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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling out Johnson County Annual Occupational Tax Return 001 Fy Online

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The Definite Guide to Johnson County Annual Occupational Tax Return 001 Fy

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A Complete Manual with respect toJohnson County Annual Occupational Tax Return 001 Fy

hey it's Darius students have recently.been telling me that they've been seeing.simulations on the Reg exam on estates.and trusts in particular questions about.transactions that happened shortly.before a tax payer died or maybe right.after the tax payer died and the.question on the exam is what tax return.to those items get reported on so I.decided to put a sim together that.handles exactly that so here at CPA exam.tutoring calm we take your thoughts and.inputs very seriously in fact most of my.new material is as a result of your.request so don't just subscribe to the.YouTube channel but actually go to CPA.exam tutoring com click ask Darius send.me an email let me know what you would.like to see as the next upload or ask me.any other question I'll get back to you.personally so upon the death of a tax.payer a new tax paying entity known as.the tax payers estate is born.interesting choice of words is born then.to make sure no taxable income falls.through the cracks.so somebody dies right away a new tax.paying entity is created called the.taxpayers estate why to make sure that.the taxable income doesn't fall through.the cracks there's also deductions that.are allowed maybe to be taken on this.new entity but the IRS doesn't really.care so much about those deductions they.want to make sure that the income that.the person was going to pick up doesn't.fall through the cracks just because.they died so generally this income is.taxed either on the taxpayers final 1040.or on the return of the beneficiary who.acquires the right to receive the income.if that happens before the end of the.year and somebody gets the asset then.they get the right to acquire that.income.but if nobody gets the asset yet then.the asset stays in the estate and then.the income is taxed to the estate if.they receive $600 or more of income so.this income is something that was earned.maybe right before the taxpayers death.or maybe right after the taxpayers death.and they're gonna ask you which tax.return.does it appear on the 1040 which is the.final return of the taxpayer who died or.the 1041.which is the state's income tax return.so the incomes gotta be picked up by.somebody and it is possible also that a.beneficiary inherited the asset quickly.right away so then the income might.actually get picked up by that.beneficiary maybe the taxpayers daughter.or the taxpayers spouse or the taxpayers.someone else so we're gonna look here.jack here's the facts Jack's unmarried.was a self-employed consultant for the.telecommunications industry in 2018.prior to his death so that's what he did.he was self-employed in 2018.before 2018 they tell us Jack worked as.an employee for a large telecom company.so he worked all his life as an employee.then he went out on his own for a little.while as an independent consultant and.then he died.determine whether the following item.should impact Jack's 2018 1040 jack's.estate income tax return in 2018 the.1041 or not impact either tax return so.we're gonna keep it relatively not gonna.say simple but it's not gonna be too.terribly difficult all we're gonna do is.choose between Jack's final 1040 or the.estate's income tax return for 2018 so.there won't be any asset that's.inherited in 2018 by a third party but.we'll talk about it if it comes up in.any of these questions you ready.all right so Jack's a calendar year cash.basis taxpayer what is cash basis mean.its income when he receives it deduction.when he pays it and he's a calendar year.taxpayer so just like everybody else.December 31st cash basis just about.everybody's cash basis he died June 1st.2018 so for all these questions just.write down that his date of death was.June 1st 2018 and let's go to number 1.Jack was entitled to receive a $3,200.consulting fee that had not been.collected before the date of death so he.must have earned it then he died before.ever collecting it and the executor of.the estate collected the fee from Jack's.client look when on July 2nd after death.right death was June 1st the fee was.collected July 2nd 2018 now where are we.gonna say that this income should be.taxed now we know Jack earned it before.he died but he never collected it died.first.so this income has to be taxed IRS.insists that somebody pays the tax on.this who's gonna pay it and the answer.is it's gonna get taxed on the 1041.because as a calendar year tax payer.he's not going to include the 3,200 in.this final 1040 because it had not been.received by the date of death even.though it was earned it wasn't received.he's a cash basis taxpayer so the tax.will be paid but it'll be paid by the.1041 the estate that's created the day.of his death will have income from June.1st all the way to the end of the year.that 1041 is gonna pick up the income.whatever is received by the executor.from the date of death all the way.through to the end of the year.so this $3,200 would go right on to the.1041 the estate income tax return and.this would be ordinary income earned.income.so the classification of this income.would be the same as it would have been.if Jack would have lived to see it it's.ordinary income all right any questions.so far as to why it didn't go on the.1040 why did it go on the 1040 one.number two on May 2nd 2018 so that was.before death remember death was on June.1st.Jack completed a consulting job and sent.a bill to the customer in the amount of.