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Incentive Application Standard Equipment Energy Trust Of Oregon Inquiry Instruction

good morning everyone.welcome to the august verifier call.we have a lot that we're going to um.cover today.we're really happy that we have um alex.from miniter who's going to.talk a fair amount about his product but.we really do have a lot so we're going.to just.jump right in um i know people are still.trickling in i can see.we're up to 21 22 attendees that's great.we know more will be trickling in as we.go.but i'm going to go ahead and get us.started so we can really fit in.all of our coverage today.and just in case there's anyone who.don't doesn't know i am dan wildenhaus.your host.for these monthly verifier calls and.we'll just jump right on.in so here's today's agenda.i'm going to do the opening kind of what.we're doing right now the welcome and.housekeeping.i'm going to give a couple of program.announcements then during the bright.side matthew mills is going to talk.about our energy smart homes.offering and one of the things you're.really going to want to pay attention.for at the end of matthews and we'll.bring it up again briefly and training.is.we have a upcoming webinar that we.encourage you to.share with your builders and it's going.to be an hour and a half.really covering energy smart homes what.it takes to to.make and meet that offering so we look.forward to that.we got a little bit of additional.external content some trainings and then.again.alex is going to cover minitaire.so when we're using go to webinar just.the reminder.you could raise your hand but we really.do prefer if you use the question or.chat boxes.that is the best way to get it an.immediate question in.of course the recording of this and the.slides will all be posted afterwards.so if you have additional things you.would like to follow up with.we'll encourage you to double check.re-go through the presentation.and then hit us up on email if we didn't.address it today.so let's take a quick look at program.updates.we hear from time to time particularly.in our single fuel territories.that you know there are some homes that.don't qualify for eps and why wouldn't.it be great if we had some incentives.that could really help out.in those territories so we've mentioned.this before but now it's live and we.wanted to really talk about the.standalone.tankless incentive a couple things to.note.this is for oregon only so they must be.northwest natural.cascade natural gas or a vista gas no.propane.it's oregon only and these are for homes.that are not enrolled in eps.so the homes that don't quite qualify.for eps or a builder who's.looking to just dip their toe into.efficiency this is a great way to do it.it's a two-tiered incentive there's a.200 incentive and a 300.incentive the 200 incentive is going to.be for those with the uef of between.0.81 and 0.89.and the 300 incentive is going to be for.those with a uef of 0.90 or higher so.basically.80 percent of official equipment we'll.get a 200 incentive.90 and 90 plus percent um 300.incentives this form is available on the.eps verifier website.um we did want to clarify this is not.intended to be a verifier.incentive this is intended for the.builder or the.installation contractor they must be a.trade ally.so it's really intended for the person.that's purchasing and installing the.tankless water heater.if you are a verifier and you also.happen to be licensed to do this.then you could get it but again the.intention is really for.the builder or the installation trade.ally if you have questions about this.don't hesitate to reach out to us we're.happy to talk through more.eps energytrust.org is a great way.to get a hold of us on this or you can.always reach out to your.verifier account manager as usual.we want to talk a little bit about a.couple of policy acts that are.being promoted out there right now you.may have heard you might not have heard.of the name of this first one.the moving forward act but you've.probably heard that there is some action.in congress to extend the 45.l tax credit due to the way that you.know congress is.two different houses and right now each.is run by a.different party and with the coronavirus.and the kind of shortened sessions that.they're doing we don't really have a.great handle on when this is likely to.or if this is likely to fully get.through so in other words it may be not.until next year.that something like this would get.passed but it does look like it has some.pretty good bipartisan support at least.for.the tax credit portions the rest of the.moving forward act we'll have to see.depending on how elections turn out but.what's great about this is this would.extend the tax credit.out through 2025 so no more of that one.or two years at a time.business for a little while it also does.change the benchmark.instead of being 50 more efficient than.2006 iecc.it's really going to be focused on 15.more efficient than the 2018 iecc.um the good news in washington state.where.our um the next round of code were the.amendments to the code that the table.406.2 and 406.3 credits.um that inherently makes the washington.energy code about eight percent.more efficient than the 2018 iec by.itself.so homes that are exceeding beyond that.maybe getting an additional full point.or homes that get energy modeled as such.we're looking at things like gas heated.homes with air conditioners.town homes those will stand a very good.chance of meeting this.um in idaho they're upgrading to the.2018 iacc and oregon.the new oregon code will be very similar.to the 2018 iecc.so this is some good news this kind of.aligns it a little bit better with what.our regional codes are it also.increases the credit um because it's.incrementally harder to.stay 10 twenty percent above code as.codes advance.um the credit will get a little bit.better so instead of two thousand it'll.be twenty five hundred.so if you wanna learn more i recommend.that you type in your google machine hr2.the moving forward act.and you can actually go and track um.this.actual act and see where it goes through.congress.um yes so we're excited about it i'm.a little hedging my bets i'm not going.to say that i know that this is going to.go through but it does seem to have some.decent bipartisan support so we are.hopeful.there's another act called the hope for.homes act and this is really.targeted at existing homes so if you.those of you may remember.particularly if you're involved in doing.installation or hvac that there was.one called i think 25c a tax credit.this is similar to that this is creating.rebates for homeowners that invest in.existing home.energy efficiency improvements we bring.this up because.some of the same trade allies that.obviously are helping our new.construction