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in my final series of videos exploring.the different sections within paper one.of the CIA own i-90 IGCSE.english-language paper I'm going to show.you exactly what you need to achieve a.grade 9 or the full 15 marks in question.1f there'll be brand new Tex B's for you.to summarize on topical subjects such as.sauce cars future a man united and.brexit you can't escape that anywhere.I'll give you the opportunity to write.your own summaries before sharing my own.there will also be close discussion of.the marks scheme so that you know.exactly what the examiners are looking.for so stay tuned it's going to be.useful.this is Scofield on shakespeare.[Music].here's how the question is summarized.within the syllabus essentially it's.simple simply summarize an aspect of the.text in your own words the only thing I.question here is the 120 word count yes.you need to write concisely but my.instinct is that going slightly over the.word counts say 240 may be needed to.ensure you get full marks in the reading.section for those of you keen for.further practice and conscious that at.the time of publishing there were very.few specimens or passed papers available.you may be interested to learn that this.question is very similar to the old CIE.Oh 500 question 3 however in some of the.earlier years the question was split.into two stages first a bullet point.list showing the summary of the key.points and then a separate section in.which you use continuous pros for as for.question 3 this question is marked for.both reading and writing I would talk.through the mark schemes in more detail.as I go through this video but.essentially every sentence you need to.write must be a concise summary of an.aspect of the text using your own words.the mark scheme asks you to demonstrate.an understanding of a wide range of.relevant ideas my pupils always ask me.this question how many points do I need.to include from the text within my.answer well it's difficult to give an.exact figure but I normally say aim for.9 or 10 points the specimen paper of the.2020 listed a total of 12 possible.points for this question and you clearly.want to incorporate as many of these as.possible.provided you don't waffle and write.clearly it should be pretty.straightforward to get into the top band.the writing some of my pupils have.struggled with the concision element.remember that in a summary you don't.need to and shouldn't be giving specific.details the examples about to appear on.screen will make this clearer here's a.very short text to be summarized.according to text be why should Britain.become a republic the monarchy are a.relic of the past an oppressive past we.as taxpayers currently give 150 million.pounds each year to the monarchy which.includes their wages and security to.guard them in fact a hundred million.pounds is set aside for their security.personnel to possible summaries are.about to appear on screen which one is.more effective remember you need to.summarize use your own words and show a.detailed understanding of the text and.write with concision first summarize.sentence Britain should become a.republic because the taxpayer has to pay.a whopping 150 million pounds each year.for their upkeep and particularly their.security second summarize sentence.Britain should become a republic because.the monarchy are outdated and extremely.expensive for the taxpayer which.sentence is more effective and why if.watching this in the classroom you may.want to press pause now to discuss the.video will resume in five seconds.both responses are clearly written using.the candidates own words however should.a summary include or need to include the.figure of 150 million.hence the appearance of a whopping green.box around the better response which.shouldn't include statistics because in.doing so we are simply quoting not.summarizing it's pretty obvious that the.writer feels that 150 million pounds is.a huge amount to be spending on the.monarchy hence it is sufficient to.summarize this within the phrase.extremely expensive also notice how the.second response has summarized two.different points from the passage relic.of the past and oppressive past has been.simply summarized as the monarchy.being outdated time now to introduce you.to the first text to be summarized it's.about Manchester United's football.manager ollie Ghana.sashka as you might expect Monday.mornings become even gloomy ER after.more dropped Manchester United points.Oregon Osaka's points halt since.becoming permanent manager is inferior.to all of the posts are Alex Ferguson.managers yes even David Moyes hell even.the recently chopped former Arsenal.manager unites Emery due to results and.performances not being at the level.required picked up more points that are.increasingly grayer and delusional.Norwegian even that is not the most.infuriating bugbear this morning it is.the little appetite for another change.and the sheer refusal from the united.suits to accept that aforementioned.statement delivered by the Arsenal board.refers to United in at least equal if.not bigger measure.sashka is adamant that there will not.only be an upturn in form but even.united could go on a Ferguson s classic.winters run of churning out wins forgive.me but how on earth has he come to that.conclusion when his record since.becoming permanent manager has barely.seen consecutive wins and has two.recurring one step forward two back feel.the.the effect has long been extinguished at.old trafford and just the United ground.but teams like Aston Villa who this time.last season were hurling cabbages at.their manager and turning up and not.feeling daunted at the once fierce and.prospects maulings in the Lions Den have.been replaced by relaxing 90-minute.stints at a petting cafe as Willy Villa.barely felt the turbed in avoiding.defeat at Old Trafford for the first.time since 2009 how much more so greener.season does this have to be before the.suits wake up and smell the coffee that.the fans pain hard-earned money and not.getting sufficient value for said.expenditure well the nauseating facts of.this 22 points behind well you know who.and United a closer to the relegation.zone than the top