$5,000 the customer was not satisfied.with the work and indicated that he.would only pay Jack $2,000 Jack agreed.to reduce the bill to 2,400 but before.payment was made the customer died the.customer died on June 10th 2018 a couple.days after jack died the executor of.Jack's estate could not collect from the.customers of state who died how are you.gonna handle that is that gonna go on.the 1040 as some kind of a bad debt.deduction or is that gonna go on the.1041 as a bad debt deduction cuz nothing.is collected here earned but not.collected for a cash basis taxpayer.means no income right so the answer is.nothing happens to this no tax treatment.at all and that's one of the options the.options were either the 1040 the 1041 or.no tax treatment at all and that's how.you'd handle this because failure to.collect accounts receivable will result.in a non-deductible loss so yeah it's a.loss but it's non-deductible can't do.anything with it as a cash basis.taxpayer this will result in no income.for jack on the final 10 14 or will it.be income on the 1041 yeah he earned it.but he never collected it and there's no.deduction either because he's cash basis.cash basis taxpayer doesn't get a bad.debt deduction right the reason why.there's no tax treatment here is because.there was no cash collected it wasn't.collected before death it wasn't.collected after death and the customer.died five days after Jack did so the.executor never collected this either and.that's why there's no tax tree.just because you failed to collect.accounts receivable doesn't mean you get.a deduction because a cash basis.taxpayer never gets a bad debt deduction.why because if you don't first pick it.up as income you can't get a bad debt.deduction only in a cruel basis taxpayer.can ever get a bad debt deduction and.they test that on every exam in some way.so Jack had a life insurance policy at.number three here that upon his death.paid a million dollars to his sister Kay.now you know what happens when you get.life insurance and a lump sum there's no.tax so it's tax-free to Kay there's no.income there so that's the answer no tax.treatment on the 1040 or the 1041 or on.Kay's return life insurance is not.taxable as income so it would not be on.any of these returns however however if.they ask you about the estate tax.the 706 not the 1041 but the asset tax.then that million dollars would be.included in the 706 to value the estate.of Jack to see if Jack's assets are.greater than the 11 million ish.exemption amount I'm not going to go.over what the total 11 million whatever.because that goes up every year so you.just have to know that that life.insurance policy would be included to.measure Jack's estate for estate tax.purposes because if he had 10 million.plus of other assets that million might.put him over the estate tax threshold.and he might have to fill out the 706.and pay some estate tax but if this is.the only asset he had or not much else.then there would be no 706 and most.people don't have the need for a 706.because they don't have 11 million plus.and assets when they die but as far as.income goes in this question there's no.tax treatment on the income because that.million-dollar life insurance policy is.not considered income not to the not to.Jack on the 1040 not to the 1041 and not.to the recipient the beneficiary K.wouldn't have any income there all right.let's go to 4 in April of so okay.now the only other time the only time.you could have income in that as if.there was like if the insurance company.paid you out overtime with interest and.the interest would be income but in one.lump sum life insurance is always.tax-free let's go to four in April of.2000 in April number four in April of.2018.Jack incurred thirteen thousand of.medical expenses the executor of the.estate paid the medical expenses on.August 10th 2018 assume that the medical.expenses are not claimed as a deduction.on the estate return form 706 all right.what do we do with medical now medical.is a special special treatment here.because look what happened Jack incurred.the thirteen thousand of medical in.April shortly before death maybe he had.a final illness and he never paid those.medical prior to death but the executor.paid it so it would look like this would.go on the 1041 it would look like that.because any income received after death.would certainly go on the 1041 not the.1040 the way medical works though is.usually they would be claimed as a.deduction on the estate return form 706.but if not then they get claimed as a.deduction on the 1040 never the 1041.yeah there has to be a waiver filed.exactly so although they were paid after.death the executor may elect to treat.medical expenses paid by the estate for.Jack's medical care as paid by Jack at.the time medical services were provided.so this is a special provision that.applies to medical and they always test.it on the exam because it's really a.standalone provision so although they.were paid after that the executor may.elect to treat medical expenses paid by.the estate.for Jax medical care as if Jack paid.them when he left the doctor's office.that day now to qualify that medical.expenses must be paid within