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How to avail yourself of The Us Federal Form Sf 1418 ?

but still well you could probably do the.front and the back side by side I'm the.right guy it's awfully how I set mine up.and it already went in like that so that.you're going to have to basically change.the slightly the format of what that.that top line looks like yeah yeah my.top line looks a little bit screwy it's.like unlike like a center-left index for.where it says an American citizen that.actually sits over armed and then the.next one is uh you know physically.shattered the next one has feathers on.that well I didn't the other thing is.that on that identification the.rectangle in which he has this picture.is entirely a picture itself the text in.there is not not extra you know what I.totally abandoned that what am I saying.I am I just I I have all the same ID.information I just don't have it in the.same format I don't have the two boxes.and then yes right of the picture I just.got so frustrated with that eyes like.okay well it doesn't necessarily have to.be in any particular format so well.that's truly they built he said that.before that that they don't have to all.look exactly the same and in fact they.should not look all exactly the same.what and what did the matter me for how.to produce this so Evan and evidently.what he did is that card picture in.there passwords on he put he prepared.pardon he prepared as a separate.document then turned that separate.document into a picture and inserted it.into this document that way that's how.he got all the formatting.yeah I just I I don't have to still do.that so I just I just kind of I have.only take down this Harold yeah how many.times you hear that say you're the.creator they just give you an example.you want to well that's what I'm doing.I'm doing it on one yeah III agree that.you know and I wouldn't say that and I'm.pointing out what I what I've had to.change yes okay I want talking about it.eight times um well yeah I also use a.OpenOffice and how you leave office well.I made all the changes that I could in.OpenOffice and then I use PDF escape you.know I created a PDF document with know.what I had done and then once I got into.PDF escape I could make changes than the.and the other one that you talk about in.the picture so I didn't have any problem.with that okay.Wow well I budget you started out with a.Word document yeah combination the two.pieces of software will work I'm.learning office putting OpenOffice.pretty well actually I would probably.have an easier time in it then on PDF.escape but I see what you did and I'm.going to take advantage of the tables.and probably what I'll do is that it is.a call to document up his card is.narrower than the thing I was entangled.is too long to type it all out okay yeah.that's a.what I'm gonna do yeah yes okay they see.if you can't pretty much cut and paste.where I send to you then type it all out.right okay all right that's why I'm.working I'm trying to figure out exactly.how we lay it out before I type out.there isn't too much to lay out on them.okay my OpenOffice skills on declaration.you guys make a mountain out of a.molehill nothing else go down to some.damn person and had them do it for you.this probably is two most important.documents you need to have yep okay you.have to have your proof of insurance and.your public law your public proof of.public law insurance and proof of public.law identification then basically you.can stand immune to a lot of this stuff.out here that's going on now one of the.key things you have to get into your.mind that you are an American public.citizen you are not a United States.citizen you are not a US national.citizen you are an American public.citizen Abraham Lincoln tried to make.that very explicit in the expatriation.then you stand as a officer an article.for officer in the public government.then you have all the powers of article.four and all the powers are the Bills of.Rights because those are public laws the.amendments are the only public laws that.affect we the American public people.along with the Constitution and.basically the the Ten Commandments which.are which everybody is supposed to be.obligated to since this was supposed to.be a Christian country now as that is.the case if you I don't know how many of.you people have been watching what's.been going on in the election the last.couple weeks with the FBI and the US.Attorney's Office they both work under.the executive branch article to.executive branch the FBI could not have.have the US Attorney's Office convene a.grand jury the US Attorney's Office had.to do it on their own but the FBI.couldn't force them into convening a.grand jury but as an article for Public.Citizen you can invoke the US Attorney.to invoke a grand jury.it takes two to file a complaint and.have the US attorney open a grand jury.investigation all of our actions out.here both at the state level and at the.federal level we do not go to the clerk.of the court we go to the US attorney or.to the state attorney general's office.or to the county prosecuting attorney.who is working for the attorney.general's office of the state we submit.our darkness into that US attorney or.that prosecuting attorney article two.he's a government employee we come in as.the public citizen he is the one then.basically it goes into the court then of.course has to assign especially when.we're coming in under our eminent domain.against our securities the court is.going to have to establish a defense.attorney a private security defense.attorney government private security.defense attorney and that's normally.going to be the u.s. bankruptcy trustee.this is 100 days been getting it all.wrong think they know how to go into.court too many people have listened to.the Patriot community out here and keep.going down the same road the same blind.ass road that all these damn other guys.keep going down and keep screwing up.when something ain't working find out.why it's not working.yeah you want to put a charge in against.guilty you need to have your two.documents Doug be recognized