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The Instruction of Finishing Va Form 21 526ez 2016 2018 on the Internet

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youtube video

How Do You Get Va Form 21 526ez 2016 2018 and Sign It Online?

you.you.good day warriors this is Titan humble.servant to the veteran veteran family.member and veteran supporters everywhere.it is my honor and privilege to assist.you in any way possible my goal today is.to provide you with helpful tips that.could be supplemental to your knowledge.regarding transition from your active.duty back to civilian life as we can all.imagine or have experience there's a lot.going on during that transition period.loss of valuable time and money can be a.heavy consequence to pay for misinformed.decision made fortunate for your.families your sound judgment and proven.leadership represents only a portion of.who you are as warriors and we all know.that warriors utilize available.resources to figure out what's right and.make things happen today we're going to.talk about one such resource that's VA.Form 21 526 easy this is the application.for disability compensation and related.compensation benefits it's generally.used for the FDC or fully developed.claims program now we talked about the.fully developed claim program some.months ago but I'll briefly describe.what we talked about the FDC program is.an optional initiative that offers.veterans and survival faster decisions.from VA on compensation pension and.survival benefits it's what we'll use as.an application and we're talking topic.of our discussion today.now you'll submit simultaneously with.your claim all if any relevant private.medical treatment records and you will.identify the relevant treatment records.available at federal facilities such as.VA Medical Center's it is very important.that you do this because the VA will.have to go after those medical records.when you put that those medical records.exist to support your claim on your five.to six easy now I have to disclose that.the content contained in this video is.solely for informational purposes only.guys the Department of Veterans Affairs.is not a cooperative of Titan's media.and aside from the publicly published.standardized VA forms retrieved from.their website it is not an affiliate in.any known form direct or otherwise.but there is hope if you have any.questions you can always call a VA rep.at one eight hundred eight twenty seven.one thousand or you can call the local.veterans support organization or your.agent representative now let's just go.ahead and pull up this 21 five twenty.six easy application for disability.compensation and related compensation.benefits now this is a basic form and.it's one of the base reforms that you'll.see quite frequently when you're dealing.with the VA and submitting for claims.we're going to go over it block by block.look here like jarhead be service member.has already substantially completed.their form now it is imperative that.when you submit a claim that that form.is substantially completed and signed by.the veteran submitting for the claim.block number one looked like jarhead.here has a net full name fully spelled.out number two.right here is social self-explanatory.date of birth.now these information that the VA is.asking for this is very important.information because it helps them to.prosecute your claim section four here.basically states the sex.now mr. servicemember here he basically.states that he's never thought a VA.claim before and box 6 is not filled out.because he has never been assigned a.file number as a result of him not.having filed a claim before as we.proceed going down to Bob the block 7a.this veteran right here states that he.is not currently homeless or at risk of.becoming homeless which is a substantial.piece of information because we don't.want our veterans in any bad situations.but if they are in a bad situation we.want to try to expedite those claims any.points of contact names or numbers we.need those informations look here mr..servicemember was a marine of the active.component.he thoroughly completed his address but.he didn't feel out 9 B forwarding.address and effective date because of.course his current mailing address is.the mailing address that he wants his.him information forwarded to now if he.was going if he had a separate address.for his forwarding address he would need.that effective date right here that.effective date would be the date that he.wanted his information to start to.transition from his current mailing.address to his new mailing address it.work you the VA to know the date that.they need to stop forwarding his mail to.his current address 9 C his preferred.telephone number preferred email and mr..jarhead has also submitted a secondary.email address as we go down here you.might want to ask yourself you might ask.yourself why are they providing so much.information because contacting the.veteran is very important to the VA.whenever they're it's a fast moving.train when they're submitting your claim.they need to know where you are at all.times because when you start getting.appointments set up and they need.information to supplement your claim.it's all about developing your claim so.direct lines of communication with the.veteran is really helpful so that they.can expedite getting that stuff.processed and getting it to the.appropriate rating for officials all.right down at 11 now this is a good area.right here section 11.it lists the disability that you're.claiming mr. jarheads claiming bilateral.hearing loss tinnitus and an ankle.sprain that is that he experienced while.he was in service now let's talk a.little bit about this hopefully mr. mr..a service member have supporting.documentation that he was treated in.service.for bilateral and