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emirates.and bahrain okay and and by the way.there are going to be a bunch more.countries that sign on i would assume.that morocco will sign on i assume sudan.will eventually sign on.oman came along as well they were.actually at the signing ceremony.and the end goal eventually will be the.saudi arabian government recognizing the.state of israel which is something that.has never happened.in the media been trying to downplay.this the reason they've been trying to.downplay this is because the entire.peace deal that is emerged in the middle.east.is a direct rebuttal to decades of.received wisdom.in foreign policy circles from morons.like thomas friedman and ben rhodes and.the barack obama administration and the.clinton knights.that received wisdom was israel would.never be able to live in safety and.security unless they made concessions to.palestinian terrorists that.all conflict in the middle east sprang.full-blown.from the conflict between the israelis.and the palestinians and that is a lie.it was always a lie it was never true.the palestinians were merely a club that.was being wielded.by various countries that hate israel in.order to distract their own populations.from the crappy governance in those.countries.and to give them a reason to hate israel.as opposed to looking.to broader concerns now countries that.are looking forward and realizing that.they have to shore up their regimes.countries looking forward and realizing.that there are actual existential.threats that israel does not care about.saudi arabia does not care about the uae.or bahrain is not trying to invade.anyone.that israel just wants to exist in.safety and security those countries are.looking to iran and going oh wait.those guys want to take us over those.guys are interested in harming us.and so they formed a de facto alliance.with israel.and normalized relations were the first.step in that sort of de facto alliance.there will be technology sharing.there will be economic sharing there's.an amazing moment.it's a complete realignment and the.realignment not only happened in spite.of the conventional wisdom which.suggested.that the only way peace would break out.in the middle east is if the united.states pushed israel into concessions.it completely rejected that in fact.peace only broke out in the middle east.because the united states made clear it.was not going to force israel into.concessions the trump administration.by making obvious that israel was going.to be able to.pursue its own foreign policy that.israel is going to be able to strengthen.itself.by moving the embassy to jerusalem which.is a statement that israel's capital is.never going to be given away.it will never be divided a statement.that the golan heights will never be.handed over to syria or any other.country.once the united states made that clear.other countries went okay well i guess.this is just a foregone conclusion.which by the way is what the approach.should be to the palestinian issue as.well.which should be israel is not giving up.any of the settlements it has already.built.that is obvious it is true and once you.accept that and once you accept israel's.existence.and you accept that israel isn't going.away then maybe you can talk about peace.but israel is not going to be swamped by.millions of palestinians who believe.that they should be allowed to live.inside israel proper despite the fact.that they live inside a separate.governed entity called the palestinian.authority or hamas stand in gaza strip.in other words reality is a better.predicate for peace than fantasy.nonsense than utopian garbage that has.been pushed.by democratic and republican.administrations alike up until trump.by setting up a realistic assessment of.what exactly is the truth in the middle.east which is that israel is here to.stay.that israel has certain interests that.is going to pursue.and that other countries have interest.they are going to pursue and that people.don't spend all of their time thinking.about israel.that actually most of the conflict in.the middle east over the last 50 years.has not involved israel.and if you're looking at the biggest.conflicts in the middle east whether.it's the iran iraq war which killed a.million people.or whether you're looking at the gulf.war or gulf war ii whether you're.looking at isis.or whether you're looking at the war in.yemen most of the major conflicts in the.middle east.have been sunni shia conflicts they have.not in fact involved israel at all.which means that maybe there's a lot of.room to make peace and that's what.happened yesterday.is that that became absolutely clear it.rejected.literally decades of received wisdom.from the wisest foreign policy minds and.the wisest foreign policy minds could.not stand it they could not handle it.how could this idiot jared kushner have.solved this problem how could that.donald trump have solved the problem.maybe because they rejected wisdom that.had no evidentiary basis.maybe because they looked at the world.situation and they realized that your.idiotic notions.that jews lay at the center of all the.problems that was actually the problem.maybe they realized that people have.countervailing concerns that actually.affect them in their daily lives.in a certain particular way the received.foreign policy conventional wisdom.it sort of mirrors the sort of robin.angelo anti-racism movement.that they're all these problems in the.world but only white liberals can solve.them.they're systemic racism and evil and all.of america's systems are bad only white.liberals can solve.this was the received wisdom in europe.and in america only the americans could.solve.right sure we had nothing to do with the.middle east really but only we could.solve and only we could solve.by getting the other quote-unquote.european people.and there is this perceived wisdom i.mean this is something barack obama said.that israel was really formed in the.aftermath of world war ii and that was.the connection.now this is still the received wisdom in.europe is that the jews in israel are.sort of expatriate europeans which is.nonsense okay there's been jewish.connection to the land of israel.since the land of israel started to.matter to anyone at any time.okay but that sort of received wisdom.was the predicate for a lot of bad.foreign policy.got a lot of people killed and now peace.is breaking out because that receives.wisdom has been rejected so yesterday.president trump gets up at the white.house.in this historic