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since 1971 in its final year it's.already been a great opening week.Thursday night Peyton Manning seven.touchdowns great exciting games earlier.today and now what's in store for us as.we get ready for the Packers in the.49ers glad you're with us today on Fox.Rossville taken me and Aaron Rodgers.will start his day at his own 20 you.know you can talk about a team and their.deficiencies what they're good at and.then you focus on the quarterback and he.is one of the guys obviously that has.the ability to throw the whole thing on.his back and win the ballgame.Anand visiting him just the other day.Joe he said that you know this preseason.was the least amount of work that he had.had since he got the Green Bay of course.he got very little work when when Brett.Favre was here but not a whole.here increases in this season they hand.it to Eddie Lacy their second round.draft pick trying to establish a ground.game in a running attack and he runs.into the big arms of Justin Smith and.Troy if you're trying to start week one.and prove you can run the ball this is a.tough defense to try and do it against.well sure is they've been one of the.best in the league for a number of years.in their a physical group and they feel.that the style of Eddie Lacy could help.them he's a very physical runner but.it's going to be tough sliding against.his 49er deep.up-tempo approach by Green Bay.protection breaks down and down as.Rogers Alden Smith gets number one.Alden Smith you're going to see the.rookie David Bakhtiari making his first.start in his first NFL game he tries to.go low to cut alden smith and when you.do that you're expecting the ball out.quick pressure right on Rogers unable to.avoid it so I'm looking left tackle a.young right tackle.they'll be tested all day long Rodgers.quick throw that's the tight end.he is short of the first down jure.michael finley a gain of nine it's three.and out for the Packers on offense and.Rodgers walks back to the sidelines with.his palms up a good start defensively.for San Francisco and you talk about the.rookie David Bakhtiari making his first.start in Mike McCarthy generally does.not like to give his tackles help in.pass protection but I think in this.ballgame today he's going to have to.matchday hits it.strong inside the 30 with a fair catch.[Applause].and so now the season debut for colin.kaepernick.he's become a celebrity and why not.there's nothing really Troy this guy.can't do and they talk so much about the.read-option.that's only a slice of what he brings.into a ballgame.well I think you look at that playoff.game last year and him rushing for over.a hundred and eighty yards that.obviously has been the attention but he.had he made some unbelievable throws as.well that game as he did throughout the.second half of the season when he took.over quick set up and throw flag down in.the pass is incomplete for Williams he's.working his way back from a torn ACL.but flags flew at the snap and it's.false start.[Applause].bill levy is our referee today working.on a beautiful day in San Francisco it.is hot.and the decision now from Mike McCarthy.do you want second and ten or do you.want first and 15.now the officials get together and we.have yet to have the call from leaving.the indication early was a false start.there is no foul in the play for an.elegant formation the player was in an.intelligible position and shifted to.another ineligible position second down.so there you have it.I'll get Mike Pereira scrambling back in.Los Angeles trying to decipher that.online here's the offensive line for the.49ers they were healthy all year and.they are the game's best.second and ten.[Applause].[Applause].passion.Vernon Davis the intended receiver in.Ramon Williams he's coming back from a.bad knee almost walked right in front of.it 49ers they have a lot of shifting.going on before this snap and you see.the effect that it then had on the Green.Bay Packers moving defensive linemen.trying to get them lined up and at the.end of this plate Ramon Williams he read.it at the entire way trying to throw the.out route to Vernon Davis he jumps it.and almost had a chance to replicate.what happened in that divisional game of.samshield return to touchdown or the.intersection for the touchdown early now.timeout taken by the 49ers so we'll take.a break Jim Harbaugh will talk it over.with Colin Kaepernick pack went three.and out third down and ten for San.Francisco when we come back.Iman Fox is sponsored by Southwest.Airlines find our fares online only at.southwest.com how's that look.San Francisco California the NFC.champion 49ers first offensive series of.the season third and 10.[Applause].Kapernick good protection flushed out to.his left.and Kaepernick won't get there.forced down by William short of a first.down and it's three and out on the 49er.side little surprise with Dom Capers.dials up here he's got man in the slot.and you think back to that playoff game.and some of the success the Kaepernick.had running the football when they were.in man coverage on the scrambles he.tries to pick it up here on third down.but they converge on that's a big stop.by Green Bay that was a down that really.hurt them the last time these two teams.met.now Andy leave.one of the best in the game Ross waiting.for it good pot back inside the ten.and a good play is made by Eric Reed the.rookie.and now welcome inside our broadcast.booth everybody.oh yeah I'm Jill that's Trey doing our I.feel like we're going right back in the.flow and this should be a good game and.for Green Bay I'm sure on one hand they.couldn't wait to get back here and try.and try to make up for what happened.last playoffs well it's a long offseason.especially for this defensive group and.what happened to them here last January.and they spent a lot of time trying to.address how exactly they're going to.play that Reed.see here today Corliss was in the.backfield policías dragged out behind.the line of scrimmage but ray McDonald.the loss of three they get pressure.right into the backfield and that's the.real key when you're playing against the.running back like Eddie Lacy I mean you.got to hit him before he gets going and.and they were able to do that just.nowhere for him to go with the football.you see that clearly ray McDonald got.away with a facemask there but we talked.about it on that first possession Joe.this is a defense that is very stingy.when it comes to moving the football on.the ground.second down Rogers fights Finley.he's out of bounds before he gets to the.25 picks up 9 give the lineups now and.there you go at the tackle positions.their best offensive lineman is Josh sit.at left guard.and then the backs and receivers and the.thicker bag.Eddie Lacy 511 230 making his NFL debut.here today third at four.Rogers protected.over the metals got.pass is caught that's calm who worked.his way back from a biceps injury during.pre-season a gain of 17 in the first.first down of the game well credit the.offensive line for this because there is.outstanding coverage by the secondary.Randall Cobb is running away from the.formation but he circles back once he.realizes that Rodgers is in trouble but.the protection in the pocket allows.Rodgers to get back to Cobb and then hit.him for the big first down well the.strength loss is held it on that.you got to fight 99 he had 19 and a half.sacks a year ago.here's Lacey nothing.Patrick Willis who's coming back from a.broken right hand is in there to help.make the stop and here's that previous.play with Alden Smith and working.against Bakhtiari those two will be.banging heads all afternoon long and.eventually Smith Moss is healthy well.you saw Lacey he stayed to that side to.help give the wrong young rookie some.help the late handoff lace he tried to.bounce could not Alden Smith drilled up.a gain of two Willis in there as well.and it'll bring up third down and seven.and again the Packers Troy go right back.to the line of scrimmage they're gonna.try and wear down this defense.physically by this up-tempo style.like the up-tempo but have spent more.time on it.this summer and.Rogers over clothes and a lacy who had.slipped out of the backfield he had a.lot of room to run but Aaron Rodgers had.the clock running down on him and the.overthrown results in fourth down what.they're able to hit that one there was.no one out there to stop him and you.know when you have a young back like.that sometimes you're not certain that.he's going to get where he needs to get.once he takes care of his protection.responsibilities Eddie Lacy's NFL career.is started four carries one yard Kyle.Williams receives a 37-yard punt 49ers.have it second time no school.today's game on Fox is sponsored by Bud.Light the official beer of NFL fans here.we go.[Applause].the recap from a divisional playoff game.here at Candlestick then a win in.Atlanta.the loss in Super Bowl xlvii for the.49ers Kendall Leonard in the backfield.to start this possession he gets it.[Applause].but that plane by the all-pro well.that's what Clay Matthews has been.preaching about all week long as far as.how he's going to play this I mean you.see how he just takes off the soonest.Kaepernick turns with the ball in his.hands to hand it off he just goes 100.miles an hour no hesitation goes right.for the back and just wants to blow the.whole thing up and boy he did loss of.seven.empty backfield back.can't predict.[Applause].comet throws past.dave has sent across the 20 bring up.more manageable third down after a gain.of 11 take a look at the defense for the.Packers last year they ended 11th.overall they had that bad playoff game.we just went through there are the.linebackers a Jayhawk took the pay cut.to stay for seven years he's missed two.games and the big loss with Morgan.Burnett out with a bad hamstring Jerrod.McMillan starts in his place.don't sit.[Applause].and the new 49ers got a first down at.the 31.[Applause].Siebold and they go with a bunch.formation and they're stacked to some.degree and they're not able to get any.kind of hit on Bouldin coming off the.line of scrimmage he's able to find the.hole there and pretty easy pitching.catch for that first down and what an.acquisition Bouldin was they traded for.him didn't give up much but he sure.helps especially with michael crabtree.down Kaepernick pulls it down now throws.has a first down that's the rookie Vance.McDonald second round pick out of rice.in his first catch 24 yards.well they have him in coverage you're.going to see Vance McDonald as he starts.across the field they pick him up.but then it's Kaepernick he comes back.to him and he just gets lost Brad Jobs.loses him there in coverage.Kaepernick wanted to go to the flat he.works back to the middle in the field.does a good job of getting through his.progression and making the completion.but this alignment the back feel about.motion with McDonald just made that.catch and on first down.here's Gore and Frank Gore the all-time.leading 49er rusher gets to.and a good year last year second-highest.total of his career over 1200 yards.fifth best in the NFC and had his.highest yards per rush average in three.years at four points 70s 30 and that's.what people start looking at running.backs waiting for the decline they do be.to talk to everybody in the 49ers.organization and they say that at least.throughout camp they've not seen any.signs of him slowing down this year.[Applause].all sciences man pass is caught by the.fullback.and Chris Miller who has good hands a.former defensive end linebacker they.moved him to offense and he's a guy you.could forget about in this offense but.he is valuable to their very good run.game well he is I know they lost Delanie.Walker he was just as valuable but Bruce.Miller probably the guy that gets.overlooked the most he's really key and.a lot of the blocking schemes and the.things that he contributes to this.offense and then as we saw I mean for.defensive end coming out of college he's.got extra hands they're down to ditches.here's Cole first step.let's talk about hardball Jim Harbaugh.was described even when he played.quarterback as a guy who played the.position with an offensive lineman's.mentality and he brought with him from.Stanford this very complex run game and.it's what they do so well behind this.great offensive line with the 49ers yeah.there's a lot of people that deserve.credit for the things that they're doing.offensively for Frank Roman the.offensive coordinator but they do a good.job of disguising the things they do.there's cops.[Applause].Williams on first down good four six.some would say gym coach is the game.with an offensive lineman's mentality he.is intense its intention he sit across a.table fella he's done a great job he's.done a great job everywhere he's been.and that's been the thing that's been.most impressive and probably just as.much is that he's found a way to get.quality quarterback play at every stop.here's hunter.hunter coming back to the torn Achilles.they say he's back faster and stronger.than he was before the injury gets to.Kendall hunter he's an outstanding.player and that was hard to imagine I.thought he was really playing well at.the time of his injury and to come off.of an Achilles injury and be faster and.stronger and more explosive than he was.prior to it it's really a credit to him.and how much time he spent rehabbing.this offseason.