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hello and welcome to the what month is.it.February general meaning of the League.of Women Voters of Champaign County.today we will be talking about a.campaign to increase voter registration.and voter turnout with some ideas that.came from the Dade County League of.Women Voters in Wisconsin and our guests.for today are members of this.organization and members of a few other.local organizations.i'm linda bear james van reek and an.pris hland and they're going to talk.about their proposal and then we'll have.around two questions good first I want.to introduce us a little bit more to.talk about we've all been active in the.2018 elections last fall and throughout.the year we're fairly new I think most.of us - we're not we haven't been in.those activities for decades but we've.barely gotten engaged in in 2016 and is.an election judge deputy registrar and.member of solidarity sundays james runs.the Champaign County voter alliance with.wit site which is vote champagne org and.it's it's a very interesting informative.nonpartisan site with a lot of.information on voter engagement and.turnout encourage you to take a look at.it I'm a member of Cu progressives and.also a volunteer with James and and in.other kinds of voter registration events.so that's who we are most important.maybe we're all League members fairly.recently so gay League of Women Voters.and we were all involved in the midterm.elections as volunteers so as we got.finished with that like everybody else.after that election was over we started.saying what next you know what's going.to happen we came to the conclusion we.started talking we came to the.conclusion that we should take what.we've learned in 2018 and see if we.can't build on that to continue.expanding.voter engagement and voter turnout in.Champaign County what did we learn can.we do better so we decided to we created.an idea which we're calling vote connect.vote connect to expand voter engagement.in Champaign County we see this as an.opportunity to to build on what we've.done before however I want to make a.special note because this is a League of.Women Voters group in this presentation.we're going to talk as Holly mentioned.about a League of Women Voters group in.Madison Wisconsin that's done some very.interesting things and we'll be talking.about that but as we do you might be.thinking oh wait but that's a League of.Women Voters what's the relationship.between what we're presenting and this.league our league well the answer is.that is to be determined it's not set.yet we see a great lot of overlap of.mission and a possibility for different.kinds of involvement and we'll talk.about some of those.we're actually here and interested in.hearing your ideas about that so I just.want to let you know it's not like.something is set in the background this.is an idea that we're giving for your.consideration can you move for me mm-hmm.okeydoke so these are our four I have.four main topics we'll try to zip.through these fairly quickly we want to.make a case for a new kind of initiative.in Champaign County it's going to be.fairly quick but not to worry we have.the slides and our notes will be online.on our website so if you care to to see.this more information you don't need to.take notes or worry about getting it I.think that's what I have for now James.is now going to talk about or four.topics are what happened in the 2018.election our proposal I'll talk a little.bit about that and we'll talk a little.bit about the Madison Wisconsin model.and then we'll talk about how it might.work here that clear everybody coke said.it we're gonna go fast.all right all right James so I'll talk a.little bit about the stats from 2018.this last midterm election was pretty.fantastic for the county compared to the.last midterm of 2014 oh well it was the.whole county put in so much effort.across the board voter turnout was.higher and basically every other every.single precinct except one from the last.midterm there was 55,000 ballots cast.which is pretty average for a midterm in.Champaign County 55,000 was actually on.the high end for the average for.Champaign County and then in 2018 they.had over 80,000 ballots cast so that's a.25,000 ballot increase from the previous.like highest in the county so it they.really broke a lot of Records with this.last midterm election so that was.absolutely fantastic but not just that.um the students also had an almost.bigger improvement than the county in.general typically student voter turnout.is one of the lowest turnout.demographics of anything and in the last.midterm that was echoed with 1,600.ballots cast on campus precincts this.last midterm in 2018 there was 8800.ballots cast that's five and a half.times as many as the last one and it's.like four times as many as their average.so the students really just shattered.all records it was absolutely fantastic.and that was done through just a lot of.hard-working volunteers so some some.observations from the 2018 midterm was.that there was a lot of first-time.volunteers that were participating a lot.of people that were interested in.politics for the first time we're.starting to volunteer in different vocal.groups with that there was a lot of high.enthusiasm a lot of people were really.committed to their different causes.there was a lot of diverse different.backgrounds people from all sorts of.different background.and causes that they liked or that they.wanted to support there was different.grassroots efforts around each of those.and so yeah they worked with candidates.and