one year.after the decedent's death and they were.and the executor must attach that famous.waiver stating that the medical expenses.will not be taken on the form 706 and.since Jack's not gonna have a 706.because his assets weren't let's say.enough then the choice is on the 1040 or.the 706 we'll take it on the 1040.notice the 1041 is not a choice it's not.an option for medical paid after death.even though it looks like it should be.since Jack died during 2018 then the.medical expenses were paid during 2018.medical expenses will be taken on Jack's.final 1040 deducting medical expenses on.the 1041 is not an option so you get to.either deduct it on the 1040 if the.waivers attached or the 706 but not both.so number five Jack owned and operated a.peach orchard he sold and delivered a.hundred bushels of peaches to a canning.factory for $4,000 in May of 2018 but.did not receive payment before his death.so he should have got paid for this.earned it never collected it the.executor of Jack's estate transferred.the right to collect the payment to.Jack's sister Kay so there's no income.in 2018 at all because nothing was.received now Kay eventually collected.the $4,000 from the peach orchard were.from the canning factory in 2019 so in.2019 this is going to be income to Kay.on her return because she is the.beneficiary here she's the one who this.right to receive this payment was.transferred to her.so now she goes in collects it in 2019.that's next year but the questions.asking about 2018 so next year this will.be Kay's income this year it's nobody's.income it's not treated under 1040 or.the 1041 this is like almost like a bad.debt at this point because no one's.collected it yet now this would have.been on the 1040 one if it were.collected by Jack's executor sometime.after the date of death so let's say the.four thousand dollars came in in.September right he died in June so if.the money came in in September it would.go on the 1041 on some type of Schedule.C because the 1041 has all the schedules.that the 1040 has so the 1041 if if this.were a business maybe it would be a.Schedule F for farms because this is.like a peach orchard so possibly it.would be a Schedule F the 1040 and the.1041 have the same sub schedules.schedule a Schedule B Schedule C so.whatever would go on the 1040 Schedule C.would go on the 1041 Schedule C so if.this was collected in 2018 this would.have gone on a Schedule C or a Schedule.F but because this was not collected in.2018 there's no treatment on the 1040 or.the 1041 and when this is collected in.2019 Cahill put this on a Schedule C or.a Schedule F Schedule F is the farming.income schedule so in number six Jack.sells a tractor on May 20th 2018 for.three thousand dollars that had a basis.of 2000 the 3000 was payable July 8th.2018 but Jack died on June 1st before.receiving the payment the 3,000 is.received by the executor on July 8th.2018 so this will go on to the 1041 but.how much is income here not all 3000.only the gain on the sale the gain on.the sale will go on the 1041 what they.call income in respect of a decedent.anything that was earned may be prior to.death but collected after that goes on.the 1041 and.nothing will appear on the 1040 number.seven Jack was entitled to a $50,000.consulting fee at the date of his death.the amount was to be paid to Jack in.five installments he received the first.installment of $10,000 February 8th 2018.and the executor collected 10,000.September 1st 2018 so there's $50,000.consulting fee out there the first.10,000 he got before he died right the.one in February that he got that's going.on his 1040 because he got it before he.died but the next installment was.collected $10,000 September 1st that was.after death that's going on the 1041.isn't it so what was collected prior to.death will go on the 1040 that's the.first 10,000 received in February.because he didn't die until June so.whatever he received in February is.gonna go on the 1040 that'll go on.Schedule C 1040 1040 Schedule C for what.was received in February for what was.received in September we'll go on.Schedule C form 1041 the 1041 will have.a Schedule C also and that 10,000 from.September will go on the 1041 so I could.see them giving you that kind of thing.all day long on the exam and then the.three remaining installments were.transferred to Jack's sister Kay but if.nothing was collected this year other.than the first 20,000 then Kay's not.gonna have any income until she gets.that rest of it and all it says is what.happened in 2018 so there'd be nothing.to Kay here and no in comfort for her.because she didn't collect anything.after that so she would have got.something in October November or.December then maybe she would have.income but all we know about is that.before he died ten thousands going on.1040 after death 10,000 was collected.that's going on 1041 now what they could.have done in this question is they could.have said the right to the remaining.three installments were transferred to.Jack's sister Kay on November 1st 2018.and on December 1st 2018 Kay got a.