in the.public as an American Public Citizen.then you can turn around and file take.charge into the US Attorney's Office to.open the grand jury investigation.against her.how did Donald Trump get all his money.well I think that he just might have.known how to cash in his private.securities his certificate of live birth.his social security account says we know.he didn't do any military didn't have.any 214 and he probably never registered.any of his properties in with the state.this is all about securities I posted up.on the group site there the Securities.Act of 1933 I don't know how many of you.people ever read it.I know most you don't listen to this.call understand what the hell I say from.half the calls that I get people don't I.know don't understand what I'm saying.ain't that hard to make up the doctorate.and you sent it in to the US attorney he.has to take it to the clerk of the court.and open up the court case severals went.to the Bankruptcy Court years ago I was.sitting there all by myself I needed to.have the US attorney sitting beside me.and then I needed to have the u.s..trustee sitting at the other table so.that basically we could they steam.broker the damn securities they knew.that I was the Eagle in the shield in.the Justice Department shield that I.stood over them those judges are nothing.but administrators security.administrators traffic tickets you have.to turn around and you give them to the.county attorney along with your driver's.license and say this needs to be.brokered that I'm not I don't have a.driver's license.here's my American citizen public law.identification but I want this right at.this traffic ticket broker against this.driver's license security it's a.collateral trust certificate.certificate and license are basically.considered just about the same there's.still a security that's all there is to.it.I got a bunch of IRS letters the other.day seven of them I didn't open up any.of them but I got to looking at them and.in the little window there they see.trying to find out what was difference.between each one up well there was a.number there a sequence number and they.were all they see the next one in line I.said well this is easy I'll address.these seven iris using those numbers for.the SF 1416 in for the $300 private uh.usage penalty then I'm going to claim I.guess.the collateral the public for the.payment bond and then basically I'll.fill out at SF 1418 open-ended to go.along with what is inside the envelope.as IRS goes for the US Trustee to set.off.let them take care of them there the.brokers with a master same thing goes.for a mortgage you turn it over to the.county prosecutor the state attorney.general's office or the US Attorney's.Office so you have to get these two.documents done as a proof of public law.get insurance security document and then.your proof of public law identification.you're the creator Stark [ __ ].creation.okay dream play any other questions here.so we meet it no I don't know we're not.I'm Tommy I'm a new guy okay I need to.go back and listen unfortunately as well.and get to a document.well I'm I've been I've been introduced.to your stuff for the last several weeks.but I've been on like about a four to.six week lag and I just got on this call.because I couldn't figure out the.technical stuff to get on it and you.were right on just what you were just.saying is right when I'm dealing with.with a foreclosure and I got a hearing.next week I'm in Pennsylvania that's.down in South Carolina and I've already.done mine on UCC mailing to myself.registered and I was a few weeks behind.so we were you know going to Secretary.General's in our state and you know all.that so now I've got all your I have all.your recent calls now your goal the last.two doctorates you need to adjust ably.as an American public citizen I'll get.those they you're standing out there as.a United States citizen and they see.that it is a private citizen like all.these guys that have been running around.out here in the Patriot community wanted.to be sovereignties they're [ __ ].idiots yeah yeah I did the whole rort.private-equity crap yeah I'm basically.it's the Emperor who has no clothes it.was the opposite it was the opposite.well no they see if you're a solder out.there you have no protections for the.public laws I'm saying we were all drunk.oceans of the Constitution.yeah we were trying to go private when.we should have been going public yes.you're halfway.public citizen well let me just ask you.real quick if I can undo something that.I did because I'm just operating in.their system so I I filed a motion to.dismiss the case over a void assignment.which was prima facie evidence sent in.to the judge but he's still going to.have a hearing anyway for the motion to.dismiss.so I haven't even answered this lawsuit.yet I'm not I'm you better turn around.and basically take that case and hand it.over to the US ah devastate uh you need.to turn it over to the prosecutor but.they see because that's a security and.they see you have to come in under your.right of eminent domain as you are in.the public as the eminent domain always.goes from the public to the private dot.is the private I'm alerting us all today.I'm in the Mendota stuff non-stop.prosecutor all I was a judge well you.need to get the county attorney involved.into the thing see you tried to file a.court case yourself no I got sued yes.then I did miss Reece yeah you need to.turn it over to the county attorney okay.okay he is the public prosecuting.attorney you can't prosecute it that he.can in the public okay well what I'm.trying to I mean this is just the usual.you get sued with a foreclosure and you.got a bank lawyer coming in and you're.on the other side so that's all there is.so as far as a prosecuting attorney how.do I get them in there you've got to.take that mortgage and turn it over to.the county attorney okay.okay I'll find out who that is and I'll.yeah you surrender the security.to that county attorney if it's a state.bank then they see that state attorney.that county or state attorney is the one.that has to prosecute that public.security.all