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back here get off the.bus hug your [ __ ] wife and go home.you can take a breath you understand.that's the way business is done in the.industry we are in.there is no I don't want to do this.there is no I don't feel good to [ __ ].day we don't have that luxury.every luxury that every other [ __ ].person in the world has to call in sick.you don't [ __ ] have it.focus focus focus because the second you.don't somebody doesn't come [ __ ] home.understand hurry up let us worry about.here like the CEO I'm beyond proud but.what the hell you guys have done and.what you're fixing to do so keep it up I.love every last one of you I hope you.make it back home say your prayers at.night that helps trust people trying to.say goodbye again right Easter days.worse than a Long Goodbye let's make it.the longest take to rely I'm gonna view.the tape a lot of [ __ ] and then I'm.gonna edit it all down until about 1.minute a day I'm living in line to see.if we need a smallpox charge.you all have both stops 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today.this horse is a bloody nose we'll look.at it it does look I don't think it's a.I mean it's a year okay dangling [ __ ].[ __ ] the Bible let's talk about you and.your dad gone and what happened today I.can tell you something that happened.today they said no no stupid [ __ ].personal electronic devices that work I.mean I couldn't bring my camera all on.my phone [ __ ] you cuz I bring it anyway.yeah okay you take my camera I'm gonna.get caught with this now and gonna be.like yeah [ __ ] we gonna take a camera.we got you on tape being a [ __ ].douche bag so yeah you gonna get in.trouble.don't film with her trying to get sleep.yup yeah I try to ruin my one-minute a.video a day [ __ ] you heads up today.drink some water good you guys are going.for [ __ ] hump tomorrow yeah man yeah.yeah hey gonzo how's it going we got.tomorrow now you got a 10-mile hike.tomorrow our rifles we don't and then.you get me walk back and then the next.day you're gonna do it again yeah are.you gonna hang out there all day jump.rating system where the beats more to.platoon what do you for the help also.black and kept lock to it from work.every day yeah it's [ __ ] seriously.I'm not kidding we're also not allowed.to bring cell phones I love it to work.at all so you'll be in black and like in.music can't oh that's how are you.flights great it's an Army's Armada.Bella sarcasm he got put in charge of.garrison things like hand.you suck here you are the you gotta get.settled in before you just roll into the.gym you got to get in the groove kid.just jump into the gym and think you're.[ __ ] tough guy whoa like those n words.who is ease today that's wait used today.hides room to [ __ ] mess not that I.really give a [ __ ] cuz I don't look how.beautiful and see how I go just have one.of those remnants I didn't see you over.there.down like a [ __ ] with this chapstick.I'm gonna take that [ __ ] off that's my.penis view Greenfield.welcome aboard class today yes the Army.Garrison sergeant major oh you missed.out that no UT tool room total [ __ ].garbage also right there all this junk.to throw away all of that if I had my.way I would burn this whole thing to the.ground cuz I don't care about any of.this stuff.yellow and orange or orange and yellow.[Music].that sarin level right now guess who.wrote that I did last [ __ ] deployment.so we're gonna take all of these things.all these cables coming off these rails.and then they're all getting counted and.going back on the rails.I can't [ __ ] Shirley.that I'm here again doing this stupid.bucket [ __ ] that I never should have.been doing in the first place I don't.know if he'd tell by the shadows but.we've been here for like five hours just.cleaned up that stupid ass ship we.started now you got a motivating police.call completed all that [ __ ] exact what.is walk it off right.[Applause].and here we have motivated Marines who.enjoy walking for work yeah.morning motivators I live in the tool.room you can see my mess I'm gonna throw.all this [ __ ] away we're gonna make.these toolboxes complete and I'm gonna.throw them the [ __ ] away they have a.pretty nice tool.I'm gonna destroy it it's pretty.terrible what don't we Todd is [ __ ] by.the way I see a little bit of the torque.show this guy in the world.yo can I have your help burrito yes.look at you you did it all on your own.five four [ __ ] proud of you.[Music].[Music].so who's out real good boy I like the.way you saw Tuesday off white for this.all day.let's go flex there it is.as long as his mother go my hand.Oh welcome to the Marine Corps Oh.garbage good you just want to get off.early right [ __ ] everybody else miss.Marron you moved out.you both moved out thank God right I.miss you both I miss you both in birds.naked God what are you doing moving.around applying for everything you guys.are good.that's my blade I won't I'll embrace it.oh yeah check out money for you and then.half blue monsters didn't have any.monsters agreed that's it.no rehab nothing where's the bus.Oh where's the butter it's [ __ ] left.