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two of John Paul the second it has.become a standard in many ways it's.become very helpful for people because.they have one volume that they can open.up to and it links them to scripture and.Magisterial documents however since Pope.Francis revised the Catechism on the.death penalty many feel wind kind of.questioning what's the story with that.can catechisms be revived to actually.cat this catechism 1992 has been revised.twice now look at both those revisions.and then Tim and I also are gonna bring.forward our favorite catechism the.Catechism has the most a pro a probation.the most papal approval and that is the.catechism of the Council of Trent aka.roman catechism and before we do that.we'll say our prayer sound good - sounds.excellent let's do let's do Latin our.Father and we'll get into it in nomine.Patris at fede at Spiritu sancti amen.Potter no stare quiescent chase utley.song - betrayed - enormous - um -.adveniat regnum tuum - a Fiat voluntas.tua sicut in cello acronym Nostrum.quotidianum da nobis hodie MSO da edom.ETA notice debuted instruction secrets.at North conservatories notices an anus.inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a.Malo oh man then in nomine Patri said.Fiat Spiritu sancti amen.hey I want to I want to I want to say.something right say it people are are.gonna think to themselves to say to.themselves.Tayla you just said this is our favorite.catechism as if there's something wrong.with this aren't you cherry-picking.aren't you guys cherry-picking no we're.not here's here's what a catechism is is.as much as it's supposed to be a summary.or a codification of the deposit of.faith scripture and tradition you know.what's non deniable in the faith it is a.summary.of the codification of our faith so to.the lawyers out there this is like the.rest' statement of torts right it's not.it's actually supposed to be it's not.the law of torts itself it's the.Restatement it's it's very close to.being a an infallible body of everything.we believe but it's not infallible.because it's not actually any new it's.not actually a magisterial document this.surprises people.it's a magisterial document but it's not.infallible this is not what I map it's.not part of the Magisterium it's the.Roman catechism is well the Roman Kadim.know what we this is what I learned I.mean according to father Dave Nick's not.a not a magisterial document according.to dens inner / art this is these are.the best guides to what is in and what.is out but that that's a little.technical that's actually a term of art.and that's just bound to confuse people.anyway my point is this giving a.definition for what a catechism is and.thus why for one thing there's only 1566.and 1992 in terms of the universal.catechisms there hadn't been a universal.catechism until 1566 so and neither one.abrogates the other right they work.together there are two summaries of the.faith that as these borderline document.summary types they have to work they.have to work together or else the faith.is untrue but right well then I let me.throw some wrenches out okay I think we.needed to find a gist Ariel did you just.save the Magisterium and it's true these.are not you know extraordinary.pronouncements this is not like you know.the proclamation of the dogma of the.Assumption or the Immaculate Conception.or an ecumenical council of course but.when you read you know say Pope coming.to the 13th tonight 1761.encyclical in dome you know and.Mikko aggro I mean it's definitely the.language being used here in regarding.the Roman catechism I mean it gets.special praise it you know oh yeah be.you've got the priest and all that so.it's a teaching document but it's not.part of the extraordinary Magisterium of.the church that's what you're saying.right right because I'm worried people.are gonna hear you say this whenever.you're talking to someone about.Catholicism.you can't quote the Roman Catechism.because it's not the Magisterium oh no.no no yes that's why lawyers will get.this this is not um it's like you know.the model Penal Code or something when.you're looking it's a restatement of of.existing law and it's because see most.Magisterial doc it was well the.Magisterial documents are actually.adding something unique back up one.second people people out there all think.that guys like you and I just balked at.the idea of the development of doctrine.Oh doctrine.legitimately develops that's what the.Magisterium is there for right but.doctrine sometimes illegitimately is.attempted to be perverted at least in.the minds of some of the faithful the.way their doctor can never be go one.iota one degree out of 360 against a.prior teaching no this is really why.we're doing this show today because the.1992 doesn't go against 1566 at any.singular ways but yeah bit more the.revision on the death penalty does well.but it goes against itself to I mean.that right that's the right so that make.use that example father Dave Nix chose.that example because it shows what we're.talking about precisely it 1992 is.claiming to aggregate itself I think.Robertson Janice pointed out something.in the 1992.anok ISM that needed to be corrected and.they corrected it if I'm if I'm not.mistaken.so let's before we get to the two.revisions of the 1992 catechism I want.to go through the levels of authority in.Ludwig OTT because we alluded to them.and I want everybody be clear and before.I do that I just want to set up how.Catholicism understands Sacred Scripture.and sacred tradition because there's a.lot of people who are confused on this.too so our Lord Jesus Christ is the.second person the Trinity the eternal.logos he comes to earth through the.immaculate womb of the Virgin Mary he.assumes a true human nature fully God.fully man united in the hypostatic union.he chooses 12 apostles one of them.denies him another one is replaced with.iose our Lord in those 12 men laid down.what's called the deposit of faith it's.never changing it has the seven.sacraments in it it has the Trinity in.it it has marian dogmas and it has.everything that is true and right about.divine revelation it can be clarified.over time but it can never change you.can never take something out of it and.put something else in there's no sub in.sub outs it is what it is.we sacred tradition is that deposit and.we as Catholics have to submit to that.deposit of faith one hundred percent not.99 and we can't add something to and say.well here's the eighth sacrament that's.the deposit of faith now once you have.all that you have different levels of.Magisterial authority in the church and.I'm reading from the great work.fundamentals of Catholic dogma this is.by Ludwig OTT he begins it's on page 9.he begins with the grades of certainty.ok so there are certain things that we.are absolutely certain about in the.deposit of faith and when there's other.things that are not as certain and