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it's a record company saying we need.another pride it says okay what does.that mean we need to hit singles right.we'll say listen we gave you you know we.had the hit singles on pride but they.weren't hit singles written purposely to.be hit titles sure because you haven't.had a hit yet right so they were just.songs that became hit singles and they.were just songs we wrote yeah now you.got somebody telling you now you have to.purposely write a hit song now how do.you do that purposely write a hit song I.mean there's people out there who do.that but we weren't that kind of band to.do that so on on big game we had we had.a setback it didn't sell as money you.know still win at least gold and all its.gold and then the third album which is.actually it's one of those cases where.it's a great great great album but.unfortunately again it was it was over.by that basically in terms of the scene.and what was going on you know for the.fourth album technically I remember we.were doing we were playing a Wembley.with Motley Crue and Skid Row and you.know the Skid Row went on and you know.how they are live I mean they would just.kill in the place yeah and Motley Crue.had a great show and here we are.sandwiched in between because we were.doing a headlining tour Europe by.ourselves and I said wouldn't it be.great if they played at Wembley with.Motley Crue and Spiro.now what happens we were on that big.game tour and we realized that night on.stage at Wembley to say you know these.songs aren't translating because when.you've got tens of thousands of angry.British rockers out in the audience.drunk if you don't have a certain type.of music it just wasn't working and and.we all looked at each other on stage and.said we need to throw in some some of.our better stuff in here we said what.better stuff we need to write more for.who we are.well this is not translated yeah then we.went back to the states and we told the.record label which says no more tours on.this album we're going to do the album.that we want to do right and they said.well considering how the last album then.they said go ahead just give us what you.got they gave us unlimited funds I mean.that was a half a million dollar record.to record main attraction yeah I mean.they just they just said go and do.everything that you want the problem is.by the time it came out.that whole scene was over with yeah we.gotta take a break Vito burrata is here.and he is sharing these stories that you.guys have been waiting to hear for an ad.that I'm hoping all of these stories are.not too much on the negative end no no I.know you're telling you're telling it.like it is look people have been waiting.like I said you you buy a large of laid.low for 15 years since that period for.the most part so again you're here and I.appreciate you being here because people.have asked non-stop through email and.everywhere I got whatever happened to.Vito burrata where is he what is he.doing what did he do how come he's not.doing anything so we're gonna get to all.that we're gonna get to some music I.know what you want to do as well is you.want to play some of the bands that you.loved and that inspired you to play.guitar and some of your favorite we were.talking about they're like what's what's.the evolution of a of a you know what.would you call me guitar player yeah.whatever.yeah you know what's the evolution how.does it start yeah cuz you know this I.mean I don't know what people think that.you listen to when you're a kid and you.probably find out it's worked pretty.pretty much what all of us pretty much.listen to for the most part they're.pretty much pretty much so it's just.when you have a song like wait and when.the children cry and then you say what.basically my my theme song as a kid was.the Ripper by Judas Priest so it's not.that I don't think so.and then you know I just said I'd like.to play the songs that meant something.to me yeah all right well we're going to.do that and we're also going to take.your phone calls as well I know there's.a ton of people listening all over the.world actually via online and throughout.whatever radio stations you're listening.to the show on that want to talk to Vito.and again that toll-free number is.triple eight eight seven two one oh four.three or two one two eight six nine one.oh four three so we'll do a break we'll.come back we'll hit you with a couple.songs and then we'll go to the phone's a.little bit later on and I don't know.we'll just kind of feel it out whatever.you guys want to do and obviously much.more to talk about and get into with.Vito brada who is it's been it's been.like 15 years since you've done anything.like this right the last time I even.spoke a word was I think 1991 so 16.years of silence is being broken tonight.we'll continue more with Vito your phone.calls music everything else coming up on.this special shelf stick around.four threes Friday night rocks with.Eddie trunk and real quick a couple.upcoming shows you should know about.Radha is here folks you've been asking.for over a decade and he has come in on.a very cold and icy chilly night here in.New York City to hang out tell some.stories answer all your questions talk.about music and of course play some of.the music that he wants to play as well.alveta living in the New York area is.you've listened to the shell before like.I said he was sick so I did when Wayne.came any knew about Miami I had another.Wayne would you see him now I've got the.fall I can hear my head is Mike Piazza.saying here's Wayne and next time you.see Doro Pesch ask her about Wayne.she'll tell you who he is.hold on Wayne Wayne Wayne had a had a.moment of alcoholic excess when Dora was.sitting right there yeah and he was just.slobbering on her and she was petrified.of him scary mind Germany here now right.here right where you're sitting actually.yeah so let's play some music we'll get.a couple songs and I know the lines are.jammed everyone wants to get in and talk.to Vito and we'll get into all that.stuff as well as his family had said.they're all just they I just want to say.hello yellow bunny or something like.that we have a lot of stories to tell.along the way of course and like I said.we will get your phone calls in as well.but one of the things that we don't.wanted to do coming in to do the show.was play some of the music that he you.know they were a fan of and that kind of.inspired you as a guitar player and this.one I did not know about Mull the years.I've known you angel you know it's funny.I see that and I say you know wow that.was such a big part of that song when I.when I first got together with my drum.and Nicky compose you play drums on.fight to survive and you know angel was.like the big band angel and priest and I.know how you know different that sounds.angel and priests but back you know like.I said back then when your kids nobody's.thinking of all no that's that's the.more commercial band this is the heavy.we just love them all what's funny what.I was telling you off the air before we.came on about angel and I find this.constantly everyone I talked to his.angel is a case where you either.absolutely love them.or you've never heard of them and have.no clue who they are Wayne have you ever.heard angel no idea not so that's it's.one it's a total one extreme or the.other and I find myself having to.explain to people because there's so.many that have no idea that they were.but they put out like five six records.in the 70s same label as kiss on.Casablanca they were like the white.clean pretty version of kiss they were.all white not right you know and all.that they they had a stage show where.they just materialized on stage and they.had one of the coolest logos ever which.you turn it upside down and it reads the.same thing you did you ever know that.yeah that's like in that uh like that.I'll see ya it's the same thing I'm.saying I was an angel fan I didn't even.know that yeah and I'm not even a big an.angel fan but I know that I like them.but it's funny and I'm sitting here.telling you how you know a big that band.was for me and that's wrong the tower I.mean I mean I played that in my high.school you know the high school dance I.mean we used to open up with the tower.because I got that I got it I got a I.got to remember that say wait a minute.the bass player an angel was the bass.player in white wine he was in the white.line from that point that was a you know.when you're a kid in one of your.favorite bands all of a sudden he's.playing you know with you yeah yeah yeah.and it's an angel broke up around 80 the.last hurrah.was they were in the Jodie Foster movie.foxes and it's so weird because they.have this aura of being this very you.know bigger band than they actually were.they never had a hit a bonafide hit.single day I don't even think ever had a.gold record in America they were out of.Washington DC area and they were known.for the theatrics and their look and all.that and and a lot of people absolutely.love their music I like some of it some.of it was a little bit too.keyboard dominant for me right gregg.giuffria was the keyboard player but the.guitar player in angel was a very much a.cult figure yeah he'd be a guy that.people would be excited if I could track.down an a-bomb yeah I mean talking about.recluse pokey meadows that's that was.hair that was hair that let us all the.shame yeah but here it is this is Vito.kicked our from angel to get us started.bringing back vetoes just looking for.you getting memories bring examine like.a bad trip back to his club days right.now veto Bharata is here with us picking.records will take your phone calls much.more to come oh yeah so angel doing.tower two songs picked by my very.special guest hanging out for the show.tonight Vito burrata guitarist from.White Lion who has not done anything.like this in over 15 years.just hanging talking music telling his.story a little bit and we're going to.get more into that as the show.progresses we're also going to.incorporate your phone calls right after.the break you guys have been waiting for.all these years all these emails.everyone wants to talk to Vito we're.going to get you in here so all the.lines are jammed now I'm not going to.bother giving out the number but when.they do open up triple eight eight seven.two one oh four three is the toll-free.line back with your phone calls more.music more stories more discussion with.Vito burrata live in the studio right.after this we're doing a little bit of a.special show tonight so we're not going.to do metal news right now we'll try to.get to that a little later if there's.time but Vito burrata is in the studio.with us hanging out and we want to get.your phone calls in it's funny too.because Vito sitting here taking all.these records and he wants to play which.we're going to work music into but you.know you haven't talked no one's heard.from you in like 16 years you know we.can hold off on a priest song for this.time and now you know you live right.here so now that you got you know you.can come and be my co-host and I on you.on you know right cause so we've got a.we've got to get you know people on that.want to say hello to you because this is.some Tahlia I was in the city today I.ran into Bruno Ravel from danger danger.on the street comes up to me first thing.he says needles coming on tonight right.I mean people everyone's like needles.coming on I was like yeah it's actually.happening so the first guy that we're.going to get on the phone right now is.we do this Vito burrata this is your.life moment is the man who produced much.of the white lion recordings checking in.I believe from Nashville if I'm not.mistaken now this can't be producer.extraordinaire Michael Wagner Michael.hey God Michael what are you doing come.on man this really feels like one of.those like game show moments.really holy man I got I got goosebumps.oh my god how have you been.I'm busy man I'm totally busy down here.stuck in Nashville oh my god ladies and.gentlemen we are talking to the man who.mixed Master of Puppets as well as.countless other classic hard rock and.metal albums and for those of you that.came to the Skid Row