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The Definite Guide to Std 678 2013 2018 Form

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hey guys welcome to the two-wheel Rider.youtube channel my name is Mario Orsini.and today I am back with another.motorcycle review so today I have the.brand new for 2018 Honda Goldwing.touring big THANK YOU to timbrel Conda.in Winchester for loaning me this bike.out to review today be sure to check out.their information I'll put it on the.screen and I'll also link it in the.description below so as I do with all my.motorcycle review videos we're gonna.start out with some of the major specs.on this bike then where I'm gonna take.you around and show you some of the.features or some of the cool little.knickknacks and stuff on it we're gonna.put Kristen on the back of it so you can.hear what the passengers point of view.is and then I'm gonna give you my.thoughts on what I like and what I.dislike about this brand new bike this.bike is equipped with an 1832 CC.liquid-cooled opposed 6-cylinder it does.have overhead cam design the numbers.I've seen say it's putting out about 126.horse and about 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with their pro length.suspension setup back up to the front of.the bike for just a moment we do have.320 millimeter discs those are six.piston calipers up front and it is.computer-controlled ABS up front moving.to the back of the bike it is single.disc I think it's 316 millimeter disc.and it has a three piston caliper this.is a big bike it does need a big brake.setup on it to get it slowed down and.stopped speaking of big on the back of.the bike you do have a 16 inch tire it.is 200 width I believe.from the factory it comes with a 255 16.up front you have 130 with tire and that.tire size is 130 17 18 it is an 18 inch.rim up front just a couple of more quick.things before we move on to show you the.features we've got a twenty nine point.three inch seat height so a relatively.low seat height you have 5.1 inches of.ground clearance you have a five and a.half gallon fuel tank and this specific.model the way it's set up right now.comes in at a curb weight of 833 pounds.Honda has equipped the 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if.the bike were running right now we'd be.able to see the front and rear tire.pressure of the tires through the tire.pressure monitoring system and then that.also lets me know my fuel range how much.further I can go and if you look right.here you can see this is your fuel gauge.all right so I'm gonna try to give you.guys a wide enough shot so you can see.all of what I'm about to do but if I hit.the home screen it brings up quite a few.different options I have audio source.this bike does have navigation at.vehicle settings I have audio setting.and I have apple carplay I can access it.through this toggle while I'm not moving.and you can either twist it forward or.backwards and you can also use it as a.joystick to move around I currently have.my phone hooked up right now so we can.go into apple carplay we can see that.I'm playing some Luke Bryan right now if.I come down here and I.this button it should here we go but I.don't want to get flagged for that on.YouTube so anyway we can also scroll.over and go to our text messages this is.something cool because it's my.understanding with the navigation on.this you can only set it while the bikes.sitting still but if you're an apple.carplay you can change the navigation.whenever you want because it's separate.from the Honda navigation system so.that's just something to be aware of and.if I hit back out you can see I can get.to all my apps.alright so sticking with this whole TFT.display here you do have audio source.you've got an FM radio built in you can.either play it through these speakers.you get speakers on the back where you.can play it through your Bluetooth.headset go back out to here this bike is.outfitted with navigation but I'm pretty.sure you can only put in points and.stuff while the bike is stationary it.won't let you get into the screen while.the bikes moving you do have phone if.your phone's hooked up.you also have apple carplay which I.actually have disabled right now but I.showed you earlier you vehicle settings.and this is where I don't know why you.would want to turn off all to cancel.turn signals but you can you have.suspension preload for one up one up.plus luggage two up to a plus luggage.you can set different units here.that's your traction control you can.turn it completely off if you want.you have your dimmer set here how you.want your illumination set you also have.a couple other settings here this one.some of these aren't options that are on.this particular bike and then you have.audio settings where you can set your.sound setting general setting bluetooth.pairing you know stuff like that so.those are all the things available on.your TFT display screen staying here in.the cockpit these mirrors do fold in on.both sides of the bike let's start out.well let's go here for a second this is.your selector button and that's what's.going to control where this arrow is at.over here and this is your set button.lets you toggle you do have your.information button here that's going to.give you some additional information on.your fuel consumption you can set a.timer on it things like that this button.here is your audio that will allow you.to toggle back and forth from your.bluetooth.set to the speakers on the bike you do.have heated seats this is for the rider.seat heated grips this is obviously only.the rider has grips on the bike so.moving over here to the left side of the.handlebar we do have a passing light.that will will flash the high beam sit.right there and also if you want it on.high beam just flick it out you have.your volume control you this is.something new before the wind screens.were stationary now we have an.adjustable windshield that's all the way.up and there we go back to all the way.down.voice command here if you're using some.sort of Bluetooth enabled device horn.you guys ready for this that's fun loud.horn here's your home button and most of.this right here echoes what's here this.is just easier to control while you're.going down the road so this allows you.to toggle through and select things this.takes you back home this is your back.button this source button here you can.actually hold in on it and that'll kill.the music if you need to for whatever.reason turn signal switch down here they.are Auto canceling if you're in neutral.you can put it in reverse and then this.little button right here will allow you.to back