he.gives.levels of certainty I'm gonna run.through the certainty right now okay the.highest is de fidei fides Divina.he says the highest degree of certainty.a pertains to the immediately revealed.truths the belief due to them is based.on the authority of God's revealing and.if the church through its teaching.vouches for the fact that a truth is.contained in revelation one certainty is.then also based on the authority of the.infallible teaching authority of the.church.if truths are defined by solemn judgment.of the faith that is a definition of the.Pope or a general council okay so that's.de fidei so for example this would be.baptism as a sacrament it's a hundred.percent certain nobody can can read the.sacred scriptures and say our Lord Jesus.Christ didn't want people to be baptized.there's no debating all right we're not.talking about you know super far down.minutiae like and we can get to this.like what is the form and matter of the.Sacrament of Confirmation.right you can't like pull up the Gospels.where Christ lays that down wait till we.get til the Amazon Synod yeah okay we.can't there's no debating maybe they'll.try but yeah okay so the second is real.is fides ecclesiastica Catholic truths.or doctrines on which the infallible.teaching authority of the church has.finally decided are to be accepted with.the faith which is based on the sole.authority of the church these truths are.as infallibly certain as dogmas proper.okay so these have been this would be.for example homo osya right at the first.ecumenical council the church defined.Christ is consubstantial with the father.all right you can derive all that from.divine revelation but the church defined.it in this way and we know it's.infallible you can't say well maybe.that's wrong it's on the books.third-level a teaching proximate to the.faith.it's intense efe dei próxima is a.doctrine which is regarded by.theologians generally as a truth of.revelation but which has not yet been.fully promulgated as such by the church.level three we got six levels and now we.move on the low before number for a.teaching pertaining to the faith that is.theologically certain sent NC a-- odd.feet and pertinence is a doctrine on.which the teaching authority the church.has not yet fully pronounced but whose.truth is guaranteed by its intrinsic.connection with the doctrine of.revelation this is what we would call in.the law subject matter jurisdiction.right the church has might not have.ruled over it but it's got definite.clear subject matter jurisdiction over.this area we should expect it to be.ruled on at some point in history you've.challenged you try four or unclarified.yeah five common teaching sententious.communis is doctrine which in itself.belongs to the field of free opinions.but which is X which is accepted by.theologians generally okay this would be.it's not it's not currently but you.could go back in time and say you know.well I don't I know I don't want you to.that example would you let me just just.through him then we'll talk about number.six theological opinions of lesser.grades of certainty are called probable.more probable and well-founded.sentencing probably this probably or.been a fun dot on these which are regard.as being an agreement with the consensus.of faith of the church which are called.pious opinions these the least degree of.certainty is possessed as possessed by.the tolerated opinion which is only.weakly founded but which is tolerated by.the church.right so those are the six six levels.and as you were just mentioning before.father Dave Nix when he he wrote the.article that's really good actually it's.gradually it's an excellent article it's.called what Catholics are missing in the.death penalty debate it was published.last year last last August and he also.refers to these six levels by the way if.you don't have this book fundamentals of.Catholic dogma by Ludwig OTT you're.missing out.this thing is so clear it gets the a.lovely book I spent about an hour last.night before bed just flipping through.it and reading it and and I was again.amazed by how good it is so that's you.know as Catholics the two highest are.those of divine revelation which are.absolutely uncontested you don't even.need an ecumenical council or a papal.statement for number one right Jesus.instituted the Eucharist at the Last.Supper and said this is my body this is.a chalice of my blood you don't need a.pope to even come out and clarify that.it's just so obvious right and then the.second is the one where the church on.her authority defines dogma right and so.that would be something like you know.the extraordinary infallible.promulgation like in 1950 and so this.you know this raises the question you.know these are grades of certainty but.they're not.he doesn't grade documents in these six.I think that's kind of the important.distinction you know he's not saying you.know first there's you know in apostolic.constitutions and then there's you know.encyclicals and then there's Motu.Proprio z' and all he's not doing that.right he's not he's not making a.hierarchy of documents he's talking.about theological topics and subjects.doctrines and the degree of certainty.from level one down to level six which.is barely.all rated in the church right I've tried.what would be a tolerated opinion in the.church I'm trying to tolerated opinion.would be a new topic on a papal.encyclical I believe a brand new topic.that's never been treated in 2,000 years.would be this is not I'm thinking loud.don't know if it's in a papal encyclical.we've got it I think it's going to get.more certainty above I think it's.something more like you know there were.there were early Saints who you know.tolerated delayed baptism you know like.that was allowed back then even though.it's not the right way but it's taller.sure but the reason I would guess that.that's that's that's a that's an easy.example but it's got to be I mean that's.the point that I want people to take.away from today's show is what is new.and the church is not necessarily false.but it's there hold on hold on hold on.you got to be precise because I would.say heck if it's new it's false get it.out know it can be there there are.legitimate developments of doctrines no.no no see that's the different.development is different than new no new.if I take an old grill and fix it up.it's not a new grill listen to me no new.Genesis there are new species so the.movement of the development of doctrine.is from the general right the very.general to the very specific so.something taketake law Jeff see there.there's never been a an a church.document on like recycling but there is.stewardship right in the book of Genesis.so it's a I'm not what I'm certain about.what I'm saying here I'm not certain.it's at that low sixth level I'm but I'm.I have to work it out the point is.there's the general doctrine of.stewardship it's real it's there it's.been ruled on but this new application.of