Halloween party.last October Michael with uh Michael was.there as well he came in and did the.noose kids album and came in and hung.out with us which was a lot of fun yeah.it was great so great so you you also.were as shocked as anyone when you heard.Vito was doing a radio interview right.Michael absolutely I've been trying to.find the guy for years and here he is.you have a check for me or something no.man you're one of my favorite guitar.players oh thank you I said no I mean.how how how cool is that compliment.coming from this guy know exactly maybe.Ozzy Metallica goes on Skid Row white.lines all the guys that Michael the guys.that you've worked I mean that that's.really compliment thank you.absolutely man you solo that some of the.best all-time solos I've recorded man.thank you give us a little story Michael.from I mean Michael produced the pride.album of course it sold over 2 million.copies and also that the album after it.is well big game Michael give us a.little while we got you on the line here.give us a little story from the studio.back in the day when you work with white.lion oh boy oh man that I know there's.so many that's a hundred years ago well.you know what can I say Vito was a good.story to tell is there anything that you.stands out or anything that you recorded.that you remember or anything yeah.there's something we remember remember.when we did pride had amigo studios and.the door opens in the middle of us.recording and the guy walks in looks.around and goes what's love got to do.with it and then walks out that you know.is Ike Turner I Turner walk in he walked.in and we're in the middle of recording.a song we all looked at each other.and immediately we didn't know who he.was and then he goes what's love got to.do with this and then he walked back out.if we go what that's why I mean that.that that student was always somebody.walking in and out and you know that was.the first time that we came out to.California and yeah I mean I what did I.know I'm stuck on Staten Island and I'm.I'm standing and all these people are.walking in out you know just major stars.and uh and Al Kooper walks in and we do.get our a black strat on us plays a solo.on it and then Al Kooper goes what that.be used to belong to Hendrix he brings.on Jimi Hendrix's black Stratocasters he.goes here use this for the album hey.that was rock and roll wasn't it.unbelievable yeah you know I remember um.I remember doing Michael said you know.okay let's we need to record the solos.and uh Mike you remember when you said.okay go ahead and I did the solo for.wait yeah and I did it as a rehearsal.and you turn around I said okay when are.we gonna do the roof everything was it.that was it and that's the solo on the.record one take one go man that's what.I'm saying I'm on my favorite stuff you.know I remember I was so stiff and you.know when I listened to the fight to.survive album I I heard stuff that you.know what having a fight the survivors I.recorded like a basic track and I says.well later on I'm gonna come do the real.guitar stuff and then there was no later.on that was it a lot of times demos and.first things are better than what.ultimately ends up coming on there don't.you agree Michael yeah right so I went.into the studio to pride and I was.recording the same way I says let me.recall a cab a strike just nice and.basic and Michael Wyden was the guy who.says what are you doing you can't play.like that just play and I never would.have played any of that that stuff it.was a force Michael pushing me to do.that well Michael we got a ton of people.that I want to jump on and talk to.vito's you could imagine by colluding I.appreciate you calling in you're working.on the new Kings X record right now.we're right in the middle of the racket.doing 15 songs and it's coming out.amazing for every King spec x-man out.there watch out this is going to be.break1 well I love the last record that.you did with them as well I thought it.was one of my favorites in a long time.from them so tell the guys I said allo.and I don't know I think we're gonna.have to soften Vito up a little bit.along the way here maybe get you two.guys in the studio again somewhere man I.would love that.well Michael I gotta get I'll get a hold.of you yeah that's her info I got his in.fact ed got all mine I'll call you.cool man Michael thanks for coming on it.was great hearing from you you know take.care of yourself are you see you Michael.bye bye so want you to come up here and.sit in with us one of these nights I.know I as soon as I get out of the.studio we'll do that talk about the.stories this guy's got he was in except.for God's sakes that alone Oh I'll see.you Michael all right talk to you that.gamma is legendary producer Michael.Wagener on how to how did you manage it.well he again when the word went out you.were coming in over the last week he was.one of the guys to call me immediately.he's like I got it I gotta talk to Vito.give me a number this is amazing so I.don't know i have no more surprising.else that happens truly as a surprise.besides regular college cuz i got in.line up what isin except he does mass.for puppets i like i said to work with.him no i didn't line up like your old.accountant or anything like that so.please all right let's get some some.folks on that want to talk to you now.and and see where we're gonna begin.we're gonna go out to miami and talk to.you Eddie Eddie hey Beto how you doing.hi Eddie how are you good how you doing.that Eddie I'm good thanks ring I've.been directing for months about Vito and.stuff and I had a question for Vito.first of all Vito I'm sorry to hear.about your father passing away to us.here oh thank you everything's well that.your family's doing well thank you.I had a couple questions for you I'll go.through them quickly and I'll wait for.you to answer them first of all I saw.your picture nonmetal Age magazine honor.a Civil War project you were working on.with John Levesque that that project.still exists will it be released any.time soon.oh well actually you're reminding me.because I forgot that there was actually.named I guess civil war was going to be.the band and John Levesque it's right.from wild horses yeah I know that was in.1990 that was when white line broke up.that was in 1992 1993 and that's that's.not gonna happen.did you record anything did you actually.record stuff was the demos or what was.it now is just a mouse demos yeah all.right I have three other questions for.you real quick a ton of people are.waiting okay.when about my trip do you guys have you.see any time in the future you guys be.uniting and taking white lion out on.tour again and what's your take on the.whole tram - Italian pea band that he.has together right now wow this is let's.see the the first part the first call.you get opens up the major can worms.hey look this is something that you.might as well get it out of the way we.might you know people want I mean this.is something that everyone listening.wants to know what you're gonna do if.you're gonna do anything as far as.working with my [ __ ] again and doing.the white lion thing I've never said no.to anything I've said no for certain.reasons things have happened in my life.where I've had to say no to people to.say listen I just can't do this right.now and there were reasons behind it you.know I don't want to pry and I don't.want you to go there if you don't want.to go there but one of the things you.know and it's like I've been saying this.for a long time when people have asked.me that with this look of astonishment.of the guy is such a great guitar player.how is he not doing anything and you.know I don't I don't you know people.that are personal friends like you are.and others I'm not going to divulge.personal business on the air that I draw.a line there but the reasons a lot of.the reasons why you had to not perform.in the last 15 years are to me.incredibly admirable reasons and reasons.you should be extremely proud of and I.think that you know you shouldn't I mean.you know I just want people to know that.I think what happens is is that we're.such fans of musicians whether people.are fans of you or you're a fan of this.band or whatever that people forget fans.forget like you and I that there's a.human side to this that these people.have families and other commitments they.only look they only see you or or anyone.whether it's Steven Tyler or Eddie Van.Halen or whatever as these entertainers.that they want output from they don't.see them as people that have a mother a.father a brother a sister whatever that.there's a human connection and there's.stuff that goes on in people's worlds.that takes precedent over that and you.know I'm not going to get into it.anymore unless you you go there at some.point but that really in a nutshell is.what you were dealing with I talk to you.through a lot of the stuff.you went through and you should be.really proud of me well of people asked.me I'll equate it like this and then.I'll shut up people ask me all the time.for years the last four or five years.about a guy that you and I both know and.you played with and I've known forever.Ace Frehley.and people say all the time about Ace.they're like my god it's been so long.the guy's not doing anything he's not.Torah whatever well look ace has been on.this show everyone knows that Asus.battled substance abuse this has nothing.to do with you your issues but I mean.Asus issues is substance abuse now to me.on the human side of it as a friend I'd.much rather see ace be healthy and not.drunk and clean and clear like he's been.for the last few years then have him be.a wreck and jeopardize his life by going.back into the rock and roll lifestyle.he's not ready yet.so that's the whole point in a nutshell.everyone has things going on you had.stuff going on for a long time within.the dynamic of your family and that's.something that you know what you did I I.mean your reasons are really really.admirable I really have a lot of respect.for you well I appreciate all that yeah.my father had a five-year illness so it.was just a nightmare and was no one who.was going to take care of him except for.me and my mom and that's what we did to.the very end and unfortunately you know.you can't just you can't just walk away.now in the white lion days it's not just.you that's young you know you're in your.20s but your parents are young - mm-hmm.there's really no medical stuff going on.and I remember the tour bus pulling up.in the 2 years it's like oh there's a.two-year tour fine I don't know make it.a three year tour none of this stuff.happened but as you get older there's.responsibilities and things and there's.a you know financial - it's you know.when you're young I never you know I.remember when when I went out and me.Mike and Greg and James we never spoke.about I don't think anybody ever said.how much we we make and tonight no one.said a word about money because we were.so used to not having any that nobody.cared but then it gets to a point in.your life for you know you got bills to.pay and it's not just you that's going.to suffer yeah.there's other people are going to suffer.and say you know well I'm going to go.out and do this white line reunion tour.and I'm not going to really make my.but I'm gonna have a blast well you.can't you know there's bills to be paid.and you can't tell the electric guy you.know you know well I'm just I'm out.having a blast you got to pay bills you.know that like I said the family illness.and it was just it just always seemed to.be something and to answer so you've.never said never to a reunion just not.been the right time years more important.is that still on the line on he asked.these questions but and obviously the.other thing I never said note I I never.said no but the problem is it's it's now.I'm gonna use these stupid analogies I.always do you know when you got a.girlfriend and you break up on and she's.basically cheating on you in front of.you saying well if you don't get back.together with me this is what I'm gonna.keep doing and the more she cheats the.more you're not going to get back with.her and the problem is is that I have to.keep watching you know Mike do these.tramps