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Letter Of Introduction Application St Tammany Parish School Board Stpsb : Draft, Finish and share

[Music].[Music].good evening and welcome to this.uh august 13 2020 meeting of the saint.tammany parish school board as we're.meeting here from the brooks educational.center in slidell.mrs coakley would you please call the.roll.here.would everyone please stand for the.invocation and pledge of allegiance led.by mrs heinz.would everyone please bow their head.lord we come to you this hour asking for.your blessing and help as we gather.we pray for guidance in the matters at.hand and ask.that you show us the way to conduct.conduct our work.with the spirit of cooperation respect.be with our leaders and families as we.prepare for school.to open amen.i pledge allegiance to the united states.flag.america and to the republic for which it.stands.one nation under god indivisible with.liberty and justice.thank you mrs heintz are there any uh.visitors that board members would like.to recognize mr kuzan.thank you mr president first of all i'd.like to introduce mr anthony alfred.former board member for district 14..he's present tonight.i'd like to also introduce the members.of the ministerial alliance.reverend sherwood duke creek starlight.baptist church.reverend gary wood.reverend gary wood pentecost baptist.church.reverend larry providence doctor's.children.and my classmate reverend norman fought.from tabernacle baptist church.thank you all for being here tonight.thank you mr president.thank you mr kuzan mrs lamey.i would like to introduce my daughter.alexis in the back.and her friend callie who is a new.teacher for us this year and also my.husband who's standing outside of the.doors.thank you all for being here.thank you mrs lamey anyone else.all right not seeing anyone else we'll.move on to.um announcement of administrative.appointments.mr jabia thank you mr nation members of.the board guest.it's my honor to introduce our latest.three appointments.for administrative position uh we are.my first appointment is miss leslie.hoffman the new assistant principal at.bonnie cole elementary she's a.administrative assistant at bonnie cole.now and a former teacher there.so we welcome leslie to the podium.leslie.good evening interim superintendent.jabia mr kosei.miss lemayne and school board members it.is with great honor to introduce myself.as bonnie cole elementary's new.assistant principal.i share this excitement tonight with my.husband daniel who has long supported.this dream of mine.my son noah who is just beginning his.educational journey as a kindergarten.student and my young daughter emily.and my parents especially my mom debbie.nick.who retired from st tammy parish school.system after dedicating 38 years of love.and hard work to our community this new.journey is especially thrilling for me.because i have built my career in.education.as a dedicated faculty member of the.bonnie cole school community.in 2012 dr april owens and miss kelly.ainsworth.hired me as a fifth grade teacher.presenting me with an abundance of.opportunities to learn and grow as a.school leader.i thank them tonight for seeing my true.potential and investing in me.in 2016 i began a new position at our.school as administrative assistant.humbled and honored that the faculty and.staff embraced my new role.over the past four years we have grown.together and i look forward to.continuing to help them as their new.assistant principal.i don't take this role lightly bonnie.cole's teachers.paraprofessionals secretaries custodians.cafe staff and volunteers are top-notch.and deserve the best leadership.we are known as the superstars for a.reason no matter the challenge we rise.to the occasion.and as a result we are a shining light.in our community.i want to thank our newest superstar and.principal miss julie lupo.for believing in me and seeing my.strengths as a leader.in three short weeks we have become a.strong team.carefully planning for the year ahead of.course the school year presents novel.challenges but we have a strong plan in.place.and ms julie and i are committed to.giving our all.to keep our students faculty and staff.safe so everyone can have a superstar.year.at the school that i call home bon and.cole thank you.at the school board i'd like to.congratulate congratulations.our next appointee is a.new assistant principal at lakeshore.high school.george has served as a teacher athletic.director.coach and assistant principal at slidell.high school.and is now moving over to the lakeshore.george herdliska.[Applause].good evening a few years ago i was.standing in front of the board accepting.an appointment.and um it just kind of went blank and.words just came out for about a minute.and i went and sat down after receiving.my gift and my wife kind of nudged me.and said.you forgot to thank the board or the.superintendent.so the first thing i must do is thank.you mr jabia.thank you mr harrell and thank you to.the rest of the board for having.faith in me and giving me this.opportunity i also want to thank miss.lemayne.and mr alfonso for their time and.efforts in this process.these opportunities don't come easy and.i've learned that to be an.educational leader in st tammany parish.is quite an.honor it's very very competitive.it's an awesome responsibility and the.decision makers have a lot of very very.strong.options every time they make a decision.so it is very humbling.to be able to be offered this position.i need to thank mr percy he's the first.person that gave me this opportunity in.educational leadership.having that faith and trust in me and i.also need to thank miss april gerald for.inviting me to be a part of her.administrative team.and um having that trust and faith in me.i look forward to joining.the family at lakeshore high school.continuing the tradition of excellence.that has been started there.and ultimately i just can't wait to get.back into our building.with our kids our teachers and our staff.and start doing what we do.but none of this is possible without my.wife and my three kids.and thank you very much.and our last appointee tonight and i.spoke to him earlier in the meeting he.said uh.i'm going home so joshua saint since.saint seer is our new appointee at.slidell high school.josh was a teacher there then moved over.to help out slidell junior high school.as assistant principal but now as he.said he's going back home to slidell.high school.so i present joshua saints here new.assistant principal slidell high school.[Applause].let me take my cue from um mr hurliska.here thank you mr javi and ms lemaine.mr cossay members of the board uh for.this great opportunity yeah.i am going home i'm a a slaughter high.proud graduate of the class of 2000 i'm.also one of 12 children to graduate from.soto high between the years of.1976 and 2003. my wife and i joined the.faculty in 2005..i had a great 10 years there she's.continuing her great teaching career.there.our daughter had the best educational.experience i think a freshman in high.school could have.last year at slidell high so obviously.just that.that place and that faculty means a.whole lot to me.i hope to be administrator in this.district for a long time and any good.work that i do will always be a credit.to mr patrick mackin.to michael wills to raul landry and the.team at slidell junior high.i want to just thank them for embracing.me and helping me learn this trade.i want to thank the faculty at slaughter.junior high for allowing me to learn the.trade allowing.me to make the early mistakes and.supporting me and giving me graces and a.love.all along the way i couldn't be more.excited to join mr percy to get to learn.from mr percy and his awesome team.and that amazing faculty and yeah be.back home at tiger drive.so thank you very much for this.opportunity and thank you as always.to that lovely lady over there you know.i always say.any good that i do is a testament to who.she is in my life as well.thank you.