issues but then in addition there.were some possible missed opportunities.some sometimes there was so much stuff.going on that was hard to know exactly.what the other groups are doing that led.to some duplication of materials and.efforts sometimes even at the same event.you would have different people.registering voters from different groups.when really you only need like one group.to do it I mean there's not that many.new voters register so there was.duplications of effort duplications of.material then there was also information.gaps there was a lot of information out.there so sometimes it was hard to find.thorough quality information about like.how to register voters questions that.might come up stuff like that so there.was a little bit of an information gap.so those are different ways that we.could improve on 2018 so basically did.that match um your experience did you.guys know anybody that was or I guess a.show of hands did anybody know a.first-time volunteer that volunteered.for first and then I guess did you see.did you see gaps in duplications of.operations anybody yeah we saw some.definitely yeah.you see some places where people needed.information and they weren't quite sure.where to get it they were questions of.fact yes yeah yeah so that matches a lot.of what we were seeing during that.election so so as we look at that the.natural question is can we do better.we did good James was just giving us the.data we did good we did great but can we.do better.yes we think we can do better we'll tell.you why in a minute but here's basically.our proposal to start a nonpartisan.volunteer lead initiative that builds on.this energy we had a lot of energy let's.build on it let's not let it.dissipate and let's improve voter.engagement in Champaign County and if.you'll notice the key words did I get.that I can't Claire we go can you see it.yeah the key just notice the key words.this is what we want you to take away.about vote connect nonpartisan volunteer.lead volunteer energy focusing on.helping volunteers help other people and.improving voter engagement of all kinds.and it's a local effort and so the.question might be and this is what we.mean by voter engagement is voter.awareness education registration and.turnout so when we say voter engagement.that's a big term but we meet all of.those activities that all of us did in.the 2018 election and probably earlier.so how would it work and it's going to.talk about why we think this might work.thanks Linda what I want to share now.with you are some of the details about.the effort in Madison Wisconsin the most.important thing to look at is the number.on the screen right now hey Madison.the city of Madison has approximately.one hundred and fifty-six thousand.registered voters one hundred and forty.five thousand five hundred and ten came.to the polls plus those who came and.registered on Election Day itself so how.did this happen I was very interested in.this partly because I have a friend.who's been heavily engaged in these.efforts in Madison so I called her up.and said how did you do it she asked me.or suggested I contact two very.important groups and I did I'm going to.share with you some of the information I.learned about Madison now and I'd be.glad to answer any questions during.after we're done with the presentation.if you want to know any more of the.details for the two groups so here are.the two groups the Madison City Clerk.who is responsible for running the.elections in the city of Madison and the.Dane County League of Women Voters the.Dane County Lea.is very active in the city and.throughout there with the rest of Dane.County which actually is very similar to.Champaign County with a largely urban.university population in Madison and a.largely rural remainder of Dane County.so it's very similar to ours what.happened with these two groups is they.have a long term partnership of.coordination in an ongoing collaboration.to provide training to volunteers to.provide online and paper resources to.coordinate planning between them and to.create a wide variety of voter.registration and education efforts and.they work primarily through volunteers.and the volunteers in Madison are called.voter education ambassadors cool name.okay so how does it work.the first thing is the madison city.clerk provides the initial training for.the voter education ambassadors that's.intentional because we know that the.initial any training needs to be.accurate and correct based on state law.and election procedures Wisconsin has a.much more comprehensive and stringent.approach to voting than we do in.Illinois the laws are extensive and you.have to do everything exactly right to.make sure that voters actually get to.cast their ballots so the county the.city clerk takes the responsibility for.making sure that initial training is.accurate and appropriate to the state.laws every volunteer who goes through.the training and by the way anybody can.volunteer and become an ambassador that.includes people who are involved in.partisan organizations people who are.involved in promoting causes of various.kinds but when they operate as.ambassadors they operate in a.nonpartisan way that's part of the.agreement when they go through the.training they receive a kit that.includes all kinds of materials that.they may want to use reference materials.resources handouts of all kinds when I.asked my friend to go through her kit.she said just a minute and I heard this.long pause and she said I found it it's.about this big you know because she's.been do.doing it for several years but these are.provided