signing ceremony and he.says we're here to change the course of.history.we're here this afternoon to change the.course of history.after decades of division and conflict.we mark the dawn of a.new middle east thanks to the great.courage of the leaders of these three.countries we take a major stride toward.a future in which people of all faiths.and backgrounds live together in peace.and prosperity.in a few moments these visionary leaders.will sign the first two.peace deals between israel and the.arab state in more than a quarter.century that's kind of a big deal right.you would imagine that lead all of the.newspapers right that would be the chief.headline it is not the top headline at.the new york times it is not the top.headline at the washington post.it is not the top headline at cnn it.just fell out of the news.imagine if barack obama had actually cut.some sort of peace deal the iran deal.was the headline.for weeks for the mainstream media what.a genius diplomatic.was the worst diplomatic move by the way.in modern american history.i mean a horrible move such a horrible.move that it actually created a.countervailing.alliance between israel and the sunni.nations that's how bad the iran move was.in opposition to the united states.backing iran an entire alliance formed.between the jews and the arabs i mean.that's.you got the jews and the arabs on the.same side specifically because barack.obama was such a bad president.understand that that's what happened.here okay we'll get 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i.thought of and it's going around the.back door i call it going around the.smart door and coming in a different way.and we have many other countries going.to be joining us and they're going to be.joining us soon.we'll have i can i mean i think seven or.eight or nine we're gonna have a lot of.other countries joining us.including the big ones i spoke with the.king of saudi arabia.at the right time i do think they will.come in yes i do.okay well that would obviously be the.major move and here's the reality.obviously bahrain is not joining this.deal without saudi permission.and even the uae deal saudi has allowed.its airspace to be used for commercial.airliner movement between.the uae and israel trump added we have a.lot more deals like this.you know for for a guy who's been ripped.up and down for not being able to make.deals there's a pretty historic deal is.it not.it's gotten rave reviews even from the.new york times and tom friedman and a.lot of people.that don't like donald trump too much.they've given it literally rave reviews.so.this is one deal but we have many others.like this.look our country's been stagnant for.many years we did nothing but give our.money away give our wealth away.and give our jobs away and now we.stopped that.we stopped that three and a half years.ago okay he is.not wrong about his ability to to make.deals at least in the middle east so.benjamin netanyahu got up and gave a.speech now.another note about the idiotic nature of.our foreign policy media here in the.united states their line has been only.left-wing israeli governments will make.a deal.right left-wing israeli government is.what you need you need conciliatory.submission-based left-wing israeli.governments and bibi netanyahu is evil.he's hilarion.he's fascistic okay now maybe netanyahu.has won a lot of elections.elections and he's been doing it like.every three months because in israel.they love elections so much they just.never stop them.he's been elected like three times in.the span of the last two years because.they could not form a government okay so.bibi netanyahu this horrible.right-winger who happens to be one of.the more historic israeli prime.ministers.in history right i mean just most.important by any stretch of the.imagination.here are the governments that have cut.peace deals okay the governments that.have cut peace deals.have been in order menachem began right.which is a peace deal.by likud with egypt that was a peace.deal.we have seen ariel sharon attempt to cut.a peace deal and by the way engaged in.the gaza withdrawal which was actually a.huge mistake.and now bibi netanyahu it turns out that.right-wing governments are typically.better in israel at making deals than.left-wing governments why because.left-wing governments tend to deal from.a position of weakness right when.governments tend to deal.from a position of strength here is bibi.netanyahu pointing out.that you know while the entire media.seems to think that this is all about.trump it is not this is about.making a better world for people living.in the middle east as a as a person bibi.netanyahu who served in israel's special.forces.and his brother yoni netanyahu was.famously.killed during the ann's hebrew raid and.he talks about how people who have been.wounded.in the in the causes of peace cherish.peace more than anybody else.i am so deeply moved to be here today.for those who bear the wounds of war.cherish the blessings of peace.and the blessings of the peace we make.today.will be enormous.first because this peace will eventually.expand.to include other arab states.and ultimately it can end the.arab israeli conflict once and for all.okay that is i mean this has always been.true by the way israel has always wanted.to make peace with its enemies i mean.there are famous stories of after the.menachem began peace deal with the.egyptians.wounded soldiers from both sides.egyptian soldiers and israeli soldiers.wounded soldiers approaching each other.in the desert and giving each other hugs.because.everybody would like peace at a certain.point so long as it doesn't mean.submitting.to terrorism hey then all the leaders of.these nations sat next to each other.they.they signed this normalization agreement.it's an amazing thing.it is it's an amazing thing you can see.the video of them all signing these.normalization agreements in hebrew and.english.and in arabic right which is an.incredible incredible thing.in dubai at the burj khalifa israel's.national anthem was played.i mean this is incredible stuff israel's.national anthem remember these nations.have not.acknowledged that the jewish state ought.to exist that the.zionist entity ought to exist here is.video.of israel's national anthem being played.at burj khalifa.in dubai.i mean that's pretty amazing okay the.walls of the old city in jerusalem.were lit up yesterday with the flags of.israel the uae and bahrain.right this is in jerusalem the most.contested city in probably world history.and you have a jewish flag