[Music].at all.better than just use this manual pump.we'll see if we can get fuel out of this.manual pump.[Music].never check that yeah jerky oh yeah yeah.would that be.Brittany this is what your husband looks.like in Afghanistan a bunch of women.look at him go.weenies.[Music].that's a rat that's nice today the.warfighter hell yeah.[Music].prepare for disappointment.some just blew up.probably a control thing but I don't.know today the whole world shook.[Music].[Music].that's awesome.talk to my boy all wrong wrong tone do.it again it's never right you're sorry.my dad can be sorry okay.oh that's your jugular right there good.bleeding piles a gift in it's in the.wood so you remember a few days ago.where we would do like.sl3 inventories and we were like I don't.worry we're only gonna [ __ ] do this.once we're gonna do it once you're not.gonna do it again just like we heard 75.times last appointment this is the first.time well guess what gasps [ __ ] what.that's right.this is my new contraption that I've.built to help but the SL 3 inventory.Copley's today we want to show the.camera cable.and then you're gonna tighten it up all.the way around your head and your chin.squeeze until you [ __ ] die that's how.you gonna do sl3 poor Tory's from now on.let's go [ __ ] choke yourself Oh like.this try not to masturbate I do.really embarrassing Qatar's to find you.a little shot dead hang into an SL three.into tonight's session you're just.trying to get it.called walk me through how you take that.tire off Wow see you.you take these fools right here and you.[ __ ] take them off.pause [ __ ] time yeah take off the.tire how do you take them off area what.size those 32 is it frustrating yes yes.do you yell things at it yes what do you.yell [ __ ] ship is a crap tip of a.[ __ ] splitter like that babe whoa.where are you recording now it was like.that Benitez just did some surgery with.this handy dandy but a fine night that I.can't the BFA I'm almost as cool as Dan.Marino.almost.[Music].they have a dog swag but let me give it.to you to tell you you [ __ ] totally.got in the wave bill burr let me do to.you.[Laughter].[Music].[Music].you gotta yell it.[Music].do bad things that I was gonna break.your foot.[Music].[Music].why yuh-huh.oh yeah yeah nothing but a minute of.nothingness I walked my bicycle to work.today.because even though it works fine and we.have a bus that'll take us we have to be.there at flack and Kevlar at 6:30 but.walked it because we have to walk to.work and everything is like [ __ ] my.own navilet I don't feel like walking to.punishment but doing the right thing.that's right.set a bus on cause a buzz saw some real.things cuz I just like made-up British.or it's just us all hey it's the buzz.saw and then I got these saws on the.sides of it.now we'll let matches what are you up to.pork really I've never been bored here.before.OPSEC.kind of tough to tell a little bit of a.standstill I'm going on.[Music].it sucks this is what I'm working on a.couple of wrenches mastizaade person.who's a little plaque.[Music].[Laughter].how'd it get a dip first thing you gotta.do let's get a can it has to have dip in.it or else it won't work it's good then.you gotta listen to the rules number one.I remember going over to the dips number.two first thing you got to do it nice.and packed real tight now there's two.well three ways of doing this the first.method is the finger to the lid pack my.personal favorite other method finger to.the side of the cam I like all the.methods because I like do if you can't.do either one of those is like this.which is just um you're not pressing.anyone so just put your cam back in your.pocket and start smoking or something.she got you can ice them tightly packed.you don't want to use your thumb and the.pointer finger look you're gonna take.your two fingers smush it down get a.nice tight grip on some people have to.pull it open if you're a professional.like myself put it in your lip.and that my friends is how to get to do.way off or down left you hit the same.spot o country I'm gonna say bottom left.still to [ __ ] this game.you're welcome tax payers lay down the.blanket freedom.Nick didn't knock on it yeah right Wild.Bill if only you could have [ __ ].snuck into the wall like a real winner.[Laughter].training urge Ormsby.as long as he trying to look as normal.as possible.picking up boxes from the platoon.working odd life is difficult in.Afghanistan.Miranda telling story get up come on we.don't the sickness.great Michiko try to look up your shorts.[Applause].