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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Eagle Scout Project Workbook Online

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The Definite Guide to Eagle Scout Project Workbook

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Check How to Enter the Eagle Scout Project Workbook

altman committee aka advancement who the.principal folks are so as i mentioned.the being the council committee chair.each district has a chair as well.Delaware Rivers Jim Steinberg Duchess's.Marcia Feeny heritage is sherry Rocco.Rockland is Dave ridged and our staff.advisor is Kris Hopkins the other names.on this slide are basically those.involved with the Eagle processing.either scheduling or reviewing sitting.on the boards of themselves along with a.lot of other folks these names may.change from time to time but essentially.on the Hudson Valley scouting org.webpage under youth development you will.be able to find the names of the current.chairs and and others associated with.the youth development committee.okay all right so look for the seedings.presentation we have two presenters the.first one will be a Peter dally who is.the Duchess district eagle advancement.chair he participates on the council.advancement committee in de vrij who is.the Rockland district advancement.committee chair and between then they.will go through the material and at the.end you know we will cover any general.questions that come in as questions may.be submitted online if I can answer them.I I will certainly try to do that it.will appear that it's coming from chris.hopkins but i'm actually sitting in in.the organizers chair this evening and.just by the way this presentation deck.is being recorded and we will also have.the deck up on the council advancement.the web pages in the next couple of days.so for those that would like to review.the material at that time you would be.able to do that so without further ado.I'd like to pass it over to Peter dally.thank you done hello everyone as it says.it's a time of change and we're working.on a presumption that you folks are used.to using or involved with using the 2012.printing and you can identify what.printing you use and by looking on that.Peck page and we're saying let him.continue scout continue to use that 2012.version if he's been working in it okay.I mean we recognized that they don't.just picked it up one night bring it.into the troop get it approved and then.appear before the district it doesn't.happen SS and on the other hand there is.a new version out the final plan and the.front.raising application and the report.sections of that may offer him some.advantages because this is both a paper.document if you would if you send it to.your printer but it's also an electronic.document there's programming in behind.what you're looking at and whether you.can add things or delete things or.expand boxes and other things like that.or what that programming deals with and.so that can be advantages for having the.Scout move to the new stuff as he goes.along if he's using the 2 2012 printing.there is a separate document called.navigating the Eagle Scout service.project which is information for project.beneficiaries just as it says it's it's.two pages long and it tells the.beneficiary what scouting expects of the.beneficiary and what the beneficiary.should expect his scout to do and so now.we give you the link there to that.document in the 2014 printing they've.included that document let's go to the.next slide okay so if he's just starting.now he really should be using the 2014.version that's what's out there on.Nationals website and so if he is as we.say just bounced an idea or if you let.him get started with the new edition.I've looked through it it has no real.changes in its requirements okay because.it is not asking for a lot of new stuff.or anything like that this electronic.workbook needs to be accessed the the.link that you see there it's possible.learn the direct workbook number and to.attempt to get to it but the first time.you attempt to get to it you need to.have a little piece of software gold.adobe livecycle add it onto your.computer so that you can successfully.work in the project workbook and that's.true for your Scouts okay but they need.to follow the link that you see in front.of you in order for things to work and.okay so as we say it all now includes.the navigating document next slide.please the workbook has rules and forms.and I got to go back and point out that.the workbook represents the.implementation of philosophy of the way.a project should be approached this.workbook says the Scout is supposed to.present a proposal an overview and.introduction whatever you want to call.it it's not supposed to be fine-tuned.details that will come later and so what.the Scout will find is that he's dealing.with a proposal section of the workbook.although at the end of the proposal.section when he goes to sign that.proposal as being his he says that he.has read the entire workbook and that's.useful because it's a time for him to.raise questions so with his leaders and.with the district so if the rest of the.workbook has problems in his mind okay.so rules well I'm 2012 version you can.see there was an introduction and there.will cover pages and they were parent.info and excerpts from the guide for.advancement included in the 2012 version.and they have moved that content.around a bit that's about really what.they have done here in the 2014 version.you then have our contact information.page for those who are working in the.2012 version you were asked to have your.Scoutmaster and your committee care.proved that they were in Scouting by.providing their scouting ID number and.called the PID and the 2014 1 that away.so if it looks like it's time master I.guess you're going to have to trust that.it is the project proposal is a form and.fight each of the sections of the.content that form there were.explanations and then it ended with a.scout certification and for proposal.approvals and those for proposal.approvals are still the same and the.district's still comes last and now the.next section of the workbook is the.final plan that included a fundraising.application in 2012 that has become a.separate pair of pages in the 2014.version and then you have a project.report and it still does require.approvals by the benefiting organization.and the scout answer so next slide.please so as a leader you want to make.sure that your Scout understands what he.has gotten to work with that he needs to.understand the importance of this.project in earning eagle rank the as.recent a couple of slides back there are.both rules and forms and you need to go.over that and as a matter of fact not a.question of here read it sold out and.then don't come back to me you know go.get approvals now read it so it.come back to me let's work on any.questions that you have come up as you.go along this when the Scout is just.starting is in excellent time put some.realistic expectations in the average.Scouts thinking all right this is going.to take time I know that there are.scouts out there who come along with oh.gosh only months sometimes it seems only.weeks before they turn 18 and they are.they they can be successful let's talk.about Joe Average he's going to need.time and he'll be much more comfortable.and have a better learning experience in.becoming an eagle if he does spend time.on his project so review the form as it.says be then and go back over that form.when he starts to work on a new section.it's just basic mentoring next slide.please all right so here we have the two.different versions page number rings and.as it says the basic ideas is still true.let's go on next slide in 2011 national.scouting came out with a new document.called the guide to advancement 2011.they revised it in 2013 it explains the.full scope of these requirements and.section 9 is the one that deals with.Eagle Scout projects and it is not that.big it is available online it's as I say.well written and easy to read it's a.good thing to take time as a leader to.come to know the workbook again.pages that give the rules that the Scout.should know and that you should know in.advising him and they're not just in the.workbook their adaptive been brought.over from the god to advancement ego.projects scouts will come along saying.everything is going to revolve around me.and the answer to that is you are.starting a troop you have your.responsibilities to the troop and you'll.need to fulfill them and at the same.time you can't really come along and say.well can't do that because i'm doing my.eagle project no that's not the pecking.order the Scout will need to deep adult.leadership one of those adults needs to.have youth protection training.credentials there's much discussion in.the workbook about the project as a.fundraiser and about project fundraising.and as we note at the end there it.should not compete with other efforts of.the unit or district or council next.slide please the idea of the project is.that he will be demonstrating his.leadership skills and that this project.impact goodness that it does for the.community is going to be a key factor in.that and these proposals are not as well.as it says or in other words one step.processes he's coming to start doing.some planning and he will have questions.or we will have knowledge gaps and he.needs to be able to come back to you and.see it develop you have to help him.understand