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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Filling out Long Stay Visa France Application Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Long Stay Visa France Application Form

youtube video

A Complete Manual with respect toLong Stay Visa France Application Form

let's learn how to apply for a French.long-stay visa well technically you need.two most important things a certain list.of documents and then you need an.application form so today I'm going to.show you how to fill an application form.for most of the countries the process.remains same but let's start with French.long-stay visa so if you want to apply.for a French visa and if you're an.Indian citizen you don't have to write.French visa you have to write our EFS.France and this is the link way of life.at the French visa you click on that and.there are different options that you can.choose from do you need a visa do you.need to start your application do you.need to submit how do you track your.application I am an Indian citizen so I.definitely need a visa so I don't have.to waste my time here let's start away.with an application form there are lots.of reasons tourist Weezer's business.reasons but this video focuses on one.most important thing which is student.visa and that to a long-stay student.visa so I'm not talking about exchange.students I'm talking about full time.students so you click there and now you.just have to watch carefully what to do.and what not to do in your application.form please remember that every.information that I share in this video.is completely for demonstration purpose.and is not related to me or anybody okay.so let's start here you click on access.to visa application and then you have.two options create an account log in to.my account so I have already created my.account so I will just go here but since.you don't have an account you just fill.your details here and you create your.account so I'll just enter my details.and yeah login the moment you click on.login you see five or six information.that you need to follow your plan your.information your last.Ouiser your stay your contacts and week.at the moment to do that their life is.very easy for you to apply for the visa.so let's start with the application form.place of submission of application I'm.an Indian citizen soulful india city of.submission would be for me it's.for you you can choose anywhere Weiser.type requested would be long stay.because I'm going for more than three.months number of months of stay would be.more than one year because my duration.of the master's program is own 15 months.main destination of stay would obviously.be France for me issuing authority of.travel document not for your travel.document you have to write every.information here which is mentioned in.your passport so issuing authority for.me it was Government of India travel.document was obviously ordinary not.diplomatic not official not Siemens not.identity certificate it's ordinary.passport for everyone travel document.number again for demonstration purpose.that's right.any number okay date of issue that's.right again any other number that's.right.let's give a so first of all you have to.understand that the usual validity of a.passport is usually ten years so I'm.going to write anything for example.let's say if I made my passport on.random date okay and I select the state.as the expiry date all this information.is already available on your passport.your plan my plan is not family not.marriage not business to study my main.purpose of say would be student not.student and mobility student now you.verify or safe I would just verify the.information the moment you verify the.information you again have a shot to.edit the information if you don't want.to do that just click on next.yes I happen to the travel document.correctly I would select yes okay the.next step is your gender for me it's.male marital status a single last name.is through party last birth name I.didn't have any other previous last name.object orientation for my first name.would be proud since Roger is also my.middle name but this form does not give.any information about middle name please.into your middle name girl always data.okay let's write any random date okay.city of birth let's write my hometown.although I wouldn't tell you what I was.born country of birth of course India.citizen in the nationality at birth of.different no I was always in the.national identity number if you want you.can write your own whole card number.here because national identity colleges.are not not deal always at all but it is.not mandatory like country nationality.or current nationally so I wouldn't.write anything here your personal.information your address that's right.some random address he left colony.sector 18 Gurgaon oh I would write good.here okay so you write your information.here this information usually this.address usually should be your present.address because this is the.communication address of course you can.write your permanent address as well.because the VFS who you know usually ask.for address to career your passport you.can change your address there okay so.you don't have to worry about it this.can be the address of your passport this.can be opponent today so this could be.your present address so I'm just writing.a running dress country would be India.telephone number random email address of.course I wouldn't write at random so you.can enter your information I hope until.now you do not have any doubts because.the form was really easy do you live in.the country other than country of.apparent nationality no a member of your.family is French national no do you have.any family members who live in France no.what is your current job my current job.let's say I'm an engineer because most.of the people are engineers you enter.electronics engineer if it not.electronics engineer now you can write.other and just when you write other you.have to enter all this information if.other what do you do what sector do you.work and what is the name of your.employer.so let's say I'm just an employee sector.let's say if I am an engineer again I.would write information and.communication name of employer I don't.know what company you're working for if.you're