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Steps of Customizing the Certified Payroll Forms

hello and welcome to a how-to guide on.creating the certified payroll report or.federal davis-bacon prevailing wage.projects a certified payroll report.certifies to a public agency that the.appropriate prevailing wages were paid.to each worker it also facilitates the.reporting of fringe benefit payments.that are made to individuals and to.approved bonafide benefit plans it is a.requirement on construction projects.built under the federal davis-bacon and.DB ra or davis-bacon related acts these.certified payroll reports must be.submitted on a weekly basis here's an.example of weekly certified payroll.report form and you'll note that there.are several forms available out there.for your use on most projects your labor.appliance program may require a specific.form and in that case you should comply.it should be noted however that most.labor compliance programs and federal.agencies included will accept printouts.from your full job cost accounting.software packages as long as they.understand where all the information is.the form that we are going to be using.today is a federal form that is optional.as long as you submit your payrolls to.them with all the information on them.they cannot mandate what form that comes.in here's a public works payroll.reporting form for the department of.industrial relations in the state of.California and you'll see that it even.has a different look regardless of what.the form looks like all must be.accompanied with a statement of.compliance this will be signed by the.person paying or supervising the payment.of employees working on prevailing wage.project and again they have to accompany.every weekly certified payroll report.once you begin working on the project.payroll reports must be filled out and.submitted for every week thereafter even.when you perform nor weep no work.on weeks where you do not perform work.create a no work statement something.that is acceptable is to create a.payroll report with all of the pertinent.information and simply state on it that.no work was performed that week in this.session we are going to work through the.process of creating a certified payroll.using a federal davis-bacon prevailing.wage of determination so these are the.wage classifications and the rates that.we will be using in this example we have.building laborers group 1 their base.rate of pay is $26.50 per hour plus an.additional $14 and 92 cents in fringe.benefits we're going to be using iron.workers their ornamental reinforcing and.structural iron workers their base rate.is $33 per hour their fringes are 24.4 T.cents per hour we're using heavy.equipment operators from the heavy.construction portion of the davis-bacon.rates Group one their base rate is 36.dollars and 13 cents the fringe benefits.are 20 dollars and 77 cents we will be.using the federal wage and hour division.form for reporting the certified payroll.you can obtain this by simply going to.their website it's called form WH -.three four seven you find it on the US.Department of Labor website and I'm.going to leave this on for just a moment.in case you are writing you can't print.this or maybe you can do a print screen.of this right now it is if you're.listening it is w WD o LG v / w HD slash.fo RM s /w h 3 4 7 . pd.F it is an operational functional PDF.file and interactive file that you can.save and use over and over again if you.wish and you can save it each time in.your computer with the saved data again.it is not a mandatory form it is an.optional form we're going to be getting.working through this form to show you.how we would fill it out to begin with.in the upper left hand corner you will.click either that you are the contractor.that is you are the prime contractor or.GC or a subcontractor in our example we.are the contractor and this is your.construction company name right here for.our purposes of a we have simply your.construction company over here we will.include the address we have it at one.two three any Street every city all.States in America in addition to that we.will put the project name this should be.the project name from the contract so if.you have subcontractors you should let.them know what the project the.acceptable project name for their.certified payroll reports are and have.them include that here it's not a good.idea for them to use whatever name they.would use for the project we all know.how projects over time take on their own.unique name within an organization this.should be the official name and then a.project number not the subcontractors.project number but the project number.that has been assigned to it by the.awarding agency we will also on the.left-hand side put a payroll number we.will begin our payroll numbering with.number one on the first week that we.approach the project and then we will.number consecutively throughout even on.weeks that we do not perform work on the.project and we will do that until we.complete work on the project even as a.subcontractor.the next column over we will state the.date that the payroll period ends in.this case it's May 19 2012 and then.immediately under that you'll notice.that we are going to be asked for day.and date so we must fill out Sunday.Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday.Saturday and the corresponding dates 13.14 15 16 17 18 and 19 here you'll see.that we have populated the entire.certified payroll report with wages and.wage earners we will take each of these.as a specific example of how to create.the correct prevailing wage certified.reporting in this example we have.straight time there will be no overtime.recorded and the fringes will be paid to.bonafide plans and so in this case we.have Joe laborer.you'll notice that we must have his name.and an identifying number that number.should probably be his the last four.digits of his social security number.column 2 is not a requirement is for the.employers convenience only it is the.number of withholding exemptions you may.or may not populate that that is your.choice column 3 is the work.classification from the wage.determination you need to use precise.language so if the wage determination.call these building laborers group 1 you.should do the same you'll call them.labor helpers or whatever you might call.them within your organization.in column four we enter all the daily.straight time hours because again this.example is for straight time no overtime.we total those hours in this case we.have given him of eight hours each day.so Jake Jo laborers working eight hours.each day Monday through Friday for a.total of $40 or 40 hours in the week.you call them six we put the rate of pay.on the left-hand side of this column we.put the base rate of pay which is $20.