[Music].that's impressive.[Music].yeah the press play yeah look second you.touch it you know got it you know that.it's not over.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].I don't even have your phone number but.you have I will pick your friends on.Facebook tonight I'd be willing to bet.we're not friends.[Music].I'm just saying.juanzi for summer I'm not even [ __ ].you for some reason can you see what.this thing's doing right now it puts a.box around your face it's also putting a.box around your junk I swear to God yo.good.who's that man what's up who the [ __ ] is.Google no yeah oh go go go Oh.go come on.yes [ __ ] up shut up I don't know why.you're not dancing aware in your.necklace kill.put up beefs wasn't staged or anything.most work I've done all day yeah you got.scared this man is the best thing that.happened to the Torah big it blows.really hot air at me while I sit there.or there.it's 112 degrees today you have here's.the rearview mirror but it's no ordinary.rearview mirror this is an unbreakable.Marilia okay we shall put this to the.test.I don't think that broken if you they.mean the glass let's see broke it.well it's still not broken gonna end up.stabbing yourself it's unbreakable yeah.pour on the ground.so have had a little boy.yep yeah.yes broke its broken it was broke broken.its job he'll bear you have the port.raising yeah I mean sure it's the right.one yeah I know it's all we'd be to MTO.losses.I know what's pretty sure Sun Lake.doesn't have a license for a train.he sucks at operation the [ __ ] ramp.door swinging back back.raaah look at that place how are you.gonna have a daughter dude I usually.have a little thermometer thing my wife.sent me and it was yesterday I think.it's like 110 degrees in the shop stay.motivated statement.[Music].[Music].[Music].passing word 1630.everyday the platoon meets in the bay.sizing bro passes word which is usually.little more than 0 a tomorrow and.whatever else anybody with a higher rank.than him deems necessary for the platoon.to hear the apps option comes out and.he's like hey on that note which has.nothing to do with any notes here's 25.more minutes and stuff you stand around.parade rest for an announced the saj.gonna be there and be like oh by that.token here's a bunch more things than.sigh bro be like oh that reminds me.blah blah blah more stuff anyone have.anything for me and Lance Corporal.[ __ ] is like yes sergeant I have 10.things that I could talk to you with any.other time of the day but I'll do it now.so the whole platoon has to sit around.and then when he's done of course again.it's does anyone have anything else for.me or for anybody else and we all sit.around in this awkward silent prayer of.nobody say a [ __ ] word so we can get.out of here and after a few seconds of.nothingness it's ok 0-8 tomorrow and.then I make a [ __ ] run for it.there's the Mile throne right there.because we have no no Wild Bill's in.this place they only got one guy named.Bill and he's very mild as you can see.mile high hill - bill look at this guy.this is going right up on the internet.it has all the Internet's just escape.Network.not many people know I'm from Alabama.what yeah dude you like East today's.cousin I want a very interesting fact.though thank you I moved to Alabama when.I started the first grade.Wow you know deep down inside there's a.little Yankee somewhere pretty.interesting I think it comes out when I.do public speaking yeah because I've had.people like even like my English.teachers in high school like I did have.to do like a presentation and they're.like you know what I thought you were.stupid going up here in front of you.baby.you are very proper and very punctual.maybe that's what my name very well.thank you for sharing that very cool I.won't say anything to anyone.I knew pre-workout retune its cup of.coffee it should be instant coffee but.we couldn't find any super using regular.coffee grinder creatine c4f related.drink of choice we you Diet Coke because.when I'm fat.auntie full oh you know me this relaxing.Network Beach.[Music].[Music].let me show you what my email inbox.looks like all deleted stuff from these.[ __ ] weather guys but tell me.about thunderstorms and [ __ ] it's like.goes on for days.[Music].[Applause].Jimmy's shirt nice Wow.you might want to get a drip head you.should go to the chow hall like that no.it's a good look for you.please Johnny you're looking pretty good.yourself.whose is this.whose truck is this.there's so that.[Music].yeah.looking it.7/8 is that it you know yeah dan 17 in.the quarter we have a last time with the.tattoo on it apparently seems to work.you got 16 and a half 16 on the top.[Laughter].Justin Jimmy a nice picture of a huge.dick Leah knows that leg day is not.important fine.