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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling out Mechanical Permit Application Porter Township Online

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The Definite Guide to Mechanical Permit Application Porter Township

youtube video

A Complete Manual with respect toMechanical Permit Application Porter Township

welcome to the utility permit process.training my name is Rene Biel and I am a.trainer at the Idaho Transportation.Department this training will step you.through the process of applying for the.utility permit this video will include.where to find the permit online.instructions for completing the form.where to get assistance if you run into.questions and what are the next steps.after submitting the application.the utility permit application is found.on the Idaho Transportation Department's.website go to WWI TD Idaho govt.once you are on the frontpage go to the.business panel on the right and click.the title when the next page opens the.top has labels please click on the.construction resources tab then scroll.towards the bottom of the page click the.sign and construction permit details.link and find the for the utility permit.application in the description it will.give you instructions and ask you to.search for 2 1 1 0 or encroachment on.the itd form finder on the right side of.that text please click on the itd form.finder link at the top of the next page.type either 2 1 1 0 or encroachment in.the box and then click search the form.list that is provided will be filtered.find the right-of-way encroachment.application and permit for utilities and.click on the 2 1 1 0 link on the left.the website will make it possible to.save the file onto your own computer for.example on Windows a small bar will.become available at the bottom of the.screen allowing you to save the file.save your file to whatever location you.would like when you are finished saving.the file please open it up into word at.the top of the screen click the enable.editing button if there is one that will.give Word permission for you to work on.the file this word file includes 3 pages.in order to talk about this form we need.to start at the back on page 3 page 3 is.the instructions for completing this.application and it gives you details and.information about what to expect.first at the top of the page is the.contact information for all of the.permit coordinators across the state if.you have any trouble or any questions.these people are the ones to ask just a.heads up.police plan for 30 days from submission.for itd to review and/or approve your.application and this application if it.is approve.we'll turn into your permit to.accomplish the work that is specified to.fill out the form please print an ink.print out the form and type on it or.fill out the application in Acrobat Pro.also remember that the form needs to be.signed by the applicant or an authorized.representative there are also general.provisions that apply to all utility.permits on page two please make sure to.read and understand all of them with.your application please include a $50.non-refundable application fee a.vicinity sketch which includes a North.arrow as well as section township and.range plans or drawings showing all.proposed work installation locations.with offsets from the centerline of the.highway location of all existing.utilities within the work area with.offsets from the centerline of the.highway and all Trench details please.make sure to contact itd for roadway.alignment or highway project plans.please also include a traffic control.plan which is drawn and signed by a.certified traffic control supervisor and.make sure to include their certification.number and any standard details of shop.drawings if proposing to attach a.facility to any structures within the.right-of-way now let's talk about the.application for a few minutes the shaded.areas on page one are for you to.complete the top part of the application.includes a small section that isn't.shaded that's for ITD's internal use.where you'll start is the permit type it.has three groups of choices the first.group is the action to be provided is.this a new utility that does not.currently exist or maybe it's an upgrade.the utility exists but needs to be.updated it could be a relocation or.you're moving the utility from an.existing line from one location to.another or any other example the type of.utility is next is it gas water phone.electric sewer fiber or any other.utility and the last.of the permit type is identifying the.location is it overhead anything above.your head is overhead underground.anything you have to dig or cannot see.because it's under dirt pavement or.concrete or maybe it's both this would.apply if you're pulling out a pole and.putting in a new pole or if it starts.out underground and then goes overhead.the installation method is next is it a.jack a machine that actually jacks the.conduit or pipe into position by means.of hydraulic pressure or maybe a bore a.machine that drills through the earth.and takes the conduit with it it could.be a cut or a trench digging into the.earth in a longitudinal line to a.certain depth or maybe a casing this is.placed prior to the conduit so that if.the conduit fails it will keep the.roadway safe as well as make it easier.to replace it could also be a plow digs.into the earth and pulls the conduit as.it goes by the way this