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The Key Elements of Writing Request Form To Obtain Authorization To Affix The National Safety Mark on the Website

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youtube video

How to put to use The Request Form To Obtain Authorization To Affix The National Safety Mark ?

hi everybody my name is Adam Rangel I'mthe public safety and educationspecialist for Rocky Mountain unmannedsystems most of the president and CEO ofAdam regal consulting over the yearswe've gotten a lot of questions in boththe public safety side and theenterprise side and and also some of theindustrial use drones do I fly underpart 107 or do I get a co a certificateof authorization or waiver from the FAAwell a lot of people are confused aboutwhat the process entails to get a Khoaso we put this video together to helppublic safety agencies and publicoperators know what they really needbefore they begin the color process andwhat some of the differences are between107 operations versus cooperations sobasically a KOA is different from flyingunder 107 107 is a pre prescribed set ofrules that already exist and govern thethings that your agency wants to do withdrones or doesn't want to do with dronesversus a KOA a koa is basically alicensure agreement between the FAA andyour organization which outlines thespecifics of your operation using yourmissions and your unmanned aerialsystems a co is is the co-author izationitself is issued by the air trafficcontrol organization and it for specificunmanned activities after the completeKOA application is submitted the FAAconducts a comprehensive safety andtechnical review and if necessarythey'll ask you to go over yourprovisions and possibly change someprovisions prior to approval in mostcases after filing the KOA you'll get aresponse within 60 days and they'll giveyou a formal response with eitherthey'll accept it and issue you a draftcopy while they finalize it or they'llask you to make some changes in yoursubmission what's really unique about isit's a web-based application processit's it's not a paper process and priorto 2000 October 30th of 2017 it used tobe housed was in the FAA systems itselfand now it is currently on ADOT basedFAA system which I'll show you in aminuteso it's online and in order to accessthe system you're going to have to getapproval from the FAA directly and we'lltalk about how to take those initialfirst steps but basically in thePowerPoint you'll see a finisheddocument which is which is a completedcertificate of authorization or waiverthat has been issued to a public safetyagency in this particular licensureagreement it'll wind up being basicallya twenty two page document whichoutlines the specifics of your missionand how you plan to conduct it and howyou plan to do it safely it seems verycomplicated and convoluted on thesurface but it's actually fairly easy ifyou follow the process and understandwhat each step in the process is so howdo I know if I need to if I need a CoAwell it really depends on what airspaceyou plan on operating in you know whendo you want to fly do you want to flyduring the day or are you constantlygoing to want to fly at night and ifyou're flying under 107 currently andyou need to obtain Lance authorizationevery time you want to fly then you'reprobably going to need to obtain a KhoaLance authorizations are not meant to bea long-term or constant or permanentthing Lance operations Lance approvalsunder 107 are based for short termperiods for short term operations in aparticular small set of airspace if youwant to self-certify your pilot's if youwant to self-certify your trainingstandards and if you want toself-certify your aircraft ormaintenance standards then you'redefinitely going to need a KOA so nowlet's go into exactly how we start theKOA process and what's needed toinitiate it also one of the other thingsto consider is that the waivablesections that we have listed as far as1the part one or seven even though part1one or seven in the COA is different the1ones that are highlighted in red if you1get a public aircraft Khoa1for a public safety agency and1specifically a law enforcement agency1these hot three highlighted areas1daylight operation waiver operating over1people waiver and then operate and in1certain airspace those are all written1into your KOA so they become part of1your agreement with the FAA and you1don't need to obtain any special1permissions to do that once you already1have a KOA written and approved so how1do you start the KOA process well the1most important thing is we want you to1go to the1Faye's website which is listed in orange1on the PowerPoint presentation1it's WWF äôve backslash UAS there you'll1find all the basic guidelines of things1that dictate Public Safety and public1aircraft operations so anyone that's1going to initiate a color for the public1safety process they are public aircraft1operators it's very important that you1understand the guidelines of what public1aircraft operations mean and government1operations once you feel you've reached1the point where you're ready to reach1out to the FAA the email address that's1listed nine avj one one five UAS1organization at FAA gov there is where1you're going to file and you're gonna1going to request permission for access1to the cap system to initiate the color1process so again just to kind of review1go to the FAA website FAI backslash UAS1look under the public aircraft operator1section email the FAA for permission and1then they're going to send you back a1caps form to request access into the cap1system so sounds pretty easy so far you1get the caps application form you put1your agency point of contact you email1it back to them and they'll give you1access to the FAA s portal which is1located at wwk FAA gov and one of the1interesting things that is often asked1by public safety agencies is can I have1more than one contact or one person that1has access to the COA system and1unfortunately you cannot it's a single1point of contact with your agency which1will be given the access control to that1caps login