[Music].there's the end of our fun.that will be my moto flag is not right.now I'll have everyone sign it it'll be.cool.told these guys that the toolboxes were.going today and that they were on the.back of a truck unattended.they are kind of free game heard it was.like like a hit.okay.ever.but anybody.dry shave with a shitty dull razor.things to be burned.[Music].well I'm gonna mail this to Britney.[ __ ] I'm very accurate sure came out in.early to show you all this [ __ ] that was.in here as opposed to all the stuff that.is still in.[Music].probably.[Music].remember a couple weeks ago when I said.that I was going to destroy these tool.rooms will be [ __ ] you duck.[Laughter].[Music].so viewers at home I must apologize when.I first thought of this minute add a.video thing I was like thinking about my.last deployment where it was me flying.around all kinds of cool [ __ ] going on I.mean it was still kind of lame but it.was a lot cooler than this going on all.kinds of different ways seeing how other.Marines live on real deployments and.then it was like hey can't blow the neck.we'll stay here forever so now you just.got a whole minute of the day of Marines.[ __ ] around and throwing things or.walls nothing worth watching so he.booked around for like an hour asking.people like questions about how he was.supposed to do it and I was like because.when I told him to do it I was like.there's two AC units on the ISO right.next to the [ __ ] welding team taking.off all the powers cut to them all I got.to do is go over there and I'm you like.ask Greenfield something about it great.it was like I don't [ __ ] know me give.it to me.yeah leave all by me have you seen.almost no way to take the inside parts.off leader or.do it now like I don't care finally.great feeling talk to it I don't care.what you [ __ ] knew just take them out.of there.that's it that's that's your job do it.these are my super cool guy sunglasses.this is how they see stuff.[Music].trying to I'm trying to show what my.awesome guys sunglasses look like.yeah I know that shitty song so you're.totally out you're probably a big fan of.that song huh yeah it's your greatest.songs and whenever I go to college and.graduate it's gonna be my class song.because you're gonna be my sole mission.ya even care about getting a key you.just want that song associated with your.life.Cal hound with his nice bed today is one.of the most boring days that we've had.since we've been out here it's really.good.apparently there should be some.high-ranking people walking around the.next except it's a high-ranking officer.he's talking to you.videotaping of Bush to suppress.gatewatch roster we have starting the.30th and I'm thinking about shooting.myself and face.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].hey buddies [ __ ] while the aviation.morning.[Music].[Music].it's not even 8 o'clock in the morning.spill 9 degrees and I am covered in.sweat that stupid walk my mighty scepter.grip Marines are working except Woodward.he never works if I got nails and hammer.is wood as was please don't cut your.fingers off that'd be terrible for my.one-minute video you want killed.yeah looks serious.[Music].[Music].[Music].Sunday afternoon.the couple these [ __ ] oviya didn't.get the memo that it's Sunday nobody.good works on Sundays go to work on.Sundays don't work on Sundays.[Music].challenging I am booth.I'm not going to challenge we push my.[ __ ] calzone.they're verbal just walk back from work.it's approximately 7,000 degrees outside.and we're all dead.young where you go oh I gotta go brush.my teeth.[Applause].Lowery let me hear it you want stab yeah.Lowery thinks that's proper English if I.can get on the internet I'll look up the.specific suite it's just gonna be like.if we're gonna be Google's gonna be like.no results found that's the dumbest.thing we've ever I'm impressed with the.use of the word grammatically yes that's.like a four syllable word or something.draw math tick Li.you didn't say grammatically maybe maybe.specifically it's supposed to be a.five-syllable word but you definitely.said it with four syllables either way.I'm crushed.if you it all turned with me to the book.of little [ __ ] chapter 2 verse 12.I keep a pistol on my lap while I swerve.just in case I have to pill a cap and.while i swerve.this is for my boys in penitentiary.you holler said like god I gotta.when you mention me.next week we will read the book of.Little John chapter 3 verse 16.[Music].I hate doors I hate big doors.[Music].[Laughter].going in.[Applause].frig.