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I'm delighted to be here with you thismorning you know it's it's been a in areally long week of busy week and I wasthinking it's great it's Friday thangthang a union that it's friday that'swhat Ihave I min in this awkward period whereI have glasses that are transitionedpasses for distance and and reading andI haven't quite become accustomed tothem but I walked into a legion vago ofcourse remember today was recently and Ivisited 9 legions in my riding onRemembrance Day and I walked into theLegion and mount uniacke later in theafternoon and there were some people whohad been sitting there for a while Ithink there's four ladies sitting at atable they were ladies of a certain ageand they had been there for a certainperiod of time and I discerned thatbased on the fact that there were threeempty beer pitchers in front of them andwhen I walked over the table one of themsaid to me mr. Bryson I've never seenyou with your glasses on before she saidI hate them she said she said they lookterrible on youand if I didn't know what to say and shesaid take them off so I I took them offand she said without your glasses youlook 20 years younger I looked I riceand without my glasses you look 20 yearsyounger to just say in case offthere's about three years before anelection we'll see how I do in mountuniacke next time I I am delighted to behere with you today and I'm proud tohave the opportunity to work as closelyas I do with our public service I've hadabout almost 20 years now as a member ofparliament and two times as a as aminister and I am continued to beimpressed with the professionalism andthe dedication and the commitment of ourpublic servants and and what I what Ireflect on is that public servants youyou are drawn to public service and havebeen drawn to public service for thesame reasons that I am drawn to politicsand public service and that is to make adifference and we have the opportunitywe're privileged in many ways to havethe opportunity to make a difference inthe lives of Canadians on an ongoingbasis our public servants are dedicatedcitizens who ensure the safety of ourfood and consumer products provideweather forecasting to millions ofCanadians every day help us fightclimate change protect our environmentsafeguard our national security managerforests and Fisheries administer our taxlaws and benefits including our newCanada child benefit which will liftover 300,000 Canadian kids out ofpoverty they sleaze on PA de la funk theemployees of the of the public servicethere a positive change in our countryand the work they dois essential for the prosperity economicprosperity social and culturalprosperity of Canada the unions are alsoa positive force in this country they'vefought to get a lot of the benefits thatall Canadian workers take for grantedamong those are minimum wages thefive-day workweek parental leave as wellas health and safety regulations forworkers pips has been a strong advocateand champion for its members throughoutits history that goes back nearly ahundred years when the system works andwhen we have a fair and balancedapproach to labor relations Canadianworkers benefit and Canadian citizensbenefit that is why unions and employersmust be on an equal footing when itcomes to negotiating wages and otherimportant issues that make up our modernworkplace and that's why our governmentand our prime minister made a commitmentand are working to fulfill thatcommitment from the first day in officeto restore a culture of respect and goodfaith for our public service we move torepeal unfair anti-union laws forexamplewe've introduced legislation to repeal1the powers introduced in bill c59 which1would have allowed the government of1course to unilaterally impose a1short-term disability on the plan on the1public service without any negotiation1just unilaterally do it in a budget1implementation active fact we repealed1the last government bill c-377 and see1525 we've restored fairness and balance1to our Canada's labor system broadly not1just within our labor relations with the1public service but broadly salade de1menthe note and demonstrates our1undertaking to reestablish a culture of1respect towards the public service and I1can I can assure you that this is not1the empty words we are ready to follow1up to with concrete measures coverage to1evidence-based decision-making and1scientific discovery I was pleased last1week to participate in the launch of our11.5 billion dollar national oceans1protection plan with this plan we're1creating a world leading marine safety1system that is built on Canadian science1and community engagement including1partnership with indigenous peoples we1have taken steps to ensure the1government scientists are going to be1more central to our government's1decision making and that they can speak1freely of their work1in short we brought back evidence-based1decision making and have replaced1decision based evidence making1as clarified in our new communications1policy subject matter experts including1scientists can now speak publicly about1their work without needing to be1designated these are just a few of1examples that reflect the respect we1have and the understanding we have of1the important work done by public1servants in short we were elected as a1government with a strong mandate to1implement a progressive agenda for1Canadians but we can't get that done1without the full engagement and1partnership of our public service as we1know we're in the midst of an important1round of collective bargaining no less1than 27 collective agreements are up for1renewal with 15 bargaining groups or1agents within the public service we're1committed as you are committed to1reaching agreements that are fair and1reasonable and and and let me be clear1as the employer were not always going to1agree with your bargaining agents on1every single issue and sometimes you1will change our minds and sometimes1maybe we'll change your minds and1sometimes we'll work together to develop1new ideas to approach issues and where1we can work together to actually1innovate and come to get come together1around ideas that can address some of1these contentious issues but you know1even when we disagree on some points we1can disagree without being disagreeable1and what I guarantee you from our1government is we will always