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The Information Guidance for 2656 5 2011 2019 Form

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Find out How to Write Down the 2656 5 2011 2019 Form

hello I'm Staff Sergeant Travis Reed and.today I'm going to go over with you how.to fill out the DD two six five six.which is simply your retirement.application form this is a two part form.so this video will seem a little bit.longer however it is worth your time in.section one pay identification you have.block one name this is in last name.first name middle initial format so for.me it would be read comma Travis space J.the next block moving to the right is.SSN which is simply your social security.number with or without dashes the next.block is block 3 retirement slash.transfer date this will be the same date.that you put on the DD Form 108 which.will be the date you turn 60 or the rpe.d date retirement pay eligibility date.and block 4 to the right you have rain.pay grade this will be for myself.Staff Sergeant which is SSG backslash e6.the next base to the right is date of.birth and that is year month date format.back to the left you have six.correspondence address again this will.be wherever you receive your mail.be it a physical address or P o box so.in 6a you have Street or P o box 6b you.have the city 6c you have the state.which is abbreviated 6d you have the zip.code and 6e you have the telephone.number ensure that you put your area.code in section 2 you have direct.deposit / electronic fund transfer.information so in section 2 seven you.have your routing number.every routing number will have nine.digits ensure that you have nine digits.in your routing number.moving to the right you have block 8.type of account this will be checking or.savings if you decide to use a money.market account put s for savings moving.over to the right you have 9 account.number this will be simply your account.number ensure that you use all the.numbers and double check your work going.back to the left you have the financial.institution in number 10 so 10 a is the.financial institution name I use State.Employees Credit Union so I will use.secu as the abbreviation 10 B is the.street address 10 C the city 10 D the.state again abbreviated and 10 e the zip.code in section 3 you have separation.payment information this information is.simply in the form of a yes or no answer.and depending on your answer will.determine if you have to put anything in.Block B and C so in section 3 separation.payment information 11 a the question is.this did you receive severance pay.readjustment phase separation paid.voluntary separation incentive or.special separation bonuses if you did.not you will put an X in the no block.and you will not have to fill out B or C.type of payment and gross amount if you.did receive this payment you will put an.X in the yes block you'll put in Block B.the type of payment by the abbreviated.format so if it is a severance pay it.will be SC if it was a readjustment pay.it will be RP if it was a separation pay.it will be SP if it was a voluntary.separation incentive you will put V si.and if it was special separation bonus.it will be SS b and black C you will put.the gross amount that you received if.you are unaware of the amount you can.simply look on your n CB 22 or your.dd-214 in which you receive to pay for.and you will find it.in your remarks section section four.member of the Reserve Component 12-8 is.also a yes or no question depending on.the answer of question 12 eight will.determine if you put anything in 12 B.and 12 C so the question is do you.receive or were you receiving on the.date of retirement any VA compensation.for disability if not you will put an X.in the block beside note you will not.put anything in 12 B or 12 C if you put.an X beside yes you will put in a date.of effective date of payment in Block B.in year month date format and you will.put the money amount of which the.payment was that you received you will.find this information on the letter that.you received from the VA it shall have a.dollar amount and a date it will also.have percentages somewhere on the forms.you will need to attach a copy of this.VA letter to the back of this form for.your application process please ensure.that you answer these questions.correctly to the best of your knowledge.to ensure that there is no issues in.processing your retirement pension.moving on to section 5 designation of.beneficiary for unpaid retired pay this.information is for who you would like to.receive your last paycheck.in the event you pass away during the.middle of a pay period ie you get paid.once a month if you pass away two weeks.into a month who would you like to.receive that unpaid two weeks paid that.is due and 13a.it will be last name first name middle.initial 13b their social security number.13 see the address in 13 C this can also.be a physical address if they receive.mail at the house or appeal box.normally what I will do is I will put in.the PIO box or the street address in the.top block of C and then the next line.below it I will put in the city state.and zip to ensure that I have plenty of.room for all of the information in 13 D.you will put the relationship whether it.be son daughter husband wife or friend.in 13 e you will put the share amount.because of the amount of this check and.the fact that it is a one-time payment I.would recommend doing a hundred percent.to whoever the recipient is however in.the event you do want to break the check.up you can put the percentage of.whatever percent you want it to be and.you can list multiple recipients you.will need the same information for each.recipient and at the end of listing your.recipients the total has to equal 100.percent.section 6 and 7 is tax information and.we do not fill it out however if you.desire to fill out additional tax.information and voluntary state tax.withholding information you can see the.instructions for the DD 265 6 and do it.at your own leisure we will fill out in.section 6 14 which is marital status and.you will put an X beside single or an X.beside married then you will skip over.to 18 of section 6.are you a United States citizen put an X.in yes 4 yes in different note again see.instructions on the DD to 6 5 6 section.7 again is voluntary state tax.withholding information and you can fill.this out at your leisure please see the.instructions.on the two six five six section 8 is.dependency information this is your.spouse's information if you're married.if you mark single in block seats you.can skip this section of the form.spouse's information will be named in.last name first name middle initial.format 22b will be the social security.number 22 C will be the date of birth in.year-month-day format 23 will be the.date of marriage in year-month-day.format and 24 will be the place of.marriage the place of marriage is simply.city and state the spouse's information.and the designation of beneficiaries for.unpaid allowances from section 5 may be.the same this is OK in section 8 25.dependent children you will list.children that are still minors that.means they are under the age of 18 or.they are under the age of 23 if they are.in college their information will be.named in 25a by last name first name.middle initial format date of birth in.25 be in year month and day format.social