[Music].race to be promoted and turn not.Dualla who shall see these presents.repeats Louie that reporting special.trust and confidence and fidelities and.the abilities of Benjamin a and Calhoun.jr. Ramsay Jake Baron Steven favorite.Regas Zachary s sours.I do want these Marines to corporal the.United States Marine Corps.the first to 2014 effective with.disappointment you are charged and.carefully and diligently execute the.duties and responsibilities of a.corporal of Marines.as a corporal of Marines you must set.the example for others to emulate your.condom and professionalism both on and.off duty shall be above reproach you.will be the embodiment of our.institutional core values of Honor.courage and commitment integrates with.firmness fairness and dignity while.observing and following the orders and.corrections of your senior leaders.all regulations and articles governing.the discipline the Armed Forces of the.United States of America given under my.hand second combat engineer battalion.2nd Marine Division this first day of.June in the year of our Lord 2014 sign.Jhansi born lieutenant colonel United.States Marine Corps command.formerly CA Oakland right Oh.Oh March.you receive the command congratulate the.new motor corporals fighting war.fighting.[Applause].[Music].Danko.probably he's today he'll folks at home.what's going on.Thanks notice that Easter day actually.can't like a boss like a boss yeah can.you tell us what we're doing here yeah.[ __ ].hey though he doesn't mind freak and.that hey does it.[Music].good.mr. Bruce to hurt.[Music].whoo kind of holy [ __ ].[ __ ] a truce yeah dude that's not on.us.[Music].[Music].[Music].look.crazy how that climbing thing works.hey Shelly let your feet.so you just keep it does video.No.you want your chokeslams okay give me.the camera.Thanks this is real wrestling you'd be.like just get to know about some other.awesome move.[Laughter].it's a waterbed green filter from our.town just on telephone I meet him.you son-of-a-bitch birth a minute a day.you alright.this is a granola bar peanut butter my.mom won't send me any.battery level low yon tell me a story.approximately a minute long Grand Theft.Auto no I'm fine I'm just gonna.videotape Bill Baer playing Grand Theft.Auto he's gonna teach people what a.deployments like this late in the game.[Applause].no I'm talking about in that Afghanistan.in general.would you get hips caps black Oh young.and bottom blank with a rocket launcher.everything in the entire game you steal.a poison you only got six you only got.five [ __ ] rockets left oh oh man look.at that apples and cinnamon stuff way to.go Grand Theft Auto is yesterday's video.because I'm getting lazy.[Applause].big breathing all this [ __ ] age Leroy.waste of space.[Music].9y bill just it's just don't wanna it's.just this is still wanna do all right.okay I'm just gonna do [ __ ] like that.why bill it's easy.oh that sucked a lot of dick I get bit.water stuff down you know you got a new.oatmeal from the chow hall Oh Gibbs bit.[Laughter].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].listen father the term semper Gumby.you know unmotivated and [ __ ] when.things are constantly changing I don't.want that to happen within this platoon.I know it sucks to trust me all my staff.and CEO is even to the captain is.frustrated with [ __ ] guests do this.no now don't do that not do this well no.we can't do that besides right now go.back to this you know.and you guys feel the majority of.because you're out there busting your.[ __ ] asses and it's frustrating to us.we know how to moralize that is [ __ ].field around so just keep your heads up.[ __ ] deployment can't last forever.what we're gonna do is we're gonna go.back to LSA seven and finish pod pool I.know it sucks it is what it is it sucks.it is what it is on that same note it is.what it is it done that's [ __ ] with.Kelton oh he wants to go get some pizza.seriously yeah how's it going staples.all gone samples are gone [ __ ] Titus.baseball park split his head wide open.the other day drop the rack on to his.blood stuff.[Music].and they made us stay awake for like.Johnson stop looking so huge look at.that chefs one for the way geez I'm.single.Calhoun what good news did we hear the.other day Oh who's going home revealed.you'd never go at home you're never.going home.you guys stay out what's going on.what good news did we get the other day.you're going home who's going home me.you can't his green kale going home.you're not going home green field ever.you never going home what my secret the.world hates you hey that's all.the big pile of nothing.lexi belle I mean if anybody was gonna.[ __ ] up or shower you want to go all out.my boss the ball as well just nestled.éxito I'm gonna go with the one with.like.[Music].across that Lake that [ __ ] good.looking for China like it's just like.everybody else.[ __ ] wings that's my one minute blur.your face is changeable place night.stuff cuz it's too hot during the day it.is 9:30 at night a little cooler still.suck so day two just trying to get sleep.schedule yeah yeah you guys were.actually out here working I was hurrying.I said the state of their yeah.[Music].