white-line and all that stuff and.I've always wished the guy luck.but the more he does these things the.more it makes me not want to you know be.a part of anything mm-hmm.um you know I don't know how much I can.do to stop it I just you know wish I.could uh I wish that didn't exist I wish.that part of it didn't exist I.understand what what he's doing and all.that stuff I don't like it I don't you.know I wish you wouldn't do it but I.understand why he's doing it you know I.wish him luck but I'm not gonna sit here.and tell anybody I'm not going to do the.white lion thing ever again I did kind.of lie to you a little bit Eddie when.you had asked me one time of the rumors.of a hand injury true and I said now.they're false I mean they they actually.were true mm-hmm I did injure I I.snapped something in my rest of about.1997 I think it was that just prevented.me from playing all day you tell me get.the hell out of here right Michael.phones off he didn't tell me the truth.about that well now I know you know look.it wasn't it wasn't a hand injury that.in other words I didn't know if I was.making up my own skews.this is gonna be dr. Phil now on Eddie.show but I did have it I did have a hand.injury and the thing is is that I was.the type that played 14 hours a day I.mean it was ridiculous what I was doing.I used to get home four o'clock in the.morning from club shows and play another.two hours.just was always playing and to stay at.you know guitar players will understand.to get to a certain level you have to.maintain it it's like an athlete and.basically I was like a marathon runner.who couldn't run more than 10 feet so.how was I going to keep it up right so.these are things I'm hoping to get over.where does that stand now do you feel.better.but you still play do you still practice.it's gotten better but I haven't tried.to do like I just remember the you know.the actual injury I have was when I was.touching the steel strings it would feel.like I was getting I was touching a live.wire like I was having electrical shocks.and the doctors basically told me they.said listen you know it's uh it's 50/50.you could lose your hand the use of your.hand or you could be cured and it's up.to me the one you know to decide do I.want to play through pain and in the.midst of all of this the family stuff.was happening and everything else so I.had excuses for myself coming left and.right right no I can't play because my.hand though I can't play because my.dad's not feeling well I can't play.because it is you know it's but to.answer his question after all of this I.would never I'm not going to say no.it'll never happen right I would love.for it to happen today right to be.honest with you I just don't think it.can happen today right but I'm not going.to shut the door and my [ __ ] knows that.and what I keep appealing to Mike is.stop stop shutting the door in in my.face you know what I mean by doing the.records and the bands that you know.white line with other people and all.this stuff and doing versions of the.band right right let's do a song right.now and we'll come back and I mean so.much more we need to get into so many.more phone calls here as well but I want.to of course talk about we're talking.about Vito's career and everything that.he's gone through and where we are now.in 2007 with Vito in the studio and.hanging with us for the first time in.about 15 years but I think it's.important to remember.the music that Vito has made and.hopefully music he will make again.somewhere down the line and there is a.new release that has arrived in stores.called White Lion the definitive.collection it's a 2-cd set basically a.greatest hits compilation but the really.cool thing about this is there's about.10 or 12 live songs on here recorded.here in New York City at the Ritz on the.pride tour and I know Vito you haven't.heard this yet you don't even know you.know where this came from or what the.quality of the sound is on us but I was.actually just cracking up there's.there's someone there's some guy on the.internet it's great I was there's a lot.of there's a lot of internet presence.for you I've heard from a lot of you.know these fan forums and stuff that are.Vito brought out whatever cracking I'm.just thinking because there's a guy.who's so upset about this whole thing.tonight that you're coming on here well.he's he's really I mean he's really into.a whole death metal thing you can tell.by the whole thing that he's doing and.he's just like he's having a just left.fit if he's into the death metal thing.why would he care about my show I never.I never play that exact it's not what.the show is exactly no I just you're.talking I just I'm picturing his emails.why would he even know why would even be.on the Vito brought a fan site if he's.into death Matt what I know but I'm.looking at you know I just says somebody.emailed me this website I couldn't tell.you why yeah it was get into that stuff.but that's just it was just hilarious.like I said you know I never did.anything to this guy well that's right.it's like you get you get all these.emails I mean I'm getting them for years.really you just just like my girlfriend.said what could you know I said what.could it be that set this guy off and.just she said just the fact that you.exist is just destroying the things I.can relate to that because I get emails.constantly from people who know every.single word and thing that I've said on.this show but tell me how much they hate.me and hate the show and I say well then.how come you just were able in your hate.email to rattle off every record I.played and guest I've had for the past.20 years.you must be listening I mean if I hate.something I don't listen to it I'm just.picturing this guy tonight just.twitching in his chair and on I.listening to his venom.some cursing you know person cause I.don't I mean I think we play with venom.did we play what they don't know I can't.imagine that bill but maybe who knows I.know there could be a possible little.you play with venom but this was the art.their early days very early days let's.play Apple send this out to death metal.guy this is the brand-new released live.recording that came from the rich in the.late 80s here a veto and white lion Greg.D'Angelo James Lomenzo and Mike [ __ ].performing in New York City and what was.a very big show this is a you know this.was you guys taking the next step just.before pride really blew up playing the.Ritz right yeah I think this was before.what could have been I think it was.before the Aerosmith tour and I think.this was when the whole thing just.happened all right let's play it right.now this is a song the studio version of.which comes from the pride album it's.one of my favorite favorite songs from.white-line and probably my favorite on.pride it's a live version of Lady of the.valley.available on white lion the definitive.collection more music more calls more.stories as we continue Vito burrata here.in the studio with us.yeah all right me to evaluate your.performance from 20 years ago what do.you think the clunkers in there that's.all you all musicians do that they just.focus on the one or two bad things that.I can't help it I can't help how many.clinkers did you hear in there and I.heard two two two on you or someone else.no no I'm not counting you in a critique.anybody else or it clams as I've heard.them called.somebody said I just had a clam anyway.white lie and that is a live recording.there's about 12 of those tracks that.are released now as part of this new.compilation at least I know it really is.life yeah well that's time say that so.many times in the show I'm so tired of.people cleaning up and making fake live.recordings for live DVDs that are.clearly recorded live albums were my.favorite thing when I was a kid I just.you know and then you get into the.business and you meet people who.actually worked on those out they're not.alive at all it's it's really.disappointing I know clams and.everything yeah you got to leave them in.their heads off it's mixed I mean and.the biggest culprit of that and I said.there's so many times on this show is.DVDs you can watch a DVD it's like.karaoke you can tell that they went in.and re-recorded everything you doesn't.even feel like a live show meanwhile if.I take out a bootleg I feel like I'm.actually at a live show because that's.out really silence it's ridiculous.anyway.Vito burrata is here man we're halfway.done with the show it's amazing how.quick the time is flown here you guys.have been asking forever and he is.finally here breaking a more than 15.years silence on this show and I.appreciate you doing so we got so many.people that still want to jump on the.line and talk to you we've just really.scratched the surface and obviously more.music to play two more things that Vito.wants to hear and play that influenced.him as a player and we'll get into all.that you might have a lot more CDs that.I have so there's a lot songs I haven't.heard since I was a kid yeah well I.don't even have the CDs well we'll play.all that stuff or whatever we have time.for and of course more of your phone.calls we'll take a few more of those.when we come back from the break with.Vito brought a half way still half way.to go so stick around.this is reach the halfway point of the.show but we still have 90 minutes left.to go in this special edition with Vito.brada guitarist from White Lion joining.us in the studio playing records selling.stories and.trying to get you guys caught up on the.last 15 years of what Vito has been up.to and I know so many of you want to.jump on the line and we'll try to rifle.through some calls here as quick as.possible we'll go to Vito's hometown of.Staten Island Lorene hi Laurine I mean.oh how are you.Lorene do I know Lorene hi Laurine how.are you good how are you good what made.you pop out of the woodwork Eddie trunk.hi I've been saying no Eddie trunk for.years now and I just I just can't do it.anymore.I came to my house around Christmas and.I see left I go would you just do the.show and he said you know what he goes I.will and then this record came out which.you didn't even know about and I told.you about it well I always said I don't.want to come on when I have nothing to.promote I mean this is not a new album.this is not you know anything like that.I wish it was but I was taught I said I.have nothing to promote but and on how.much ammo do I have any plans.yeah we're getting a band together or.anything like that um let's let's just I.mean the will is there it's it's it's.like I want to do it but um I can't sit.here and say yeah I'm gonna do it next.week and all that stuff you know there's.a part of me that has to get over the.fact that I still feel like it's white.lion or nothing I went through that for.a lot of years mm-hmm.you know where I just felt like this.loyalty to this entity and said you know.I'm I'm forever going to be the guy in.white lion no matter what band I you.know I do I said why don't I just do.white lion and just get it over with.well look I I think a lot of people.would love that and myself included but.I also don't think that you should limit.yourself to that in other words you have.your status as a guitar player.transcended that whole scene in that.whole era so you could easily do.something else as well it way even if it.was instrumental or with a different.band I'm one addition to white lions.like I'm going to listen to because they.want to hear you play.what it is I appreciate all the.compliments and it's I'm not blown.smoking me a lot of people feel that way.well it's you know like I said that was.part of keeping me backed was I felt.like it had to be white lying or nothing.else and you know then his realization.that if that doesn't happen I do.something else I'm gonna jump in you.know I got I got a friend of mine you.know was pushing me now to come in jam.with I mean just just to see how it.feels.yeah but I need some time you know with.just a guitar in my hand and just see.what I can do again well this is a big.step for you just coming here and doing.this and on that road I would think just.art yeah like you know like I said I owe.you big-time not eat anyways please.Brian in Edison New Jersey your alma.Vito brought thanks Lorraine wherever.you Lorien Thanks hey Eddie havea house.who's this Brian in medicine Brian how.are you hey how you doing.I have a question I've heard a lot of.people make comparisons to Eddie Van.Halen.I was wondering man what you thought.about of that and what were your thumb.to your biggest influences and.inspirations to play guitar uh well I.mean obviously the van Halen thing is a.compliment because he is I mean he's.Eddie Van Halen and it's funny because.uh I've heard it from Eddie Van Halen.himself there's actually on one on the.white lion escape from Brooklyn video.there's actually a shot of you and Eddie.Van Halen at a picnic table or something.actually they wouldn't they wouldn't let.his manager wouldn't let him be in it.what has he out shake you do because I.know it exists I've seen it yeah I.thought it was always on my cut of it I.have this special cut okay I don't I.don't have that but the way I remember.it was this guy you know we were sharing.rehearsal studios Van Halen was.rehearsing for their tour we were.rehearsing for our tour and we're all.hanging out in the parking lot talking.cars and stuff you know everybody had.their cars outside and some guy came up.with a piece of a guitar and he comes up.to me and he's he's he's just you know.you're the greatest and you know the.greatest and he's thinking the whole.time that I'm Eddie Van Halen and I I.think I remember charts in my and I.pointed to Eddie and I said what about.that guy that he's like who's that.My Mind's like he's like oh he's alright.