right the singhaniya County guy.would that be the state AG the county.attorney normally works for the ute.state attorney general's office okay got.it the counties dislike the US attorney.at the federal district court.they scheme works for the US Attorney.General in Washington DC.all right man.excellent and I don't ever want to walk.into a courtroom again ever.so I'm falling I'm pleased you can you.you want read that you rock in with the.county attorney on your side.he's working for you now well will I.turn this over to him I'm thinking there.ain't gonna be the motion to dismiss.next week.no ll be a motion to settle and rely.that's security all administratively.right yes right right that's what I.wanted to hear man they have to break.that security down into the public bond.or the payment bond and the proposed.bond I'll figure it all out I guess I.got ten days oh I'm from 24/7 on this.yeah you give up you give that County.Attorney or whoever the SF uh 14 ah 14.the 14 16 to 14 18 and the SF 30.that go along with that security and say.Welker this.the security of the reserve is I am the.American Public Citizen I am NOT the.surety under this contract and they see.per article for I want my slave my.indented shirt each slave brought home.he the security in this case is their.charge against me is our mortgage right.the mortgage or their sir carrier title.to the property if they're going to you.for property taxes yes it's a mortgage.load and all that crap you know yeah.what the bank.oh yes the bank is just a but yeah I've.been there I've been having this among.all over five years now Bank of America.or to dismiss their case against me and.then they sold the bad debt at the end.of the year to this BS trust this yes.sorry debt collector which really you.don't have a contract with but basically.you can the county attorneys are.basically the state attorney general's.office can bring fraud charges against.this other outfit see I was doing that.PCP against this attorney cuz she's a.debt collector and I said validated.there can't direct that's why I'm.telling you you're [ __ ] employee do it.right I'm gonna bring him up to speed on.the whole deal okay but you need to get.these two documents Doug what's that was.to the proof of public law debt ensures.sureties under private accounts and.there only is the proof of public law.identification you make up your own.identification and then you get those.publicly notarized now you're in the.public world as an American public sit.toss a man under article 4 of the.Constitution you are the highest level.of government yeah I missed I've been.studying that one all day today the the.one before that the the insurance okay.so you posted those both like a couple.days ago right or whatever yeah yeah all.right man I'm on it I'm on it.I'm really relieved about this okay.anybody else and you can ask your.questions on the sky scrappers a two.again you can ask your questions on the.Skype group.okay thanks thank you Tom okay hello.good evening.yeah I'm glad yes I have a question.about the I want to get rid of my my car.note I get to the car and this car's not.worth that you know I thought it was.going to be worth and now I get rid of.it now I want to not that's it I want to.pay it off and you know if you're ready.to help.how long ago about doing that well you.could take it into the county attorneys.are the state attorney general's office.and say that you want this security.offered what the security what's the.audience I'm sorry you want that loan.security broker okay okay yeah here.either basically the payment is going to.come out of the payment bond to settle.the whole thing the credits that you put.into the payment bond or it's going to.come out of the performance bond oh okay.okay.is that all have to do that yes get it.into the US the county attorney and.basement but you have to have your two.American.citizen document publicly notarized.funny okay okay I'm Joey.they know who you are okay you don't.need any commercial insurance out here.you've already got insurance already.isn't that something Wow.okay double do I need the forms with SF.30 or the SSI yes you'll need those.forms - okay I'll need those - okay so.now okay the ones I have written down on.the FF 30 at the 14 16 at the 4 to 18 SF.14th working are those the correct yep.thank you so much okay that's all good I.work it out on the skype group or base.Kiana uh the yah the wheat of people uh.yahoo group.yeah then text messaging okay okay thank.you so much for your wonderful thank you.okay oh one more thing.what about the bill of exchange I mean I.should do that.go I know you'd only do the bill.exchange okay you just get that to that.US Attorney and basically then if it.goes into he has to found into a court.case they see you uh you could take this.into bankruptcy send it into the US.Attorney's Office and basically almost.everything is really in bankruptcy out.here and then basically that bankruptcy.judge one US attorney files the court.case what that a bankruptcy judge is.going to have to bring in the u.s..bankruptcy trustee to be the defense.attorney I see for the private surety.security okay all right okay yes okay.thank you so much okay fine now yeah.anybody else yeah I have a question.regarding a water bill I have a huge.water bills big thousand dollar water.bill and for the form FF 230 on the part.on the 14 description of amendment.modifications what do I write there I.don't know I'm not looking at one put.down with a tasty what is going on tell.me I'm just set it off for the UH.security you've got the account number.you've got the Shirley's name on the.water bill and give them a s that 1418 I.know the part I'm recess plication for.amendment amendment of Street Station I.will mark down and women of solicitation.not a modification of contracts a lot on.the SS 34 from the top part I think is.number eight and sent a a men amendment.of solicitation a modification of.contracts which one would be I'm not.modifying it I guess we'll be.solicitation oh it's not egg and chicken.form very little object you're into.oh no anybody else so past Oh sighs.actually acting article to report this.the county attorney hold on.what not well it will be at the state.level whatever the state court may speak.goes into okay whatever that state.attorney general can take that into a.state court action okay so that will be.a more of this take put up okay yeah I.still essentially an article 3 court but.it's an article 3 state court and what.happens if David's metis to do they turn.around and file federal charges against.them for not [ __ ] complying with the.