Music].family setup enables greater.independence for your kids or older.parents.and you have the comfort of knowing.they're just a call away.you get the safety and communication.features that technology can deliver.in a device that can be managed.responsibly for example.you can specify which contacts your kids.can communicate with.when using messages and more and you can.set up.automatic location notifications so.whether it's grandma's house.school or basketball practice you'll get.the reassurance your child is exactly.where you expect them to be.to help them stay active kids can now.track move minutes and use all the other.great features of activity and workout.in a way that works best for them kids.can create an emoji with just their.watch.and share it as stickers and messages or.in the new memoji watch face.whether they're learning at home or in.the classroom the new school time mode.helps kids stay focused with do not.disturb.restricted interaction and this.distinctive look which teachers.or parents can recognize at a glance.these are just some of the ways family.setup provides kids and older adults.with the powerful and unique benefits of.apple watch even if they don't have an.iphone.family setup requires a cellular model.of apple watch series 4 and later.and will be available at launch with.these carrier partners.in these regions around the world with.more coming later this year.and that's family setup back to jeff.we think family setup will keep families.more connected.giving kids greater independence and.agency and you more peace of mind.the second thing we're doing to make.apple watch available to even more.people.is to create a new model that combines.elements of series 6 design.with the most essential features of.apple watch.all at a more affordable price we call.it.apple watch sc apple watch sc.has the features customers love.it has everything you need to stay.connected be more active and keep an eye.on your health.and like series 6 applewatch sc uses our.largest.and most advanced watch display allowing.you to see so much more at a glance.more information and apps on your watch.face more in messages calendar and maps.and larger and easier to read metrics.while you're working out.and for fast access to information and.apps.apple watch sd uses the s5 chip for up.to two times faster performance.than series three and staying connected.is even easier.with the cellular models which allow you.to make phone calls and messages and.more.even without your phone and with family.setup cellular models of apple watch sc.will also be great for kids customers.love using apple watch for.fitness and working out and apple watch.se has the same accelerometer.gyroscope compass and altimeter as.series six.and because it has the latest motion.sensors apple watch sc.also supports fall detection a feature.that's made a life-saving difference.for many apple watch wearers with all of.these features and more.including the new capabilities in watch.os 7 we think apple watch sc will be the.perfect watch.for many new customers apple watch sc.starts.at just 279. in addition we're.announcing apple card financing for.apple watch so customers can easily pay.across 24 monthly payments apple watch.series 6.with the breakthrough new blood oxygen.sensor starts at just.3.99 and series 3 continues at its great.entry price.of just 1.99 with three great apple.watch models to choose from.there really is an apple watch for.everyone.now let's talk about what apple watch is.doing to protect the environment.apple's commitment to the environment.spans everything we do.from how we design our products to the.materials that go in them.to how they're manufactured and here's.lisa.to share some of the many things apple.is doing to reduce our environmental.footprint.are proud that all of our corporate.operations worldwide.are carbon neutral and we've done it by.replacing dirty energy.with clean renewable power all of our.offices.retail stores and data centers run on.100.renewable energy we're also proud that.we've cut our comprehensive carbon.footprint by.35 since 2015.and you may have heard we're now taking.our environmental commitment.even further starting with a promise.by 2030 apple will be 100.carbon neutral for our entire end-to-end.footprint.including our supply chain and products.to keep our promise we're focusing on.not just the energy we use.but the materials needed to make our.products.let's take a look at apple watch.beginning last year our aluminum watch.cases are made with 100.recycled aluminum and for series 6.we're now using 100 recycled rare earth.elements and tungsten in the taptic.engine.and we go to great lengths to make sure.our products are free of harmful.chemicals.like all of our products apple watch is.free of bfr.pvc beryllium and mercury and the.display glass is made.without arsenic and all of the fiber in.our packaging comes from recycled.sources.or responsibly managed forests.sometimes it's not what we make but what.we.don't make that counts we know that.customers have been accumulating usb.power adapters.and that producing millions of unneeded.adapters.consumes resources and adds to our.carbon footprint.so this year we are removing the usb.power adapter from apple watch.we're also helping our apple watch.manufacturing partners transition to.renewable energy.that combined with removing the power.adapter.will result in eliminating the carbon.equivalent of over.50 000 cars from our roads per year.we have lots more to do and we'll have.lots more to share in the months and.years to come.now back to jeff.these actions are significant and.lasting.and i'm proud of the great work apple is.doing to protect our planet.so that's our lineup apple watch series.six with a new blood oxygen sensor.the most advanced apple watch yet and.the very capable and affordable.apple watch sc you can order both today.and availability starts.this friday to celebrate the launch of.the new apple watch series 6.we created a video to show you just how.far the watch has come.and here it is.imagine a future where one day