$10,000 collection.well then Kay would have $10,000 of.income on her 1040 for that third.installment you see but it doesn't say.any of the remaining three installments.were collected in 2018 but on the exam.they'll they'll they'll twist around you.know and he'll change things around so.look for that if Kay gets an installment.once it transfers to her as owner she.now has the right to collect if she gets.an installment then its income for her.but it doesn't change the fact that the.first installment received prior to.death goes on the 1040 the one received.right after death before it went to Kay.goes on the 1041 and then now that Kay.is in charge of it if anything is.collected in 2018 once she becomes the.owner of this right to collect because.that's an asset to that's a receivable.now once she becomes the owner of it if.she collects it it goes on her return.the remaining three installments are.reported by K in the tax year received.whenever that is and if she never.receives it there's no bad debt.deduction because cash basis taxpayer.number eight.Jack had previously been an employee for.a large telecommunication company and.received a check for unused vacation pay.in the amount of fifty six hundred when.did he get the check may 11 2009 check.by the time of death on June 1st 2018.but the executor cashed it on August 4th.2018.where's this 5,600 gonna go so he got.the check before he died but he never.cashed it does that mean it goes on the.1041 because it was cashed after he died.no no wages actually or constructively.received prior to death are included on.the final 1040 because constructively he.could have cashed this check at any time.he got it may 11th he could have cashed.it any time between May 11th and the.date of death so this goes on the final.1040 doesn't go on the 1041 number nine.Jack incurred business expenses of.$3,000 in May of 2018 because remember.he owned his own business the last year.of his life so he had these business.expenses $3,000 in May that had not been.paid by the time of Jack's death on June.1st 2018 the 3,000 was paid by the.executor on July 8th that's after death.so that goes on the 1041 items such as.business expense interest paid taxes and.income producing expenses for which the.decedent was liable at death but we're.not paid before death they're deducted.on the 1041 so where's that going to go.Schedule C form 1041 Schedule C will.have a business expense on it.alright so number 10 Jack was a.stockholder in minder binder Corp minor.minor Corp declared a dividend on April.18 2018 to stockholders of record who.owned the stock on May 18 2018 payable.June 18 2008 eeen how do we handle this.dividend any dividends declared before.death but not received is income in.respect to a decedent which means it.goes on the 1041 so you see how it was.declared before death but it wasn't.received until after death that means.like anything else goes on a 1041.because he could not have taken that.dividend while he was still alive it.wasn't received yet.number 11 Jack had an investment in.Drummer Corp a stock that paid a.dividend to jack of $900 on May 28th.2018 Jack had not cashed the dividend.check at the time of death on June 1st.2018 and the executor cash to check on.July 9th 2018 and this is no different.than the vacation pay that he got a.check and never cashed it until after.death so this would be included in the.final 1040 because it was actually or.constructively received prior to death.number 12 funeral expenses of 10,000.were paid by the executor On June 6th.2018.well unfortunately that's an easy one.funeral expenses are not deductible on.the 1040 or the 1041 they would be on.the 706 if there was an estate tax 13.property taxes on Jack's home are due.May 1st and November 1st.Jack paid the property taxes on his home.on May 1st in the amount of 2500.the executor paid the property taxes on.Jack's home in the amount of 2650 on.November 1st because that was after.death so the 2500 paid in May that's.gonna go on the 1040 scheduled a and the.2650 paid in november that's gonna go on.the 1041 schedule a.so 2,500 seductive Elan the final 1040.that was paid before death but 2650 is.deductible on 1041 because it was paid.after death any taxes of the decedent.paid after the date of death are.deducted on the 1041 but notice in this.question you're gonna actually have.taxes deducted in both places because.2500 was paid before death and that's.probably the way you'll see it on the.CPA exam because whatever was paid.before death that's gonna go on the 1040.the same tax is paid after death that's.gonna go on the 1041 on the same.schedule schedule a itemized deductions.Jack's executor paid off Jax sports car.the remaining loan balance on December.5th 2018 was $45,000 interest on the.loan was 5200 well this is an easy one.too because personal interest is not.deductible on either form 1040 or 1040a.interest is personal it's not like home.mortgage interest so all you'd have to.know here is that personal interest is.not deductible and you'd get that one.right number 15.jack has a $500,000 money market mutual.fund on the date of death June 1st 2018.total interest for the year ended.December 31st was $3,000 so when the.interest 1099 came in from the brokerage.house it said total interest for the.year on this money market account $3,000.the interest up to June 1st up to date.of death was 14 80 now if you know that.then you know the interest up to date of.death has to be reported on the final.1040 Schedule B form 1040 you'll pick up.the 14 80.well the the balance the other 15 20 has.to be reported on Form 1040 one Schedule.B so it goes on the same schedule just.on the different return because if not.for death it all would have been on the.1040 on Schedule B so because of death.you have to divide it.what was the interest up to the date of.death that goes on the 1040 what's the.interest from that date on that's going.to go on the 1041.