[ __ ] federal public laws okay okay.and then one more question about the SS.30 I was working on one today and I.still have the the u.s. bankruptcy.trustee in there when in the.administered by box is that correct also.I don't know you still have nothing and.I'm not thinking along that line so.basically you're gonna have to try and.figure that one out yourself okay yeah I.still have in their place we had them.there when we went in the backups of.course so I figured you know he's still.there okay okay okay hey you look fancy.yeah this is the Johari I spoke with you.on yesterday.after I had those documents did you just.talk about these proof of his sense and.uh public ID I gotta know Roz and I took.you to do you call it DS office my.father met recorded these office is it.more enough fax them over to be Chief.Justice here's Chicago I spoke with the.secretary.but the Jill's on Monday and they.definitely have my package so hopefully.within the next couple days we should be.doing some positive well you're gonna.have to get it to the US Attorney's.Office the judge ain't gonna be able to.do anything he's got to be have the US.Attorney filed a court case the judge.can't file the court case okay okay it's.gotta be the US Attorney that does it.yes okay okay anybody else watch what.goes on out here in the like all this.[ __ ] that went on for the election here.there was one held a lot of good.information about how the government.works if people open their eyes to see.what was going on.yeah you don't need to get wrapped up in.all the sex scandals and rumors and.everything else that Hillary stood we.all know that [ __ ] but you need to know.how you can get back at her when you.become an American Public Citizen and.then you can file the treason charges or.have an open investigation of her by.having a grand jury convened.but see the FBI could not be the ones to.issue the grand jury if the damn.attorney general's office is not going.to comply that you is a private American.citizen and you get two together then.basically that you can bring the charge.to open up a grand jury investigation.but see they didn't tell you all that.they yet it is written into the.Constitution.okay anybody else have any other stuff.so the two is is in the Constitution.specifically for treason but you can use.it in other cases too yes okay that is a.treasonable action oh you can't just go.in and charge treason you have to have a.grand cheering investigation to bring.about the charges of treason.okay yes okay call tonight come Thank.You Patrick yeah thank you for this.information about faking trees of the US.attorney and we don't have to worry.about filing case you don't file a case.you give it to the US Attorney or a.state attorney or a county attorney you.order your public employee to do just.like and dirty work for you you can't.prosecute it clears it up thank you.can I ask a question Patrick yeah so.we're sitting in a payment appeal like.the lady was talking about earlier.earlier for core is there a need to send.in a copy of the birth certificate or.some type of trick and behind those SF.forms to make the transaction complete.okay this is what for a loan on a car.some our student loans this what on the.card is you can put it in I guess your.social security account how did you get.that loan document you got a copy of.that student loan I have a copy of the.actual contract of the car loan the car.loan or a student is this a student car.loan or a student education loan the car.loan okay you've got that this long.contract that is the security that wrong.is a security and you're going to have.that broker it's got a payment and a.performance bond associate when you gave.your signature you authorized the credit.to be transferred to that role the bank.didn't loan you [ __ ] all you know.yourself.the [ __ ] that they put it under a.security and then they then they get a.profit office and then also a profit off.of you because you're a [ __ ] dumb.Democrat listen in a Hillary and Obama.too [ __ ] much Amy getting under.Obamacare why would Trump be able to say.that basically he could turn around and.get do away with Obamacare because he.knows a little about these [ __ ].securities.how do you think he got his start.because he cashed in his birth.certificate more than likely okay yep.yes okay have a good night.Thank You Patrick um this is the always.please you I'll call you tomorrow.

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Where do you find forms for a federal inmate to fill out for a presidential pardon?

The forms are available on the DOJ website. Pardon Information and Instructions Be aware that this is not an easy process and you will have to explain why you believe a person is entitled to receive the pardon. Also be aware that the pardon relates to foreviveness for the crimes comitted. If the person denies that they committed the crime that they have been convicted of, they cannot seek a pardon. By receiving a pardon, it will include an acknowledgment of guilt, but that it has been forgiven.

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

What is an SF 50 form used for?

I am not familiar with an SF68. Are you sure it isn’t an SF86? The SF86 is the form used to initiate a background check for security clearances. It is a multi-page document that requests information going back decades in your personal life. Most military personnel fill these out at 5 and 10 year intervals depending on your clearance- 5 years Top Secret and 10 year Secret. Don’t know if this helps you or not.

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