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].catholic school board congratulations.josh what's the tiger.always type.thank you mr nation uh we're we're just.super excited to have these three new.administrators join our team.looking forward to this year and i know.they're going to do great things for us.so.thank you thank you mr jabia at this.time we're going to take.a maybe two minute recess just to allow.our appointees and their families if.they so choose to.uh go home.okay all right we're back um.we had no one sign up for five minutes.tonight we do have.uh few folks signed up for our.three-minute public comments and it of.course has been.just as a reminder it's been the policy.and the practice of this school board.for many many years to allow.the public not only to comment before.motions which is provided by state law.but we.in addition to that go a step further.and allow public comments.uh before our regular agenda items.so but it is also our policy during this.time that.we ask that you know you're allowed to.make comments but.uh asking questions and making requests.of the school board of staff at this.point.is is not in order that can be done at.a later time and of course obviously no.no defamatory comments or.anything accusatory comments or comments.relative to the performance of.employees or potential employees is.permitted that's per.per school board policy all right at.this time we welcome.mrs karen vander uh to the podium mrs.vander and.and this is for all folks if you would.state your name again for the record in.your place of residence.welcome mrs bander good evening thank.you for this.opportunity to speak i am karen vander.representing the education action team.of a group called for the good of.slidell.just as you are this team is passionate.about the well-being of the students.teachers and employees of the saint.tammany parish school system.we believe each student and employee has.a right.to receive equitable treatment free of.discrimination in a safe.and inclusive learning environment that.honors their voice.and fosters belonging this is why we are.asking that you vote yes for an equity.policy.for our school system you each have.received.calls and over 170 emails from citizens.in the community.asking you to adopt an equity policy our.team has provided you.a two-page draft equity policy for.consideration.with supporting data to explain why we.need this policy.i also have personally met with mr.nation and mr jabia to discuss this in.detail.the time is now you may say we have.equality and discrimination laws to.address this issue.and i would agree but we do not have an.equity policy which is different.equality refers to equal opportunity but.equity.goes a step further by offering the.levels of support needed to achieve.great greater fairness of outcomes.this is an opportunity for our school.district to be the leaders in our state.and the benchmark for other districts to.follow if you truly want.equity for all students teachers and.employees of the school system.and i believe that you do i ask that you.read the policy.and supporting data if you haven't done.so read the emails that people in our.community sent to you with personal.statements.stories and please and most importantly.talk to students teachers and employees.of.color to understand what's going on in.their schools.then we ask that you take action by.asking your colleague mr nation.to put the equity policy on a upcoming.agenda.and vote yes to make it happen it's just.that simple.in the words of martin luther king jr an.individual has not started living.until he can rise above the narrow.confines of his idol.individualistic concern to the broader.concern of all humanity.don't you want to be on the right side.of history by making a significant.impactful and positive change for the.citizens of saint tammany parish.when you know better you do better thank.you for your time.in consideration thank you mrs vander.next is uh ask the public.not to refrain from any any shows of.support.or or disdain either way um is this.uh ms britt gandolfi.hi everyone i want to thank everybody.who's taken their mask off before i just.want to thank you guys for your time i'd.like to introduce myself.i'm born and raised in saint tammany.parish i had the blessed privilege of.attending st.scholastica academy in my adulthood i.have taught at a project-based.high school in atlanta and with these.students i had the opportunity to have.them sit in circles i am of european.indigenous caribbean descent and.in these talking circles students were.given a.form just like you facilitate here of a.certain level of decorum in which.each person's collective intelligence.and story.holds a purpose and i can understand if.you're sitting in this time and place in.america.2020 with everything that we see.happening with all the different various.experiences of all of our ancestors.and i i would like to call into.the question the question of seven.generations.in that we all have.histories and stories that we must come.together.and have a level of respect for the.differences.and have an agenda to work together.and what i hear being asked for by the.good of slidell.is very simple it could be simply start.i has a teacher have always relied on.talking circles to bridge.gaps between students not just for the.purpose of.understanding your identity or someone.else's identity or how someone's family.life is different than your family life.and how your lens or politics like we.are the same race.let us just get this very clear but our.hues and our complexions and our.ancestries and our class and our.religion and our culture.and our theology and philosophy and.politic.differentiate us as human beings.and saint tammany is a leader in a state.that is.struggling in education and when you.receive this plea for a question of.equity.don't look at this as a burden of like.oh god must we.deal must we bring the politic into the.classroom the classroom is the greatest.place.to facilitate respectful.dialogue for the intention of our.students feeling empowered to be global.citizens.it's imperative that saint tammany jump.and take the leap and lead louisiana one.of the most.hurting states in this country if we.look at our 400 year history if we start.with the indigenous people before and we.really want our students to walk into.this world.ready to be of service they need to be.able to listen.and they need to be able to disagree and.they need to be able to challenge.themselves and so i just ask you.as people in this time and place to.challenge yourself.to bring that conversation into our.schools and there are many resources.online and you don't have to rewrite the.wheel there are plenty of practices.out there that you can do this in a way.that will leave you inspired.thank you mr gandalfi next up is again.we ask.no no applause or disdain or disrespect.for any.uh any speaker miss carla.alfred dukes mrs dukes.good evening superintendent board.members.and guests my name is carla alfred dukes.a resident former student and a.volunteer in the parish.i'm here this evening to ask for your.thoughtful and open-minded review.of the equity policy that you have.received.let me tell you my story i began my.formal education.in saint tammany parish in 1966.but during the school year of 1968-69.i experienced racial bias in the school.for the first time.i was eight years old i was treated as.less than.an academically capable student not.included in special projects.and treated differently by students.because i was perceived.as less than because of my race i was.one of the top.students in that class but the damage.was done.for 50 plus years i have been haunted.by that experience during my career in.corporate america.i was often the only black executive in.the room.and most times the only woman where i.was one of the decision makers.the lack of equity and inclusion in that.environment.had the same effect as it did in 1968-69.the reason i tell that story is because.without an.equity policy history will continue to.repeat itself.ironically the school where i volunteer.is the same school i experienced the.bias.can you imagine the rush of emotions i.experienced when i stepped.into that school after 50 plus years.i want the students in that school and.across the parish.to understand they are entitled to the.same education.regardless of race the district they.live in.level of parental support or cultural.differences.they are equal and they should never.walk out of a school.in this parish feeling otherwise the.seeds planted today.in the lives of our students teachers.and administrators is not just for the.good of saint tammany parish.but everywhere across the world they.travel.the impact is for a lifetime the people.of the parish.have elected each of you for this time.to make the decisions that will catapult.this school district into a leader.position in the state.i know you're thinking that was 50 years.ago.and things have changed as a volunteer.i can tell you no they have not.i ask you to have the crucial.conversations reach.outside of your comfort zone seek first.to understand.then to be understood and thoroughly.review.and approve the equity policy when it is.presented for a vote.thank you for your time thank you miss.dukes next up is mr gary wood.we want to say good evening to the.interim superintendent.to all of the distinguished board.members.i want to say that i am pastor gary wood.of the pentecost missionary baptist.church.here in slidell and i'm here.representing the minister.alliance of greater saint tammany the.alliance is made up of over 15.churches throughout saint tammany and.our president.is the honorable doctor and pastor.shelby dukery.of the starlight missionary baptist.church.as major contributors in our community.we we're asking you to.adopt the equity policy we have read the.proposed.policy and supporting data submitted to.you.by the for the good of slidell group.and we are in agreement that it is time.to incorporate.such discussion and support within our.school system.one thing that stood out to me in the.study that.we read was the low percentage of black.teachers as compared to increased.percentages.of black students on the east side of.the parish.i personally experienced the positive.impact of having a black teacher.growing up in a predominantly white.school system.in indianapolis indiana this was.definitely.a