builders.uh maybe achieve 45l level or eps.incentives may also be working on.existing homes.so this could be a way for you as a.verifier or rater to expand.your business by really understanding.this and helping to make sure that all.the different trades.that are in energy trust programs.whether it's existing homes or eps.have a good understanding of this again.this has not been pushed through yet.but again tax credit type stuff does.tend to get a pretty good bipartisan.support.um so it's we're very hopeful that we.could have both a new construction.and an existing homes um tax credit.packages that are available out there.which could really be a nice boom for.our energy efficiency businesses.so with that i'm going to go ahead and.pass it over to.matthew mills who you may know as our.solar coordinator and one of our.verifier account managers.he's going to talk a bit on the bright.side.matthew oh it looks like we may have a.question that's popped up i.double check real quick um.is that jamie faraday asked if the hope.for holmes act um.not yet assigned a number in congress uh.jamie great question i will look into.that i i believe it is.is tied into another bill at the moment.so i will look into that and i do have.an email on that and if i can track it.down i will include that in our.follow-up email.um call you matthew yeah thanks dan.uh yeah as dan mentioned uh i wanted to.take my time today with the bright side.to talk in depth about our new energy.smart home incentive offering.uh really dive into some of the details.help you understand what the.requirements are.and hopefully draw some parallels.between some builders that you have that.may already be meeting most of these.requirements.and understand what you can push them to.do to get some.additional incentives so in 2020 we.introduced this new offering the energy.smart home incentive offering.to promote the installation of equipment.that makes it possible for customers to.participate in utility programs.designed to lower energy usage during.peak periods now or in the future.so while this offering is new it pairs.really well with existing offerings like.i have laid out.up there and with forward thinking.builders.so as we'll see in upcoming slides.gaining energy smart home based package.incentives is really only a few easy.steps for builders.who are already constructing solar ready.or are meeting net zero.incentive requirements so additionally.offering.this incentive offering may be appealing.for builders who are future focused like.i said trying to do everything more for.their future customers.or really want to maximize their.incentives we've had a few builders that.are like.give us all the incentives available.what do we need to do this is a great.way for them to.expand their construction for new new.customer bases.so if any of your builders fit into the.aforementioned categories i highly.encourage you.to propose this offering to them uh and.as always your verifier account manager.is available to assist with.understanding what changes might be.what might be required by the builder to.meet this.incentive offering you can go to the.next slide.cool thanks so this slide should look.pretty familiar to you as we reviewed it.earlier in this year um seems like.forever ago in march at our.verifier all hands but this gives an.overview of the energy smart home.base package conditional requirements.and then uh.talks about the two add-on packages um.today we're just going to be talking.about the base package.core requirements and conditional.requirements.but if you want to learn more about the.add-on packages uh.either attend the webinar next week that.dan alluded to or go into the 2020 net.zero and energy smart home.uh incentives and requirements guide uh.which i will.link to later in this as well now you.can go to the next slide too.nope one back.that one.so like i said we're just going to talk.about the energy smart home.base package um in that top.five uh the core requirements most of.that should be.easily understood and should be reviewed.to you but i do want to highlight these.specific sessions.um the ones that are highlighted on the.screen to give you a better.understanding of what the energy smart.home.base package requires so as a quick.review to qualify for energy smart home.incentives the home has to meet the five.core requirements so it has to have.electric service from pacific power or.portland general electric.must be an eps home must have space.heating and cooling.equipment installed and then it must be.electric vehicle ready.or have an ev charger installed there's.also two additional conditional.requirements.regarding electric water heater and.smart thermostats that we'll talk about.later.but before we move into those the first.one i want to talk about.is the first that's highlighted there is.that the homes must have cooling.equipment installed.to qualify so that means homes.conditioned with heat pumps should.already qualify since cooling is.included.but homes with gas furnaces that want to.go after these incentives must have a.separate air conditioning unit installed.to qualify.uh you can go to the next one so that's.the first first point i want to clarify.the next as i highlighted has to do with.ev.ready so we have ev ready.specs and they're in that specs guide.that i alluded to earlier but here's an.overview of what that looks like.um there's a nice image that we have you.see on the right that's.you know similar to what our solar ready.graphics look like and that's also in.the.incentives requirements guide.but at a minimum to meet ev ready.electric vehicle ready.incentive requirements is you need a.code compliant 208 240 volt.50 amp dedicated branch circuit it has.to be installed in the garage.to accommodate a future level two uh.evsc.electric vehicle supply equipment uh.just an.electric vehicle charger and then you.also have to have a nema 1450 ev charger.outlet.in the garage at the termination of that.dedicated branch circuit.that is installed in a four inch by four.inch recessed deep metal box.so similar to the four inch by four inch.solar ready box but has an outlet in it.and that box must be located 36 inches.above the finished floor.uh in addition to that we have some wall.space requirements so you need to have.three feet above two feet to either side.and two feet in front of that outlet.unobstructed to allow for the.installation of the wall mounted evsc.next you need to have a service panel.with a 240 volt.breaker that is clearly labeled reserved.for solar.and similar to solar ready it needs to.be located on the other uh.opposite end of the panel as the the bus.bar to accommodate the.the breaker and then additionally.you need to just take into consideration.you know this is something we can help.with is looking at the