[Applause].good balanced attack so far.it's got a first down.and that's the third third down.converging on this tribe for San.Francisco.[Applause].just completely collapses the line of.scrimmage there and creates a heck of a.hole then for Kendall Hunter look at.Anquan Boldin try started that play in.the backfield and delivered a block on.the rookie Mike a high he's tough and.strong on first down.Kaepernick keeps it.switch down.and complain.could not get a boat down.[Applause].we always talk about the elusiveness of.Aaron Rodgers the elusiveness of Colin.Kaepernick and it was the left leg of.shields it didn't allow the right leg of.Bouldin to get down and completely if.he's able to get that throw down then.Bouldin is able to make the catch and.get the touchdown but because it was a.high throw shield he's able to knock him.out there was a time where that would.have still been ruled a touchdown but.now there's no horse out rule in the NFL.[Applause].keeps it.and to the 28j form.and we really haven't seen much of the.read option or at least Kaepernick in a.position to get hit because of it.so far in two possessions well they've.opened up and they've handed to Frank.Gore and they've had success they had.success in January running that play a.lot of people think that Colin.Kaepernick was reading that every time.and he was not I mean he certainly had a.couple long runs because of it but a lot.of times in the huddle it's.predetermined and he's just handed the.ball.[Applause].enter touchdown.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Kapernick new in this ball got in his.hands exactly where he was going with.the football he got the covers yet.Vernon Davis lined up inside he's going.to the corner the only guy that could.take it away with Sam Shields that.running outside breaking route get him.to bite and then it's just a matter of.laying the ball to the corner and away.from safety MD Jenny's nice drive by the.49ers Kaepernick six of seven on that.drive for 79 yards and he finds Fernand.Davis who had to answer questions during.the week about his rapport with his.quarterback Colin Kaepernick.[Applause].the last six games of the regular season.last year will he's won 4-1 in the.opener second possession a seven minute.drive.number seven to number 85 and a seven.dumping forty-nine early.this game on Fox is sponsored by the.2013 Ford f-150 with EcoBoost by.Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5 coming.September 17th.rated M for Mature and by Taco Bell's.new fiery Doritos locos taco live mas.Colin Kaepernick made his first start.last year against Chicago here on.November 19th in that game Vernon Davis.made six catches 83 yards in a touchdown.but only a total of six the rest of the.regular season he started finding him.again late in the postseason.camera Nick finds Vernon Davis here in.the opener 420.Green Bay having to answer down by seven.they'll start at there twice and after.the touchdown Jim Harbaugh work in the.official even after the touchdown he's.up 7-zip.2:52 left open at quarter Greenbay down.by seven starting at there.[Applause].Bhaskar top.byxis spin move avoided a hit and picks.up a first down with a 13 yard catch and.again the Packers go right to the line.of scrimmage in this heat and it is hot.down there well they're gonna try and.wear down this big San Francisco deep.well they are and right now they're.huddling and they were going to go to.the no huddle and then Rodgers brought.them back and you just got to be careful.the thing about the no huddle it's great.when it's working but when it's not.plays but you're not getting first down.it creates a problem in a sense of panic.especially when you're playing on the.road.Rogers out two days.[Applause].Nelson with a great catch working on.Nnamdi Asomugha 49ers have lost their.third cornerback from a year ago Chris.Culliver and a 31 yard completion they.see this match up again with Alden Smith.and he maybe got away with a little bit.of a hold there Bakhtiari but an.excellent job by Jordy Nelson coming.back to the football not the awesome.wall I never even saw.[Applause].the past behind him let's go back to the.catch by Jordy Nelson for 31 yards yeah.you're gonna see the the one-on-one.matchup on the outside and it's a double.move and then the the ball is thrown a.little bit behind which is good he's.able to come back then and make a play.on an awesome walk unable to get turned.around to locate the football but Nelson.makes a good grab.[Applause].second ten.Nelson right there wasn't real sure what.exactly Rodgers was called.call it a stranger Eddie Lacy blocking.in front of him and Lacey the rookie.for it down to the five.another 31-yard play this one to the.wookie Eddie Lacy the big guys just got.to be given a little bit of space you.see what happens once he gets out in the.open field and he's a big load he's hard.to get to the ground and good blocking.down the field by James Jones.Dontae Whitner made the touchdown saving.tackle rogers out to his right.throws it away.we talked about the tackles in this game.of course we've shown backyard but then.also Don Barclay who's just making his.seventh NFL start in this ballgame and.you take a look at Eddie Lacy and.how big and strong he is but they're.going to move the pocket a little bit as.they did on that last play to try to.help these guys out knowing that it's a.difficult task for them to hold up the.protection against these past.breaches.able to get away from Carlos Rogers just.enough to hit the goal line for the.touchdown the Randall Cobb such a.versatile player is in the slot and he.spins back to the inside and gets it.stretched out sure enough he breaks the.plane of the goal line and it's a great.job by Green Bay offensively.after the 49ers go down on a drive of.their own to come away with a touchdown.to answer that and tie this game up.remember the remember the run game they.didn't run it one time on that.possession their best when Rogers has it.in his hand and he's looking downfield.well I think people talk about trying to.be balanced and certainly it's harder to.defense when you are but at the end of.the day Mike McCarthy's going to call.the things that they're able to do well.and as we just saw generally that's.Aaron Rodgers throwing the football.and a big-time answer by Aaron Rodgers.Eddie Lacy a part of the Cobb the.touchdown tied at7.for Green Bay first two possessions 29.yards two punts the last time 80 yards.the touchdown Randall Cobb tie game.they're in Rogers it was all out of his.hand for the 80 yards on the drive.man state kicks it away parish.take it out.and a good decision almost propagated.maste got in there made a good tackle.where there was a lot of Rome but Paris. got past the kicker Tim maste and.we will remind you that this Tuesday.it's the premiere of being the finest on.foxsports1.follow the lives of NYPD officers who.come together on the football field and.honor their fallen brother for their.unforgettable 2013 season being the.finest premieres Tuesday only on.foxsports1.we got a chance to get a sneak peek of.that try and I called the game that they.play against the FDNY please check that.out on Tuesday night Fox Sports want.there its outstanding really good well.done.handoff is to poor.is out to the 28th you know Frank Gore.coming into this game I really thought.that as much discussion as they've been.paid to Colin Kaepernick he was going to.be the key.he'll running the football he ran the.ball very well in both the games against.the Packers last year but at least in.this first quarter the Packers have done.a nice job against run but it's another.reminder just how good Colin Kaepernick.is in the pocket throw on the football.quarter checks out.captain hunter in the backfield.[Applause].and that is a false start paul sartre.number 59 offense five-yard penalty.second down to get the center Jonathan.Goodwin who was pushed during camp and.during the preseason by the younger.Daniel Kilgore that he's the elder.statesman of the group he's in his 12th.year and they've helped this group.together of course they lost that um.Schneider a year ago and Alex Boone came.in at right guard had a great year and.then Snyder came back as his backup but.couple Pro Bowlers along that group and.you more could have made it to into the.first tied at 7 Fox NFL Sunday on this.opening weekend the 2013 NFL season will.continue after this from your local Fox.station.[Music].7/7 game as we start the second quarter.at San Francisco.turn over so far just one penalty.the 49ers and Packers bold and makes.kneecaps and spins just short of the.thirty gain of seven I was interested in.talking with Greg Roman the offensive.coordinator about Anquan Boldin and what.he has meant to this group and he said.hey we've always practiced at a high.tempo we've always had good workouts but.bold and coming in he just is.accelerated it to an entirely different.level I mean he's an absolute Pro who's.been doing it a long time he's been in.big games and he is as professional and.his tough-minded and individual Azaria's.at all a football.[Applause].this is a third-down play.Colvin who's into Green Bay territory.and on third down a 27-yard completion.to Anquan Boldin yeah they go to this.bunch set right here with these three.receivers and it really puts it to the.defense in a bind as to who's going to.go deep who's breaking off intermediate.who's running the shallow crossing route.and trying to sort through all that.oftentimes create some holes within the.zones and as we saw in quantum almond.Bouldin on the intermediate router gets.into an area where nobody was and they.find him.on first down Kaepernick.here's to a clap Thank You Joe we go to.st. Louis where Larry Fitzgerald has a.new toy but his name is Carson Palmer.7-nothing Arizona Palmer to Fitzgerald.their first connection to the state.joke thanks while we watch the 49ers.realize they have two receivers Michael.Crabtree.and Mario Manningham on me physically.unable to perform list they hope to get.both back the Crabtree had a career year.last year nine touchdowns 85 catches.over 1,100 yards tore his Achilles in.Mack maybe back in November.[Applause].exceeded strength.took about four Packers to bring him to.the ground the gain of three third down.coming up you know I've been real.impressed here in the early going to.this ballgame in Green Bay and how.physical they have been defensively I.mean they are flying around they're.hitting people and they just said a.little bit earlier they've done a good.job holding up against the run and just.one of those games where you know it.doesn't draw a lot of attention but the.team that ultimately probably is going.to win this game is going to be who wins.down in the trenches and it is physical.down there right now third down and.seven.[Applause].and timeout taken by Jim harnaam.Sandberg blows the sidelines their.second second timeout taken by the 49ers.we'll take a timeout.third down the we come back 12:42 left.first out.today's game on Fox is sponsored by Ram.trucks guts glory Ram but a family this.fall the mob will meet its match in.theaters this Friday and by Papa John's.official Pizza sponsor of the NFL the.new eastern span of the Bay Bridge.opened earlier this week the best views.of any city in the United States.[Applause].from that bridge so for colin kaepernick.has not been hit face with third and.seven tie game mr. three-man rush no.pressure on Caprica.his legs and he can't Green Bay defense.closed quick a gain of two and it's time.for a 49er punt the rookie Jones and.Mike Neal were in on the stop as d tone.Jones who was the first round pick out.of UCLA makes a play on third down well.it's a really good job of getting off.the field that has continued to be a.down that has given them problems the.Packers at this game but with just a.three-man rush to come off the blocks.and be able to get Colin Kaepernick to.the ground pretty good job of is waiting.for the punt.Shelton out to the 20 43-yard punt.and as we wait for the Green Bay offense.to get in their huddle we look back a.year ago and how the offensive line has.changed from that divisional playoff.game Barclays still over a right tackle.but sit-ins flipped over to left guard.TJ Lang from left to right and the.rookie David bakhtiari.is playing a left tackle Josh said he.was moved back in.the idea was they wanted both sitting in.on the left side their two best linemen.the logger goes down.positive because now you've got a.veteran guy like setting.alongside the rookie in Bakhtiari here's.Lacey.that's his best run of the day.but flag flies mcdonald ends up without.a helmet he turned around was looking.for a flag and he got it.it only roasted the hands to the face.number 71 off guard.they get Josh sick.just sitting right there and the screen.he's got the hands there to the to the.helmet of Justin Smith and then as you.said ray McDonald tell me came off that.was profit tackled on Berkeley to rip.his headgear off so now first in twenty.balance.not achieved so far for Mike McCarthy in.this offense.that was close in Eddie Lacy on first.and 20 picks up four and now the ball.comes out and it belongs to him 49ers.Brown recovered lacy put it on the.ground and that's the first turnover of.the ball game we'll take a look if.trying to figure out exactly when it.came out he's not on the ground yet the.ball is out and the knees were up that's.a fumble yeah that's a fumble and that's.that's the thing that you worry about.with a young runner when he comes into.the NFL and he's not accustomed to guys.going after the football once they.stands you up they are going after the.strip and they're able to get it away.from lacy and get on it give the ball.back to the 49ers Justin Smith stood him.up and then tomorrow Bowman came in and.knocked it out and so the first turnover.gives the 49ers the ball at the Green.Bay.14 yard line.backers have a ain't lost fumbles last.season they have one here today.Kaepernick.