and two arab.muslim flags.flying alongside each other on the walls.of the old city of jerusalem.that's an amazing amazing sight so this.historic stuff so how does the media.treat all of this by pretending that.it's not important at all.so vox is aaron rupar who is just a. i mean just.a dud he tweeted out reality check.israel has never gone to war with uae or.bahrain.oh well i guess it doesn't matter then i.guess they were best friends.israel has never gone to war with the.uae or bahrain oh.all right well officially the united the.united states never went to war with the.soviet union.seriously officially there was no war.between the united states and the soviet.union.i guess that if they'd signed some sort.of peace accord then that would have.meant anything.because they were never officially at.war makes perfect sense the united.states has never been officially at war.with china.if we sign some sort of agreement that.radically de-escalated tensions that.probably would be non-historic as 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bad the media blew.this here's a a compendium put together.by the washington free beacon.of various members of the news media.informing us how bad trump's foreign.policy in the middle east was going to.be and how it was going to explode the.entire middle east.oh yeah until peace broke out all over.president trump's big decision to.recognize jerusalem as the capital of.israel and one that palestinians and.others say could destroy.hopes of middle east peace once and for.all the president's unilateral action.will get people killed.how hot will it get and how.destabilizing will it be.what he has done is thrown a diplomatic.bomb into the middle east peace process.they're not interested in history they.don't know history that would then.embarrass.all the sunni arab regimes they would.have to do something.enormously complicated by the way.israel's relations with them it's going.to stop any hope of middle east.progress in the peace talks so all these.geniuses so much geniusing happening.over on msnbc you saw there thomas.friedman the lead in the foreign.policy establishment who wrote a piece.today trying to explain how all this.happened and of course got it completely.wrong and then suggested at the end of.the piece.that all that's going to happen now that.the entire arab world has made clear.that they have no.real interest in helping the palestinian.terrorist leadership gain statehood.thomas friedman's suggestion is well i.guess that'll just put pressure on.israel to actually make concessions to.palestinian terrorists yeah sure thomas.friedman you stupid ass.i mean these are idiots yeah if you move.the embassy to jerusalem the world is.going to burn.moved it to jerusalem nothing happened.if you recognize the golan heights.israeli territory the world will burn.the arab street.nothing happens oh yeah and then the.entire arab world turns on the.palestinians and says you know it seems.like you guys are really intransigent.and terrible by the way thomas friedman.that.he says that the real problem here is.that bibi netanyahu is not.is is too intransigent with regard to.the palestinians.it's just it's unbelievable yeah and.let's not forget in all of this how bad.the obama administration was.obama gets half credit for this he gets.half credit for this because he.inadvertently.created all of the conditions necessary.for the breaking of the impasse between.israel and the sunni states.by deciding to openly side with the.massive terror regime in iran.by shipping them billions of dollars by.opening their economy by giving them a.clear pathway to a nuclear bomb 10 years.from.the signing of the deal which by the way.is fast approaching.barack obama essentially created a de.facto alliance in the middle east.against iran.and against his own interests so you.want to put those idiots in charge of.foreign policy again.how dumb are these people john kerry.said that moving the embassy to.jerusalem would lead to a mideast.explosion.right here's what he said in an.interview with david martin of cbs in.january of 2017..the question was what would happen if.the united states were to move a.tendency to jerusalem.you'd have an explosion said john kerry.an absolute explosion in the region.not just in the west bank and perhaps.even in israel itself.but throughout the region the arab world.has enormous interest in haram al-sharif.as it is called.the temple mount the dome it is a holy.site for the arab world.and all of a sudden jerusalem is.declared to be the location.of our embassies that have profound.impact.on the readiness of jordan and egypt to.be as supportive as an engaged with.israel as that.yeah the adult the only thing that.the.the obama administration did not lie.about is how pliable the media wore in.favor of the obama administration ben.rose just lied to the media openly about.how iran had moderated.and everybody in the media establishment.including the idiot jeffrey goldberg.swallowed it hook line and synchro and.now they can't get over the fact that.they completely blew it.and this is why you end up with the.media trying to downplay this juan.williams yesterday.i mean i like juan as a person but this.is so stupid juan on fox news yesterday.tried to explain that this entire middle.eastern deal was just a distraction it.was just a distraction you see.why is nancy pelosi calling it a.distraction.well because it is you know this is a.moment when you could look at the.situation and say.the real trouble here is between the.palestinians.and the israelis and that situation has.not been helped.but the real action here is in the.united states giving arms.giving serious arms to uae uh.potentially to go.after the iranians and so what we're.doing is stirring up a proxy war.oh that's what we're doing is starting.up the proxy war has already been there.juan.i'm sorry the centrality of the.israeli-palestinian issue has been.resolved it is not central it has not.been central it is a lie that it ever.was central.and the new york times meanwhile printed.what has to be the dumbest column on.this.called a white house ceremony will.celebrate a diplomatic win and a.campaign gift this is by.geniuses michael crowley and david half.halbinger.leaders of the persian gulf states are.grateful to mr trump who has embraced.their government's crackdown on their.arch nemesis iran and defended them from.intense political criticism.in washington like mr netanyahu they are.eager to see mr trump win a second term.in november and at the white