plans of.where you should be installing this you.want to make sure that it's located.in a accessible location and typically.there's a 20 foot wire.length of cable attached to one of these.chargers and so trying to make sure that.that can reach.all areas of the garage so that they can.you can reach the.future electric vehicle that is.purchased so that's ev.ready uh you can go to the next slide.um so you can do ev ready or you can.work with.a builder that has an electric vehicle.charger installed already.but if they have an evsc already.installed and charged.installed it must be energy star level 2.and it must be listed as connected.functionality capable on the energy star.evsc.qualified products list so the link is.in there it's also in the spec guide.um but when you go to this link just.make sure you check this connected.functionality capable check box in the.special features sidebar.and that will pull up all of the the.chargers that qualify.go next slide this is a good image i.just wanted to show it because it shows.the combination of solar ready and eevee.ready uh what a wall.wall layout would be with the space.reserved.this would be really useful to show your.builder to show.what they need to do and what they need.to account for when.locating their electric panel uh you can.go to the next one.so that's it for the base package so if.you meet all those.uh or the core requirements um.that's that's the five core requirements.of the base package but now we're.getting into the conditional.requirements.so the first on the conditional.requirements is relating to the home's.water heating.so homes with electric water heating if.they have electric water heating must.have electric water heating.that is pre-enabled for utility response.programs.so what this means is that the home if.the home has a.electric tank water heat then it must.have a communications port.either a cta 2045 port or built-in wi-fi.connectivity.has to have a thermostatic mixing valve.and the outgoing water temp must be set.correctly.essentially this must be set to the.manufacturer's factory setting.alternatively you can have a heat pump.water heater.from the most current nia specifications.to eliminate the need for the external.communications device uh as they're all.uh wi-fi enabled as far as i know.uh you can go to the next one and match.the one thing on that.that outgoing water temp set to.manufacturer's factory setting that is.the.tempered water to fixtures temperature.um the hot water coming out of the tank.would be whatever the maximum.or within you know a small percentage of.what the maximum of that tank is capable.of.so just a little clarification yeah.thanks for that it's a good point.so um yeah i just wanted to show you an.example of this is just me going out in.the field this wasn't even an energy.smart home.this is just a example of a complying.water heater that i saw that was already.being installed by a builder so this is.a ream hybrid electric water heater.you can see there's a thermostatic.mixing valve is has been installed.as a middle picture and then it's uh.wi-fi enabled uh is also on the near.products list as well so this is what.we're looking for.um most people are already doing it as.far as i can tell but if you need.assistance with guiding builders.that's where we can come in handy.that's it for this so the last.conditional requirement has to do with.smart thermostats.so homes that have.central space cooling equipment um.central being the.underlying word in this sentence must.have a energy trust.uh approved or on the energy trust.qualified products list.a smart thermostat.so this is saying like if you are.heating your home with a mini split so.zonal.heating and cooling you don't need to.have a qualified.smart thermostat but if you have central.space cooling so either.you know ac tied in with your furnace or.air source heat pump.centrally ducted then you need to have.one of these four.smart thermostats installed on your home.uh.additionally uh these thermostats.qualify you for.more incentives but this is just the.final.uh conditional requirement i wanted to.talk through so just central.um central cooling uh that's.it go to the next one so that's the you.know as i said that's it for the.energy smart home base package uh i.figured i'd go into the details on that.if you have more questions please bring.them up to me.but here's a quick overview of the.incentives available as a reminder.so of course these get the eps whole.home incentive.but every home that's meeting the energy.smart home base package.will receive 200 per home.and homes that are complying with uh or.meeting energy smart home based package.requirements by.doing solar ready will also be eligible.for for solar ready incentives.um so that's 200 energy smart home 200.solar ready.so 400 total per home for that and then.as mentioned.there's two add-on packages uh solar.plus storage ready and.advanced wiring that offer 150 per home.uh extra of course there's early design.assistance meeting.dollars available that we can help your.builder.integrate this into their homes too.you can go to the next slide one of my.final points.as i alluded to in the beginning of this.is a lot of builders.are already doing a lot of these.you know already building certain things.like you know ev ready or eb.ev chargers installed and there's also.local ordinances or subdivision.sustainability guidelines that are.pushing builders to do.more you know integrating more into.their homes as a requirement of the.subdivision.or you know local jurisdiction so i.wanted to look specifically at reed's.crossing.where they have a combination of the.following components for every single.one of their homes so the homes.i must have a combination of the.following receive an eps.energy smart solar ready or energy.trustable solar ready.advanced storage dedicated circuit.electric vehicle charging ready.smart electric water heater or tankless.water heater and wi-fi.smart learning thermostat so these are.things that are already being built into.the homes.if you go to the next slide.you can see that as the core.requirements this already checks four.out of the five of the base components.already captured in the sustainability.guidelines here.so if a builder in this area was.installing mini splits or central ac.with their furnaces they may easily.qualify for these additional incentives.with a few tweaks.um so this is just one example but if.you have builders out there that aren't.doing this i highly encourage you to.reach out to me and i'm happy to work.with.each builder on an individual case to.learn what they can do.to get you know extra money in addition.to the solar ready they're already.building.uh you can go to the next one oh as a.quick note here.again i just talked about the