machine.learning will give you the power.to track your sleep imagine excuse me.ma'am yes can i help you.yeah this already does that oh i didn't.know that.well now you do okay let's try this.again it's all right i'll start again.imagine one day a tiny device with an.optical sensor.we'll send you an alert if your heart.rate is too low.yes what it already does that what.oh okay well how about we'll send you an.alert if your heart rate is too hot.it already does that all right let's try.something new.we'll send you an alert if you're some.place that's too loud.i just received one of those alerts.really well you should probably find a.quieter place sir.you should probably mind your own.business.okay imagine one day in the future hold.on no no let me finish one second.you'll be able to take an ecg it already.does that.it already does that i heard that good.what about continuously track your.elevation does it do that does that.right got it does that thank you does.that yep heard it the first time.encourages you to take fish does that.okay i get it you're fit uh i don't know.will it automatically call.cliff and you take a hard 911 ah yeah.already does that.seriously yeah seriously.he's gonna be kidding me okay okay i got.it let's go.from the top imagine a day a future.imagine a future one day.tiny device blah blah that uses red and.infrared light.to measure your blood oxygen level yes.what no no no no no no.don't you dare say it i'm sorry i can't.hear you.[Music].very cute.well that was fun.since the beginning one of the most.profound impacts apple watch has had.is helping people be more active we've.been working on something.that will motivate and inspire you even.more on your fitness journey.and here's jay to tell you all about it.being more active is one of the most.important things we can do for our.health.so over the years we've built a range of.features on the apple watch.designed to motivate a wide variety of.users we hear from people who have.become healthier.just by closing their activity rings.each day and friends and family who are.able to motivate each other and stay.connected.even from far away with activity sharing.and then there are our most competitive.apple watch users.who love earning awards and challenging.each other to get fit.one of the apple watch's most popular.apps is the workout app.which has been finely tuned with.powerful algorithms that accurately.track.the most important metrics for all the.workouts you do.this year we wanted to push the apple.watch workout experience.even further so we are creating amazing.workouts.with incredible music delivered by the.world's best trainers.this is the first fitness service built.around apple watch.and we'd like to show it to you now.workout trainer time music.[Music].you're halfway.look out trainer time music.[Music].music.introducing apple fitness plus a new.service for apple watch.designed to inspire you to get fit and.stay fit.the entire fitness plus experience is.powered by the apple watch in some.really cool ways.let's take a look at how it works apple.watch owners.love seeing all of their metrics right.from their wrists during the workout.the watch's sensors make it possible to.see your heart rate calories burned.pace and distance and that data helps.keep you motivated and on track which is.awesome.with fitness plus you simply choose the.workout you want to do from the catalog.of videos.on your iphone ipad or apple tv.and when you start the video it.automatically.starts the correct workout in your apple.watch workout app.and it sends those metrics in real time.right to the screen you're viewing the.workout.so you have all of your data on your.wrist and on the screen.in front of you and your metrics come to.life to keep you motivated.for example when the trainer reminds you.to check your heart rate.your numbers get larger making it easy.to see the details you need.when you're in the middle of a tough.interval you see a countdown timer.to motivate you to push through every.last second your activity rings are also.right on the screen.so you can see how your workout is.helping you make progress towards.closing your rings for the day.and if you happen to close one of your.rings in the middle of your workout.you won't miss the celebration you'll.see it in real time.right on the screen when the workout is.over.you get a comprehensive summary and all.of that data captured from your watches.sensors.is shown right on the summary screen.calories burned.average heart rate distance pace even.your current activity rings.of course there's a lot more to the.experience fitness plus.is launching with the most popular.workout types so there is something for.everyone.yoga cycling.dance treadmill walk and treadmill run.strength core.hit rowing and even mindful cooldowns.you can do the workouts with any brand.of equipment and many of the workouts.require.just a set of dumbbells or no equipment.at all.of course you can do them wherever it's.convenient for you.at home the gym.outside or even when you're traveling.we think the flexibility to do the.workout you love when you want and where.you want.makes fitness plus the perfect workout.companion.each week our incredible trainer team.will deliver a wide variety of workouts.from the fitness plus studio.to help keep you engaged that's fresh.new workouts every week.across a range of times and instructors.and of course the trainers will have the.best music to keep you motivated.whatever your musical tastes from latest.hits.and hip hop to latin grooves and top.country.and if you're also an apple music.subscriber it's easy to save the.playlist from fitness plus.and then listen to them later in apple.music whether you're working out or not.and if you're brand new to fitness or.it's been a while since you've worked.out there's an absolute beginner program.built right.in the program will help you get started.learn the basics of movement and fitness.and get you safely ready for the studio.workouts.we wanted to make it easy to find all.the workouts you love in apple fitness.plus.so they're all located