house on.tuesday netanyahu and a select group of.gulf arab officials will be returning.the favor doing their part to repay and.support mr trump oh that's what happened.here.so amazingly enough all it took for.peace to break out in the middle east.is a bunch of people to like trump okay.now in reality.this has very little to do with their.personal relationships with trump and it.has everything to do with the fact that.all of the interests aligned.specifically because democrats.promulgated crappy policy in the middle.east okay so what did the media really.decided to do it.they decided to downplay it so wolf.blitzer has on jared kushner yesterday.jared kushner who was widely mocked as.oh look at this stupid son-in-law of.president trump this real estate guy.he's going to solve peace in the middle.east yes he is going to.start to break it to you gag the answer.was yes jared kushner did a good job.here so did his deputy avi berkowitz.the kushner team was intimately involved.in every aspect of this.every aspect so wolf blitzer has on.jared kushner and what does he do.he grills him over trump's stupid tweets.you have a historic peace process that.breaks out.into an actual signing ceremony at the.white house involving israel and two.muslim arab nations and wolf blitzer is.very focused with jared kushner the.architect of this deal.on why donald trump is tweeting about.hashtag pedobiden.i saw the president retweet to his 80.million plus followers.a very very disturbing ugly message.accusing the the democratic presidential.nominee joe biden of actually being a.pedophile.look well if i haven't seen the tweet.i've been focused today on this historic.peace deal i got here early in the.morning i've been helping get this thing.ready please tell him.tell your father-in-law that it's really.bad it's really disgusting to retweet.those kinds of ugly disgusting tweets.about his democratic.rival well that's really the key issue.here guys let's focus in.on what truly matters right now not a.historic peace deal in the middle east.whatever is the distraction that they.wish to uh that they wish to push today.i'm looking at the new york times front.page right now.here are the headlines okay on the front.page of their website these are the top.headlines.hurricane sally dumps two feet of rain.barely halfway through a hyperactive.hurricane season forecasters are running.out of names what then.big ten will play football in 2020.reversing decision party selfies and.hazmat suits have new york's worst.campus outbreak unfolded.rain could offer some relief for oregon.and washington election update.primary season is finally over on the.fire line grueling work in a shared.purpose.u.s retail sales show slower growth in.august house report condemns boeing and.faa and 737.max disasters why it's almost as though.this didn't happen.because if you read the front page of.the website of the new york times this.didn't happen.okay i'm looking the first headline.about.this peace deal is buried all the way.down.at the very very bottom of the website.only in the like.world news section it's not even the.world news section i'm literally.it's in the politics section it is.buried at the very bottom it's headline.number 83..imagine if barack obama had done this i.mean not only did they give a nobel.peace prize for literally being in a.live human.they would have given another one for.actually doing something useful they.want to give them a nobel peace prize.for the iran peace deal the worst deal.ever.okay but they got to downplay the whole.thing because obviously trump bad orange.man very very bad bad orange man bad.okay in just a second we're gonna get to.joe biden who continues to babble.nonsensically.his way across the country and then.we'll get to donald trump who decided to.step on what was a triumphant moment at.the white house by doing an ill-advised.interview.on abc i mean first rule of politics.if you're donald trump don't get into a.town hall with like george.stephanopoulos and his band of.of rando questioners who hate your guts.that seems like a bad idea.joe biden was smart enough not to do it.right joe biden was like i don't have.time for that.he he was too busy playing pinup by.himself in the basement.in delaware and we'll get some more of.this in just one second first.it's getting out it's getting unsafe out.there i mean we've seen it breaking out.in la we've seen breaking out in chicago.in new york in washington dc it is just.getting.unsafe 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over.there you're listening to the largest.fastest growing conservative podcast and.radio show in the nation.[Music].alrighty so president trump had a good.day.for most of the day and then he did this.town hall with.with abc now i don't i wonder what the.strategic.idea here was i assume the strategic.idea here is to get trump out as often.as possible.to highlight the fact that joe biden.refuses to be asked any tough questions.and it's a strategy but i don't think.that trump actually needs to prove that.people understand he has energy.in fact one of the knocks on trump is.that he may not is that he may have too.much energy because.he can't sit still is that he's up at 3.30 in the morning sitting on the toilet.and tweeting out fox and friends right.that is one of the big critiques.of president trump so we don't actually.need more president trump at this point.the president needs to sit down and he.needs to be quiet and need to let joe.biden.be the focus of the campaign more biden.less trump is a recipe for biden losing.more trump and less biden is a recipe.for trump losing okay but trump does.this town hall.on abc news last night and again why you.would do this with george stepanopoulos.it is a source of constant amazement and.astonishment to me.that george stephanopoulos is considered.an objective news anchor it's like karl.rove.being considered an objective news.anchor now carl would never.proclaim himself such george.stephanopoulos has the man literally.wrote in his book about.weeping backstage with hillary clinton.the night that bill clinton won the.presidency in 92..his george stephanopoulos is a.clintonista.he was on i believe is the cover of time.magazine with bill clinton.like the idea that that guy's an.objective news anchor just demonstrates.how ridiculous our mainstream media are.so trump never should have done this.and his media people honestly should be.ashamed of themselves for putting trump.in this situation.and then trump demonstrated that he.didn't prep it