to all the ambassador's to make.use of when they go out and do their.work the city clerk schedules voting or.student voter registration and education.events and volunteers sign up online to.participate so what's the role of the.Dane County League in all of this part.of the partnership they provide.additional training and resources that.are geared to specific kinds of voter.registration that the Dane County League.takes responsibility for they also.collaborate with the city clerk to.schedule events with the whole goal of.avoiding duplication and making sure.that no one in the community gets left.out that includes Madison's major.employers it includes all the.educational institutions food pantries.libraries homeless shelters.neighborhoods anywhere anytime anyplace.is their motto.so this synergy works extremely well as.you can imagine next what I wanted to do.is to show you some of the ways that the.Dane County League works in terms of how.they participate in this effort so we.focused on their online resource center.for volunteers that's called the voter.service central and that's going to be.our focus for today as you can see.everything's online and that's true with.the city clerk as well both groups.maximize the use of online resources to.make it easy for people to find to use.to share on their own time which makes.really good sense for me so let's take a.look at some of the specifics on on the.resources I hope you can see some of the.detail but let me go through it a little.bit this is a list on the right-hand.side of the kinds of materials that you.can find on the League of Women Voters.website there are PowerPoint.presentations for all of the trainings.that the league has created as I.mentioned the ambassador's first go.through the City Clerk's training the.league then has a follow up training.which is everything you.really wanted to know to be good at.voter registration and they provide that.plus a variety of specialized trainings.everything's online including all kinds.of roleplay scripts and other.opportunities where you can see people.actually registering voters in video to.get the idea of how the whole thing.works volunteers can use this these.resources at any time and next both the.city clerk and the league identify their.primary initiatives that are that.they're going to take responsibility for.in the case of the league they have.identified primarily libraries food.pantries senior citizens centers and.students each of these initiatives has a.liaison who works with the different.locations and is responsible for putting.up a page on the website that talks.about each of the events that is within.that schedule so for instance if you.wanted to volunteer to work at a food.pantry you would go to that page on the.website you would see when the events.are happening and you sign yourself up.and of course there's a reminder that.you need to have gone through training.first signups take place in a very easy.way.next on the calendar they have an.interactive calendar of all the events.that are hosted and sponsored through.the League of Women Voters and all you.need to do is to find an event that you.want to work on click on that event and.sign up very simple and the city clerk.has exactly the same thing on her.website as well for the event she's.responsible for a couple of interesting.examples we thought you might want to.know about one is with the libraries.Madison has quite a number of public.libraries and of course the county does.in fact I did look up the number of.libraries in Champaign County and I was.surprised to learn there were quite a.few more than I thought there were so.it's a good resource really in any.County the city clerk and the league.work together to work with the libraries.some libraries actually threw their.staff they receive a kit that gives them.resources and they actually hand out.resources and registration material to.volunteers other libraries provide space.and tables and the volunteers what they.set up what they call check out voting I.events which are held at a regular basis.I'm in the libraries and one thing the.league has been responsible for in the.next slide is a bookmark through funding.through local community agencies they've.developed bookmarks that highlight the.key elements that voters need to be.aware of Madison is having actually had.a primary later this month.so these bookmarks are already out and.about in the libraries waiting for.people to receive them and next of.course is the UW Madison campus like as.James pointed out the statistics for us.here in champaign-urbana Madison student.turnout was also very high for this for.the past midterm election you see on the.right linda has excerpted out the list.of all of the kinds of resources that.are available specifically for folks who.are registering voters on the Madison.campus and I guess the last slide really.is just to summarize that the voter.service central which I encourage you.all to take a look at so that you can.get an idea of the breadth and depth of.the resources available I'm sure you can.see by now why Madison is an inspiration.for us it's the partnership between the.city clerk and the league and its.coordination of volunteer work and it's.the fact of the careful planning the.efforts to avoid duplication and to make.sure that voter engagement happens.throughout the city of Madison so now we.want to talk a little bit that's Madison.and there's a whole lot more that we had.to weed out because they have done an.enormous amount of work and as Ann.mentioned you can go to this website