it you know there wasn't even.something called recycling a hundred.years ago so it's it's necessarily.new in terms of its specific.ramifications not its generic.ramifications the genus is there but the.species is new so the church is going to.have to presumably it's going to have to.at some point say something about any of.these questions once they begin to touch.on faith and morals so I mean I don't.know I still want to I don't know if I.agree with the genus species element.either everything doctrines are forms.they are specified in all those.doctrines specified are in the deposit.of faith it's just they're not over time.they get clarified by us but it's not.like anything specific was ever new in.the deposit of faith well but it's a.clarification of a genus into its no but.doctors aren't arenas Dawkins or species.sure no that's right that's what I'm.saying but except literally if see what.I'm saying is there's a moratorium on.something like I just it's it's.incredibly actually abstract unless we.use some example so I'm using laudato si.it's it's new legal issue something.that's more concrete like instant.baptism or something but I mean infant.that I mean that's that's fine but just.yeah I'm I'm trying to get this out when.it's new cuz it's very difficult I don't.want to say la da Chau season.necessarily in the deposit I'm not I.have it I have it yeah so like it.doesn't apply to our analogy of the.deposit of faith encyclicals are not.necessarily in the deposit.okay dip back up one degree of.specificity they wait that's what I was.saying there's a moratorium on them.until you see them appearing in more.encyclicals that's literally what the.church does is it Waits and it's like.okay there's ooh there are famous.encyclicals that have same famous.sections that that a lot of these guys.the the encyclopedist s-- ought type.guys den zinger type.eyes have said caste canoe B everyone.agrees certain parts of that encyclical.are in the deposit because not.necessarily because of caste canoe B but.because it's the first encyclical that.dealt with these aspects that are in the.deposit right so there is a moratorium.on and this is the beauty with the.development of doctrine the real.development of doctrine is yeah we're.waiting to see whether or not this.specification of stewardship in laudato.si is part of the deposit and whether or.not any other Pope's eventually pick up.on it that's the test it's only.developed in time if no other Pope's.pick up on it then it 2500 ad they'll.look back and they'll Bick this is.private opinion but it begs the question.to try to make the call in real time you.see what I'm right it may mmm-hmm all.that's super-complicated I don't know.how to untangle it I think it's it's.healthier especially we're gonna talk.about catechisms to say there is a.deposit of faith things are in it but.they're not in it and everything in the.deposit of faith is specified from the.very beginning however the church.herself comes to define it and.understand it over time so it's not like.saying there was no Trinity Trinity was.not in the Apostolic Faith it certainly.was in the apostolic deposit of faith.right but the defining of it for us as.the church subjectively came out over.time so like what I'm what I'm worried.about is you know I did all this.assumption of our of Our Lady.apologetics and videos and tweets last.week because it was August 15th and I.had Protestants and even some you know.confused Catholics saying the Assumption.of Mary was added to the Catholic faith.in 1950 because they see that dogma.specified and proclaimed in 1950 but.that's ridiculous because if you go to.1900 and ask every bishop on earth and.the Pope do.you believe in the assumption yes you.ask every Catholic when you pray the.Glorious Mysteries do you pray the.fourth mystery on your decades the.Assumption of Our Lady yes you go to.every Greek Orthodox in 1500 and say do.you believe our lady's body rotted in.the ground 100 percent of them say no so.there's this consist consensus and.consistency.way before 1950 and course and specified.right our lady's body was not corrupted.our ladies bodies in heaven of course.but now it was dogma.so that's why yeah just just because it.gets Dogma doesn't mean there's anything.at all and E W knew but Dogma means.you've gone from from level 1 to level 2.if we're going from the top or from 2 to.1 right we're talking about what people.tend to argue about I don't disagree.with any of that what people tend to.argue about are the lower level is that.is X topic is X teaching which might.just be a papal opinion is it part of.even the low level Magisterium in my.experience that's what people are out.there arguing about I remember the.summer of 20 was a 2014 when laudato si.came out I remember reading it being.like this this doesn't have the feel of.being part of the Magisterium and a lot.of a lot of the encyclicals aren't so.yeah I mean something easy si I mean.this is this that's at a much more.fundamental level the question of Marius.assumption into heaven because it's.there in the Christian tradition and.it's so robustly it's such an easy.question against the Protestants we're.dealing with more minutiae of what I was.gonna ask you is and I you don't have to.answer this because it's it's very.difficult to think about but what I was.gonna say to you when you said well it's.not that doctrine goes from the general.to the specific it's that it eventually.gets a definition in time think about.this because this is all very actually.difficult stuff folks I don't have a.really good answer for it either but.then if you say something is.is open to the field of jurisdiction of.the the you know the Roman authority the.Magisterial Authority but it's not yet.been defined that's when a definition is.is an enumeration of a things like.essential elements and parts so there's.some kind of mystery here as to how it.can be can be present right particularly.the high level things like the.assumption it can basically be present.in all eras of Christian practice and.that then it goes from level two to.level one boom I think the bigger issues.are actually easier if people understand.what I'm saying.but there's something mysterious about a.kind of appearance of I I just I can.only think of laudato si okay at the.much fringy ER level level 5 level 6.according to odd this has really never.appeared before that it doesn't mean.that it eventually will be part of papal.Magisterium but if other popes started.picking up on recycling i can't say.without chuckling but well they start.picking up on this and then publishing.on it eventually at some later point.you'd say oh this this was the doctrine.of whatever stewardship which was there.all along it really made its first.appearance in laudato si and then a.bunch of other popes picked up on it in.the modern world that I don't think.that'll happen with that I'm just I I.think that