be1respectful because we understand the1value of our public service and the1value of pips and the organizations1representing our public1servants we will negotiate in good faith1and we will engage in a spirit of open1dialogue collaboration and respect and1we'll come together to build a stronger1public service and a better Canada I'm1committed to respecting the collective1bargaining process and the independence1of these negotiations I enjoy working1with Debbie and pips and I enjoy working1in fact with the with Robin and PSAC and1in fact I enjoy working with our groups1very much I phoned I think it was a1couple days after i was sworn in I1phoned Debbie on her on her cell phone I1thought she think she thought it was a1prank call I don't think she'd ever had1a president of the Treasury Board1calling her proactively before factor1when I went into my office that day was1previous fellow who was there he had it1to do list Debbie and I just don't just1to make sure you didn't he didn't hurt1your feelings if it was on there1somewhere on that to-do list to call2Debbie Debbie oh but it he never got to2it2first2I said I'm not going to make that2mistake I'm not going to make that2mistake I want to talk to you a little2bit about building the high performance2public service of the future this is a2this is really important because we need2to do more to attract particularly young2people to the public service and and2know those young people can benefit from2the mentorship of people in this room we2need to get this right there's a lot at2stake as I said we've got a progressive2and an ambitious agenda as a government2and we need you as partners as part of a2motivated engaged and respected public2service to get that job done we're2starting from a solid foundation I2really believe that and the most recent2employee survey from 2014 clearly2demonstrated that employee engagement is2is is is high and and this is strong2ninety-three percent of employees that2there they are willing to on an ongoing2basis put in an extra effort to get to2get the job done but you don't need a2survey to understand that I deal with2public servants on an ongoing basis and2you know that people would want to make2a difference they want to get a they2want to drive positive results our2results in delivery agenda as a2government I think is going to actually2be something that we're in we're going2to enable not just ministers but all2public servants to actually see the2results of our work and to understand2the impacts of our work employee2engagement is is critical it's2absolutely fundamental to a successful2working environment and an engaged2workforce is going to be more productive2and effective in terms of achieving our2objectives not just as a government but2as as citizens we're going to be better2at keeping up with emerging trends and2the evolving expectations of citizens2beyond that we're living in a day and2age when the rapidity of change faced by2gov2or any organizations is greater than2it's ever been in our history so so we2need to every organization needs to up2its game including government including2cabinets we need to be able to2anticipate change and develop creative2and important public policy to deal with2that change and then of course implement2that public policy and the cycles within2which we're going to have to do that2will only hasten over time so the the2hallmark of a high-performing workforce2is going to be agility and the ability2to anticipate and and and and to see a2head into to predict to the extent that2is possible these changes and to adapt2as president and treasurer board it's2both my responsibility but also my my2privilege to be able to work in2partnership with you our public service2to deliver the kind of of change and2public service that that Canadians2deserve I mentioned earlier the issue of2recruitment and I really believe that we2have a tremendous opportunity to attract2Millennials to the public service2Millennials are have from a values2perspective want to make a difference2and and it's not just a job they they2want to make there's more than just2making a living they want to make it2make a difference and I think we have an2opportunity to give them enough the the2chance to paint on a larger canvas and2to really make a difference than a2positive difference in the lives of2Canadians I want us to do a better job2of reaching out to the best and2brightest young Canadians and attracting2them to the public service and again the2sum of the people in this room are2important to help mentor and develop2that next generation of public servants2to reach out to a lot of2of Canadians and to attracting the2public service we've recently created2the proudly serving Canadians website in2this site is helping us brand the public3service as the dynamic organization it3is where employees can make the best use3of their skills knowledge and experience3it also supports recruitment and3retention by showcasing the important3work we do and the wide range of career3opportunities available I also believe3that in addition to the marketing part3of it and a website that promotes it we3have to change the way we do things3within government including making3things less hierarchical in terms of3decision making and enabling public3servants to develop ideas and cross3pollinate ideas across departments and3agencies even within departments there's3too many Cylons to be honest and the3ability for us to creatively share ideas3and co develop solutions is not3developed to the extent it could be and3we need to do a better job of that one3of the pilot programs I'm most proud of3and want to expand on is our pilot3program with the Assembly of First3Nations it supports and places3indigenous post-secondary students from3across Canada in meaningful summer jobs3in a variety of departments and agencies3here in the national capital region I3had the opportunity to meet some of3these students last summer and I was3inspired I'm very pleased with the work3we're doing as well I've been doing to3launch new and innovative recruitment3campaigns but I want to do more of it3but again that doesn't obviate the need3we have to actually change how we work3within the public service and I want3your ideas on how to do that and to3enable a more creative and innovative3ability to share ideas and develop3solutions j'tia as you take I want