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Tips on completing the Eeoc Complaint

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Steps of Customizing the Eeoc Complaint

kind of is attorney Frank Malatesta and.today I wanted to talk a little bit.about the EEOC process so you feel.you're being discriminated against how.do you go about protecting yourself from.retaliation for filing a claim starting.the process now every single claim.that's related to title seven which is.the Civil Rights Act which is primarily.responsible for most of the.discrimination that takes place in the.workplace so that's where you have to go.to seek restitution or protection for.violation of your civil rights in the.employment realm so we have race.discrimination we have age.discrimination age discrimination is.actually older Americans Act which means.that it's a separate and distinct act.than title civil rights act now there.are florida components but what florida.does it primarily with a few exceptions.just incorporates and exactly what the.federal law is so whatever that set of.lines is going to be with the florida.laws so you can apply with the florida.commission on human relations and member.you filed with the EEOC what they're.going to do is dual file.so on your form five which we'll get.into in a little bit you're going to go.ahead and you're going to see that it.was also dual file with the florida.commissioning relations now if you are.going through this EOC process step one.is you have to let them know so heck.what are the different ways you can let.them know so EEOC gov that's a great.website it's going to provide you with.all of that information it's going to.provide examples of what discrimination.is what types of discrimination.everything from sexual harassment age.discrimination to the American with.Disabilities Act all of that goes.through the EEOC Clearing House now the.EEOC gets thousands upon thousands of.inquiries in a given year which means.that they investigate but they're not.necessarily.going to prosecute your claim for you.they only take a small percentage of the.number of claims that come through the.door so you have to have some kind of.special circumstance it has to be kind.of a media friendly area the law.whatever that might look like or it.might have to be with one of their.groups that they're trying to.concentrate on better protecting for.example one of the kind of sexy issues.might be that the EEOC might try and go.after people who are taking advantage of.immigrants migrant workers if they felt.that they were being discriminated.against for whatever reason maybe that.was something they wanted to get out.because whoever was charged the EEOC.through the white house etc decided.that's where they wanted to focus.unfortunately it is kind of political so.someone who is involved in maybe race.discrimination if you saw that in the.newspaper would you Blake no you.probably wouldn't blink unfortunately.maybe today because we've got this kind.of social justice black lives matter.issues going on but it's just it's not.something that's a priority for the EEOC.so you're going to make this you're.going to file with using how do you do.that there's a couple ways you can show.up without an attorney and they'll have.you see a lot of questionnaire and that.will mark your time you can download a.questionnaire off the internet and you.can fill that out and sign it and Mark.one of the boxes I'm saying you're.either just interested information or.you're ready to start the process I.would recommend you mark that you're.ready to start the process unless you're.very very concerned about your employer.learning about it so if you're still.employed and you just want to talk to.somebody I would mark item number two.you can still get protection from Eric.retaliation provided your employer.somehow got knowledge that you went to.the EEOC even it was through the rumor.mill when they thought you might have.gone to the EEOC but it will allow you.not to kind of create this complaint.it'll just be kind of learning.more information so after you fill out.that questionnaire you have met your.statute of limitations effectively now.that doesn't mean that it's not over.because there's a lot more complexity.that's going to be involved in us one of.the greatest frustrations I had when.representing people who are going.through the EEOC process is that the.next step doesn't get done properly and.after you initiate that claim either by.showing up we've got one in Miami we've.got one in Tampa I think there's one in.Orlando I know there's got to be one up.probably towards Tallahassee and there.might be a couple very UC offices but I.can tell you definitely that most of my.clients are going to be in the Tampa.office or they're going to be in the.Miami office but I digress so you can go.to one of those offices and you can.initiate this process with the.questionnaire now that questionnaire is.not legally binding in any way shape or.form so if you provide information on.that questionnaire that for whatever.reason the investigator doesn't.transcribe on to the next step which is.the form five which is probably the most.important document to any EEOC.litigation what you put on that form.five is going to control the litigation.is actually is going to agree in regards.to and one of the things at please just.please remember this even if you're not.gonna be my client because it's a pet.peeve of mine I can't tell you how many.times I think we get into litigation and.the complaint gets dismissed for one of.the counts whether at retaliation or.something that happened a couple months.after you file with the EEOC that you.didn't update the EEOC charge so that.questionnaire does not save you it.doesn't have in the Eleventh Circuit.it's not going to be a part of your.litigation this form five is a special.document and I'm going to put a link to.it at the bottom of the page here that's.one part of the special document that is.going to specifically and succinctly lay.out each of the claims you have against.your employer in including that you