turning point in my life and it helped.me.in my formative years of my life.with the unrest in our community and in.our country.this is the time to be proactive and by.adopting and implementing an equity.policy.that will have a lasting and positive.impact on our children teachers and.community.we want to thank you all for your time.we thank you for allowing us to be here.and let me.say this as my positive personal.experience i was a substitute teacher.for over 10 years in the saint tammany.school system.and i had the great opportunity of being.a full-time teacher.for a semester my hats are off to the.teachers.but i had three students that i had.identified who were young black.students and i wrote to their moms and i.said.your child has a gift and i encourage.you.to check into the school system and see.if they can be in the gifted class.and after several years after i left and.several years one of the students.i ran into at my church he said mr wood.you remember me and i said.surely i do you remember that letter.that i.that you wrote home to my mom and i said.yes.and he said well i got into the gifted.class.i was in three of them hallelujah.god bless you thank you pastor.next up is uh miss cynthia.uh with lyst i mean i'm i'm sure i'm.that's okay i've had it 35 years i still.have a hard time with it.thank you to women whitlets whitlow.the worst i've gotten is wildlife.thank you for giving me a few minutes.tonight i'm here to talk about the young.entrepreneurs academy.also known as yea think of it kind of.like.shark tank for students it's a program.that was founded in 2004.for sixth through twelfth graders to.learn about.creating their own business the first.part of it is.generating the big idea then they do the.market research on it.they write their business plan they.pitch to a panel of investors to get.funding.and they actually launched their own.company the program was originally.offered here.on coop drive at southeastern campus and.then when they closed the campus here we.moved it over to hammond.so they're currently offered at the.hammond campus when we get enough.students we can open up another.classroom over at uh north shore tech.we help the students to develop a number.of skills from.team building to problem solving and.doing presentations.through the participation of volunteers.professionals in the community that come.and they speak to the students they help.teach them about what type of legal.entity they should form managing their.finances how to market their business.and so forth so.we would like to be able to go in and.present to the principals and the.faculty of the middle schools.and the high schools to offer the.programs for the students to apply.thank you so much yeah mr chavia.yes i'm i'm gonna have dr tillman if you.can give.uh mr alfonso out front if you give me.your contact information i get dr.tillman to get in touch with you to give.you the process of how you can get into.the schools.you're welcome thank you mr jabia uh.next up.is jordan johnson and since jordan is.both a female and male name.is a male mr jordan johnson.mr johnson welcome yeah what a great way.to start.well you never know in these days i can.tell i take it.oh thank you guys for having me this.evening my name is jordan johnson mr.jordan johnson as we've.addressed um and i'm here in support of.the equity policy you guys have heard.about.a quick background of myself i graduated.from fountain blue high school.i'm from lacombe louisiana i was raised.there born in germany.army brat and i have since then now.working in the parish.needless to say i want to recognize a.few board members.ms richardson who has responded to our.emails as well ms tammy lammy who just.shared some of our facebook content and.mr bettencourt who gave us the time.to meet with us on the equity policy to.learn more about it i'm also part of a.group.with my high school friends and we.started a facebook conversation called.in my hometown a conversation about race.well since then we've discussed my.upbringing as well as others in saint.tammany parish.the education sector which you guys of.course.are part of as well as children and next.week we'll be discussing sports and.needless to say i give all that.background because.the equity policy is very important to.many of us which you guys have heard.and many of which who are not here um.it's very important to not only myself.and.the young black constituents but also to.embody everybody latinos asians the.whole nine it's not just.equity policy for just us but speaking.uh predominantly on myself if a young.black child these are statistics this is.not myself.that i've come up with if a young black.child sees a black educator there's a 13.more likely chance for them to go to.college than their peers and if they see.two black educators early in their life.that status raised to 32.cbs did a wide um research study and.there is no national standards for what.topics of figures students must learn.about.and state standards vary widely there.are seven states that do not directly.mention slavery in that standards only.two mentioned white supremacy and 16.list state.uh rights as the cause of the civil war.so you guys can kind of see and feel and.understand how the inconsistencies.across the board.can be tailored to so if we get somebody.coming from one of these states coming.down here to now be the new.superintendent having been in this area.what have you guys can kind of see the.the disconnects needless to say this.equity policy is not going to be on the.burdens on the shoulders of just the.school board or just you guys as well.just as a unit just has this country.just as all of us in here speaking on.one accord we're supposed to work.together because we all do know that of.course when we start with the child.we can't impact the future and our.families and society as a whole.yes we do have a lot more work to do.we're not perfect by any standards or.any means none of us walking today.this earth but as a collective unit as.she just spoke upon.if we can invest of course in the minds.of the students and then market that to.of course their families and then as a.whole as together.we can truly make change we see right.now what's going on in this country.across the board.if you can't and do not see it that.means you're living under a rock so.needless to say we can be on the.forefront of creating change starting.right here and hopefully influencing.other areas other states on the country.i mean.yes other countries as well to see.equity policy.across the board for any and everybody.to be loved as one.i want to thank you guys for your time.thank you mr jordan i'm mr johnson.excuse me.uh and last up is mrs cindy rester.i'm here tonight to talk about.not just social equity policy.but social media policy.the school board has a social media.policy and as you all know i made you.aware of last friday.that one of your board members chose to.violate that social media policy.mr green shared information on facebook.that should not have been done.bullying there are different types of.bullying.verbal such as ridiculing a mocking.emotional that's hurting someone's.reputation.electronic using electronic.communication.to cause harm how can you respond to.bullying.stop bullying on the spot intervene.immediately and don't ignore it some.strategies there.against bullying is to be a role model.model.and to be proactive i hope those sound.familiar to you guys.because they come directly from the.bullying training guide.for saint tammany parish schools.online shaming is a form of public.shaming which targets.or publicly publicly humiliated on the.internet on social media.online shaming frequently involves.exposing.private information on the internet and.in this case it did.miss lamey's children's photos were.shared on the internet.this was most unprofessional by a board.member.each of you board members should condemn.this behavior.i ask that you censure mr green.as a board this behavior would not be.tolerated.of a student so when we talk equity.it's equity for everybody including the.board.thank you.up is our agenda items uh agenda item a.is to consider and take action with.respect to adopting a rep.i like to make a recommendation.that we study and review the equity.policy of the saint tammy paris school.board.well first i can't offer a motion.right no you cannot so but i i just want.to make a recommendation that we do.review the equity we can't we can't take.a vote because the.i'm not taking a vote i'm asking that.well the policy has been received by mr.chaby it's being reviewed by mr jabby.and his staff right now is that not.correct mr.chavian okay okay well that's that's all.i'm asking all right thank you.thank you mr kuzan all right moving on.to consider and take action with respect.to adopting a resolution providing for.the issuance and the sale of taxable.general obligation school refunding.bonds.series 2020a of saint tammany parish.wine school district number 12.of the parish of saint tammany state of.louisiana providing for other matters in.connection.there with is there a motion to that.effect.all right uh i heard uh mrs drucker and.then i saw mr.mr green mr mrs drucker moves mr green.seconds.at this point um i believe is.miss stephanie are you in the room.oh oh what so well you all don't leave.yet because we're rolling back you know.we're rolling back your taxes so i mean.