to3add that a larger diversity and in3clusion does not consist only to build a3public service of horrible caliber is3this as a symbol of our Canadian3identity it is the greatest force as our3prime minister has said and I quote our3commitment to diversity and inclusion3isn't about Canadians being nice and3polite though of course we are in fact3this commitment is a powerful and3ambitious approach to making Canada and3the world a better and safer place today3the public service is already surpassing3workforce availability in all for3employment equity groups there are many3great things being done to support3diversity and inclusion across the3public service but we have work to do3there are challenges that remain we must3and we can do more because pursuing3diversity is absolutely essential so3that Canadians can see in their public3service a reflection of the diversity of3our country3can also help us attract and retain3talented people needed to build the3kinds of results Canadians deserve it3can help preserve core public service3values fairness transparency3impartiality and respect and it can3improve the quality of our public3services because you have a better3understanding of the services Canadians3need if the people delivering those3services actually reflect the broader3Canadian of society and it does this by3improving dialogue and communication3with our wider population diversity3contributes to social mobility it3enhances the employability of what3currently disadvantaged groups it's an3imperative that no employer can ignore3and I want to say on this if I may in3the months leading up to the last3election when we had a platform when the3Prime Minister launched our platform and3we committed to a gender balanced3cabinet I was surprised at some of the3commentary i read in Canadian newspapers3and some of the commentators questioned3whether prime minister would be able to3have a gender balance cabinet whether3this was somehow watering down of3meritocracy if we had a gender balanced3cabinet I can tell you I'm proud to3serve in Canada's first gender balanced3cabinet and we have exceptional women in3our cabinet and not just do we have4exceptional women in our cabinet we have4enough exceptional women in our caucus4we could have a hundred percent women4cabinet if we4Prime Minister chosen4well i'm not i mean i think i'm doing a4pretty good job Prime Minister you don't4have to but but the point is the point4is that what the Prime Minister did in4terms of gender balance within our4cabinet is already creating a ripple4effect within corporate board rooms4across Canada people are talking about4it and they're looking around those4boardrooms and they're saying you know4if the Prime Minister can do with this4cabinet why can't we do that in this4boardroom we're doing it in terms of the4boards we're pointing it we're doing it4in terms of our approach broadly but4this is really important and it's a gain4an example of government leadership and4the important difference it can make so4I threw out my work I reach out on an4ongoing basis to important stakeholders4including pips to explore new approaches4to diversity and I want to acknowledge4the wonderful collaboration we've had so4far it's a great example of how we can4make a difference working hand-in-hand4and i can tell you and I don't want to4scoop an announcement that's coming up4but we will have some very exciting4announcements in the near future on4initiatives one in particular which I4believe is going to be a game changer in4terms of diversity within Canada's4public service I want to also speak to4you about the partnership we've had with4public servants and the and pips and4PSAC in the Joint Council on mental4health today mental illness has cost the4Canadian economy about 51 billion4dollars per year with approximately 214billion directly related to workplace4losses in the public service4approximately half of all disability4claims are related to mental health the4situation is unacceptable we already4have a number of tools and services in4place to support employee health and4well-being in the workplace with health4care benefits and health and safety4legislation but4as the Joint Task Force on mental health4clearly demonstrated we need to do a lot4more and this is exactly what we've4committed to doing with our new4workplace mental health strategy4released last summer we're focusing on4three main issues first we want to4change the culture in the public service4to ensure employees feel free to raise4concerns and seek help when they need we4need to take mental health issues out of4the closet second we need to build4capacity which is about providing the4right training and tools to staff and4managers to promote mental health4awareness and to address these issues4and third we need to do a better job of4measuring progress as well as taking the4pulse pulse of our organizations and our4workforce on an on-going basis this is a4bold direction we're heading in to build4a healthy respect for in supportive work4environment I've spoken of you know a4couple areas where we may be ahead of4the private sector in some ways this is4an area where i gotta say there are4companies in the private sector who are4ahead of us in terms of addressing4mental health issues and and and i want4government to lead when it comes to4mental health within the workforce i4want us to to be the standard bearer in4terms of mental health in the workforce4as a government and I know pips and its4members will be a partner in progress as4we move forward on this I want to thank4all of the public servants who gave us4feedback during the consultations on the4mental health strategy we're now working4hard at revising our strategy and4identifying next steps and to make sure4that we have all the right in elements4in place we will make sure to reach out4to all stakeholders including bargaining4agents our government is committed to a4public service5where that is free of harassment and to5that end my officials have established5an interdepartmental working group and5we'll be developing a strategy from5those discussions and we look forward to5engaging bargaining agents in the5process to ensure that the public5service remains and becomes a more5respectful and welcoming workplace want5to talk to you just a bit about the this5the situation the problems with Phoenix5Pay