- and we were gonna have we were gonna.have that but that footage of that.exists I haven't somewhere I've seen it.you know every every time that I've been.hanging out with eddie van halen ott.that we've hung out hung out but uh the.times that I've run into him I mean he's.just been so gracious and he's never.ever said anything.you know detrimental or you know hey you.know why you quit you sound like me and.you know it's just one of those things.that you click with a with a if it's a.relationship you see you say it's on my.soulmate mm-hmm with Eddie Van Halen was.just something that uh and it's not just.me and all right it's like every.guitarist of the past you know twenty.five years and it's just something that.I didn't go purposely I mean I didn't.try to do it purposely you know wasn't.like oh I got a sound like Eddie Van.Halen but if I did I wasn't going to.stop myself to say now that sounds a.little too much like Van Halen right I.mean you know um to him it was you know.what's that expression of imitation is.the highest form of flattery right mm-hm.and um but I just I couldn't help but I.could I there's no I could change it was.he's just us such a big part of me and I.know you excited about this tour I'm.excited about this tour the tour the.reunion with her off that they're.supposed to that they're doing where.it's just still a little bit weird the.whole whole Michael Anthony thing is.still weird that he's not in it you know.his son is playing bass right right yeah.I've heard about that and it's weird.because I remember of one of the last.times I saw Eddie was Eddie was telling.his little son Wolfgang to say hi DeVito.and I said Eddie I don't think he can.because he was only what I think six.months old no Eddie shaking the kid no.say hi DeVito.I know but listen when Eddie's talking.to you just you know so um you know I'm.picturing this little kid now on stage.at the garden playing the beginning of.running with the devil and it's it's.kind of difficult but um.no he's got no love loss for Michael.Anthony which is clear I mean he's not.letting Michael back in the band he's.calling him by his real last name which.I didn't even know up until so burlesque.II or something is his real last name.because he keeps just calling him so.beletsky and and and there's definitely.some issues there and then in the latest.swipe at Michael Anthony that I saw in.the press and I think this news clip is.up on my site he said something about.well what does it matter he hasn't.played on a van Halen album in years.oh wow now that I never heard that one.before that was really a shot to say.that that wasn't Michael Anthony playing.on those records so that he reheat I.don't know if he realizes the.can-of-worm see open but it raised my.eyebrow when I read it today.online I was like whoa I don't know.maybe he did I don't know but he's now.he's trying to say he didn't he goes.he's an OK bass player and all but why.do I care if he's in the band he hasn't.played on records or records in years.I'm like whoa and the one thing Michael.Anthony did do though is the fact that.and I said this many times a lot of.people always felt that hi harmony in.Van Halen yeah where's the harmony.that's Michael Anthony all that high.stuff right so I don't know again I just.wish they'd bury the hatchet and figure.out a way to make that work because you.just have this one you've waited all.these years for this reunion that this.one weird kind of factor and I'm sure as.kids a great musician look at his genes.you know but it's just weird yeah you.know coming from one who's been there.and I'm still gone I'm actually.answering questions tonight about it.when there's a band breakup it's a it's.an ugly thing and there's I'm sure all.these things that Eddie's saying are.just you know the hurt some kind of hurt.something's going on because that Rock.and Roll Hall of Fame induction in a few.weeks.wow what a circus that's going to be.yeah I mean it was him standing with.sober loose key or whatever his name is.standing there after taking all this.heat and the press and yeah it's just.and he said he goes there's people I.don't want to play with and I'm not.going to be the I'm not going to play.with them that night so it's it there's.a lot of drama that's going to be on.that stage that night I can't wait to.see how it comes off yes it's that's.unfortunate how long's waiting you got.to get on a mic nobody can hear what.you're saying what are you saying well.so we'll ask you be there.actually played on put the mic by your.mouth not the beer bottle when you're.trying to sorry he's talking to the beer.bottle and the mics on.oh so bless he wants some simple s key.right imagine it the Rock and Roll Hall.of Fame induction they bring out like.here's Jake shrimp the real guy who.played on all the van Halen records on.bass yeah I bet you it was Eddie that's.he probably played it if Michael didn't.but I don't know if this is just ugly.you know just more ugliness and what I.thought all that stuff was on live so.hope that couldn't be Eddie I don't know.uh.this is Hollywood California is it does.Indra Candra just hi you're live on the.air thanks Trisha I love your show hi.Vito i jizz Enron thanks you are the.reason that I'm here is only by trying.to get my heavy metal band together.years ago 20 years ago I saw you on TV.and I told my mother I was a real little.kid I said that's what I'm gonna be I'm.gonna be a heavy metal singer so I can.play with that guy you mean you're in.trance white lion thank you for the.music that you've given me because if I.think you're weary when I was growing up.I had a really hard time would and your.music really saved me and my dad also.went through a very long illness and he.eventually passed away from it yeah your.guitar you know you're playing spoke to.me it was it was my my hero you're my.hero so so you're not you're not the one.on that thrash metal site you're talking.about how pretty good angle on how.they're so different you listen to them.well I children of bodom but I listen to.you every day is about that's the whole.point if Ike you don't have to draw.lines in the sand I oh I like this so I.can't like that you can it's fine it's.like you know I've preached that for 20.years on the radio it's like it's all.good you know your moods different music.you don't have to put up this facade I.mean when I was in high school I've said.this so many times it if I wasn't the.big church than I am six to whatever I.would have gotten my.ass kicked every day just because I.wouldn't follow the trends like all.these people in my high school would.walk around with like you know Neil.Young and Santana Records and nothing.against those records are Grateful Dead.or whatever but they couldn't name you.two songs that was the trendy thing to.be into but I'm sitting there with the.UFO mechanics album cover in my locker.and kiss which was the most uncool man.in history at that time people wanted to.beat me up they couldn't believe how can.you be like this I went through and.forth I'm pretty I'm pretty you know and.I was a cheerleader and I would I would.say well I'm going to see miss bellick.oh I'm listening white wine and they.thought I was crazy coast and they was.pop and you have a band now are you wait.wait are you in a band now yes I'm in a.band right now I live in Hollywood right.on the boulevard right there I'm gonna.be there next I'm gonna be there next.week this is your band playing I said.we're not playing on I'm looking for.guitars like Vito better okay if you.want to do a no no I can't play I would.have come see her though cuz I'm gonna.be in LA next week I would have come see.you but okay and even one hurt Romeo oh.yeah ask ed yeah he's wearing a winter.hat but he does Vito looks thank you for.the colleges injuring good luck with.your heartache hedges enter Vito looks.identical and for those that that we.should take a picture at some point to.know someone as a camera is proof.because I'm telling you you look.identical is nothing's changed and I'm.not just saying that it's crazy man you.look you look the same.somebody said I look like I stepped off.the back of the main attraction album.yeah I could never like I can never.change yeah you look identical now with.you know talking about what you know you.were talking about um in nineteen it was.a 1987 1988 I was at in Hollywood.somewhere and David Cassidy was there.and someone said you know we want to.take a picture you two guys and this.girl I'm not gonna who so she was from.the record label says no no no we can't.have that it's not an imaging it's it's.not good for your image and I said oh.you know you're right so I went and.stood next to David it took a whole.bunch of pictures I don't someone's got.or whoever's out there has gotta send it.to me cuz I said you know something what.you know this thing where you drawn.these lines of like you know pop bands.and metal bands I said this guy.I was hanging out in in third grade this.guy was on tour you know this guy made.me want to grow my hair long yeah I know.was The Partridge Family I'm not stupid.I know that whole scene yeah but I'm.saying the guy uh at the time when.you're nine years old and there's this.guy on TV with long hair and you're like.I want to look like that and it started.that whole ball rolling but then these.people they put these things these.labels they say no you can't do that you.know when I was a kid before CDs and all.this stuff I had that record turntable.thing we you put like eight albums and a.drop table solutely I had Electric.Ladyland double album I had goodbye.yellow brick road a mountain.surly scorpions we you Lee Roth all of.these things were mixed right like I.said with the Elton John and what all of.that I never said no I can't you can't.listen to Elton John after you just.listen to the scorpions I mean it was.just music yeah and you know it's a.shame that people do that but um alright.what was I saying it just it goes all.goes into the the stew of what makes you.know what what ends up making you know.music we forgot to wish the jinns Anna.syndra luck there yeah.well we wish her luck Brian calls coming.in from all over America for Vito.Bharata Brian in South Carolina hi Brian.how you doing man we're good hey Brian.hey just want to give you props man for.having this guy on finally after all.these years well it's not like I haven't.tried give him props he's fine he.finally said yes they got tired of me.bugging him for the last 15 years oh I'm.getting to that man Vito man you're here.to so many people you got so many fans.out there and I