not.working at all just select no but if.your work I would just write any random.company and their address so this is.purely for demonstration purpose you can.write their phone number and their email.id okay and then you click on next once.you click on next you would see this.information indicate here if you have.previously resided in France for more.than three months in a row of course you.haven't so click on no and go to next if.you have lived in France or Europe for.more than three months you go back click.on yes enter all the information.legitimately.now details of your state plan date of.arrival in French territory let's say I.land in France on August 26th so I'll.click on August 26th plan duration of.stay a number of months would be 12 of.course it is 15 but there is no option.of 15 so I'll just write 12 the purpose.of stay ok as a reminder the main.purpose of a stay is study this reason.his students you have to enter your CEF.number however CEF number at the moment.is not mandatory here so you can leave.it blank but if you have a CF number you.can write your c EF number here okay CF.number is basically a number it's a.random number given me here but see if.number is usually given by campus France.campus France is a process which you.have to do before coming to this.application form do you have a.scholarship yes no you know it better.will you be traveling with members of.family yes no you know it better you.click on next and you go to ok this.wheel isn't correct so let's leave it.blank and let's see what happens ok so I.don't have a CF number if you don't have.a CF number you can still move on to the.next stage in the form now most.important part host person organization.whether a person will be accommodating.here or a company or hotel or myself or.another guarantor so these are two very.important parts of replication host.person organization or funding of travel.cost.okay now let's say if I am going to live.in a hotel or a hostel if you like.waiting to live in a hotel you click.this if you're not going to click the.live in a hotel you write the name of.the school.so let's write a company organization.first of all let me tell you whether you.live in a hostel or hotel or some.residents always fill the name of your.school because the schools and France.they provide you an accommodation letter.and with that the chances of visa.increase okay.so enter the host organization company.as your school because you are anyway.going to get a document from your school.if your school is not providing the.document then of course you can enter.your landlord agreement information but.always prefer the school even if you.have some information so let's say I'm.going to write the school of my alma.mater if I'm going to write ketchup if.I'm going to join cash business school.I'll just write cash business school the.address marseille country would be.france telephone number random facts.random although it's not mandatory email.address hedge I don't remember the.information of let's write it a random.information.[Music].Marseille at HBS dot-com it's a random.information okay last name of the.contact person that's right Sean I mean.it's again random information so the.number the contact information address.what everything would be everything.would be to mention in details on your.little of accommodation so just copy.that information from your letter and.paste it here John Chambers this is an.imaginary perfect name you write address.of the school here again you don't write.the personal address of that person one.three zero zero nine or say all this.information is already mentioned on the.letter that you would receive copy the.phone number paste it here.copy the fax number and paste it here.and then the email address what did I.write here I'll just copy it and I'll.paste it I.okay yeah until now so you have filled.the company organization establishment.which will be accommodating it it will.be your school which is hosting you even.if you have Airbnb hostel or hotel.booked in your name if you're going for.a long stay student visa of course you.can fill your own landlord details you.can fill your private accommodation.details if you don't have the better or.if you don't know where should but this.is something that I recommend now.funding or travel cost if you have first.of all France is not like Germany or the.countries where you have to open a.french sorry a foreign bank account and.deposit the money to get a visa in.France you just need three months of.bank statement and money enough money in.your bank statements enough when I say.enough money I mean 15 I mean two things.number one your tuition fees.it could be 12,000 15,000 euros and then.of course your cost of living cost of.living as per the government of France.is seven three eight zero euros six.lakhs in Indian currency so you have.that much of money if you have that much.of money in your bank account you click.on myself okay and then means of.substance accommodation if you have.already prepaid click this if you.haven't leave it transport cost prepaid.if you have click this if you haven't.don't do this of course you are in India.you haven't leased a transpose cost so.leave it blank traveler's check me with.blank credit card leave it blank cash.you would be carrying some cash so into.cash and other when you mention other.okay just try it let's try this way okay.I don't know why other tab is going off.yeah but what if that doesn't create a.problem in your system what you can.write as bank statement here okay so you.would be showing your bank statements.now if you go by company organization.establishment hosting me if somebody is.funding your education and in France.then you write you know click here and.enter all the details but most of the.people they go for education loan or.their parents family funding so you.click here by another guarantor and.specify which so you would mention bank.loan.family funding if it is only bank loan.right this if it is only family funding.right this otherwise right in full okay.so I'd right bank loan and family.funding because most of the people would.go for this now means of substance of.course all expenses are not covered as.of now accommodation is not tried it as.of now it is provided but you have not.paid for