base.package but there are two more add-on.packages.so i put storage ready and advanced.wiring look into the.if you're curious about these look into.the incentive requirements and.specifications guide.um or ask me i'm happy to walk you.through it.go to the next one yep and as a final.note.as dan mentioned um we've held two past.presentations on net zero and energy.smart home.that are recorded online that you can.look into but we'll also be hosting.another webinar.uh specifically for energy smart home uh.coming up next week on august 12th.um so please if you're curious to learn.more about this the.you know the energy smart home offering.in total.and what the details are or you want to.invite one of your builders please share.this link out.or ask us we're happy to share it to you.additionally i've made sure that the net.zero.and energy smart home detailed specs are.uploaded to the verifier site and on the.insider page.and i've made sure that all the verifier.account managers have them on their.computers as well.so just shoot us an email if you want to.know more and that's.uh that's it awesome thank you matthew.we're gonna check um it looks like.um we have a question from.doug hanselpali about carrier and bryant.um.thermostats that have been approved in.the past.so what we're talking about here is.pardon me there are proprietary.thermostats that some manufacturers.release you'll recall maybe.several months ago we invited scott.leonard to join us.to talk about smart thermostat qualified.product list.currently the the thermostats that.matthew mentioned.are the ones that are currently on the.qpl.that means that they have to make um.they have to meet.certain requirements that have to do.with learning algorithms and the.connectivity.that these bring um if you are working.with a builder.and their trade and they're using.proprietary thermostats designed to work.just with their.systems so we know train carrier bryant.mitsubishi.all have proprietary oh and dyke and all.have proprietary thermostats.that work specifically with their.central systems.we encourage you to bring that.information to our team.and we can help you work with energy.trust to look to see.if they're if these pieces of equipment.could be meeting the qpl and could be.added into the future.this is one we admit one of those.challenges that.third party thermostats versus.proprietary thermostats can sometimes.be problematic um with you know.sometimes it could.either void a warranty or go against.an arrangement that an installation.trade ally has with their manufacturer.our goal is not to make this harder our.goal is to ensure that the savings that.we want to claim.are realistic so if you have these kind.of smart thermostats that are not on the.qpl then come bring it to us.kerry is mentioning that there actually.are some additional.smart thermostats that are on the energy.trust qpl.and the question is are they not.eligible for the energy smart homes.we will make we will put clarification.in the follow-up email thank you carrie.for for chiming in there.um the current way it's written is if.it's on the um.qpl it should qualify but we will double.check and make.sure that is true and of course if.there's something that's not on the qpl.then follow my previous advice bring.that knowledge to us.with all of the documentation of it and.we can again talk with energy trust.about.should there be more products that are.um included in the qpl.um so that's those are some very.terrific questions and i'm really glad.that they got brought up um and we will.make sure that we've got that.um hammered out um both in the follow-up.email to this.and um for the webinar next week.thank you all for those great questions.um.so i want to bring up a little bit of.external content.as i go through this next short segment.before we bring in alex from miniter.i want to state that i'm now talking.from the perspective of the better built.northwest.program here um as some of you know i.support.both the eps program and the better.built northwest.performance path programs so what i.wanted to share real briefly here.is an offer that we at better built.northwest are bringing to the market.recognizing that the 2018 washington.state energy code.is a pretty aggressive step forward this.is going to be a challenge for some.builders to try to make.the energy code and then to stay ahead.of it if they're looking at tax credits.or eps or performance path incentive.staying ahead of this.could be challenging so our offer is.we're going to focus on production level.builders and what we call.production level raters or verifiers um.working in washington so if you have a.builder that's building more than 50.homes a year.or if you as a verifier raider are doing.more than 75 homes a year in washington.or you or your builders are really.concerned or struggling to.meet this future code you can reach out.to us.and we will do our best to do some code.support with you and this means.evaluating various code packages looking.into some of the advanced research.into things such as advanced walls ducts.inside.thin triple pane windows the.applicability of 45l tax credits.and applying either performance path or.eps incentives to help buy down those.costs.if you're interested please reach out to.me um you can reach out to your verifier.account manager if you forget and.they'll steer you towards me.but this is a way that our goal here is.to.find ways to really truly support the.production side of this equation.to lighten the load a little bit on some.of the other.organizations that are currently doing.some general code support.what we will ask in return the only.thing we'll really ask in return is.some level of data sharing which we will.anonymize but that just allows us to.look at things like.if a builder goes from ducks in an attic.to moving to ducks inside.what did that take in terms of training.timing and cost.the better we understand training timing.and costs.associated with these advanced measures.of code the better prepared we are.to defend this when the next code cycle.comes around or.to have or support organizations that.propose new code changes.so that's what our offer is if you need.my contact information.it's right here on the screen and it.will be included.in the follow-up email for those of you.that don't already have it.if you have questions in general you.just want to kind of poke around about.this.feel free i will be sending out some.direct communications on behalf of.better build northwest.to some of our verifier network that.i've talked to previously so.if you and i have already had an initial.conversation around this i will be.following up.take next steps but if we haven't yet.and this is something you're interested.in please reach out to me and we'll be.happy to help.so with that