and.we'll share the link with you again.and everything that we showed you is.open you can look at it so you can.explore if you want to be and just.inspired maybe not everything they did.would work here but it's it is inspiring.and gives us some ideas of what's.possible and we may want to mention they.started this as far around 2000 the in.2015 the voter laws in Wisconsin changed.and they that created an impetus for a.more extensive effort in voter education.and engagement.so this efforts been going on between.the two groups very strongly since 2015.and for all that they've done to me that.seems like pretty fast good to put.there's a whole lot more that we haven't.showed you so let's talk just a couple.of minutes about how this Madison model.might work in Champaign County we really.see this is this is not a plan this is.simply an idea of how we might stage.this growth if the community decided to.do a vote connect kind of effort and we.see it in two stages.one is by April 2nd because all of us.are focused now on what we need to get.done for the municipal elections on.April 2nd what can we get done by then.well we can launch an initial website to.share information we've started.developing mainly an but James and I may.kick in soon developing a lot of.handouts and posting them on the website.we want to be useful so our first goal.is between now and April be useful to.the volunteers that are that are out.there doing what what they do so well.the second thing that we three will be.doing is continuing to do this making.presentations to groups meeting with.individual community leaders meeting.with anybody to talk about what ideas.can you give us would this work Wow what.should we keep in mind how might we.structure something like this we're.gathering ideas we're in an exploitation.stage oops pardon me.then the second stage would be after the.April election leading up to 2020 would.be to see if we could not put some of.this.sure in place whatever's agreed upon.let's do it let's create some voter.ambassadors let's get them trained let's.start providing services and support.let's take our initial website which.we're going to show you which is very.beginning it's a baby thing and make it.something more sophisticated and of more.service to volunteers because the.technology holds it together if you have.a volunteer lead initiative you need.technology to supplement your efforts so.that's part of what the reason is for.that thank you.but one thing just to say this is just.our idea this could go in many different.directions what you're seeing is a very.high-level view of what might be.possible the community might say let's.go this way or that way we'll find that.out between now and April so next slide.oops.there we go so from a high level these.are just our ideas based on our.extensive fans extensive conversations.with Madison and reading a bit what the.necessary piece is in Champaign County.to make something like this work and.it's gonna look very familiar because.we're then inspired by Madison voter.education ambassadors we think voter.education ambassadors in Champaign.County could be trained by the county.clerk's office the little heart there is.there to indicate they are the heart of.this okay they are the most important.piece where we need to keep our laser.focus the shape the Champaign County.Clerk's office they are the authority.just as the city clerk is in Madison we.need to have them on board in order to.say what you're doing is correct here's.the initial training and so forth the.leadership team we envision a small.leadership team initially to do.coordination and developing of materials.and so forth.but how many how it would work how it.would be structured none of those things.are determined yet basically you're.looking at the initial group but we.understand that this may grow and change.over time the fourth piece the necessary.pillar to our ambassadors county clerk.is critical leader.ship team is critical online resource.center we have to do this to make a.volunteer effort feasible.so let's take a look is that okay you go.into bass no okay let's look at the.voter education ambassador role I just.want to talk about what that is to some.extent we are already voter education.ambassadors here's part of what that.role is to focus on voter engagement.voter registration voter turnout aren't.we doing that already.yes help voters with questions give them.rides we our focus is helping voters.okay.third we volunteer anywhere and.everywhere we're already voter education.ambassadors you could argue but what's.different what are we proposing that is.different from what we are doing now.first some extended training by the.County Clerk's office and some standard.training basically to indicate that this.is this is what a voter education.ambassador needs know before you hit the.streets wearing that label tools support.we think that there's a place for taking.voter education ambassadors as Ann.mentioned they get training and then.they get support what kind of support we.love the idea of toolkit and we're sort.of mentally already constructing a.Champaign County toolkit that you might.get after training and we're putting.some of that stuff on the website online.Resource Center is another kind of.support so do you see the pattern here.train folks support them with tools and.online resources and then continue.talking with them and supporting him the.other key piece what's what might be.different than some of what we're doing.now is to offer help nonpartisan this is.complementary to things that partisan.folks might