the bike up in Reverse over on.this side this is your kill switch also.your Start button you have your hazard.lights here you have your cruise control.this turns it on this sets it or resets.it resumes accelerates then you have.your mode button if we look up here all.we have to do is toggle up or down and.we can see our different modes economy.rain touring in sport all you need to do.is set it in there now if you're going.down the road you do need to let off the.throttle in order for it to change.otherwise it'll sit there and flash but.it takes a split second and it'll put.you in the different fuel mapping in.different mode sticking with the cockpit.area we have a little storage.compartment right here open that up you.can see that's where I've got my phone.and my phone is actually plugged in to.an able apple carplay and this you may.have noticed there's no key up here you.just turn this little knob this is your.fob it also has a remote on it to open.up your your trunk and your bags and.stuff like that if this is not within.proximity you will not be able to start.the bike so it gives you a nice little.storage compartment notice there's no.cap here or there's no key here for the.ASCAP you actually come over here on the.side of the bike hit this little thing.you got another storage compartment and.then hit this button and you can see.it's allowed me to get into my gas cap.now if you're worried about somebody.opening this up while you're not around.don't worry because this is also.proximity enabled and if the fobs not.within the area it will not allow you to.open this up so no one can get into your.fuel tank at least not without prying.this open or something something else.you may notice from up in the cockpit.area is the absence of a fork we'll talk.more about that later and then the last.thing I want to show you this is a.little air deflector that can be either.set down or up to further deflect air.back that way you can limit the.buffeting to however you want if you're.riding to up your passenger does have a.heated seat back here as well they get.to control that you'll be able to see up.here if it's been turned on but you.won't necessarily see what level it's on.so if they were to happen to leave it on.after you got off the bike you'd at.least be warned up here on the dash your.passenger also does have some pretty.good sized floorboards back here but.we'll get Kristen's thoughts on it here.in a little bit so you can hear what she.has to say about the passenger comfort.on this bike if you want to get into the.saddlebag just push this little button.here it'll drop open nicely of course.bag liners are available for this just.want to give you a quick look inside you.have your owner's manual and stuff back.here they're not quite as large as I was.expecting them to be for a bike this.size I know that's been some complaints.about it but I think these are on the.sides are rated at 30 liters of capacity.and then your trunk which I'll show you.here in a second is rated at 50 litres.so there's a little button right down.here that opens up your trunk that will.flip open you can see I've got all my.camera gear and riding gloves and stuff.down in here decent-sized trunk it's.rated in 50 litres up to 20 pounds can.be held in here just wanted you to see.what the capacity is and what it looks.like inside now the good news is if you.get one of these bikes it's almost.impossible to lock your fob and the.saddlebags or the trunk if it senses.that it's in one of those things it will.not shut now if you continue to hold.your hand down on it after three tries.it actually will end up locking so.anyway locking your fob in one of these.bags shouldn't be much of an issue.hey guys so I'm back again with a review.on the 2018 Honda Goldwing and overall I.have to say it's a really nice bike not.the most fun I've ever had but.absolutely comfortable this is like the.Cadillac of comfort for highway cruising.it's got a lot of great legroom easiest.bike I've ever been on and off of and.also it's nice to have some really good.support under your feet the entire ride.I could sit back enjoy the ride and not.have a care in the world so the only.thing I have left to say on it is that.this really is for a great long ride.touring bike the back roads it wasn't so.impressed with how the shocks absorb the.bumps and the ruts in the road could.have been a little better but overall.for a passenger this is a really.comfortable bike all right guys we've.gone over the specs I showed you a lot.of the features the bike has to offer.and you also got the passengers.perspective from christen now it's time.for my thoughts on the bike first of all.let's start out with the fact that it's.a Honda so it's got the normal fit and.finish and quality you're used to in a.Honda product it's not going to let you.down there when it comes to the engine.on the bike and and I'm going to nitpick.some stuff later on I'm going to tell.you before we wrap up some things I.don't like about this bike but for the.most part the engine is silky smooth it.revs up fine it's got pretty good power.throughout it's got gobs of torque down.low and you can ride it kind of lazily.and not shift much if you really don't.want to when it comes to handling first.off lets you know elephant in the room.it's an eight hundred and thirty three.pound bike it's not going to handle like.a sport bike but it does handle much.better than I expected it to I do have a.few things that nitpick on the handling.that I'll talk about here in a few.moments but you do have plenty of.confidence going into a corner it'll.hold the line it it flicks over much.much easier than I was expecting it and.it's actually for its size a really good.handling motorcycle the braking is one.of those things that really shines on.this bike the brakes on it are superb I.don't think you could ask for any more.braking power I don't think you need any.more braking power brakes are excellent.the Goldwing is one of those bikes that.designed to eat up miles bit on the.interstate or highways or whatever it is.you're riding on and this thing's got.great comfort to it I mean you got a.nice comfortable seating position you're.upright easy reach to the bars real.really no pressure on your lower back.you know the option of putting some.Highway pegs on here would be nice and.I'm sure Kuryakin or somebody's going to.be coming out with them soon just to.give you an alternate position for your.legs to be in but you can't really.complain about comfort and the.windscreen does an excellent job you can.see it kept that bug off of my face I've.written it down