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Tips on completing the Uscis Form I 134 2016 2018

youtube video

Steps of Customizing the Uscis Form I 134 2016 2018

hi everyone welcome to the channel in.this video I'm going to show you how to.fill form i-130 for that's going to be.part of your affidavit of support.documents that you're going to be.showing at the k1 visa interview so who.has to fill this out the u.s. CIA the US.citizen will be the person filling out.this form so another question that I get.a lot is wait what happened with like.form like i-864 like is that different.from like form i-130 for and yes the.form i-130 for is for the affidavit of.support before getting your k1 visa it's.like to apply for the k1 visa and then.the affidavit of support I eight six.four is once your fiance your foreign.fiance is in the United States then when.you're applying for the green card.a judgement of status that's when the US.citizen has to perform i-864 so yes.they're different yes you need for both.but in this case which is gonna be.reviewing the form i-130 for so first.thing you need to do is go to USCIS so.remember to not click on any links that.you see on the internet because many of.the links that are shown on blogs are.like some of the or some websites even.like some lawyer websites are already.like have outdated form so make sure to.always click on like the USCIS link on.your browser so click on that.type type uscis.gov and then you're.gonna go to search our site and you're.gonna look up for the form i-130 for.press enter and then it's gonna be the.first one so first thing we need to.check is for the expiration date of this.form today is February 9th 2018 and then.this form expires until the end of this.year so you're gonna be good.this forum always always check the date.of the forum so I'm gonna start.obviously I'm gonna like make up a name.but in your case like I said the US.petitioner is the one filling for this.forum and let's start so family man you.would just type your family name let's.start with last name so first name you.just type your first name and your.middle name let's say his name is.giorgia so our names used list of your.names have you have ever used including.aliases maiden name and nicknames you.need extra space to complete this in.this section use this space Prada in.part 7 additional information this box.is just in case you have ever liked like.it pretty much says like in the.instructor so if you use like other.names like before or you use like any.other names besides like the name up.here then you will just like write the.information down here so in our case we.didn't do it so if you don't have an r1.you just leave this blank leave this.blank leave this blank.oh by the way like this form basically.we're like the purpose of this form is.to show the US cup to the US government.that the the United States citizens so.the petitioner like the sponsor will be.responsible of economically of like the.person that he is sponsoring so wherever.the foreign fiance is like the United.States citizen will like have to show.with like information and supporting.documents and this form that he or she.is able to provide economically for that.person and yeah you do need to fill this.out and if you don't then your k1 visa.probably will be the night so let's keep.on going sponsors mailing address so.whatever your mailing address is like.the US citizens you will just like type.it here so 101 street number and you.just type the number let's say that one.on the street number one.and then your apartment you would just.like type that like whatever your.apartment you live in say your town.state you would just like it's New.Jersey I'm just gonna click this for now.zip code whatever your zip code is.province whatever your province is.postal code and country United States.are your mailing address and physical.drugs the same if there are yes you just.like click on here if it's now if you.have for some reason that your mailing.address is different from your physical.address then you click on no and then.like it says if you answer no on item.number four provide your physical.address and item number is five a and.five-eighths so if you do have like a.different like physical address you.would just type the be address here if.you don't just leave this blank all this.black blank blank blank then our.information so date of birth we're still.talking about the US citizen so whatever.your date of birth is you type it town.or city of birth wherever city you were.born out country of birth in this case.we're gonna be filling out the form what.we did is because my sponsor was a.United States citizen then she did not.have an alien registration number.this alien registration number is just.for people that went through the process.of naturalization so that's what you.would put down here that you're an alien.registration number if you don't then.just leave it blank then if you're a.United States citizen then you have a.social security number so you would just.type it and the US T is online account.number if any we didn't have one and you.probably don't have one so you just.leave that black and then citizenship or.residency or status if you are not a US.citizen based on your birth in the.United States or a non-us on a non.citizen u.s. national based on your.birth in American Samoa answer the.following is as appropriate so whatever.your case is you just have to like read.through this.options so let me name them be 11th see.them D and then if you do not apply for.any of these options then you would just.like skip them so in our case now she.was not a US citizen through another.naturalization so we left that blank I.am a US citizen to parents our marriage.to me that that was not the case we left.that blank so I Drive my US citizenship.by knowing method then you just explain.for all these questions that say part 7.additional information if in some of the.like the boxes you don't have space to.write your whole like explanation on why.you're writing like that answer it down.then at the end of the form the USCIS.gives you additional space that you can.use so I'll just show you guys how to do.that at the end of the video so again.this was not our case