[Laughter].Thermo doesn't want to take out barrels.so we destroyed them.although she's gonna unscrew the cap.yeah I'll smash that [ __ ] no.this thing's called.[Music].to that air cup myself.[Music].ah called talks like this they all time.I don't explain to somebody wife and put.our hands over our hearts they're in the.[ __ ] Pledge of Allegiance and this.idiot how many of you to thinking that.I'll learn something from this [ __ ].cuz it's like America.so like you put your hand over your.heart cuz like it's like your heart and.you like love it.and I was like you're a [ __ ] [ __ ].and an idiot.are those [ __ ] teeth no cuz you like.love it.[Music].you.all right check it out we rolled out a.wrinkled and it was like just don't.throw outside you see you still see the.PGS s up in here thinkin.Walker decides to flip the MRAP off now.before buying head of mine or on.anything everybody's rushing to the drug.trying to pull people out.get everybody out everybody my and in.the truck in in the water circle.myself and sash our Stewart got down in.the truck.started digging out here whoa Evans.relax.Tom here.and during this time it was about in.January in January in Afghanistan it's.below freezing we are in there in the.water Helmand River butter that people.drink out of but also use the bathroom.to float in it.dope turds there's class 1 everywhere.that were like swimming in pop-tarts.MREs float around stump diesel fuel pull.and worn out and it was terrible.it's freezing cold so we spent it was.probably about a good two and a half.three hours in the water coming by the.tribe soaking wet just stand there.talking both just standing there.uncontrollably shaking and Doc just.looked at as both and he is like you're.about to go to hypothermia.you're both purple you get in a truck.take your clothes off for more money.it was a cursing but it ended up being a.Bosnian man I was like I don't need any.they're all dumb I know vegetables are.stupid I had a fried fries pizza and a.hot dog tied Danny doesn't care about.vegetables at all.right here.[Music].[Music].could they go from 19 all the way up to.0-5 it's a lack of [ __ ] logic.Beauty working out as usual.County Street.Oh.[Applause].okay.[Applause].[Music].I did that a hundred times last night.[ __ ] out of the way I know I'm really.thinking about it tonight like the.second building have some screws taken.out of it.so yeah in the cleanups gonna suck.anyway.[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].nice it's a good look for you.bring that to the club.[Music].kid yet Wow yep late last night.congratulations he's too broke daddy.frog and their natural habitat 50.[Music].he's the Frog dance pros helping out.doing corporal stuff being Rufus young.money what are we doing why no one knows.that's why because they said so that's.why.that's right hey and what do we got to.do tomorrow morning why new room.so much thanks three guys.[Music].tell a story about how I got my nice.little free leg here back in 2007 I was.at a party.some guy decided start a fight with.everybody well we thought he was leaving.when I walked in between his car he.threw it drive slam forward and pinned.me in between his car and my buddy's.truck pushing the truck about 4 feet.into a garage door.it's how I ended up with my sharkbite.leg pick up checks with that leg oh yeah.before before he was married of course.what are we doing my greenfield well uh.just spent about six hours getting.punished for being extremely hard.workers what is that punishment you.asking that I'm glad you asked that we.had to sweep dirt up of concrete slabs.but it looks throughout if I cut around.it by dirt but it's not windy out here.so it's all good they're gonna be clean.when we get there tomorrow.these are the same concrete slabs that.used to hold the buildings that we just.disassembled and knocked down and we.swept the floor before that happened -.these are the army buildings though they.took down these aren't even ours we'll.do those eventually I'm sure am I.relisting you asked.[Music].right.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].who the [ __ ] is that decent confused.tears of the Sun too fast too furious.I don't know what the [ __ ] you talking.mode you seem to know those movies but.he played here ding-dong [ __ ].doing Ferrando the camera turned on so.frantic who said it is room like this.camera come on for the hey I hate this.place and I hope that I can go monkey oh.he's got monk in a bar is it a racist.comment.no he recording into a small Spanish.manikin please.yo i'm oniy racist towards the little.black people right boys like Williams.and Paige Oh how's it feel [ __ ].awesome I can't wait to go home on a.scale from one to ten how awesome.