it.so what you can click do is click on.other again there is some issue with.this browser but when you click on other.right here six months or three months.bank statement of yourself your faith.family your parents and the name of the.bank which is providing it alone also.you can write the amount that you are.being paid by the bank and your family.okay so do not worry about anything.I hope you are clear on this part I will.repeat again if you are your own sponsor.click on myself and click on other write.everything in detail if somebody is.hosting you click on this option select.other write everything in detail this is.the simplest and best way if you're.provided loan or family funding click.this option specify everything in here.and then click another write everything.here okay and then you click on next.once you click on next you have.completed this much of information and.you would move on to the next stage now.since my browser is wonderful and.creating wonderful problems for me I.would draw this like cash and go on next.okay now this is the recap pot that.means this is the chance if you want to.edit something right so you can download.you can click here and download a PDF.okay if you don't want to download the.PDF you can just first of all it's.wonderful you have a PDF you can revise.everything but let's say if you don't.want to download a PDF you can just edit.information here and see the information.online now let's have a look at the PDF.my first name is okay my last name is.okay my place of birth is fine date of.birth country everything is fine gender.males.status single this is my application.form passport ordinary every detail.which I felt is crystal clear yeah okay.so before you take a printout of this.form look at this carefully and then.sign here and write a date here the.moment you go to VFS you have to paste.your photograph here 35 by 45 exercise.if there is some issue with your.photograph they will click you and they.will let you know okay so let's say if I.say that my application is perfect I.declare and I click on continue well if.you have more applications with you.let's say more people are going with you.your wife your kids you click on add a.request okay otherwise you click on.continue and have you checked for each.applicant that the data in the form.conform to the information you have.entered once the step is validated.you'll be you'll not be able to modify.it then I would select yes and let's see.what happens.voila my information is buffet required.supporting documents to submit your.application now the first part is.complete it barely took 10 to 15 minutes.to fill the entire form of course if.you're filling it for the first time it.might take 30 minutes as well but it's.very easy just fill all the information.carefully from your passport from your.school document from your accommodation.document that's it now the second part.is supporting documents these are the.documents first of all take a print of.this damn form which we just filled and.forget everything second thing you need.these many documents to go to the VFS to.get the visa.first of all application form date and.sign I just told you Franz who visa.received which you will pay and you.would get it I do photograph you would.know the photograph which I already told.you if it's not a national of your.country forget this travel document.issued few fewer than 10 years ago.forget this purpose of travel of stay.now this is something that you need.countries fall on the EEF attitudes and.fauns.procedure this is campus France.procedure remember I told you ten.minutes ago.you need a CEF number a campus France.number which I left to blank because I.didn't do campus France I already.studied in front so I don't need it but.if you are going to France this is the.last stage the visa is a last stage.before that you go to campus France just.like British Council for UK dad for.Germany so you go here you get your.document you get a CF number fill it.there and then you take a printout of.that and go to EFS so that document is.required here as well.accomodation I already told you get a.letter by the school most of different.schools get this document and of course.would have your landlord rent agreement.as well and the last and final but most.important thing funding I already told.you 615 euros per month is basically 7 3.8 euros for 12 months that means around.five point five to six lakhs apart from.your tuition fees okay so you have one.two three four five six these six.documents along with your passport okay.and you can go to the VFS office nearest.to you and Delhi we have the VFS office.and Shivaji stadium metro station very.close to cannot place an emergency man.there you go there and you take an.appointment how do you take an.appointment is really simple again you.go to the same website which I told you.in the beginning you go to appointment.section take an appointment and just go.there okay.so if you have any doubts until now feel.free to comment below and I would be.very happy to answer your questions okay.now you click on continue you have all.the documents with you you have all the.information with you you have the entire.form with you and you click on continue.the moment you click on continue this.will be like this which says make an.appointment at the visa Center you will.find the necessary information to make.an appointment on the page whom should I.contact so you click here I wouldn't do.do this right now because this is.demonstration form so you just go there.fill your information on whom should I.contact and take an appointment usually.the date of appointment is barely two to.six days in duration so let's say five.if I take an appointment today probably.I'll get it for this week or maybe maybe.next week right so I hope this was very.helpful to you if you have any questions.feel free to comment below if you like.this video please hit the like button if.you really want your friends to know.more about how to fill the form.correctly.to get a French long-stay student visa.share this video with them and if you.want to know more about lifestyle Weiser.part-time jobs good schools good.business schools in France and you're.please watch more videos on advisory.once again thank you so much and have a.great day.