if you have any.one of these cases like if you're a US.citizen through naturalization you would.just like click on here and you would.just write down your number but computer.won't let me down down write down the.number but you can do it once you print.it out just don't forget to like write.your number because any information that.is not written and on this form will.probably get like a request for evidence.that means that your form can be delayed.and forms already like take a lot of.time to like process so make sure to.fill everything and do not skip any.questions so if none of these cases.apply for you then you just leave this.blank then part two information about.your beneficiary so here is going to.you're going to put the name of the.foreign fiance that you're sponsoring so.because in the first part we put a guy.then I'm gonna put it for this case I'm.just gonna put the name of a woman so.whatever your foreign fiancé's name is.you would just type this here so.so her middle name and then date of.birth whatever her date or his date of.birth is make sure to follow the like.the format that they're putting here.right if you're like typing it online I.mean just be just to not have any issues.right so it would be like two numbers.for the month to not to like digits for.the day I mean and then four digits for.the year so gender female any number so.once again if you went through the.process of naturalization then you have.a name number if you don't and you just.leave this blank and that country or.citizenship so whatever country you're.from fiancee is from like Germany like.island like Peru Mexico doesn't matter.like you just like write it down so I.just write off just do this.marital status remember only people that.are like single can apply for this form.so if you were married you need to show.the proof of that you like successful.you're like that you finish your divorce.process so you can click on here of your.divorce but you need to have the proof.that your marriage already ended so you.don't have any issues when like applying.for a k1 visa so in our case we just.move down single relationship to.sponsors and here is where you're gonna.write fiancee and then you go up.beneficiaries physical address so.whatever your foreign fiance's address.is in their home country so because we.wrote down Germany then like we will put.the address of the German fiancee so.whatever your fiance's address is I.don't know so I'm gonna make that.absolutely German Street apartment and.then you would write down with like with.a pen the apartment number that CEO time.city or town.Germany to be gonna hide down like.random stuff stayed you just like pick.whatever stayed oh because it's a.foreign like a dress then you're just.gonna leave that black zip code whatever.their zip code is province whatever the.province is named postal code whatever.their postal code is and country so.country Germany beneficiary spouse.accompany our following to join.beneficiary so in arcade because it's.like the k1 visa then we do not write.down anything here so we would just.leave this blank beneficiary spouse you.just like leave a blank leave blank and.then if you have any children if your.foreign fiance has any like children.then you would write down their names.here in our case we did not have like.any like children so we just left this.blank if you have I just like fill out.like the form fill out the back spaces.with information proof shown here so.last name first name middle name date of.birth if you don't have anything just.leave this blank leave this blank and.then employment information so careful.it says now we switched back to the US.petitioners information so our.information about the sponsor the.sponsor is the US citizen like I said so.employment information I am currently.employed at you need to be employed.because for this affidavit of support to.show that you can support your foreign.fiance economically you need to have a.job like some like sort of Bing comes to.like here you would just put like.employed SN it doesn't let me write.anything here but you can write like.whatever you're like whatever the US.petitioners job is so we can be like.manager like sales manager or director.or whatever it is name of the employer.it won't let me type anything down here.but you would just write it so I don't.know like let's say like General Motors.that's where he works and then or.self-employed SN and then you would just.write like what you do and the next leg.falling like step you're gonna be like.number is done of like how much the US.petitioner is making so that's why it's.asking these questions so a current.employer address whatever your.employer's address is so General Motors.would be like whatever they are so your.own motor Street apartment you would.just type down the apartment and then.city let's say it's in New York State.New York tsypko whatever the zip code is.province whatever the province is total.CO and the country United States so my.annual income is this part is very very.important because for this form to be.approved the US petitioner has to have a.level of income that it's above of the.poverty guide poverty level guideline so.like what are the party level like.guidelines well the US Department of.Health and services poverty guidelines.they have a guideline of how much amount.of money do you need to have in order to.be above the poverty level so when you.have to David I support you need to be.above this level so just go to this.website to check out the latest amount.that the US petitioner needs to make as.an income in order to support like.someone else and Ike for it for this.episode avi support to be like approved.then you go here and then because it's.going to be to people in the household.so the foreign fiance of the US citizen.and the US citizen their income has to.be above sixteen thousand four hundred.and sixty dollars so if you're making.less than that then you're gonna have.trouble with your petition if you're.like above that level then it's fine and.then your affidavit of support should be.approved if if you don't have any other.issue so my annual income is so we're.still talking about though you guys.status n so you would just write it down.here