diagnosed with.bilateral hearing loss or at least.experience some type of treatment also.we need to know or the veteran the the.VA needs to know that um if there were.any private medical facilities that he.was seen since he's been out that those.records have been forwarded to the VA.for their review as well now depending.upon his MOS or his exposure this.veteran could be in the clear he could.be good to go I say for instance if this.veteran was an infantryman then there.are certain levels of hazardous exposure.to hearing loss uh hazardous exposure to.uh to noise that would lead to his.subsequent hearing loss in that specific.MOS and as a know 311 or as an infantry.marine he would have experience high.levels of hazardous noise a lot of MOS.is may you may not experience such noise.you may have you know moderate levels of.noise or even low levels of noise that.you experience which may or may not.constitute an evaluation and exam for.that disability if you haven't been.treated for them or chronically treated.for it in service but you don't have to.be an infantry marine or marine that's.generally MOS is generally exposed to.high levels of noise you could be in a.general MOS but doing a job that or have.done a job that expose you to high.levels of noise and still meet the.criteria and the ankle sprain there.looks like it's uh self-explanatory he.probably was on a hump or something like.that and you know carrying that pack you.know hurt his ankle or something while.he was on the run which would easily be.proven by his service treatment records.as that hard-charger Marine even though.they don't like going to you know.medical went and got that checked out so.that his records were in order when he.got out and was going to decide to file.his claim when proceed.so section 12 here's where you list the.the V AMC or Department of Defense.medical treatment facilities where you.receive your treatment mister jarhead.here.he went to V AMC some city and look here.he had to treatment dates February 2003.and May 2007 he also had some other V.AMC treatment facility where he was seen.for for whatever reason or one of these.reasons I'm we would imagine on May of.2009 he listed these dates specifically.and it should be easy to go into those.VMC records and find those particular.dates sometimes a veteran doesn't know.what when they were serviced which could.pose an issue here's how those veterans.may or may not put a blank kind of like.a blank check of dates so say that they.were they were seen in May of 2003 but.they don't remember exactly when so they.actually put January of 2003 to December.of 2003 when they were actually seen.from February 2003 to December of 2003.it's fine the VA will go after those.records but here's how it can hold your.claim up what will happen is this the.claim representative has a directive to.go after your records when you on your.application put that there is a there's.a record that exists that could support.your claim now when they go after that.record they go in the system and see.there's only February 2003 to December.2003 records that that Vetter that.veterans representative is gone is going.to say wait a minute we're missing two.months worth of records and the veteran.says he has substantial records that.could support his claim so we have to go.after those records so now that VA rep.is going after those two months of.records and oh by the way those records.exist so we'll spend another 30 days.going after those records will get no.response back and then we'll have to do.a statutory another contact out there to.the organization depending on what the.organization are determines the.statutory up periods our time frames.that we have to go after those records.and then we'll go back out to the.veteran as a last resort to see if he.has he or she has any of those records.that he states that he would have had at.the VA MC if they don't and then we'll.proceed with you know the appropriate.notifications and and get that stuff.processed so that we can get it to the.rater and process what we have.accordingly so it's very important if.you don't know your date's a a try as.best as possible to pinpoint around.about the exact time that you're.actually seeing at these facilities.because it saves you time as it's your.claim let's go ahead down here and.proceed section 13 now section 13.generally states that if you wish to.file any of these particular additional.claims dependents individual.unemployability post-traumatic stress.disorder and and the list goes on here.there is a required form or set of forms.that goes with that application in.addition to the five to six easy that.you that you file so you'd file that.five to six easy and then if you want.wanted to add dependents to that you.would also include form 21 686 C and if.claiming a child 18 to 23 years old that.it's in school you'll file that 21 674.school-age child and we'll go over that.in another classroom box 14 did you.serve one another name.no mr. jarhead didn't generally we'll.get the the most active service from his.DD 214 and some other documents but it's.good if they know generally because some.times if it's an initial claim there.will be no documents on file so we'll.have to initially start the claim with.the information at the veteran supplies.so it's kind of good that you know.precisely when used when you join.service and when you actually were.discharged no big deal.until we can't find your records all.right.we're in a combat zone place of last.antenna pic anticipated separation this.warrior right here got out in San Diego.not currently serving in a National.Guard.not a prisoner of war and didn't receive.any type of separation or retired pay.because he was only in for ten years.well not only in for ten years because.ten years is a substantial amount