was just wondering two.things one if you'd written anything in.the past you know years of silence.you've been out of the industry and also.as curious if you checked out that.website that all your fans are on all.the letters and all the stuff and I just.hope to hear you play again man thanks.for everything.he's the devil.I on there better guy that's the guy.he's the webmaster he's the death-metal.guy but he really loves when the.children cry it's his favorite song in.real life so yeah I've written I have.songs I mean I I've written songs and.they're not on tape they're in my head.I've got probably an albums worth of.material of just me an ax and a nylon.string guitar you know a classical.guitar because that's the only thing.that my fingers can seem to play without.being in pain and that's oh that's.really that's a you know that's a.disheartening thing to hear because you.know snake Sabo who when Vito is at my.house just his past Primus ember we were.doing a little bit of memory lane stuff.and I called snake at the same time Vito.was there and I put snake on the phone.and snake has been dealing with his own.issues with his arm in his hands I.didn't know it causing him problems too.and it's funny because and I told Vito.this they talked on my phone for a.little while man Vito handed me back my.phone I said the snake on my [ __ ] I'll.call you later whatever and we shook.snake goes to me on the phone he's like.what's he doing it like where's he been.what's going on I go how he came over.with his mom and his girlfriend to see.my daughter you know whatever and snake.goes to me listen you got to talk to.that guy he goes because the world can.live without me playing guitar but the.world can't live without us here in Vito.broad I play guitar and I started and.snake said that that's coming from snake.who I think is a pretty good player.himself a guitar player I mean I you.know I go back with him I wish I could.remember the name of the band but we.used to play at the fountain casino in.New Jersey.it was his band and my band my band I.remember of course the name was dreamer.but has-been I just can't you know I got.I got to get a hold him and remember the.name and I I feel bad because I used to.unplug him while he was playing I just.used to be standing there on the side of.the stage and I would just walk over and.I'm plug in and walk away and he must.you know all those years he must have.been saying what is wrong with that guy.but I could call him right now but will.neither of us forget.word in edgewise for the remainder of.the show so alright let's let's play a.song what do you want to play you want.to play white line solar stuff you want.actually uh actually honestly I would.love to send a song out to the Troops.oh absolutely all the soldiers are I'm.alright now and you know I'm a big.support of them and me as well I just uh.you know they're it's it's funny that I.have time for just a little story yeah.but tell me what song were playing so.that I can cue it up while you're.telling the story it's your choice oh.you doesn't matter doesn't matter well.do you want to play a white lion storm.you want to play something you wanted to.hear that from another bed did we get to.that you wanted to play you want to play.Van Halen strong or something yeah play.van Halen song play uh Eddie's famous.song eruption oh gotta tell yours tell.your story on my story actually.something when we were in Europe doing.main attraction I think we were in.Germany and we came out of a show and.was these kids who are you know just.your regular kids or outside of a show.I'm gonna talk to my in here sorry so um.and these kids are just hanging out and.then just they're just like your regular.fans outside and it was like three or.four of them they're all standing there.and after we sign autographs and.everything I said yeah so what are you.guys doing here cuz they're all speaking.perfect English and everything they said.well you know we just finished the.desert storm and I'm looking at what are.you talking about you just finished it.they said well this is uh and the guy.introduced himself and to me I mean I.was only 27 years old what I'm 28 and he.looked like a little kid to me.he said this is me in a hindrance or.some settings this is my crew and this.is my gunner this is my radar guy and he.says yeah you know we play we play write.all love or something I forgot what song.he played it maybe read all of wasn't.even out but you know he's asking you.know for autographs and everything I.says it's something snapped in Simon.Says you guys any heroes absolutely ish.I should be asking for your autograph.and I just you know what these guys are.going through out there if they're.listening on the on the on the internet.and whatever I just you know a heartfelt.thanks and.for protecting us and for you know.fighting for our freedom I agree as a.matter of fact uh why don't you play.fight freedom do you have that yes hold.on them now I know you know I gotta go.find home all right you got to go find.that I'll talk to Wayne Wayne yes sorry.you have any good to you standing it.with that bottle a good bottle I'll talk.it into the mic this time come on tell a.story follow what do you want to play.which song do you like it yeah the fight.for freedom it's off big game oh yeah.yeah yeah hold on what Oh see I write.the song I for free dry for freedom I'm.saying fight for freedom.that's my know see that's what's in my.brain is what these guys are doing for.us but the song is cry for freedom.anything you want to tell about this.before we hit it besides what you just.did write me anything any story about.recording in anything of interest or.just buy it no I just.just the heartfelt thanks to the troops.here it is cry for freedom from white.lions big game CD Vito Bharata is in the.studio more music war your phone calls.more discussion on this special edition.show as Vito breaks a 15 year silence.right here.and his cry for freedom from white lions.third album big game and joining us in.the studio in case you tuned in late.Vito burrata the band's outstanding.guitarist telling some stories sharing.some memories and we're going to.continue to do that in the final hour.the show more of your phone calls as.well I will do all that right after we.do this commercial break back with the.final hour of this special show here at.Eddie trunk Vito Branagh has been.hanging out the whole way and he's going.to continue to do so in this final hour.and lines are just totally jammed here.as people still want to get through and.say hello and welcome Vito back to at.least speaking and being back into the.rock and roll world somewhat next step.is we'll get her to get a guitar and.then get a band and well back to.speaking publicly at least it's our here.I wish we did I actually I don't think.we did but we'll have to plan that for.the next time I didn't want to put too.much burden on you you know I was just.it took me 15 years to get you here I.want to stick a guitar in your hands now.on top of everything else I wouldn't.want a few more claws and we'll play.some more music and let's man so many.people waiting so long it's tough to.mark in Jersey and old bridge hey Mark.you're live on the air hey Eddie how you.doing we're good hey Vito honored to.talk to you hey Mark yep Vito I am also.from Staten Island and um you know I.don't know people around the country.realized the magnitude of how respected.you really are free white lion I was.only about 13 I was only about 13 when.you were in dreama.and too young to go to any of your shows.but everyone in Brooklyn in Staten.Island knew who the heck you wore before.you were even a white line I was thank.you and it was just great just seeing.your whole progression you guys making.it grown up in Staten Island and you.know hanging out L'Amour's it made.everyone feel part of what you guys were.doing and it was such a it was such a.great time just to see you guys making.someone from the neighborhood actually.make it yeah thank you you know that was.funny because when when the band made it.and we were all of a sudden in these.arenas what you know Aerosmith and ac/dc.and Ozzy and everything I was I always.felt bad I says well what about all.there are people you know.back in the old days you wish you could.put them all on a bus and bring with you.yeah well you know what you inspired a.lot of us do I get up up up but you know.I try to make a go of it also so thank.you now thanks now I got to get off.exactly now we got in inspire Vito so.well you know you know what's amazing.hearing you talk tonight regarding you.know your situation why you didn't play.you know what in this whole age of all.this plasticity and with celebrities is.just wonderful to see here someone is.successful and talented as you putting.their priorities in line where other.people like you said we just go out and.have a good time and and leave god knows.what else left behind and that's such a.respectable and admirable thing I know.you know if you never played again.because you had stuff to take care of.you know God bless you I hope you have a.great life man because you you've.touched us all well thank you yeah you.know I did have one question I know my.memory is a little flaky in 86 when um.even before I came out these you guys.open up for triumph Adam the Meadowlands.Oh actually uh Dallas mountain and.loudness ya know I think that was in Bay.it's okay no I I thought you guys got.pulled on that tour we we play with.triumph um and uh the Providence.I don't was a big 20,000 seat arena or.saw I don't know what it was but now.wasn't a Meadowlands I think I don't.know for some reason I'm remembering.Yngwie was offered that show there was a.tour there was a show at the Meadowlands.because I still have the t-shirt.somewhere believe it or not and it was.called the rock and roll summit and it.was triumph Mountain and loudness is.that annoying you that he's taking.pictures did you ask him if you can take.pictures first you got to speak to my.man that's I tell him all the time to.ask people first before he starts taking.pictures of him and he just came in and.start taking affection go smash the.camera like one of those like rock stars.I know it's you son of a [ __ ] he.doesn't look like he used to.you do look like you used to know that's.a raw hairspray in 1980 what I walk in.in the 80s what I walk in with a walk.I mean I feel like the edge it's 20.below outs I know yeah I also would have.had a car dropping me off the front door.I had to take the train.exactly and you don't even get you know.you exactly would add like a label Simon.you know this isn't the way it used to.be anymore my friends gonna try to hitch.a ride with Lane here you got the patrol.car calling it let's go to Pennsylvania.calling you're live on the air what's.happening hey how's it going it's going.okay.except for Vito may want to smash the.camera at Andrews hands dude update.how's it goin Colin hey I just want to.say first and foremost you were one of.the most amazing a lot of guitar players.and your really big influence on my.playing oh well thank you.and I the questions great that's it I.got to pick up a guitar again this area.say we're getting weird we're.accomplishing our mission folks all.right keep going.I have a question for you Vito I've.working on the solo - a little fighter.it's crazy people knew this whole huh I.have just one drainer do whatever.released a book or a guitar.instructional DVD to demonstrate some of.the techniques that you did well you.know he can't remember himself I am the.one looking for a tab so I can relearn.this stuff uh a tab you know I'm really.I'm pissed off that when I recorded all.this stuff I didn't immediately put this.stuff down you know write it down.because I got to be honest with you I.don't remember it oh man I'm gonna have.you know and I was talking about friend.of mine today and I seen it on each side.my back seat all.that's a guitar I'll figure it out.are you playing a song honey I'm just.playing the interest to give you a.little refresher so you can remember oh.I think he was talking about to saw a.solo I I think I did that song in a.different key but um it was