would be that would be fully.valid weren't I I'm not afraid of that I.don't think that's modernism or anything.like that.yeah see maybe I come out a little.different I would say there is no.evidence whatsoever in the Apostolic.deposit of faith let's just say the.moral obligation because we're talking.faith and morals right the moral.obligation to recycle your trash oh.great don't I just don't think it's in.there at all so for me it would as I.understand it and again these these six.levels are not ranking ments they're.they're ranking ideas doctrines with.regard to certainty I.would say with regard that certainty and.I honestly think if you ask Pope Francis.he's not gonna say the moral obligation.of recycling is number one day fee day.or number two fides ecclesiastic horse.time I think he's really probably going.to say it's a pineal Colorado a.tolerated opinion or it may be been a.fun dot a well-founded but no one's I.don't think anyone's gonna ratchet this.up the ladder to like a feeder hey you.know the Trinity right so I think I.think we as Catholics can say yeah the.Pope wrote that and yeah it's a.tolerated opinion in the church if you.believe in the moral obligation.recycling no one is going to.excommunicate you or bar you from.communion and if you also don't you do.or you don't.you're good right that's how I brought.it up I said love dr. C would be I think.an example of six tolerated and then if.other if every Pope from now until.Kingdom Come picks up on it and and says.yeah yeah boy Francis respond to.something with you after a cycle you.travel like they call for even recycling.crusade yeah yeah pick up the red cross.on your chest and go around the.neighborhood picking up trash and.recycling it yeah so yeah see that's.much less threatening that's just I.don't think that'll happen but if that.happened then whatever that's much less.threatening than let's say the death.penalty thing right what which is really.well it's not a new it can't be called.the development of doctrine this is.father Nick's this point it can't be.called a development of doctrine because.it was it was specified very early on I.mean the church actually has always.loved the death penalty everyone knows.TNT here says this it's been it has been.circumscribed and defined and redefined.and redefined and it was always up until.jp2 it was always like yeah this is this.is a definite thing it's it's good it's.chastening it was not a big deal because.no one was really against it before.but there are so many it's it was.specified and how it's being specified.more and more definitively and.specifically from JP to a little bit rat.saying you know wrestling or Benedict to.now Francis is specifying it opposite.this is actually the opposite of the.development of doctrine it's a.perversion of doctrine right yeah that's.that's kind of where we're we're at on.that I think maybe we should jump into.the catechisms both of yeah show topic.yeah yeah show topic yeah anyway six.levels and a part I'll be honest you.know I've this is something that I've.looked at for a long time and and I.thought it'd be helpful to bring it in.because we do have levels of certainty.and as things go on there's more clarity.on it you know like I was reading last.night Ludwik art on confirmation and.just the debate in the first 1,200 years.over confirmation is the full is the.matter the laying on of hands or the.anointing with chrism which one is it.right and then the East and the West.have two different verbal forms for.conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation.so it's you know it's not an obvious.thing like where our Lord says in.Matthew 28 you know go out and all the.world baptizing them in the name of the.Father and of the Son and of the Holy.Spirit boom there's not much more to say.about that right right that's level.number one but when it comes to.something like confirmation or the form.of extreme unction or some of these.things you know you start you move down.a little bit on the ladder now the thing.about the Catechism the Catholic Church.I was shocked because when I came into.the church all of us were taught here's.a Bible here's the 1990s you catechism.you are good to go in fact I even heard.this is an error I even heard Catholics.say you've got the Bible in your right.hand and then the Catechism the Catholic.Church the CCC 1992 is sacred tradition.we Catholic inscription tradition the.Catechism is the.written down so you have those two.things in your hand the Bible the Word.of God in the 1990-1992 catechism you.got it all.you're good put them up put them on your.nightstand and you're good to go.the problem is is I when they put out.the revision of the Catechism of the.Catholic Church they changed paragraph.24 8320 2483 said defined lying bearing.false witness as to speak or act against.the truth in order to lead in into air.someone who has the right to know the.truth.I remember they changed it in the new.edition of the Catechism and they.omitted who has the right to know the.truth right right that kind of shocked.me I was like wow yeah they went back in.fixed they got their eraser out and did.a little you know erased it blew off the.little rubber you know shavings that you.get there it's a good eraser noise by.the way yeah yeah thank you yeah I think.it was 97 in which they did yeah and it.was brought to my this is you know the.internet wasn't fully kicking up until.the last 10 years or so like where you.could just google apologetics all the.time and you we go to each other and.you'd have different catechisms and.you'd be like let me see yours.and then right in depending if you had.an I have an old one I try to find it.before the show on it I can't find it.because it's the old one it's the.original maybe it's a collector's item.because it has it has both the original.section on lying and the original.section on the death penalty it's like.an aircard.exactly it's like an Eric Carle baseball.so yeah it was updated and so that kind.of raised the question well the 1992.catechism promulgated by john paul ii.can be fixed what's up with that.that unsettled me and then when Pope.Francis last year 1988 he updated.paragraph 22 67 we were melty yeah and.yeah I mean what's up with that what.kind of a catechism is it if it changes.you know over time because that means.maybe you know and I don't know.after the amazonian Senate or 10 years.so now the part about you know SSA acts.are disordered and contrary to nature.what if we just go in ahead and go and.erase that where does it stop.yeah it's troublesome it is it is.troubling but it okay a couple things.one it proves that beyond a shadow of a.doubt the Catechism is not the deposit.of faith the Catechism is the best.singular synopsis of the deposit of.faith we have if it's been corrected.once that proves it's not the living.breathing deposit of faith instantiated.on earth before our very eyes.yeah it's not