[Laughter].mr schluter and uh miss green uh uh.this uh stephanie couldn't be here.tonight okay.but i'll be happy to answer any.questions that you have any other.question.any questions for mrs prevos and all the.good work she does to.help these folks and all of us have low.taxes for the good school system we have.mrs heinz miss prevost would you just.uh give us a brief assassination okay.i'm going to read from mr saluter.provided me was kindly enough to provide.me some notes.um so we're refunding the series 2013.bonds.um there's no extension of these so it's.the savings each year.taxable due to prior this is a taxable.issue not.non-taxable like we've done before.because the law has changed.um the reduced rates are from up to.4.375 percent to now.they're 1.69 for the interest rates.net savings to taxpayers were 780 000.that gives us a cumulative net savings.to taxpayers of 13 million dollars.on the 12 refundings we've done since.2004..we've maintained our double a s p rating.with this issue.they noted we have a very strong fund.balance conservative budgeting practices.good financial management and low debt.burden.thank you mrs heintz any other questions.for mrs prevos.other than what we say and i've said for.many years you know in the times that.we've done these uh.refundings good job mrs prevost as.always.you know for um that's one of the.the um i'm looking for the word uh.the great successes of this school.system and the school board.is our our fiscal management and.as you just said our conservative fiscal.management allows us to have a double a.bond rating which last time i checked it.you know i always joke is better than.the state legislature.so that's something you know something.to be uh something to be said for that.all right anything any other questions.uh for mrs prevost from the board are.there any.comments from the public all right the.floor is now open to vote.and i did miss speaker we're not.lowering your taxes but we are.saving you some money so which will help.us lower your taxes later.all right that motion adopts uh is.adopted.unanimously all right moving on now to.approval of the regular minute.uh the minutes of the regular meeting.held july 9.2020 is there a motion mr kuzan is there.a second mr durman.any comments or questions for board.members any comments or questions for.the public.all right the floor is now open to vote.okay and that motion is adopted.unanimously.we move on now to approval of the.minutes for the special meeting held.july 21st 2020.is there a motion to approve mrs heintz.makes a motion mr luke seconds is any.comments or questions for board members.any comments or questions from the.public.yes ma'am please state your name for the.record.and your place of residence hi courtney.palillo.um 112 black oak lane um.today i want to talk about the last.meeting.i've been in touch with several teachers.since that meeting to try to gain a.greater understanding about what's going.on.and so today i'm not coming to you just.as a concerned parent.but also as a voice of many many.teachers in our district who have been.silenced by the very entities who are.supposed to be supporting them out of.fear of retaliation.the teachers are afraid not of the virus.they understand they are more likely to.be killed in a car crash on the way to.school.than a virus that's 99 with a 99.recovery rate payload.payload is this in reference to the.minutes.well the minutes is what happened at the.meeting correct.in terms of we're approving the minutes.there was any.correction you know or adjusting i.didn't have a chance to look at the.minutes.but um you know talking to the teachers.they feel like they don't have a voice.and i talk to.hundreds of teachers in our district and.i don't i don't know when would be the.most appropriate time at this meeting to.convey their concerns uh.i certainly understand where you're.coming from.um in terms of the meeting tonight.it would be would be at the public.comment section you know beforehand i.don't think there's any.any agenda items that necessarily cause.you know.or you can speak you know in an upcoming.you know.board meeting so or you can you know um.write to the board or i know.this particular meeting was uh appeals.expulsion appeals.had nothing to do with what she said i.had the date wrong yeah sorry.okay so is it not you know is there not.going to be an opportunity i'm not.trying to you know extend the meeting be.disruptive or anything but.a lot of us citizens have been.misinformed.as to what why the teachers really don't.want.or concerned about going back to school.so as a parent we're like why don't you.want to go back to school.right it's not because they don't want.to go teach it's because they haven't.been prepared and they still haven't.been prepared and they're worried about.that.and i promised them that i would be.their voice because they feel like.they've been silenced right.i think let's yes sir.go ahead we have a number of.professional development days coming up.starting.the 20th so they're going to be prepared.they're going to go over all that.information with all of the teachers.and they can teachers can call our.office we're working.they can call the principal they can get.their information but.i think that this particular thing is.probably out of order but i'll let you.i'll let you rule on that because i'm.not the president of that.right they don't they don't.they don't feel the same way.unfortunately.all right if i tell you what if you can.the best thing is to continue to.communicate as you have.uh with the board and with mr jabia.um regarding your concerns um and.but as far as this particular moment.in the in the agenda unfortunately.that's more.okay it's inappropriate i'll just rule.you out of order that's and that's.gently rule you out of order so you know.okay.all right thank you thank you mrs balilo.all right these any other comments are.from the public regarding the.minutes of the july 21st meeting.all right not hearing any we'll vote.and the motion is adopted 12 years no.nays and two abstentions.i'm moving on to approval of the minutes.for the special meeting held july 22nd.2020. is there a motion to prove those.minutes mrs page.is there a second mrs heinz.any comments or questions from board.members any comments or questions from.the public.all right although the floor is open to.vote.uh okay we're just waiting there we go.um and that motion is adopted.unanimously.all right moving on to the last set of.minutes of.approval of minutes for the special.meeting held july 23rd.2020 is there a motion to approve.mrs heintz uh mr harold seconds.any comments or questions for board.members any comments or questions from.the public.all right the floor is open to vote.and that motion is adopted 12 years no.days and two abstentions.all right we welcome miss tipton to the.podium for consideration of bids for the.covington high tennis courts.stpsb project number 1921.miss tipton thank you mr nation i.appreciate superintendent jabia and the.board.allowing us to bring the consideration.of these bids.to the directly to the board tonight we.did receive.bids for the coming tonight tennis.courts on tuesday of this week.these new courts will be adjacent to.the softball field if you're familiar.with covington high that'll put those.over with other athletic facilities at.that school.and it will allow us to tear down the.old.tennis courts to make way for the new.classroom wing.that will replace all the modulars.so tonight we are recommending.acceptance of the low base bids.submitted by jac construction of south.louisiana llc.in the amount of 419 thousand four.hundred dollars.for the new tennis courts at covington.high school st tammany parish school.board project number one nine.two one all right mrs heinz.moves mr durman seconds there any.comments or questions.from board members mr broad.yeah i'm just curious uh you said we.received the bids and.was this at the the committee as no sir.as a whole.that it was uh we heard we received them.this week on tuesday all right so.is there a change of procedure here that.we don't i'm i'm okay with it i'm just.saying i'm.i don't know the procedure we usually.vote on these and the committee as a.whole and then they.come up at the regular meeting is there.an urgency that we want to get started.with this project right away that we.we skipped that process so normally we.do.follow that process we work as.diligently as we can to meet those.schedules to make all those board.meetings work.sometimes it doesn't fall out quite that.way we did.we did ask to bring it tonight so that.we can get.working on this project um a little.sooner.um than we would if we had to wait for.the september meetings all right.i'm just just curious yes sir thank you.mr bro.any other questions mrs heinz um just a.reminder mr bro she did mentioned it in.her construction report last week.so i was looking forward to you know.that bid coming up tonight.and thank you for that thank