security number in 25 see.relationship in 25 D and that will be.son daughter.stepson stepdaughter if the child is.from a former spouse beside relationship.in parentheses put FS 25 e if they are.disabled simply write yes or no that.completes the first form of the 2 6 5 6.we will now fill out the second page of.the DD Form two six five six at the top.you have member name if you're doing.this in an Adobe form it will already be.generated from the previous form if not.you will fill it out by last name first.name middle initial format and to the.right the social which will also be Auto.populated if you're doing this in an.Adobe format but again if not full.social with or without dashes section 9.is survivors benefit plan election or.SVP in the event that you already have.RCS VP coverage the election that you.had for that coverage is the same.election that will continue through a 60.up to the point of your death.however this section is in the event you.did not make an election for RC SVP or.the election was not automatically made.for you ie you are not married and did.not have children you would make an.election at this time if your status has.changed in the event you no longer want.coverage you will be able to do a drop.from enrollment at the 24 to 36 month.mark from the time you start drawing.your retired pay once you elect a drop.from enrollment you forfeit any future.opportunities to have coverage for.children or spouses in the future this.is where you will elect who you would.like to have coverage and the coverage.amount in section 926 beneficiary.category you have options a through G.the retiree is eligible to make whatever.decision they desire however if you are.married your spouse will have to sign if.you elect not to have.so option 26 a I let coverage for spouse.only if you do not want to carry.coverage on your children or your.children have already aged out you can.make this election you will put an x.beside the a to the left and then you'll.put an X to the right beside whichever.applies and X here for I do have.dependent children.oran eggs and the last block for I do.not have dependent children your.children do not have to be aged out for.you to make this election you can have.dependent children and still elect.spouse only option B I let coverage for.spouse and children in the event your.children are young enough to what you.feel like the coverage would be.beneficial for your spouse and your.children put an X beside b-26 see I let.coverage for children only in the event.you have children however you are.divorced or widowed you'll put an X.beside C then you will put an X to the.right beside I do or I do not have a.spouse if you do have a spouse again.your spouse will have to sign saying.that they are aware of this decision if.you do not have a spouse you will put an.X beside do not have a spouse 26d would.be ayelet coverage for the person named.in item 28 who has an insurable interest.in me for example possibly a business.partner for 26 d you would need to see.the instructions for the DD 265 626 II.Ayelet coverage for my former spouse if.you are previously married and you still.want your former spouse to have coverage.you will for the exercise 26e you will.need to see the instructions and also.complete a DD 265 6-1 survivors benefit.plan election statement for former.spouse coverage in 26 F ayelet coverage.for my former spouse and dependent.children of that marriage again if you.have a former spouse and you still want.coverage on them and the dependent.children as well you put X.besides 26 F and again you will need to.see instructions and complete a DD 265.6-1 26 G is I elect not to purchase.eight in SVP if you make this election.you would put an X beside G and again if.you're married your spouse will have to.sign saying that they are aware of this.decision then moving to the right you.will put the X in the appropriate block.and exercise I do if I do have eligible.dependent under this plan or an X beside.I do not if you do not have eligible.dependents under this plan section 927.level of coverage level of coverage you.have four options a b c and d 27a as I.let coverage based on full rows pain.you'll put an X beside the a 27b I elect.coverage with a reduced base amount of.and you will put a dollar amount in this.plane if this is the option you desire.please see the instructions in the DD.two six five six on 27 level of coverage.C Redux members only.Ayelet coverage based on my full gross.pay under read ups I understand that.this represents a reduced a base amount.and requires spouse concurrence if you.would like to choose that option please.see the instructions in the DD two six.five six in twenty seven D aisle eight.coverage based on the threshold amount.and effect on the date of retirement if.you would like to choose that option.please see the instructions in the DD.two six five six in section nine twenty.eight insurable interest beneficiary.again this will be an example of a.business partner if you have an.insurable interest please see the.instructions on the two six five six and.fill out the following accordingly.in 28 a last name first name middle.initial format 28 be the social security.number of the insurable interest 28 see.the relationship.28d date of birth in year-month-day form.28 the street address 28 f city 28 G.state that will be abbreviated and 28 H.zip code.moving on to section 10 remarks section.1029 use this section to continue any.items or make additional comments for.example if you had more dependents under.the children dependents you would put.there additional information here.section 11 certification this will be.the retiree signature in 30 a and the.date in 30 be in year-month-day format.at this time you will need to get.everything witnessed by North Carolina.National Guard member or a VA.representative they will fill their.information out in Section 11 31.witnesses name in 31 a last name first.name middle initial format witnesses.signature in 31 be the date they.witnessed in 31 see year-month-day.format in 31 d the unit or organization.address that they represent.in 31e the city or base in which they.represent.in 31f the state again abbreviated in.31g the zip code that will be everything.that needs to be filled out in the DD.265 seats in the event you elected to.have full coverage on your spouse.however if you did not elect full.coverage on your spouse they will need.to sign and date they will not do this.until they are in front of a notary.witness at which time the notary will.fill out their notary information they.will witness your spouse signing and the.spouse dating in year-month-day format.and then they will put their notary seal.on the form at which time the DD Form to.six five six six is complete and is.ready to be forwarded to US Army Human.Resources command that covers it for the.DD to six five six please feel free to.review the additional videos for.applying for your federal and if you're.eligible state pension applications.again I'm Staff Sergeant Travis Reed.with the RSO where we live to serve and.we serve to live thank you.you.

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2656 5 2011 2019 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding 2656 5 2011 2019 Form . Let us know if you have any other confusion.

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