is not an itd.preferred method or there could be other.installation methods as well what if.you're doing aerial work or trimming.trees you could also use a bucket truck.or ladder there's a whole series of.details that are needed for the location.the first is the route the route is the.highway name of the road you are.encroaching upon not the common name for.example if you're on Front Street in.Boise the route is u.s. 2026 not Front.Street there is a resource for you for.the beginning and ending mile posts.please go to the itd website at WWDC OV.once you get to the itd website click.business in the top right corner and.then across the top on the next page.click construction resources now this is.actually the location that we found the.application but this time we need to go.to about the middle of the page and find.the milepost log click on the mile post.log link it will take you to the page.there are instructions at the top and.links for resources on all the routes in.Idaho giving you the milepost log.information we.to take a few minutes and talk about a.website that might be useful for you to.fill out several items in your.application it is called I plan I plan.is a web-based portal connected to ITD's.geospatial data it can help you find.milepost numbers identify the section.township and range of your project as.well as give latitude and longitude and.locate the county I plan is located at.the same construction resources tab we.have been working with before so go to.the Idaho Transportation Department's.website at WWE TV Idaho govt click.business and then in the tabs on the top.click construction resources when the.page opens scroll about halfway down and.click the I plan link the homepage for I.plan does have instructions and videos.to look through today we are just going.to get into the maps at the top of the.page I plan has several maps ready to go.use the arrows on the sides to scroll.through for this training we will be.working with just one map but the rest.of them work very much the same as the.one we will be seeing the map we are.using is called map it it is the second.choice when you first open the website.when you open up the map it program.you'll see a panel on the left-hand side.giving you all kinds of choices for.different options inside of the map.notice that the rest of the states.around Idaho are grayed out this is.called a mask and it allows us to focus.just on our state especially around the.edges over on the left if you look down.towards the bottom of the choices there.is an option called state mask.this is graying out the rest of the.states if you'd like to see all of them.just take the check mark off of state.mask we can choose the rest of the.choices similar to what we just did with.the state mask for example at the top of.the list on the left there are mile.point layers if you want to see them our.points just leave that checkmark on as.you zoom in and out of the map you'll be.able to see our mouths they are marked.with a yellow dot with a number of the.mile post right beside next such.township and range on the left panel.click on the choice that says BLM plss.layers that is the choice to choose when.you want to see section township and.range one thing to note sometimes it.takes a little minute in order for the.information to be downloaded into your.computer so if you don't see the section.township and range information at first.just give it a minute it'll work itself.out one of the nice things about using I.plan is that it allows us to get the.information out of the computer quite.easily choose the choices on the.left-hand side of the details that you.want to see then go to the map on the.right-hand side and click the tip of the.pointer at the location that you need.there will be a small dialog box that.opens watch for the numbers in the top.left-hand corner they usually give you.more than one choice depending upon how.many layers you have chosen over on the.left in the dialog box in the top right.corner use the arrow to move from panel.to panel seeing the different pieces of.information that are available to you.use the X in the top right corner of the.panel to close the entire panel section.down we need to talk about how to find.the county usually on I plan the county.is already listed but just in case it.isn't on the left in the list of panels.please find the administrative boundary.layers choose the arrow that's on the.left side of those layers and then.inside of that choose the arrow in front.of outline boundaries you will find all.kinds of options when you open those.outline boundaries and certainly choose.whichever ones you need to please choose.the check mark called county and on the.map you'll see the outline of the county.as well as the name there are many more.choices but the last piece we're going.to talk about is how to get the latitude.and longitude please go to the panel on.the left at the top of the panel or a.list of choices choose the last option.on the right-hand side the three lines.with the arrow beside it when you click.on that button you will get more choices.the option we're looking for is.measurement choose the first button to.the area just click around the outside.edge of whatever you're measuring if you.want to measure distance that's the.second button what we want to do is go.to the third choice it's called location.click on the location option and then.take your pointer inside of