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Johnson County Annual Occupational Tax Return 001 Fy FAQs

View the below common worries about Johnson County Annual Occupational Tax Return 001 Fy . Reach directly if you still have other queries.

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Are taxes high in West Virginia?

My experience is limited to anecdotes, but I have known many long time NY state employees who are extremely bitter about taxes in our state. However, their job literally doesn’t exist in Mississippi, or whatever low quality of life state you would like to name. If a similar job exists, it pays about 40% less. Not only that, but air conditioning in the South surprisingly costs just as much as heat in the North.

What taxes do you pay in West Virginia?

I am not a tax accountant, but do business in many states and countries. I believe that you would pay West Virginia state income tax (6.5%) on your lottery winnings. Then you would pay your regular Ohio income tax (4.997%) with a credit for the tax you paid to West Virginia. Effectively, you pay the higher of the two rates. In this case, you would pay no Ohio tax because the West Virginia rate is higher. If you switch the states, you would pay Ohio tax, then credit that on your West Virginia return and pay the balance (1.503%) to West Virginia.

What taxes do you pay in WV?

Local, state and federal, local and state depend on the location as some do not charge taxes federal always charges they need to steal to survive …………. Taxation is theft

Does West Virginia have local taxes?

Yes. The West Virginia state sales tax rate is currently 6%. Some cities and/or municipalities have an additional tax on top of the state sales tax. WV Municipal Sales and Use Tax table

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