[Applause].by a hockey game to be.[Applause].now any Laci gets to stand over there.and think about the fumble trying to.churn for extra yardage and palm and.knocked it out guy who was who started.really for one year at Alabama played.behind Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson.and he starred last year on the national.championship team for Nick Saban second.at two.[Applause].door.takes it to the five.certainiy yard coming up.Franek or you know many places to run.with the football and that as I said the.inside running game is is really where.he's at his best hit a lot of big runs.in that playoff game last year but the.Packers have had an answer for that.they're holding up very well inside of.course.the story Johnny jolly and his return to.the Packers this year after three years.out of football he really helps shore up.that run defense too.[Applause].it gives flag is down as.is brought down.[Applause].to the marker they're going to mark him.back down at the five where the D went.down so for now Green Bay has held a.third down and long bit of flags down.it's against the 49ers.and Mike McCarthy is faced with.declining the penalty bringing up fourth.down in a yard.or accepting it and moving it back.and leave he's still looking over for.the decision illegal formation.number 68 offense reported eligible and.to the line of scrimmage and his cover.at the snap 5-yard penalty repeat.they're down so they're going to take.the penalty accept it and make it third.and six.that's Adam Schneider who was listed and.reported as an eligible receiver it was.called on him so third down and six.they do as well as Colin Kaepernick has.been throwing a football I'm not so sure.I would have declined it.[Applause].so the Packers accepted the penalty.Burnett's got all day.and I'll take off.with the extra data.the play on Clay Matthews.for example.[Applause].there was so much talk to it during the.week who claimed Matthew's talking about.hitting the quarterback here he hits.Kaepernick clearly out.they threw the flag for that.which will give San Francisco an.automatic first down but let's take a.look at the end of the play the one.thing about it is you're gonna you know.he's out of bounds and Clay Matthews is.running over and he's launching himself.and it was one of those but it looked.worse than what I initially thought.immediately I thought wow he was way out.of bounds when Matthews takes him out.but you can see Matthews is leaving his.feet just as Kaepernick steps out of.bounds with his left foot and he would.have been short as a birthday with this.penalty personal foul number 52.dead ball unfortunately condom number 74.of the offense the penalties off.because of the retaliation by Joe Staley.it takes the first-down away and we.replay third down and six.and there's Staley getting into Clay.Matthews and Matthews was still.the other part of that yeah the other.thing is to Joe I mean all week long in.fact Jim Harbaugh even talked about it.the comments that Clay Matthews made.this week in terms of work coming after.Colin Kaepernick and we're going to hit.him if that's anybody else I don't know.if it gets quite the same kind of.reaction but the 49ers came into this.game certainly aware of the comments.that play Matthews had made and clearly.they took offense of that hit fill in.though Kaepernick was targeted so back.to third and six.[Applause].camper day.[Applause].he runs a crossing ratchet drumming.melon is there to make a play on he just.fails to converge on him and make the.tackle and after being given a break on.the late hint having to replay third.down.the 49ers execute the baldon for the.touchdown so much happened.between these two sides here recently it.started with the fumble by Eddie Lacy.then there were the penalties.diner's got an extra try on third and.six thought they had picked up the first.down because of an unsportsmanlike call.on Matthews the retaliation wiped that.away there's the fumble that started it.and it ends.with a touchdown catch by Bouldin.14-7 49ers on top three-time Pro Bowl.receiver Anquan Boldin who was with the.team the Ravens that beat his new club.the 49ers at Super Bowl xlvii is int.from 10 yards out he has five catches in.his 49er debut.nine to go in the half backers will take.the football.Ross will take it out.[Applause].at the beginning and loss when a flag.down can't make it to the 15 Craig doll.on the stop.[Music].and this is getting there was already.heated coming in but it is getting.really chippy out there near this.opening half the illegal block in the.back number 76 of the receiving team.after the gold push down Green Bay.it wasn't a good decision by Ross to.even take it out let's go down to the.field and Pam Oliver well Joe for months.everybody's known about this Jim.Harbaugh has been loud and clear that he.thinks excessive his quarterback should.be punished before the game we saw.working referee bill levy and then we've.seen it.those excessive minutes that carve off.fields are inappropriate look at his.reaction as you can see he.really go on about it as much as you can.all right Pam thanks in the end a.touchdown for the 49ers a seven-point.lead and the past looked like a bad.shoulder type throw for Nelson.incomplete and the momentum and.everything is starting to really shift.against the Packers right now special.teams last year was one of the real.strengths for the most part for this.Packers team but not a good decision by.Jeremy rod you're gonna see shouldn't.have brought it out to begin with he was.told to stay in by John [ __ ] he.hesitates and then he ends up not even.getting it to the 20-yard line that's.one of the reasons why also they had the.penalty and now you put the quarterback.in your offense inside the five yard.second pass is caught by Starks.and James Starks ends up picking up the.first down as a pick first down to.because when you're backed up like that.about true they're gonna they're gonna.bark him out evidently his right foot.went out short of the yard to gain so.that was only an eight-yard gain and.let's take a look on that far sideline.right there yep so a good call and.instead of a first down it's third down.and two.at least if nothing else they gave their.punter some room to work if they don't.pick it up.[Applause].Rogers.James Jones awesome wah his first year.with the 49ers out there defending for.San Francisco yeah he's just kind of.shadowing him you know I mean we saw the.play that Jordy Nelson was able to make.down the field essentially the same type.of play he knew that he had safety help.over the top but he's not turned around.trying to locate the ball and Rodgers.sees that and thought that he could have.gotten one in there they just failed.convert.fast a hits it Kyle Williams stay away.[Applause].out of bounds it will see where they.market.forty-niners have a seven-point lead.have the football back 801 left opening.half Claire Matthews on sidelines as.this drive begins for San Francisco at.their own 43 up by 7.good protection.piss off his hands.wide open good throw in a drop they.certainly had an opportunity to make a.play there but looking at the Green Bay.Packers safeties you know of course.there without Morgan Burnett they don't.have Charles Woodson this year and no MD.Jennings was there in a position to.drive on that ball just the late he's.just late reacting and then of course we.saw it drawn McMillan missed the tackle.on the the last touchdown by the 49ers.but Vernon Davis is a guy who can.certainly threaten the defense down the.field and the safeties are the guys.we've got to be able to come up and make.those plays on second and ten.I can't find anywhere to go.Jolley chasing it and Kaepernick just.heads out bounce with the football I've.never quite understood that one either I.mean if he throws it to play at least.you get it back to the line of scrimmage.instead he just ran out of bounds and.lost two.[Applause].Anquan Boldin was held by Jaron McMillan.again the Packers who without forged.Burnett clearly their best safety it has.got a four year contract extension out.with a bad hamstring.so Macmillan getting the start now third.down and 12 this could be a big stop for.the Green Bay defense.[Applause].and now the play clock expires that.makes it 30 17 away game offense.five-yard penalty go down we'll see what.happens here on third down this has been.it down that San Francisco has dominated.here in this first half.the Packers for the most part have not.been able to get off the field and you.know with third and long here you'd.think that they could make the key stop.so far the 49ers six for eight on third.down including two touchdowns.coming up third down players 30:17.[Applause].Kapernick.dancing.and just flings it out about.by this Green Bay defense after the.three and out to return the favor and.get the same from San Francisco and four.down there's really good job on the.outside as we saw Colin Kaepernick try.to escape the pocket and recognizing.that and not being out of control in.your pass rush that you're not keeping.your eyes on him and so the Packers come.up with a good stop then on third down.seem calm back there to return a punt.this is Ross who fumbled last year here.in this stadium now flag comes in late.Ross with the fumble last year during.the divisional playoffs with his Packers.up by seven the first half of that game.and helped turn the tide in san.francisco's favor.so the officials gather around 2:40.after a 42-yard punt here's the call.holding number 26 he's saving people can.yard penalty from the end of the kick.goes down timeout.so a timeout Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers.will have the football when we come back.trailing by seven.[Music].it is the NFL on Fox we are back to.football and this is the sixth Packer.drive in a game we have started at the.23 inside the 20 and that last penalty.moves the ball back to the 13 they toss.it to Cobb over the right side Willis.was in there on the stop a gain of three.and we'll see if Annie Lacy comes back.into the game it's a straight ticket.into the doghouse when he put the ball.on the ground for any head coach.especially as a rookie here's some of.the early game leaders all three of.these players were part of winning.efforts were Brees Andrew Luck Reggie.Bush in his first year.and lions big win over Minnesota here's.Nelson he makes the catch and he's got a.first down dragged to the ground by Rob.[Applause].you mentioned any Lacey and whether or.not we'll see him anymore and now.they've got James Starks back you know.in the back bill but Randall Cobb is.someone who has had success against.these 49ers.from the backfield position going back.to week one of last year all did Smith.came across it made Bakhtiari move and.it's against Smith actually number 99.defense taking of the nucleophilic.offensive man to fall star five-yard.penalty first down you can only imagine.how Bakhtiari felt coming into this game.a fourth round pick out of Colorado and.you know he gets the starting assignment.in his first NFL game and then he.having to face a guy like Alden Smith.and I would imagine he didn't sleep all.that well last night.David's older brother Eric played five.games for the 49ers last year.[Applause].first down at five Roger strip pocket.bass is to Nelson man he shakes a tackle.the Whoopie read.Jordy Nelson turns that into a big play.of over 20 yards a 22 yard completion.and Eric Reid could not make the stop.well the Packers on this left side do an.excellent job of sorting out the.protection bakhtiari does a good job on.called and Smith with John sitting he.picks up the blitzing linebacker and.gives Roger some time all the yardage.after the catch for Jordy Nelson here.Goodman.we missed the preseason after having.early August knee surgery his starts.and a flag flies a big hole four starts.to run through but it's going to be a.hold against Green Bay holding number 71.offense.that's Josh sit it gets called for.holding Justin Smith you're gonna see I.mean they were looking for the cutback.Lane Starks gets it and his Justin Smith.tries to come off of that block.he gets held by sitting.backers have had two good runs in this.game a tenth yarder by lacy a seven-year.by Starks both called back.[Applause].because of penalty first in 20.