of.time to serve your country but he didn't.meet the requirement the statutory.requirement for in his particular case.for for retired of severance.compensation he did not check the block.as a result because he didn't rate those.criteria you didn't want to waive VA.benefits now the Department of Treasury.requires that all federal benefit.payments be made in EFT that's.electronic funds transfer or direct.deposit now if you do not have or.certify that you do not have an account.with a financial institution or.certifying payment agent then what.happens is you'll check the box stating.that you certify this and then the VA.will or the you will have to request a.Direct Express MasterCard and you here's.how you apply basically there's a.website up here us Direct Express or you.can call this 1-800 number right here.and get enrolled otherwise this veteran.right here states that he has a checking.account it gives us checking account.information it gives the bank name and.he also gives the routing data all that.information is needed for the VA rep to.process your claim to make sure that you.get paid in a timely fashion.and according in accordance with the.Department of Treasury requirement.now box number 25 basically states that.if you check this box right here it.states that I do not want my claim.consider for rapid processing is.basically stating that you filled out.the 21 526 ez which is the form.generally used for rapid processing but.in this case you do not want to be.processed in the FDC program and.generally what happens is a veteran.fills out his claim and decides wait a.minute there's information that I could.that I need to get more documentation.that I need to get that I don't have.right now so therefore I opt out of the.FDC program that way I can have a little.bit more time to actually get my claim I.can submit my claim right now but I need.more time to get the documentation to.support or substantiate my claim so the.veteran would check this box right here.as a result the VA will exclude you from.the FDC program but they were and then.they will commence to processing you in.the standard program no big difference.except the time frame in which process.you'll get the same quality of care on.your application it's just that it's now.not in the FDC program stating that when.I submit this claim I have all.documentation to support my claim right.now and then there's the service member.right here sign and dated his claim this.is a substantially completed 21 5 to 6.easy form he doesn't have any witnesses.because he states basically that he.doesn't have a PA Oh.power of attorney or in an agent at this.time that he's that he's using to act on.his behalf even though he signed the.five 260z.he's basically handling it all on his.own if you again if you have any issues.or or need clarification on a certain.matter your VSO veterans services.organization is your best bet.or that 1-800 number to the VA will be.very helpful.and then once you've established your.claim keep constant commute or.sufficient or substantial communication.with the VA so that they can have access.to you or so that the VA mcs or the.examiner's that need to contact and.schedule exams for you can contact you.in a timely fashion and get those exams.taken care of because once those exams.are taken care of those examiner's will.do their thing they're processed and.then they'll send it back to the VA the.VA will put that with your with your.case file review your case file to make.sure that everything is in there and.then they'll send it to the rating.officials for their consideration.constant fluid communication not as much.as you don't need just enough to get.your stuff a process now there are other.things that can get you excluded from.the FDC program like submitting your.claim stating that I have everything.right here right now and then.subsequently coming back maybe a week.later stating I want to add some stuff.that will get you excluded I'm not.saying don't add stuff to your claim I'm.just saying that's something that you.may want to consider the best bet is to.sit down and thoroughly think out what.you need to do review your medical.records get some consultation from your.VSO so you can substantially complete.your claim the first time make sure.everything is squared away but as the.veteran it is your right to get any.clarification or or file your claim a.claim that you rate but on your best.behalf just make sure that you do it.right all right so today we discussed.transition tools such as the VA form 21.526 easy this is the application for.disability compensation and related.compensation benefits we talked about.simultaneously submitting private.medical treatment records and your need.to identify the relevant treatment.records available at federal facilities.such as VMC very important.we briefly discussed the FTC fully.developed claims program and finally we.discuss where you can get subsequent.assistance such as from VA the 1-800.hotline one eight hundred eight to seven.one thousand your local veterans support.organization VSOs or agent.representatives I hope this information.has been very helpful to you until next.time tighten out.you.you.

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Va Form 21 526ez 2016 2018 FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Va Form 21 526ez 2016 2018 are:

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Why do ex-employers refuse to fill out the VA form 21-4192 for a vet?

Some do, some don't. Obviously, if you didn't part on good terms it's not likely to happen. If you were a temp or part-time worker they may not have bothered keeping your records. The best thing veterans can do is hand carry the form to their former employer, if practical.

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