um i think we're going to.hand it over to.alex um at minuteair eleni do you want.to.um switch present presenter over.to alex yep.all right so can you hear me folks.we can hear you and yep we can hear you.alex and i just want to get confirmation.from the crowd.can those of you in the crowd see.myself casey and helene's smiling faces.okay good people can see our smiling.faces so you're good to go alex.all right so uh so uh.hello everyone my name is alex the gang.or if you want to practice your french.alexandre dugangi.uh yes i am indeed a one of those.quebecers living in cold quebec.and still i'm a proud north american and.today i'll be talking to you about who.we are and what we do so.here we are and and just to begin i.would like to thank uh.trc uh first of all you dan.and of course eleni who was very kind.and helpful and.casey and welcoming all the great trc.raiders so uh and unfortunately i didn't.have any of your pictures so you know i.presume that you were smiling people so.therefore explaining the smileys.so and we are live this morning from the.panticare studio here in montreal.beautiful montreal yeah where la jolla.is a way of life so it's almost like.sounds almost like a tourism an.invitation of some sort.but it is somehow so yeah so uh we will.begin by a short introduction video and.then i will.talk again so hold on.take your series.okay folks apparently the sound of the.video.didn't go through so i will rerun it but.leaving my microphone on you will be.able to hear what's going on right i'm.sorry about that well.give me a sec here all right.perpendicular series.the only autonomous completely.integrated.hvac unit here in north america as the.pentagon is providing you.with the following real ineffective.two-stage.all-house dignification check first in.class.medical grade air filtration according.to ashrae 170.using passenger efficiency.mir-15 unique cascaded air filter check.integrated inductive air source heat.pump with intelligent free cooling and.turbo cooling.fresh air ventilation provided with the.highest heat recovery efficiency.ratings ever seen in the industry and.third parties have five.the whole ventilating institute on top.of being capable.of zero positive ventilation.check one thing that says it all.is the fact all our multi-family link.customers.are returning customers and they're not.only from the private sector.like on in flats in philadelphia but.also.from some public housing corporations.to the care by minute here our.innovative and comprehensive.indoor wellness engineering approach.radically different.ultra effective creating for you and.your loved ones.probably most comfortable and healthiest.in your climate you deserve.to need now more than ever stay tuned.and learn more about it.broadly engineered and made here in.north america.our climate zones from us minute there.the science of air.so good so at least you were able to.hear what was going on with that video.so let me continue.so today i'm going to talk to you about.the firm the people the product our.future and our supporters.but how did we get that name minute here.well you know the thing is.in the greek mythology the minotaur was.a fabulous creature with the head of a.ball in the body of a man and when my.business partner.had to choose the name of the company he.had like five minutes to choose and.in his mind at that time the machine was.you know two machines in one you know.a compact uh aerosols heat pump and you.know and.and also an hrv so they're for two and.one you know so okay like minotaur.minute.so they're for the name but you know in.2020 minotair is a fabulous company.manufacturing a disruptive product that.provides.at the same time fresh air and multiple.air treatments.yeah more on that later all right so who.are we as a corporation you know we've.been.legally in existence for over seven.years now.we don't do those machines in the garage.we have our assemble plant.in the grabber industrial park in ghetto.gatsknow which is a.quarter of a million city habitant city.across.uh ottawa which is canada's capital.our units have been manufactured now for.over six years.we are at version seven of our units.it's a mature.and stable product so today i do.introduce you to the innovative.pentacare v12.you know we call those machines compact.all in one d.plus hvac unit d standing of course for.demonification.why d in front of a track it's because.those machines were designed.to strive at removing moisture out of.the air.okay so therefore the prevalence of the.dean instead of the hvac so compact all.in one d.plus hvac unit and we're using.our innovative pain to care formula.because we take care of five things with.those machines.fresh air heating cooling moisture.management and air filtration.you know and the applications are single.dwellings.multi-family and light commercial.applications.but you know in reality it's four.machines in one.so it's active heat recovery hrv.abducted heat pump.dignity fire and hep armor 15 filtration.device all in one.we need to keep in mind something to.equivalent the work.of one pantocara unit you must have.not only an hrv or erv in the heat pump.but also a demonifier because yes heat.pumps do remove moisture as we know.but you but if you take an equivalent.sized.heat pump for mitsubishi daikin or.others.you know we remove three to four times.more moisture than you know.those machines so to do the same work.and this is what's important to do to do.a.apple to apple comparison logical.compression you know you must have a.dignifier either a standalone unit like.this one or a doctored.machine you know and plus we have a.standard hepa mer15.filter inside our machine standard with.a gasket.you know it is it is very different and.and actually you saw that filter with.the gasket now and.it's medical grade because it's heparin.15 and mirror 15.is according to ashrae 170 which is.about healthcare.facilities hvac machines it's.a medical grade filter.so four machines in one and actually.it's probably.only autonomous and complete d-plus hvac.systems for multi-family buildings.one machine per suite actually that.funky looking building is in philly.it is called the front flats project.made by on flats you know and it has 28.apartments.and each apartment has a pantocara v12.unit inside of it.okay so this is how it looks now the.picture in the center.shows you how it's finished the picture.on the left shows you.you know during the construction the top.left you see a l-shape you know.box this is the electric duck heater.that will kick in.you know uh strictly in the coldest days.of winter.um you know probably not necessary in.oregon still we make it mandatory.to make sure that you know we don't lack.heating it's cheap.it's not even 500 fully variable in.intensity so it will not take a