[Applause].gently to Eric.breathe down the sidelines the rookie.tried to score he's brought down by.Aaron Rodgers and they're going to mark.him near the three.James Jones another drop and this is the.worst kind rather Finley Jones earlier.and German Finley put it right into the.waiting arms.read now it looks like they could bring.this back with regard to if he was down.by contact right there that looked like.there was contact made there clearly he.has his hands underneath the ball and.it's an interception Witcher Michael.Finley and talking with Aaron Rodgers.and Mike McCarthy the other day they.were raving about the camp that you're.Michael Finley had his route repeated.his play will be under review and then.he's unable to secure the catch in a.ball that was put right on him and would.have been a nice gain on first and long.instead it's going the other way with.the rookie coming up with the.interception.so it's Reid with the interception seems.to be down at that spot to look at it.49ers with a ball up seventh well it.certainly looks to us like this returned.by Eric Reid is going to come back the.interception will stand Reid right there.is hit on the left shoulder by Jamaica.Finley.drops the throw.Aaron Rodgers question is where will.they mark it back around midfield right.now the balls inside the five at three.Eric Reid was a guy that.known to make big plays in big games the.49ers traded up to get 18th overall.replacing Dashon Goldson he went to.Tampa Bay here's the call after.reviewing the play it is an interception.however the defender was touched down at.the 44 yard line of San Francisco with.the clock operator put for 28 on the.game clock.it'll be first and ten at the 44-yard.line in San Francisco for 28 takes a.53-yard interception return off the.books by the rookie Reid.and it moves the ball back to the 44.yard line of San Francisco but it's the.second turnover and that was a perfect.throw from Rogers and her Michael Finley.a lot of people thought late last year.the Packers might decline signing him.and giving him a roster bonus and he may.end up as free agent as you said they've.been raving about him and camp had a.good preseason but a lot of drops a.couple of years ago is a costly one.there.[Applause].[Applause].back front the 44 it's cool running.light.[Applause].play is made as that play was struck out.BJ Ranji was out there to make the play.no game.you know BJ Roger you guys see the way.that he is able to play this and as I.said overall this defensive Kron has.been outstanding against the run and you.know obviously that was the concern last.season but they came in they brought in.Johnny jolly they want to limit the.amount of snaps on with BJ Rogers are.getting tested here with the run game by.the 49ers but they have held up well.here against them in the first half of.this game Johnny by the way got a sack.on the last possession by San Francisco.and Kaepernick ran another catch.[Applause].the guy they just haven't had an answer.for is Anquan Boldin he's been making.play after play here in this first half.and you double move on to mine Williams.you saw Colin Kaepernick he goes with.the fake and Sherman Williams jumps it.and it opens up that little hole because.there was safety help over the top but.that's the hole in the zone along that.sideline and they were able to put it in.there to him catch number six.Brad Quan pulled at first and ten.and off his decor and he slides down.staring into the face of ND jennings and.a loss of three i will see what this.defense is able to do if they're able to.make a stop and not give up any more.points here before this half but whether.the turnovers has puts this defense in a.bind here in the early going and then of.course the penalty on Clay Matthews that.kept the drive alive that they would.have been able to get off the field just.giving up a field goal fake the handoff.Tampa Bay.by Clay Matthews.[Music].the loss of five on the sack by Matthews.he got through right through the middle.that Clay Matthews you potty is going to.be the one who tries to make the block.on he Brees obviously the truck there.that Clay Matthews puts on him and then.comes after Kaepernick and then Clay.Matthews has been all over the field too.[Applause].it will be third down and long.third and 18 on the other side of the.two-minute warning a Candlestick Park.49ers with a ball up by seven two.minutes left in this game in San.Francisco 49ers face with a third and 18.up by seven to bring in Mike Pereira we.hope at some point before we.leave you at the half what's.important information to pass on about.the last touchdown that was scored by.the 49ers right now third at 18.[Applause].four-man rush can't predict.miss Davis bounces off.but it short of the first down a gain of.12 Green Bay with all three of their.timeouts remaining and we will have a.long field goal try by Phil Dawson who.spent 14 years of hit when a 48 yard try.that timeout is taken by Green Bay.let's go to Mike Pereira and Mike tell.us what happened on the hit by Matthews.on Kaepernick that preceded the.touchdown throw to Anquan Boldin a lot.of confusion there with the skirmish but.here's the issue there were fouls on.both teams and they offset them that's.correctly but they were both dead ball.fouls so although they offset the down.counts so it should have been fourth and.two instead of replaying third and six.so fourth and two you might get a field.goal attempt then in the next play it.turns out that there's a touchdown on.the play so it is a Miss enforced.enforcement thank you Mike 48 yard drive.first day officially for the 49ers and.it's no good.why to the left of 48-yard tribe by Phil.Dawson who's replacing David Akers new.center a new snapper the hold is down no.issues there it was just pulled by.Dawson he just pulls in an excellent job.defensively by the Packers after the.interception by the 49ers not giving up.any points and now because of the missed.field goal Joe you give the ball back to.the Packers with plenty of time on the.clock and an outstanding bill position.when Dom Capers heads could really be.happy with the way his defenses play on.the road here week one in San Francisco.[Music].we've done a good job seven-point game.Rodgers throws has fiddly.michael is going to spit across midfield.with a green bay first down as Rogers.goes right back to them and now they're.going to get any personal the passive.force from the end of the run first down.so they're going to add 15 yards to the.end of this and just like that the.Packers are in great position down by.seven well here's a tell into that play.after Rogers gets the ball out and yeah.I don't know about that one.so Rogers gets hit by Bob Brooks they.throw the flag for that hit and the 13.yard completion.it's 15 yards tacked on to the end of it.taking it to the 35 yard line.[Applause].turns to the sideline.and on the reach of Jones so just to go.back to what Mike Pereira said when that.hit was delivered by Clay Matthews on.the sidelines to Kaepernick and then the.retaliation by Staley to dead ball fouls.and they replayed the down incorrectly.so then third down followed again the.touchdown was the result instead of.fourth down where he expect a field goal.try to take the lead that's a big.mistake by this officiating crew.as John [ __ ] carries it and a flag comes.in at the end of the play Olie.it's another one on Josh sit who's had.his hands full with Justin Smith and.others upfront for the 49ers it seems.like every time the Packers start to get.a drive going they they have a penalty.that sets them back you know they've.seen the turnover but just haven't quite.been able to get a whole lot of momentum.going outside of the one touchdown drive.to have now second down to 20.Rogers flushed out to his right throws.it away.good pressure by Justin Smith sky rivets.Larry's Terry the boys will tour he.lives of times where a lot of great.finishes already in the NFL several.games going down to the wire I guess.even the Jets won it's all over.right.[Applause].piece of halftime coming up.right now the Packers outside of field.goal range facing third and 20.[Applause].Alden Smith came across early again.flags are down.Rogers thinks he's got a free play Reed.is waiting for it and he comes down.so there is a flag on the play and a.pile up in the endzone.simultaneous cat goes to the offense.they're going to give it to read on the.intersection for the flat side.defense five-yard penalty replay third.down so they get Alden Smith again Troy.and that takes was a free play so Aaron.Rodgers just yeah he did I mean he knew.all along they're gonna blow this down.if it's a false start and so he knew.that there was a penalty on the play he.knew that he had gotten him off sides.and a free play.take a shot nothing to lose really smart.on Rodgers his part trying to give his.guy an opportunity better hope the.officials get it right.but he had the play continued so he.knows he's got a free play.no interception now third and 15 under a.minute to go.[Applause].the timeout is taken by the 49 there's.their final right now the Packers are on.the outer edge of field goal range.Wednesday on the Ultimate Fighter the.tension between rival coaches Ronda.Rousey and Miesha Tate boils over when.their number one picks square off in one.of the most shocking battles at Ultimate.Fighter history it's this Wednesday only.on Fox Sports 1.there's Mason Crosby who had a dismal.year last year last in the NFL with a.field goal percentage of 64% agreed to.reduce his salary during camp 2.4.billion to 800,000 with the chance to.earn the money back through incentives.he survived a rough patch.during camp he's still here right now.it'd be a 58-yard try that.down here and get the ball down the.field.to this so you can at least try to.shorten the distance for Cosby.[Applause].third down and 15.[Applause].and I think they were doing exactly what.you said trying to get some yardage for.Crosby and it turns into a first down.yeah you get it out there and get add.five more yards to the attempted field.goal and you seen on the awesome wall he.just he just whips you know he just.doesn't make a play on Jordy Nelson they.end up picking up a big first down 15.yards.fifteen.the offside penalty and all his stuff.[Applause].Rogers Nelson.the catch and he got nine and a half.Eric Reid on the hitch receiver they'd.like that ball just a little bit lower.when you're running the slant route you.know you've got a safety that's waiting.on you Nelson knew there was a defender.that was there capable of putting a hit.on him as you're gonna see the ball is a.little bit higher in the work those.receivers would want if they'd like to.build a catch and protect themselves.Jordy Nelson there was some question as.to whether or not you know he would even.be able to play at full procedure done.on his knee a few weeks ago was limited.and the work he was able to get and but.here he is today he's made some nice.plays a guy who had six touchdown.catches over his first 45 NFL games he's.got 22 over his last 28.fifteen touchdowns.in 2011 seven last year he's been a big.part of this Drive second and one with.44 seconds left one time out.[Applause].Roger Sampsel.[Applause].and now third down at one.[Applause].the 49ers they played excellent defense.for the most part here in this first.half as well and Rodgers initially was.trying to get the ball down the middle.of the field and just outstanding.coverage and he comes back to his second.guy Cobb then to the mourner and Rogers.even though he hasn't been sacked much.he has had pressure in his face and so.that time clock when he's in the pocket.he has gotten the ball out of his hands.quit what hit like two priority here for.Green Bay is the first down and so they.hand it to Co and it picks it up.you see Rogers immediately wants to get.him on the ball because he doesn't want.to use the timeout right here so he told.them in the huddle we're going to try to.pick up the first down if we do we've.got to be ready to get back on the ball.go which they do.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].the attention to Jim Michael Pittman.[Applause].Parris Cox couldn't bring him down and.sure Michael Finley has a 12 yard.touchdown catch wicket out route you try.to outflank him and Parris Cox has the.angle but drew Michael Finley is a big.guy he talked about it he's added 10.pounds of muscle in the offseason.knowing that he would be asked to be.more of a blocker but it served him well.on that play breaking a tackle from the.defensive back and then being able to.get the ball into the end zone.now the Astor point to tie it this is.really bad.a creating effort by the Packers here in.the first half when some things have.gone against him they're an extra point.away from a tie game with only 16.seconds left and it's 1414 I think.that's really the message that Mike.McCarthy will be given the team because.there was a lot of things that worked.against the Packers here in this first.half and they hung in there even on this.Drive he's being able to overcome you.know some of the penalties and then.third and 15 Jordy Nelson being able to.pick up the first down and then come.away with a touchdown on this drive so a.great way to end this first half earlier.in the half it was off the hands at.you're Michael Finley into the arms of.Eric Reed for the interception the.frustration it did not result in points.and then the 12-yard touchdown and.anything but frustration.as the packers have tied this game at 14.two teams had met in the divisional.round last year a game that was won by.the 49ers 45 to 31 and if you consider.how that game went the 49ers racking up.three hundred twenty three rush yards.just up and down the field Kaepernick.444 combined yards his Green Bay defense.has certainly tighten things up last.January.fast day to hit it.