really was not a.particularly good showing.and again let the headline be the.headline the headline is you just made a.major peace deal in the middle east let.that headline.be the headline instead he goes on abc.news and the thing was stacked.i mean there's no question that thing.was stacked what i mean by that is that.you didn't see a lot of questions about.you know president trump hear all the.wonderful things you did can you explain.them.now every question to biden would be.that right every question would be joe.biden.you're such a compassionate wonderful.man explain to me how compassionate and.wonderful you are and how bad your.opponent is.every question for trump of course was.why are you a racist why don't you care.about people like me dying.so for example a black pastor was uh was.brought forth.to ask the president why his slogan make.america great again is racist like this.is an actual question asked at a town.hall.you've coined the phrase make america.great again.when has america been great for african.americans in the ghetto of america.are you aware how tone deaf that comes.off to african american community.if you look at just prior to and i'm.talking about for the black community.you look just prior to this horrible.situation coming in.from china when the virus came in that.was the probably.the highest point home ownership for the.black community.home ownership uh lower crime.the best jobs they've had highest income.okay so he immediately swivels to of.course his economic performance but.that basic question and there's a good.answer to it which is.america has historically fallen short.for black americans but the principles.upon which america was built.provided the pathway toward more freedom.and prosperity for black americans than.any ethnically black people on the.planet.which happens to be the truth okay but.in any case.forget about what trump's answer is the.fact that he walked directly into.a scenario like this is not particularly.smart politics okay here's another.question asked by a quote-unquote trump.voters so here is a a.supposed trump voter who is angry at.trump he says why did you throw people.like me under the bus if you believe.that joe biden would ever receive a.question like this in a mainstream media.setting it's because you're high.i voted for you in 2016. i'm.conservative pro-life.and diabetic i have had to dodge people.who don't care about.social distancing and wearing face masks.i thought you were doing a good job with.a pandemic response.until about may 1st then you took your.foot off the gas pedal.why did you throw vulnerable people like.me under the bus.well we really didn't pull we've worked.very hard on the uh pandemic.we've worked very hard honestly why did.you throw vulnerable people like me.under the bus what does that mean.throw vulnerable people like you under.the bus and what specifically is the.question there.so again trump you know shouldn't have.done this particular.town hall it is not smart you don't need.more of them out there there's plenty of.donald trump out there i don't think.anybody has a shortage of donald trump.if we were looking at like shortages on.the menu this is not one of them there.is plenty of that in the back.right we've got plenty of trump in the.back there's plenty more where that.comes from.and then of course you had the typical.kind of trump bachelors right so you had.trump being asked about face masks.and he specifically asked about it and.instead uh and he says face masks.are kind of controversial the evidence.on them is split and then instead of.citing the actual evidence being split.which it kind of is right i mean most of.northern europe scandinavia.they are not masking up the health.officials in those countries have said.that masking asymptomatic people.is actually a waste of time and or.counterproductive that social distancing.is more important.instead of talking about the fact that.the who until five minutes ago was a big.proponent of not masking up when you.were asymptomatic.instead the president decided he was.going to randomly talk about waiters and.touching their faces and stuff now i.think the point that he's trying to make.here to.to try and be charitable the point that.he's trying to make here is that if you.improperly wear a mask it is actually.counterproductive that happens to be.true.okay my wife when she was in medical.school they actually give you.a class in how to use ppe right how to.properly wear a mask.because one of the problems is if you're.constantly messing around with your mask.with your hands.then you actually get the germs from.your hands on the outside of the mask.you breathe that in.right or the germans that have accreted.to the outside of the mass you get them.on your hands and later when you rub.your nose you end up.so they're they're problems if you.improperly wear a mask but overall.in crowded areas are masks a good idea.yeah they are i mean because.if you sneeze in a crowded area the mass.block blocks must in any case here was.trump going off on waiters or something.a lot of people don't want to wear masks.there are a lot of people think the.masks are not good.and there are a lot of people that as an.example you have those people.i'll tell you who those people are.waiters they come over and they serve.you and they have a mask and i saw it.the other day where they were serving me.and they're playing with the mask i'm.not blaming that i'm just saying what.happens.they're playing with a mask so the mask.is over and they're.touching it and put and then they're.touching the plate that can't be good.okay so again is this useful stuff no it.is not useful stuff.and then trump hit biden on the mask.mandate the point he's trying to make.here is that joe biden says that he's.gonna mandate masks but he actually has.no intention of doing anything.along those lines so he's kind of lying.to you right he says he's going to mask.everybody he has no power to do it he.himself has said that.but again stephanopoulos tries to get.push trump into basically.suggesting that biden has the power to.mandate masks right now.it's very silly.well i do wear them when i have to and.when i'm in hospitals and other.locations but i will say this.they said at the democrat convention.they're going to do a national mandate.they never did it because they've.checked out and they didn't do it.and a que a good question is you ask.like joe biden they said we're going to.do a.national mandate on mass it's called on.all governors to have them it is a.statement.but