what he needs to do to really.make this a full explanation of what his.project is about he.got the responsibility to help others.understand what his project is about but.he has ideas in his mind and he may not.have put them down on paper he has.background knowledge in his mind and he.may not have put that down on paper and.if the document can't stand alone.because it has those under those that.background knowledge in it and so on.then people at the district level or the.benefiting organization may not.understand what he's talking about so.and the other rest of that story of.course is that this is all going to take.time next slide please so here we are.into the guts of the workbook there was.a page called the contact information.page which was part of the introduction.and in 2014 they have now moved that.contact information page inside the.proposal section other than that not.much change to it next slide please as.it says and in fact the new contact.information page without usefulness of.this information and you do want to get.you want to review it to make sure that.it is current and correct there is a.problem in the 2014 version it no longer.calls for the council's email address to.be put into that contact page and that.is the address that the scout needs to.use to get fundraising approval we're.going to have to address that and get.the word out to all the leaders about it.but that's one of those situations.that's just the region or isn't the.Scout is asked to have a project coach.if you read the formal literature about.a project code she's supposed to be a.wise old man or wise old woman need to.say anybody's an old woman but at any.rate an older person who can advise the.Scout in the handling of his project it.what not to be somebody that the Scout.is just going it regard as a body or as.a formal signatory okay it's dead he's.going to approve anything I want it's my.friend who's now 19 in the troop and now.is a quote leader now the Scout deserves.better than that he deserves someone who.can really be an influencer of what he.does project description is supposed to.be an overview but it's not fact free.all right it's one thing to say that I'm.going to build a shed and it's another.thing to say that it's a 16 x 40 shed.that's two stories high okay I didn't.spend a lot of words but you've got very.different images just then and believe.me you need to get those kinds of words.into the project description this.business about the project having a.title that was a nicety in the 2012.version it is now right on the front.cover of the 2014 version next slide.please briefly describe the project it's.a statement that is supposed to help.people understand what he is about to.say in the next sections of the project.proposal and so if all he has said is.I'm going to build a shed.or a bridge or something and suddenly.you are now talking about bushes and.plants and mulch the you know you.haven't conveyed the idea that you're.going to do landscaping around this shed.as well um the project description they.only really want you to put in let's say.50 to 75 words but five to ten words.probably don't cut it so you need to.help Scout understand the level of.information that he's trying to convey.you need to ask him whether what he said.their ties into the boxes that are going.to come along asking him to put.information in them later on so the.second this project proposal is divided.up into boxes for those of you who.haven't looked at the form I would hope.you have one but ok so the next box then.is something that asks for benefit how.will it help and in this instance we're.saying try and look at what good it's.going to do rather than getting all tied.up in the severity of the problem that.this benefiting organization has at this.point next slide please next the Scout.is asked to say when he's going to begin.work and some will obviously say right.after I get this proposal approved but.there are things that the Scout is.supposed to do before he rushes out to.put a shovel in the ground ok he's.supposed to create a final plan he.supposed to deuce get fundraising.approval and possibly to do the actual.fundraising and he's got to work up a.schedule but will consider his trip.activities and school events and family.vacations and.other things like that so the scout who.tosses off when are you going to begin.with a right after approval is the scout.who probably hasn't really thought that.for a head and not to be questioned on.it next slide please here's the.situation where again you're this is.early for project coach to be involved.but if the project coach is a technical.advisor in terms of the type of work.being done this is where that adult.experience can be useful or if the.Scoutmaster or some other leader the.committee chair wants to sit down and.say well wait a minute you have various.approvals and other things that you'll.need to get before you can just jump in.there and start working um you just that.the challenge is thinking so that it.becomes a realistic answer next slide.the Scout will say to this question how.many people what is what proximately is.pardon me the Scout is asked how many.people are going to work on it and he's.going to stand there and say I'm going.to stand in front of my troop and get.and make announcements and we're going.to have trip leaders and my friends and.so on and so forth that may not be a.good answer that may be far too many.people they may not have the right.skills and it might this there's no.sense in making working on a project the.bad experience for those other people.again where is the skype going to.recruit people well workbook has some.suggestions but you need to temper that.with the availability of actually.getting people at the time that the.workbook would seem to indicate and in.the conditions that the workbook assumes.are true and scouts are asked what will.be the leadership challenge a lot of.them would say maintaining control or.finding making sure that people stay on.track those are good answers but they're.incomplete in the sense that if you have.work for people to do then maintaining.control over them is far easier what the.Scout is telling you right there though.is that he hasn't also looked at the.final plan because the final plan asks.him to lay that out in great detail and.so can he was asked read the whole.workbook so you're getting a peek into.his mindset when you see his answer to.that what will be the leadership.challenge question next slide please.there are three boxes that ask for.material supplies and tools and scouts.are really asked to tell the types of.kinds of things that they will need and.some scouts have great difficulty in.saying anything other than a really.finite list of specific items first of.all there's space for that list of.specific items in the final plan and.secondly it's you know useful to try and.get the Scout to realize he can.categorize things into groups and still.make sense so we have some suggestions.there and undoubtedly you can come up.with others but.a next slide please the section on.permits and permissions had notes in the.2012 version and those notes were.meaningful they they said that permits.should be handled by the benefiting.organization and there's a reason for.that those are legal agreements okay.when you're dealing with schools you.want to make sure that that benefiting.organization representative really has.the authority to approve it schools and.youth youth outdoor activities all right.I'm going to deal with the soccer league.and the soccer league has permission to.use a field which is owned by the town.which in turn is normally under the.control of the town's outdoor activities.chairperson or park person or whatever.you call them and until you get to the.town board or the town supervisor and.feel you have a strong clearance are you.really good to go you've got an approval.from the school superintendent will.pardon me the principal but does the.superintendent of schools or even the.Board of Education need to be involved.in this it's not like you need to obsess.over this but the question should be.asked just because and this is in here.because we have seen situations where.people thought they had the right.approval and all of a sudden they found.that no the people who thought they.could say yes really didn't have the.authority and the scouts project went.right out the window.all right there is a section for a.preliminary cost estimate and the idea.was to put down all your cross even if.you expected things to be donated you.could define you there's nothing that.says you can include a separate piece of.paper in this area if you want to and.say here's what's being donated and so.here's my my net cost that I would have.to actually do some fundraising for.because the preliminary cost estimate.asks where are you going to hit the.money from which is a confusing question.if most of the things are being donated.all right but it's it's actually.somewhat better laid out in the 2014.version the next set of information the.Scout is asked to provide its project.phases there are some guidelines there.in the workbook and it's a matter of.getting the Scout to see how he's going.to approach getting the work done this.will be refined in the final plan but.it's not just get approval due to work.go home there's more to it than that and.he needs to appreciate that next slide.please they asked how are the materials.and the people and so on going to get to.the job site