lot of.electricity but it's going to save your.ass.if we have severe dramatic.very cold weather days you know a during.winter and we do not know how.our crazy our climate will be in 10.years 15 20 years from now.i think we see warmer summers and also.colder winters so.for five hundred dollars that electric.dog heater uh is uh.is a nice uh safety thing to have so.hanging out so just to show you on the.right.you see the mechanical cabinet now those.mechanical cabinets.instead of being needed the outside wall.we refer we propose.our customers to put those mechanical.cabinets you know near the corridor.where you know.men and screw can easily have access to.the machines and to change the filters.whatever.but that shows uh that choice of.mechanical cabinet being inside the.apartment was.what this is the decision of mr tim.mcdonald's the ceo of onion flats.probably some of you know him.he's a great great great pioneer in a.passive house multi-family sector uh.is a keynote speaker he speaks you know.on a regular basis in different trade.shows across.north america um great guy and uh yeah.so.so yeah so that is how it looks like in.a multi-family.um building actually you have to.understand there are no.external boxes everything is in that.white.box okay there's no outside unit because.what's that.what's part of the outside unit.compressor in the coil is inside our.machine therefore the only thing you're.gonna have.is two outdoor connections so very very.interesting in that regard.a few numbers regarding performances.about one ton of cooling at 11.500 btus where he for her cooling.heating 8700 btus.those data are calculated using the same.protocol hey hr i210 240 like the major.manufacturers like mitsubishi and all.the others so we are able to do.apple trouble compression here.demonification.we again that that machine strives at.removing moisture 112.pints per day you know.filtration we have two merv eight.filters one per coil.and we have that hepar 15 gasketed.filter mini coil grade.as by azure 170..balance ventilation in hiv mode you know.from 20 cfm up to.100 cfm you know 5c fm increments good.to 1.6 inch of static pressure.heat pump mode from 80 to 250 cfm.bathroom booster boost timer 250 cfm.two main usages number one it's probably.the best set of lungs for almost any.home.or apartment unless it's above 5 000.square feet so any kind of home you have.you can use my machines you know those.pentaker v12.and you know india will take care of the.following it's going to do whole house.balance fresh air of insulation.it's going to do a whole house.gamification it's going to do a whole.house i efficiency.palmer 15 air filtration it's going to.exhaust one to two bathrooms plus the.kitchen.not in not instead of the range wood fan.but.in conjunction with a range of fan to.make sure that the chemicals under the.sink.are being exhausted plus it's going to.give supplemental heating and cooling.directly in the rooms where you have a.fresh air supply.so in any kind of homes or apartments my.machines will do.all that but it could be also used.as a unitizing compact one per apartment.all in one complete d plus hvac units.for multi-family buildings you know.so it's going to do all of the above.plus the full heating and cooling.needs okay and this is why this is not.why but this is where we're we're.you know we are expanding very very.greatly our company because you know we.have.all multi-family customers are returning.customers.okay so which is a good sign when they.are buying 20 30 units at.a time and they are coming back it's.because they like the product right.so two two main users with four ways to.use the panticare and.your projects okay first of all you know.face what you use it.you know in your project well you know.by itself with its own ductwork.okay pretty straightforward we've got.the machine two ducks to the outside.two main decks to the inside what is.different in our case.uh at the end of each round of ducks.initially if it's supply or exhaust.we will have as mandatory.acoustic flexible ducks good news is.just like zender.we have some ducks which are prepared to.us that we sell.and those are mandatory to make sure.that we have quiet and still.insulin installation those are docks.which is not only insulated.but had an acoustic membrane in.the as the inner liner it has thousands.of pinholes you know.making sure that we don't that we muffle.the sound and just behind that.aluminum uh liner with pin holes we have.a second liner which is plastic liner.which makes sure the moisture will not.touch the insulation.insulation is made by uh john manesville.for miley i3 and the fibers of the.um fibers will not migrate in the.airstream.okay second way to use the pentaker you.know uh.that will be in a no in a in a in a.house.which is would be too big you know to.have you know strictly the pedicare.taking care of the heating of the.cooling.will be to be connected to a furnace.okay so we bring fresh air.you know to the furnace uh and we uh.draw the exhaust air from the bathrooms.okay.third way combined with forced air.furnace in a retrofit setup okay in a.retrofit setup you know.we are able to become the lungs of the.house you know which is great you know.you can have it.an actual house and say hey i've got a.furnace but i don't have fresh air.okay good news we are able to bring you.fresh air and we are able to give you.the humidification in high efficiency.filtration what were you gonna do then.you're gonna.you know have um oh got a problem here.sorry let me go back.yeah i went to i clicked rapidly here.and uh retrofit setup yeah so.so we see that we are getting stale air.on the right side and six feet down.closer to the furnace you know we are.dumping fresh air okay.and again acoustic flexible duck you.know to reduce the sound not necessarily.the machine but you know.of the uh of uh the uh velocity of the.air that makes the sense that.our machines are machines you know at.full speed they do 43 db.about three feet away or one meter away.so which is nothing okay.so in the last way the fourth way to use.the painting air.and to add more beat uses along combined.with the mitsubishi heat pump.to provide more btus either duck cluster.ducted if it's duct it's going to be.with its own ductwork okay.so unity homes which is well known in.new england new hampshire.uh does their finalized uh high.performance prefab homes and.they're using our products now unity.ohm's a division of benson wood founded.by ted benson and how it goes.is you know it's 2100 square feet um a.thousand two levels so high performance.symbol not passive hours but well above.code you know.and again the panic air v12 is taking.care of the following you know whole.house balance fresh air ventilation.whole house gamification.all house high efficiency