he didn't do it i mean he never did.it okay and so biden immediately said.well.uh i can't do it i'm not the president.well even if you're the president you.can't do it.right in any case was this a good idea.for trump on a day of.foreign policy triumph no this is a bad.idea for trump now here's the thing i.think most of this is baked in.just politically speaking just putting.on the analyst hat most of this is baked.in when i say most of them nearly all of.it.people know who trump is they believe.what they're going to believe about.trump the person.who still has play in his numbers is.biden so biden's numbers have been.pretty stable throughout.but biden is one falling off the stage.bob dole 1996 moment.from his numbers cratering because the.fact is.that joe biden is not with it he is not.and i know that that's a lot for for.trump to gamble on right trump is.basically gambling on a couple of things.at this point.one that the american people will wake.to the fact that the democratic party.has moved in an incredibly radical.direction.and two that joe by the american people.would believe that joe biden being.unhealthy means that kamala harris will.be president.and frankly biden and harris have been.underscoring that idea so yesterday.kamal harris in the middle of a.oppressor.she literally said that she would be.leading a harris administration.they're not saying the quiet part out.loud here is kamala harris i mean get a.get a food taster joe.a harris administration together with.joe biden.a harris administration together with.joe biden who's running for president.again then biden yesterday botched it.himself he called it a harris biden.administration as opposed to a.biden-harris administration.harris pride administration is going to.relaunch that effort and keep pushing.further to make it easier for military.spouses and veterans.to find meaningful careers to ensure.teachers know how to support military.children in their classrooms now that.harrisburg administration is the threat.there is.not a survivor so that is trump's case.right trump's case is twofold one that.he's unhealthy so he can't handle the.job but more importantly if he's.unhealthy kamala harris ends up.being president and unfortunately for.biden he the more he is out in public.and this is why they're minimizing his.public appearances.so i understand again the the kind of.thematic attempt by trump to get out.there a lot so that he can show that joe.biden is not as lively and with it and.then maybe he's unhealthy.i get all of that i do i don't think.trump needs to do that i think trump.should go to the basement and he should.let joe biden.have to make public appearances because.every time he makes a public appearance.it gets more and more desperate.so yesterday joe biden was speaking at.some sort of forum for latinos.or as the democrats and the woke call.them latinx which.by the way is a descriptor no latino or.hispanic person i've ever heard of.actually uses for themselves.it is not in fact a popular term except.among social justice warriors who.believe that they.get to name latino and hispanic people.what they want to name him.joe biden came out at this event playing.despacito.on his phone this is about as awk.remember that time.when donald trump put out a tweet in the.middle of the 2016 campaign.it was just a picture of him on his.plane eating a taco bowl and he was like.i love mexicans taco bell and.everybody's like what now.and it was really really funny and.ridiculous joe biden just one-upped him.here's an awkward old man playing.desposito.i just have one thing to say.they're.oh my god there you go.i'll tell you what if i had the talent.of any one of these people i'd be.i'd be elected president by acclimation.you know if i had the talent of any one.of these i don't know what i'm listening.to my hearing aid is low and his ammo.also who are these people i'm talking.about the talent of anyone are we.talking about.mexicans or guatemala joe biden.high energy individual also again.maybe i'm not sure this is all baked.into the cake maybe it is maybe joe.biden senility is baked into the cake.but maybe not right because every time.he goes out in public he babbles.nonsensically like an idiot.as i've said before the presidential.debates will be something to behold.donald trump has said he's not going to.prep for it which again is idiotic you.have to prep for your debate.you have to prep for your debate it.matters this is one of the only debates.that matters the bar is so low for joe.biden that if he doesn't physically fall.on his face and start drooling oatmeal.bits then he will probably be declared.the winner.by the media so that means that donald.trump actually has to show up so not.prepping for it is really dumb but.is it all baked into the cake that.people realize just how badly joe biden.has degraded.here was joe biden babbling yesterday.about quartermasters what in the world.is going on in this clip.because if you could take care if you.were a quartermaster.you can sure in health take care of.running a you know.department store uh thing you know were.in the second floor of the ladies.department you know what i mean.your future presidents of the united.states verl.young with it if you're the.quartermaster of the ladies department.and.the revolutionary war and they were.quartering troops in your in your house.with corn pop and his individuals you.shouldn't be going down anything around.yeah cream of wheat.denny's early bird dinner okay well done.also uh yesterday joe biden struggled to.remember barack obama's name which is.weird because the only person who has.ever.made joe biden's queer worth a damn is.the man named barack obama here it was.yesterday.when we hit the recession.the president at president obama asked.me.to see if i could convince my republican.friends to join us.in yeah that's awkward that's awkward by.the way biden's campaign manager was.again asked as a different campaign.manager was asked yesterday.if biden uses a teleprompter during.interviews and again refuse stands for.the question.because the answer is yes of course he.uses a teleprompter during interviews.because he is not.cogent he is not cognizant he is not.with it okay.here like this is the easiest question.in the world honestly they should have.just put.no in this lady's teleprompter how do.you respond to the criticism that has.uh uh we've seen this all over about the.vice president using a teleprompter.during some of these interviews.oh well i mean first of all i i would.say.very