four which is quickly.disappearing out of sights and here's.the question according to Tex B why.should a league on a social scale lose.his job at Manchester United you must.use continuous writing not no form and.use your own words as far as possible.your summary should not be more than a.hundred words after ten marks are.available for the content of your answer.and up to five marks for the quality of.your writing note that I've suggested.you writes about a hundred words for.this question this is because the text.is slightly shorter than the one you are.likely to have in your exam and so there.are fewer points to summarize remember.the earlier I said that the specimen.paper contained twelve potential points.to be incorporated within your response.and then you should aim to get nine to.ten of them for this first practice.question I've included just seven points.within the mark scheme so in a moment.the text will reappear on screen and.five-second intervals so that you can.toggle between question and text it's.time to grab your pen and to write a.summary of why poor soul scar should.lose his job at Manchester United.remember that you should not use any of.your prior knowledge but concisely.summarized information provided.the text in your own words so press.pause now.you.how did you get on dear viewers and.subscribers are you peering down.triumphant near the sheets of paper.containing approximately a hundred words.of a clearly written concise summary the.mark scheme will contain the best fit.reading and writing grids.shown at the beginning of the video but.it will also contain something labeled.indicative reading content with some.suggestive points I always ask my pupils.to cross-reference their own response.with the points listed in this section.so in a moment annotate your own.response to determine how many of the.points above you included do not give.yourself credit if you have merely.copied a phrase from the text it does.need to be in your own words so press.pause now to cross-reference here's my.summary so Shiar should lose his job at.Manchester United because he has.accumulated fewer points than all recent.United managers as well as the sacked.former Arsenal manager consequently the.team is closer to the bottom of the.league than the top soldiers United team.rarely wins successive matches and the.overall feeling is that the team is.moving backwards other football teams.are no longer scared of plane at United.Stated.supporters work hard to pay for football.tickets and they're not getting value.for money how does this response compare.to your own let's analyze this response.by referring to individual strands of.the reading and writing mark screams.first the writing masking which remember.is out of 5 I've included two points.from the passage within the same.sentence and have summarized rather than.given details those no need to mention.the Arsenal manager's name of gunite.emery for instance.your response needs to be well-organized.note that I've not just taken every.single point in chronological order from.the text but I've recognized at the.point about man united being nearer the.relegation places works well after my.points about the team having accumulated.a woeful number four points and it looks.to me as though there is some crossover.between the reading and the writing mark.seems the righty mark scheme asks for.good organization the reading says that.your points need to be skillfully.selected which is what I have done here.by repositioning the points about Man.United being nearer to the relegation.positions you need to demonstrate.understanding of a wide range of.relevant ideas.notice how short these final two.sentences are just twelve and sixteen.words respectively the points about.other football teams not been scared.about plain old trafford has been taken.from a much longer far more elaborate.paragraph which references Aston Villa's.own previous battles with their manager.and uses imagery about maulings in lines.dense none of this is needed within a.summary time for another practice and.it's actually the second half of the.same article used with your first.practice remember that a principal exam.paper is available to use with this.video which contains all texts and.questions email me at Schofield on.Shakespeare at gmail.com if you would.like a copy of this it's all well and.good using the flowery worded long term.vision and rebuild but that should not.make the current and write off or excuse.for abject performances who in their.right mind would even want to come to.this united side in January or summer.when they're limping through quicksand.there has to be evidence of progression.but sadly there is more evidence to the.contrary saw scars vision and.recruitment have been positives.admittedly but that shouldn't grant him.immunity from criticism for some.questionable in-game decisions leaving.it past 70 minutes to make a change.against Villa starting one matter and.Andrews Pereira and leaving it until the.death to bring on forward Mason green.wits it makes me wonder just what input.United to the core duo Mike Phelan and.Michael Carrick are having his.assistants there can be no doubt about.it they know the principles United need.to show to their fans and to be.successful but we are seldom seeing.those values sashka is still a relative.novice in the dugout and he could do.with the comb and stepping up and help.wrestle United out of this predicament.one of the supposed plus points this.season was United looking more solid at.the back disapp factored in eight goals.shipped against all the promoted teams.from last season if anything.United's to fence is getting worse by.the game hurricane and deli alley could.hardly have a better incentive to wake.up in the morning than face our flamin.defense they all need to do more much.more especially the 80 million pounds.Howie McGuire who was meant to remedy.much of United's.of ills and it could get even worse yet.United's next two fixtures are Tottenham.whose resurgence under jose maria was to.be expected and he will have the wounded.animal approach which spells danger.followed by trip to the defensively.vulnerable but attacking minded.manchester city united