air filtration.exhaust.in that case of two bathrooms plus in.the kitchen about 10 feet from the range.stage one for heating and cooling you.know plus we do that you know.we bring that directly into bedrooms on.the second floor.we have a mini super sheet of clothes.aerosol cpu 18 000 bits is located in.open space on main floor.this is the stage before heating and.cooling and the last stage you know for.eating and as last line of defense for.heating is.r5 kw electric duct heater that you saw.earlier.again it's fully variable you know up to.17 000 btus.you know and price wise it's not very it.works it's price.difference is minimal compared to three.kw we used to sell.three kw and we decided to go with a.five because it was.you know it's likely just a bit more.money but more importantly you know.because.it's fully variable well you're going to.strictly use.the right amount of heat you want you.know the right amount of electricity so.on the.but at least if you need more btus one.day you'll have it this is why we have a.5kw right so the pantic air v12 can.achieve heat recovery efficiency above.100 percent.using military unique and into triple.heat recovery systems.physically it is impossible to recreate.more than.100 of the heat content in the air it is.absolutely right.and it is what it is the thing is we are.able to have a hit recovery efficiency.compared to other machines higher why is.because the tests.under which hrvs nerves are tested in.north america.uh is the following we don't want we.want to know how much he.we can recover from the unit you know.capture from from a unit and how much.electrical electricity we're gonna use.to do that you know.and that gives us a number you know in.our case you know we're able to.grab more heat and how do we do that.with our triple heat recovery system.well it goes like this okay.so we have a proprietary innovative.triple heat recovery system.and no it goes like this number one we.it does recover heat from the state.layer just like.all the other machines you know uh but.two country of the.unlike regulators in the areas the heat.contained in the moisture.okay this this heat containing the.moisture so by the way an erv will.transfer moisture from one airstream to.the other we don't do that.you know we have we have another.approach we're dealing with moisture and.we have.i think a better approach especially if.it's in humid climate i know that in the.west coast.you guys in the northwest have kind of.mild not too humid.climates sometimes but in the east in.the northeast or in florida or texas.you know uh people don't understand an.erv is not there to help them in the.summertime it's it's it's not made to.remove water it's not a demonic fire.it's it's an erv.it will keep a bit of moisture but it's.not it deemed fire anyhow so thing is.we gather the heat we grab the heat.containing the moisture as a second.source of heat.the third uh you know heat source is the.heat generated by the water the.compressor work okay which is a thousand.btus.so we have three heat sources right.there okay and you know.how does it translate in the real world.you know what kind of numbers do we get.with that.well you know with end or a temperature.at 72.okay while the outdoor is at 32 you know.and we when we move around 100 cfm the.temperature of the incoming here.inside the building getting out directly.from my machine is 102 fahrenheit.yes we jump from 72 to 102 and again.those numbers are not from us.they are by the xova this is the third.part of the lab the only lab in north.america.capable of testing hrvs nervous or hvi.certification.again remember we captured not only the.heat of the.of the stale air just like anybody else.but on top of that the heat.from the moisture plus that thousand.btus that thousand use is helping a lot.okay.so still we have that okay so which is.great.and it gives a verified record-breaking.apparent sensible effect namely 178.because when you take 39.2 which is 102.in celsius divided by 22 celsius which.is 72 fahrenheit in celsius.now it gives us 1.78 okay again as.tested by xovolab.so in plain english what does it mean in.real life well.in some climate zones you know uh solely.using the fresh air mode some portion of.the year you know.people can stay in their bedrooms with.the door clothes for hours getting.fresher and the heating and cooling in.the summer at the same time right now.with the classic hiv or army you know so.it's very useful who elders were.afternoon apps teenagers wanting to be.alone.everybody else will want to be.comfortable you know.uh like working for a moment so this is.the hvac performance report.you know and we've been certified since.february of last year.you know and this is our number so this.the esser is sensible recurve efficiency.of 116.well that gives us the following says.that for now we are grabbing more heat.energy.you know uh provided electricity that.we're using so which is great.okay again this is uh verify by.xovo okay so the achievement well.uh pentacure is the first and only nasr.positive verified hiv rev in the market.in those conditions so.the bravo call our ceo lean engineer.so some quick legal compliance in.ventilation we're complying with ashrae.62.1.this is 2.2 csr439 which is used for.hvac certification now uh and recognized.throughout north america.uh csr326 uh electricity.electrical safety certification.certified to u.s standards or.you know uh for ncual 1995 for you guys.in the us.again like i said hdi certified you know.and our future.well our future um another proof that we.in terms of that we are steering you.know uh canada's dewey which is.natural resources canada their division.kenman energy is testing one of our.units actually combined with san an air.source water heater i know that you guys.know probably send in airsoft water.either the probably proper.the northwest uh you know and combined.with a water to hair coil.uh as we speak in relation to the.interest of the panty care units are.requested by some important stakeholders.here in canada you know.but talking of the dui here's the due.proof you know and they have a.and this market assessment about proof.cabinet prefabricated zebra energy.retrofit technologies you know and that.is.that reports from march and they talk.about us and they talk about.military incentive and also what they're.saying is you know uh the recommendation.of that market assessment says that.combine existing products to achieve all.functionalities needed.so you know when we mix a military with.sending we have domestic hot water and.all the rest of the.things that we need to do in the house.we will be able to live in it and number.two.they talk about the importance of.develop smaller system size for.multi-family units you know so the.realized program that you