now a good tradition with.the tea in your left hand walking down.the street no it can't be being.corrected once yep there it is.it's it's funny with yeah I don't know.what the I don't know what the sin.Genest thing is he this wasn't the line.right but I are the only two changings.is the ya know the weird thing on that.one is they the change with regard to.line not to get into a whole thing made.it actually easier to lie made it hard.it made it easier to violate the moral.law that's not even a harder made a.harder in a room no it removed the.language to those who have the right to.know yeah but that explains if you'll.say anything so in the first version in.the first version you could say the.right to know so to use the classic you.know college freshman philosophy 101.course you're hiding a Jew in the Attic.not.ring the doorbell good evening you know.sir.do you have any Nazis in your home and.then you and the old version of the.Catechism you could say well it is the.right to know the truth and you could.say to yourself Nazis don't have the.right to know the truth and so you lie.to their face right right that's the old.word get away with that.yeah the new version makes it harder.because it takes away for those who have.the right to know the truth you you lost.your Nazi card you took it in the.opposite way in it I meant logistically.I didn't I meant logistically it makes.it it makes it much easier more things.will fall in the venn category of lie.now.so it I think I mean not with me er in.order for a person to lie it makes.things to be classified as lies by the.definition of why yes we're saying the.same the exactly I was like how are we.gonna deal with it like know it so the.new catechism yeah the new version of.the paragraph 2 4 2 4 8 3 you you don't.have your Nazi exception anymore they.took it out no right yeah which is much.more Augustinian Agustin is more like.that a bigger a bigger portion of.statements are lies now correct um.whereas before it wasn't a lie because.you're telling someone was asking you.like like Taylor just said that did not.have the right to know whether than.there so you could actually lie it was.more Aristotelian virtue ethics the new.catechism made it stricter that's that.had the rules on speech stricter it made.things more content they they it was a.big decisive step toward can't.categorical imperative online that.famous example lot can't gives in his is.moral treatment and it's like this is.weird we just became way more continent.way less Aristotelian and we all know.that that would be wrong to not hide an.innocent person so it brings us back to.the the Catechism particularly the 92.Catechism we want we wanted to make this.point that the 1566 catechism which was.codified in accordance with the Council.of Trent.three years afterwards really has never.suffered this kind of all of this you.know hand hand-wringing it's important.point yeah and in the Catechism of the.Council of Trent his name by the council.yes it's drafted there's four.theologians that that help produce it.but it was the the spleen male the.senior read actor was st. Charles.Borromeo which is impressive to have.that guy on the on the head of the board.of it and then it's promulgated by.another st. Pope st. pius v so it's.coming in as a heavyweight as far as I.know it's never been revised maybe I can.be corrected on that but I don't think I.think the book stands it is my favorite.catechism because it is so clear I find.things in the 1992 catechism still to be.fuzzy that catechism is so clear and it.doesn't read like the 1992 which is.bullet points with paragraph numbers the.Roman catechism reads more like a.didactic instruction right right Perik.not just bullet points but actual.paragraphs brought together I mean it is.bullet to with topic points but it's not.before we like the 1992 so I just want.to make this point 1566 1992 there are.other little cat it what about the.Baltimore Catechism those aren't.universal catechisms we only have two.Universal catechisms and there was so.here's what we're saying to the TNT.audience out there and and first-time.Watchers they are different attempts at.different moments in history to make a.the best possible synopsis of the.deposit of faith scripture and tradition.together like that so they're different.historical attempts there have been too.so all the people out there that are.tempted to say 1992 abrogates 1566 no no.no no no you know this can't happen.they're just different attempts to give.a summary of what.is and always must be the Catholic the.the the body of Catholic truth you see.the difference.they're both summary statements neither.is like neither is giving gloss to the.other the later is not giving gloss to.the earlier in a way of generic becoming.specific there might be some things that.are honed in on in 1992 that weren't.honed in on fifty sixty six but there.are also some things that were more.relevant in 1566 biggest point I have to.make today then they are in nineteen.ninety two it's not like nineteen ninety.two's catechism is more specific and.always just because it's later that is.our postmodern borderline modernist.biased I tell my students who moderns.people in our day are the most bigoted.biased people prejudiced people ever we.think our day is good after the.Enlightenment it's bad we think we're.smart were Dumber but so the point is.1566 was honing in on some things much.more specifically than nineteen.ninety-two why because the way that the.wheels of history turned they were.responding to the Protestant sort of.arch heresy and in many aspects of it in.you know including the forms that that.need to be responded to in the Counter.Reformation you know marriage between.husband and wife roles of the sexes.things like that we're a much bigger.deal at the time and so it's not just.that nineteen ninety two is carte.blanche more specific on all issues it.is not that's wrong there are differing.summaries at different times they're.both valid they go together.yeah now what about say someone who.would this is your opinion I don't know.if we agree on it or not who someone.would say well it's not that they go.together and they ride shotgun with each.other on the Wells Fargo Bank coach but.the roman catechism is better well i.agree that's what I think too okay so.you're saying that nineteen ninety to.ride shotgun the roman catechism.yeah they're not saying that their arm.and arm both are great use both what do.you split what's your take knows I would.advise people look I mean 1992 is more.specific and some really banal boring.areas so I would say if you're in one of.those zones of legislation adjudication.where 1992 is more specific then you.might want to consult it generally.speaking the issues and this is a.preference thing again I said this is.the beginning of show how are you guys.preferring one to the other because it's.not it's not a new Magisterial document.it's