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The Implementation Guide for Spad Data Collection Form Rt3119b Railway Undertakings

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Discover How to Fill Out the Spad Data Collection Form Rt3119b Railway Undertakings

[Music].coming up in this episode of train talk.managing the challenge of yellow signals.to prevent spats you tell us how yellow.is going to be a top of on the Alex of.warning automatically to you and that.warnings on Motown yet that the next C.will be able to stop procedure red well.anytime there's a yellow signal it's the.primary focus it's time to concentrate.on the signals and not be distracted by.anything we take a brief look at the.sending device on siemens trains and.keeping the focus on safety critical.communication we provide some helpful.reminders welcome to the program.everyone an to our guest presenter Mick.Burns Paul it's great to be here for.such an important episode and make our.first story is one that's fundamental to.the job that's right starting on yellow.signals or for that matter traveling on.them to test all of us on a daily basis.and we have to be alert to prevent.spencer's well let's briefly hear from a.couple of drivers now before we come.back for a bit more discussion well if.you're starting on a yellow signal you.need to be aware that the next signal is.at the stop position so that's probably.the most important thing to think that.you may have to stop at a very short.distance after you have to pardon we're.not facing a yellow it's a warning.signal to me and I'm prepared that the.next signal will be at stop and I take.action defensive driving action that I.don't get caught by the next signal.being at stop well the first thing to.think of when I say yellow signal is.where is the next signal and keep that.in mind as to how far I've got before.the next one whether I need to start.slowing down at that point or just coast.from there slow down at her but I'm.going to be closer to the signal as far.as running on a yellow signal is.concerned depending on the location.which thrive as a trained in all.locations and the network it indicates.that the next signal will be at the stop.position anywhere there was yellow you.always going to be quite weary where to.be a long section of short session and.that's where it comes in you're out.knowledge know where your signals are at.but you may have a presume they have a.yellow one here and just around the.corner you could have it on red and.that's just a short section so you got.to make sure you're not gonna be.increasing your speed.unnecessarily didn't try and bring the.brakes on heavy and stop at next week's.in and when it showed such a short.distance the biggest risk is pulling up.somewhere stopping at a station or an.obstruction or something and then.forgetting that you're on the yellow and.it's something you can't afford to do so.Paul it's vital that as drivers we work.on the basis that if you see a yellow.signal the next one is Audrina.so make no assumptions no treated as red.until you can confirm otherwise well we.caught up with human factors advisor.Ruben del amor to understand more about.the psychology and thinking around.yellow signals so let's hear his.thoughts now we've got green which means.proceeds you've got red which means stop.but yellow doesn't mean green in a way.that's that's probably the best way to.look at it the problem is I suppose if.you are used to seeing a number of.yellows you start to develop a place and.see but more of an expectation around.what that means we should be cautionary.of what it is that we're supposed to be.doing once you start getting habitually.involved and start looking at things.from a certain perspective if you have.that expectation quite often you'll end.up with a thing called a scotoma which.is almost like a blind spot you don't.actually physically attend to it the way.the brain works it will tend to shout.out information that it sees is not.relevant the next signal is that stop.and you haven't attended to it or you've.forgotten the exact meaning you're gonna.be in trouble when you come around the.corner it's repetition over and over and.over again what does yellow actually.means so if you're getting yellow yellow.yellow on and on and on and you're not.attending to it to actually ask the.question you know do I need to stop do I.need to you know change how I'm behaving.in relation to this you you are blind to.the fact because you have this.expectation if you start to develop.habits where maybe you ask questions of.yourself as you are driving then you're.prompting the brain.think of it from a different perspective.even though drivers deal with thousands.of yellow signals in any roster cycle.those comments do make you think long.and hard about how starting on a yellow.signal or running on them can lead to a.spat if you're not alert and Paul.there's still more to this story there.are a few signals around that go to.proceed as you approach them you can't.assume that's gonna have a name they.could easily stay at stop that's where.your route knowledge really comes into.play you have to remember where the.signals are and keep that in mind all.the time as soon as you see yellow.signal you've got to consider where is.the neck signal how far ahead is it and.be prepared to stop you could end up.going through a level crossing there's a.lot of signals especially on this line.protect level crossings.it is a warning to you bottom line it's.on it's a caution take your time do your.job safely and just be prepared to stop.at the next signal there's always a.potential to expect to occur if you're.not paying attention you've not done the.right thing.that's why you've got to read the signal.correctly and be nice short sections you.go to yellow you know the power on the.low knotch.knowing that the next signal will be at.red it's a short section so you'll be.able to bring your train to a complete.stop well before the signal itself if.you see quite a few in a row you can.just assume that something's moving in.front of you when it might be stopped so.there's the underlying thing is that.always yellow means the next one's.written if you're running on yellow ace.you've got it probably got a train ride.ahead of you so you have that big risk.of running into the back of another.train if you're not paying attention to.where the next signal is and not keeping.in mind that it's going to be at stop.there's a lot of areas where signal is.controlled in an automatic sense where.signals are controlled by track circuit.and the running of trains ahead and the.signals will go to proceed as the trains.in front we're but it's dependent on the.speed he's going and what he has in.front of him so again you can't assume.that your signal will be