you mrs.heinz.anyone else all right any comments or.questions from the public.not seeing any yes ma'am.oh please come to the police come to the.podium and state your name in place of.residence for the record.uh i'm lee shaw i live in folsom um.77025 crockett road i have a child that.goes to covington high school and i'm.not against tennis i love sports i think.it's great.i don't think we should cut sporting.programs but that high school ranks four.out of six.and i just kind of wonder if that's.where money should be spent or it should.be it should it be spent in academics.that's all thank you thank you.all right any other comments or.questions from the public.not seeing any of the floors open to.vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously.thank you.thank you miss tipton i'm sure we'll see.you back later all right.now we move on to appropriate retirement.resolutions for.uh the following certificated personnel.subsequent to july 9th.2020. mr kosei thank you president.nation.superintendent jabia the retirement.resolutions for certificated personnel.are as such lisa springer abita springs.elementary.27 years 22 years in saint tammany.parish.mary a clement bonnie bonico elementary.25 years 20 years in saint tammany.parish.patty a blair clearwood junior high.39.52 years.14.45 years in saint tammany parish.rachel a moore covington high.13 years all in saint tammany parish.michael j piazza creekside junior high.25.20 years 19 years in saint tammany.parish.thomas a peters 5th ward junior high 33.years.26 years in saint tammany parish susan.g mooney florida avenue elementary 25.years.all in saint tammany parish margaret.m piazza fountain blue junior high.32.69 years 21.50 years.in saint tammany parish sheree b fortner.lancaster elementary 21.92 years.all in saint tammany parish samantha p.anderson lyon elementary 31.50 years.23.50 years in saint tammany parish.mary m cacera mandeville junior high.35.12 years all in saint tammany parish.mary s steinbach mandeville junior high.22.26 years 12.61 years.in saint tammany parish lisa kindler.pontchartrain elementary 13 years all in.saint tammany parish melinda in.butler slidell junior high 30 years.all in st timothy parish all right is.there a motion mr kuzan.and second by mrs lamey.any comments or questions from board.members.mr pro yeah i.i know once a year we get a tremendously.long list.but this seems like a somewhat long list.in the middle of the year or i i'm just.curious are we losing teachers faster at.a faster rate this year than normal.i'm going to defer to mr jabin that.since he's been doing this a lot longer.than i have there mr bro.i haven't analyzed the data to see if.we're losing them faster this.this is a few more than we normally have.at this time of the year.i think a lot has to do with the.pandemic that we're in.and maybe some people feeling.compromised and decided this may be the.time to go.thank you mr pro any other questions mr.kosey.any questions from the public all right.the floor is open to vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously.now we move on to appropriate retirement.resolutions for the following.non-certificated personnel subsequent to.july 9.2020 mr kosek thank you mr nation yes we.have the.retirement resolutions on the following.non-certificated personnel.susan a perilous abita springs.elementary.20.60 years all in saint tammany parish.karen b rogers bayou woods elementary.21.97 years.all in saint tammany parish deborah j.mitchell 5th ward junior high 28.96.years.all in saint tammany parish david ordone.florida avenue elementary 25.09 years.all in saint tammany parish earl e.wallace.slido pupil appraisal 7.06 years.all in saint tammany parish diana d.russo chiffon the middle 19.51 years.all in saint tammany parish barbara t.craddock transportation center 7.48.years.all in st tammany parish and donna b.fricke transportation center 20.88 years.all in st tammany parish all right mr.durman.moves misses a second by mrs trucker.any comments or questions for board.members any comments or questions from.the public.all right the floor is open to vote.and that motion is adopted unanimously.thank you mr kosei.we move on now to certification of board.members.superintendent jabia.oh okay.well it's a little bit smaller tonight.than it normally is let me see if i can.get my bifocals here to work.certification of board members elizabeth.heights matthew green.michael durman stephen loop brandon.harrell.michael nation shelter richardson.michael winkler.sharon drucker ronald bettencourt tammy.lamey.james bro dennis s kuzan and lisa m page.in completion of one hour of training.for 2020 presented on july.9th 2020 and also certification of board.members elizabeth heights matthew greene.michael durman brandon harold michael.nation.shelter richardson michael winkler.ronald bettencourt.tammy lamey james brode dennis s kuzan.and lisa page in completion of one hour.of training for.2020 presented august 6 2020 is mandated.by louisiana revised statute 17 colon 53.mr chavia thank you i do hereby certify.that the board members listed.did successfully complete training as.mandated on july 9th.and august 6th thank you we'll.move on now to approval of.recommendations from the committee as a.whole.meeting for human resources and.education held august 6.2020 mrs page.yes good evening mr president committee.as a whole for human resources and.education met on august 6.2020 and recommends acceptance of the.revisions to the 2020-2021.pupil progression plan and iso move.all right is there a second mr kuzan any.comments or questions from board members.any comments or questions from the.public not seeing any of the floors open.to vote.and that motion is adopted unanimously.does that conclude your report business.page that concludes my report.thank you now we move on to approval of.recommendations from the committee as a.whole meeting for business affairs.administrative.also held august 6 2020 mr green.thank you mr president theo committee as.a whole.for business affairs administrative held.august 6 2020 met.and recommends uh first acceptance of.the new school board policy file jca.ea sexually related student misconduct.an iso move.is there a second mrs heinz.seconds any comments or questions from.board members.any comments or questions from the.public the floor is open to vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously.okay mr green.thank you mr president item b from that.meeting is the committee recommends.acceptance of new school board policy.file.j-a-a-a title ix.sexual harassment iso move all right is.there a second mr durman seconds.any comments or questions from board.members any comments or questions from.the public.okay the floor is open to vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously.okay mr green.thank you item c as the committee.recommends acceptance of revisions to.school board policy file gamc.investigations and i move all right.there's a motion is there a second.all right mrs heinz seconds.uh any comments or questions from board.members.all right mrs lamey mine was actually.about the last one do we know did we.address.um the comment that was made last week.about the filter.um for reporting sexual remember he said.that he put it in his subject and so it.didn't go through.i just wanted to mention that so we can.look at it again remember louis.okay thanks.next one is which.okay all right the floor is open to uh.any comments questions from the board or.comments question from the public.all right not seeing the floor is open.to vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously.all right mr green.thank you mr president the committee.recommends uh acceptance of revisions to.school board file.policy uh g-a-e-a-a sexual harassment an.iso move.all right is there a second mr durman.there's a motion in the second any.comments or questions from the.board any.comments or questions from the public.not seeing any the floor is open to vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously.all right mr green.eye to me the committee recommends.acceptance of revisions to school board.policy file gae.grievance procedure and iso move all.right is there a second.mr loop uh seconds any comments or.questions from board members.any comments or questions from the.public.all right the floor is open to vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously mr.green.thank you item f the committee.recommends acceptance of revisions to.school board policy file gaa.equal opportunity employment and iso.move.all right is there a second mr kuzan.seconds.any comments or questions from board.members.any comments or questions from the.public not seeing any the floor is open.to vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously mr.green.thank you mr president uh item g the.committee recommends acceptance of.revisions to school board policy file cg.administrative records and iso move is.there a second mr betancourt.seconds any comments or questions from.board members.mrs richardson and then we'll recognize.mr probe.thank you mr nation.i am very strongly opposed to this.policy.i've taken time to review the minute.the minutes from the meeting