[ __ ] million that's a selfish [ __ ].number yeah you took everything away.from the Infinity cuz I'm not even going.home nobody can have any number there's.no reason never going home they just.wanna keep me afloat.hey the reason is I volunteered before.anybody else here so they can engineer.this what are we doing here miss think.Oh Easter Day is just always too [ __ ].words he's too happy with my life he.said he doesn't know how to complain he.doesn't know how to be upset.he's been molded by the Marine Corps I.want you to be perfect [ __ ] boot hits.shot of what we're about to police call.it wants to clean up all the trash the.same thing we've been doing for the last.[ __ ] week but it doesn't matter cuz.we're here and we're gonna clean it up.which is good I actually have a college.degree in cleaning up other people's.trash.I also swept off a lot of these concrete.slabs but still have dirt on them.because we're in the middle of a [ __ ].desert.so we're back to this make through.stuffs done thank God.pocket to the world I don't blame them.[Music].what's the police collar on oh [ __ ].looks like I'm gonna just stay in the.room I hate this place leaving in a.couple of weeks and stuff but soon.enough what do we do today mailed some.[ __ ] on the post office still hot as.balls I'm exhausted.and there's my flag that almost.everybody is signed good ones.Captain Kirk Easter Day tow team.remember this stupid [ __ ] place.that you do.you built this place last year.stepson panes office.[Music].she was.[Music].it's not necess.[Music].the office she's one hour tops.just how we left it.all false.stick your finger in his mouth.this was the spot last deployment with.noon and could not for the life of him.hammer in a nail Mabel.just being so annoyed with it last time.quality craftsmanship right there.how you feel about all the churches.being toured now I don't care go to pop.on this.so Berea or [ __ ] it's definitely what.er vitamin [ __ ] no no no search.results unbelievable three days rest.yo has [ __ ] oh happy taffy.no Holly hurts man that's my god boo.for real no you know who a kid is Maddie.ice ball Ichi cream come with you from.Afghanistan for real you know woody.oh that's a lay down damn cool tomb oh.you don't even know for reals.Ice Cube ain't got [ __ ] on Maddie ice.away hey for real from the real Compton.oh [ __ ] you bird that full one too baby.Oh Pennsylvania huh oh yeah.[Music].oh yeah who's this.[Music].oh that was the tenth.yesterday how'd it feel to take it down.after you've built it last year doesn't.matter 12 days well okay that's it is.there going on.[Music].[Music].how'd you guys get it back up yeah guess.not an official police call because I.was a police officer fan with you guys.stage walking.[Music].we feel they'll be in there feel pretty.good.it's something new I haven't done it.before four weeks in time camaraderie.it's plus Calvin's here.yeah who you gonna get a sunburn.it's like.I keep going that's all whole milk.yeah I wasn't actually wrestling hey.that's the equivalent of me [ __ ].grabbing a golf club and swinging it.once and be like see I just went golfing.well I was golfing his definition of.wrestling was only yourself up putting.your penis into a man's ass I've been.rolling around green field to golfer me.feel got all butter yesterday became.baby because he thinks that golf is more.physically demanding than that is not.what I said at all.give it give a little twirl at rich.people need to see the haircut look at.that you can't pick up that much muscle.[Music].[Applause].[Music].I'm gonna say the camera yes Bob Wow Wow.you gonna plate should have been hanging.out with maintenance a Knights yes.because that's what we did for book 10 I.was dead we were told today that our.flight home got pushed back two days.which is really depressing.so in contrast to this awful news here's.a video courtesy of corporal Benitez of.corporal Calhoun dancing.[Music].like this.well then you should go then fine I'm.sure.I'm not.[Laughter].you.[Applause].the desert.Theo's.they accept this.we got pressure washers yeah.high-tech stuff.[Music].clay that.yo you missed a spot look at that [ __ ].[Music].let there be clean generators.[Music].dude.number.in today's video I made how to make a.proper protein shake now for all you.pros out there you're already wondering.why I have this journal.let's go ahead and get rid of that now.you're gonna need a tub of protein.powder it's gonna need to have the.protein powder in it or it's not gonna.work as good as you can see it's almost.full because you're gonna need a lot.step two you're gonna need at least.three bottles of water to get gains like.I have.now that you have your water with your.protein powder you're going to want to.shake it up as violently as possible.[Music].what you've got a good mix you're gonna.want to go ahead and start drinking you.like to absorb as much of it into my.pores as well as my stomach to ensure.that I get as much protein as I need to.now be ready to go to the gym and plump.some [ __ ] weights i see the deer yeah.you gonna shoot it there when you get.bigger let me guess you hit it all at.work oh no boy was the first thing ever.killed.oh you suck you suck.uh-huh that's why you had to shoot him.two more times round turn in bullets.