a proceed when.you're when you reach it a sped can.occur operational incident there give me.another train on the other side of that.signal there you just don't on being in.that situation you just gonna be really.a very low speed then obviously you know.there might be some congestion up ahead.so you know slow wave you might be doing.track speed you've been keeping a clear.eye on the scene was in front of you at.all times.yellow yeah that's one of the most.important ones regarding its pads itself.once you said a yellow just you got.changed where you're driving where.you're gonna approach next fix it or no.on your route knowledge and where the.signals are fixed at and just truth.great respect itself.keep concentrating and follow procedures.keep your hand on the brake or on the.controller ready to brake think of where.the next signal is consider that at all.times.and be prepared to stop don't assume.that it's going to be a proceeding it's.always an issue he's always going to be.concerned of what the signals are spline.- yeah cause you got to pay attention to.that and make sure you do the right.thing by the signal because each signal.itself shows your story or what's up.ahead and you got to read it correctly.so you really gotta concentrate very.very much on these signals and they're.our bread and butter Nick there's.certainly some food for thought there.that's right and we thank everyone who.helped with that important story and.we'll look at some specific signals and.areas of the network in our next episode.as we continue part two of our story.about yellow signals and how to manage.the risks.if you remember in our last episode.Grahame Arnold gave us a brief awareness.session on managing door faults on.Siemens trains should they ever arise.well.grayish back by popular demand with.another segment and this time he's.having a look at the Siemens sanding.equipment thanks Paul I'm just for your.benefit guys just a bit of a quick.run-through on the Sanders on the motor.car they've fitted on number two and.number three doors.have the sanding box with the sight.glass now sight glass is only used to.check to make sure the sand is dry the.level of sand in the boxes is totally.monitored by the unit itself we have a.red light on there which will come on if.the sand is low we have a white test.button when pressed.causes to Sanders to operate.there's also a red isolating which.is below number two door down underneath.turned across the pipe will cause the.Sanders not to operate but having had a.look at this guy's will head back up to.the driver's cab and we'll have a look.in there alright guys now we're up in.the cab we have two fault lights that.male roommate or one of two if the.sanding units fail first one is the.critical fault right now that will.illuminate if the brake control unit.goes defective or if the Wilson unit.becomes defective okay second fault we.can get is the maintenance fault light.that will illuminate if we get a problem.with the air supply to the sending unit.or if the sanding unit control module.becomes defective guys if we have a.problem with the air supply or the.electrical supplied to the Sanders we.will get the maintenance fault light.comes on and it will stay on until such.time as the Fox rectified or the traine.stabled another thing to remember is.that if we do get a problem with the.wheel slip units it will not affect any.other sanding units on the train just.that one.thank you everyone now that's just a.small overview of the sander operation.and of potential faults we can get.I hope has been of some benefit and.think you've back to you Paul and of.course there's handouts and training.material viable on this subject as we.all know and our thanks to Graham for.joining train talk again we all know how.important good communication is on the.job and what a difference it makes to.our safety and well-being that's right.make safety critical communication is.fundamental to running good railways.anywhere in the world and here at Metro.is no exception so let's look at some.key points which might help safety.critical communications it's one of the.most fundamental building blocks of a.great railway system a large body of.research and evidence around the world.points to a majority of accidents and.incidents on the railway actually.involving some form of miscommunication.as a factor typically we all know such.miscommunication errors can resolve in.spades or other operational safety risks.as the term safety critical.communication suggests a failure to.focus on effective communications.person-to-person either face-to-face or.by telephone or radio can be.catastrophic.even though like spades where no one.intentionally has one no one sets out to.communicate poorly so what can go wrong.well we can fail to communicate what we.might convey the wrong information or.maybe it's just incomplete in terms of.underlying problems with errors the.standout factor involves people making.incorrect assumptions about other.people's situations intentions and.knowledge also confusion over whether.the rules apply rather than simply not.knowing the rules this is much more than.simply radio communication protocols.it's everything from correct train.handovers to nonverbal communication as.well it's about recognizing the.potential for error asking for.clarification not making any assumptions.not ending a conversation without.absolute clarity of what's expected.that's because you're professionals.working in safety critical roles and.environments other factors that can.affect their ability.to communicate clearly and concisely.include when people forget especially.under pressure from high workload or.even stress people can't get into.contact they may be busy or there's a.technical or transmission problem people.miss here it could be noisy or there may.be distractions or language.misunderstandings people make.assumptions.remember start will follow the protocols.listen carefully.give relevant information confirm.understanding be accurate brief and.clear speak slower than normal spell.words that are unfamiliar or difficult.to pronounce say numbers individually.read back take time to reach.understanding protocols are put in place.to prevent slips of the tongue and.ensure that all critical information is.communicated effectively and is clearly.understood think about what you've just.seen and let us know if you have any.other thoughts on this story or anything.else you've seen in this episode that's.right make your ideas and input or what.may try and talk an effective tool for.drivers and we love to hear from you and.that's all we have time for but thanks.for watching and we'll see you out there.and until then stay safe and well and.good bye for now.[Music].

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