whatever number you make balanced.of all my savings and have all my.savings and checking accounts in the.United States so whatever your.bank account number has like you need to.be like completely honest about it.because you you will be showing your.bank deposits as well so whatever that.number is you would just write it down.value of my other personal property so I.whatever other like value like you have.you would just like write it down here.too so just say like if you don't have.any that you just would type like zero.like it doesn't matter like what the US.government wants to see is like how much.money you have so market value of stocks.and bonds like give you got your.investment like stocks and bonds like if.you have like like like if you have a.gonna exchange trade fun or like.something like that or like if your.savings account it's investing in this.that you can ask your employer or like.whoever's like managing your fun and.then it will show up your so it can be.like zero it can be more like it it's.like up to you whatever like your like.financial information is I have listed.my stocks and bonds in part 7 additional.information so you just have to like.attach any evidence you are like putting.down like here in these like numbers so.just make sure to be honest like I said.I have a life insurance some off and.then your employer probably like houses.number so like whatever your employer.enters number is you would just type it.with a cash around their value of like.whatever like a number is that your.employer again will like know about this.every case is different for the u.s..citizen so you just have to like talk.with your employer to see that we all.stay information if you own real estate.you would just put like the value of it.we didn't have a real estate information.so we just like wrote down like zero and.then mortgages so we all have mortgages.we had to put 0 and then if you have a.real estate like if you already bought a.house then you would put like the.address of the house here if you don't.own a house and you just leave it blank.and then next step dependents.information the following present are.dependent upon me for support if you.need extra space to complete this.session uses space variety so if you're.the US citizen have any other like.dependents under your name then you.would just like fill this out in our.case because we then have like any.dependent because my fiance the USS and.then have any.can we just set this blank if you do.then you would if you do like have.dependent just like well their.information here and then what their.relationship is to you your date of.birth and if it's a Chloe dependent on.you or partially dependent if you have.any other dependent you would write down.their names here again we're still.talking about the sponsor they have like.any other defendants.so we because we then have any we just.like left this blank so leave this blank.and then I have previously submitted.half a data support for the following.persons if you don't have any dependents.or this is like the first time you're.throwing out this form then you would.just type here none that's what we did.and that's how our form got approved so.we wrote down none can we name like so.none if you did fill out an affidavit of.support for someone before filling out.this form you should write down their.names here and then this part is very.important so I have submitted a visa.petition to the US Citizenship and.Immigration Services on behalf of the.following persons if not write none in.this space for the name below so in this.case you the US citizen are sponsoring.your foreign fiance so you would just.write down their names here so in our.case we were sponsoring I forget what I.could why we put for the middle name.where you would just write down there.and then write fiance here their date of.birth I forgot what I put up up in the.form but you would write down like the.date of birth of your foreign fiance so.whatever that data breath is and data.filing date of the time where you filed.I mean date of when you followed the I.129 F so whatever that day was.and then family name we left that blank.we let this blank blank blank because.we're only like sponsoring that the USN.is just sponsoring for this particular.form just the foreign fiance for the k1.visa so we would just leave this blank.you have this black and then 38:30 is.very important too so it says I intend.or do not intend to make specific.contributions to support the present.name and part 2 so part 2 that was your.foreign fiance so in this case you have.to click on I intend and then it says if.you select and 10 indicate the exact.nature and duration of the contributions.you intend to make in part 7 additional.information for example you intend to.furnish room and board state and for how.long.if money state the amount of US Dollars.with it is is to be a is to be given and.a lump sum weekly or monthly and for how.long so in all in the last page where it.said like additional information you.will have to specify how you're planning.to contribute for for the foreign.citizen not to be a burden for the US.government so I'll get that I'll get.into that in like a couple minutes so.don't worry part for sponsors statement.contact information certification and.signature read the penalty section of.the form I 34 instruction before.completing this statement so guys.remember you always have to be very very.honest in these forms like do not try to.cheat the government because like they.will find out and you will have like.like like big problem so do not like try.to like like lie on this in this form.because like they will find out so.sponsors statement so the US citizen is.the one filling out this form so select.the parts of your item number one or one.be if applicable select the bus ride.them then to I can read it and.understand English and I have right.understand request an instruction in.this affidavit and my answer to every.question so what we did is we click here.the interpreter name if you do have an.interpreter then read to me every.question an answer to every question and.so if you do have an interpreter you.would select this box and then you would.type here like whatever your answer is.so