last week.i've taken time to read the.documentation sent to me.my biggest concern with this policy is.that it specifically states that a board.member.has the same rights to records as the.general public.as an elected official i feel obligated.to protect this institution by having.access to.records as indicated in the previous.policy.the way it is worded today i am not.comfortable.as it literally states that it's at the.same level.of a constituent everyone knows that i.have the utmost respect for my.constituents and i take my job as a.public servant very seriously.and i work hard to represent their.interest but i am the elected official.and i'm very uncomfortable with that.wording.with that said mr jabia you.had stated that the new policy only.restricts what a board member can copy.not what they can review but the revised.policy.literally states an individual school.board member shall have the same.authority as an afforded a member of the.general public.here's the quote to review school system.records.however the school policy upon majority.vote.of the total school board membership.shall have the right to.examine any and all records of the.school system but shall maintain the.confidentiality.my first question is what is the.difference between review.and examine please.please thank you.chair recognizes uh our legal counsel.jana bergeron mrs bergeron good evening.everyone.um the policy and the provision of the.policy that you're referring.to is a policy about reviewing.and examining i don't really think.there's any distinction between those.two terms i think there may be a.misunderstanding between um.my recollection of the discussion at the.meeting last week had to do with the.difference between.examining versus copying records.okay so copies where is that stated in.this policy because.again we're talking about clarity i feel.it important if we're going to say it's.about copies i think that word should be.in there so that.a board member fully understands what.they're voting on as well as a.constituent as to what they have access.to.the provision in the policy that i.believe you're referring to if it's.the on the first page paragraph four.that particular provision is about.examining or reviewing.documents or records the portion of the.policy that would apply to copying.would be later on in the policy when it.discusses duplication of records.okay yes thank you i appreciate that and.i would if i may i just would recommend.maybe a parenthesis or something that.says please refer.to the duplication component because.they think it's important.that if you're going to write such a.policy as this.that you be as clear as possible the.other thing is it does much.confidentiality.i brought that up as a board member i.take that job.also very seriously we are bound by the.louisiana board of ethics to maintain.that confidentiality.so i have no problem with that but my.next piece is it directly quotes.majority vote of the total school board.what does that mean because my.understanding is under.robert's rules of order and our own.policy we are bound by with.quorum so what is the why are we using.this new language.total board that that language if i'm.not mistaken.and i can check real fast but that is is.likely coming from the revised statute.which this is revised statute 1781 which.discusses.a majority vote of the authorized board.membership.okay because i did review every single.literally i read every page of what was.sent in the email dialogue.and there is nowhere.in the legal statute that uses that.language i would just.again another recommendation i would.just ask that you say.vote of you know the vote of the board.which under robert's rules of order is.a quorum.i really really am struggling with this.policy i just don't understand how a.board member feels comfortable passing.off the rights and let me explain.as i've read the dialogue and given to.me by.by request even the feedback.has indicated that some of the language.literally is to discourage people from.making public.records requests i'd like that the board.to consider is that really the goal here.is that what we're trying to do to limit.the public from making requests.of an organization that is bound.by taxpayer dollars absolutely not.thank you i appreciate that mr chambia.but that is the exact statement from.the council excuse me yes ma'am.i would like to make a point of order.here to the extent that there is.any um that there have been any.documents provided.to the board uh that are subject to.attorney-client privilege.those documents or the contents.contained therein.are not um not available for discussion.in the open meeting because they are.privileged and confidential documents so.to the extent that there's any reference.to those documents excuse me.that would have to be discussed in an.executive session thank you.i understand that and i thank you for.that but i do have a qu clarification of.that.um under our own policy because i had a.hunt you'd go there.policy bbe if you need time to pull that.up.i just it says that our council.according policy.the primary function of this attorney is.to provide professional legal counsel.and representation to the school board.and i haven't i have the ability to.ask that and i did ask of that and i do.by the way.thank um central office for sending that.to the intel entire board.but could you clarify that my role as a.board member am i not entitled.to because this is not about a human.being this is about a policy you want me.to pass.or a vote on that's going to directly.affect my job and that of the.constituent.so i'm trying to understand sure what i.was attempting to clarify is the fact.that.to the extent there is any application.of the attorney-client privilege or.confidentiality that exists.as a result thereof that that privilege.and that confidence confidentiality.belongs to the board.not to any particular individual member.of the board and therefore.the privilege and the confidentiality.can only be waived.by a vote of the board or otherwise.we would have to go into executive.session to discuss anything that is.subject to the attorney-client privilege.that's just the clarification the.clarification thank you thank you for.that and i respect that.in fact i want to make it crystal clear.i respect board policy as well as legal.policy and the laws.and as such.our board meetings are bound by our own.policies as well as robert's rules of.order and.before i end my comments it's important.that we note that our own policy says.that we need to.we're required to encourage free.discussion and to promote group thinking.and.action in fact we're supposed to be.allowed to express without interruption.his or her own views on an agenda item.so.what i'd like to do the reason i bring.this up is as.as i as the floor is opened up to the.rest of this board.i have noticed a pattern with our board.this year that.we get to go down the line abc order or.one person you know you get to speak.only one time.that is a violation of our own policy as.discussion means.back and forth so therefore i'm.respectfully asking this board.i respect your viewpoint i respect your.opinion.i have learned tremendously from senior.board members as well as new.board members once they've had a chance.to.share their thoughts on this policy i'm.respectfully asking our board president.to allow just simply ask are there any.other statements because.i might have a question based off of.what my colleagues state.i thank you for your time thank you mr.richardson.mr broad thank you mr president.um last year.we we had a policy that came up on.immunizations.and and i raised the question because i.i have the policy right here.and and the exceptions came down to.uh you know we went through this whole.policy at the end it said.if a student or a parent submits either.that this is an exception anybody can.get out.and the bottom line was they can get out.for.a written descent from the student or.his or her parents so i said we went.through this whole policy.and then you're telling me that any.student it says or.any student can say no i don't want a.shot if he can write it says written.so a kindergartner who has been told he.can write.no shots can get out and i was appalled.that that we passed this this policy.and i was told that's the state law we.went.word for word with the state law we.can't violate that we should put our.policy in the same way as the state law.okay i talked to mr garrett.at the uh uh the attorney who's reviewed.this policy had talked to him at the.board the convention in baton rouge this.year and i brought up this issue.and he said no you did the right thing.you know the.the our legislature doesn't always pass.the less laws.they make mistakes but you have to go by.the law.and you have to use the words that they.use even if it makes no sense at all.so i accept that so today i went on.and looked up the current policy by.louisiana state legislature.and it's rs 17 colon 81.and there's a specific section that.tries to go through and explain.what the the board membership.uh or a a board member has authority to.do.it's a paragraph k and it says.notwithstanding any other provisional.law or rule or