there are situations where.Scouts are talking about really.stressing the carrying capacity of dad's.truck we're scouts are possibly.unrealistic you know pops going to take.care of it or something is that the.attitude they are responsible for this.project they should think their way.through the.safety issues there are a whole lot of.safety issues it's there is a guide the.safe scouting which has a tool use a set.of information you'll see reference to.that later in this presentation but it's.not just for all of our tools there are.as it says dustin vapors and chemicals.and there's particularly in this area.there's a real tick problem around here.and you need to make sure your Scouts.understand how to protect themselves.against the tick bites and how to have.themselves inspected to make sure that.they haven't displayed any protection.measures they have taken been bitten by.a tick further planning the last box to.be filled in says what is what are you.going to have to do in order to go.forward if you would okay and some of.that might very well mean what does the.scout have to learn in order to go on.and this is a place again where an.experienced adult as a project coach is.a really strong resource for your scalp.technically if you read the guide to.advancement it really would say that the.project coach's job starts with the.final planning but there are parts of.the proposal where the project coach can.be a help and it would be you'd be.well-advised to have your scout deal.with the right project coach in doing is.further planning next slide please once.this down.has developed his proposal the unit.needs to look at it and say can we do.this and it needs to look at these five.tests that are reference which asks.whether this project will be able to.meet the goals that scouting sets for an.eagle project in other words that it.will give him ample opportunity for.leadership and is it feasible scout who.comes to me in November and as I have a.landscaping project is not presenting me.with a feasible project the home.improvement centers and landscaping.places have stopped selling the things.he talks about planting in December a.month or two before and the ground will.be first and you know and he's turning.18 in the early spring and yet this is.what has finally come to the district.and you save yourself why this isn't.reasonable it isn't feasible again as.the scout address the safety issues that.he might be faced with and okay if I.think what we said on the slide is is.you know a good set of thoughts the idea.that the workbook will be a training.tool for how he conducts himself in.later life is a very true statement next.slide please project code.is identified by his unit leaders.although sometimes the Scout wants to.pick who the project coaches but the.unit we should be thinking about what.project coach will be the best.experience for this Scout as opposed to.this is a buddy and you know he'll he'll.eat just will feel comfortable with him.no that's not the coach's job.necessarily he's a teacher he's guide.he's a can be a technical advisor and.the idea is to get the scout ready to.take on leadership of this project and.have confidence in himself the coach is.expected to make comments at the end of.the final plan and that should not be.overlooked because the board is Eagle.border review should be looking at those.comments and seeing how this doubt.approached his project how we got.through it money when they're reading.the report but propose the project.report that the start will bring to his.worker review next slide please I hate.to put us in the position of saying.we're here to help that has a lot of.negative implications at times but we.are the the council your districts have.the people you saw are identified.upfront and who you should be meeting at.round tables and so on to give you.advice and please don't hesitate to ask.that's really what we're here to help do.that's doubt and the benefiting.organization and the unit leadership all.need to sign the proposal and there are.statements by their signatures and those.signatures indicate that they accept the.responsibilities that those statements.contain small change that shows up in.the 2014 version is that not only do.they sign they have to print their names.you know who they are the but these.approvals on not trivial okay the Scout.may think that he can get them done in a.hurry the Scout is going to come along.and say mr. Jones I need your signature.uh-huh that's not really what's at stake.here that's not really what the process.is right here the person he's talking to.should read what he has written and.necessarily care it apart but make sure.that but we didn't read it with a.question in their own mind does this.make sense to me does this look like the.Scout can carry this out can improve.this in his final plan whatever question.you want to put in your mind okay and.once you're satisfied with it then sign.it it's it shouldn't be a rubber stamp.here in hudson valley council we want to.have the project proposal get to the.district advancement committee for its.review the course of geography and so on.things are handled different from.different pardon me from district to.district but at any rate your district.people will be able to tell you what.comes next and so you'll improve the.district approval process with their.help next slide please.rather than having a group people sit in.a room and look at the proposal for the.first time these proposals are commonly.reviewed in advance and some queries or.comments are sent to this together.before he comes to formal district level.review they'll call that a pre review.it's not a an endless series of round.and round no it's a one-time thing the.proposal gets submitted for pre review.the pre review results go back to the.scout and he then as an opportunity to.make these changes before he comes to.the district for a couple of scouters to.conduct that district level review there.are council and district procedures for.that there's references to that at the.end of the presentation again we're.looking not to have an amazing amount of.detail and as we're looking to see.whether the people reading it get a.reasonably warm feeling if you would.that this Scout is ready to go ahead.that he's ready to give this project the.leadership that it takes leadership will.require knowledge of what he's trying to.do and if it just seems like he's not.really in control of his own project.then he's in trouble and this is a time.when the district and for that matter.his unit leaders should be saying no if.they feel they absolutely must quite.frankly the experience has been that.most unit leaders do a good job and so.the district does not in fact find.itself saying no the vast majority of.the time this is.a situation where you're faced with a.super demanding district leadership.don't let the Scout get that notion in.his head but rather let the Scout.understand that his efforts are going to.be appreciated and he'll be encouraged.okay next slide please there are times.when Scout needs a what's called a tour.and activity plan there are times when.he may need a fundraising application.the district will give advice on that.may be questions in troop leadership.mind as to whether that is needed.there'll be information later in this.presentation that deals with that the.project as it says can only go forward.after the proposal has been approved by.the district in other words the Scout is.not the start on the project he's not.Despard on his fundraising he's not to.start to do anything except to get the.district approval done before he goes.ahead you'll see that time and again in.the literature that the 2014 workbook.emphasizes that repeatedly the Scout.when he does get to the district for.review his proposal signature page will.have the district signature added to it.and he keeps that becomes part of his.completed workbook if the Scout needs to.make changes afterward because usually.because the beneficiary decides to.change the scope of things then that.certainly needs to be discussed with.unit leadership and.may even require coming back for.district review basically what we're.saying here is the Scout has engaged in.pseudo contract with this with you and.and with the beneficiary and you know.it's nice that the beneficiary saw that.Scout really did a good job on the front.lawn and now they want it done on the.back lawn too but that's not that's not.what this project is about the Scout was.supposed to do a certain amount of work.and so there can't be changes that.significantly change the scope of what's.going on without having the approving.leadership at all levels to possibly.involved with it there is a as I say a.scout process document it's on our.website and there's the link to it this.will help walk the scalp and view.through em going through the whole Eagle.Scout procedure next slide please need.for a tour and activity plan the most.obvious need is if the step is going to.do a project outside of hudson valley.council a lot of times this comes along.when the scout is on the borders of the.council scout in northern orange county.might want to work in just across the.line in southern oster county there are.school districts in northern Dutchess.County that their reach extends into.southern Columbia County because of the.small population in that area so the.Scout attends troop meetings where he.goes to school and he.may even find that his parents shop and.family goes to church