could well be.hovering over the drop zone if the.likely two losses do happen but you know.what even then there would be a mad.defiance the things are rosy in Unitas.garden and soulshock will not lose his.job while Liverpool is standing on the.beach looking out to the inevitable.silverware on the horizon it cannot get.more sickening United are burying their.head in the sand looking for divine.intervention rather than being an.expectation that things will pick up.wake up.if this season's theme continues we will.be mid-table at best I hear some fans.say this is where we are now that.doesn't mean it should be acceptable.we are Manchester United for all the.revenue and interest.at the club this is not good enough.period and I've gone for the same.question according to text be why should.all eagerness Oscar lose his job at.Manchester United on this occasion is.worth knowing that I have listed nine.different points from the text within.the box key and so once again I have.slightly reduced the suggested word.count to a hundred words how many points.can you incorporate within your summary.the text will follow at five second.intervals grab your pen and press pause.now.you.oh hello again how is your overall quest.for full marks in this question going do.you feel this response is an improvement.on your first summary that should be the.aim here are the points from the.indicative reading content section of.the marks key as before cross-reference.these points with your own response how.many did you manage to include press.pause now I wrote soldier should lose.his job at Manchester United because new.sightings are unlikely to want to join.his struggling side which seems to be.regressing his decisions during matches.her frequently been poor highlighting.his inexperience and he doesn't seem to.be getting the best out of his two.assistants his team's defense contrary.to popular belief is getting worse given.that the team have two very difficult.games coming up he needs to be sacked.immediately never for success makes.United's failures even more painful and.it is frustrating that sashka doesn't.seem to have a coherent plan to improve.the situation press pause now if you.want to spend a bit of time comparing.your response with my own.how does my response meet the top bands.of the reading and writing Mark's Keys.you need to make sure every single.sentence is closely focused on the task.remember your task is not to summarize.the article as a whole but to produce.the summary as to why the writer.believed soldier should lose his job and.there is a difference.my opening sentence indicates that I'm.going to focus sharply on the question.the sentence highlighted on screen.contains three points taken from the.text.notice how just one word can sometimes.be used to summarize a point in.experience it's used to summarize the.phrase soldier is still a relative.novice in the dugouts.to get full marks in this section you.need to be able to identify implicit and.explicit meanings it is clear that the.writer is explicitly criticizing Mike.Phelan and Michael Carrick's.lack of impacts but implicitly.criticizing sashka for failing to get.the best out of them mentioning.Liverpool success is only relevant if.you'd link it to the question why should.a league on assault on lose his job at.Manchester United.well of course Liverpool success draws a.harsh spotlight over Manchester United's.lack of success the writer says that.Liverpool inevitable accumulation of.silverware is sickening which I.transform within the sentence Liverpool.success makes United failures even more.painful time for one final full-length.1f practice we move from whinging Man.United fans to a Guardian article about.brexit granted brexit is driving.everyone mad we Brits are all our.European friends a sincere apology a.bottle of whiskey and complimentary.tickets to a roar Shakespeare company.performance of Hamlet for Britain is now.Hamlet forever agonizing over whether.brexit is to be or not to be so I can.perfectly understand my European such as.France president Emmanuel Mac home just.want to be shot of us so as to push.ahead with an important ambitious agenda.for the whole European Union nonetheless.it remains in Europe's own enlightened.long-term interest to go the extra.kilometre this means concretely that if.the British Parliament does not improve.Boris Johnson's new deal this week the.EU should offer an article 50 extension.has formally requested in the letter.sent though childishly not signed by.Johnson first a nodal brexit would be.hugely damaging to Island and other.parts of Europe geographically close to.the UK secondly it would be better for.the long-term future of Europe if the UK.stayed in the EU there is no good.outcome to practice.that the least worst way forward is for.Britain to vote in a second referendum.to remain and the best way to achieve.that is for Parliament to vote for.Johnson Steele but subject to a.confirmatory referendum in which the.British public will be asked to make a.binding final decision on a single clear.question do you want Britain to leave.the EU on the terms negotiated by this.government or do you want it to stay in.the EU to be or not to be.thirdly UK based businesses are likely.to suffer without the three trade deals.guaranteed by EU membership since this.government is dominated by hard brexit.ears and what is in visits in the New.Deal is a hard break see for England.Wales and Scotland with a softer one.only for Northern Ireland.Noli voter could plausibly complain they.were only been offered the choice.between a flaccid Bry no brexit in name.only.and stayin in the EU hundreds of.thousands rallied outside Parliament's.on Saturday to show their support for.such a people's vote even more important.than the activists are the opinion polls.that now persistently show a majority.for remain how absurd it would be of the.UK was to leave the EU in the name of.respecting the will of the people are.precisely the moment when the will of.the people had changed I know that many.continental European friends who were.once sympathetic to a second referendum.now think that EU would be better off.without us.but if Britain leaves now it will take.another five years to work out what the.new economic relationship with the EU.will be and where the Scotland will.leave the United Kingdom and then a.further five years to see how all this.beds down in practice by that time that.he you and what is left of the UK will.certainly have diverged Britain will be.worse off economically than it might.have been but probably not so badly off.that stubborn English voters in.particular would swiftly choose to.return if Brest it goes badly for the UK.that will ensure a thoroughly unhappy.and bad-tempered relationship across the.channel negatively affecting the vital.cooperation on foreign and security.policy if against the odds brexit goes.well for Britannia.they're nationalist populist like.Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.the Italian Matteo salvini and Frances.Mahela bent will start to say in those.immortal words from the movie When Harry.Met Sally I'll have what she's having.either way it's bad for the European.Union and there's a fourth argument that.should clinch the case at the moment.Europe is the last best hope of a.values-based West standing up for.democracy and the rule of law and this.volatile point in Europe's history our.interests are better served by standing.together not splintering apart and the.question according to text be what are.the advantages to Britain and the EU of.Britain remaining in the European Union.you must use continuous writing not no.form and use your own words as far as.possible your summary should not be more.than 140 words utter 10 marks are.available for the content of your answer.and up to 5 marks for the quality of.your writing note that I have cheekily.and formally increased the word limit to.140 words in the exam it will say 120.words I repeated in the exam it will say.120 words however I maintain that going.a fraction over this word limit is.probably needed in order to get the full.10 marks for reading for this question.there are 11 possible points you can.incorporate within your summary as.before the passengers are about to.reappear at 5 second intervals toggle.between them and this question to your.heart's content.pick up your pen and my god right press.pause now.you.I'm back again as before I will show you.my recreated indicative reading content.and my own summary however before doing.that have another look at the marking.grits an attempt to give yourself a mark.out of 10 for reading and 5 for writing.when they appear on screen press pause.you.here are the first six points within the.indicative reading content of the marks.King read them through and.cross-reference your own response how.many have you incorporated press pause.now here are a further five points.within the indicative reading contents.read through cross-reference it's Paul's.site and here's my response britain.remaining in the european union would be.advantageous to both Britain and.European countries in the long term it.would avoid countries such as France an.island experiencing significant.repercussions whilst UK companies will.continue to reap the benefits of EU free.trade arrangements remaining in the.European Union has widespread popular.support there is also evidence that a.majority of the United Kingdom would now.vote to remain should the referendum be.repeated there will be a turbulent five.to ten years post brexit with Scotland.leaving the United Kingdom becoming a.real possibility this would be avoided.Britain would also be considerably.poorer outside the EU with cross-border.teamwork on foreign and security.strategies being threatened finally.other European countries would be less.likely to consider leaving the EU the.overall conclusion is clear Britain.should stay in the EU as collaboration.rather than separation benefits everyone.how does this response meet features of.the reading and writing mod schemes it's.well organized I've used three separate.short paragraphs and my goodness just as.a general principle when a piece of.writing is split into clear paragraphs.it's so much easier to mark notes also.the use of a connective finally you.could also use connectives such as.moreover in addition and furthermore to.help organize your writing.how good are you at using a wide range.of punctuation in this piece are used by.the semicolon and a colon accurately it.isn't essential to use these more.complex pieces of punctuation for this.question although I would argue it is.essential within paper two and both the.directed writing and the descriptive.narrative writing questions however if.you can use a semicolon and a cone on.accurately to me it says something about.you to the examiner so why not quickly.revise the rules for both well although.you could also use a semicolon to split.longer items in a list I prefer the rule.shown on screen now you have two main.clauses and you want to have a pregnant.pause between them partly to add variety.to the speed of your writing for example.Manchester United fans loved to moan.semicolon they were sport for decades.under Sir Alex Ferguson . now I could.have writen Manchester United fans not.to moan because they were spoiled for.decades under Sir Alex Ferguson and not.used a semicolon but because.unnecessarily simplifies the sentence.frankly Manchester United fans love to.moan . it is not just because of all the.success they had under former manager so.the semicolon works better it creates a.link between the clauses yes but doesn't.state explicitly that the only reason.Manu fans love moaning is because they.were spoiled time for another example.many people in the United Kingdom are.worried about democracy semicolon they.voted to leave and maintain that leave.must mean leave . personally I'd quite.like the idea of a reasonably.symmetrical semicolon sentence with both.sides being of a similar length in this.example the second half is linked to the.first as it gives more information about.why people are getting worked up about.their democratic rights.remaining in the European Union has.widespread popular support semicolon.there is also evidence that a majority.of the United Kingdom would vote to.remain should the referendum be repeated.. once again the semicolon links the two.clauses the second half built