inside the.fitness app on the iphone.right in the center tab and you can.access the same workouts from the new.fitness app.on your ipad and apple tv to quickly get.to your next best workout.you'll find recommendations personalized.just for you.intelligent suggestions will make it.easy to find what you like.and also encourage you to discover new.trainers and new workouts to balance out.your routine.and that's fitness plus you get 10.different types of studio workouts so.there's something for everyone.incredible music built into each workout.to keep you moving.and the world's best trainers whether.you work out every single day.want to add a little more fitness to.your life or you just want to get.started.we think fitness plus is going to take.your workouts to the next level.with convenience expert coaching and.inspiration.and it's all powered by apple watch as.with all of apple's products and.services we've designed fitness plus.with privacy in mind.all your fitness plus workout.recommendations are powered using.on-device intelligence.and when using fitness plus neither.calories nor the workouts and trainers.you choose.will be stored along with your apple id.the price.is 9.99 per month or just 79.99 for a.whole year.and your family will also be able to.enjoy fitness plus for no additional.charge.fitness plus will be available in these.countries at launch.the service will be available before the.end of the year.and for those purchasing a new apple.watch you get fitness plus.free for three months to help make 2021.your fittest and healthiest year ever.and now i'd like to hand it over to lori.to share some more exciting news about.our services.[Music].apple fitness plus joins our collection.of world-class subscription services.that enrich our customers lives.these are services that so many of us.and our families.use every single day and we want to make.it easy.for everyone to discover and enjoy them.so today i'm excited to introduce.apple one apple one gives you and your.family.all the services you love in one simple.plan.it starts with icloud the essential.service that safely stores your personal.photos.videos and files so you can access them.from anywhere.apple music where you can stream 70.million songs from all your favorite.artists.apple tv plus with apple original series.and films.which have been nominated for 18 emmys.in just the first year.apple arcade with over 100 incredibly.fun games.you can play anytime anywhere apple one.also includes apple news plus with.leading newspapers.and hundreds of magazines and of course.apple fitness plus with its immersive.studio workouts.powered by apple watch apple one makes.it easy to get all these services.and find the one plan that's right for.you starting with the individual plan.which offers the best of entertainment.including apple music.apple tv plus apple arcade plus 50.gigabytes of icloud.the family plan lets you share all these.services with up to five members of your.family.plus 200 gigabytes of icloud and in.countries where available.there's premiere which adds apple news.plus.apple fitness plus and a massive two.terabytes of icloud.it's everything for the entire family.for one incredible price.apple one will be available this fall.and it includes 30 days free so you can.try any of the services.you don't already have that's apple one.now back to tim now let's turn our.attention to ipad.i love my ipad because it is such an.incredibly versatile device.powerful and easy to use it enables all.of us to do so many meaningful things.every day.and now more than ever ipad has become.even more important.keeping us close to the ones we love.when we can't be there in person.helping students learn remotely helping.people express.and share their creativity reshaping how.the world communicates.an ipad is providing a critical lifeline.for doctors.nurses and patients its versatility is.what makes ipad such an essential device.with a power the app store and over a.million ipad apps.the ipad can do whatever you need it to.do.we're inspired to see how iped's impact.has been felt.across the world this year marks the.10 years since we shipped our very first.ipad.and in that time it has become one of.the most successful consumer electronics.products.ever we've now sold over 500 million.ipads to customers.around the world and more and more new.customers are just discovering ipad for.the very first time.in fact more than half of our ipad.customers are buying their very first.ipad.that's just incredible and users love.their ipads.ipad has been ranked number one in.customer satisfaction for 10 straight.years.every year since it launched our users.are doing more than ever with ipad.so we continue to push ipad forward this.is a big year for ipad earlier this year.we made some great updates to the ipad.pro including the a12 zip.new pro camera system lidar scanner and.so much more.today we're updating the rest of our.full-size ipad lineup.starting with our most popular ipad.and here's ted to tell you more about it.we're incredibly proud of the role that.ipad is playing in the lives of.so many people users love our ipad 7th.generation.because it delivers a beautiful 10.2.inch retina display.with support for apple pencil and the.full-size smart keyboard.all in a thin light and affordable.design.and our customers love all the things.they can do with it from taking notes as.they learn something new.to playing their favorite game so this.year we're taking its beloved design.and cranking up the performance with.this.the new ipad 8th generation it's more.capable than ever and it starts with the.a12.bionic this chip is a powerhouse.it features a powerful cpu and super.fast gpu.compared to the already fast chip in.last year's ipad.it has a 40 faster cpu and delivers a.massive.two times jump in graphics this extra.performance is great for everything from.working with high resolution content to.immersive gaming experiences.and compared to the competition over the.last year it's not even close.this new ipad with the a12 bionic is up.to two times faster than the top