in Duchess County.but he might in fact live a few miles.outside of Dutchess County and he might.very well turn to the service.organization or you know a qualified.benefiting organization in it that's.over the line and so his project is.going to be in that kind of voice and.he'll need a permit to have everybody go.outside the county bound but keep the.council boundaries to to work there the.other time when we've seen it is if the.motor transportation might involve.something more than private.transportation and it the idea is that.the tour and activity plan is a.permission which says scouting.understands that something is going on.it's better to have it then not have it.if you do require a a plan there's a.paper form and that is a good bit more.flexible than the online form just.because the online form is oriented.towards a group going to camp or Cub.Scout Pack going to a museum or other.things like that okay that the paper.form is better and if it's needed you.send it in to the council office and it.when it is approved you keep that.approval and put it into your final.report next slide please okay.time for me to get off Dave this is what.it looks like in the differences between.the two 2012 and 2014 versions but okay.it's time to turn it over to Dave Ridge.okay thanks Peter can we go to the next.slide down so we're going to run through.the remaining sections of the workbook.the next one being the final plan in as.a says here the plan is actually good.tool you could argue that it's actually.not required that they complete this.particular plan as the tool they may use.but requirement of eagle project is that.they show a sufficient amount of.planning and organization and BSA his it.feels that this format was an.appropriate tool for the Scout to use to.guide him through that planning process.it elaborates on the details that were.referenced in the proposal young people.are pretty good at penalty at point a.and point B and trying to find a.straight line between those two points.without thinking about all the details.and all the pitfalls in between and this.plan is where they could avoid some of.those pitfalls working coach can put a.plan on paper that will increase the.likelihood of the project being.successful it does not get approved it.doesn't get signed but we will talk.about which should come back as a final.workbook at the time of the board of.review I certainly should be shared with.the project coach the coach should be.integral and working through the details.of the plan with scout and certainly it.should be shared with the beneficiary so.that it's clear to the beneficiary that.they're getting what they expect out of.the project okay next slide.okay um so again impress upon the scalp.that time spent out front working out a.good plan will reward him in the end so.the more detail he can work through in.the plan the more those pitfalls you can.identify and circumvent the more.smoothly it will go in as Peter.mentioned earlier this this eagle.project in the process for going through.with the proposal the plan and even the.report is a great training ground for.scouts to learn how to develop proposals.and reports certainly almost all of them.and their adult lives will have to write.a proposal of some sort to a customer.who have sell an idea to a customer and.then ultimately have to report back and.the seagull process is an excellent.training tool for doing that again it's.not a one-shot deal it's going to be an.evolutionary process will be back and.forth the unit leadership with a.beneficiary with the coach till.everybody satisfied that the details.that are in that plan meet everybody's.expectations and certainly the adults in.the troupe have more experience that.doing this kind of thing especially.those from maybe contractors and do this.on a daily basis can offer a tremendous.run advice and stealth next slide I.think we skip one there we go now that's.that's very well not okay so as I.mentioned you know reinforce some.scallop it involve they don't have to.use this particular plan I think it's a.good plan it's one of the essay.recommends and I don't see any downside.to to using it at all so think through.all of the steps on material costs in.particular and in Peters is talked about.a lot of this this is where now you're.putting some details to the.cost estimate in the proposal you may be.in the you know one to two thousand.dollar range now we'd like to know in a.little more detail how much is this.project likely to cost taking into.account any donations you might be.getting so that as you formalize your.fundraising efforts you're not over.shooting or under shooting try to have a.staff be clear about expenses that he's.doing it for and materials or supplies.that may be donated it's not clear in.the workbook how you designate donated.materials versus purchase materials but.try to set up a system with the style so.that they keep that kind of bookkeeping.straight so that in the end if you add a.ten-thousand-dollar project five.thousand dollars worth of it is from.donated services it would be nice to be.clear about that point a lot of scouts.wed / trying to put a value around world.tools not required that's just needless.effort it tools are bored the world and.that's that's the end of that okay next.slide so the as I mentioned the.submission of the plan should be.submitted I think most districts will.accept that the plan will be submitted.for the final report because the the.expectation of the project overall is to.have an impact on the community and to.show leave that stout is demonstrated.and developed appropriate levels of.leadership so the work that's put into.the plan the amount of detail the amount.of thought process that when in the plan.is a critical step in first of all the.unit leadership and then it's it.straight leadership assessing whether.those two criteria have really been met.and so the encourage them to.used the plan and put it into the final.workbook when they submit it for their.jizz reporter review next slide okay if.there are cases where a project may be.funded by certain sources and that does.not require a fundraising application.mainly in this is all in the workbook if.it comes from the candidate evil.candidate his parents relatives the unit.chartered organization or the parents or.the members of the unit or the.beneficiary you do not need a.fundraising application some of your.funds may come from those sources other.funds may not you still would need a.fundraising application for the sources.that are not included in that list of.exemptions on a personal note and I.think each unit should probably grapple.with their philosophy on sources of.fundraising personally I think that.because the eagle project has a.significant leadership component that.asks you mom or dad to write a check for.the project probably is not the best way.of showing good leadership similarly.going back to the unit and asking for.money when you're asking the unit for.volunteer labor will probably wear.pretty thin pretty quickly especially if.you may have two or three or four Eagles.a year coming through that unit so each.unit leadership should decide how they.want to handle that on a district level.we cannot forbid it but again me we will.leave it to the unit to try to manage.that as they see fit fun should only be.raised to complete the projects based on.the estimate in the plan and you want to.try to come as close as you can to that.estimate so they don't have a lot of.extra room you not have a shortfall.um you should not be raising a lot of.extra money as a donation to the.beneficiary that's that's not.appropriate each council can decide how.they want to handle fundraising approval.and the hudson valley council projects.of a lu greater than or equal to five.hundred dollars goes to the council for.approval and peter is mentioned that our.council to decide of the projects of the.value under five hundred dollars can.actually be approved at the district.level and at the district review the.process for doing that will be be.described provided to them in the.application either way which should be.inclusion of the project proposal so.it's clear what the project is all about.and it lists with the prospective donors.that you want to go after doesn't have.to be absolutely accurate or complete.but you should have a list of potential.donors if it's a number of businesses.that are you going to approach five.businesses or 50 businesses that.approval process will take some time so.you need to make sure the spout.understands that that has to be built.into the process and again the approval.with fundraising application in whatever.form that might take sometimes it takes.the form of just an email back and forth.between the scout and the approver.should be included in the report just on.a side note to while two Scouts cannot.share an eagle service project they can.in fact share a eagle fundraising.activity so if the car washed for.example to Eagle candidates can get.together for that tend the fundraising.next slide and.fundraising application there are three.beneficiaries that through the three.signatures that are required the.beneficiary needs to sign at the unit.leadership and the council again read.and get comfortable with that navigation.slide the Peter mentions it's now part.of the current workbook and make sure.everybody understands that fundraising.is done not on the behalf of the Boy.Scouts but on behalf of the sponsor that.you're doing the