need.a very specific articulation of the fact.circumstances that made you believe you.had a complaint or charge of.discrimination against your employer so.let's say you are dealing with their.employer and on Thursday you are called.old or work they've got good specific.circumstance that you're dealing with.let's say they said all sorts of.racially charged things they push you.they spit on you for whatever reason and.they may vocalized derogatory into many.things about you are specific class and.then they kept bullying you for a period.of time so let's say you you file with.the EEOC and you go ahead and do that.and this person happens to be the friend.of the owner and five months down the.road the EEOC decides to go ahead and.not the EEOC but your employer decides.to terminate you if you created a form.five a month before you were terminated.and you don't sign an edited copy of.that for five four five or redo your.EEOC charge completely you will not be.able to sue for retaliation let me know.the Loomer time you will not be able to.sue for retaliation so if if you make.$100,000 a year and you've lost this job.now because you went to the EEOC and you.don't put pen to paper and sign and hand.in an amended copy of your form five.charge of discrimination that includes.retaliation with the check mark and a.brief explanation of how everything went.down you will have a great claim for the.pain and suffering and other damages.arising from the Drolma you want to deal.with at work but the fact that you just.lost $100,000 your job and so the next.three years late only make fifty K.you've got to probably a five to.$25,000 case so you've suffered $150,000.in damages but because you didn't go and.you didn't fill out that form properly.you have left effectively $125,000 on.the table so this is a great example of.how not to fill out the EFC process so.again if you go to a tourney youth often.ask for any money up front to assist you.with this process or she but you will.probably end up paying a percentage if.that's a third that's 25% if it's 45%.whatever that might be it depends on the.specific attorney but you know you're.going to get the amount that's going to.be best suited for you so you're not.going to be leaving anything on the.table so just make sure make for.absolute certainty that you're putting.everything on there properly and I.highly recommend you an attorney to walk.you through the process now an attorney.is not going to help make the process.any quicker because once you fill out.that form five you have specific.responsibilities in regards to how.you're going to how they claim is going.to be investigated and essentially you.just need to respond when the respondent.kind of makes their position statement.or respond to the charges so you make a.charge respondent responds and then.you're going to make a response and this.seems like okay that might take a few.weeks we can with now it could be at six.months it could be a year it could be 18.months I see things that are two years.to get out of the EEOC process in during.this entire time.well after a year if you if you decide.you can bring this straight to federal.or Florida Court depending on where you.want that up going I prefer to take most.of my cases federal court reason being.is it's a little more structure of.universal if there's less in-person.hearing that I just find it better for.my clients I think it's taken more.seriously.by the defendant so I that's where I.prefer to put my clients now sometimes.if there might have been a local.ordinance or something or something.above and beyond at the state or local.level we would incorporate that or if it.was something that the EEOC didn't.protect so for example there's a lot of.questions out there and this could be a.whole nother whole other video but.there's a lot of questions out there.specifically when it comes to.transgenders and sex discrimination in.relation to those issues which are kind.of at the forefront so the EEOC the law.isn't it isn't perfectly clear on how.they're protected so for example if your.employer refuses if let's say you are.someone who is going through that.process and you're treated differently.you would want to make sure that we did.that at the at the local level if the.county provided specific protection in.those statute of limitations are.different states where the base with the.EEOC in 180 days with some counties or.you might even only have 90 days with.some counties so you want to look at the.specific laws and ordinance that would.be over that issue so we all depend on.with a specific type of discrimination.we're facing so again just kind of a.recap you have 300 days to file with the.EEOC there may be county or state level.nuances that would make you want to make.sure that you file with Florida as well.but typically speaking we're going to go.to the EEOC we're going to be in the.EEOC from anywhere from 8 to 18 months.and the typical case and then we're.going to go and we're going to go to.litigation now unless the EEOC decides.to start conducting depositions and.discovery which they do occasionally.we'll make an on-site visit with the.investigator but unless the EEOC does.that you're probably not going to get.witnesses that remember any of the facts.and circumstances.census of your charges so we're going to.be two or three years down the road we.start actually interviewing people when.we start working on this it might be.quicker depending on how aggressive your.investigator is to get off the desk and.it's not their fault they're dealing.with tens of with hundreds of these and.they have huge case pots.we just have to be patient with them so.there's nothing you can get by being.rude to your EEOC and that's.investigator because he or she is going.to help you through this process and.that it's in this video everybody have a.great day.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Eeoc Complaint online

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How to create an electronic signature for the Eeoc Complaint on Android?

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