the interstate all the.way up I've written it all the way down.I've written it in between it just comes.down to the amount of air that you want.to be able to get through but you should.be able to find a setting that's going.to work well for you so once again I.have not ridden the DCT I'm out on the.six-speed manual I don't have any.negatives about the manual transmission.it shifts really smooth clutch.engagement is easy enough and all in all.good transmission on the bike alright so.basically I said you got predictable.handling excellent brakes good power.transmission shift smooth all day long.comfort it's not a perfect motorcycle.though and there are some things I don't.like about the bike the first one isn't.anything I can really do about but if.you're used to riding a bike with the.traditional fork on the front this thing.jumping around down in here is gonna.freak you how fit for Christmas that was.the first thing I noticed when I got on.the bike it was one of those things.where I was like what the hell oh yeah.that's right it's that wishbone.suspension up front just not used to.seeing that freaked me out a little bit.the other thing about the suspension you.notice I'm riding I'm writing it in a.preload setting to up and that's because.I tried it in single I tried it in.single plus luggage it's just too soft.for my liking and I even took it down.the interstate and stuff like that it.was too soft in in any sort of setting.especially if you're on a back road and.you were looking forward to handle a.little bit better.it is diving way too much for me so I.stiffened it up a little bit Kristen.actually said the same thing she thought.the suspension was too soft and I said.well we could have tried it in one.heavier setting but I wanted to try it.and you know what it was supposed to be.preset for and ya just find the.suspension a little soft on the bike.alright so something that started out as.a minor annoyance but really irritating.me now is.is this information over here it's all.good information it would have been nice.if the voltmeter was included and if.there is one I haven't been able to find.it that aside that information is.written entirely too small that's.something I should be able to see on.this screen up here and I can't maybe.there's some sort of software update or.something they can do to make that.available but as it is right now you.know that stuff I want to be able to see.and it's it's tough to find there on.this big giant - now another big thing.first of all if I do like the gear.position indicator that's awesome and I.like being able to see what mode I'm in.very easily but what I don't like is.this tank almost every motorcycle you.get on has the tach zeroed out pointed.straight down some of them will have it.at a slight angle but this is the first.bike I've ever ridden where the tacks.where it's at right now so if you're.used to riding a bike with you know like.over here on the speedometer is it's.bottomed out at zero and you look at.this you think holy crap I'm revving up.at ten thousand oh no not I'm at 3,000.rpms right now it's a minor thing but.when you're so used to a gauge work in a.certain way and now it's totally.different for absolutely no reason it.kind of bothers you a little bit but my.absolute biggest problem is the screen.itself and the fact that to me it's.underutilized if you're using apple.carplay you'll get some use out of it.but you know audio you can basically.change the radio station.same thing with audio setting though.most of this stuff including your.navigation unless you preset your.destination before you left you can't.use it while you're riding you can't do.anything with the vehicle settings you.can't do anything with the phone so I.have this big area that basically just.tells me what time it is what I would.have liked has seen done is allow me.some customization on the screen and.when I say customization remember the.stuff I was bothered about over here.that I can't see why can't I pull that.up on that big screen you know I've got.an analog speedometer over here which is.fine I can read it how cool would it be.if I could bring it up digitally on that.big giant screen or maybe even run a.digital tach there on that screen.there's so many things that could have.been done with this screen but.unfortunately 99% of the stuff I just.named off you can't do on it.again I don't know if that's something.they could do a software update I'm not.sure if that's something that even.bothers the rest of you guys but if.you're gonna put all this on here allow.it some more functionality so let me.share with you some final thoughts on.the bike before we wrap up if you're.going to be doing major distances and.you want to be comfortable and you're.going to be doing mostly riding like.this you know interstates four-lane.highways maybe the occasional backroads.this bike should probably be on the top.of your list to go test ride and go.check out because it's going to get you.anywhere comfortable that's exactly what.it's going to do if you're looking for a.really really fun bike to go out and rip.and roar and have a great time on you.look elsewhere that's not what this bike.is for you know I'm finding myself.asking if I had the option to ride this.on my next cross-country trip would I I.can't say definitively I would if you.were to ask me to pick a bike to do my.next Iron Butt ride on and this was an.option I'd probably take it alright guys.so those are my thoughts on the 2018.Honda Goldwing touring manual.transmission model but you don't have to.take my word for it and that's why if.you're interested in one I suggest you.go ride one yourself in fact if you'd.like to ride this exact model it will be.available up at timber akanda throughout.most of the rest of the year.available for demo rides again check.their information in the description.below hope you guys enjoyed today's.video if you did please give it a big.thumbs up if you're not a subscriber.considering that subscribe button.because if you like motorcycles this is.the place to be if you've got any.questions about the bike something I.didn't cover something you may disagree.with let me know down in the comments.section below and as always I'll talk to.you again soon.[Music].[Music].

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Std 678 2013 2018 Form FAQs

Check the below common queries about Std 678 2013 2018 Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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How do I fill out the NTSE form 2017- 2018 Jharkhand online?

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