clearly the vice president uses the.teleprompter uh on occasion.you see it as giving a speech but he is.also out there every day.taking questions from reporters you're.seeing that today he's in florida.uh and we'll continue to take questions.he's take i think he took questions.four or five times uh out on the stump.and out of his travel last week no he is.not taking questions he's running away.from questions.okay so at this point trump has two.hopes one the democrats continue to tie.themselves to the radical left.two everybody sort of realizes that joe.biden is not completely with it.speaking of the radical left what is not.canceled these days seriously.we are canceling all the things there.are no more things to to be canceled i.feel like.i feel like we're going to have to live.basically in a vacuum.we're all going to be ejected into space.where there's nothing left to be.canceled.they're not even atoms left to be.canceled we're just going to be in a.complete vacuum.and that's that's the real way to get.woke because we'll all be dead but at.least we'll be floating in a vacuum.that'll be exciting stuff vox has a.piece vox.the same people who proposed that there.was a land bridge between the west bank.and the gaza strip.the geniuses over at vox they have a.piece yesterday by nick sloane and.charlie harding here is the title.how beethoven's fifth symphony put the.classism in classical music.so now beethoven's fifth symphony.is racist and classist now to realize.how stupid this was you have to you have.to understand that beethoven.was a pretty thoroughbred secular.humanist uh that beethoven specifically.rejected.imperialism of any sort and he famously.dedicated the third symphony.to napoleon bonaparte but then ripped.off the cover page when.napoleon bonaparte declared himself.emperor but apparently that's not good.enough.beethoven is now cancelled to many.beethoven's most famous work is a symbol.of exclusion and elitism in classical.music as vox.com.beethoven's fifth symphony starts with.an anguished opening theme dun dun dun.dun.and ends with a glorious major key.melody since it's 1808 premiere.audiences have interpreted that.progression from struggle to victory as.a metaphor for beethoven's personal.resilience in the face of his oncoming.deafness.or rather that's long been the popular.read among wealthy white men.who embraced beethoven and turned his.symphony into a symbol.of their superiority and importance what.the.f what in the f i've never heard this.before like seriously i've never heard.this.in any context as a classical musician.i've played violin since i was five.years old okay i played the beethoven.violin concerto.i have i've played beethoven's romances.like i'm big beethoven fan.i'm quite familiar with the classical.repertoire.no one no one is like you know what.beethoven's fifth simpsonny.it happened because he's white because.he's a white man.but vox cancels beethoven why for uh.this is incredible.that's longer than the popular read.among wealthy white men who embraced.beethoven and turned his symphony into a.symbol.of their own superiority and importance.for others women.lgbtq plus people people of color.beethoven's symphony.may be predominantly a reminder of.classical music's history of exclusion.and elitism.one new york city classical music fan.wrote in the 1840s for example.that he wished that all women shall be.gagged by officers duly licensed for the.purpose before they're allowed to enter.a concert room oh wow you cited a rando.from the 1840s who thought that women.talk too much at classical concerts.boom owned beethoven roll over beethoven.you're done.what is it so apparently.trans people and questioning people or.queer people and bisexual people.are particularly off put by the fifth.symphony.which is very very strange that's a very.strange thing to.to intuit fox i didn't see that one.coming i'll be honest with you i've seen.a lot of these cancellations coming.canceling the fifth symphony because.trans women.are excluded by a piece written and.premiered in 1808..that's a new one for me i'll i'll admit.i didn't points for creativity.today some aspects of classical culture.are still policing who's in.and who's out and much of it started.with beethoven's fifth when you walk.into a standard concert hall there's an.established set of conventions in.etiquette don't cough don't cheer.dress appropriately that's more about.demonstrating belonging than.appreciating the music.tell me more people who have never been.to a classical concert or apparently.don't appreciate classical music hey.there are certain conventions.that are appropriate for the classical.music hall because people would like to.hear the music they are not rock.concerts.and now it wasn't always like this they.were sort of performed like rock.concerts when they were written.but over time there's been a classical.canon it's been true with great awe and.reverence because these are in fact the.pinnacles.of western creativity and it's not going.to get better than beethoven.it just is not but like.those conventions include things like.don't clap between movements.okay like they're movements to.symphonies and usually symphony has four.movements.so when you get to the the end of each.movement you don't clap.after the first movement of beethoven's.fifth you clap at the very end of the.symphony is that because of racism or.classism.the vox got together with the new york.philharmonic.and broke down the music and meaning of.this inescapable work of music we have.we must ask how beethoven symphony was.transformed from symbol of triumph and.freedom.into a symbol of exclusion elitism and.gatekeeping everything we love to hate.about classical.music today how did the meaning of the.symphony gets so twisted.for classical music critic james bennett.ii beethoven's popularity and centrality.and classical culture is part of the.problem.as you perpetuate the idea that the.giants of the muse of the music all look.the same.it conveys to the other that there is.not a stake in that music for them he.says okay i hate this.garbage so much i can't even explain how.much i hate this garbage the notion.that you can only appreciate somebody.else's work if you look like them.is the most tribal bullcrap i have ever.heard in my entire life.as a jew there are a few great classical.jewish composers.right mendelssohn was jewish and felix.mendelson was jewish so.psalms was jewish bizet was jewish.that's pretty much it i mean there are a.few others.you know whose music i like more than.that