$26.50 on the right side of this column.we place the fringes that are paid in.cash so that is with this paycheck well.in our situation because we are paying.the fringes to a bonafide plan in this.situation Jo laborer only gets the base.wage of $26.50 times 40 which is 1,000.$60 and in column seven we're going to.place the gross earnings for this.project on the top and the gross.earnings for all projects on the bottom.we have an example of how this works.later in this same certified payroll but.because this laborer Jo laborer only.worked on this project we will only.enter his gross amount earned for this.project in column eight we have five.columns for deductions we have fi CA and.withholding tax that have has been.populated by whd these columns right.here that I have term state income tax.and city tax should be specific so you.type in the appropriate deduction types.for these two and any other deductions.that cannot be clearly stated in these.four columns should then be placed in.this other deduction call.there and then these other deduction.column.there are other deductions that are not.shown in the four columns to the left we.will describe these in the distant a.statement of compliance on the next page.and so then we have our total deductions.of $50 and the net wages to be paid for.the week of one thousand ten dollars now.you'll notice that on our previous.example we have or in this example we.have ten dollars that is shown in the.other deductions column we have to.describe what that means and so in our.statement of compliance what you see in.the lower right hand corner that form.has a place where we are to describe any.deductions that are not articulated and.in this case we have Joe laborer under.other deductions we have $10 a per hour.for a tool loan payback so our company.loaned Joe $100 for tools and we're.going to take it $10 each week and we.have to show that now one thing to.remember on this is that Joe must have.signed a statement saying that it's okay.for us to take this $10 each week now.we're just showing our public agency why.we're taking this $10 our next example.will be straight time and overtime or.the fringes are paid to a bonafide plan.and in this case we'll be using Mac.labor perhaps Joe laborers brother will.enter our daily straight time hours.again and now we will enter our overtime.hours now you'll notice that.we are only entering overtime hours on.davis-bacon projects when we arrive at.40 hours in any given workweek.so on davis-bacon projects overtime is.anything over 40 hours in a workweek and.so in this case we worked a four 10-hour.days Monday through Thursday and on.Friday we work ten hours or eight hours.excuse me eight hours and those all of.those eight hours go in the overtime.column remember in column six we put our.base rate of pay on the left and any.fringes that we're paying in cash on the.right and above that we enter our.overtime rate of pay now the overtime.rate of pay on a prevailing wage project.is the base rate times one and a half.and then the note here says that we.should always refer to the wage.determination for additional overtime.holiday shift differentials and travel.pay requirements as well we're going to.keep it simple today and just remember.that Mac laborer gets a base wage plus.one and a half times that rate for.anything over 40 hours worked in a week.then we put his gross earnings for this.project on the top and if he worked on.another project we will put the gross.earnings for all projects on the bottom.of column seven in our next example we.will be dealing with straight time where.the fringes are paid in cash or with.this paycheck.in other words and we'll be using Jeff.iron as our example here and Jeff iron.is an iron worker so we enter his daily.time again we enter his base rate of pay.on the left of Colin sick.and the fringes paid in cash or that is.with this paycheck on the right side of.column six and so for our example we.have thirty three dollars in base pay.and twenty four dollars and forty cents.that we will be paying in addition to.that base pay but it will all be.reflected in this paycheck our next.example is straight time and overtime.with fringes being paid in cash or with.this paycheck and in our example here.we'll be using Jerry iron perhaps he's.Jeff irons brother again we enter the.the time worked for the week we give him.his overtime hours we show the rates for.the base rate on the left and the fringe.is paid in cash or with his check on the.right we show the overtime rate of pay.again you'll notice that the overtime.rate of pay is based on one and a half.times the base rate so thirty three.dollars an hour base rate times one and.a half equals forty nine dollars and.fifty cents for Jeff for these ten hours.of overtime that he worked we will do.the math and simply bring the gross.earnings for this project over to the.top and since this was the only project.he worked on this week there will be.nothing for the gross earnings for all.projects on the bottom in this example.this will be straight time where part of.the fringes are paid in cash with the.paycheck and part of the fringes are.paid to bonafide plans will be using.Franko operator for our example here and.he isn't a heavy equipment operator.Group one again we enter his is daily.time we enter his base rate on the left.and his fringes that we're paying in.cash on the right and you'll notice that.we're paying ten dollars in fringe.benefits along with the paycheck.so thirty-six dollars and thirteen cents.in base wages and ten dollars in fringes.now we're going to be using section 4c.of the certificate of compliance to show.how the difference between twenty.dollars and seventy seven cents that.would be the fringes from the wage.determination and the ten dollars that.we're paying in this paycheck is being.paid so in our example there will be 14.dollars