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Long Stay Visa France Application Form FAQs

View the below common doubts about Long Stay Visa France Application Form. Reach directly if you still have other queries.

Need help? Contact support

Can I visit Iceland if I have a Schengen visa from France? Does the country on the Schengen visa matter at all?

Yes. Iceland is in Schengen area so you can visit it. If your visa says that its valid in all Schengen countries then the country on your visa doesn’t matter.

How do I apply for a Schengen visa for Switzerland and France when I have a UK visa?

By applying for a Schengen visa at your nearest French or Swiss consulate. Holding a UK visa makes no difference whatsoever - the UK is not in Schengen. Search for “xxx consulate <city>” and follow the instructions. You must apply for the visa from the country where you will spend most time. If you are staying equal durations in both countries then apply to the country you will enter first.

If my Schengen visa is from France, is it ok to enter Italy directly?

Technically yes it is enough but passport officers have right to question you and they have absolute right to reject your entry if they are not satisfied. Make sure you have hotel (or any other accommodation) proof, ticket to return your home country and a good explanation why did you land to Italy. If you go by land nobody ask you no question but they asking in airports. PS: They may not ask you nothing as well. It’s depends on mood of passport officer. Stay calm and answeR their questions if they ask something. No argue, no comment.

I got 2 Schengen visa rejection stamps (1st from France and 2nd from Germany), what are the chances I will get this time?

Did you mention it on application/cover letter that you have GF whom you wanna visit? If you did that is the reason they rejected visa. If so don’t mention any ties you have in schengen countries.

How do I fill out the application for a Schengen visa?

Dear Rick, A Schengen visa application form requires the information about your passport, intended dates and duration of visit, sponsor’s or inviting person's details, previous schengen visa history etc. If you have these details with you, it is very easy to fill out the visa application.

How long does it take to get a long-stay student visa to study in France?

Delivery delays vary following the country’s embassy/consulate, but you should plan at least 2 weeks to get your student VISA. Learn more about long-stay student VISAs for France and how to apply here: Getting your VISA

How long can I stay in France without becoming a resident?

For some, it may depend on the circumstances, for me it is three months. I would like to take up ‘residencia’ but, the Spanish Consulate’ in Chicago does not respond to Emails, letters to their address in Chicago, and phone calls. if someone can tell me how I can live there 12 months of the year, please let me know.

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