project for so units.may handle the money in different ways.but if anybody wants to receipt for the.funds that they've donated that received.needs to come from the beneficiary of.the project map from the Boy Scouts of.America there's a number of ways of.handling that you can have a ready-made.fill in the blanks member receipt or.there may be some other ways that your.troop chooses to handle that okay next.slide so the last section is the project.report we can go on to the next slide.this is actually the final report that.talks about on the project meant in the.new version amount two days ago they've.added a couple of new sections in the.beginning that it has scout actually to.repeat a description of the project.which really is somewhat redundant I.guess if you include the project.proposal it was originally approved in.the workbook but nonetheless there's a a.field for adding a brief project.description and then a field that asks.for what you did after approval of the.project plan so it's trying to get some.insight into how the mist out approached.planning process there should be a.summary of the time that was involved.not in unnecessary detail but it gives.the border review a look at how many.scouts on the scouts friends how many.adult.were involved in the process and it.helps to kind of shape a view of how the.Scout approach to getting his resources.to complete the project again a funding.summary should be provided shows the.extent of the donors that were were.solicited and then there's space for a.few key photos there's not an unlimited.amount of space there and often if.there's a half a dozen photos a few.before few after photos that's all.that's required if you if the spell.wants to bring in a of an appendix of.photo showing scouts it works doubts in.action that's fine but they don't need.to be included in the report and then.the signatures at the end of report.indicates that the sponsor is satisfied.that the project was completed to their.specifications as provided in the.proposal and in the plan that was done.to the satisfaction of the unit.leadership and and the in the scout.signifies that they completed the plan.in accord with a proposal as well okay I.think we can go on to the next slide.again the the key thing about the.project is that the Scout shows an.appropriate level of leadership in.conducting the projects it's not just.getting a service completed to the.community but that the scholarship would.leadership so if unit leaders.participate in the project they can see.how that leadership process is going you.may want to take note of the parents.step in and take control did the coach.take control or some other unit leader.take control and if you see that.happening you want to make sure that you.encourage the Scout you guide the Scout.to understand that the project is theirs.to lead and not someone else is.certainly.sources can be helpful but can't defer.that leadership activity to someone else.again read values of advancement about.the impact to the community and you know.in addition to just the leadership did.the scouts show appropriate planning and.organization and development of the.project and here is where the inclusion.of the final plan in a final workbook is.helpful in making that assessment hip.and always during the course of the.project some changes are made if they're.considered to be fairly trivial that can.be discussed with the unit leadership or.with coach make sure that any changes.are approved by the beneficiary but if.it's a substantial change from what was.approved by the district' certainly.consider circling back one way or the.other with the district review committee.to make them aware of changes of that.sport okay next slide okay again in line.with this family that was made about.this being an excellent training.opportunity for scallops as they move.into adulthood make sure that they do.focus on quality we see quite a.difference of quality documents to come.in in the file workbook form slot summer.are fairly sloppy not carefully reviewed.it's it's doubtful that some of them.were reviewed very carefully by adult.leadership so work with the scout and.make sure that this making bid three the.workbook makes a proper presentation and.makes a quality presentation and.impressive presentation this will serve.them well in their adult life whether.it's spelling use of good grammar or.just other.quality factors make sure they pay some.some attention to that if for any reason.the beneficiary or the unit leadership.decides that they don't want to sign off.on the project there are procedures in.the guy who advancement that address.those scenarios so again make sure.you've all got that guy to advancement.available reception as appropriate on.Eagle projects and if that particular.kind of a situation comes up you need to.be clear on what the processes are and.how to advise the spell moving forward.okay next slide so in wrap up I don't.want to preach to the choir here I think.probably everybody on this call.understands of their role is a unit.leader it is an awesome responsibility.but make sure that your especially if.you've gotten the scout to this point in.the program that you're giving them.appropriate levels of encouragement and.reinforcement in guidance on their path.to Eagle we find that most of the scouts.who are encountering problems with their.Eagle projects aren't getting.appropriate levels of leadership either.because the unit leadership is not.involved for in some cases they just.don't understand the process they're not.coming to roundtables not reading the.references that that are being given to.you here tonight do not reading.information this up on the web sites so.get familiar with all of that materials.so you can provide the proper level of.support to the scout and make sure that.you know as they go through this process.that they're getting good guidance.because they're always going to remember.their unit leadership you want to make.sure that that that memory that they.have is a positive one throughout their.lives next slide please so again if any.of you have any questions on the trail.to eagle process Peter and I are.available.at these email addresses also probably I.believe each district has annual trail.to Eagle roundtable presentations make.sure you take advantage of those and.there's a lot of material on either the.council or your district websites make.sure you know where to find that as well.then I think the last Buffalo pages are.just reference materials you can switch.to those yeah I believe all these are.current now there may be a few bullets.here the third and the fifth bullets.have links but actually those are.references on the hudson valley council.website if you look on the youth.development tab you will find those.particular process descriptions they're.very helpful as they're updated various.there refine that we updated on those.websites next page I think this is just.another listing of additional resource.materials that you should all keep your.fingertips and use them to help the.Scout as they move through the process.so that's the end of my pilot.presentation I think we've now covered.all parts of the workbook and I'll turn.it back to Don in kc has any questions.that need to be addressed you know.thanks Dave so I've been answering.questions as they being posted you know.just let me you know mention one of the.questions was about downloading the.workbook very one of the things that.they've done recently is they put up a.page and we'll make that link available.and that page is on the national website.and it provides sort of a couple of.bullets on the proper way of downloading.the workbook and gives you a choice of.using an apple mac version or a windows.pc version of the workbook so the boys.need to make sure that they are going to.get the other correct one and you know.the proper instructions are to download.the document to your computer save it.and then start working on it so those.are important instructions so we'll be.working on that son yes I might the link.up front is to this access that you're.talking about okay it's it's not.directly to the workbook if you're still.looking at slide 40 you notice it says.do not access directly right right okay.right so the link that i have on our.website on the advancement were a.website that says eagle project workbook.i am going to change that today that.will allow you to to grab the windows.version of the PDF but i will be.changing that so they get the the proper.screen all right let me just go through.real quickly some of the questions that.have come in if they're germane to the.the group i will read them and provide.the answer for the most part I think.most of these have been answered already.so will the presentation be available.the answer is yes we will be posting the.slide deck and we will also be trying to.provide a link that will be giving you a.Youtube version of this so that will.include the audio as well as the visuals.but the deck will be out there as well.if someone would like to share that.certainly the focus of this was for a.troop leadership advancement chairs.coaches however there's certainly.nothing wrong in sharing this material.with a scout.if that was you know something that you.wanted to do I know in some cases as.Dave was saying we have presentations at.round tables and in fact some districts.will also provide two different.presentations one to go to leadership.and one two Scouts yep got yourself.there right all