[Music].the return.breaks the tackle of mass gain is.dragged out across the 40.[Applause].30 yard returned by Dixon and will give.you cause and effect.the hit out of bounds by Clay Matthews.jr. the retaliation by Joe Staley.offsetting fouls it was in force.improperly by the efficient.third down and a 10-yard touchdown catch.but.is what.instead of what you assumed would be a.field goal attempt on fourth down when.at the time the game was tied at 7.nine seconds left no timeouts.see is caught by Williams still outside.field goal range he rolls out of bounds.with three seconds left well they get.enough yardage though there with with no.timeouts that Colin Kapernick he's got.enough arm to where he can he'll be able.to get this ball into the end zone they.may look at this.and it would be initiated by the booth.inside of two minutes but they do not.stop and a timeout taken by Green Bay.third and final charge timeout and you.can see Mike McCarthy talking to the.official I guarantee you somebody up in.the booth told Mike McCarthy to take the.time out and buy some time to see if the.officials want to look at this because.there was some question as to whether.that ball was a clean catch by Kyle.Williams before he rolled out about.I don't see anything there that would.cause them to overturn it but as I said.if the 49ers if they elect to take a.shot here into the end zone which I.would imagine they'll do because of.being able to complete that pass of.course the Packers just not want to give.us a big flag we're playing so soft they.could have even gotten more yardage out.of the play than they were able to but.now they're well within the range of.Colin Kaepernick's arm and getting this.ball all the way into the end zone.five guys back deep for great back.three-man rush.next I'm going.[Applause].and so this game the rematch in that.divisional playoff game here in San.Francisco good one at the half tied at.14 and we'll go from San Francisco to.Curt Menefee in New York for the Visa.halftime show which starts right now.take everything thank you nothing.nothing it's all touchdown Hornet David.pritchards and touchdown.[Music].has caught touchdown and quad golden.packers answered that Bolden touchdown.would want at your michael finley and so.now we start the second half tied at 14.this good matchup opening weekend to the.NFL sees in America's game of the week.backers and 49ers you can follow your.favorite team all season long just go to.iTunes comm slash NFL past days not just.been good kick in the football he's made.a couple of hits including a clean.tackle earlier in the day there will be.no tackle here let's go after a very.good half of football Jim Harbaugh.wasn't all that interested in sharing.any halftime adjustments but he did feel.like this game is going to come down to.penalties and he takes care of the ball.better meantime for the Packers Mike.McCarthy extremely proud of the.resilience his team showed he said he.talked about that at halftime and he was.proud of the way they adjusted and came.back from that at personai he said it's.a 0-0 game now and it's going to be a.battle back to you sorry Pena and he.should be proud of that defense and.specifically troia.the defensive front has been outstanding.really the entire defense 49ers had.excellent field position to start most.of their drives and for them to hold up.the way they did is really impressive.it looked like numerous punch there he.gets five you touched on it earlier we.said his name Johnny jolly do these.Packers would tell you has brought a.toughness upfront to that defensive line.as you said he was out of the game for.three years suspended for an addiction.to codeine.he's worked his way back we've seen him.a lot out there here at Game one he's.played well and when the Packers were.good against the run back in oh nine.it's not a coincidence that that's the.last year that Johnny jolly was a part.of this clock he's half good in this.game.stately walk back we'll see if the.officials are buying that they are well.start number 74 offense five-yard.penalty second down let's take a look at.the time line for Johnny jolly.[Music].in my mind in my heart I knew that I'll.be back but I didn't know when I'll be.back I might drive myself crazy thinking.about know how good I could have been.well he was good at the time he was sent.away from the game and after three years.out I guess a mild surprise his Kendall.Hunter carries it for a gain of two a.mild surprise that he was as good as he.was working his way back during camp.he's parlayed that into a lot of playing.time here in week one they did a nice.job on that last play you know he's just.a hard guy to move and he has been.clogging up the inside lanes where.Gregor has enjoyed so much success it.just hasn't been a lot of room for him.to run here then turned down at nine.[Applause].it makes the catch and won a debut for.Anquan Boldin here in the 49er uniform.22 yards on third down now this is on.Anquan Boldin I mean this is what he.does so well you see the traffic that.he's in he's having to go up make a.tough catch a lot of hands there in the.way in bodies and he's able to haul it.in and come down with the football he's.been doing that throughout his entire.career.and lack of fullback Miller out wide.Boldin looked like he had the first down.and that maybe gave it up pens on the.spot.you saw him on the right side now we see.him on the left side and it looked like.he got about nine nine and a half as you.look at the battle between Big Joe.Staley the two-time Pro Bowler and Clay.Matthews yeah that's a great matchup.between those two guys clay matthews got.the better of joe staley last year in.week one and they saw that he had a.little technique flaw Greg Roman the.offensive coordinator was the one who.pointed it out to him and once he got.that squared away he went on to have.another Pro Bowl year as you said and.when they met up in the playoffs.was able to get a sack but just daily.was was much better in the rematch he's.been good for the most part here this.afternoon see they're a bit short of the.first down so second and less than a.yard but we talked to Greg Rome when the.offensive coordinators such a smart.football mind here with the 49ers he.talked about Bouldin he said our team is.practicing better than they have in the.past and had Quandt Bouldin is the one.who set that tone so he gives you a lot.today he has been so good on the.receiving end he's got eight catches for.104 yards and a touchdown.[Applause].let's go to jail clap for Didrik thanks.Jo and every defensive lineman's dream.right here Bradford has deflected Dan.Williams picks it up goes into the big.six Arizona of 1713.[Applause].so two teams part of that much improved.NFC West Seattle had to slug it out to.it earlier today at Carolina Kaepernick.on first down steps up and quad Bouldin.they're going to mark him down at the 16.catch number nine for number 81 they.just see over here this is where in Quan.Bouldin is going to come in from and.just based on the the way that the.Packers are playing defensively they've.been at Kaepernick have been able to put.that ball on Bouldin.you know on the run he scores a.touchdown but they just clear out the.zone they've been reducing those splits.running a lot of the bunch sets a lot of.the same things Antwon Bolden did back.in his days with the Arizona Cardinals.and they just have continually found.ways to free him up.that was a 30-yard here to pull down.here.[Applause].gain of five there's some growing pains.going on too and the secondary for the.Packers as we talked about with Charles.Woodson you know real veteran presence.and brought stability to that group and.then of course as you said Morgan.Burnett him not being able to play in.this game he then took over that.leadership role at the backend position.and they've got em deejays and drawn.with melanin it's tough when you're.facing a team that can threaten you the.way that San Francisco has with ball to.here this afternoon.[Music].second down at five.[Applause].and catch number 10 is a one-handed grab.to set up first and goal now they talked.about it the other day and Quan Bouldin.makes circus catches every day in.practice I know on Friday when.he made a couple acrobatic receptions in.that one and these are the things that.he does I think you've gotten to a point.for a guy who's been playing as long as.he has he's in his 11th season that you.take a lot of those types of catches for.granted now first you.Gor slipped through.[Applause].[Music].it's second of the day.[Applause].to come right away with play-action and.that's hard on a defense when you're.down in that part of the field and.you've got over to commit yourself to.playing the run and then it opens up.those throws to the tight end Davis.what 14 as Dawson knocks it through.opening possession second half.Kaepernick gets them down the field and.into the end zone into the hands of.Fernand Davis today's game on Fox is.sponsored by Southwest Airlines find our.fares online only at southwest.com.but Nissan innovation that excites.by Old Spice get unnecessary freshness.and start winning everything today and.by Miller Lite it's not just a good time.it's Miller time it is a warm day in San.Francisco on Sunday September a good.game between the 49ers in the Packers.San Francisco.up by seven.from inside the five.[Applause].to the D one-and-a-half scoota on the.tackle those two guys have two.touchdowns for the 49ers frustration on.the backend for the Packers down by.seven.first possession second half for the.Packers down by seven in the first Eddie.Lacy sighting.since his first half bubble.lined up behind John donated Scirocco.Kevlar.gets it running left to the line of.scrimmage that's it ran into a wall.first guy there was Patrick Willis.[Applause].both these defensive units have just.been excellent.against the run throughout this game and.Eddie Lacy as you said he's getting.another opportunity you can only imagine.what's on his mind and first and.foremost is protecting the football and.a lot of times when you're so concerned.about protecting the ball that it takes.away some of the things you're able to.then do as a water.longest-running play so far three yards.delayed handoff lacy not much picked up.too we saw him there in that first half.that you know Mike McCarthy if they're.not able to run the ball better than.they did on those last two plays he's.not going to stick with it at least not.in this game normally he will he'll.continue to try to maintain some balance.but just knowing how tough this 49er.groove is if it's not working he's he's.going to put the ball back into Rogers.hands.[Applause].let's quick brought a car.Spacey's brought down by the rookie raid.and he's had a nice debut here in week.one boy it really has because that's not.an easy play to make for Eric Reid he.comes up and you know Randall Cobb has.this ball in open space and we're agreed.to be able to come up and make a play on.him that's that's impressive I know that.they have sure been impressed with what.they've seen a breed throughout the.preseason he earned the starting job.they did not hand it to him.bangers offensively as Williams takes it.from inside the 30.that's a six year at return 46-yard punt.divan house on the tackle 49ers have a.seven-point lead in the football 741.left third quarter.six of the last seven 49er possessions.have started at their own 35 or better.that's a story line of this game the.Packers average starting field position.their own 19.[Applause].please bow wanker.- dogfish decor.cops free for five yards down to the.field and Pam Oliver so you guys spoke.about Johnny jolly he was one of the.members who went over to the Packer.secondary as they were huddled up he.gave them a pep talk saying in essence.we've got you back and hang in there.against Anquan Boldin Bolden was the.sole topic of conversation from the.position coach he's obviously a great.concern to them.they should be 10 catches 143 yards and.touchdown averaging over 14 yards of.catch second of five.[Applause].a bit low third and five coming up last.year it was Colin Kaepernick's legs the.playoff record 181 rush yards to beat.the Packers in the divisional play on.this year it's his arm so far and third.down coming up a little surprise there.the Colin Kaepernick knowing that there.was no safety in the middle of the field.they're all pressed up in man coverage.you got Antwon Bolden one-on-one with.the entire field to work that he.wouldn't try to take a shot I don't know.if you just didn't see it just felt that.he had something a little bit more sure.underneath but they fell to capitalize.on what could have that big opportunity.varlet more targeted for the first time.today former dolphin receiver its fourth.down and the Green Bay defense comes up.with a couple of plays on that last.possession outstanding job defensively.by the Packers and you know we show.Marlon Moore the guy who I really.expected to see a little bit of today.was the rookie Quinton Patton.Louisiana Tech fourth round pick that.they were raving about on Friday but he.hasn't had any opportunities in this.game.now a false start.pulsar number 26 deep end offense.five-yard penalty port down Joe you.talked about the field position the.average starting position in order to.turn that around and the Packers really.need something to happen on special.teams a big return trying to help out.their offense the offense has been.operating you know with their backs up.against the goal line for a good part of.this game that's why Mike McCarthy is.Randall Cobb waiting for this punt it's.not a good plot line drive.with a chance.he is out across the 30 so they get it.from Cobb nice 16 yard return.Packers with a ball as they trail by 7.never be without football good coverage.of every NFL game on NFL mobile call.star star NFL to download it now.