the map.click the tip of the pointer where you.need the latitude and longitude it will.put a green arrow on the map and on the.left-hand side give you the latitude and.longitude degrees now back to our.application next we'll need the name of.the nearest crossroad and the distance.from that crossroad the nearest.crossroad could be 2 miles or 10 feet.away use the road that intersects the.highway closest to the work please give.the distance from the crossroad in feet.as well as the direction for example if.you are 500 feet from the cross street.Canada please state whether you are east.or west of it or if you are in US 95 and.our 250 feet from Crystal Lane please.state if you are 250 feet north or south.we will also need the distance from the.center of the road this is the.measurement of where you will be placing.the utility within the ITV right-of-way.from the center of the roadway we also.need the right-of-way line this is the.distance from the furthest edge of the.ITD's right-of-way to where you will be.placing the utility the right-of-way.width is the total right-of-way width.from one side of the highway to the.other this means right-of-way line to.right-of-way line therefore the two.numbers prior should add up to half of.the total right-of-way for example if.your total right-of-way is 100 feet your.distance from the center of the roadway.would be 45 to where the utility would.be placed or your distance from.right-of-way line would be 5 feet.therefore the total distance from center.line to the edge of the right-of-way.would be 50 feet the angle of crossing.is the angle that your utility will be.crossing over or under the highway for.example if you are going directly across.the highway this number is usually 90.degrees.if you are installing line over the.highway what is your vertical clearance.how high is the line from the roadway.bed in other words the distance from the.top of the asphalt to the line we also.need to know the depth this is how deep.you are installing the utility in inches.itd requires all utilities within 20.feet of the edge of pavement to be at.least 48 inches deep for services.installed outside of the 28 feet of the.pavement edge it must be at least 36.inches the facility specifications are.the next section of choices to fill in.we need to know the potential in volts.or kilovolts this is how much.electricity is going through the line.pipe sizes in inches what is the size of.conduit you will be installing pressure.at psi how much pressure is in the line.at its fullest as well as the structural.attachment type is the utility attached.to anything for example a bridge or a.tunnel or poles next is the contacts.information for the construction.contractor as well as the traffic.control contractor please also identify.if you have included a traffic control.plan as well as when is your projected.start date and projected duration the.last piece of information at the bottom.of the application is the certification.that you're an authorized utility.company representative in the gray.section please identify whether you.would like to receive a receipt of the.approved permit by paper or electronic.if neither is selected you will be sent.an electronic copy then please fill in.the company name and the authorized.representative information so you have.submitted your application as well as.all the rest of the information what's.next.when itd receives a completed.application they will review it.discussing it with appropriate staff at.this point they may approve it as.submitted approve it with conditions or.deny the application if the application.is approved either with or without.conditions a copy of that permit will be.sent back to you either electronically.or by.paper based on the choices that you.chose on your application.remember to notify the itd maintenance.foreman at least five days prior to the.installation start date the foreman will.then email back to you with an approved.date to commence the work afterwards you.may if required transit the road lane.closure information to ITD's 5-1-1.traffic and traveler information contact.person please consider that all work.within the permit needs to be completed.within one year of the department's.approval date if you need an extension.you may request a one time six-month.extension by writing to your permit.coordinator unless it is otherwise.stated in the special provisions of your.permit your work must be made available.within 30 days after construction is.complete for its final inspection.schedule that final inspection with the.foreman their contact information will.be included in the permit documentation.if you do not finish all the work and.receive final approval in accordance.with the requirements of the permit the.permit will be rendered invalid if the.application is denied information will.be sent via US certified mail stating.the reasons for denial and the process.for appeal if needed thank you for.joining me today for this training.please remember if you have any.questions contact your permit.coordinator that is listed at the top of.page number three on your application.and have a great day.

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Mechanical Permit Application Porter Township FAQs

View the below common worries about Mechanical Permit Application Porter Township . Reach directly if you still have other queries.

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