and forty cents paid directly to.a bonafide prevailing wage plan and on.our certification of compliance you will.see that we have under or the fringe.benefits are paid in cash if there is an.exception to all of them being paid in.cash we must explain it so here we have.articulated it our equipment operators.Group one ten dollars and forty cents.per hour is paid directly to XYZ pension.and four dollars is paid directly to a.health plan in our next example this.employee worked on a different job in.addition to this one.during this pay period we'll be using.Hernando operator for this example again.he is an equipment operator group one we.enter his daily work time we earn we.give him his gross earnings for this.project on top and the gross earnings.for all projects on the bottom so if we.did the math we realize he worked.20 hours on this project nine hundred.and twenty two dollars and sixty cents.and he worked 20 hours somewhere else.and for the same rate let's say just to.keep it simple so his gross earnings for.all projects was eighteen hundred and.forty five dollars and twenty cents and.then the deductions that we see on the.right would be from all projects upon.which he worked for the week in our next.example this employee performed duties.within two separate labor.classifications during this week it's.actually okay also two separate hours.within a workday as you can see that we.have done here for Sam laborer and in.our example Sam worked as a laborer.Group one and as an equipment operator.Group one on the same day so we'll enter.his daily hours for each classification.and total those hours just as we have.done for every other example we will.enter the appropriate wage rates per the.wage determinations so in the case of a.laborer he earns $26.50 per hour base.rate in the case of the operator he.earns thirty-six dollars and thirteen.cents per hour now the way this is going.to work is that we will stack each of.his labor classifications on top of each.other so in this case we have two but if.you work in three different.classifications we would put them all.together so that our labor compliance.people will be able to understand what.we're doing in the next column so in our.next column where we would normally.place the gross amount for this project.and the gross amount for an additional.project we are simply going to show the.gross amount of work as a labor in the.top part we will show the gross.mount for work as an operator in the.bottom portion or the top portion of.this line and then we will show the.gross earnings for all classifications.at the bottom now if you happen to work.on more than one project we would have.to subdivide this again and that is an.acceptable practice within most.certified payroll arenas now you'll.notice that we only have the deductions.on one line because the total cheque.deduction is really all we're interested.in here.and then finally the last thing that we.have to do is to fill out the certified.or the certificate of compliance and.this is the last page it's actually page.two of the two-page report that you can.download that I explained to you earlier.and the way this works is you'll simply.put a date the name of the person.filling this out and the title your.construction company actually populates.when you fill out the certified payroll.report but you will have to fill in the.name of the project again this is the.first and main a munitions complex and.so what it says is that we're certifying.that the persons employed by our.construction company at the first and.main a munitions complex that during the.payroll period commencing on the.thirteenth day of the fifth month of.2012 and ending the 19th day of the.fifth month in 2012.now all persons employed on this project.have been paid the full weekly wages.earned and that nothing has been taken.away from that that person so here's our.company name again again we've already.explained where this comes from and.there was one other that we didn't see.but Jeff iron had other deductions of.four hundred dollars and this would be a.court mandated child support so a while.ago I mentioned that Jo laborer had to.sign a statement saying that it was okay.for us to deduct his ten dollars a week.for the true loan Tabak Jeff doesn't.have to sign anything for this court.mandated child support many labor.compliance officials will want us to do.that but if it's a court mandate they.may ask us to see that court order and.that would be sufficient.we will click where fringe benefits are.paid to the approved plans or funds or.programs because remember some of our.fringes are being paid to a fringe.benefit program or plan now we don't.have to explain any more than that on.this weekly certified payroll report.because at the beginning of the project.we created what is known as a fringe.benefit statement a fringe benefit.statement is simply something that is.generated on our company letterhead or.on any form that we would choose for.federal davis-bacon to show our labor.compliance or our agency where the.fringe benefits are being paid and we.will probably have to furnish numbers.and addresses and so on telephone.numbers contact information and so on in.those in 4b where the fringe benefits.are paid in cash we would also have to.check this because we know that some of.these fringe benefits have been paid in.cash and then of course we've already.explained how that in this area when we.are paying part of the fringes in cash.and part two a bonafide fringe benefit.plan we have to show where the.additional is going because the fact.that we paid ten dollars out of this.twenty four forty in cash and we didn't.explain it somewhere would raise a red.flag and so this lowers the red flag.immediately and then they can go to our.fringe benefit statement and simply find.out where those plans are and how we are.funding them and then finally on the.bottom the name and the title of the.person filling out the report and this.is being signed then over here under.penalty of the law and it carries quite.a lot of weight so that is how you fill.out the sort of.by payroll report and its accompanying.certification of compliance I hope that.this how-to guide was helpful was how a.certified payroll report is created for.prevailing wage projects.

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