regulation to the.contrary.any city or parish board member and any.other.person authorized pursuant to written.policy of the city parish school board.shall have the right to examine any or.all records of the school system.except school employee records relative.to evaluations.observation formal complaints and.grievances.that's the current law at the state.right now.here's our existing current policy and.it states.notwithstanding any other provisional.law rule of regulation to contrary.a school board member or any other.person authorized pursuant to written.policy of the.school board should have the right to.examine any or all records of the school.system.except accept school employee records.relative to evaluations observation.formal complaints and grievances hmm.sounds a lot like the state law that's.the existing policy.the new policy the new policy gets rid.of all that worrying.it basically just drops it all.and so we were just told about.attorney private privileges.that that is not available to the public.yet as a school board we're saying.we're dropping any or all records we're.saying oh school board members.you don't really have a right you have.the same right as public.when i first came into office.we were addressing school safety policy.issues and.and you know we we were going on a bond.issue we're going to pass something to.have.locks on the doors and and trying to.improve school safety.and it was based on a study.that had been done the year before where.we brought in.experts and they evaluated our school.system and wrote.i don't know 30 or 40 page report and it.basically broke down.all the vulnerabilities that the school.systems had.and i i said well i'd like to see that.i said well there's a lot of.vulnerabilities in there this is not.something we would let.the public see we don't even want to let.it leave the office.if you come in to the school board.office we'll let you read it.that is something that i don't think the.public should know.but as a school board member i have.the right to look at that and evaluate.it to make good policy.that is consistent with the state law.they meant any or.all records not just.records that we're going to allow the.public to see.that's at least two examples i mean if.if there.are probably numerous other examples.where the school board needs to have.access to information that may not be.generally open to the general public yet.we're.dropping the any or all records and.we're dropping the state language.to put something in that says oh you.have the same right as a public to.see a record i don't think it's right.now last week we we heard the the.attorney explain that.oh it's just a change of warning it's.essentially the same it means the same.thing.well the state wrote in these words why.are we changing them if it's the same.thing.we need to put the words back that the.state put in when they first.passed this law.now we also said we were told that.the attorneys came up with these words.maybe maybe we'll work toward that i.i assume from the discussion that these.changes were made by.a couple of attorneys and and.i find out from mr richardson's request.that.well they didn't really come up with the.policy we gave them a draft and they.looked at it.and and they found some mr broad okay.i won't i won't go further on that thank.you mr.there are 5 000 statues in.in 17 education and state law.i don't expect attorneys to know every.law.in those five thousands and if they're.not directly appointed to.the wording in a specific clause like.rs 17 colon 81..so the fact that it might not have been.observed by.an evaluating attorney i can understand.that.i want to make an urgent appeal to the.my members on the board.to either reject this policy are.put in the wordings that are consistent.with the state law.as an amendment thank you thank you mr.bro.mrs lamey my comment was basically going.to be the same last week when.miss richardson mr bro asked we were.told that.the wording was being changed simply to.simplify.the verbiage to make it more to make it.clear.but that we were not changing what the.policy says.and in my opinion that wasn't the truth.i feel like that wasn't transparent and.i feel like that's something our system.needs to work on is being transparent.so i feel like i want to thank mr bro.and mrs richardson for your time and.your effort for looking into this.and comparing it because i tend to.believe people.um and and take them at their word but.truthfully.it is changing the meaning whether.intentionally or not.so um i just wanted to to thank you both.and to point that out.thank you mrs lamey anyone else.mr jabya yes i just want to say that.we have nothing to hide everything has.been.transparent three attorneys have viewed.this.what we sent to the attorney was our.current.policy and in turn he took.one attorney took that policy made some.suggestions.and sent it back and then it was.reviewed by two.other attorneys and that's i have to go.on the legal.aspect of bob hammons who's well.respected throughout this state that.does.all educational law and danny garrett.who is the attorney for the louisiana.school board association.and miss bergeron all looked at this.we have nothing to hide i take exception.to the fact that we were not transparent.and that if you can show me where i was.not transparent or we were not.transparent.then show me and i'll tell you i made a.mistake.thank you mrs lamey mr jabia i apologize.if you feel that i was saying you were.trying to hide something or lie and i.was not.what i was trying to say is that when we.questioned what the purpose of change.was because i pulled up the.law while we were sitting there and it.said just to simplify the language but.not to change the policy or our rights.at all and then to see that the law is.still the same i don't understand why we.have to change the verbiage.that's all i'm saying mr green.just a question for council under the.under the old language.r verse are the new language is there.any piece of information.that is available to a school board.member that is not.available to a general member of the.public.i mean any i mean if if if i'm a school.board member or if i'm.john doe public and i walk in what is.there any other information that i can.access that i.wouldn't otherwise not without a.majority vote at the board.so i again i don't know what the big.issue is here thank you okay ms.richardson.so say for example um my daughter tried.out for dance team.and she didn't make it as a general.public person could i request to go in.and see all of the girls scores all of.their teacher references.as a public person versus as a board.member.um you can do either one of those.because those would be.subject to um privacy privacy.so you would have to redact the name or.you wouldn't be able to share that.information at all.correct unless there was a.a vote of the board that would allow so.for that to be allowed.if that was allowed but we didn't vote.as a board that would be.illegal well i'm.not using the term illegal but there are.um that is not.the way that it should work okay thank.you.all right ms richardson.mr jabia thank you for bringing up the.three lawyers while i cannot obviously.talk about the content.i think it's important that i have an.opportunity to talk to.mr bob hammons myself um i would like to.do that.because it's important that i have.the ability to express my concerns that.i have.addressed tonight and i am asking that.if.anything if you don't want to completely.um throw it out i'm asking that just.what what error or what harm can be done.giving a board member.one more meeting to take the time to.talk to council because i understand.three.lawyers looked at it i understand but.his language.which i can't discuss has provoked new.questions and concerns that i think.are are valid and reliable i mean.i'm sorry i am very concerned about this.policy.so i would like to have the opportunity.the opportunity to review that.and i apologize my train of thought my.miss lamy talked about the legal counsel.it'll come back.sorry that's all thank you mr richardson.mr broad.uh miss bergeron.under the current policy that exists.today which says.school board members may examine any or.all records.with certain exceptions would it be.would it be okay on an existing policy.for us to ask for.confidential information such as.attorney privilege.information would it be okay for me to.ask about.a safety report.under under the current conditions under.the current.procedures under the current procedures.there may be.obviously their attorney client.privileged documents.are subject to particular.