be doing in fact we believe.that a lot of the resources we're.developing will be very useful to.anybody who's going out even canvassing.for a candidate so it's not that there's.a there's a hard wall though if you are.in the role.voter education ambassador to be.determined right your nonpartisan but it.does not mean that we're excluding we.are complimentary so we're trying to.work within we're trying to strengthen.we think there's a role for a central.space here's partisan here's parties.here's so forth there's a central space.where civic infrastructure lives that's.where the league is right your your.civic your nonpartisan you're in the.middle we want to strengthen that middle.all right what else we partnership.supporting the ambassador's as we.mentioned earlier the she there there's.a list of the roles for the County Clerk.which is guidelines training and they.coordinate with the leadership team.leadership team tries to get some motor.ambassadors bring them in maintain the.registration events encourage networking.and the lead as I mentioned before the.leadership team is to be developed so.this is how it fits together you're.seeing the beginning of an.organizational chart here county clerk's.office and leadership team we coordinate.together and we both support the.ambassadors and they're our heart again.put it together with the public we're.all supporting the public so this is.very high-level but it is how we think.it might initially work in Champaign.County and we should note that the count.we've talked to Aaron Hammonds the new.County Clerk and he is supportive of.this well thank you that was a yeah yeah.and we started talking with this staff.too.so obviously they are very busy right.now and we understand that but we are.going to keep working on the.relationship James is going to talk a.little bit about what we're doing now so.at the moment we're working on starting.a website the beginnings of the website.we're putting it together we do have.some basic resources up there at the.moment I think there's actually an.article about like connecting local.elections with issues and like why both.that's what I think yeah so there's a.couple basic things up there already.the website is vote connect org let's.see we're developing and sharing.resources for the April election and.we're continuing to gather ideas from.different community groups and then I.guess for updates for it we can either.be reached by email or also on the.website we also have the clipboards for.the sign ups in the back starting an.email list yeah.and then I guess that pretty much wraps.it up and then so now we're ready for.people's thoughts and where they see.this idea of fitting with the Champaign.County League Champaign County in.general potential challenges that we.might face or ways that we could.possibly improve it or suggestions for.other kinds of activities to do and we'd.also like to show you our website which.is still a baby but yeah I really like.this it's exciting one of the things I.ran into in the election was a.misunderstanding or a not understanding.of what canvassing is and what voter.education is where people were signing.up they were registering people to vote.plus handing out brochures for.particular candidates and I'm hoping.that this will help straighten that out.because I always thought that those two.functions should be divided and they.definitely were not divided in all cases.so I applaud any efforts you could make.to do that thank you does this seem like.it might work or are we doomed are we.are we utopian and we'll never make it.given this county Theresa.I'd be happy to answer that because I.asked those same questions both of the.city clerk and the Dane County League.and what had what tends to happen is.people funnel in in either way they.either go to the league first or they go.to the city clerk first and then start.working for both just as my friend Jean.did I asked the city clerk she said they.have now about a thousand voter.education ambassadors yeah now that's.been developed over since about 2011 was.when she started her efforts many of.those people also become also worked.through the lead because that's where.they get their support training and this.huge variety of resources that you see.online so it's hard to to tease out.unique numbers the folks in the league.told me that while they don't require.volunteers to become members of the.league a lot of people just go through.the training because they want the.information their membership has.increased as well and they can't get.credit it totally to this effort.but it certainly has played a part so.yeah there are a lot of volunteers that.have been developed over time in Madison.but when you think about the volunteers.who were engaged in last fall's election.there were a bunch in in our County as.well so but those numbers are good for.Madison don't you think and that's and.that's one of the reasons why you saw.that voter turnout number as high as it.was which is kind of comforting if you.apply resources the number will go up so.I'm gonna ask a question as I walk over.there obviously voter registration in.Illinois is very different from voter.registration in Madison and voters have.many opportunities to register how would.you see that changing the focus of what.we might want to do what I would say is.when I described.when I talked to the folks in Madison.and then explained how voter.registration and what the voting.requirements are in Illinois they said.oh my gosh how much easier and so their.idea is that it may not require the same.amount of training