system5okay I thought you know it just seems5pretty basic to me that there's sort of5an employer-employee relationship that5the employee works and employer pays5them the situation is completely5unacceptable I'm speaking on behalf of5our government on behalf of our prime5minister on behalf of Minister foot my5colleague and minister of public5services procurement Canada and we are5look we're frustrated we're working hard5to fix it we've expanded resources and5increased resources to do that and5bringing more people on and establishing5satellite centers to deal with it it is5totally unacceptable and we're committed5to fixing it but it is also a lesson to5us in terms of enterprise-wide IT5solutions and we are when you have a5crisis like this and you have a screw-up5like this it is an opportunity to learn5and this we did inherit a situation from5the previous government in terms of5Phoenix it will started in 2012 and we5take our responsibility as a government5because we're the government now so we5take our responsibility seriously to fix5it but one of the things going forward5when we're implementing an IT solution I5want us to make sure we maintain legacy5parallel or legacy systems and in5parallel systems until we are absolutely5certain that the new system is working5and5and I understand the motivation why5another government may have not wanted5to do that because they stay viewed it5as an opportunity to save some money5right and in the problem with that idea5is that you end up spending a lot more5in the long run because it's-- solutions5and whether you're in the private sector5of government enterprise-wide IT5solutions are all always fraught with5challenges but you you need to maintain5a strong legacy system in place until5you're certain that the new one is5working and as we move forward there's5another lesson in this too there's a lot5of collective wisdom and individual5wisdom within the public service when it5comes to IT5and we want to build on that and we want5to strengthen our internal capacity to5develop and implement IT solutions5within the government of hands and I've5looked at some other countries and what5they've done in the last while and5government digital services models and5countries like like the UK and Australia5and 18 f which was done not to be5confused with f-18s but 18 f in5Washington and the Obama administration5there's some innovative approaches to5developing IT capacity within government5and I'm very enthusiastic about what has5been done in other countries I want to5learn from that and build on the5collective wisdom of our IT groups5within the government of canada I want5to thank you as as citizens as as public5servants for your work and your5commitment we've got a lot of challenges5ahead of us on you know in closing on5the Phoenix system I want to thank you5know there's been a good work done in5the Union management joint committee and5and we will fix this but just again5we've we have learned from this and this5experience will inform I would hope5better approached processes that will5render better results in the future and5I appreciate very much your partnership5and helping us fix this and move forward5I look forward to continuing our deep5partnership with you to build the public5service of the future we're starting at5a good foundation I believe6I was proud to see my own Department6Treasury Board named one of Canada's top6100 employers for 2017 recognized for6its outstanding achievements and a6number of areas including innovative6workplace work atmosphere benefits6package training and community6involvement our shared challenge broadly6across our public services to ensure6that our public service continues to be6and a model employer and I pledged you6that our government will consider all6your views and ideas as we do that every6idea you present to me and to our team6will help inform the decisions we make6as and as representative of Labor pips6has been vocal about making sure the6interests and concerns of you as members6are heard and I want to thank you for6the ideas and feedback you provided6particularly over the last several6months we value your input and your6contribution and it goes well beyond the6traditional issues of wages or6compensation but on all aspects of6public service and I want to thank you6again for well it's been about a year6since I've had the privilege of being6president the Treasury Board and during6that period of time I've been able to6deepen my relationships with the leaders6of Canada's public service unions but6also with with members and I am proud of6our public service we have an6exceptional public service in Canada and6I am in my 20 years of in politics I've6never been as excited as I am right now6about the potential we have together6to build an even better Canada so I6thank you very much for the opportunity6to share some time with you this morning6and i look forward to getting together6with you again in the future into to the6coming months and and years which I6think are an exciting time when you look6at what's happening in other places6around the world not too far in fact6I think we can be proud of our country6and its diversity we can be proud of6this multicultural miracle we have here6in Canada but we should never be smug6and we should recognize where a lucky6country but we should never take that6luck for granted and we need to work6hard to preserve our good fortune as a6country not just for our generation but6for future generations of Canadians and6for a world that now more than ever6needs more Canada thank you very much

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Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?

While I did not study physics this is something that relates to my field as well. One thing to remember is the scope of the field which you are talking about. With physics it might seem narrower than History or Archaeology but I suspect that when you boil it down it isn’t. It would be impossible to cover everything in a subject even going all the way through to gaining a doctorate. The answer you got and posted up is very accurate and extremely good advice. What a lot of it boils down to in education (especially nowadays) is not so much teaching specific facts but teaching themes and how to find Continue Reading

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