I'm I answered every question in.whatever you language you're speaking if.I give the US citizen like or like the.petitioner is not speak the language.which is like click on B and then or to.my request the preparer name in part six.his name prepared this affidavit of.support based only upon information I.provided or authorized in our case we.left this blank so you understand.English the you the US petitioner it.just like box a your daytime telephone.number of the US citizen your mobile.phone number and then your email address.careful with this because they will be.contacting you and this email so.wherever your email is the US citizens.email you just type that down sponsor.certification copies of any documents.app submitted are exact photocopies and.altered document so basically all this.like form says is that like I said like.that you are like I certify under.penalty of perjury that I provide or.authorize all information in my.affidavit I understand all of.information containing and submit it.with my affidavit and that all this.information is complete true and correct.do not lie in these form because you.will have legal trouble so make sure.everything you write down on this form.is honest so like that's what this says.so this that this uh video is made by me.to assure the US government the person.named in part two will not become a.public charge in the United States like.I said this available support is for you.the US doesn't just show the US.government that you will be able to.financially sustain your foreign fiance.while the foreign fiance gets like a.like a work permit and while like they.wait for their green card so that's.basically what all this stuff means and.then don't forget to sign here sponsor.signature it has to be signed with pan.black ink and with the date of signature.as when you're signing it like whatever.that date is you just put it here make.sure to sign if you don't sign though.return the forms and your forms will be.delayed so here if you do have like an.interpreter then you would just like.write down their name their mailing.address and their certification like.signature and in what language he was.talking to you.this is just if you had like an.interpreter if you don't you would just.like leave that blank leave that blank.tube you don't have one your purse.statement so basically it's a it's.information that the prepare your.prepared will need to fill out so you're.filling out this on your own then you.just leave this blank and then for seven.additional information so this part is.very important and this is where you're.going to specify or like give the.evidence of like you're above answer so.family name we have put it won't let me.write it down here but you would just.put like George Lucas but a number if.they don't have the US citizen doesn't.have anything you would just leave that.blank and in these like numbers like.whatever question you need a to fill out.more information let's say let's make an.example so you would just like look for.the page number the part number and the.item number and then you're gonna write.it down in the gold boxes so like let's.say I'm gonna do it for one question so.let's go to question this question.almost everyone needs to fill it out so.let's say page number four part number.three and item number 38 so let's go to.page number four the page numbers are.here remember so page seven page six.page five page four okay so the one that.I'm gonna be writing additional.information on is I said page four so.this page for part 3 part 3 that's why I.wrote and then item number 38 so I'm.gonna be writing additional information.about this about the specific.contributions of support of the prison.name in part 2 and it says to state if.you intend to help them furnish room and.board for how long if state of amount of.US dollars on whether it is given to be.a lump sum weekly monthly and for how.long so you just go down to additional.information again I said like page.number four part number three I remember.38 and you would just write down like.how you're going to help your foreign.fiance so furnish.room and board upon arrival to the USA.and until then fish sherry is eligible.for employment in in USA at time of.beneficiaries employment and the times.benefited appointment beneficiary and.sponsor will split the cost of room and.board and then basically that's like you.were giving them the answer I have you.guys are gonna display out the cost or.how the financial like support is going.to work and basically with this form.you're going to be attaching like all.the information that supports this form.so like your pay stubs your w-2s the tax.the tax returns a letter of employment.of your of your of your employer then.like some of your bank statements and.all those forms you're going to be like.attaching with this form and sending it.to the USCIS so you're just gonna print.out this remember sign attach all your.other evidence so also like your if you.have any stock then you would just like.a touch a page like stating which stocks.you have that come for how much amount.if you have to be on real estate then.you're gonna be attaching your real.estate information and that's gonna be a.test to this form so that's it the form.is like a little long it seems more.complicated than it is and if you have.any questions make sure to write down.the comments below I'll try to like.answer with with whatever information I.can help you with and if you like this.video please give us a like and.subscribe because we want to keep.publishing this condom for free for like.the people to help them out so that's it.thanks for watching and see you guys.next time.

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Uscis Form I 134 2016 2018 FAQs

Note answers to questions about Uscis Form I 134 2016 2018 . View the most useful topics and more.

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Is Form I 134 required for visitor visa?

Form I 134 Affidavit of Support is neither required nor the Consular wants to see or verify. It is the applicant who has to provide information on the DS 160 that he/she is capable in all respects and will return back to home country.

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