for example that is.required for ambassadors in the state of.Wisconsin or in in the Madison area and.so I think that would be true what I do.see happening is that people who are.trained here would have the same.information because one of the things.that happened is that people even with.the best intentions we're giving out.different kinds of information about.where you can go to early vote about do.you have to vote at your precinct must.you bring an ID oh how about that voter.information card that works doesn't it.well actually no but so the information.was not very consistent so I would see.one of the efforts is to make sure that.anybody who wants to register or work on.voter education has the same consistent.information so I think that's one of the.areas of focus Holly to answer your.question and some of the data that that.James is particularly has been.collecting about where voter turnout is.strong or weak might lead us to focus.intensely on turnout or intensely here.even though registration is easy here.and it's we're doing pretty good there.might be pockets Geographic pockets or.community pockets that we're not.reaching so I would see us using data to.focus our efforts more specifically and.that's the nice thing about the Madison.model was that as you'd seen on their.website for their different target.demographics they have different.resources so like for the student target.demographics there was a whole set of.resources for that for the food pantry.stuff there was different resources for.that because sometimes those different.demographics have different questions or.just different ways that you might.approach that demographic to either help.get them registered or help encourage.that turnout so like maybe one.demographic might have like four.students for instance they change their.address a lot so a big thing for.students is just making sure.you verified that your address is.updated how do you update that it's like.that's a big thing for students but that.might not be such a big thing for.somebody that just has lived in town for.a long time so you changing the approach.for different groups and building.building on what you just were talking.about outreach to high school students.who are newly eligible to vote it seems.to me this is going to be a piece of it.that would take time to develop Woodham.I mean I don't have kids and I don't.have that connections so I'm not.volunteering to be headed up no it's an.idea that came to me from somebody else.and I tried to work it up and have some.ideas about what does does not work but.to have it to involve students in the.schools absolutely so what this would be.the best way and and you know if we.asked ourselves the question just how.are we doing on food pantries in this in.this community how are we doing on.library access how are we doing on high.schools I don't know it may be that.there's a need first for some research.as to who's working in what areas and.how are they doing we may need to do a.period of finding out where we're at.before we decide where to put our.efforts I had another question.our son lives in Madison and has been.voting since he was 18 I stood there and.he's now 33 so in the midst of all of.this a few years ago he got caught in.one of Governor Walker's attempts to.suppress the vote and I won't go into it.but it's interesting because he was that.he sat there in the City Clerk's office.until it was resolved but my question is.does this program deal with voter.suppression issues and to educate people.about how to persist or how to report it.in as much as that's a voter turnout.question I think that that is definitely.could be on the table we haven't talked.about that but thank you that's why.that's why we want to present the groups.like this because we keep getting ideas.about what's an issue.in our community another thing is people.with history of felony people who.there's a whole area there I could ask.the same question how are we doing on.voter registration not not to critique.any effort but to say I just don't know.my friends that is a very common thing.I've seen other events some community.groups that weren't necessarily.connected to voter outreach they had the.impression that felons couldn't vote and.so that's one of those common myths that.you know it's something that we would be.working to get that information out.there and I mean if we were doing a.guitar Gotama graphic group we could do.I quote a registration drives at the.county jail or something or you know at.the County Courthouse or something like.that to be like hey did you know you can.vote on that I did talk with the folks.at our county clerk's office about in.the jails and as you all know a prop as.you all probably know if you're in jail.but not yet convicted of a crime yes.indeed you can vote and there is.information posted in the jail and the.County Clerk has liaisons who work in.the jail who makes sure that people who.are there have that information may I.pick you back on something barb said.about the ID issues in the state of.Wisconsin one of the things that has.made that effort very successful there.is the coalition of organizations that.work to make sure that people know how.to get an ID what information needs they.need to have to prove who they are and.as barb said it's a very long and.complicated story but the same thing in.my mind would be true here the the.strength of such an approaches we're.describing is the fact that it's a.coalition it involves lots and lots of.community organizations so that people.the information can be shared widely.among