so what the portal looks like1what you see on the screen now is you're1gonna see the access portal and it1basically has two access methods so the1first is for DoD employees or1contractors they're going to use their1PIV card the next is for us for CoA1operators that are outside the FAA s1internal systems and we're going to use1our email address you're not going to1use passwords it is basically run by a1three-step authentication process1beginning with you entering1your email address and then you're gonna1go into the next phase and in the next1phase it's going to ask you the password1parameters I'm sorry not the password1parameters but the authentication1parameters that you have set up such as1security questions and then other items1to move forward so it'll take you three1steps to authenticate and get in one of1the things I want to point out on this1particular section is when you look at1the top left portion of the portal it1says United States Department of1Transportation initially when some folks1are logging in to that the first time1they think that they're in the wrong1place because it doesn't say Federal1Aviation Administration but that is in1fact the right place it's housed within1the d-o-t the FAA falls under the d-o-t1so in simplest terms what do you need to1know before you file your coa1so where you are in the National1Airspace System what you want to do with1drones how you want to do it and where1you want to be able to do it in that1airspace so you have to understand what1constitutes a government function for1drone utilization for example police1actions fire actions anything related to1public safety or law enforcement are2considered government functions filming2a public service announcement for your2agency's upcoming campaign of trash does2not constitute a government function for2drone utilization as a public aircraft2so as a public agency you need to be2very specific about the things that2you're going to utilize the drone for2and they need to be related to public2safety and that's where the government2governmental operations come into play2you will also need a letter of public2declaration from your agency's legal2department and that declares under2United States code that you are a public2aircraft operation and that's hugely2important because Co is are only going2to be issued to agencies that meet that2public aircraft operation standard the2other thing is you'll need the data2about your primary aircraft systems so2while we know you can register drones in2two ways either an F a number or an N2number you don't physically need the2registration number2you begin the coma process however your2agency will have to I've already2selected at least one aircraft system2because you'll need that data about that2primary aircraft system to input into2the koa there are nine main section in2the koa with some few additional2subsections which we'll go over so some2other information you're gonna need like2what type of mission what purpose are2you planning on using drones that fall2within the governmental function2umbrella you've watched our air spaces2which we mentioned the public2declaration letter aircraft information2how you plan to launch and recover the2aircraft what you're gonna do if things2start to go south meaning if you lose2communications if you incurred loss link2and what your agency's emergency2procedures are going to be this is all2going to be part of the information2you're gonna need to present to the FAA2electronically so they can evaluate the2safety and risk of what you want to do2within the particular airspace you want2to do it in so in speaking with the FAA2these are the most common problem or top2problem areas that we see with agencies2that are applying for colors you need to2understand the government function as I2mentioned what constitutes a2governmental public safety function and2you need to understand your own mission2profiles and the own type of flight2operations you want to do they have to2fall within the governmental criteria2public declaration letter requirements2are very specific under United States2Code and you need to tell the FAA under2United States Code that you are a public2safety agency2unfortunately 50% of them are done2incorrectly using outdated reference2material the other thing we see is we2see agencies cutting and pasting2documents that they were given to by2their neighbor fire agency but they're a2law enforcement agency and in some cases2without taking a deeper dive into these2documents when folks are cutting and2pacing and inserting and just copying2the wrong information is being presented2to the FAA and this causes the process2to be slowed down tremendously2understanding your airspace understand2what airspace you want to operate in and2understand what you need to request do2you need a blanket Class G color for the2entire you know2States or do you need a jurisdictional2koa that's going to talk about you know2different types of airspace within your2jurisdiction such as Delta or echo or2even Bravo and as I mentioned you need2to know what aircraft system you're2using unfortunately a lot of people they2start the COA process and they have not2decided what aircraft they're going to2purchase yet and unfortunately that is2like the third or fourth section within2the CoA is the aircraft information if2you consider self certifying your2pilot's well people think that that is a2great way to get your program up and3running under akoa the problem with that3is now you own all the liability with3that so if it can potentially put your3evidence your agency and your pilot's in3a potential position of significant3liability because you are now basically3trying to reinvent the wheel you're3saying well we're gonna use these3standards that we want to certify these3pilots under our agency's guidelines3well as you guys can imagine with3anything else that you're gonna self3certify or create a new way of3certifying there's a lot of steps that3have to be proven to the FAA my3suggestion is that as a base you get3those pilots their remote pilot3certification through the