tuned up a.whole-step yeah so um no I don't I don't.know of any tabs out there but when I.figure this stuff out again which I.promised myself I'll do I'll put it down.and maybe I could post it somewhere on.the internet and you know I don't know.you want to help me.Thank You Collin for the call I have.akahl another call from PA Jason you're.live on the air how are you I'm doing.real good.what do you gotta be what's your.question go ahead.first of all Eddie thank you so much for.dragging Vito out of the darkness thank.him he had to be he had to be the one.that said yes I just kept pushing that's.what that a lot of us and we love your.music I get with that that's more mo.said yeah well I'm over to the darkness.yeah step out of the light when are your.fans gonna see a Vito CD acoustic or.electric oh god see I know someone's.gonna put me on this come on man.we love you we want to hear it.everybody's goose in the man everybody's.put you know pushing them a little bit.here in there so and I've got like five.questions so we got to answer quick well.you gotta go quick so done has not.answered your first one on this week and.I cool and yet best question okay shout.out to my boy ninja who wants to know.where was the inspiration for the intro.to let's get crazy where'd that come.from man he's shot remember this control.yeah I just remember everything I had to.do with that song with Stevie Ray Vaughn.it was just sex I know this I don't know.why you know it doesn't sound like.steve-o right.but this is it right here right yeah is.that what you mean by the intro yeah.it's like an AM radio finding ons yeah.that's my boy yeah it's kind of like.this and Vito yeah it just got Mike you.keep talking about Mike who I keep.talking about Mike yeah it was Mike.who's Mike you know who veto it I'll.make the answer was that another tram.guy who's he.oh my [ __ ] yeah mom hey I was going so.well up to that point now you got to.bring the negatives into it yeah you.know I got it weapon I got listen I I.was open I went through too much with my.[ __ ] to to be negative against them I.get pissed you know just like I would.get pissed at my brother or something.but I just I just went through too much.to sit here and start bad-mouthing him.I'm not I'm just not going to do it you.know sometimes a little blurb will come.out but it was too much I mean we went.from the basement to the garden so how.could I be a who did you guys play the.garden with ac/dc yes that's right I.remember that that was the what ac/dc.record was out at the time I forget.which one aha video um was that blow up.your videos yeah maybe it was something.like that.yeah something like that yeah you're.right alright let's play a song or two.what do you want to play you want to.play something uh we didn't do the van.Halen you want to play something else on.that scorpions song I gave it to you.which song did you want to hear that.sales oh you gave it to me yeah yeah not.even here what which song do you want do.you Lee Roth stuff yeah it's on there.the first disc and the second dish is a.lob that's all you Lee Ross really.where's the sales of sales of sharone.that was not a it's not on there no I.don't see it hold on oh come on you.gotta get your you Lee Roth you know.that's another thing people there's.another guy you either absolutely love.people love and worship the guy or.people.of them it's one extreme or the other.with him it's Alistair ohm is not on.either of those records but I'm going to.find it for you.and since we were talking about this.song let's let's play this one from.White Lion it's just let's get crazy and.we'll continue with Vito broad and we'll.find some you Lee Roth to play and we'll.take more your phone calls a little bit.later on stick around.feeling so scorpions this picture like.beer steins going through the air today.that was just incredible hearing that.again.Louie John Roth era scorpions we've.talked about them many times a lot of.people feel that are only know scorpions.from the blackout period on but they had.many records with Julie John Roth is.their guitar player throughout the 70s.and that is from the taken by force.album sales of Sharona great one.obviously an influence on you Vito I.couldn't live without that song you.could hear you could hear a little now.that I you pointed that out and now that.I listened to that song in his playing I.could definitely hear that it was just.you know back then it was a lot of the.Hendrix guys you know he was a total.he's a total Hendrix disciple I mean I.just had those guys just in revolving in.a loop it was just Frank Marino mahogany.rush Robin Trower.you know you Lee Roth how about worried.Gallagher did you ever listen Rory.Gallagher yeah listen to Rory but it was.just a little do you know there was a.certain time in my life where I went for.the the technical guys the guys who were.doing stuff that not blues-based you.know just more of I'm not saying Rory.Gallagher doesn't play like that but.maybe I was gravitating more towards the.Hendrix type stuff I never really heard.Rory stuff but the reason why I asked.you that is because Glenn Tipton was.here not too long ago and that's his.all-time favorite guitar player really.Glenn Tipton so I thought you know it's.always interesting to see you know the.guys that you know we all love where.they kind of you know got their.inspiration from yeah it's just you know.in my case it was just just a blend you.know I loved Peter Frampton you know.level you know when people say well you.know your solos were melodic and white.lion well that's all Peter Frampton all.of it great place yep.but you know Peter Frampton by himself.you know you end up just doing melodies.but then I had to have the the other.side of it you know the aggressive part.of it and that was like I said Robin.Trower you Lee Roth and.um you know Pat Travers was all of these.great guitar players in the industry.derringer mm-hmm you know all those.guitar player everything to me back then.was guitar yeah you know was and it was.funny because Alan John was such a big.part of what I listened to and that had.that had no uh no guitar at all right.but I'm sure that it being impact on.your songwriting well yeah obviously.yeah the melodies and I'm sharing and.that's and that's why you know when.white line had a certain sound that's a.you know it always had a melody so we.were different no we were not Metallica.we weren't trying to be Metallica back.then you know when people you know.people back then would say well you know.I just saw him Italian well we weren't.trying to be that way but you know when.you grow up listen Elton John and I you.know I've read where uh.Axl Rose the same thing Elton John oh.yeah it's a big influence that comes out.in the songwriting and you want to hear.melodies you want to hear something.catchy you want to hear something are.manie's and all that stuff but then when.it comes time to that part of the song.when they say well now you got to play a.solo.well that's when the guitar players yeah.yeah and a lot of the the whole thing in.the in the 80s too and even now I mean.that there's a big that's a big thing.now and that's why I always whenever you.hear me talk about this show what I do.on the radio is just distinguish I.always say hard rock and heavy metal.you'll always hear me say that because I.feel they're they're two very different.things and I play both and like and.support both but they're very different.things and even now in the 80s and even.now everything gets in this banner of.metal bands that never claimed they were.metal and then people are like dude you.aren't metal real metal.well that band never said they were.metal that's just they got put in that.category it was others calling him that.but you know there's rock bands there's.hard rock bands there's metal bands.there's you know I mean you took a metal.guy right you just played a song you.know what let's get crazy let's get wild.I mean but we're not trying to be metal.there I mean you know I doubt you're.gonna find you know find me a Slayer.album where the guys that crazy let's.get while it's not going to happen but.that doesn't mean that you know you're.um I can't say some of these words what.do you mean what do you mean what words.just because they're bad or because you.actually can't say them.and I just got to watch my language I'll.tell you I got another show you can say.whatever you want okay you can use all.those salty words all you want all right.we got to take a break Vito brada is.here we have about 35 minutes left to go.on the show and the lines still jam to.people that want to get on the line what.I think we need to do is and again you.know as I tell people and if you're a.new listener to this show it's different.every week sometimes it's a lot of music.sometimes it's more talking discussion.which this one clearly is and with very.good reason Vito hasn't done anything.like this in about 15 years so so many.of you guys want to jump on the line.with the remaining minutes we'll get as.many calls as we can I've had what do.you mean I feel so guilty I'm sorry.we're glad that I took so long well you.now you know that everyone loves you and.that this is like a you know safe place.and you're right you know you're very.close where you live so you come and you.hang out anytime and then and then the.times you come now that we've broken the.ice here now you can you just be like.Wayne you can just come and look at the.do drink beer and not do anything your.even have to contribute you can just.come and hang out anytime you want is it.just your show that Wayne's on yeah.exactly.what do you think anyone else would let.him in the buildings he stay here all.day he's a happy guy all right let's.take a break right now more calls with.Vito Branagh coming up right after this.peni trucks with any trunk.real quick speaking of something I need.to address real quick here is in the.last couple weeks we've been talking.about another one of my favorite guitar.players and that is John Sykes in.another one of my missions is getting a.blue murder reunion to happen and I you.know people are only going to hear and.hear what they want to hear and twist.and reinterpret things but a couple.weeks ago I did acknowledge that I'm.working on it and talking to John about.it and that's that it I stressed that it.was not confirmed in any way and then of.course what happens on the Internet is.that a million sites pick it up and say.that there is a blue murder reunion and.album and tour would you say Wayne.confirmed it's confirmed there's an.album there's a tour and then you know.I'm talking to Sykes all week and then.the other two guys in the band get.pissed off and things something I mean.it's ridiculous so you know I appreciate.the enthusiasm and and the the power.that this show has with people but.you've got a.listen clearly to what I say and don't.make it up because it can work against.us to get this stuff done which you know.was a little bit of the case this week.but I think we're we're still working.towards that goal we'll see maybe we'll.do a duel night of the great loss guitar.players will have the Vito Bharata John.Sykes double bill that would become why.don't we do that don't you think the.promoters would go nuts for that veto.veto Prada is here it's is that.confirmed what they know yeah that's.happening let's put that one out there.yeah that's confirmed I'm here that's.fun we're playing in the garden that's.it it's happening.alright so Vito's here we got 30 minutes.left to go in the show and we're gonna.get some phone calls in now I know you.guys been waiting for a long time but.please we're gonna move through these.really quick so please get to your.question let's move as quick as we can.so we get as many of them in with our.remaining moments left to go on the show.will go out to Illinois right now and.welcome in Schad hey Chad you live Lamia.hey Eddy thank you for this interview.with Vito Vito how's it going.a man just want to say thank you for the.inspiration of the guitar player thank.you I got a question for you with you.guys were talking earlier about all the.you know the rumors on the internet.about you know