probably are.aware you know uh.talks about the fact that to have.air-to-air heat pump systems could be.sized as well as.eleven thousand use and still mean.ventilation lows if passive construction.techniques were used for such retrofit.so.good news is we have actually that.product and we've been building it for.the last six years okay.so we're working on a bigger product.here you know that's going to be ready.in the next uh year and a half two years.you know it's gonna be a well.comfortable product because.we have a lot of requests from europe uh.and we have some recurring customers.some people that you probably know burst.mouth and portland oregon you know.so they have a there's a great article.in green building advisor talking of a.house that builds.that uh bird's mouth did and if you look.at the picture on the right you're gonna.see you know.uh a minute there and just decided.ascendant.tank you know so this is the mechanical.closet you know.and technically uh you know that.military could have been.raised by about you know 18 probably you.know a bit more.higher uh and have this the sand and.tank just underneath it.okay so because i know that by.experience that you know it's feasible.so uh yeah so it's great to work with.those you know they are a.recurring customer we love working with.those folks and also we're also working.with green hammer in portland.so again great guys and girls right.and again recurring customers and uh.and that's it so uh i was able to.respect the timeline.um you know and uh please take note of.my.contact info if you want uh you know and.um.and don't forget that the panicker v12.uh the compact online d plus eight.vector unit is pretty unique.and uh and we're glad to be there to.help you understand how to use.it and how to uh you know to have your.customers appreciate.what it brings to the market so uh.thank you very much alex um this is.great and again we will include the pdf.of alex's.slides for folks including his contact.information.we did have a couple of questions that.came in alex.one was when you mentioned that there's.no external comport.components the one question was well.there is an outdoor compressor correct.for the heat pump.no there's not no so how does the heat.pump technology work without an outdoor.compressor.well we do have a compressor it's just.that the compressor is not outdoor the.compressor is inside.and that's the whole so that's the.beauty.that that's the best there's a waste.heat for the third third leg of your.proprietary heat recovery perfect and.then the other question we had was.um you know with the great filtration.you guys provide how long do those.filters typically last.and is that the kind of thing that they.can order.more filters from you in the future you.know can you give us a quick sense of.for for a single family construction.house of 2200 square feet.about and they're running their their.minitaire you know pretty constantly.about how long do the filters last and.how often would they need replacement.well it's pretty uh it's pretty standard.uh the two merv eight filters.will have to be changed every three.months uh just like you know a regular.furnace actually yeah and.the hep um 15 gasketed filter.uh is good for a year so uh perfect.yeah which is you know kind of you know.pretty standard in terms of uh.of uh frequency of of changing those.filters compared to others it's pretty.yeah it's pretty uh.pretty uh really classic great.um that that is terrific thank you so.much eleni do you want to switch us back.and i'm just going to run through a.couple of quick.announcements on on the back end of this.but we really want to thank matthew.and alex for for spending their time.with us today.um hopefully you guys can see my slide.deck again.um and you should now see a slide that.says the runway is that right.perfect um so just a quick note we had.talked about um.you know talking about ecotrope today.and we wanted to tell you that we're.still working to finalize the ecotrope.and access integration for the oregon.eps homes.in the meantime if you've modeled any.preliminary or sample eps homes in.ecotrope and you have feedback for us.or questions regarding the modeling.requirements or the reference homes.reports.please reach out to eps technical and we.will get.that wrapped up i just on email.yesterday we really are in the final.stages.of ecotrope access integration and we.will be updating.our verifier network as that gets.finalized.um we as typical do cover trainings here.at the end we're not going to spend a.lot of time on this.please remember you can always find.information.on the insider training calendar and at.better built northwest.event pages we did want to remind you.that.better built northwest has this really.cool on-demand homebuilder course on the.online training of the top 10 best.practices for today's homebuilders.it's really actually very well done if.you haven't.gone through this yet it's really.terrific three one hour modules i think.that you'll enjoy it.we also did one one last thing we do.have next.week on august 12th from 8 am to 9 30. i.will be delivering.a presentation again on designing and.planning for an energy smart home as.matthew mentioned.if you think your builders might be.interested or if you just want to.kind of be a little bit better prepared.to explain this to your builders we.highly encourage you to attend.and remember the other two previous ones.are available on epsverifier.com.finally um coming soon uh build right.from uh hba pdx is.about to make some announcements in the.coming weeks probably maybe a month at.the most.um on what the build right conference is.going to look like this fall.so this is uh you know the news will be.breaking very soon as soon as it is.we will invite maybe hbo pdx to either.speak or provide some slides for us for.our next verifier call.but we're excited and we hope that those.of you that are interested.you can just go to www.buildrightpdx.com.and you can track it yourself if you're.really interested.otherwise stay tuned and both ourselves.and.the hba will be sending out alerts um.as we have the rest of that so that was.what we had for today and look at that.spot on an hour just like we planned it.um.so if there are any questions i'm gonna.hang out for an additional minute here.um on this but as usual please reach out.to your verifier account managers or eps.technical for the modeling type.questions um or eps and energy trust if.you have some general questions maybe.about.the incentive and we are happy to help.you and with that i want to say thank.you very much for spending an hour with.us this morning.thank you alex thank you matthew um and.and.welcome been a great great time today.thanks everyone.thank you.you.

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