[Applause].starting at their own thirty-one..[Applause].in a new way to handle a see little.stutter step 2.when Dorsey who has given a two-year.deal to come to San Francisco from.Kansas City made that stop 49ers laws to.shut goal set up back in they lost Isaac.so clogged up front.those tackle spot banned by blunt Dorsey.second a de Lacy again.stick it with the right game out to the.40 Willis on the tackle let's go to Joe.plant for a game break thanks Joe and.Carson Palmer again finds Larry.Fitzgerald each for his second touchdown.pass of the season Bowl to Larry.Fitzgerald by the way Fitzgerald only.for TV pitches all last season.joke bags third down and one.Rogers keeps it.pick up the first down and hop out of.bounds at the Green Bay 46.[Applause].you wonder when a quarterback keeps it.like that if it's called from upstairs.or if it's just something that he sees.I've seen it done both way sometimes the.quarterback has the freedom if he feels.that the defense is collapsing that.defensive end outside linebacker that.they keep the ball pinga first off they.just throw a flag for unsportsmanlike.conduct.the very end of that play it's against.San Francisco so tack on 15 more and.we'll try and find it.it moves the ball inside the San.Francisco 40.and amongst all those Packers it was the.borrow ball bent over there on the.sideline that did or said something that.drew the flag has something happened.Rogers has come.by the rookie Eric Reid and somehow.Randall Cobb hung on 13-yard completion.and Eric Reid gave all he had.he runs the out and up and he gets.Navarro Bowman who just had the penalty.gets him to fight on the out route he.gets in behind it and not a not a real.easy catch woman Rogers was trying to.protect him by putting it on his back.hit but wasn't able to keep him from.getting hit by Reed.[Applause].gonna go toward the end table.plate Finley was forced out of bounds.and it was Whitner back there to make.the play.[Applause].Finley's he's going to make that catch.and come down with it it's a little bit.like what we saw earlier in the ballgame.and Whitner carrying him out.I like the rule too because before then.it was up to the official comes judgment.call as the weather night he would have.landed with his feet in play but they.just did away with all that.if he's out of bounds at about second.and ten.we maintained.and fake it to Lacey Pass has caught.what a catch by cop.spins down they're going to touch it.down at the 7th.in Randall Cobb who is not a big guys.made a cat survived a big hit and now.somehow Troy came up with this well.first of all the protection was.outstanding up front you see Rogers get.into what was his third receiver.normally the hand position by Cobb would.be the other way he came at it a little.bit differently maybe chancy a bit.tougher than it really needed to be but.an excellent job pass at South touchdown.[Applause].Rogers.Rogers picked up one first down with his.legs but got him down the field and into.the end zone with his right arm they on.the slant route and gets a free release.he gets in behind it they put it on him.and you're right Mike McCarthy comes out.to start this Drive runs a couple times.with any lace he doesn't get anything.there they get the nice third down.conversion with the legs of Rogers and.the rest of the way it was it was pure.Aaron Rodgers putting the ball where he.had to another answer by Green Bay to.the score by San Francisco moments ago.and that's Hyde at 21 the third-year Pro.Randle calm he is tough that's his.second of two good catches on the drive.Aaron Rodgers a touchdown throw we're.tied at 21 Jordy Nelson gets the 8 yard.touchdown catch to cap the seventh place.69 yard drive.Aaron Rodgers three four four on that.drive.where's an unsportsmanlike conduct.penalty called against tomorrow Walden.during that drive so we're tied at 21.and the ball is blown off the kicking T.before mistake and get after it Parrish. he's waiting deep for San.Francisco.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].don't return this time either and maste.looks like he'll be a weapon kicking off.for the Packers this year Wednesday on.the Ultimate Fighter the tension between.rival coaches round two Ronda Rousey and.Meisha Tate boils over when their number.one picks square off in one of those.shocking battles in Ultimate Fighter.history that's this Wednesday only on.Fox Sports 1 give you the comparison.between the two quarterbacks Aaron.Rodgers on top both with three.touchdowns.one pick was on a dropped pass by Finley.that ended up intercepted by Eric Reid.doesn't get any closer than that the way.these two guys have performed not.surprised that then come out here at.week one it played as well as they have.[Applause].protects get Williams.got a first down rolling out near the.3717 yard completion Jones on the tackle.Kyle Williams on the outside they're.drawn so much attention to bold and.underneath that opened up that.intermediate zone and you know Kyle.Williams is also a guy coming off of a.major injury last year ACL and he's had.some hamstring issues he's been limited.in his work and off the gore and gore.ran into BJ rocchi k2b yard coming up on.three minutes left in quarter number.three.look at Vijay Raji and Jolyon Ryan picot.no there's some big bodies in there that.Dom Capers has to truck to slow down the.run and that's where it all begins.that's what every defensive coach talks.about and like I said facing this 49er.offense that loves to run a football.they have been outstanding here in this.ball game.second down.for Nick.Davis.another big one to number 85 he's got.two touchdowns and now at 37 yard catch.and he's talked about how he and.Kaepernick are now on another level from.a year ago and showing here today.well here's Fernand Davis he's worked in.the middle of the field they've got two.safeties deep that's where they're.vulnerable is down the middle and Vernon.Davis is not your typical tied-in he.he's probably the fastest guy on the.field and so when he lines up even as.big as he is 200 normal sixty pounds he.is a mismatch for anyone else in with.that kind of space Kaepernick lays it.out for a big game.longest play of the game 37 yards here's.hunter down bad news a gain of one 49ers.right back into field goal range Dawson.has only attempted wanted this game and.he missed it it really is remarkable.that you know as I was just saying prior.to that plate of Vernon Davis how well.this this Packers defense has been.against the run the front seven and.specifically those big guys up front of.bounds Danny Magnus have not been able.to hold up on the back end.Davis and really Antoine poldek on.second down Kaepernick.- hi.hold it.Boldin made his NFL debut ten years and.a day ago with Arizona at Detroit.that was in 2003 had 10 catches in a.career-high 217 yards 2 touchdowns today.a fantastic debut here for the 49ers.yeah you know he was a guy who got a lot.of opportunities in Arizona then he went.to Baltimore an entirely different style.of.catch nearly as many balls still very.impactful what.you form here today now third down and.nine Kaepernick steps up.from the second.he's got.for San Francisco.and hardball once the 49ers - hurry up.get back into the huddle or right up to.the line of scrimmage 15 yard run and.Anquan Boldin at the end of that play.just buried someone along the sidelines.the Packers try to bring pressure but.watch Frank Gore right there with the.block that frees Kaepernick up the.sideline and being able to pick up the.first down here's the hit that you.talked about at the end of that play.Jairus bush and that gets dangerous.so with 47 seconds left in this third.quarter we welcome you back inside the.broadcast booth in this game Troy Aikman.certainly has not disappointed at all no.it hasn't I mean I you're gonna have.some of the mistakes that we've seen in.this ball game particularly the.penalties in week one and that's.throughout the league but you know these.teams I think if both played well.defenses have have done a nice job.secondary for Green Bay has has had some.problems but you know I agree with Jim.Harbaugh and what he said coming out in.half I mean this game is going to come.down to to who's able to to protect the.football they've both been able to do.that here in the second half but every.time it seems that Green Bay start to.get a little momentum San Francisco.comes right back down the field and is.able to come away with lead which they.are doing right now they're in position.to take the lead right now we've got 21.21 game and there's the day for.Kaepernick his first career 300-yard.passing day.he's got first to go.[Applause].looking right all the way.Boldin the intended receiver and Sam.shields broke it up.San Francisco by the way I had to burn a.timeout.after that first down run by Kaepernick.and a good play by shields maybe got.that right arm in there a little early.but no flag that's a full-time job right.there trying to match up with Anquan.Boldin and he's under sized and when he.played that ball very well.[Applause]..[Applause].take him down.a loss of seven they see Clay Matthews.as soon as he see the ball sees the ball.come out he is attacking him there is no.hesitation whatsoever we've seen that we.certainly saw it earlier in the ball.game I haven't seen the 49ers go to that.look very often but Matthews hits it.when he sees it and he was ready to go.after Kaepernick and they would have.been better served had he have handed.that one off and so that moves the ball.back outside the 15 to the 17 where it's.third and goal and now the play clock is.winding down.and it's going to be five yards either.way thug number 59 offense five-yard.penalty.lay down talk about a difference maker.on defense Clay Matthews proving that.yet again and Matthews had some pay to.Kaepernick after dragging him down with.a loss of self and he needs to be.carefully get too carried away come away.with another penalty like he did earlier.and now timeout is taken and we are at.the end of quarter number three tie game.49ers moving in back after this from.your local Fox station we begin the.fourth quarter here in San Francisco at.Candlestick Park.[Applause].it's a third down and go little ball.back at the 22.or the delay.the progress pot is correct.they were questioning the spot of the.football.and so its third goal for the 22.[Applause].gaffur day.at door is going to get it inside the 10.that's it the field going in it will.come on for the 49ers trying to regain.the lead 13 yards on third and goal from.the 22 yeah good job defensively by the.Packers just holding them here to a.field goal attempt that momentum going.and they toughened up courseden with the.play by Matthews in the penalty and it.backed them up and it's a good job of.not giving up another touchdown on this.Drive Phil Dawson one of the most.accurate field goal kickers in league.history 84% for his career for one today.for two hits from 27.are back up by three let's go down to.the field of Pam Oliver and shall tell.you something about linebacker Clay.Matthews he decided to go to the Packers.and speak up about ways he thought the.defense could improve Matthews told me.after the way the season ended last year.whether it was personnel or play calling.the players on his side of the ball.needed to be held more accountable he.added the defense had too many.performance issues and they let it slide.for too long back to you I think the.biggest thing Joe that that really.offended Clay Matthews and everyone on.that defense was the insinuation.following that playoff loss to the 49ers.that they were soft and felt that the.49ers just took it to him as they did.and it was because they were more.physical and they had to hear about that.all offseason and you know the way that.you stopped people from saying that.about you as you play well against the.run it seems it when team struggles stop.in the run and then the the label.immediately is that you're soft and as.I've talked about throughout this game.they've done a great job against the run.with that being an emphasis throughout.this offseason now they just got to.shore up some of the things that have.happened on the other end in the.secondary by turning some of these guys.loose.[Music].Dawson will kick it away Jeremy Ross is.waiting for it.and he will take a day you can hear John.