right let's see what.else we have here okay Willa troop be.able to deny a scout from starting a.project when he only has a couple of.days / couple weeks before his 18th.birthday this topic actually was one.that we as a council have addressed and.you know these are difficult situations.as national calls them and typically.when we come up with this if we want to.go ahead check with counsel from Council.to national we have some of our contacts.so to answer the question is that their.approach is you we do not deny the.scallop to start a project even though.you may only have a couple of weeks.before is 18th birthday the key here is.that the project must be completed in.its entirety by the time the Scout is 18.so they cannot have any work progressing.further than their 18th birthday so that.that and of course that goes along with.the leadership in the troop the.participation in the troop merit badges.and you know any other requirements for.the rank of Eagle okay but you know you.know we should not be denying them to.start because you know if they want to.work 20 hours a day and get people to.help them then you know that's their way.of getting the project done but as Dave.mentioned earlier one of the things that.you need to be careful of is that that.this does not turn into a scout and his.parents.doing all the work for the project.because then the leadership component is.not being exhibited the way it's.expected not only the shovels in the.ground kind of activity needs to be.finished the paperwork needs to be done.as well i mean thats final report needs.to be prepared and signed off I mean to.have successfully completed requirement.five of Eagle Scout requirements the.project needs to be done and as that old.saying puts it it ain't over until the.paperwork's been handled yep all right.another question was a Kenneth Kao pay.for the entire project I mean with that.was addressed during the webinar so by.national standards they can but that's.really not what what we're looking for.again as a component you know they learn.from doing fundraising but again that.it's just something that that we look.for but you know we cannot demand that.that that doesn't take place on idle.rain rubles did someone have a comment.yeah done if I might the National.quickly is trying to encourage ways to.earn Eagle Scout rank without being.involved in mega cost projects they are.quite you know looking at the guide to.advancement they are quite happy with.simpler projects they are quite happy.with projects that are funded by the.beneficiary what they want to see is.that the Scout exerted the right amount.of leadership there's there's an inn you.know an eternal debate about whether if.you don't need to raise money for it.have you shown leadership and I'll say.that to a great extent I think national.the answer is yes.we're used to seeing fundraising bun but.on the other hand there are scouts who.are approached by organizations that say.we want you to do this for us and we.have the money for it step doesn't even.have an opportunity to say no i'm going.to go raise money for it and it's you.know that it's just that way so you got.to play the game the way the ball wins.it's it's just that way yep I mean you.know personally you know working with.Scouts of my own unit down here Rockland.you know if my philosophy is you know.yes the beneficiary may offer to pick up.the tab for it but you know to show.goodwill and leadership capabilities you.know any fundraising that could be done.to reduce their costs would certainly be.beneficial to them so and I leave it I'd.leave it at that okay another question.was does there need to be a final.approval before they can start the.project and again I think that was.mentioned during tonight's presentation.that once the district approves the.project proposal that the that is really.the last signature that's necessary the.final plan portion of the document is.recommended and is sort of what I'll.call an internal document right used by.the scout and the project coach to move.the plan forward and make sure they have.all their ducks in a row but there's no.other signature required from the.district or the council on that portion.of the packet done let me add a thought.there the basic requirement for number.five the to do a project says plan.develop and give leadership to others.and then they have a bunch of other.words the plan part of it national says.is being.taken care of by the proposal idea the.developing of it turning it into.something can walk and talk and you know.book successful that's look it's handled.up front in the file plan but that's.Nationals way of saying do this kind of.stuff and then you'll be able to show.your border review that you actually did.develop this proposal into something.that can stand on its own two feet well.what if the Scout doesn't want to use.risk outings final plan okay he doesn't.have to but he still has the burden of.proof so that's where the board of.review in this system that has been in.place so to speak since the 2011.workbook first came out is saying hey.it's the the Eagle boards need to be.hard-nosed about approving someone for.Eagle if they don't have proof that they.actually did develop this idea into.something that could be accomplished it.wasn't just okay we got approval let's.go buy the stuff and get down to the.slate and make it all happen and that.you know I'm sorry that's dead on.Saturday afternoon trying to make mom.happy with replacing the rotting back.porch or something okay that's not.necessarily what scouting is talking to.whether it's not what scouting starting.to Eagle candidates about doing and so.there's there's a difference do many.eagle board say no I would think not but.then again we're asking the Scout to.show proof and that's that's really the.the whole arena that we're in.I do done another question was is there.a timeline in the proposal section right.I think the purpose of the section.called project phases again is to you.know get the Scout to you know logically.think out the different pieces of it the.final plan also has a list of project.phases in here there is not to my.knowledge a specific section called.timeline although you know certainly.something like that should be developed.sitting along with the beneficiary and.the end the coach because you know a.project that you know you might want to.work on once a week or every day right.how long is it really going to take to.complete it will all depend upon you.know your ability to get resources and.the ability of the beneficiary to allow.work the comments on the days that that.that the boys want to work on so time if.I could just add a comment on media.project phase topic which is both in the.proposal and in the plan many of the.scouts we see think to specifically in.that regard about project activities.than that project phases and they talk.about big list things like we're going.to dig holes we're going to put sonic.tubes in then we're going to fill in the.cement and then we're going to the bench.is in place those aren't project phases.those are project activities so you know.stop the kiss of death on a proposal but.we're trying to get them to think in.terms of phases tastes or things like.the planning phase scheduling phase of.site preparation construction phase a.site cleanup phase a fundraising phase.things like add more general terms and I.think this is part of a train.in process that we should help the boys.go through is different way from.thinking always in specifics and think a.little bit more in compartments yep.definitely definitely all right there.was a question of what is the order of.approvals so essentially the signature.pages for the proposal show of for.basically four boxes right so you have.your beneficiary your unit leader unit.committee and then the counselor.district approval in the hudson valley.council we don't do council approvals we.do district approvals so typically the.scout is going to work with his project.coach to develop and get to the point.where the proposal is in reasonably good.shape and then typically the beneficiary.in the unit leader will sign these.documents and then the scout goes.forward and makes an appointment with.the unit committee to make a.presentation and obtain the unit.committee approval following that and.you know they we have a document as.referenced in tonight's webinar that.talks about how does the scout get on to.the district presentation for you know.getting is a project that reviewed and.approved at the district level so that.that's typically the order in which.these things get approved and again.that's for the proposal right the the.other signature page is at the end in.the final project report and again there.is the the scout assigning it that that.he's done his beef the beneficiary.assigning it in the unit leader.assigning it so I don't think there's a.criticality to which one comes first.because both signatures are going to be.required for the final bordering you can.get fooled any other comments from I.think from a unit perspective I would.want to see that the beneficiary is.satisfied with the project where's the.proposal or the final before I would.sign off on it as a unit leader so you.know it's to meet your customers.expectations before you can really give.it your blessing there's nothing wrong.so to speak with saying aids let's have.a meeting okay I mean this could all be.done at one signing session where you.have the innovator in the unit committee.leader