selling.windows laptop.it's up to three times faster than the.top selling android tablet.and it's up to a whopping six times.faster.than the top selling chromebook ipad.leaves the competition.in the dust and all that power is.delivered in a thin.and light design that's super portable.with great cameras.and all-day battery life now our.a-series chips are more than a cpu and.gpu.they include powerful custom.technologies like.the neural engine for machine learning.which comes to our most popular ipad.for the very first time it's capable of.processing up to.5 trillion operations per second and it.powers some magical experiences on ipad.like allowing you to instantly transform.the color of your photos.or even analyze your tennis game and.provide real-time stats like ball speed.and body positioning all together the.a12 bionic.takes performance to the next level and.makes ipad more powerful than.ever now let's talk about accessories.they expand the versatility of.ipad ipad 8th gen works with the.full-size smart keyboard.and keyboards from logitech like the.combo touch with trackpad.and the rugged combo that's so important.for schools.and of course this new ipad works with.one of our most beloved accessories.apple pencil with its incredible.precision.and low latency plus features like.pressure sensitivity and tilt.it's the gold standard for creativity.and enables artists to bring their.vision to life.and we've seen it become an essential.tool to journal and take detailed notes.we're blown away by what we've seen.people create with apple pencil.on ipad there's really nothing else like.it.and taking the apple pencil experience.to a whole new level.is ipad os 14 which adds powerful.new pencil capabilities and other new.features as well let's see it in action.ipad os 14 makes ipad even more.intuitive.fun and productive because you can get.your work done.just about anywhere handwritten text is.just as powerful as type text ipad os.even understands what you write letting.you take quick actions with just a tap.as you sketch shape recognition helps.you draw perfect circles.stars and more smart selection.understands the difference between.handwriting and drawings.making it easy to select only what you.want and.paste your handwritten notes as type.text into another app.new compact uis mean you can stay.focused on the task at hand.[Music].and we know once you start using apple.pencil.you're not going to want to put it away.so.we have scribble which lets you.handwrite.into any text field even straight into.numbers.or to add a final thought to that.document you've been working on.the new ipad and the power of ipad os 14.are an amazing combination making it.possible to express your ideas.however you want to wherever you are.[Music].with ipad os 14 the already amazing.experience of apple pencil gets.even better these powerful handwriting.and note-taking features.join a host of 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ipad air has up to two times.faster graphics performance.in its incredibly thin and light design.so for customers using ipad air for.performance intensive apps like editing.4k.videos creating works of art or playing.immersive games.the incredible performance of a14 can.handle them all with ease.in addition to the blazing fast cpu and.gpu a14 is loaded with custom.technologies.that drive the unique ipad experience.like a much faster neural engine which.will make ipad air more powerful for.machine learning.by doubling the number of cores to build.a 16 core architecture.the neural engine in a14 is capable of.executing.an amazing 11 trillion operations per.second.this increases ml performance by up to.two.times over the previous generation.in addition our cpu is further optimized.with second generation machine learning.accelerators.which come to ipad for the first time.and accelerate the matrix multiplication.frequently used in ml computations at up.to.10 times faster than the previous 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and.then you start scratching it you can.actually scratch in the air.it just blows our mind that this is.possible now.hi i'm alexi from pixonic developer of.the game war robots.the a14 bionic chip allows us to deliver.console level graphics.on a device you can fold in your hands.it's quite amazing to have real-time.6v6 multiplayer game running on ipad at.60 frames per second.for example the textures are much more.detailed.the shadows are dynamic and reflections.are more realistic.it looks amazing i'm andreas.and we're from pixelmator pixelmator.photo is a photo editing app for.enhancing photos.so i think everyone's seen the movies.where somebody would point at a screen.and go okay zoom in on that.now enhance and now i brought that to.ipad.the apple neural engine allows us to.build functionality we never thought.possible.the ml super resolution finds individual.details.edges colors gradients textures.and it combines it back in an image.now we can build intelligent features.into the 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to see what you'll do with.all of the new innovations introduced.today everyone take care.stay safe and have a great day.[Music].[Music].you.

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W 3 Form 2017 2018 FAQs

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How do I fill out the NTSE form 2017- 2018 Jharkhand online?

You cannot gove NTSE online or at your own level you have to belong to a school which is conducting ntse. Then download the form online from the page of ntse, fill it and submit it to your school along with fee. If your school is not conducting ntse, sorry to say but you cannot give ntse. It can only be given through, no institutions are allowed to conduct thos exam.

Can we fill out the NEET application form (2018) in general after filling in SC (2017)?

Yes, you may do so. The details of the previous year shall not be carried forward in the current year. However, it can only be confirmed once the application form will be released.

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