[ __ ] yelling back at him no no don't.know take a knee and so the drive will.start at the 20 and we look and Aaron.Rodgers taking the field down by three.Aaron Rodgers with the number one.all-time quarterback rating in 104.9 the.beloved Steve Young number two all-time.at ninety six point eight Aaron Rodgers.thirty nine touchdowns just eight.interceptions a year ago he's thrown one.pick.he's thrown three touchdowns and he.trails by three.[Applause].and off his too.doing as much as you can with it games.three Justin Smith on the tackle you.think back to that first game last year.Randall Cobb comes in and they started.using them in the backfield created some.real problems for this 49er defense he.had 20 snaps from the backfield had nine.catches in that game and I I know Vic.Fangio said it creates some problems we.haven't seen a lot of it a little bit of.it in the first half but they motioned.him into the backfield on that last play.man hand the comb and we think they'll.start working them in the passing game.some coming up they fake it to Lacy.Rogers his butt down alden smith at a.loss of three.the pressure right here from Alden spit.and Alden Smith and bakhtiari he does a.decent job of trying to run him by aaron.rogers but because there was pressure on.the other side ray McDonald up inside it.just didn't allow.the escape route that he normally would.have.hauled in second sack of the day.about third and ten.[Applause].quick slow to pass broken up.Navarro Bowman flashed in front of Jim.Michael Finley and it's three-and-out.well-designed defense there by.coordinator fans you know they're gonna.big pressure here but they take all then.our excuse me bring Bowman across from.there so what initially looks to Rogers.like he's going to have a free lane.because of the Blitz are coming to that.side.the borrow Bowman comes across the.formation is able to get there just.before the ball rise just a minute eight.off the clock during that three and out.Drive.as Williams takes it to the 35 and they.broke line.davon house on the tackle.seems like just about every punt we've.had a flag end up on the ground at the.end of the play was thrown in the area.where the blocking was happening for.Kyle Williams we'll get the call from.Bill levy who's been busy.good 49 yard punt but master.[Applause].the conference continues.[Applause].there were two fouls on the receiving.team personal foul unnecessary roughness.number 26 going out of balance and.blocking the flyer that penalty will be.15 yards from the end of the kick 26.also held during the down that tunnel is.decline first out so the penalty both of.them against the 49ers San Francisco.with a three-point lead they'll march.the ball back Rodgers can only sit and.watch with the rest of us 49ers up 24 21.today's game on Fox is sponsored by the.all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado by Bud.Light it's the sure sign of a good time.here we go and by DIRECTV if you call.yourself a sports fan you've got to get.DIRECTV beautiful building the Palace of.Fine Arts on this gorgeous September day.in San Francisco first and ten.gaffur hang with 20 protection and time.finds his fullback Miller.[Applause].across the 30.[Applause].16-yard catch and run at Johnny jolly is.slow to get up.boy I don't you know not sure exactly.what that is but come on if they can't.help them along.[Music].Johnny jolly was able to get up and jog.off the field here's the injury 97 it.looks to be okay first down for San.Francisco after the catch and run by.Bruce Miller up by three capita keeps it.it's a block on the yet but there's.nothing out there.a block by Frank Gore but that play.loses three now you can see Frank Gore.this was a key for the entire way Frank.Gore is going to come out here he's.going to take out the guy who would be.taken Kaepernick and they're feeling.then that if they block it up see Joe.Staley he's up in the next level as well.that they can secure the edge and get.Kaepernick on the corner with nobody.then accounting for him but as.Kaepernick does so well Green Bay played.it well and he got on the ground and you.don't see him taking a lot of hits.especially when he can avoid them but.the very smartest farm how they use him.how they run some of their schemes.- AJ a loss of one let's go to joke lat.from the game break and guys Sam.Bradford trying to bring the Iran's all.the way back great play fake back in the.end zone.Jared cook for the touchdown then.Bradford goes for two keeps it in South.Beach n they have later tacked on a.field goal and they have come all the.way back tied at 24 in st. Louis.Anquan Boldin thanks joel is slow to get.off the field let's go back and he got.that hit up high and then down low by.his teammates daily talk about the job.that's not anything the 49ers want to.see is.see the right leg get pinned under the.body of Staley.[Applause].but not even really get a look outside.that's a good sign that he didn't go.over to the bench and sit down that he's.still right there with the coaches that.third down and fourteen.[Applause].lofts it for Williams.with shield to make the play ample to.recover because Kyle Williams was by him.what he was and Kyle Williams is their.fastest wide receiver Sam shields of.course has great speed he's able to make.it up but only because the ball was.underthrown I mean he was beat bad.and if Kaepernick had been able to get.that one out there that was an easy.touchdown but shields with his speed.able to recover and get an arm on the.ball and keep them from hauling that one.in Kaepernick was hit by Matthews after.left his lay just got it away.fair catch around the 25:46 yard punt.here's the hit on Kaepernick by Clay.Matthews and at the end of it it was.shields making the defensive play 49ers.up by three.today's game on Fox is sponsored by the.all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado the og.coming up immediately after the action.here in San Francisco and Kyle Williams.got behind Sam shields shields can run.he can spread.and shields NATO a lot of ground to.break it up.she's never LED in this game trailing by.three too late handoff and Lacey and.Lacey is knocked down inches shy of the.30 a gain of six Justin Smith on the.tackle for San Francisco Kaepernick's.had to do it with his arm last year the.49ers at such a good ground game they've.been able to do nothing on the ground.today it's the Green Bay defense who.just got the ball back Hodgins.[Applause].you.it's lacy left side and he weeps for a.first guy picks up seven.that was close ray McDonald does an.outstanding job as he's coming down the.line to at least force Eddie Lacy to get.airborne there because had he have been.able to run through that hole there was.a nice nice space in front of him for a.lot more than healing we got here safely.on the.she's got another Green Bay first down.the previous run by LaCie of seven yards.the longest Packer run of the day and.now down by three under ten to go.first down for the Packers at their own.49 and their right back up near the line.of scrimmage.you're on San Francisco here with the.up-tempo no huddle offense.Roger spins out out to his left roles to.Nelson.[Applause].a circus catch on the sidelines and.Aaron Rodgers is getting the pack.as quick as he can the 37-yard.completion how good was that a great job.by Jordy Nelson of Holloman in a design.rollout that protected up is Lacey.and Laci barrels down inside the tent it.looked like Nelson got the toes down.prior to rolling out of bounds at last.carry by Laci good four six here's the.catch 37 yards what a beauty.well they roll Aaron Rodgers out help.out with protection and then he puts it.on the sidelines but for him to control.his body and haul that and impressive.here's Lacey cuts upfield and Eddie Lacy.is going to pick up the first down and.so first in goal and the Green Bay.Packers are in a couple of yards away.from their first lead of the day.what a day for Jordy Nelson.Thakur's hurry up again.live it on the sidelines in the past.incomplete Harbaugh is complaining that.they didn't get set well any Lacey I.mean you got to be set for a second.before the ball is snapped in any lace.he was just getting situated when this.ball was hiked and you know I don't.blame Jim Harbaugh I thought the same.thing it didn't look to me like any lace.he had gotten set for the required.amount of time before Aaron Rodgers got.the ball.second ago.lacy.touchdown.behind the block of Andrew Corliss Eddie.Lacy the rookie has his first NFL.touchdown and the Packers have their.first lead of the day.look like he got his right arm with a.football across the goal line and he did.they'll give that a look should stand.and the Packers are on top.well that was an impressive driving on.that last play yeah they give it to the.rookie he gets airborne but he gets in.behind Andrew Corliss who hasn't played.it's got to feel good for him to be out.there contributing today but an.outstanding drive by a green baby score.this touchdown.now four-point lead the big play the.longest play of the day for Green Bay 37.yards to Jordy Nelson set it up Lacey.the rookie takes it in and the pack is.up for.[Music].Eddie Lacy has his first NFL touchdown.before that drive he had carried it nine.times for 15 yards and had a fumble but.on that drive five carries 26 yards his.first touchdown and for the Packers.their first lead up by four and now.Colin Kaepernick see what he can do.[Music].here on opening day in San Francisco as.maste just blasts it out of the back of.the end zone this guy brings a lot.Anquan Boldin in his 49er debuted a 10.catches 143 yards and going down the.bench trying to pump up his teammates he.he wants to start one and oh the Packers.want to return the favor as San.Francisco went into Green Bay last year.at week one they got a win this game has.been everything that we thought it would.be coming in I mean these two teams I'd.be shocked if we don't see them again as.we move into January but a great way to.kick off this season Kaepernick keeps it.to his left in new.and slide they'll mark it at the 26 Clay.Matthews was out there defending for the.Packers the running game Troy last year.the 49ers averaged over 5 yards per.carry today prior to that 11.7 that's.good work by the Green Bay defensive.front got to feel good about that when.this one's over you know I mean knowing.again how much time it's been not just a.read option but just run defense in.general and to face this group is good.and say our best offensive line in.football defense has been outstanding.against a run on second down Kaepernick.finds Boulder.you can catch number 11.- 35.[Applause].we've seen Antoine bold and get into the.bunched formations and they've kind of.disguised it a little bit they've been.able to free him up this time.they just run him straight up the field.he runs it in crossing route they put it.on him I mean there's not a lot of.deception to what the 49ers did there.and yet the Packers still not able to.even have a man on him and then once he.catches the ball they're not able to get.him on the ground 43 yards the longest.play of the day the guy who was just.pumping up his teammates as the 49ers.inside the 35.here's hunter.[Applause].they're gonna mark him out at the nine.it's first and goal.Bruce Miller first is going to come he's.going to kick out here and then they're.going to get the block by Vernon Davis.because he's got a two-way break Kendall.Hunter does John McMillan is just trying.to turn it back inside and hopefully.have some help from his teammates but.there's nobody there then closing and I.think the 49ers do as good a job as.anybody in securing that second level.and they're able to get finally pretty.good run off themselves 49ers had his 45.rushing Univision prior to that play.that was 23 yards and Kaepernick has to.spend the 49ers second time out.the television event of the season is.finally here Monday September 16th the.legend is reborn don't miss the series.premiere of Sleepy Hollow Monday.September 16 week from tomorrow at 9:00.Eastern.[Applause].what a difference from the playoff game.in the divisional matchup the Green Bay.defense allowed 323 rush yards today.only 68 but both of these defenses you.know when one of the teams have gone.down and scored the other one whether.it's been Green Bay throughout this game.and now San Francisco.you know they've responded and these.defenses are if the defenses are having.let downs after their offense is able to.come away with some points but we've.seen each of these offenses time after.time answer.[Applause].empty Jennings made the touchdown saving.tackle a gain of seven.[Applause].it's second ago the ball just inside the.206 to go.[Applause].[Music].behind you potty and Kilgore and extra.offensive lineman to touchdown from.Frank Gore.yeah they pull these guys down here.Kilgore the extra blocker you can see.the patience by Frank Gore a lot of.times he's younger running back so just.get in there and hit it too fast and it.all gets clogged up but great patience.by Frank Gore waiting for it to happen.getting in behind his blockers finding a.way to get it across the goal line.and with that the 49ers right back on.top now up by three.