and the beneficiary sitting there.saying yes we're all happy and putting.signatures on paper yeah even better.okay oh it's funny you look in the new.workbook it says unit leader approval on.the left-hand side unit committee.approval on the right hand side they're.side by side with one another and then.underneath that it says beneficiary and.then finally over on the lower right it.says council or district and as an.asterisk and it says while it makes.sense to obtain approvals in the order.they appear well the order they appear.in is kind of fade and and so yeah.follow some logic here and again the.Scout shouldn't be running up to.somebody just saying I need your.signature no he needs to have them turn.on brain review material agree with it.think that it's in his own best interest.the church best interest and the scouts.best interest and then sign his name or.her name it shouldn't you know steps are.in a hurry I mean they've been in a.hurry for a long time but okay where you.said one other.if I come back I'm talking about.leadership in the the books prop the.scouts talk about leadership really.almost in a way of how do the show.leadership to actually execute the.project and I try to impress upon.Strauss AFER's a lot of leadership that.they need to show and I'm sure they have.shown apart from digging the holes and.pouring the concrete there's leadership.in terms of conceptualizing project and.maybe selling it to the beneficiary and.then developing fundraising plans and.going out and doing the fundraising and.then there's execution of the project.but then there's project approvals and.and there's report lighting and there's.there's leadership aspects throughout.the whole thing from day one until the.very last day and I'll have to get the.scouts thinking in those terms rather.than just talking about how they.organize their volunteers to dig holes.in pour concrete okay thanks Steve.really see what else we have here are.there rules around getting donated.materials so if for those that that need.to obtain donations and typically if you.read the project fundraising application.you'll see that basically it talks about.what your limitations are as far as.doing Eagle Scout project the.fundraising it's not the same as a unit.doing a fundraiser all right so be sure.to read the back page of that form but.typically the the scouts will write a.letter explaining in a paragraph or two.both their project is and what materials.that they're looking to have going.needed and going to a place of business.if they are going to do that even if the.materials are donated the cost of such.still gets included in the total cost of.the project and when submit their.fundraising application one of the.things that I'm constantly going back at.the boys is you know you're telling me.you're writing a letter and gun going to.ask for donations but you're not.explaining to me who you're going to ask.and that is a requirement of the.fundraising application so sometimes.they I guess they don't read the small.print but basically you know any.organization can be asked for donations.and if they donate obviously you know.that needs to be kept as part of their.final report as well any other comments.from you guys oh that's fine okay all.right I mean seeing the donations target.it to appropriate sources is good I had.a scout come along saying oh I have.access to the mailing list of the Rotary.Club oh so you're going to go to the.mechanics and the hairdresser's and the.printing service in town and ask for.money for you know as opposed to going.to the building supply places and the.plumbing supply places for your kind of.project the problem with that is that.scouting tries to raise money from the.general community in the community.friends is doubting campaigns and so you.don't want to find the Scout is poison.that well if you would buy so that when.someone representing the friends is.gauteng campaign shows up and says would.you please donate they say oh I gave to.the Eagle Scout project a few weeks ago.okay but where they go for their money.should should have some relationship to.what they're doing and it's a good rule.of thumb all right let me see some.people have started to to drop off here.here write a question about the project.proposal was just approved should they.go back and use the current workbook so.you know our I think our suggestion.early on in the webinar was to basically.when you fill out the final plan and and.then go forward with the final report to.switch over you know if possible to the.new workbook use the new capabilities.they have a tweak did a bit and made it.a little bit better than the old version.so it's possible that would either.that's the approach somebody asked if we.could go back one page to the links so.I've just bounced up the page but again.you know this presentation will be.posted so people will be able to.download a pdf version of this and be.able to affront it if they wanted to or.reference these links without without a.problem okay let's see could a.fundraiser be a concert to benefit the.project I mean I've seen spaghetti.dinners pancake breakfast and you know.those types of things so I don't see any.reason why that that couldn't be you.know done obviously assuming that people.that are buying tickets to it are very.clear that no this is where the money is.going right to to the beneficiary for.the purpose of writing XYZ there should.be no issues with and we had a proposal.recently down of a scale wanted to do a.concert has a fundraising for it a.charitable gift obviously that is not.appropriate the concert raise money to.conduct another kind of a project is.fine but not to donate it to a charity.yep training the roof upfront exactly.exactly on the other hand concerts a lot.more novel in a car wash hey that's.right i mean if you got the talent you.use it hey sure let's see could a.project coach be your parent i mean.certainly there's no rules that say that.that's not permitted although typically.you know.we try to teach the boys is to you know.learn and grow in their ability to work.with other adults and typically project.coaches are as again stated earlier.tonight typically someone that is.knowledgeable about the Eagle process.and if the particular project requires a.carpenter or mechanical drawings or you.know sing along those lines where.there's someone in the troop or even a.friend of the scouts or scouts family.that you know has that level of.expertise and he or she would be willing.to work as a project coached that would.be great but there is no requirement.that says that they that a parent could.not be or cannot be the project coach.Don I believe it also says that the.coach must be a registered Scouter now.that doesn't exclude parents but if the.parent it's not a registered Scouter.that that itself might exclude them now.Dave I don't think you have to be.registered together but I know I wrote.that recently but I'm not a hundred.percent true in them in the merit badge.program we've been encouraging this code.is coming in on his 21 merit badge is.probably to go outside of the locals to.go out there and talk to other people.it's one of those purposes of the merit.badge program and it's the same sort of.thing here with the with the project.coach you need somebody that can tell.you know you need somebody that's going.to give you an independent opinion you.know dad has to think about what what's.going to happen tomorrow if I tell them.no tonight and so I'm staring down the.found the clarification on this okay.okay.on page six of the new workbook talks is.a couple of paragraphs about the project.coaches and and it says it's up to the.council to determine who may serve as a.coach and how they may be assigned or.otherwise provided that's something that.we as a council do not provide coaches.as we do merit badge counselors but it.does say coaches must be registered with.the BSA in any position and be current.in youth protection training may come.from the youth district or council level.so dave was actually correct on that one.bridge so but I guess we have not really.published any guidelines specifically.about this so I guess the point here is.that we probably do that and make sure.that everyone understands about that so.so that's a that's a good good good.question that came up from the person.that submitted it and we will work on.clarifying that in or documentation I.think we're at the end of the questions.at this point so you know on behalf of.the council again for those that are.still on the phone there's close to 30.folks thanks for hanging the extra you.know 35 40 minutes hopefully it was.beneficial if anyone would like to send.any feedback positive or negative you.know we're always looking for feedback.certainly you can send an email to.advancement at Hudson Valley scouting.org that will you know come to me and.then I can you know get it to Dave or.Peter we tend to tweak these.presentations from time to time and use.them several times over the year so if.anyone has any suggestions or comments.so we we certainly would welcome that.and again thanks to Peter and Dave I.know Kris Hopkins is out there somewhere.you know thanks everybody for assisting.and.we will be announcing another one of.these later on but again you know any.questions or comments so feel free to.send by email thanks very much have a.good evening figured on guitar hi hi.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Eagle Scout Project Workbook in Chrome