just two different attempted.summaries at two different times I find.the emphasis of 1566 to be more in line.with I think they specified more of the.the big muscular issues that are.ironically more relevant to 2019 than.1992 did and there's their political.reasons for that but I find the.counter-reformation was the time when.they're dealing with the ultimate kind.of arch heresy they really cleaned house.they real I mean they had more talented.people in the church then it's kind of.like saying well why do you like if you.picked an average political document.from in America from seventeen eight.ninety why did you say you'd like it.more than now because they're.politicians were geniuses in the 1790.they were all poly myths like all of.them were there's something in the water.in the 13 colonies in 1790 we had.geniuses.now our politicians are mediocre elite.non-natural aristoi scumbags and so yes.on average I'd much rather listen to.either party Federalists or.anti-federalists a late 18th century.American politician than a 20th or 21st.century one similarly in the church we.had amazing heroes in the.counter-reformation as you and I do a.show on you know every other day or.whatever we don't have so many amazing.heroes in the church now or in the 80s.90s early 2000s it's an average thing.right yeah it's interesting when you.look at the Roman catechism that this.thing is sort of.it's a flower that the seed for the.Roman catechism is defined and.promulgated in the Council of Trent and.in the Roman catechism is sort of the.flower that grows out of the soil and I.think that the 1992 catechism was meant.to be something like that the problem.with it is and as we've talked about.before the Second Vatican Council has.ambiguities in it it does not follow the.clear outline of the Council of Trent or.any of the previous councils before.where it says if any man says let the.bread and wine remain after the.consecration Anathem Asit let him be.anathema if anyone says let him be a.Natha like it's very obvious when you.read Trent what's in and what's out you.really this documents of Second Vatican.Council and they go on forever these are.long documents yeah yeah and they're not.all that clear so then after you have.that episode in the church you know.there's this idea okay well we need a.catechism because you got Hans Kuhn.saying this what is really the teaching.on this and so in a way john paul ii.does something noble when he tries to.put it all together that being said it.brings into itself and this is my.criticism but that i need to catechism.it brings in with it the ambiguities.totally so like for example when you.read the Catechism on the death of.unbaptized babies or with the lying or.with the death penalty you know these.are kind of really big issues in our.time and not everyone the Catechism is.supposed to clarify it not everyone so.sure about what it's clarifying what.it's about so in that sense it it does.not live up to the older sister of of.the Roman catechism or when you read it.there's not ambiguity in there not that.I can think of I mean no I can't say.that I've read every single page of the.Roman catechism but I think I've I don't.know maybe I have I've read a lot of it.and I'm never like question.mark in the margin no cuz it's deriving.it out of the soil of Trent absolutely.Trek called for it.Trent actually specifically called for.it they aware as Vatican 2 I mean I.agree with a hundred percent of that.Vatican 2 did not a ninety two catechism.is not specifically codified called for.by Vatican 2 I'm 90% sure I've looked.into it like three times yeah I I can't.I don't want to say that because it.could be wrong but yeah pretty darn sure.yeah I don't I don't it seems to me that.if that were the case you know it would.say in this council hereby calls for a.catechism to be promulgated which Trent.did Trent definitely did and it says at.the top of the document it that it is.it's in conformity it's in concomitant.with Trent I've asked several people.I've looked into it on my own and.everyone thinks know that there's some.documents some documentary disclaimers.that say in the 92 catechism this.basically doesn't abrogate other.catechetical documents which I presume.they're talking also about Trent or.things that are later than the 92.catechism in conformity therewith but it.yeah I don't think it says anything.about me either.either way someone check me if that's.wrong that's fine I've always been.curious and everyone answers and the.negative but yeah I mean that so you can.go to either as a handbook of what you.need and we're not saying don't go to.the 1992 catechism we're just saying for.most issues that arise in the life of.the Christian yea 1566 is just much.clearer and it's not abrogated by 1992 I.mean that's kind of the basics right.it's just right it's not it's it's still.on point it's the Roman catechism that's.the name of it yeah now there's another.catechism out there Tim called the.Catechism of Pope Pius the tenth it's.from 1908.it's a good little catechism now I don't.know why everybody ignores it but have.you ever seen it you've seen the 1908.catechism it was powered by a pope.it's qat it's it's kind of like the.Baltimore Catechism is it's not.universal it's universal really yeah I.mean a pope gave it I don't think he.just said this is for Italian yeah.that's interesting.yeah do you have it there I'm looking.for it right now.catechism of Pius the tenth it's great I.love it I've used it I've cited it it's.again it's it's very easy like this.isn't like a kid's catechism basically.it's sure you know it's like it's like.the Baltimore cat I don't know 50 pages.you know it's not long and well I'm.pulling it up here it's 1908 and then a.shortened version was published in 1930.with illustration I'm wondering if.that's the one that I've consulted I.don't know if I have the 1930 the 1908 I.got a look at it but yeah it's a it's a.good little catechism and for some.reason it's kind of falling off the face.of the earth boy yeah you know the Pope.puts out a catechism I mean I think it's.good but again it it's nowhere even.close to the Roman catechism you know.yeah as far as I know official.catechisms in the church in the last 500.years you got the Roman catechism you.got the Pius the tenth catechism and.then you've got the 1992 jp2 catechism.I think both of us you know the reason.we want to do this show is in this topic.there are people out there right now.telling us that the 1992 replaces the.older ones can't do that that derives.from the air that Vatican 2 replaces all.the previous councils right no that's.not how Catholicism works right the all.the council's are currently in.play now each of the councils has.canonical canon law and and disciplinary.elements in them that do not apply today.so you know for example some of the.canons in Nice Co one don't apply today.sure so you know if you go and you can.read those