where you're at what.you're doing and one a rumor that caught.my attention I want to know if there's.some truth to it were you ever involved.in real estate oh realest that's right.yeah that's another thing no I was not.involved with real estate I don't know.what was the rumor just that he you know.what off the you got involved in really.no I saw you know when people as people.send me stuff because I try not to go on.the internet and search out these things.and um there are a few websites that.people have done about me that is a real.honor and compliment something I can't.get in there because you got to sign up.and all this stuff and yeah there's.rumors uh one guy said oh he's in come.he's into computers right like IIT my.computer on I go on I search the web I.mean I don't know is that being into.I don't you know I don't I'm making a.living from computers uh you know real.estate that's part of its it's like if I.put my money in stock someone says well.he works on Wall Street I mean I.invested my money in a real estate deal.and that was it I don't know anything.about real estate I gave my money to a.friend of mine who did real estate he.you know used that as an investment that.was it.I don't do real estate I don't know.anything about real estate you know.speaking of computers someone who we.played earlier in the show who did make.a ton of money in computers we played.angel gregg giuffria Rowen invented some.computer chip that's in slot machines in.Las Vegas it's a patented thing that's.in all the slot machines the guy is like.beyond loaded call him now and we we.what do we want from absolute some.pizzas actually you know something um.Nick Mars we were playing the the forum.in LA and Mick Mars was backstage and he.comes up to me he goes put your money.and uh what was it Microsoft huh and I'm.looking at what is this hey Michael my.soft what it's us.hey if makin that this was a 1988 or 89.so I wonder how he did well if Nick.listened to his own advice he they.wouldn't have to prop him up any more to.do these reunion tours cuz he could just.like laid he could be supine and enjoy a.life man but anyway I answer the.question no I don't died on to real.estate at all I don't know what that is.Larry and Patchogue drama Vito brada hey.Peter are you doing is going alright my.friend it's great to hear your voice.back and it's really nice to hear you.know that you've you know you've kept a.low profile but you know doing things.that are very much commendable well.thank you you know and I just want to.wish you the best of luck in anything.that you can I just got a call a.question I have to ask you what ever.happened to those is custom ESP guitars.I used to play in the white line videos.that a Stratocaster with the white line.logo painted in the middle ah every.guitar I have I've never sold a guitar.and they're all sitting at home in.various stages of dismantling and you.know unfortunately I was a tinkerer and.I.never leave a guitar alone and but I.don't know how to work on guitars so I.basically would I would take a guitar.apart and then call up a guitar tech and.say please help because I had these.pieces now but everything I have custom.ESP guitars with a white lion logo was a.black he's gone but I was gonna keep.moving yet but oh geez again what am I.gonna do we're gonna give me here all.night we could be doing this poor guy I.know that they get the question and we.gotta go we got 15 other people that are.yelling that they're not on wrong I hope.that I hope they blame you they can.blame me it's my show all right I'm.sorry I appreciate all the calls but I.said we got to keep moving and by the.way we're getting a lot of calls as you.can see from all over the country and.remember if you guys are not getting.this show on your local station you're.listening to it online you can your.local station can carry it just tell.them that you want it just like we've.got you know AEF in Boston now wherever.you are you know bang the drum a little.bit you can get this show on your local.radio station Mike and Mike you're live.on the air buddy how are you how are you.good do you know this is you know do I.know who this is yeah go ahead Mike you.know are you doing brother Mike I used.to work a little more back in a day I.actually worked security for you guys.for quite a few years without going into.specifics my father was the owner of.Lamoure Vito stop the most the most.perplexed look on his face in the world.right now came down to Virginia to see.you guys with the former DJ of little.more oh man my place are you kidding me.you know what up brother Mike what are.you doing oh yeah wait good oh my god.half an hour reveals perplexed look why.people are trying to burn the phone.lines down to get through now I was just.thinking about that pizza wait a min I.own a pizza put mine on.that's right your advice please don't my.talk about a long time where were you.been where you know where have you been.you've been gone for 15 years I've been.around I'm in Staten Island.come on Zack them all IP Eddie all the.time let them see you anyway 9 Stadium.tailgates for Saturday I'll be at the.mall walking around listen to people go.is that the guy not it can't be hey Mike.do you have a question because I gotta.keep moving hey I just want to find out.if if you do do something you're gonna.go back with a lot and proud are you.gonna go on your own there is no more.loud and proud all right how about.Georgia Mike Georgia Mike I love those.guys well you know it's George's wedding.anniversary TONIGHT 33 years Georgia.Mike print a the original managers of.white line yeah and the owners of.partial loss also partners a little more.so George will always be a part of.anything I do.uh Mitch in Brooklyn hey Mitch drama.Vito Branagh hi Eddie thanks for having.a mono I'll cut to the chase.Thanks I just want to say that only Vito.brought a fantastic guitar play but I.don't know if it'll remembers me I met.him a few times out in the island and.everybody out there listening he's a.really genuine guy I mean when I met I.might you know I I just hit him with a.lot of questions on the street and he.was really just amped and um being.friendly and everything like that which.was fantastic it blew me away.is this Mitchell comes to up to me and.at me hey Mitch how are you how you.doing you want to buy my car oh yeah.mitch is a good friend you know what.Mitch it's just that Vito's the jerk.like privately like publicly he's the.nice guy but privately he's a total.total Dex I'm just kidding for god sakes.no Mitch is a great is he's just one of.those guys he's just uh I love you much.thanks I love you to attend tastic of.you to say all right Mitch thanks for.the call man all right you have a.question or no you know how I did would.it be that those demos that you made if.the white line to kind of put them on.the side of something for free download.yeah well you know it's it's it's.amazing because you're actually asking.me that out out front like that but.that's the reason I keep but you know.track of these demos because I don't.want them on the on the internet they're.really not polished but I don't know.Mitch you know is something I'll think.about if I can get a get them into a.studio and get them sounding okay.there's a possibility I will definitely.let you know either that or just go do.some new stuff you know either or just.something you know yeah Charlie you're.almost Vito broader these guys been.waiting like close to an hour so let's.get them in real quick what's up Charlie.hey what's up hey doing like cruising.wanna remember me.it's hardly foods Imran it's late with.shower getting all the remember me calls.for when you Charlie you were losing you.know yo you're going underwater he.waited an hour and then he went.underwater and disconnected she's.Charlie I'm sorry you gotta try by.triple 8871 Oh 43 Tommy you're on live.what's up Tommy hey what's up Betty how.you feeling Vito how's gone Tommy all.right I feel you guys like first show.L'Amour's back in 83 84 Wow and the.reason I went down was because it it was.being billed as um.featuring members of angel and Felix.Robinson played with you guys oh that's.right was he there I believe he played.the show okay and I my question was like.how did you hook up with him and then.why didn't he continue with the band uh.okay I'm stumped well how did you hook.up with Felix Robinson and why didn't he.stay in the band oh I don't remember I.thought we put out an ad or something.and he answered it and um he was out of.angel obviously they usually had been.broken up a few years Hassan no he.didn't look like you know he didn't look.like angel anymore you know Mike me and.Mike were there and you know we all look.like we're in a 80s rock band and he.showed up with his hair all cut off and.and I didn't recognize him at first but.um you know why he didn't work out you.know we had a lot of bass players and.drummers you know you mentioned Bruno.Ravel and he was in my line - Bruno.Ravel yeah yeah Wow and Dave Spitz you.know I knew he was just bits his brother.and just a lot of people it just.personalities you know things that Dave.Spitz was offered the Black Sabbath.right and he left us - to join Black.Sabbath and then that that lasted what.maybe a month yeah so um yeah I don't.remember exactly specific reasons it's.just like any it's like asking somebody.you know 20 years ago why'd you break up.with a girl it just it just happened.Gary you're live on the air go ahead.what's up I mentioned Greg and James.today was that I mentioned Greg and.James named Flint oh and Greg D'Angelo.we mentioned him young cuz I've written.an interview that they don't want to.play with each other anymore so if there.ever is reunions like one of the other.tobita I was wondering what your.relationship was with those guys like.have you seen him lately i friends with.him no I I saw Greg about ten years ago.and I saw James about I don't know.doesn't have I ever seen James yeah I.mean it's just it just seems like.there's this bad blood between all four.individually against this one against.that one it just seems like a whole mess.you know I don't know how to how to get.over that it's oh it's all these.different personalities but I couldn't.tell you like why Greg and James won't.play with each other we're back then.they would only play with each other for.a long time like well that's that's the.whole thing like I you know I I had like.I felt a connection that James lens Oh.for instance but James was hooked up.with you know it was almost like this.thing of the non songwriters against the.songwriters because of this reason and.because of that reason and it was just.such a stupid stuff that eventually.breaks up bands you know you work your.whole life to form a band and become.successful and then stupidity gets in.the way I you know I don't know you know.I hate to have a situation where people.did a reunion just for money because I.was already offered that and there are.people Santo Vito he's all about the.money I mean it's exactly the opposite I.wasn't offered the money to do the.reunions but I'm not going to go up.there just for a paycheck and James.these days for the people that don't.know James is the bass player in.Megadeth he's been in Megadeth for like.the last year he played with Roth he's.played with Zakk Wylde and Black Label.Society.so James actually has probably been the.most active of the four guys right known.from the lineup the classic lineup of.white lion in terms of you know playing.and touring and he hasn't really stopped.you know in any of the stuff and you.know I just want you know Vito's Vito's.obviously you know giving his you know.feelings about the guys whether it be.Mike James or Greg and talking very.honestly about where things are at.and you know all these guys are you know.we all kind of grew up through this.scene together you know so I can censor.you know I get the vibe of where you're.coming from it's very much like a you.know Brotherhood you guys did some.amazing things together and you know.there's always going to be that bond and.as far as I'm concerned for this show.just so you guys know as listeners I.mean it's kind of a similar thing to.people always talk about how I'm friends.with the guys from Skid Row and friends.with the guy and friends with Sebastian.and you know they both have open doors.to come and do this show mic [ __ ] you.know I could go on and tell the same.stories I'm telling the Vito about my.time with Mike so you know the doors.open here for anybody that could come in.this isn't about taking sides or.choosing sides or anything like that.it's it's just about you know live in.the memories and you know you can see.there's just no matter what.Barb's go on in the press or what people.say there's always going to be that.stronger connection and again it goes.back to when I think about ace and talk.to a saul the time and all the craziness.that goes on between the kiss world and.who's in who's out who's dressed and who.like who but at the end of the day if.you really back those guys who know.corner they'll all say you know what.it's like brothers we did something that.will always hold us together even if we.don't talk for 10 years but all of that.stuff is always there I just finished I.just finished the book on a I just read.a book by Jim Morrison and it's it's the.same story every band every every.generation every I mean this is.abandoned 60s I mean to the Beatles and.everything it's always this I mean.that's that's got to be the hardest.thing to get four guys in a room or.we're gonna love each other for the next.30 years and never step on anybody's.toes it's always going to be something.yeah and it said you know it's sad that.that happens and it's a shame that it's.that you take it into your personal life.