[Music].come on eat yeah.let's [ __ ] eat me field can you.explain what being Corporal to God.entails I am now a baby day I have to.get food three times a day for two guys.standing post why can I not eat you.Maurice because babies aren't they can't.digest MREs properly it's simple three.times a day.did anyone get us food we were on post.nope did we die yep there's still a spot.of protein on my camera lens for me crap.dude not having a [ __ ] shirt on help.me and not having any games yeah.stretching you know it's flooded big.yeah that's right.big that's me yes or no games okay.con fangled yeah what's that mean you.just made that word up I'm gonna look it.up later and fangled I know newfangled.is a word this bunch of oiled up dudes.wrestle and the way to win is you have.to insert yourself into the other oiled.up dude that that is absolutely correct.the sergeant's working hard working real.hard during this little working potty.whistle is lieutenant this on you.telling you guys to relax feet long.helicopters.it looked like school buses yeah this.long.Oh like do teach it oh my god somebody.carry my bag for me.I got light duty I got a rib contusion.and a No Shave kid I was just coming to.say goodbye womp personal ones get.[ __ ].crow yeah or as my favorite one is brown.there's no [ __ ] in in my name.he was an illegal immigrant - yeah.because he's Mexican.once all the camera I would go back he's.back but we're going back to the room.why are we going back to the room twice.cancelled flights canceled flights.cancelled lost our childhood.yeah sometimes I actually this CV.they're probably still here right now.flights canceled.I swear to God we go we already went out.to the flight line and everything around.to fight again we are at the airport for.the second time today we've been here.for two hours.we're gonna wait a few more hours for.them to tell us that our flights still.cancelled and that we need to go.someplace else that we've reenlist.I want to do this for the rest of my.life hi mr. Cameron still here we've.been here for like a zillion hours no.signs of stopping.our flights scheduled for 1405 awesome.[Applause].I'm trying I think I like what I want to.say and I'm like I don't even know what.a [ __ ] we've been here for boats.while I was there in the a quarantine.[ __ ] sterile area and they're like.coats buckle back to you cans because.you know I believe in Afghanistan today.we gotta be back here in nine hours.[Applause].we got a flight tomorrow afternoon this.is the [ __ ] dumbest thing I've ever.been a part of.and I hate myself.[Applause].[Music].that's what happens I bro what happened.what happens I don't even know what we.got we got the late again.surprise surprise we have acuity rounds.again what time is this second third.time for the third time go and get.security rounds for the third flight.change take four yeah take four try this.again four.[Music].he's a pro.cows are.[Laughter].[Music].grassman yeah where are we used today.where are we going is today building.seven hours buddy.hi Jonathan those dies every day right.at least yes that's right I've added.this down to about a minute of every day.I got a lot of use today on the other.piece too.a [ __ ] buses in left having classes.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].see used to date is today I could have.very easily beat you the ADATA.you're gonna say that.I feel better ready go the first.definitely congratulations by the way.you.yeah yes I haven't even entered in the.last day yet it's just been sitting.you've done anything that I'm supposed.to do this is what it's like and people.get back in I know sorry.oh you guys are leaving soon here's.every mission we were gonna do now.you.they wanted the pointer right what were.we supposed to do and what are we doing.Marine Corps can any of you gentlemen.explain for the camera what actually.just happened there alien you wanna.explain your your opinion on what just.happened there I don't know I think my.three-year-old plan better than this.Tyrol no explain what's going on for.these people you know I don't I don't.any words I don't know you [ __ ] that up.Easter day what happened today you.explain for the for the people watching.no person now okay Bert.

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Navmc 604b Rev 05 2014 Form FAQs

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How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

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It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

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