[Applause].we talked about it coming in Thursday.night the way the season began Peyton.Manning 7 touchdown passes today there.were thrilling games in the early window.and now here late this is about as good.as it could be in the late afternoon in.San Francisco yeah this is great I mean.it's happening a little bit differently.maybe than what we anticipated but two.of the heavyweights in the NFC once.again I think when you look at it coming.into this year you you like Green Bay in.San Francisco here they are meaning up.again in week one the game's going to.come down to the wire as we expect it.and this is just a great ballgame and as.I said just a great way to kick off this.year okay so now Kaepernick gets his.team down the field.now it's Aaron Rodgers and the ground.game has been giving Green Bay enough of.a look to keep this defense honest but.you have to believe now this game for.Green Bay is in the right hand of Aaron.Rodgers yeah you know I think so there's.still plenty of time you know and I.think that's the important thing that.that Green Bay recognizes that there's.time for them and they don't have to.rush it too much and that last drive.that San Francisco excuse me that Green.Bay had they went right down the field I.think they're gonna want to probably.slow this thing down a little bit.and obviously they want to come away.with a touchdown but the way these games.are anymore in the NFL you just hate to.give it back to an opposing team with.any kind of time left on the clock.Dawson kicks it away we'll bring it out.ten.it was CJ Szpilman.one of the best special teams players.for the 49ers down there to make a big.hit we've seen a few questionable.returns now.you know by the Green Bay Packers and.not given themselves very good field.position and this was another one.Rogers has to start at the dining and.deal with a lot of noise.pass is batted down Brookes got out.there and made the play trying to get it.to cough now they're trying to run the.the wide receiver screen here and it.looked like they had it set up pretty.good too I mean had they had been able.to get the ball to Navarro Bowman trying.to work his way out there to it but.they're going to try to hit some high.percentage stuff and see if they can't.get a first down here.[Applause].Rogers.got free gets to the 15 and then got hit.by read that was one of those decisions.that Aaron Rodgers had to make you know.do I try to pick up the first down or do.I slide and protect myself I think he.did the right thing trying to get as.much yardage out of that as he could he.was doing all that he that he possibly.could knowing where the chains were.it just wasn't able to get enough.third dinosaur.Rogers got away from McDonald on the run.for Nelson took place and it's fourth.down.Nnamdi Asomugha back in the Bay Area.this time with San Francisco out there.defending.[Applause].now the 49ers a they had to come out.defensively and make a stop and they're.able to force a three and out and now.it's going to be up to this Packers.defense that's v Breanna forced by the.49ers defense what a beautiful basket.and that drives Williams back to his own.34 and we look ahead to next week and.the matchups we're gonna see a lot of.Green Bay early on Fox NFL Sunday.pregame show.kicking off it dude Eastern will see the.Redskins at rg3 at Lambeau to take on.the Green Bay Packers Cowboys Chiefs.Vikings Bears Panthers bills the Rams at.the Falcons Grahams just won their game.at home over Arizona and then late.Saints and bucks Lions and Cardinals so.a quick three and out for Aaron Rodgers.and now it's set to Kaepernick and is.sporting on our left fence take time off.the clock bald.[Applause].across the 40 Sam shields on the tackle.gain of six.the 49ers anticipating that the Packers.are expecting them just to come out and.run the football and instead they just.throw the quick pass and pick up a nice.game they're on first down.Green Bay with all three of their.timeouts remaining second down and three.forty-niners broke the huddle with 13.seconds left to be winklaar just get it.away.gore who had the go-ahead touchdown runs.into Ryan Pickett.[Applause].that's a great job by Ryan Pinkett he's.one of those three big bodies and we.were talking about the ability to play.the run and he held up nicely there and.now he forced him to a third down.turn down at four.[Applause].we welcome in a new audience just.watched a good game between st. Louis.and Arizona great game here big third.down capita keeps it.Vernon Davis with a first down.[Applause].good block by Frank Gore on the play in.a 15 yard catching run on third down and.four you see where Vernon Davis comes.from he's in the backfield and he got.eyes looking in the backfield Jones is.and he was the one who was trying to get.out there but Vernon Davis with his.speed coming across the formation well.designed he's able to then get in the.flat and pick up what was an easy first.down he's a good concept there by great.roam in the offensive coordinator it.wasn't too long ago if you're just.joining us the Packers had their first.lead of the day but San Francisco went.right down the field they lead by three.we've got the go-ahead touchdown and.prank takes it to the 40 and a timeout.will be taken by Green Bay here's a.recap.cross your fingers for as the lots.happened unnecessary roughness on the.hit by Clay Matthews the 49ers got.another crack at it after all Senate.penalties Bowl.his first touchdown and that back and.forth we went for the most part even.though San Francisco was able to stay.ahead until that touchdown by any lacy.but a short touchdown run by Frank Gore.and with two timeouts remaining it'll be.second down for San Francisco two.timeouts left for Green Bay there's the.day for Aaron Rodgers the day for Colin.Kaepernick his first 300 yard day.through the air he's knocking on the.door of his first 400 yard days thrown.for three touchdowns and Anquan Boldin.first day as a 49er 12 catches he's been.tough he's bought a lot to this team.leading into this season and has been.big today in his debut locked down from.behind claim made by Mike Neal Green Bay.will use its second timeout yeah well.Green Bay has given up yards on first.down on this possession but they've been.really good on second down forcing these.third down situations they weren't able.to get off the field on the last third.down and now they're faced with another.one you wonder at this poor part of the.field you know what would Jim Harbaugh.do if they don't pick up the first down.here on third down you know will he go.for it.well everything that factors into that.you know you trust your quarterback you.trust the offense depending on the.situation and if you can if it makes.sense it's realistic try to keep aaron.rodgers on the sideline and run out the.clock that's for later now it's third.and five.[Applause].Oh.[Applause].brought down short of the first down.Green Bay will spend their final timeout.and now will have that decision by Jim.Harbaugh yeah just some confusion there.in the backfield with Kaepernick and Gor.Kaepernick opens to his left gore was.expecting the handoff on the other side.but he's able to come back and at least.turn it into some positive yardage I.mean normally when something like that.happens it's just a disaster but they at.least are able to get a couple yards out.of it to make this an interesting.decision the decision has been made.they're going to go for it Green Bay out.of timeouts.it's 4th down into play Matthews made.that last play and he has made quite a.fuel but here this afternoon.case you're wondering it will be a 54.field-goal try from this spot instead.they go for it.[Applause].or they're gonna try and drop offside.[Applause].so now you go to the other side of it.they don't go for it on fourth and too.and Ely is out on the field he's not.just the punter he's also the holder.again this would be a 54-yard field goal.try from here Phil Dawson's career long.as 56 and Aaron Rodgers may indeed get.another chance at the 49ers before the.end of this game there's play Matthews.telling his team not to jump and you get.up there as the quarterback and you try.to draw a defense offsides and that's it.once the defense hangs in there on the.first hard count.it's the place pretty much over I mean.at that point you're not going to get it.when you come back to it the second and.third time but they're going to go for.it anyway yeah I think that's a good.decision you know I mean where they're.out on the field right now yardage wise.isn't going to make that big of a.difference if they they tried to punt it.still go ink that's dicey if you meant.think this is a right call.for Dylan to his right.[Music].[Applause].- a great debut for number 80.the first out catch.they're able to crank up that's hot.has made his statement here in his first.day as a 49er.who else would catch this yo ant Quan.Bolden is going to go to the flat and.they cover it up but he this is what he.does he just finds a spot he plays the.game he knows that Kaepernick is wanting.someone to get open and free himself.he's able to do it Kaepernick finds a.400-yard passing day for Kaepernick a.200 yard receiving Dave.Frank Gore is able to get back to the.line of scrimmage and that will take us.to the two-minute warning it will be.second down when we come back Green Bay.out of timeouts running out of time.[Music].down by three in San Francisco.[Applause].[Music].San Francisco runs out the clock the.time of possession will be so heavy San.Francisco 39 minutes to Green Bay's just.under 21.san Francisco's trail anyone say lead by.three two minutes left second down.instead of a handoff is to the.sure-handed.one thing we have to go back to because.it will be talked about after this game.was the improper enforcement on a.penalty in the second quarter on.offsetting dead ball personal fouls this.officiating group game San Francisco.another crack added on third down it.should have been fourth down and on the.ensuing play San Francisco completed a.10-yard touchdown to Anquan Boldin such.a big part of what's transpired here.today and we were alerted to that by.Mike Pereira back in Los Angeles a.minute half to go third down and six.and octa-core actually.that kicks it slides down short of the.first down.and we haven't seen drawing a ton of the.read-option we have not seen that even.all with all the talk that happened.during the course of the week.Kaepernick's been pretty well protected.and Jim Harbaugh is now gonna bring his.field goal unit onto the field to try.and make it a six point game.I thought we would have seen more of it.but I know when we visited with Greg.Roman you kind of walked away saying all.right well it's just not going to be a.big part of what they do in this game.but knowing how much success they did.have last January thought we would see a.little more 33-yard try by Dawson.to Capri.[Music].may have seeped Clay Matthews.complaining after that third down play.here's why Matthews tried to get up and.Vernon Davis ripped in it I saw it as it.happened and Clay Matthews I you know.they've got a pretty good theater.program there at USC they actually do.they do so now 26 seconds left Aaron.Rodgers will get back on the field but.he is out of timeouts and needing to get.Green Bay into the end zone.here's that play we talked about the.cause and the effect the late hit by.Clay Matthews out of bounds on.Kaepernick's Daly the big left tackle.retaliated they called off setting.personal fouls and instead of letting.the third down placed and they replayed.third down.it would have been four down and what.was then a tie game you assume San.Francisco would try to go ahead field.goal instead they get the touchdown at.that point it made it 14 to 7 now it's.34 28 Green Bay about to get it back.with Jeremy Ross waiting deep.[Applause].[Music].people take me.in this game colin kaepernick 27 of 39.412 yards three touchdowns no.interceptions and with all the talk.Torrey about his legs in the 181 rushing.yards last year during the playoffs.against Green Bay he's proven before he.did it in the championship game in.Atlanta that he can win a game by.standing back in the pocket or sliding.around and he'll beat you with his arm.yeah I don't think anybody who questions.whether or not Colin Kaepernick could.have a game like he's had here this.afternoon hasn't been paying attention.to him playing last year because he he.proved it the first time he came out.here Candlestick Park last year that he.can throw from the pocket.[Applause].no timeouts left for Green Bay down by.six.Rogers has a man that.[Applause].so the clock will continue to run but.Green Bay is now at least in a position.where they can heave it to the end zone.if they can kill the clock.which they do.so this game is not over.[Applause].they're going to have one shot into the.end zone as you said this game would.have gotten a whole lot more interesting.had cop been able to get out of bounds.he was trying to but until exactly who.that was Joe that came in Dante Whitner.at the end of it that got there in time.to keep Cobb from getting out about.it'll be a three-man rush.and it'll be a heave into the end zone.[Applause].Rogers has to buy time runs out of time.and this game's over 49ers start one at.all.[Applause].and the final here this afternoon 3428.San Francisco wins it.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].and we'll be back after the break so.much to recap on a great opening Sunday.to this NFL season back in a moment.

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