brahms not jewish beethoven not.jewish mozart not jewish bach not jewish.the the the very essence of thinking as.a rational human being.is deciding what you do and do not like.based on things other than tribal.affinity.and yet now we are being told that.because beethoven was white he is.inherently canceled because white people.might take some sort of reverence from.the fact that he was white.now it's weird about this is these exact.same people will say you know what we.need we need more black.composers who are given their proper due.because that will make black people feel.good about themselves.well you can't have it both ways either.you should say that great music should.be appreciated for being great music.and that we should appreciate duke.ellington because duke ellington was a.fabulous musician.rather than because duke ellington was.black and we should appreciate beethoven.because he was a fabulous musician.rather than because he was white or you.have to make the claim that we should.appreciate duke ellington for his.blackness and beethoven for his.whiteness but you can't have it both.ways.but this is the way that the left would.like it new york philharmonic.clarinetist anthony mcgill one of the.few black musicians in the ensemble.agrees that beethoven's inescapability.makes classical music appear.monolithic and stifling he likens the.inescapability of the fifth symphony to.a wall.between classical music and new diverse.audiences if you pretend like there's no.other music out there that beethoven is.the greatest music that will ever matter.says miguel then orchestras will.alienate.new listeners since we're not promoting.any of the composers alive today that.are trying to become the beethovens of.their day.okay let me just point out none of the.people trying to become beethoven are.beethoven.the new york times recently put out this.long piece including a bunch of little.snippets of modern classical music.i tried man i tried i listened to every.single one.of those little snippets and for the.most part they sucked they are not.listenable.that doesn't mean that the composers.don't know more about music composition.than i do i am sure they do.it doesn't mean that there aren't a.small cadre of people who appreciate.that i'm sure there are.but that in a very big cadre of people.and if you are making the claim.that the the modern composers of the.philip glasses of today.and though that those composers are on.the level of beethoven yeah shove it.and that oh we have to stop talking.about how beethoven is great because it.might convince people that modern.composers aren't good.it should convince people modern.composers aren't good modern composers.are not that good.in 200 years nobody is going to be.listening to any of the people on that.modern composers list from the new york.times and that's just in the classical.field.i get ripped up and down for my elitism.because i say beethoven is better than.cardi b.which is inherently obvious to anyone.with functioning prefrontal cortex.i'm sorry if it's offensive to you that.i think that brahms is better than.eminem.but brahms is better than eminem.the the very destruction of art in the.name of wokeness is just it's despicable.it's despicable so well done vox going.after beethoven beethoven is now.cancelled just.really let's cancel all the good things.all of them all the things that could.possibly tie us together music is.cancelled sports is canceled movies are.canceled.again i i'm kind of eager about this.i'll be honest with you we're moving.over to nashville and one of the things.that we plan on doing.is engaging far more in the culture wars.what i mean by that is not just.calling out stuff that we don't like.culturally but actually producing.cultural content we're intending on.doing this.so thank you to the left for canceling.everything that is good fun and.interesting about human life because.you've opened up a market for us.and we look forward to filling it.alrighty we'll be back here later today.for two additional hours.of content otherwise we'll see you here.tomorrow i'm ben shapiro.this is the ben shapiro show.[Music].the ben shapiro show is produced by.colton haas our technical director is.austin stevens.executive producer jeremy boring our.supervising producers are mathis glover.and robert sterling.assistant director pava wydowski our.associate producer is nick chien.the show is edited by adam syavets audio.mix by mike caromina hair and makeup is.by nika geneva.the ben shapiro show is a daily wire.production copyright daily wire 2020..president trump introduces peace deals.with nine.new middle eastern countries kanye west.calls himself the new moses.and the foolish things of this world.confound the wise.check it out on the michael knowles show.

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1096 Online Form FAQs

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How do I fill out the NTSE form 2017- 2018 Jharkhand online?

You cannot gove NTSE online or at your own level you have to belong to a school which is conducting ntse. Then download the form online from the page of ntse, fill it and submit it to your school along with fee. If your school is not conducting ntse, sorry to say but you cannot give ntse. It can only be given through, no institutions are allowed to conduct thos exam.

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IN the month of August the application form will be available on cbse official website which you have to fill online then it will ask in which you subject you want to apply for improvement…you can select all subjects and additional subjects also then you have to pay the amount for improvement exam which you have to pay at bank. take the print out of the acknowledgement and the e-challan and deposit the fees at bank… you also have to change your region when you type the pin code then according to that you will get your centre as well as new region means you region will change. it don't effect anything. after all these thing you have to send a xerox copy of your marksheet e-challan acknowledgement to the regional office which you get. the address will be returned on the acknowledgement after that you have to wait to get your admit card which you will get online on month of February…and improvement marksheet will be send to you address which you fill at time of applications form filling time. if you get less marks in improvement then old marksheet will be valid so All The Best

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