FAA and then3build on those requirements for agency3specific training and any other criteria3you want them to maintain as far as3certification for within your agency so3now what I'd like to do is I like to go3over the the individual sections of this3CoA and we'll do a little overview of3what information goes in each section so3when you're first going to apply for the3CoA this is the first sections are going3to come to it's called proponent3information so in proponent information3you're putting your agency city of3county police agency of and then who the3point of contact is going to be it is3possible in this section that you can3have a different agency proponent and3then like your chief of police or chief3of fire and then you can have a3different point of contact later and3then that in the third section but this3is where you're basically saying what3you want to do as far as who the perp3the who the person in charge in your3agency is going to3section two is about declarations in3section two you're going to input that3you're gonna basically insert that3public declaration letter that your3legal department created that says that3you're a public aircraft operator and3there's some boxes that you need to3check that tell them that you're the3appropriate government agency and then3once you've uploaded that and check the3appropriate boxes you can go on to the3third section which is point of contact3information so here is where you could3have the point of contact as your UAS3program manager which may be different3than your original proponent information3in most agencies it's the same but it3can be different section four is the3operational description and in this3you're gonna tell the FAA what type of3operation you want visual flight really3a summary of what you're going to3present later in your flight operations3area section five is your UAS platform3so here is where you're gonna need to3know what type of UAS you want to fly3you're gonna need to know the climb rate3the turn rate cruise speed max speed and3gross takeoff weight these are all3pretty standardized things but you're3gonna be going to need to get this3information from either the manual or3the manufacturer's website but you're3absolutely gonna need it to move on3visual surveillance is the sixth section3and that basically is what your visual3observers are going to do how they're3going to do it how are your visual3observer is going to track your aircraft3and there's a few selections here and3you're just gonna have to go through and3pick the ones that are appropriate to3your agency flight area flight3operations area and plan is basically3where you're going to get into detail3about your airspace what you want to do3within that airspace and what type of3color you're gonna write like do I want3the whole United States or do I want my3jurisdictional area so you're gonna go3in in the map section and kind of pull3up that data and then make some3decisions about what type of area you3want flight crew qualifications this is3the area that if you were going to self3certify your pilot's you can put in the3information and what criteria you're4going to use4there's all kinds of information about4what credentials your pilot's have and4if not what type of process you're going4to use to certify them4as pilots within your agency and4basically what standards you're gonna4hold them to if you have any existing4letters of agreement with air traffic4control agencies if you have any4mitigating factors for your agency or4special circumstances this is where4you're gonna input them in the special4circumstances section and quite honestly4that's it it's not a difficult process4it's a tedious process the very next4step is to go back and review all your4documents and when you are gonna review4your documents you want to input4everything carefully go back and review4it but often what we find is that people4are not taking the time to review this4stuff they input carefully for typos GPS4coordinates that were input incorrectly4stuff stuff of that nature once you're4satisfied that all the information that4you've put in is correct you can follow4the navigation portal on the bottom of4the screen for proper submission however4if this is your first time you're4submitting a coma I would strongly4recommend that you reach out to the FAA4representative helping you whether4you're Khoa prior to clicking submit4the problem with clicking submit if4you're unsure about it is now you're4creating the situation that you're4having the FAA have to come back to you4with a formal response process and this4can take some time it's a little bit4less tedious if you contact your agency4rep your faa representative ahead of4time and let them know that you feel4that you're ready to put this4information into a submitter process and4have them review it with you prior to4doing it4it just makes the process take a lot4less time and it seems to be easier for4everyone that way preview your CoA4completely once you are at the point4where you're going to hit submit4please preview your CoA completely it4will give you your last possible4opportunity to check for errors or4things that may have occurred remember4the system is electronic so you want to4make sure documents didn't get missed4assigned to different sections or4anything like that4and once you're going to do that you're4going to hit submit so all in all the4process that I've described to you4really isn't super complicated it's just4unfortunately technical and when we go4back to the original slide where I4talked about how to contact the FAA I4think that is one of the most common4understood concepts of a CoA is where to4begin so hopefully you guys have found4this useful like some of the other4videos arm us puts together the tech4connect stuff we're just trying to get4this information out to make your lives4a little bit easier as Public Safety4operators so that you guys can go out4and do what you do so thanks for tuning4in and hopefully we'll have some other4videos for you in the near future

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