[Music].requirements as far as disclosure of.those go.and the safety report or document that.you were referring.to that i'm not sure if.if that would be a it depends on the.nature of the of the record itself.is it a public record is it subject to.some sort of exception.that would preclude its disclosure to.everyone those would have to be.sort of reviewed on a case-by-case basis.okay my assumption is.that it is not generally available to.public just as.lawyer confidential attorney.confidential.materials would not they would not be.open to the public but under the.existing policy.we could look at those and have this.week as a matter of fact.but under the new policy it drops all.that language about ner.and if we if we as a board member.actually wanted to see those documents.we would have to get a majority vote of.the school board.to evaluate that it is a change of.policy.it is not the same policy and and.and it it just eliminates our rights to.discover information that's that we need.to do.in order to make policy decisions.and to and to direct the school system.thank you mr winkler can i call for a.vote.all right the question well the quote.no the question has been called that.motion is in order.but it um.remind me my brain is tired tonight mrs.bergeron.does uh call the questions require a.second yes.i believe so i thought it did but i just.want to make sure it's there a second to.call the question mrs page.uh there's a second so the motion on the.floor now is to call the question.um any discussion about that motion to.call the question.and remind me is this a two-thirds vote.i believe.if i'm not mistaken it's a two-thirds.vote i'm pretty sure for.to call the question um all right.um so any comments or questions from the.board any comments or questions for the.public.oh regarding the motion to call.regarding the motion.i realized i'm finding a losing battle i.went into the snowiness.but my problem is is how do we vote on.this motion when the language says.well i mean mr bro just said it was.majority but i have to get a vote and.the actual policy reads total board.member i mean that's not even.proper robertson rule order we have to.get majority.or total board mem what does that mean.total.that's a i can't how do we approve that.i mean any other questions about calling.the question.all right not seeing any uh.the motion of the floor is to call the.question i'll um are we doing this by.voice vote or.oh there it is now this is to call the.question all right so then we'll have a.vote.then on the policy itself so this is.just simply to.close debate and call the question and.does require two-thirds.um we're voting on a question now we're.we're voting on.ending debate and we're voting on.calling the question then.the policy then will be up for for a.vote.uh before we ended the debate do we.do we normally ask for public opinion.and i don't remember us doing that.i thought i did i'm sorry any comments.from the public.okay yep called so the question has been.called.oh now this is on.ending debate regarding and then we'll.then the.policy will be on the floor for a vote i.think the way i'm understanding this is.you're voting.to stop discussion of this correct.and then from there you're going to take.a vote on the policy.yes ma'am and if you have a majority.rule.then this will go into practice yes.ma'am.you have some people here on the board.who have brave concerns.um i personally feel like you should.have an extension on this.right ma'am the question is this.relating to calling the question.ending debate i don't think you should.end the debate i mean unless there's no.one else who has something to.say i think mr broad brought up some.very valid points so did miss richardson.and miss lamey.i mean as mrs richardson pointed out.this is i mean she pointed out a couple.times robert's rules of order so.the motion by robert's rules uh and by.standard.parliamentary practice it that mr.winkler made is in order to close the.debate so whether.that's up to up to the board so let the.board decide if they want to end debate.if they don't want to end debate then.we'll continue discussing it.okay all right i mean that's all right.i'm just letting you know as a concerned.citizen out here hearing what i'm.hearing i just.it it does bring into question it does.bring into question.why verbiage has been changed and i just.want you to know that the general public.myself as the general public.is concerned that's all i wanted to say.thank you ma'am all right so um.for clarification um mr nation i'd like.to know.if um by calling the question.and voting on that motion are we.not going to ask for public input on the.original vote.because we haven't had an opportunity.for that and i do feel like that is.oh right well once we call the question.then.we'll go back to the original motion and.allow public input thank you.just on the question yeah we're just.ending debate.all right like questions.yeah we're ending debate.we are ending debate as mrs richardson.said per robert's rules of order the.motion.mr winkler made it now the fact that if.you agree with it don't disagree.or disagree with it is we are ending.debate.all right we're calling the question to.end debate so.can we at least get this can we at least.let the board decide whether they want.any debate or not.all right open the floor is now open to.vote.i haven't i don't know if i voted or not.i can't remember.oh i did all right.it was already on the screen.it was at least it was already on the.screen and we already did it.it was already.okay uh just by my simple mind the.simple math that is a two-thirds.majority so the.question has been called so the original.motion.on the floor uh to.accept the revision to school board.policy file cg.is now up for a vote and of course we.will.allow as mrs heights uh if there's any.comments any comments.uh from the public regarding that.well is there any additional comments.you'd like to make that you haven't.already made.all right i just wanted to say this is.why i don't want to have to.have majority vote to get documents or.anything else because you can see.the way the votes go regularly.all right mr durman miss lamy.i don't understand that this is a.democracy.and just because you don't get your way.every time or something.that that's immaterial it's this is the.course.of action okay and that's perfectly fine.and i respect that.but we can't just stop somebody from.having conversation is what i thought.if we can't talk outside of the board.meeting when else do we question that's.been called mrs lamey you're out of.order.any comments or questions from the.public.mrs lamey this is a legal body correct.all right correct me.no stop.[Music].i apologize for that there was a very.very bad.bullying situation at the last meeting.and then continued and i apologize.the question has been called.i hadn't yet i'm waiting on comments.from the public.all right so the floor is open.the policy as it stands.oh okay i was waiting for comments from.the problem.mr bro the i mean it's done i mean we're.the debate has been has been closed.[Music].you certainly i mean uh 10 years 4 days.no abstentions and the motion passes all.right.mr green.thank you um item h the committee.recommends.rejection of all bids submitted for the.additions of fifth ward junior high.school.stpsb project number 1930 because all.bids submitted were over the amount.budgeted for the project and.do you so move i submit all right sarah.a second.oh mr harold seconds all right any.discussion from board members.mr harrell i was just going to ask ms.tipton what's the schedule like to get.this.put out for bid for rebid.we've already met um with ms strata.berger and cni.and mr uffneck and uh working with the.architect to make changes right now.and get it out just as quick as we can.if.if everything continues like it is right.now we're trying to get it out for a bit.in this coming month to bring it back to.the board in october.okay thank you all right thank you.morris open the vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously mr.green.thank you item i the committee.recommends acceptance of lyon elementary.school.300 wing roofing as substantially.complete subject to architects.recommendations.submission of all regulatory.requirements and approval of.interim superintendent jaby stpsbr0071.all right let's see uh.this was mr durman moves mr.loop seconds any questions or comments.from board members.any questions or comments from the.public please vote.and the motion is adopted unanimously.all right.i think finally mr president thank you.uh finally item j.the committee recommends acceptance of.mandeville high school site improvements.phase three is substantially complete.subject architects recommendations.submission of all regulatory.requirements and approval.of superintendent jabias stpsb.p0245 an iso move all right.a motion by mr green second by mrs.drucker any questions or comments from.the public.i mean uh from the board any questions.comments from the public.all right the floor is open.and that motion has adopted unanimously.does that conclude your report.thank you mr president that does.conclude our report all right.and now for announcements a public.hearing concerning input for the.proposed budgets for fiscal year 2020.2021.is hell is going to be held thursday.august 20th.at 6 pm all schools and central office.sites will be closed monday september.7th for labor day holiday.the next committee as a whole meeting.will be thursday.uh september 3rd at 6 pm with the full.board meeting the following thursday.september 7th excuse me september 10th.at 7 pm.with no further business to come before.the board i declare this meeting.[Music].adjourned.[Music].you.

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