a variety of community.organizations and groups it's not just a.taking responsibility for everything and.that would be our hope or nor is it the.three of us trying to do everything.because there's a lot of potential in.this community for example the high.school issue there are already people.working on that can we learn from them.support them so you can envision sort of.vote connect having some satellite.projects which are coordinated with so.we're sharing information reducing.duplication and letting the rest of the.community know what these wonderful.folks are doing so there's a lot of.potential for networking within this.framework as well of good work that's.already going on so when you showed your.plan for the next election and then the.2020 election I think you'll probably.want to punctuate it with doing.something around the primary season.because there'll be an awful lot of.energy then and and that's important and.a lot of folks in this community don't.understand that you are not actually a.registered Democrat or registered.Republican you just pick up the ballot.you want so there's a lot of Education.around that that people need to.understand and the primary is a great.target for increasing voter turnout.because the primaries historically have.very low voter turnout as low typically.as municipal elections typically for a.primary election voter turnout is around.20% or so and so that means that there's.a lot of room to improve that what's on.the screen now should be I hope our.website which is again it's just an.initial thing it's not meant to be the.final one it will take some significant.effort and focusing of our mission to do.the final online resource center but we.do have some information on here's some.volunteer resources over here on the.left in the middle is some information.we're starting to gather about the.municipal election here are if you want.to keep up with what we're doing here's.our updates here's the president.presentation is under this link here.this little blue guy and then here is.just news posts where we will have news.items about things that are happy.this very meeting is here yes.presentation on vogue connect posted.that what last night maybe and Champaign.County James's organization Champaign.County voter Alliance is having a.meeting candidate forums gee whose are.those hmm this league and so we have a.great bit of detail on when and who and.what hours and who's showing up on this.so it's this news the county clerk is.now posting on Twitter and we'll have.some thought pieces on why vote and how.does that relate to this brand new.wonderful find out which is ANDed which.I just love you might want to take a.look at why vote because the lot of.times you meet people who could vote.they just say I'm not sure why I should.whoa especially in a municipal.especially municipal so encourage you to.go to vote connect org and take a look.it is going through growing pains we may.be changing it but but we will try to.everything that we're doing we will try.to pour out there so you can keep track.if you want or email list if you will.have an email list periodically it's not.going to be every week folks I.understand and I appreciate the.groundwork that your you've been doing.to to get this proposal in good shape.that you're reaching out to a lot of the.constituencies that are normal normally.involved with elections and trying to.build on the success from the 2018.election I guess my question is how will.you know when there is that critical.mass of support for this proposal that.would say to you and any other group.interested the County Clerk.maybe the League of Women Voters that.there's some.solid support in Champaign County for.this to happen that planning is planning.for 2020 is critical and that the.coalition that you're hoping to achieve.is achieved I woke up last night.thinking about this how do we know when.where we've achieved liftoff basically.when do we get left off we haven't.talked about that I suppose we think.we'll know it when we see it but we.probably need to develop some criteria.you guys for doing it so do you have any.thoughts barb how would we know what is.one organization sufficient is five too.many I think we'll start seeing some.synergy when people start saying vote.kind of oh I heard about that can I can.I use can I use that if people start.saying that as we go around town I think.to me that would be one sign of success.and we'll have some stats on the website.too.but I think it's just gonna be a.subjective thing unless somebody can.advise us differently guys have any.other thoughts on yeah well we're.already moving forward with a lot of.different plans like we've been talking.with the County Clerk and we've been.developing different resources already.so I mean if it's like a question of.like when the project in general is.gonna launch I mean probably by 2020 I.would assume because we're building all.the resources now making the connections.now and then hopefully we'll have.something you know up and running by.there but remember our intermediate goal.be useful mm-hmm so I think we're.willing to put in a significant amount.of time as long as we're being useful to.the volunteer community now and at some.point I think we'll get enough feedback.from the community that will kind of.tell us what you asked my question is.just about organizations like partner.partner organizations I'm sitting here.thinking like the Farm Bureau the Rotary.clubs I mean is that the kind of.organization you're thinking about or.something more non-partisan poll.we're actually on