on the.point made in the first half about the.increasing popularity of britain.remaining within the European Union.and what about colons how in God's name.did they work well I use a : less.regularly than a semicolon I'm very fond.of semicolons.although hate them being overused as.well as using colons to introduce speech.for example Boris Johnson revealed :.speech mark you could use a colon to.draw attention to a significant point or.statements for instance Manchester.United fans had two options : continue.moaning or to get a life full stop.unlike with a semicolon the information.following the colon does not need to be.a main clause in this example the reader.is directed starkly to the options for.the Man United fans via the use of a.colon this is so much more effective and.dramatic than a colon less sentence.which might be something like Manchester.United fans choices consist of either.continuing to moan or to get a life.second example the reality is.unquestionable : the future for britain.outside the EU would be grim . why is.this a colon and not a semicolon.well the juicy part of the sentence is.clearly in the second part the sentence.clearly wants to lead up to the dramatic.statement the Britain outside the EU.would struggle a semicolon is therefore.inappropriate or something stronger than.a mere connection between the two.clauses is required and finally there.would be a turbulent five to ten years.post brexit with Scotland leaving the.United Kingdom becoming a real.possibility : this would be avoided for.stop once again the reader is directed.to a dramatic statement host :.could this be a separate sentence yes.possibly but that reduces the degree of.momentum that has been built up time to.return to analyzing my response and how.it meets the criteria in the mark.escapes notice how I have condensed a.reasonably long and complex sentence to.show a thorough understanding of the.requirements of the task ie.you need to show a thorough.understanding of the text within a.significantly reduced word counts which.uses your own words similarly my.response demonstrates an understanding.of a wide range of relevant ideas I.normally provide my own frequently.cheesy conclusions to my videos however.on this occasion I want you to do it.through a delightful quiz this has been.a scoffer on Shakespeare production.providing insight into question 1f from.the o99 zero.CIA IGCSE English language paper one.many thanks for watching.first question of this first ever scold.on Shakespeare YouTube quiz and is.painfully easy for which they offer.profuse apologies question one how many.marks are potentially available for.reading and for writing in this question.press pause if you need time to think.reading ten writing five question two.what word has been missed out here.within the writing Mart scheme the top.bound requires a a relevant response.that is expressed clearly fluently and.mostly with press pause to write down.your response.concision question three king quizzes.really mark scheme now what adverb has.been omitted press pause to write down.your response skillfully you can't just.plunk them down in chronological order.question four even without seeing the.passage you should be able to identify.huge problem with a sentence shown on.screen what is it press pause now to.write your response of course the answer.is that it is not a summary there are.just far too many details the student.could simply have written there are.thousands of different species in the.Himalayas including rare ones final.question what is the issue with the.sentence shown on screen press pause to.read and write your response of course.this sentence does not make sense and.clearly hasn't been proof read this will.impact upon the pupils overall writing.mark.you.

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  6. Once you have done, read the written part again, tick 'Done'.

All these points won't take long time duration, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant edge of CocoSign is that it's fitting with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal alternative, and it flexibles workflow, it's legal.

How to create an e-signature for the How To Fill Out Eform 0990 V1 on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a device with iOS system is not at all tough. You can sign the How To Fill Out Eform 0990 V1 on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will Hit on the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to use CocoSign.

These are the elements you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Include the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. Try your email to produce an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Hit on the PDF that needs to be signed on the phone or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Hit on the sector where you want to write down the signature; tick 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Insert your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

After completing, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and forward it. As long as you have a qualified internet connection, you can sign and send documents quickly.

How to create an electronic signature for the How To Fill Out Eform 0990 V1 on Android?

iOS has countless of users, there's no doubt of that, but most cell users have an Android operating system. To satisfy the needs, CocoSign has developed the system, especially for Android users.

You can obtain the app on Play Market, install it, and you should start signing documents. These are the points to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Tick on '+' to access to the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Hit on the sector where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to insert your signature.
  4. Draw it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to foward the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your others quickly. CocoSign is the best way to sign countless docs every day, all at a low cost. It's time to forget all about signing documents physically and keep it all electronic.

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