cannons and they're and.they're good but they aren't on the.books in canon law right now and that's.fine but the dogma the faith the morals.of all the councils are in play they.stand right now you can't overcome them.and this idea that we're in a modern age.in a new time and we are so privileged.in our time because we're so smart and.so advanced and so much better than our.forebears and these medieval people and.these patristic people that we get to.redefine what Catholicism is is the.heresy of modernism it has to be.condemned if you believe that you're not.believing the Catholic faith now what is.it folks ate with us now disciplines in.the church can change doctrines can hunt.disciplines can change doctrines cannot.this also means because I get asked this.question a lot I know you do too can.they change for the worse of course of.course.let me there alone all right have have.you been alive ever anytime after 19.whatever 1965 1970 yes they evidently.they self-evidently can change for the.worse but and that's not that doesn't.mean the doctrine is changed that's a.discipline it can change for the tacky.or the gauche or the felt banner e right.and and they did so obviously.disciplines can change the church does.not fold up and sink into the ground.like the Fall of the House of Usher.that's not what happens of a discipline.changes that's what happens if a.doctrine changes and that's why we're.not bugging out about disciplinary.changes even though they're tacky to.have to suffer through the newer tackier.ones but we would do that if a doctrine.changed and that's why when you're.dealing with actual doctrines people.it's Simon Says right people.on the internet on Twitter do not.understand that the Catholic Church's.Simon Says right for a statement to be.that highest level a pope has to say.Simon Says.ex cathedra statement right yeah only.two oh two non non argued about non.bandied about instances of this in two.thousand years the third and fourth.Marian dogma.if approaches says hey you should.recycle even if it sounds like he's.using language that's non opining that's.that's more absolute if unless he he he.puts in it one of these levels you know.these higher levels that aunt was.talking about of the six unless he puts.it there by using according Simon Says.language that's why the game tricks.every little kid who plays Simon Says.for the first time you like well he said.it though it's like but it's Simon Says.he's got to say this for it be at this.level can people please Simon Says try.to get this son yeah yeah and on the.disciplines for example Council of.Nicaea 325 it's on the books we can't.reject it.Canon four says it is by all means.proper that a bishop should be appointed.by all the bishops of the province but.should this be difficult either on.account of urgent necessity or because.of distance there's at least should they.should at least meet together and the.suffrages of the absent bishops also.being given and communicated in writing.when the ordination should take place.that's no longer the books right the.Pope the Pope appoints the bishops so.this is a disciplinary measure it's a.canonical measure and it can change and.and the appointment of Bishops has over.fifteen or seventeen hundred years.modified and changed quite a bit so.again the canons are great but they're.not that Canon for is not in play in not.in 2019 the dogmatic clarification of.325 is most definitely in play you can't.say well new councils trumped Nicaea.no that's development of doctrine but.you do have people say well I follow.Vatican 2 not Trent yeah his.easy I've seen a lot of that lately yeah.you know you don't ya but they just.don't know that's what these people need.to be educated right like this is you.that's literally how the Protestants or.it is secularists think that the church.works like oh but we won this election.they think people they think Conclave to.elect popes are like they are like.presidential elections every American.4-year presidential cycle you say well.hey they won they're gonna get.presidents not a legislator but he's.gonna get a lot of stuff in for his side.you know he has line-item veto blah blah.blah we accept that right there's.there's Eventide when when one party.wins they're gonna get some of their way.that is not the Roman Catholic Church.people you know when you have a pope you.like or there's a pope in there that.that liberals dislike like benedict xvi.it doesn't mean that you're going to.suffer some sort of legislative setback.in terms of the the new policies enacted.by councils like the Congress or the.Pope like the president that's not how.it works that's thinking that way is the.the product of a lack of education about.what our church is our church is Simon.Says in concordance with the idea that.everything that's there now has always.been there if less specified at the.beginning but there cannot be a reversal.of doctrine the church would in fact.fold up and sink into the bowels of the.earth like called the House of Usher in.that case oh you know ontologically.yeah you know one of the good good.points made by father Dave Nix were.referring again to his article what.Catholics are missing in the death.penalty debate and of course he talked.about the death penalty and he says you.know when you look at the six levels he.says where does death penalty fit and he.claims it fits number one highest level.because let me remind everyone the.highest level is the highest degree of.certainty a pertains to the immediately.revealed truths the belief due to them.is based on the authority of God.revealing feet.davina and if the church through its.teaching vouches for the fact that a.truth is contained in Revelation well.the death penalty as we've talked about.before is in Genesis chapter 6 through 9.the covenant with Noah God says if any.man slays blood let his blood be slain.and it's because of the dignity of man.right man's in the image of God that's.why when a man kills another man in.homicide purposefully he also receives.that punishment it's right there in.Genesis folks and it's God talking not.Noah not Moses not David it's God that's.the covenant of Noah and then Romans 13.which you and I we have to recycle it.like every two months.Romans 13 Paul lays it down Christ.Himself says to Pilate.you could not put me to death unless you.have the authority from above to do it.so it's in the sacred scriptures.it's divinely revealed that God not only.allows it but commanded it that's level.one right we're never going back we're.never going back and then beyond that.you know this goes on to say and if the.church confirms it well the church has.confirmed it I mean there was death.penalty in the in the Vatican City I.believe up until the 1960s.maybe it lays the 70s I need to look.that up you know I was there once and a.priest who works in Vatican City pointed.out to me where the guillotine used to.be in Vatican cities