our list of.organizations you mentioned we want to.make sure that every organization in.Champaign County knows about this knows.about vogue Connect and is aware of the.resources that they can use within their.own members and once we get training up.and running for voter education.ambassadors that any member of the Farm.Bureau or the Rotary Club or the Sierra.Club or the NAACP can participate so and.then also in terms of like direct.collaborations we would directly.collaborate with nonpartisan.organizations that are like strictly.nonpartisan but then we've also been.talking a lot about you know.organizations that are not exactly.partisan but you know have very heavy.leanings one way or the other and how to.handle those specific organizations and.then four organizations are very clearly.partisan the training is still available.and the resources are still available.but then as Linda was saying earlier if.somebody is doing a voter ambassador.role like if they are actively a voter.ambassador they need to be nonpartisan.at that you know at that event when.they're doing that sort of thing but.that doesn't prohibit like an.organization sending all their members.to get the training just everybody is on.the same page and has the same you know.information so it's complicated yeah.definitely but on the other hand this is.a complicated County mm-hmm what they I.think one thing I've learned in the last.year is how networked everybody is.there's a ton of fairly small groups and.that it's like this a lot of big circles.and this person might be on these three.and this person might be on those four.it's a highly networked community and so.we're going to struggle with how best to.do our outreach and so that's part of.what we have to work out.because I my daughter lives in Madison.but I don't know this is Madison the.city of Madison contiguous with Dane.County is that the same thing Dane.County is bigger okay Madison is in the.Dane County okay and as I mentioned Dane.County encompasses quite a few smaller.towns rural areas very similar.geographic makeup to Champaign County as.well Madison though also is the state.capital of Wisconsin so that puts other.dimensions in into the mix in Madison.it's very much like Champaign Urbana.many ethnic groups are represented many.a wide range of economic groups are.represented it is a little unique in the.fact that the madison city clerk is.separate than the Dane County city clerk.and the Madison runs their elections a.little bit differently than Dane County.engine well the madison city clerk is an.appointive role the Dane County Clerk is.like our County Clerk is the election.authority that certifies the elections.the Madison City Clerk is kind of the.administrator responsible for the.election machinery but the certification.of all elections including Madison is.done by the Dane County Clerk so is this.feeling like is this too much.information guy you were the first first.group to receive this presentation so we.appreciate now or later some feedback.too much too little do something else.we're on board we picked an easy start.yeah Women Voters preaching to the choir.we're here already yeah good point good.point the choir needs a tear up once in.a while mm-hmm so Linda mentioned.earlier that there's no decision made.about just how the league's gonna.interface with this and I'm hopeful that.our May annual meeting when we when we.workshop on what we want to do going.forward that that's one of the topics is.is.group and their work and what we want to.do that's in the same area and how.closely we want to be tied so so far the.only steps we've really made is it.obviously we've been talking to these.folks a lot and Jamis has come and.talked to the board and we've talked.about things like if they want to apply.for grants and they fit within our specs.we'll will cosign on the grants and.because we have a 501c3 and they don't.yet so we can do some of that but as far.as how or certainly how firmly we will.be hooked together later that's really a.matter for them for the membership to.sort of figure out so hopefully we'll.workshop that what do you all think.about how closely these organizations do.you want us to leave the room just watch.it on TV later I think one of the things.that we're all impressed by and we want.to share in is your enthusiasm and.energy and to the extent that that's.sharable that's really something I think.that we would really love to to be.engaged with do we have any more.questions for our panel today do you.have any more questions for us feel free.to stay in touch if you have an idea in.the middle of the night next week send.us an email and we'd be happy to have.any conversations with any other groups.that you know about that you think this.might be appropriate for because that's.our mission from now to April is to.reach out okay I want to thank our.speakers and I also have one more.announcement real quick I was contacted.yesterday by Illinois public radio they.are putting together an event for the.14th of March it'll be sort of a World.Cafe style event they're looking to get.people together to talk about putting.together a questionnaire of gun violence.questions that we might want to take to.the various City Council and mayoral.candidates and I would.to more information about that when I.have it but they're interested in us.participating and perhaps providing.moderators to help out at the tables and.then publicizing the results of the.event so I'll let you know more when I.know more.thank you everybody.

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