- yeah we're even I'll say well I can't.be in a band with you but I also don't.ever want to speak to you again yeah.it's it's it's difficult I just um.that's it a couple more couple more.quick ones and then we are going to be.done we'll play another song and wrap it.up.Indiana Nathan hi you're on the air with.Vito burrata hey are you doing Eddie I'm.good thanks Evita are you doing good how.are you Nathan I'm real good hey I I'm.the creator of a fan web fight not know.if it's okay des.do I mention the name or not are you the.decimator the best metal guy huh hey are.you twitching right now I got a beat.okay is no dimension now dad go ahead.give it a phone it's Vito - brada calm.and I'm kind of asking on behalf of a.lot of people who have written you.letters video do you ever get a chance.to get over there and read any of those.again visited that fan site if you visit.do you visit any r fan site i i've seen.some of them and of course I mean.they're just unbelievable compliments.but you know this I get hung up on the.sites where you got a register I'm sorry.but I'm sorry I like I like to just like.cruise through websites but when they.start asking for a credit card or to.another area I would do that you know um.the yeah I've got a message bar on the.site where you have to you have to.register to view it up I mean you think.wait a minute wait a minute wait a.minute Nathan do you think that maybe.you could give Vito brada a special.password - Vito - Broadus.maybe even throw him a bone since you.usually say I got the name reserved and.everything you know I've tried to shoot.me an email.now I get afraid that they're gonna like.get my computer address and I'm gonna.say like call it ID on the gun also the.guy that looks at [ __ ] Scott is are.you the website that had like pictures.of me with my car when I bought it or.something yeah somebody somebody posted.that and maybe they felt real bad real.quick afterwards they took em back down.and they've been kind of popping up and.they're we believe in them you know when.they when they be seem to pop up and.that was the pictures of the red sports.car yeah I think that's a yeah that's.one I need them well email me sir Eddie.trunk calm the password and then I'll.get it to Vito for you have a mushy did.you a question yeah well remember I.wanted to say I'm kind of massive guilty.of perpetuating the real estate.rumor stuff this guy's coming to him.he's having a concern employment he's.like I read it all out.put the pictures in the car neither.realistic well I didn't mid to that I.did that with somebody else.Savino was working in the deli do or no.no no no it was actually a website one.once when um I like to change my words.maybe that website were there was.somebody on a web site who was who said.that they knew everything about me and.everything was wrong everything just.everything yeah yeah like yeah my name.was Jane Greenbaum or something died.that far with my my kids were jamming.with my tramps kids as if like Vito.brada would be a stage day that's what.you would go my real name is Jay Greene.what is it drink Jay green bomb or.something oh man Nathan thanks we got a.movie lengthen is that your website is.that your website all right is that your.website Vito - mother calm is my website.uh uh uh well you know it's just a major.compliment thank you so much.III appreciate I did it's not and I.promised years I'll get I'll get in.there and I'll check it out and I'll.email you at all stuff that's wrong.about as long as long as your own.Astra's credit card you're doing no.problem finding an email thank goodness.this is this website showing like me.driving this this you know it's funny.it's I live in a small little town and.I'm driving this bright red Lamborghini.and it's like where is he hiding.it's scary is that there could be.pictures of loss in like 87 at the.oakwoods going to see you know go to the.car show when Tom Peterson crawled out.of the shrubs drunken stupor I remember.so much this we could go on and on.because like I said you go back to 120.years when he went out the night before.and was the guys and cheap trick us and.he was there and we went to the rainbow.the funniest thing about that night to.cut you off real quick was was Rick.Nielson because I was working for.Megaforce at the time.Rick Nielson we went to that Mongolian.barbecue Rises all in barbecue in LA and.Rick Nielson just because I worked for a.label but I didn't work for white lions.label or cheap Trick's label.would you want to just hey for he was.breaking my balls.and this is when cheap trick had the.flame and they were like doing huge.business and I'm looking I'm like Rick.not for nothing but I can't expense this.because you neither you guys are on my.knee and he's going to me Wow he goes.you know he goes you know we may need a.label and it would mean a lot more than.we'd have a better shot at signing us if.you know you picked up the dinner by.Chris I love you guys but I'm here too.you know I put I'll kick in for my part.but I can't I can't do this I can't.expense it I can't afford it myself.now funniest thing is like I didn't talk.to you I haven't seen didn't see Rick.Nielson for like 15 years and this is.going back already 10 years ago and I.have Rick on this show on the phone and.I say to am a Rick and the first thing.out of his mouth was pick up the.Mongolian barbecue in LA like you gotta.be kidding me.call him you got his number I don't I.wish I did I wish I did one more one.more call here and then we've got to.we've definitely got to wrap it up we.got another break and then we're going.to uh we're gonna end it let's go to.Massachusetts Billy what's up final call.real quick I get two questions when you.guys gonna come out with the live DVD.and are you guys considered a hair band.okay next caller but what was that the.hair band we covered this yes I was not.I mean I had you know we all had hair.right.we all had hair and and you were in a.band.you know that's what you know as a part.of the 90s where the lack of hair was.what you had to have right Wayne that's.it.I mean that's how you had a look I I'm.not gonna talk about the hair thing I.think it's just the the stupidest what.was your first question if you get why.he may not know that the band really.doesn't exist and hasn't for a long time.because he's asking if you're gonna come.out alive if there's a live album or DVD.that could come out yeah the only thing.I could say about any of these live.things or anything that's on it that you.can purchase out nowadays all I would.say to the fans is you make sure you.know you better off if you make sure.that it's an authorized thing otherwise.you're probably gonna end up getting.ripped off all right I got to do the.final break and we'll come back and wrap.this up as we go to the break though.we've been talking about this white line.double CD definitive rock collection.it's a Greatest Hits record features.also about a dozen previously unreleased.live tracks so there you go there's some.live stuff for you and Vito if you'd be.so kind of sign these I got five copies.right now we'll give them away to random.callers triple eight eight seven two one.oh four three Vito will sign a copy of.the new white line double CD which is.available now from Rhino again.previously unreleased live material on.there so definitely check it out we.played some of that earlier in the show.let's do our last break right now we'll.come back and wrap it up with this.special show with Vito burrata right.after this all right we are totally out.of time thank you guys so much for.listening wherever however you've been.listening to the show much appreciate it.again.tell your local station if you're not.listening to it on a radio station.you're listening online let them know.you want the show every week it is.available more information in the.syndication section of eddietrunk.com.also of course the radio section is.there for you music news vh1 classic.stuff that's all there for you as well.I'll be going to LA actually next week.to do an in-studio TV shoot with poison.about their new record of a report for.you on that and when that airs on vh1.classic very soon Vito what can I say.thank you it took forever but I'm glad.like you had this and hope you had fun I.hope you were you were happy that you.did this it's on now thank you and a big.a big hug to everybody out there you.know that's uh you know the Chi I'm just.overwhelmed the compliments and just the.feeling I gotten and if I could just.give everybody even that guy who's.having a fit he's got to be past that by.now you know what is it on the computer.when you type you type in the big.capital letters is it to show that your.scream shouting yeah he was upset he was.upset about it said it was what he gonna.done well I'm glad so you see how funny.we could see again before another 15.years maybe homes great all right good.come and hang out with us anytime and.hopefully at some point with whatever.Ben and whatever lineup there's some.music because I know everyone I speak on.behalf of everyone when I say we just we.just want to hear you play again man.and if John Sykes doesn't do this I'll.do the blue murder thing you can do that.to Vito burrata thank you so much thank.you guys for listening Thank You Kate.thank you Andrew and everyone else and.we'll see you again next week same time.same radio station I'm going to leave.you with a song from a white lion album.that we didn't touch on tonight is the.last album that the band did main.attraction and it's probably one of my.favorites I think there's great stuff on.this record I think it's a great.sounding record and I think this song.which was this first single from the.album would have been one of the band's.biggest hits if it didn't come out when.the whole the timing with the whole.grunge thing I think this is the white.lion hit that should have been that.wasn't because of the climate music at.the time I think this fallout.manufacturing should have been albums.right after Prague I know you wanted to.play lights and thunder but we didn't.have time that's too long but we'll get.to I'll you know I mean some more geared.towards your show but yeah we'll do that.though I'll definitely do that here's uh.here's love don't come easy from white.lines final album to date who knows what.the future holds but we'll find out.together.you.

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De 542 2007 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the De 542 2007 Form are:

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