like right there is.where the the guillotine used to be they.took it down that that chapel not a.chapel it's a it's out I believe war he.was pointing was outside maybe it's.wrong but he said yeah that's where.that's where the guillotine was and.that's where people were killed in the.papal States yeah this is what I meant.about the assumptions of the the.postmodern illiterate which is such I.portion of the pot hewed the human.population now we think we're so smart.yet you know in the post enlightenment.eras you know whether there's one two.three air as you count in.post-enlightenment centuries we think.we're so smart and we're not we think.that the medieval sand the ancients were.so dumb and they were smart things were.so much clearer and we have so much.prejudice that there is wait for it.something called the heresy of modernism.the synthesis of all heresies where we.just we think it's a good answer I mean.you and I don't but people out there I.think it's a good answer to go well yeah.I'm not saying that the Vatican City.didn't have the death penalty all along.but that was the olden days bro like.like that like that one Carl's jr..commercial though that was the olden.days it's like that that's my point if.anything I was I was talking to my.brother the other day and I said like.look it's not there's no chronological.bias in the church and meaning there's.no chronological bias to the president.he said no but there is there's a.chronological bias for the past that's.right they were the ones closer to Jesus.they were the ones closer to the.Apostles they were the ones who were.given the deposit were the ones that are.getting further away from this that is a.the telephone game you know you play in.a kindergarten classroom does the.message remain more pure at the.beginning or at the end yeah like boom.drop the mic it has that great quote.that tradition is the democracy of the.dead beautiful dead still speak you know.yeah and you can't exclude the dead from.the conversation of dogma because if you.do you exclude the 12 apostles right and.Jesus well our world resurrected okay.but his words during his life recounted.by the Gospels are like you're I mean in.many of these cases you're actually.getting around Jesus right so to be a.faithful Catholic that the best way to.understand it is a deposit of faith your.rich uncle goes to the bank with the.check for $1,000,000.00 and deposit it.in the bank right and says don't ever.take anything out it stays there till.the end of time that could be kind of a.bummer for you and have a million.dollars there but you you can't over.time say well it's gonna be 999 dollars.or one dollar it is what it is it stays.there right and there's no interest.there's no user Eon it when when Christ.when the Apostle when the last apostle.died Saint John the Apostle the deposit.was in the bank the bank is the church.when Christ returns it is the exact same.deposit right that's right no difference.it's the exact same deposit teaching now.we might come in with some magnifying.glass and and learn more about it and.clarify it but it does not grow it does.not shrink we can't say yeah those bills.are no good anymore we're gonna replace.them we're gonna make it Bitcoin we're.gonna whatever you know it's like gold.sitting there right maybe maybe dollars.is the wrong way maybe it's 100 talents.of gold and when Christ comes back it.weighs exactly 100 talents that's it.that's good and in the 21st century.those same hundred talents of gold are.applied in some different ways not.opposite ways but it's like yeah I mean.there have to be there has to be some.kind of the Magisterium doesn't have to.weigh in on it but there are moral.applications in the life of the.Christian that that do follow technology.I don't think road rage was a thing when.you're writing camels from Bethlehem to.Nazareth right so you we have to think.about things like oh did I violate the.Ten Commandments right this week but it.was rage was a problem that's the point.that's the whole point it's like rage.was and rage just talked about it's just.a new it's a new instantiation of rage.but it's not it doesn't mean that the.deposit has changed in it it certainly.doesn't mean like oh well that was the.old.days they needed the death penalty but.we we have televisions in our prisons or.whatever John Paul the second point was.I I still don't know what the what that.that modernist biased even means like.that was the olden day so it's like oh.but I'm still a human being human nature.doesn't change nicely yeah people people.in in 1,000 were tempted to look on.nakedness and in 2019 they are to this.have iPhones now though it's more right.it's a different problem but it's still.the same vise of lust it's still the.same capital sin it's still the same.problem in the solutions to it are still.the same right the means of grace the.life of virtue not fighting lust.temptations but running away from them.on and on and on I mean everything.written by these you know Alphonsus.Liguori would apply again to these.current situations so all right we're.bumping up against our time and now you.got to run and get to school Tim so.let's let's close in a prayer before we.do please like this video please.subscribe the channel if you haven't.subscribed already and hit the bell.that'll notify you when we do new shows.also support on patreon I'll send you.some signed books if you do and I think.when I forget and I think I'll pray the.rosary always pray the rosary every day.and the rosary itself is a newer.devotion twelve hundreds but the.mysteries go all the way back to guess.what the deposit of faith you're just.thinking about the deposit of faith.while you pray the rosary wise that's.why it's so powerful and so awesome we.again read the Roman catacomb read the.Romans can be a brilliant catechism okay.so everybody Google search Taylor.Marshall happy meal you're like we'll.hit Taylor Marshall happy meal I wrote a.post and it's called dr. Taylor.Marshalls happy meal and these are the.books that you need as a Catholic who.loves tradition I've gotten Latin Mass.missles I got the little a little office.I got Canon Law I've got Bible.translations I got catechisms this which.Summa to get everything's on there I'll.put the link in the show notes when.we're dumb but it's Taylor Marshall.happy me.traditional Catholics you must own in.the link to the best Roman catechism.he's on that blog post.all right let's pray nomine Patris et.filii et spiritus sancti how many Ave.Maria gratia plena plans take mistake Oh.Benedicta to terrible details.Santa Maria Santa Maria day today nobis.peccatoribus editor mortis nostrae amen.amen.in nomine Patri fili spiritus abit to.Santi.or everybody god bless you have a great.day queenship of Mary so pray pray the.rosary special on this day and maybe add.in far more decade or something god.bless cool.

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