Chrome is probably the most welcome browser recently, and it's no wonder. It has all the features, integrations and extensions you can demand. It's extremely useful to have all the tools you use available, due to the browser extensions.

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Eagle Scout Project Workbook FAQs

Check the below common queries about Eagle Scout Project Workbook . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

Need help? Contact support

How do I ask for donations for my Eagle Scout Project?

A2A - From a 3 time Eagle mentor (1 of which was my son) and the father of 3 Eagle scouts Uncle to one and brother to 2 more - this is really going to depend on the amount that you need to raise and the nature of your project and what council you are in. I’m and ASM and my primary position in the troop now (since my boys have aged out) is assisting with the crossovers and their scout skills and the Life Scouts and - pardon the graphic description - putting a cattle prod up their spinter valve to get their Eagle. Many this means working with their project ideas and getting them to the point wher Continue Reading

Is it possible to carry out an Eagle Scout project in 3 months?

It is possible but it takes some coordinating with numerous people who may or may not be able to fast track things. I was on a tight timeline for my Eagle project at 8 months. Specifically it took quite a long time to get all the right paperwork in, as well as getting the project approved. In my council we have had problems in the past with people doing lazy projects that just raise money and donate to a charity. I’d advise allowing a year for the end stages of getting Eagle.

How does being an Eagle Scout help out while being in the military?

An Eagle Scout rank matters a lot. My son was a Sophomore in engrg & interned for a leading company on the West Coast. During his exit interview, he found out his Lead engr & his manager are Eagles & both selected my son from the hundreds of intern applications because son is an Eagle.

Is it a requirement to have only one signature form in an eagle scout project?

Not at all! The paperwork for the project has to have several signatures. The person who the project is for, his or her signature. The Scoutmaster’s or Eagle Coach’s approval at the Troop level. Board of Review’s signature (usually 3 people on that Board of Review).

What’s a good way to fundraise money for a boy scout eagle project over the summer?

Ask other recent Eagles what worked for them. Find a Panera/Jake’s Wayback/BWW - and do one with them. Be sure to reference the point of the project in everything - It’s not for Scouts, it’s for the good of the community.

What are some of the best tips to prepare for an Eagle Scout project?

There are two paramount considerations that should be on the mind of every Eagle candidate throughout their leadership service project. It’s about leadership. How will I lead my team? Who are they likely to be? It’s about service. Who will we (it’s a team!) be serving? How will the things we do serve others? Both my predecessor and I, as Scoutmasters, shared a habit on project day. We showed up, and when the candidate reached out to us the response was often, “Today I’m here as unskilled labor. Put me to work.” If you know where and how you can put me—or anyone else—to work when the day comes, you Continue Reading

What are some good ways to raise money for an eagle scout project?

My son built a 4-stall barn for a horse therapy ranch. Construction took a summer. Design, stress analysis, fundraising and the like took a couple of years. Total cost: about $20k. Some materials, and work that required specific skills (e.g., roof) were donated. (Scouts should not be twenty feet in the air with power tools.) Much of the cash required came as a result of presentations to the adults at our troop's sponsoring organization (a local church) and the church my son and I attended. Our pastor matched some of the money raised out of a special fund, from past bequests. Be sure and track d Continue Reading

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